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Thursday, January 30, 2014


There use to be a time when you could shake someone's hand - and that would do a lot to reassure of the good that humanity - offered.

Humans that listen, give moral support, share compassion, have fortitude - the best elements that we humans have and can share with us - it means a lot to so many - when shard dignity, concern, support, understanding are shared - unconditional - love.

Even today I have so many good people that I trust and many good people that trust me.

Grass roots support is important. Vital when you are dealing the crooks and those that try to take advantage of those that cannot defend - themselves.

So when sometimes - some one reaches out to me - I reach out too - but it is important - within one's circle to be strong. In giving something there are consequences - and that is why I say - you have to be strong and not attached.

Speak to the Truth, be sincere and speak from the heart - and at all times work with support of like minded people - and most everything will be in place.

Spiritually strong takes you a long way. Have standards that can stand up to the devil and the very evil - politicians that hover everywhere you go. Also many sellouts - who take money to fill their pockets - often stale bread crumbs - but their time has come - the well is now - dry.

In San Francisco we have some politicians they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

David Chiu, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, London Breed, David Campos and Scott Weiner who have sold their souls. 

They use their verbosity, rolling their eyes as does Jane Kim, smiling like a jackass as does Malia Cohen.

Lying to the public as does David Chiu, saying one thing and doing another as does David Campos - and worst of them all Scott Weiner from the Castro.

The above are working with Lennar a rogue developer, the John Stewart Company that has adversely impacted thousands - and these so called representative will aid and abet - and yet try to say they represent all. No - they have BLOOD on their hands.

There was a time when there was some decorum in Room 250 - the August Chamber - of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors at City Hall. 

No more; now it is more like " Ali Baba and the Forty thieves" - accept now they are 11 - saying they serve the 11 districts in San Francisco - and do as they please.

All the above mentioned Supervisors - wheel and deal - and it does not help that "Rank Choice Voting" help these rascals.

Malia Cohen a useless piece of crap - won this way - 23 candidates vying for some few votes - and she won by a margin of a few hundred. Useless to the core - a sell out to the community.

Another is Jane Kim having no clue about congestion in her District. Raking in campaign funds - an outsider who planted herself in District 6 - just to move up the political ladder.

The Korean American - from New York - dubious in nature who thinks she can charm folks - by that struct of hers - and rolling her eyes. Despicable.

Scott Weiner loves to spew toxic diatribe into the air - his idea to build 100 square feet units - much like those few - who shack up with their dogs.

Always picking on the poor, the indigent - loving to deprive people and giving them less time to speak - during Public Comment.He hails from New York and his way are not appreciated by many.

Know your rights - if you do - you can take these crooks to court and even without going to court - shame them - in other forums - but you have to be 
vigilant and be educated on issues.

All of the above are whims - none of them schooled in manners and etiquette.

Most of them came up shacking around - and now think - we do not know their past. 

That trio David Chiu, Jane Kim, and Malia Cohen - watch out of these three - good for nothing - useless representatives - that stink to high heaven.

Here is a manual that you must know more about:

These politicians think they can play with the lives of people.

All of  them can face large fines and be sent to jail for a long, long time. You must document them - and soon one if not two of them will be taken to court.

Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, David Chiu do not have a good track record when it comes to ethics, morals, and standards.

These three have been reprimanded by the Ethics Commission and other bodies - and these folks are shameless.

Politics is no more a place where those representing are trusted - not with Congress and the Senate - having such low scores in the thirties - and no one respecting and less trusting these - scoundrels. 

The lack of trust filters down to the local government - and our Law Enforcement has been slow to do their job. the RICO ACT must be enforced - we have the Mafia right here in City Hall in San Francisco.

We have three in California Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein - all three are known for their verbosity - hoodwinking and amassing large amounts of illegal - wealth.

We must boot them out - and with that chaff - the local - good for nothing - excreta - like Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, David Chiu, London Breed and Scott Weiner.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Southeast Facility Commission Building in the Bayview belongs to the people of the Bayview. It is situation at 1800 Oakdale Street. The maintenance of this building - is the responsibility of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. 

The building was built as a "mitigation measure" - the people had an option some Open Space or a Building of their own - they opted for what they perceived at the time to be right - a building of their own - with class and education - that could further - upward mobility and sound education.

In recent years with crooks try to run the Southeast Facility Commission Building - stealing the money that was given as rent - making all sorts of illegal contracts - in the name of City College - that was but a tenant.

With one particular purpose to cheat and deceive -  one Veronica Hunnicutt - a former Dean from City College at the 1800 Oakdale Site - Veronica Hunnicutt - left a stench and a shame that cries to high heaven for justice.

It does not help that Juliet Ellis who is NOT from the community -  who has been charged and penalized by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - recently.

Juliet Ellis in recent months - has further taken steps to slowly but surely take over the Southeast Facility Commission Building - by using the ploy of upgrading the building.

Slowly using the excuse of  operating and maintaining the building at large - to that of owning the building.

Who is fooling whom? The people want to know?

The present Southeast Facility Commissioners do not have the true history - many on the Commission - rubber stamp - and the recent appointees not all but most - serve at the pleasure of the Mayor, Edwin Lee for reason best know to some - not more to serve the people of Bayview.

Let it be known to those that can read and understand - that the Southeast Facility Commission Building "in toto" belongs to the people of the Bayview.

The people of Bayview who fought to build it as a "mitigation measure" - when the present Raw Sewage Treatment Plant was upgraded - a mandated measure by the Federal Government who provided the funds - that needed to be fulfilled in the late 1970s.

Mitigation monies brought about the Southeast Facility Commission Building with two legends Dr Espanola Jackson and Shirely Jones - alive and kicking - who can testify and bear testimony to the truth - these two still serving and vouch for the people and for TRUTH.

We have two living legends  as I said still living in the Bayview community - with whom I have a shared interest to speak the TRUTH  - tell the truth - and do right by the people - at all times.

Shirely Jones and Dr Espanola Jackson - the first Commissioners to hold positions - who can be brought to testify - and this has already be done - but again and again Juliet Ellis pretending to do good - is trying to usurp the will of the people.

You all are put on notice.

Today, Wednesday January 29, 2014 there will be a ribbon cutting of some rehabilitation at the Southeast Facility Commission at 5:30 pm.

Many dubious speeches will be made - but if Shirley Jones and Dr Espanola Jackson - are not part of the ceremony - nothing matters.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor has never, ever participated in the main deliberations - involving the community and the Bayview before she decided to run for Supervisor.

She is a puppet of the MACHINE - and the MACHINE - wants to control the people - without any meaningful deliberations.

This will NOT happen - because we are watching - each and every move of the CROOKS.

I already a long time ago - sent a document - that clearly reveals the details who owns the Southeast Facility Commission Building and who must maintain it. 

I made sure I gave a copy to Dr Espanola Jackson and one to the present General Manager Harlan Kelly - so that they can do the right thing - and truly represent the people.

It is a shame - again and again - that, "we the people" have to reveal to those that should do right - how convoluted they are - in their thinking, their deliberations, and more their sordid, actions.

With deliberate "intent" they seek to steal, cheat, and hoodwink the people of the Bayview and beyond.

The City Attorney who represent the SF Public Utilities Commission knows well - that the Southeast Facility Commission Building belongs to the people.

The General Manager Harlan Kelly is fully cognizant of this fact.  So why is Juliet Ellis still messing with our community.

Who the hell is Juliet Ellis to rewrite history?

We the community were not consulted in the detailed deliberation of upgrading the Southeast Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale - Phase I and Phase II - and an injunction is in order.

These crooks are something else - in your face and determined to have it their way.

I hope better sense prevails - that the truth is told - the Southeast Facility Commission Building belongs to the people - and no one like Malia Cohen who is a sell out - should have anything to do with the ribbon cutting - or for that matter - anything that matters.

Both Malia Cohen and Juliet Ellis have a hidden agenda - paradoxically both have been noticed by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - for previous infringements of law, ordinances, and not fulfilling ethics - both talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

The Southeast  Facility Commission Building once turned out students who could graduate as Nurses, as Chefs, who could master tailoring and crochet, the classes gave one the opportunity to further oneself.

Upward Mobility was a key norm and career jobs gave many hope and slowly but gradually uplifted the community at large.

I have been following the events at the Southeast Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale since the early 1980s.

Never ever saw Malia Cohen until four of five years ago - always standing at the back - while I gave public comment and others deliberated.

Acting like a spy to report to Gavin Newsom what was happening according to her - to the community. When Malia Cohen worked for Gavin Newsom - who did our community harm - backing Lennar, a Rogue Developer. Today Malia Cohen and Lennar are tight - and Lennar has and continue to contribute to her campaign funds. Malia Cohen is a sell out and sold her soul - a long time ago.

Malia Cohen lived in District 9 on Silliman Street a few block from San Bruno Avenue with her parents - never ever cared about District 9 for sure and less for District 10. 

Malia Cohen planted herself in District 10 just to fleece the constituents and better her political career - which is going no where. She is a chronic - SELL OUT.

