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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Housing market in the Bay Area at a all time low - more in San Francisco - LENNAR trying to use " Land Banking " to make its exit.

Housing market in the Bay Area at a all time low - more in San Francisco. That is the building of brand new homes. No one has the money to buy new homes - and what is more the banks are not loaning - much.

Corrupt Big Developers like - LENNAR using "Land Banking" as viable ploy - are trying to make an exit.

The recent revelations linked to our economy show that unemployment nation wide is about 9% percent - but, really when you figure in - those that have given up looking for work - it is more 20%.

All over the Nation temporary jobs with no benefits are counted as some success.

Very few, if none career jobs, with good benefits are made available - pointing to  a recession that it taking root. It is the career jobs, forty hour a week jobs with full benefits that create the Middle Class and bring progress to any Nation - worth its salt.

It does not help that the recent debacle - the so called "debt ceiling" fiasco - has further exposed our economy to adverse impacts - some national but more international.

The Chinese that dump their inferior good are laughing at us - wait until we declare - world bankruptcy - that time is coming.

Housing statistics reveal no movement - and has hit the Bay Area and San Francisco badly.

LENNAR, a Rouge Developer, that has invested some - is using it dubious, evil "Land Banking" stance - to jump ship. It does not help that the SF Redevelopment Agency that kept Lennar afloat - has lost all funding.

The SF Redevelopment Agency is on its way out - and soon its fade and disappears the better. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

For once the Governor of California did the right thing. I thank him for posting one of my articles on SF Redevelopment and its machinations - on the Governor's - home page.

" No good will ever come at Hunters Point" I said this in public and in writing a long, long time ago.  I stand by my statement.

At Hunters Point and the Candlestick Point - 10,500 homes are proposed to be built - this  project is full of loop holes.

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has a faulty Transportation Document, failed to respect the Ohlone, and underestimated Cumulative Impacts that are the folly of most EIR - rushed and cooked up

One critical and pertinent factor that is not discussed is the Environmental Impact Report and that section pertaining to Cultural Resources - "desecration" and the many Shellmounds.

Ohlone remains have been scattered over a large area mostly at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where once stood two hills that were demolished - contain Ohlone remains.

The remains together with the dirt - spread over a large area - to fill in the wet lands.

This area is prone to liquefaction and flooding but as I said; unless restitution, and other critical spiritual and healing processes are put in place - " no good will come at Hunters Point".

I have studied this issue more - ever since the Muwekma Ohlone exercised its right of First Refusal in 1991. The U.S. Navy stopped operations in 1974. Took over the land under eminent domain in 1850.

Now, other entities purporting to be Native Americans are trying to usurp the hospitality of the Muwekma Ohone and gain some access - such ploys will lead to utter confusion and ciaos. 

The present foreclosure statistics are very high and not far from San Francisco thousands of homes are in foreclosure and have been for the last three year and more.

In San Francisco we have over 30,000 homes vacant.
Thousands in foreclosure.

Our population is about 811,000 and every month - thousands are leaving San Francisco. Mostly, families with children - father, mother, and children - straight families.

The SF Board of Supervisors are pandering to Big Developers and they all lost on Lennar and its ploys and machinations.

The SF Board of Supervisors did not listen to the Bayview community, voted against our children who were poisoned, and today are looked at by the constituents of San Francisco - as worthless - spineless and inept.

It does no help that the interim Mayor Ed Lee now wants to run for Mayor. The only reason because his sponsors are folks that are in the pocket of Big Developers and the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Ed Lee will not succeed. When I mean succeed - it is not the short term but the long term - result.

The entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - some 800 acres must be converted to wet-lands.

Let us for once restore what once was pristine - the concrete jungle  must come to an end. The last frontier saved.

Big Developers must be given notice be it on Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, or places like Lake Merced where high density, and other cockeyed planning - is not appreciated.

The bogus spin by the media about; " carbon foot print" and other "green acronyms" are just that - hot air that means less to those that are practical and spiritual.

This land all of it belongs the Native Americans. It was stolen by the "strangers".

18 treaties signed by the Native Americans and those with forked tongues were not ratified. Today, it is a shame that Native Americans still linger in Reservation - second class citizens in their own land - Turtle Island.

Those in power today, mostly corrupt and spiritually bankrupt folks - do not like to hear about the above face.

Recently immigrants mostly from China do not know the history of their own community - the building of the railway and other atrocities committed on their own people. All they focus on is money and greed.

Add to this most immigrants from China do not care to learn about the Native American history of California and the atrocities perpetrated on the Native Americans by Whites. A reality check is in order.

The spiritually bankrupt have to reminded to be spiritual - because only then they can account for their ill doings.

Today, we see this Nation - the United States of America sinking.

The Nation is also known as Turtle Island by those that lived here for thousands of years and took care of the land. The shamans, the spiritual leaders of the Native Americans have already spoken. No good will come to those that are evil and speak with fork tongues.

The Hopis for example have very clear predictions. But, those that do not want to be bothered - must be left to perish - after all they are doing the devil's work. Among them, the SF Board of Supervisor that partner, take money to fill their campaign coffers - from Big Developers.

It is a paradox that those that killed the buffalo, cut the red wood trees, polluted the lakes, the streams, the rivers. Built the concrete jungle now are devising terms like Carbon Footprint and other devious terms - to suit their own needs. The will all fail.

Strange they are the ones that polluted and then want to find remedies for their own inflicted cancers.

San Francisco already has too many homes.

When the Big One strikes soon - thousands of homes in the Avenues, the Richmond District - will fall like match sticks - and drown in the liquefaction - process.

The same will happen to China Town and in areas that the SF Building Inspection and the SF Planning Department - talks about and cannot do much about - in terms of rehabilitation, shoring, and making homes seismically - safe.

Such are the hypocrites that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. The SF Board of Supervisors are busy about mundane stuff - but they do not care much on issues linked with Quality of Life.

For the next ten years - only a FOOL would waste investing money in "high density" complexes - and that includes the TranBay Project - that will fall prey to fiscal woes.

So, will the Central Subway, and the High Speed rail project.

The SF Public Utilities Commission will soon realize it will cost more when it comes to the the Sewer System Improvement Project.

This City must not approve the Billions in Bond Measure - if it does so - this City and County of San Francisco will follow the path of Vellejo and other bankrupt cities - Nation wide.

This all time low housing market is the best thing going for many - and soon rental units will be - premium. 

Time to investigate the Academy of Art University that has taken over hundreds of buildings and converted rental units - to student housing - taking away thousands of "affordable rental housing" form the market. All with permits from the SF Planning Department and Department of Building Inspection. 

Of course our SF Planning knows this but can do nothing much. Under the old SF Planning Zoning Director - Larry Badiner - he saw this but did not do anything. He was fired for distributing pornographic material while working on his City job. Go figure!

Our past Mayors were pussyfooting on affordable housing issues, more Gavin Newsom.

Our interim Mayor - one worse then the other - when it comes to such issues.

Time to focus on wetlands and Open Space.

Time to send the Big Developers - especially the rogue big developers like Lennar -  out of town - while the going is good.