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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Mother Brown's stellar contribution is well known - to all but the present Supervisor from District 10 - who is siding with some neighbors - who have disdain for the poor.

Much - as does Malia Cohen - who is the current, drab, shallow, spineless - District 10 Supervisor - purporting to represent the Bayview Hunters Point - but has not - ever.

Several important meetings were held over the last 3 years about Mother Brown's institution and upgrading the institution.

Mother Brown and her operators provide stellar resources to the poor, feed thousands, and shower compassion, geniune love and provide the best comfort.

All of San Francisco knows this - but Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - and a House Negro and sell out - fails to understand that any one can fall on bad times.

I signed a petition fully comprehending the needs at the Mother Brown's institution - understanding the situation at hand. I did this a long time ago.

I am an advocate with a track record.

I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - I thank Mother Brown and those who work at the institution for their compassion, hard work - sacrifice and unconditonal - love.

The community in general supports Mother Brown and the grant is needed to provide better resources.

The supporters of Mother Brown see no need to create obstacles - in this process to  up grade and provide some much needed beds - for the indigent, the poor, those needing real beds to sleep in.

The only other place where the indigent can go today is to a Church - the Providence Church that belongsto Pastor Calvin Jones.

Here those in need of a bed are told to sleep with their own bedding on the floor of the Church. The Church opens its doors in the evening and early in the morning - those who have slept on the floor - with their aches and pain - and sufferings - wake up early to face the inclement weather - outside.

Worse when it is Winter.

This is despicable in the year 2013 that indigent folks have to sleep on a hard floor - indigent folks - a given a chair and told to sleep - in the chair - all night long.

Malia Cohen does not have compassion - does not think much about the poor. Why does she not spend a night on that floor a Providence with Calvin Jones and send us her experience - and check it out for herself.

Put herself in the shoes of the poor, the indigent, the ailing Senior - the many that are suffering and just happen to be POOR.

This woman, Malia Cohen is something else - imagine our Seniors, other with disabilities sleeping on the hard floor at this Church - the Providence Church - which receives money from the City to provide these pathetic  services.

Malia Cohen is one of those House Negros who lives in the Portrero Hill area - where she is comfortable with White folks.

Dresses like them, talks like them, has a mentality that belittles - poor people. 

Malia Cohen has been called on before - for speaking against the poor for no reason what so ever - she continues to have disdain for the indigent and those who have fallen on bad times.

Talking about process when Malia Cohen teamed with Nandine Burke - to operate a Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - there was not one single, meaningful, noticed - public meeting.

Malia Cohen introduced amendments at the SF Planning Commission - changed the zoning from industrial to accommodate health services - such as a clinic - a Wellness Center. Malia Cohen did this - without due process. Some of us fought this process and revealed the Truth to all.

Malia Cohen -introduced resolutions at the Land Use - all without any meaningful Public noticing and process - in the community. Why?

Malia Cohen wanted to place the Wellness Center to rake in the money at 3450 Third Street - never once thinking about the welfare of our children. No sane person will encourage our children - to be exposed to contamination - except someone like Malia Cohen - pathetic to the core - despicable.

Both, Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke - received a $4 million grant from the California Pacific Medical Center to operate a Wellness Center - in a industrial zone, near one of the most contaminated sites in the city - a toxic hot spot - by Third and Cargo Way.

An added $300,000 from the San Francisco 49ers to help the Wellness Center - The SF 49ers - not knowing anthing much - more a  site where the proposed Wellness Center was being placed - having serious contamination - issues.

Such are the ways of Malia Cohen - who has no place in the Bayview Hunters Point - representing those that most need - help - more compassion. Malia Cohen is a sell out of the highest - caliber.

Malia Cohen - demands process for a much need institution that has done so much for the poor - Mother Brown's. 

All this institution is requesting is to build up and cater to 100 poor people - next to Mother Brown's institution - that already provides - resources. 

Provide the needy beds to sleep - instead of sitting in a chair all night long - and trying to get some sleep.

The only center that will provide much needed resources - a bed to sleep for some 100 needy folk - 24 hours a day - seven days a week.

The grant money will come from the State of California that has already agreed to give the City and County of San Francisco the money - some $980,000 plus.

It is not a loan - the grant was written at short notice, the grant was accepted - and now the project must go forward - in this trying times - when the City cannot provide necessary - resources from the General Fund.

A lot of planning has gone into this upgrade of a facility to help those that need beds to sleep in - at Mother Brown's at 2115 Jennings in the Bayview - two blocks from the Williams - light rail hub on Third Street.

Right now - the indigent get a chair to sleep in - all night long - not very humane - and Malia Cohen does not care about this on going saga.

Malia Cohen - loves to pussyfoot about - taking junkets to far off places - opening her mouth - and spewing, diatribe. She is to say the least - Pathetic.

Thousands in the Bayview Hunters Point can come togehter on this issue - that is not the problem.


Malia Cohen has decided - as she often does - to rally some dubious folks - who do not want to have anything to do with people of color and more poor and indigent.

Most of them White and new comers - part of the on going - G E N T R I F I C A T I O N .

Malia Cohen opened her dirty mouth - spewed some diatribe - and then left the Budget and Finance Committee held at City Hall - held October 30, 2013.