It does not help that Juliet Ellis wants to rehab herself - but her old mean self is still lingering - she keeps plotting - she wants to remain in office, in power - and control people.

It is that Jamaican in her - that wants it all - and she wants it by any means necessary.

Her evil deeds with Green For All is known by the world. The charges proved she cannot be trusted - make no bones about this fact. Her morals, her ethics, the standards that go hand and hand with someone who is professional - is not what Juliet Ellis cares for - it is what she thinks and how she does it - solo. This is her pitfall - and she can survive in the Non-Profit world - but not in the real world - never, ever.

What the world does not know is that that is more to it and the Juliet Ellis episode.

Daily reports come to me - and for the sake of decency - I have to keep quiet - but not for long.

In recent years the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has opened up a can of worms.

The worse case that tarnished Building 525 at Golden Gate Avenue - the headquarters of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is Juliet Ellis who is the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - and who must step down and go into rehabilitation.

I am not one to cast aside the human spirit and the ability for anyone  to rehabilitate oneself.

I have helped hundreds in my life - and allowed thousands to get a second chance - the results are amazing when the support system is there - and the methods used are stellar, sound, proven, and holistic.

Right now in the year 2014 - the Bayview is going through trauma and we do not need folks like Malia Cohen, Juliet Ellis, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, other crooks who are leeching on the community - we are not fools.

The Blacks unfortunately got caught up in the ploys and machinations. The well is dry - and the stale bread crumbs less doled out - slow in coming. Frustration that the devil has let the sell outs down - after all these years of selling out. 

The demographics are changing - the Asians, the Latinos, others will come in and have to deal with the harm done.

In the mean time - those that could have passed the "torch" to the youth, the young adults were selfish. 

Too much in fighting and too much " I" factor. Unfortunately most of those that created this mess - are Blacks.

I have the history from the days when Roger Boas was the City Administrator in his own right and did not come under the jurisdiction of the Mayor of San Francisco - where the City Administrator played second fiddle. This is the case now.

I knew Jim Jefferson - if you knew him - he would not approve the nonsense going on today.

Jim would be shocked - how evil people, with evil intentions, having no history - before the eyes of two legends Dr Espanola Jackson and Shirley Jones - are trying to cheat us the people, the COMMONS.

All the while when I am watching them like a HAWK. Who is FOOLING whom?

Even Senator Diane Feinstein would be shocked to hear what is happening - far removed as she is - I hope some one informs her about the on going shenanigans.

Those that will make fake speeches - and give credit to their own asses - much like fools do.

Yerba Buena and Miguel Galarza who did the Phase I rehabilitation vowed never to deal with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on a project that he just completed - and incurred a heavy, loss.

The workers at the Southeast Facility Commission Building - who work for the Southeast Facility Commission Building - were adversely impacted.

Toye Moses has been relegated to playing second fiddle - and Sam Murray who does not live in the community - he carrying on the will of Juliet Ellis.

Sam Murray thinks we are not fully aware of this - and Sam is doing wrong by the community.

You once lived here - but no more. And please do not challenge Dr Espanola Jackson, Shirley Jones and I. Please do not even go there.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission must be ashamed of its actions. More the initiatives stemming from Juliet Ellis.

Working with Young Community Developers and Girls 2000 - trying to divide the community. Both organizations are quick to accept money - but audit them and find out the truth.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Juliet Ellis the Assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) was exposed both by the State, which is the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

As well as the SF Local Ethics Commission - and fined on a number on conflict of interests issues - many of them serious in nature.

Here is the stipulation order. Read the charges:

As Assistant General Manager for External Affairs of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - Juliet Ellis was fully aware of and cognizant of Code Section 87100 of the Political Reform Act Section 3.206 from making, participating in making, or attempting to use her official position to influence any governmental decision in which she had a financial interest.

In addition Juliet Ellis was prohibited by the San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 3.218 (a) from engaging in any employment activity, or enterprise that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has identified as incompatible in a statement of incompatible activities.

There are a number of other laws that were violated and in the Court of Law. If intent was involved the nature of the business at hand and the  many violations - could send Juliet Ellis to jail for a long, long time. For sure she cannot be trusted - ever.

There is ample evidence in 2012 as a member of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Juliet Ellis attempted to use her official position to influence a governmental decision in which she had a financial interest, by communicating with SF Public Utilities Commission Staff, concerning a $200,000 contract and a $50,000 contract with Green For All in violation of Section 87100 of the Government Code.

Juliet Ellis did all this while she was a Board member of Green For All in 2012.

As the Assistant General Manager of External Affair she already makes over $200,000 plus benefits from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Greed knows no bounds. 

The above behavior is tied to lack of morals, ethics, standards and most of all being - arrogant.

No government agency, no private agency, no one worth the salt will have anything to do with a person - who is arrogant as arrogant as Juliet Ellis is.

Even today - Juliet Elllis brags that she will be working at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - until she is eligible to attain her tenure and pension. Time will tell.

Coming from the Non-Profit world where many; not all officials  - the few crooked ones such as Juliet Ellis wheel and deal - she was caught in the moment - of greed, avarice, blatant arrogance, trying to illegally gain profit for self. 

First and foremost she was not qualified to be on the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - that was a completely wrong choice. 

I attended most of those meetings - Juliet Ellis had nothing to offer - fluff was all she displayed - every time she opened her mouth.

When an opening arose - Juliet Ellis had the audacity to apply for the position of Assistant General Manager for External Affairs. She had no experience what so ever for this position. No knowledge with legislative matters - no knowledge about bills in Sacramento, on the State and Federal level. 

The woman Laura Spagian who handled this job before leaving for Houston - truly and sincerely did an excellent job. Juliet Ellis was hired - with inside influence. We all know this and this is the result.

Juliet Ellis has hired four women all her friends and this too is conflict of interest. She continues to harass other employees she has influence and charge over - as Assistant General Manager and this is totally - wrong.

On one particular day I had a scheduled meeting with the General Manager Harlan Kelly - on that day it so happened a Press Release was pronounced about Juliet Ellis - that she would pay back what she had received illegally - while working for SF Public Utilities Commission and that she would still be working.

This Press Release I found out was crafted by a woman Kay Fernandez who is the Benefits Manager - has no history about San Francisco and less about SF Public Utilities Commission - hired by Juliet Ellis. The wife of the present person who heads Green For All. What does this say to those that believe in decency?

When I made some calls to find out who crafted this Press Release - I was shocked.

The paradox was on this particular day - when I was meeting the General Manager - Kay Fernandez was present and did not mention a word about the Press Release and her involvement. I know Kay Fernandez and Kay knows me.

Kay's husband also happens to be the present Director of Green For All. And it gets better.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has had its share of corruption and blatant mishaps. Let us make no bones about it.

Juliet Ellis continues to defy the community - even challenging Dr Espanola Jackson who has worked hard for the community since the early 1950s and continues to work hard for the community.

Juliet Ellis keeps defying the community that matters - keeps interfering and bringing hurdles - she should be removed from office and with her the minions she has hired all of them should be let go.

While on Maternity Leave from the SFPUC - Juliet Ellis continued working for Green For All and received anywhere form $10,001 to $100,000 range in 2012.

The Staff of the Ethic Commission charged with investigating gathered some information but there is a lot still floating out there - and a thorough investigation is mandated.

On Wednesday at the Southeast Facility Commission Facility - Juliet Ellis will take pride that she was instrumental in initiating some rehabilitation work done by Miguel Galarza from Yerba Buena.

I was present at one of the first meetings when this work was assigned to Yerba Buena as a Job Order Contract - I know the difficulties Yerba Buena - encountered doing this job.

Plans are a foot to carry out Phase II when Phase I was a disaster.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor will cut the tape - and there will be fun fare - while all the time no one knows - the ins an outs - and how this job - adversely impacted many.

The many delays, lack of payment on time - and simply the lack of leadership within the Southeast Facility Commission the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

The man in charge for day to day dealings one Sam Murray. Toye Moses plays second fiddle - waiting to retire - that is what happens if you cannot pull stings. 

One is relegated to the corner - the dunce cap on your head - and when the mistress says jump - you jump.

Juliet Ellis is one of the most despicable women I have met - she tried to challenge me many times - but, I stay away from the devil.

Patience wins - and this woman is now exposed for all the sordid activities committed; in your face and in defiance - much of which  she continues to exercise to this day.

I will be speaking about this situation and more at today SFPUC meeting, today Tuesday, January 28, 2014. You all should receive this article before that. 

Here are the stipulation charges:
Highlight the link and then right click - for those of you that may not know how to open the link:

Sunday, January 26, 2014


We all know that once San Francisco enjoyed many Quality of Life issues - that today have gone out the door - and into oblivion.

The City and more the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have been asleep at the wheel - and look the other way, with disdain - when it comes to the poor, the indigent, those that have fallen on bad times - more  those that have been tolerant. But no more  a saturation point has been reached - and when this happen - there is no know what will happen.

