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Monday, July 11, 2011

WARS initiated by the United States with NO bearing about past wars - history repeats itself.


Our Nation is great and the legacy of what makes the United States - also know as Turtle Island by those that respect Mother Earth - are values learned and values passed on.

A Constitution that has been tested by time - which in many forms takes inspiration from the Six Nations and the Iroquois Tribe of fame - and the protocol of the Long Cabin.

Our Founding Fathers were not perfect - but many of them were tested by experiences learned on the Battle Field.

The bloodshed that was witnessed and which bears testimony in numerous essays, speeches, and documents of the day - should have curtailed the ambition of our Great Nation - never, ever to initiate war - and waste blood for no reason but to say that we are a Powerful Nation.

The many recent wars be it World War II, the Korean War, the Viet-Nam War, the small skirmishes we have initiated - leading to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan - are all wars of opportunity.

We with intent went to the aid of Great Britain during World War II and benefited.

The Korean War and Viet-Nam war taught us many lessons and still bear scars with those that are alive; can bear testimony - war plays havoc with those that truly participate in it - not with the policy makers, corrupt politicians and those that initiated the war - with ulterior motives.

Of all the recent wars - the wars linked to Iraq and Afghanistan will come to haunt us for a long, long time.

The physical and psychological scars of these two on going wars - have devastated our Great Nation on many levels, moral, spiritual, human, humane - and left us guessing what will come next..

Millions of young warrior women and men are now suffering more psychological night mares - brought about by so called technological advances - that have led the enemy to use the worse possible methods to maim, killed, and destroy.

We have failed to comprehend that we as a Nation first bear allegiance to the citizens of this Nation - but have to seek the WISDOM of the Native American - the First People of this Nation. Our Founding Father sought this - and because they sought it - they were much better for it.

The Iraq war boils down to some tiff between the Elder Bush and Saddam Hussein. This revenge was executed in a sordid manner by George W. Bush Jr., at the expense of our Nation, our Elders, our children and all decent constituents of these - the United States of America.

The Blue Ribbon Commission has yet to give us a definite conclusion as to who was responsible for 9/11. Let us make no bones about it - no one can fool all the people - all the time.

A tremendous amount of money has been spent to keep pertinent information under the rug - and the exact way the ploy took place; linked to 9/11.

The true facts linked with 9/11 - have NOT baffled the experts, those in the know, but as I said the Blue Ribbon Commission 0n 9/11 - spent many hundreds of hours, lots of money - and the report is big - has huge loop holes - and a question that has been asked many times - who really was responsible for this sordid act?

If you followed the sequence of affairs after 9/11 we were suppose to go to Afghanistan but we went to Iraq instead and with Shock and Awe and other fancy names - did more damage to our reputation and created a mess in Iraq that no fair minded entity wants to describe in depth and reveal to the public at large - more the world the current on going mess that we have in Iraq.

It is the same with Afghanistan.

You have thousands of brokers that live in mansions - after stealing millions of dollars from contracts and other projects that favor the crooks and not the people of Afghanistan.

This open knowledge does not help our troops - for they see the corruption and yet daily have to address the security of themselves first, the Afghan people who do not trust them, and the enemy who will kill anyone to meet their ends.

The millions that have been affected in the United States directly and indirectly is beginning to adversely affect society as a whole.

For example in California we have thousands of veterans that are sleeping on the streets - Veterans that really do not know what to do - because they have deep scars; from these wars of opportunity initiated by corrupt politicians - and were released after serving their term - without a check list that they are so accustomed to in the military - but do not have one to absorb them gradually into civilian society.

This has been going on for years - much the same as what happened in lesser measure after the Korean War, more during the Viet-Nam war, and now more so - after our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yet, I do not see any remorse from President George W. Bush and his family, remorse from that weasel of a man Dick Chenney and his family, remorse from all those who without thinking hard - made the worst possible decision to go to war - and that includes General Collin Powell.

There are companies that have accrued billions of dollars - because of the War and people who have made billions because of the War Effort and the Defense Machine generating bombs, machines, and other paraphernalia - to inflict harm and death - not thinking that every single action - in proportion that harm is done - has consequences far more serious, dangerous, and long lasting and it is called - Karma.

We had one General a product from World War II was said never trust a politician to make decisions related to going to war.

He was a great General and a wise one too.

But, leave it to the fools not to pay heed to those that know better and to use the Courts first to steal the elections and then to bring this cloud that hovers and will hover for decades to come.

The Bushes must be ashamed of themselves - but, to this day they wallow in false pride and the bigness of Texas and its failing facade of sorts.

Wars do not bring any gain that uplifts the soul - and so throughout history those that have waged war - just for the sake of waging war - be it Alexander the Great - Genghis Khan, Hannibal, anyone who has been a war monger - their end has not been one to vie - that holds true for those in that participated to build the Roman Empire too.

The other skirmishes and wars in Bosnia, Rwanda, Uganda, Cambodia.

In recent months in Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain - each is different the players many - the politics dirty - but each has a link with the Super Powers who exploit for one reason or another - then, when they see they will be exposed - make hurried decisions to be on the better side.

Never owning up for the wrong they have done - and never, ever apologize for the genocides that we all remember.

As a Nation if every year we paid close attention to the Civil War and taught it thoroughly for all to first understand the significance, then the far reaching consequences, then its place in terms of Wars like Wounded Knee, the North and South conflicts, the meaning of death, honor, and valor - fewer corrupt politicians would be in a position to manipulate and bring about the current suffering - physical, mental, and psychological that we all have to deal with for decades - and at great expense, stress, and destitution for those in the arena.

Wars initiated by the United States with no bearing, less history of lessons taught and ignored for lack of being educated on issues.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy