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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


We the people - united - will not be defeated.

Political whores and pimps in San Francisco are found - dime a dozen. We the people - must be fully aware of this chronic situation.

Once politicians took pride in representing - no more.

Now the worse of them -  vultures - with no values, less standard, absolutely NO morals - are working hard behind the scenes - propping themselves to run for Mayor of San Francisco.

Former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr -
the wheeling and dealing that goes on -
his finger in every pie - and with that $$$$$$$

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - has been caught fast asleep at the cockpit.

The values that we once adhered to in San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - and now treated with disdain.

Crooks and the corrupt abound everywhere - like cockroaches.

The SF Democratic County Central Committee ( SF DCCC) slates - prodding innocent, hardworking people, constituents - San Franciscans - to vote for those the SF DCCC - vouches for - bragging  - they are in charge and knew what was best for San Francisco. No more.

Scumbags all - never, ever to be trusted. 

The aging Senator has a new " pace maker " -
hopefully the heart beat will now encourage -
compassion and will that quick healing.

The aging Senator Diane Feinstein - is on the sidelines for now - a new " pace maker "  -  I hope that heart with a better beat  has compassion - to make up for all the sordid actions of the past.

The Pacific Heights Mafia - has been alive and kicking for a long time.

Recently - they have had surprises - those in the know - are reviewing the dossiers - the many wheeling and dealing - evil deeds - that have raked in millions - for those that worship the devil and more " money ". Greed.

Congresswoman now practices -
singing the Blues - by the Lincoln Memorial -
in Washington DC - joined by other - losers.

You would not recognize Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - who now is found in front of the Lincoln Memorial - singing songs from the 60s.

Trying the convince us - she is a peoples' person - when we know - far from that - she is the reason - why we have a monster - in the White House.

Here comes City Attorney Dennis Herrera - the same person that negated our 33, 000 signatures - linked the former  SF Redevelopment Agency - at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

 We have NOT forgotten - and even though for keeps sake - we forgive - we few with the institutional memory and more experience - will NOT forget.

Today over 30, 000 units a planned to be built - others rehabilitated and upgraded  - all on very contaminated ground.

Depleted Uranium was test on these ground - and even today high levels of radioactive elements. Go figure.

Donald Trump is here is stay - and those corrupt - the the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - are now - disturbed - pretending to defend the people of San Francisco - do not trust this lap dog - Edwin.

Washington D.C has issued an order - to watch out for the lap dog - and deplete funding for San Francisco.

Every SF project - will be reviewed - and cuts made in proportional to the " wheeling and dealing " that took place when President Barrack Hussein Obama - was in office.

Suddenly funding for those with compromised immune systems, our transportation system - more the " high speed rail ' and related issues - will be curtailed - in many cases there will be little or no money - coming to the projects - where millions were wasted.

The shenanigans surrounding the TransBay Center - the Dewatering of the area - some buildings more skyscrapers sinking - more 18 inches.

The decision makers - linked to the many projects - seek Federal money - now are plagued with money issues.

The engineers and architects - working with the Project Managers - to find solutions - none of them expected a Trump to trump them all - and bring them to their knees.

San Francisco has lacked leadership - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - in all the positions he held before - was a panderer - Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - appointed him the City Administrator - that ultimately provided Mayor Gavin Newsom - to anoint him a Mayor - one of the worst this City has seen in contemporary times.

Mayor Gavin Newsom - who played a key role - a Metrosexual Mayor who chose to anoint Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who as we all have witnessed - loves to wheel and deal and has amassed great illegal - wealth.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  has no leadership qualities - and not worth the salt.

It is too early to think about who is going to be the next Mayor of San Francisco - for sure - we do not want some crooks - the likes of David Chiu who originally hails from Taiwan.

Cheat and lied to get to Sacramento - no one can fool all the people - all the time - watch out for this weasel - David Chiu.

London Breed - who narrowly missed being defeated in the last election. Ignorant, brash, who now has decided to take Willie L. Brown Jr. for dinner - to win Willie over - to back her up - Willie will do that for a price - that is how is operates.

Times have changed - and this time around - an Independent is what the majority of San Franciscans wants - as Mayor.

No one who is remotely involved with the SF Democratic County Central Committee (SFDCCC) - will be accepted by the stellar and astute constituents of San Francisco.

For sure NOT and crook and panderer - the likes of London Breed.

Dennis Herrera  wants to impress us that he can take Donald Trump - and irk Donald - this one singular decision - speaks of poor judgement,

A simple City Attorney - cannot afford to take on Donald Trump and win - no one can defeat Donald Trump with one play that he may think will win - a Hail Mary!

We can continue our Sanctuary City polices and have the City and County pay for it. One way we could easily achieve this goal - is trim the salaries of all those City and County Employees - who make over $200, 000 plus benefits - and do not perform.

Have Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Goldman Sacks, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo,  Chase Bank - other billionaires and millionaires - contribute to the immigrants that need much need help - and keep the Sanctuary City program afloat and more alive and kicking.

Contractors too many to name - can contribute to the " Immigrant Issues " - and other Quality of Life issues - that we once fought for in the early 1980s - and now can deal with - without Federal assistance and the many shenanigans coming from monster Donald Trump.

Our indigenous people have a role to play in San Francisco - and we have gathered in huge numbers -  on the issues of the shooting and killings on our streets of San Francisco. Shut down City Hall - with folks like London Breed and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - going in hiding.

There is more coming - not so much at City Hall - but outside City Hall.

The murders and deaths of Alex Neito,  Amilar Perez Lopez, Luis Gongora Pat, Kenneth Harding Jr.,  Mario Woods,  Jessica Nelson Williams - others.

These  folks should not have died - and they were murdered by rogue officers - who should have known - better. Time will tell.

We have gathered to bring to the attention of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the SF Board of Supervisor and its President London Breed - the results of the Blue Panel Report and the SF Police Commission and related entities - that seem to kick the can down the street - and failed to bring about - prompt and meaningful - adjudication - when it comes to the murders on the streets of San Francisco.

The very poor performance of the SF Office of Citizens Complaints,  SF Police Department dealing with the Police Officers Association - the SF Police Officers Association itself - the SF District Attorney and the lack of progress in charging the rogue SF Police Officers - the few bad apples that are disgracing our City and County of San Francisco.

The SF Grand Jury has brought to the attention of all - the lengthy and futile - processes involved in our adjudication system - when it comes to killing and murders of those killed by the SF Police Officers.

More the rogue police officers - who seem to go Scott Free - aided and abetted by the Police Officers Bill of Rights.

San Francisco do not wait - to take on those that want to control San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - we do not want crooks - more known crooks and very corrupt - to dictate to us - tax paying - hard working citizens - telling us and more ordering us - what to do - and what is good for us. Aho.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Donald Trump - 
determined to have his way.

Donald Trump has a sharp mind they say - more blunts - I would say - and more skewed  Executive Orders - lacking compassion - that our Nation - the United States is NOT known - for.

Like a little boy - he loves to sign his Executive Orders - and hands his toys to those lackeys that must learn - to rein in this - brat.

Donald Trump -  says a lot - but just keeps - creating a tsunami - be it small ones - that disturb those that are decent, law abiding, and knowledgable.

The immigration situation is one that needs compassion - and this  will not come easy with Donald Trump.

Because for all practical purposes - Donald Trump was born with a tainted, silver spoon in his mouth. He will never, ever know - what is means to suffer - to live with bombs falling all over the place - to live in filthy condition, facing bodily harm - innocent women and children - facing inclement weather - in refugee camps.

God sees all this - and Nation have been know to fall to their knees - be it to late - to realize - that the people must stand up for what is right - and stand for those that are suffering - through NO fault of their - own.

Donald Trump has yet to reveal to us his paid taxes - he wants to circumvent this one singular issue - because he is hiding so much -  saying one thing and doing another - is second nature to Donald Trump. That will NOT change - unless he gets a brain transplant.

It is difficult to tame Donald Trump - and more to convince him to speak to " facts " - because Donald Trump has not learned to pay attention to " discerning ".

Fact checking does not come easy to him. Donald Trump is a brash business man - he is NOT a man who has compassion - and he is not a person to take some time - with patience - to listen.

He loves to shoot form his hip - like the Wild West - something he dreams of day and night. Those days are over - and those days - will never come back. Time to get a reality - check - buddy!

Donald Trump - loves to hear people say something and if something clicks or triggers - in his mind - in what he hears - he will go off a tangent.

Announce such gossip - and defend such gossip as if the issue or story - is gospel truth.

Even though it  cannot be backed by actual and real facts. This nonsense must STOP - and those that advice him - better act soon.

Just banning immigrants in the millions from some Nations - is something - that defies " logic ".

Recently - we saw - the role of the Judicial Branch of our great Nation - take action - that was necessary to right the wrong.

Missing in all this nonsense - is the role of Saudi Arabia - that Donald Trump as not targeted and addressed - the majority of those that were involved with our Nation and the murders at 9/11 - were from Saudi Arabia.

Vice-President Pense seems to step in and utter some words of sense - from time to time - however, Donald Trump must learn - this brashness that he has exhibited until now - will bring Donald Trump's - downfall and with that those that support him now - standing and doing nothing - on the side-line.

The world is watching - the world now realizes and it cannot fully be backed by the United States - to do right.

America First - does not mean that we stay away from uplifting the world - and those legitimate issues and causes and nations that matter  - who have worked with us - as a team for so many decades.

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped in its track - the route changed - and moved away from Lakota Sioux Sovereign land.

The Lakota, the Nakota, the Dakota, the Cherokee, the Mandan, the many other tribes - too many to mention - were here on Turtle Island - for thousands of years.

Thousands of years ago there were no treaties - among the Tribes - no fences, no walls, and no fake written agreements.

Fences, walls, and those barriers we deem necessary today - came from the strangers - that messed things up - I have been all over the world and seen things for myself.

The White men has always been referred as one that is well known - for " speaking with a forked tongue ". Donald Trump leads the Nation - in this category.

Donald Trump has a vested interest in the Dakota Access Pipeline - and this " conflict of interest " - will bring his immediate - down fall.

The Great Spirit watches all - I have been in situations - to witness people in high places - fail to recognize what is right - and in many cases simple. Common sense is a rare sense - which many people in places that make decision - fail to acquire and less to use.

The Great Spirit see it all - and we must remember a lot of what the Constitution states - came from our Founding Fathers - who received counsel from the Six Nation - the Iroquois and others - who practiced Democracy - be it in a Matriarchal System - for thousands of years.

Turtle Island - some 3, 717, 812. 08 square miles - any way you look at it - is Native America land - nurtured and kept pristine for thousands of years - by those who were here for thousands of years.

In less than 300 years - we have witnessed contamination, pollution, the carbon foot-print has increased - bringing about sea level rise and eroding the Ozone strata - and causing Climate Change.

Donald Trump does not see our Earth - as do those that have Wisdom and practice Compassion.

Wisdom handed down for thousands of years.

Wisdom that counts and matters .

This notion of " extreme vetting " is utter nonsense - the sooner someone advices Donald Trump and reins this " rapid fire to do list " the better. Aho.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Any good Mayor will tell you - it is all about health, safety, education, transportation, communication, infrastructure, and so on - Quality of Life issues - that matter.

If any Mayor worth the salt has a plan on the above - that Mayor is worth respect - not so - our of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Not Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he tried before to start his diatribe with a joke - which always fell - flat. 

Now he has someone write his speech - pretending to be Caligula.

Then he begins to say something about nothing - always promising and always so vague - tongue is cheek.

Any Mayor that knows about capacity building,  anything what so ever about programming -  more about quality leadership - still more about time-lines and concrete goals - talks little and does more.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a " sham " - he is a disgrace to the human race.

Any Mayor worth the salt - will work with the key heads of her or his department - to bring address issues - that adversely impact the tax payers.