San Franciscans once treasured their neighborhoods - no more - the main neighborhood fairs, the many competitions in sports, the many sports arenas available for all to meet, the stellar advocates and neighborhood leaders - inculcated and contributed the best these leaders had to offer - with everyone participating and giving their best.

The Mission, Japan Town, the Fillmore, the Portola District,  the Marina, the Excelsior,  China Town,  Forest Hill, those in the Avenues, the Castro and more - all had unique contributions to offer.

More - where those that desired could travel freely and enjoy the ambiance of the moment.

We all know once each Supervisor represented the entire San Francisco - things were better then the mess - we have now.

Then came the 11 Districts - giving opportunities for each District to elected a Representative - who was supposed to Represent the constituents of the District they represented - but this never happened.

More so in District 10 with the advent of a new political animal  known as Sophie Maxwell- who represented herself and now the despicable Malia Cohen - who is despicable.

These types of politicians - do not represent the people - they represent themselves - and the paradox is both of them - are Black - House Negroes that have forgotten the past - from slavery to now.

None of them learned anything from Frederick Douglass, Mary Pleasant closer to home, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or for that matter any decent Black that contributed so much to this City and County of San Francisco and the Nation.

Blacks who do not represent - do not leave a legacy - and when they pass away - most anyone worth noting - have nothing to say and with that - most nothing to remember.

It is a shame that San Francisco where Blacks owned newspapers, churches, a library, school, ware houses and more - played a key role in the affairs of this City and County of San Francisco - since its inception more in 1800s.

Today the Blacks are reduced to a mere 4% of our population in San Francisco - Blacks once thrived and had a good representation of over 25% of the population. What has happened the world wants to know?

From the inception of the creation of our City and County of San Francisco - whose boundaries once stretched from San Francisco to Palo Alto - San Francisco controlled too much land.

Millions of acres of land - in and around our clean water pipe lines - that run for thousands of miles - from Yosemite to San Francisco and beyond.

The rich made their home in San Francisco - and they were able through the Raker Act - to take control of the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

Flood the Hetch Hetchy Valley - so that we could have - clean drinking water.

Those Congressmen and Senators of the time - who lived in San Francisco were so powerful and had so much money - they could buy anything. 

All of them were White - barons who made their money with assets from the Gold mines, the railway, other businesses that the newly built railway - afforded them - opportunities, galore.

San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi - has always embraced everyone. Our City has always been a City of compassion.

However, discrimination toward Blacks and the Asians - has always existed - and even today - it rises its ugly head.

But when Blacks who take the responsibility to represent - such as Malia Cohen and London Breed - FAIL to represent - they tarnish the good name and legacy of those Blacks that went before them. They are sell outs - and a shame to anything - decent.

Thousands of acres in the Southeast Sector - from Potrero Hill, to Huntersview, to Oakdale Public Housing, to Alice Griffith known better as Double Rock, to hundreds of acres at Sunnydale are now prime targets - for development without any meaningful discussion, input, and outreach to the constituents of the area - where the developers plan to develop.

The crooked developers have gathered and divided the land - hundreds of acres of land in San Francisco - the last frontier - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - among themselves.

Leading and at the fore - Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, others - one worse than the other.

You think the "techies" are bad - wait until you see Lennar - the Rogue Developer play hell with thousands of people - without giving people notice and evicting thousands.

Gentrification will be in play - as it has never, even been seen before. That is why now is the time for all of us to be united to fight not only the "techies" - but these developers who have been given a "carte blanche" - authority to do as the, please.

Once we had the Human Rights Commission that started in the early 1960s in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Now, it is know as the Human Rights Commission. Until about a year ago - the Human Rights Commission - had a Commission - this Commission is no more. And with that policy matters are out the door.

The substitute for compliance is now the Contract Monitoring Division or Department - it meets, decides, and pushes the envelop.

There is no enforcement - there are NO compliance officers - to visit the many sites where the developers are committing their dirty - deeds - and have it all.

We have a cancer in our City where affordable housing and rental units - have been taken off the market.

We have been asleep while I have been speaking and writing about these matters - all these many years.

The Academy of Art University has bought buildings all these many years and converted rental units - protected by "Rent Control" - with the SF Planning Department allowing them - illegally - converting thousand of rental units - into dormitories.

John Rahaim the SF Planning Director keeps reminding us after four years - that his Department - is still working on this situation. We are talking hundreds if not thousands of rental units - taken off the market. 

We have the Ellis Act evictions that everyone knows about - but no one did anything.

Then when things got really out of hand - many died of stress - hundreds left San Francisco.

While all the time the City turned its back - we tried to do something - but, there is only so much one can do under the law.