The constituents - here in San Francisco the tax payers - are fed up with Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Our Mothers and more the families of those that have suffered so much - the deaths of their daughters and sons - and while it is not right to generalize - the few " bad apples " - have to be brought to justice.

Our District Attorney - George Gascon is just kicking the can - down the street. 

His relationship as the former Chief of Police of San Francisco - before SF Chief of Police Gregory Suhr who resigned - created animosity among the rank and file. 

For  sure the SF Police Officers Association (POA) - do not have a sound relationship - with SF District Attorney George Gascon.

Caught in the middle are the families and more the mothers - who have been hurt - there has been NO meaningful meeting - the SF District Attorney - attending some public meetings - throwing arrows in the air.

It has been 13 weeks - every Friday - the mothers and the supporters of the mothers - gather before 850 Bryant - the Hall of Justice - to protest - make speeches about the situation at hand - and at times walk to the 3rd Floor and protest outside the office of the SF District Attorney's office.

Not once has the SF District Attorney - George Gascon come out to meet the mothers. Not once.

He sent his aides who cannot do anything much - accept assure the mothers and the supporters - that something is being done - which I call - kicking the can - down the street.

Donald Trump -
when will the buffoonery stop.

Under Donald Trump a few tools - though minimal - are now being targeted.

Executive Orders have been signed by President Donald Trump - to neutralize the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - will no more receive funds to carry out their mission.

We in San Francisco are familiar with COPS - their one report - is sitting on the shelves - gathering - dust.

It is the same with the body that comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice - that deals with Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights - a body that has done some good - that now will be laid to rest - defunded.

Archbishop Franzo King -
he has been on the frontline -
defending the rights of those that need help most.

More and more our Nation has been noticing  what historically   those put down - left to defend for themselves - more, people of color -  who did not protest much.

Even though the Civil Rights Marches of the 1960s - brought some change  - today the insults, the discrimination, the racists remarks - come directly from the White House - with a White person in the House - that atrocities - the shootings, are in your face.

We see this in San Francisco on our Streets - and when we went to Standing Rock - we witnessed - what para-militarism looks like.

The Great Spirit watches it all - and the signs have been sent - for those that have their heart in the right place to see and witness.

The Elders - who are the bearers of the WISDOM - have spoken - and it these trying times - violence is not the way - so far - we need the patience - to allow the Great Spirit - to bring the bearers of the Black Snake - to a realization - this snake will not survive - its head will be chopped - for all the world to see.

Mothers all over the world - the protectors of our children. Mothers all over the world - the protector of water for nourishment.
Mothers all over the world - who have steeped up and sent a message to dictator from Argentina to now - San Francisco.
Mothers all over the world - who march - and stand tall and speak to the TRUTH.

Again and again I have stated here in San Francisco - this is Oholone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone Land.

 The land of the indigenous people - and " we the people more indigenous people know our rights - handed to us for thousands of years - we can discern - and will not permit anyone to dare to bully us ". Aho.

People may not know this - but many aspects of the Constitution of the United States - stemmed from the Six Nations - the Iroquois - who practiced Democracy - for thousands of years.

The Founding Fathers often inviting the Six Nations to a dialog and appreciating their way of governance - Democracy that was practiced for thousands of years.

Donald Trump is making a fool of himself - more as a Racist and Fascist - a despicable - egoistical maniac.

Here is San Francisco the Democrats are reeling in disgrace - all the issues that the Democrats should have adjudicated with standards and principles -  which they the Democrats with intent circumvented - with diabolical and deceitful actions - are now in their face.

We are now - at a cross-road - where everything that Donald Trump sees wrong - be it from some one relating to him a story that that person heard from another person - gossip.

 Be it from some matter he has read - without duly proved  facts - the man will react -  much like a jerk.

No - President has signed so many Executive Orders - as has Donald Trump  - the Executive Orders - should be used as means to an end - to bring about Resolution - and former President after much deliberation - have used Executive Orders - to bring about meaningful change.

Donald Trump has used Executive Orders - to bring about utter confusion - as I said - Donald Trump is looked as a " fool ".