The crooks and those greedy apartment owners have lied, hoodwinked, and today we are dealing with a "cancer" that is growing.

In the interim we have the rich and the middle class is no more.

If you have children - forget it - you are forced to leave the City unless you are a home owner and have millions of dollars - to buy a home - or thousands of dollars to put as a down payment to make reasonable - mortgage.

Ten of thousands of decent families - father, mother, children - have left our City and County of San Francisco - never, to be seen again.

San Franciscans are decent and there is only so much we can take.

The recent protest are not a JOKE - when so many people were "hurting" - we had to do what we did not want to do - we had to force ourselves and take our cause to the streets and protest.

Protests will grow and the situation where a one bed room is rented for average $3000 is a situation - totally out of control.

All the more for our City to preserve our Public Housing - with over 80% should be set aside for low income and no income.

This is the only way - those that have suffered so much all these many years - can be compensated.

I know City Officials who make over $120,000 and others who make over $150,000 with benefits - cannot feel the pain of the people - enough is enough.

We the people want to know who is making the "Land Use" decisions.

Adversely impacting so many people - decent San Franciscans - who are forced to leave the City and County of San Francisco - never to be seen - again.

Who are these crooks who are making Land Use decisions - and do they really have the decent San Franciscans in mind? There is more to come and it will not be pretty. Aho.

Some elements that can be used to make better "Land Use" decisions:

Find important information that is useful:


In recent months in San Francisco the "techies" are being hunted and haunted and told to their face - that they are not welcome - here in San Francisco.

These "techies" build their platforms using resources that are "free" and available for all.

They love to compromise and seek ways to steal, cheat, deceive, and pretend all is well. Sitting on millions and billions of dollars of ill gotten wealth.

Those that gravitate to the culture of making fast money lack spirituality and those that lack spirituality - are worthless - they are for sure not the salt of the Earth.

Cyberspace is not only for humans but for bees and other life like birds who have been zoning in and doing their thing.

That is until the greedy and bloody thirsty human being - wanting more - more for free - wants to grab as much as she or he can get - for FREE.

Now, the COMMONS - human beings who must enjoy that which is available for all - have been invaded by an entity that is selfish, arrogant, and what is most disgusting - plain, despicable.

San Francisco was never a place from the times the Ohlone made their abode here - a place for greed, avarice, lust, and things mundane. The "techies" and their disruptive manners - do not jive with decent San Franciscans. You must move - move closer to those dens - where you love to disrupt and make your -  mulha.

There is nothing "good" or "wholesome" - when you get something for "free" - make tons of money - and then want more and more and more.

Invading domains - where most us have built a life - that now these "vermin" - want to have and take it by undue force.

More because they have some money or just because they are experimenting or just because of plain - defiance - stealing data and thriving on it - illegally.

Birds, bees, whales, and millions of living species have ways to move from place to place - cyberspace was once the place to go. Not anymore with the "techies" causing all sorts of - disruption.

It is the same in the ocean blue - with the whales and other species - that did not have to deal with - sonar waves and sounds - that cause confusion and pandemonium. 

Now, "techies" having got what they wanted - amassed millions building platforms that serve some purpose - that mostly will fade away as more and more are challenged to tinker in cyberspace - and cause congestion with band with that once did not have too much traffic.

Closer to home these "techies" now want our bus stops for free - congest our free ways with ugly buses. 

They want it all - make all sort excuses, are bland and not nothing much to contribute - they are always taking - eating in our restaurants, failing to contribute culturally - they are bland - in a manner that defies - fairness, humanity, and plain compassion.

Techies have invaded the Mission and some other places - much like the despicable - era goons - where they would pay fifty time what the price was for most anything - just because they had the money.

The era in a matter of months - forced thousands of artists - " the soul of any culture " - out of San Francisco.

Those of us who remember those times - have not recovered from those pangs, trials, and tribulations.

Now, we have to deal with the "techies".

There is nothing wholesome about "TWITTER", "GOOGLE", and the likes of those who make their money now on "Wall Street" - that tool that harmed Main Street and still continues to hoodwink the constituents - faking and saying - that they want to play - fair.

Twitter has never made a profit - yet, the garbage talk linked to Wall Street - shares and and what have you - say; " invest in Twitter".

They will pay good dividends - there is no truth to this statement or to those that will follow. Twitter has never made a profit - so its entire presence anywhere is - artificial.

What is wrong with this picture? What is the difference between this talk - the sub-prime loans, and derivatives and what have you - that screwed us all up in 2008?

San Francisco is Ohlone land which these vermin have no clue about.

San Franciscans - those that build San Francisco - do not share the values of the "techies" and for that matter anyone that purports to defend them - be it any authority in this City and County of San Francisco.

The "techies" must be curbed, curtailed, and gently told to take their garbage - elsewhere.

No decent San Franciscan will tolerate the arrogant, deceiving, lying, techie - that strives and leeches off things - for free. Think about it.

If band with was curtailed. If a price was put on building platforms that steal, gather data without permission, laws enacted with stringent penalties - these scum bags - would flee and no one - any where would accommodate them.

Techies are bland - bland like cardboard - the apps and other stuff they create are temporary - and do not play any viable role in making our world - holistic and sustainable.

The misuse of band with, bombarding our cyberspace with unnecessary traffic - has not yet been monitored with due diligence. Time will tell.

It took a Snowden to bring certain issues linked to mega data and information gathered into prying into peoples privacy and breaking trust - intrusions of all sorts - to find out what our government was doing. Our representatives knew about it -  were part of it.

It is the same with San Francisco's City government and the San Francisco Board of  Supervisor - giving huge tax breaks to those "techies" who might as well go somewhere else. Much like the "bio science' companies at Mission Bay.

We fail to understand that cancer, tumors, and a host of diseases are caused by stress.

The "techies" are causing us stress - depriving those hard working poor - of their homes - be they rental or anything.

Forcing thousands of decent people to leave their neighborhoods. 

The "techies" are temporary and most anything they deal with is temporary. 

Twitter will die on the vine, so will Google - it is just a matter of time. Facebook is going down - that baby face Sucker - will soon have deep - wrinkles.

These "techies" cannot feed us, they do not contribute to anything holistic or wholesome - even as they sit on billions and millions of dollars. 

Tomorrow when the economy spirals down - these companies will be worth - nothing.

We must not harm our Earth - and we must encourage "simplicity" for all it is worth.

These so called platforms - are just that - you build them and they collapse - it is just a matter of time.

The tinkering of the sacrosanct in cyberspace and the disruption of life as it has evolved through  thousands of years - must be respected. Aho.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


There are too many factors piled on the poor and those that are finding it very difficult to live in San Francisco - good, decent - families.

One must make choices - and when the times comes for those who have graduated - who cannot find a place to live in San Francisco.

To stay around - are forced to shack up with five to eight people in a room - something, really stinks with the San Francisco City and County of San Francisco and its poor housing - policies.

Everywhere you go the cry is where the housing for those that can afford it. You could make $60,000 and find it very difficult to get a one bedroom - that goes for $3,000. Costing you $36,000 just for your rent. Figure out the rest? Health, education, food, and so on.

You can watch the charades at the SF Planning Department - no one ever has studied the base line data to live in a City like San Francisco - for a family of two or four.

Even if you earn $40,000 to meet with some of the criteria set by our City - if you fall prey to sickness or have to pay some fine that comes your way - things like this set you back - and one thing leads to another and you find yourself - homeless and hapless.

In the last four years - the divide has grown - we see it before our eyes but we cannot do much.

In parts of Bayview the unemployment rate is as high as 40% - the Mayor of San Francisco - says he has brought it to 5% and that it used to be 12%.

Where he gets his figures - is anyone guess.

He might as well tell us that the Seahawks lost and that the 49ers are going to the Superbowl!

It does not help the Bayview - to have an inept, spineless, immoral, and unethical representative like Malia Cohen. She says she represent District 10 and time has come for her to go.

Malia Cohen has show disdain for our children, our seniors, and anyone that matters. Call her office for some help and see what you get. The woman is something else - her red lipstick, hair do, and that is all is cares about. Ask her when is the last time she walked the streets to talk to those that have nothing to do - but while away their time - most of them Blacks.

She has no clue about Workforce, less about training, still less about education, and even less when it come to health and transportation issues. Quality of Life issues in general.

Malia Cohen has turned her back on our children in the Bayview.

Our elders who worked to hard and now cannot get anyone to listen to them - not a single meaningful meeting, no one cares to get any advice from our Senior - it is as if they do not count and that they do not exist.

We have many in our community who have a good history and have won the respect of leaders on the State and National level - these leaders are not consulted - you may ask a person like Dr Espanola Jackson and find out what she has to say.

A knowledgable  person like Veronica Shepherd, a person who is educated on issues like Kevin Williams - I could name more - these are the last souls that will speak the Truth and know the history of our area. What is more care for our people.

This land belongs to the Ohlone to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone - and in less than 200 years - what was once pristine - has been turned into a concrete, contaminated, jungle.