San Francisco has  a Mayor who has No spine - he is a crook and has been wheeling and dealing - all this time - he had been in office - with Steve Kava and others - aiding and abetting. Time will tell.

Now, Mayor Edwin M. Lee  has to deal with Donald Trump - who will adversely impact the over $9 Billion budget plus - of the City and County of San Francisco - by defunding many projects that are vitally linked to health, immigration, education, safety, transportation, housing, the homeless and other issues too many to mention.

Donald Trump is about confusion - and as things stand - in San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is " confusion itself " - he talks the talk but has failed again and again - to walk the walk.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 

When will Mayor Edwin M. Lee meet the Mothers - who are suffering because their children - are no more - murdered.

When will Mayor Edwin M. Lee - truly understand that actions speak louder than vague words.

 More diatribe - more hot air - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee continues to spew - every time he takes to the air.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
wheeling and dealing - 
no one can fool all the people - all the time.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee should STOP talking from both sides of his mouth. Stop assuring us - that you have everything under control - and STOP assuring us - not to pay attention to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has arrived at your door - so get ready for the medication - that you deserve - and has long been - over due.

Right here in San Francisco - we are paying attention to you and the increased congestion on our roads. Dangerous particulates PM 2.5 - causing very serious and chronic respiratory diseases. More adversely impacting our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - those with compromised immune system - others.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - most of Public Housing - in large numbers - was paid for a long time ago - by the Department of Defense.

At one time we had HOPESIX try to address - provide succor and some stable housing to the poor and indigent - and they failed.

The thousands of units that the Department of Defense built - at Potrero Hill, Bayview Hunters Point, Oakdale, Visitation Valley - in other areas - but more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Thousands of housing units - were turned over to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - who is turn - turned over the thousands of units to San Francisco Housing Authority - who failed miserably to maintain the housing units.

The SF Housing Authority - used deferred maintenance to run down the units - and you Mayor Edwin M. Lee are fully aware of this nonsense. 

You Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was head of the SF Human Rights Commission at one time and did nothing at all.

You were the head of  the Department of Public Works - you were once the City Administrator - and when you were the head - you did nothing - but pushed paper in the wrong direction.

Review the cases pending in the Court - linked to corruption and you Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  amassing illegal wealth - at tax payers - expense. 

It is there for all the world to see - where are the " investigative reporters ". 

Stop talking from both sides of your - dirty mouth - stop the wheeling and dealing -  Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

While heading the above departments - you did nothing - you kicked the can - down the street.

Now, some speech writer - has the audacity to write you a speech - where you read the words - but there is no feeling, no compassion - plain diatribe - spewing hot air.

Thousands of innocent people - who just happen to be poor - have been evicted from Public Housing - and thousands of units - taken over by the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, and Bridge Developers.

These Property Managers - all White - have no business dealing with the indigenous people - more in San Francisco - on Ohlone Land. 

These Property Managers already control thousands of units - at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, in the Tenderloin - all over San Francisco.

Then you have Apartment Management Investment Company (AIMCO) controlling thousands of units at Hunter Point - and you have the Northridge Cooperatives, Mariner's Village, other Cooperatives - that the John Stewart Company has its eyes to control.

Let me inform the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - this is Ohlone Land and all the land - each and every inch was stolen.

You - Mayor Edwin M. Lee have NO right to treat the poor, the indigent, those that have fallen on bad times - with disdain.

Your Department of Health - with a over $2 Billion Budget is playing with fire - more with the HOT TEAMS - and other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

People trying to address " homelessness " - driving around in brand new cars - the newly appointed homeless czar making over $250, 000 with benefits. Other working under him - making over $150, 000 - Stop this nonsense.

There is no one document that this City has that has proof - that the Ohlone signed a document - handing all these property - San Francisco and the neighboring areas - to some authority. Not one single document.

The sooner the Mayor understands this - and respect the Ohlone the better.

 We will shut City Hall down - even as we watch you - disrespect the poor and others that need help that live on Ohlone Land.