I represent them and so I can take you on - the evil who do not care and only care about filling your campaign coffers - and those petty minions - waiting for the stale, bread crumbs, selling your soul - every time you forget yourself and human dignity.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is poised to spend Billions - yet, does not have a plan to train and educate our youth - women and men to prepare themselves to get career jobs.

Much like the time when Model Cities - had some viable roots in the Bayview Hunters Point area - and helped many get career jobs -  up to now -  many own their own businesses.

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation has gone out of its way to plan, present, and hand two niche "programs" to the SF Public Utilities Commission on a platter - free of charge.

The Contractor's Center took over three year to come to fruition - but, there is no incentive to make it work.

So, now we the community will make it work. Never mind if Mayor Ed Lee and Harlan Kelly who is the General Manager - continue to take credit for it - in their fluff - public appearances and vain talk.

We the people will make it happen.

We the people pay the taxes.

We the people can take the lead and attain some viable, results.

We have some folks in the SF Public Utilities Commission - the likes of Juliet Ellis and her minions - who are wasting their time and wasting tax payers money.

Five people on an average making over $175,000 a year plus benefit - and doing nothing - in the Department managed by Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis who purports to be the Assistant General Manager of External Affair and is not qualified for the job.

She hired in recent months - four people all women - who do her bidding - even though she is under investigation and has tarnished the good name of the City and County of San Francisco. Juliet Ellis must go.

Over 30,000 units are planned at Huntersview, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Oakdale, Alice Griffith better known as Double Rock, and Sunnydale.

The land for years catered to those who were poor, a lot of public housing catering to the indigent, and many rose up to work for the City of San Francisco - as MUNI drivers, the Department of Public Works, the SF Health Department, the the many hotels and hospitals - but today find themselves living in units that are in poor shape. Many have been evicted to make room for a large Property Manager like the John Stewart Company - to rake in million building dense housing.

The San Francisco Housing Authority under Amos Brown - with intent let the public housing units go down.

Using methods like - " deferred maintenance " - initiating all sorts of machinations, ploys, and shenanigans.

Amos Brown is now a wounded lion - struck with three strokes - adversely affecting his health and speech - the wounded lion - attempts his fain roaring - but, no one pays attention to a man, who is bitter - that will leave NO - legacy.

It is the same with some other so called Black leaders - who want to protest - but they have no following.

How can you call for a Citywide protest - saying that Black cannot get jobs - and protest against the 49ers -d when you sent the clarion call - less than fifteen people showed up.

It points to poor leadership - and Amos Brown and his followers - have sold out our City and sold out more the Black population. Amos Brown represent himself - and must understand that. If he continues interfering in the Bayview he will upset many and face some legal consequences.

Time for the NAACP to remove him from leadership - time to form other NAACP chapters - I pay my dues to the National Headquarters.

If you your dues to the local chapter - you get no receipt. Who is pocketing the money? The people want to know.

The Black community is dwindling - less than 4% and soon there will no substantial force of Blacks - the divisiveness created is because of lack of spirituality.

Tradition values from the South gone North - and shame on those that worship - MAMMON.

Amos Brown says he is a pastor -  how can one be a good pastor - conduct public meetings is a brash, rude, and arrogant manner?

 I know the man and have seen him - again and again - think, that he only and solely- knows it all - times have changed.

Again and again Amos Brown and other Black clowns purport they know it all - having a protest at the Candlestick Park and trying to deceive the public.

All the time - working with Willie L. Brown Jr and others - and getting funding, contracts - and raking in the thousands. Do not force me to name names - change your ways - now, while the going is good.

Malia Cohen, Amos Brown, the other most Black Pastors who use to be on the payroll of Lennar - the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, others to demeaning to mention -  must be ashamed of themselves.

A pastor must take care of his sheep - not rake in money and wallow in lust, greed, envy, avarice, and other demonic ways.

Where in the gospels does Jesus teach a pastor to be a developer? 

Where in the gospel does it instruct those that must lead - to deceive, cheat, lie, and betray the community?

There are those that continue to worship MAMMON and they are so full of it.

We, the few that are left - who have the real history, who can represent - must stand up and do the right thing.

The fake with fluff written all over the face like Malia Cohen must go away - be done with - she has created a mess and thinks, truly think all is fine. No way - you are a disgrace to the human race.

Anyone who has take a dollar from Lennar, the Rogue Developer for example - has tarnished her or his soul - we do not respect them.

Not when Lennar, the Rogue Developers - with "intent" harmed our children.

You may think we are not watching you - you the ones that do - evil. We are watching you like a HAWK.