You get your City Hall in order - too many are suffering - and over 100, 000 families have left - San Francisco - because you have created conditions unbearable - in the last 5 years.

High rents, congestion, poor eduction, those having NO health care - lack of career jobs - temporary jobs with no benefits - an increase in crime home break- ins, assaults, car break- ins.

If you do not get the picture - if you - Mayor Edwin M. Lee cannot do anything - step down and go elsewhere - no one - respects you in San Francisco.

There are families living on the streets of San Francisco - and crashing in places - filth and prone to harm - and do this - because they have no other place to go.

All this in San Francisco - where we have Billionaires that you Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wheel and deal with - offering them permits and other benefits - on a platter.

For you Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is is all about money - not about humanity - you values come from the shit pot - excreta.

You make a salary of over $300, 000 plus - there is no way - you feel for the poor - there is no way - you have any intention - to help the poor.

The tax payers  pay high taxes - do not get much in return.

 I know this for a fact - and your heads of Departments know this too.

Our children are suffering in San Francisco - with less than average educational opportunities.

Our immigrant children treated like chattel - children put in cages - to be disciplined.

If you are not aware of it - go to the SF Unified School District and ask to review the complaints from parents and others - more if you are concerned about the children - where is the fair play and justice.

Too many of the Management in San Francisco - working for the City and County of San Francisco - make too much - 40% over $200, 000 a year.

 10% of those working for the City and County over $275, 000 and 2% of those working for the City and County of San Francisco - $300, 000 with benefits. Go figure.

The Democrats more Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, other crooked - did nothing much for San Francisco.

Right now Donald Trump is saying and acting the fool - because the Democrats - created this situation and vacuum.

Here in San Francisco the Independents - chose NOT to fight the corrupt forces - and now is the opportunity - to rid folks like Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - there must be term limits - two term of 4 years and then - away you go.

We the people can deal with Donald Trump - at least we know up front - what he is saying - and what he is capable of doing.

The Democrats in San Francisco - have been promising the world - and doing nothing.

Now they are caught in a bind - because Donald Trump is about to expose the details - and when the details are exposed - scum bags like Mayor Edwin M. Lee will have nothing to say.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - are all suffering - and here is our Mayor - talking about Donald Trump.

Talk about the Chinese selling donated stuff on the streets of San Francisco.

Talk about Mainland China selling all sorts of drugs and pills - adversely impacting our youth, young adults, and adults.

Talk about this City permitting skyscrapers that are sinking and tilting - the Millennium Building - 58 story building sinking 18 inches and tilting Northeast.

Talk about our Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant - receiving a number of Notice of Violations.

Talk about our Taxi Drives - treated like dirt - and at the mercy of Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and so on - and the Mayor looking the other way.

Talk about AirB&B - not paying their taxes - and impacting housing and rental units for those wanting to live in San Francisco.

Talk about career jobs - and not temporary jobs - talk about the farce that is the Summer Program for Jobs - lot of fanfare and nothing more.

Talk about the Queer youth - that have been suffering for so long wirh sound housing.

Talk about foster children - the Mayor has not met one single group to talk to them - to understand their concerns.

Talk about the single mothers - who find it so difficult to survive.

Talk about those living in Single Residency Occupancy (SRO's) hotels - living is despicable conditions - and this nonsense has been going on for decades.

We even have The Department of Health - sending patients to SROs - to heal in despicable conditions - even today - what is the Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing about this situation?

Talk about the Department of Building Inspection - that cannot find its documents - and more has lost control of standards - and cannot monitor what it is supposed to monitor.

Talk about the dysfunctional SF Police Commission and the Office of Citizens Complaint.

The above are just some of the issues the Mayor can address - then talk about Donald Trump - who is out to get Mayor Edwin M. Lee ass - one way or the other.

 And with his ass - that of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.

Forget - business as usual with the Democrats - Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama - those days are history.

A new day has come - and with it a Tsunami that will hit Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his corrupt ways - right where it should. Stay ready for that day -  has come.

The clarion call has been sounded - time for the mustache man to go. The sooner the better.