In the end the Supervisors present John Avalos, Mark Farrell, and Eric Mar - voted to expand the program, rehabilitate Mother Brown's institution, provide the need beds - and provide this much needed resource to those that needed it most.

They sent the agenda item to the Full Board of Supervisors with recommendation. A slap on the face of Malia Cohen - who did not favor sending the item to the Full Board - she wanted it tabled.

The Bayview needs this resource - close to MUNI bus 54 that stops right next to the well known shelter - known as Mother Brown's.

The MUNI light rail is about two blocks away at Williams on Third Street - and there are other needed amenities for those that are poor and need help - badly - in the vacinity.

San Francisco is about compassion - about morals, ethics and standards - none of which Malia Cohen has.

Malia Cohen loves to pussyfoot - take junkets - use the City vehicle to shop at Costco, circumvent the law - and has been called by the Ethics Commission - rakes in the bribes - and favors corrupt developers.

Malia Cohen is Black - but you could not tell - by the way she acts - and her mentality she displays - that of a pathetic, House Negro - and now the community has seen - what I have been saying for a long, long, time.

Malia Cohen is not fit to represent - any community - especially District 10. She has again and again chided the poor and has been called out on that very issue. She pathetic to say the least - a panderer of the highest order.

The SF Board of Supervisors would do well to agree to accept the grant - see that the proper protocols are in place - to upgrade and provide the best resources to the poor - the needy, the Seniors, the disabled at Mothers Brown's - that I have known and helped for years. 

The needy need these 100 beds - even though thousands will continue to sleep on the streets and in other places all over San Francisco and more in the Bayview Hunters Point. 

Many have died sleeping on the streets in the Bayview and in some parks.

I have written about such horrid facts - Malia Cohen will not pay attention to the facts. She does not know - how to represent.

Malia Cohen a House Negro and one that has no compassion for people of color - she panders to the Whites.

Just watch her at City Hall - giving out the commendations that are not worth the salt - coming from a sell out like her. Malia Cohen must go - be sent packing - she and those that aide her.

I have known Malia Cohen for a long time - always fake - always using others - always saying one thing and doing another. Always pandering to the devil.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


So what has San Francisco Redevelopment Agency done for San Franciscans - when it comes to low income and moderate income housing? Nothing.

Olson Lee, who now heads the Mayor's Office of Housing - participated in some despicable and nefarious actions - with the now defunct SF Redevelopment Agency - and still does - as he has a "bag of tricks in his hat" - and cannot be trusted - ever.

Olson Lee, knew too much about the "Certificates " that were given to those that lost their homes - when SF Redevelopment Agency took over their homes - using Eminent Domain.

Those who were adversely impacted - were even "Certificates of Preferences" - a mode used to pacify the innocent and hardworking - mostly people of color in the 1960s.

Recently, when we were before the Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - that has been given the control of assets - what was once  SF Redevelopment Agency, now defunct.

The SF Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - were shocked to learn about some - very horrifying details.

Thousands of units were lost in the 1960s - due to the action of the SF Redevelopment Agency and its policy to exercise without any compassion - Eminent Domain.

In those years in the early 1960s the then - on going discrimination meted out to people of color - was rampant, on going, and horrific. 

This City and County of San Francisco in the 1960 practiced willful - discrimination - in your face discrimination when it came to people of color.

It is more subtle now - smile on your face and stab you in the back. Time will tell - but, some of us are watching the crooks - who with intent are harming - too many innocent people.

When the present Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - were given the details on how those given " Certificates of Preference" had fared so far - it was a far cry from what they wanted to hear.

Basically, those having Certificates of Preference today - more, in the majority - will not get a chance to apply their certificates and less to enter a low income or moderate housing unit - in their life time.

Some years ago - then, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi called for a hearing on the then - SF Redevelopment Agency Agency and the Certificates of Preference - linked to Eminent Domain and what happened in the Western Addition or Fillmore in District 5.

Well, as you can imagine - there was Olson Lee the LIAR - spewing diatribe - and failing to realize that in the audience there were people - who were victims.

Leola King was there in person and the SF Redevelopment Agency stole her property and did not compensate her at all.

Then there was the Buffalo Soldier Ulyess  Moore who owned his own building and was the First African American and a Buffalo Soldier - to own his own Taxi Cabs - his building and other assests - were stolen from him - by the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Now, these two were among hundreds who owned homes, buildings, clubs, other assests - all taken away - stolen by the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Now, imagine those that were given " Certificates of Perference" - they really thought they would be helped - and the majority of them - were not. Pathetic!

Now, in the year 2013 we have HOPESF and the Czar who heads HOPESF - keeps saying - he will do this and that.

In the interim the the poor, those indigent, those that really need help - cannot be helped. More talk and less action.

The solution these folks have is giving folks a ticket to sleep in shelters.

The shelters that are noisy, full of bugs, and where single mothers, the elderly, queer folks, a whole gumut of folks that have special needs - suffer and if they are given that option only - the shelters - they suffer - for the rest of their lives.

No one gives a damn - to help those that need help most - in this City named after Saint Francis Assisi.

The SF Board of Supervisors who make $120,000 a year - and continue to take bribes under the table - keep on spewing diatribe - about housing, housing for the poor, the increasing Ellis Evictions - nothing is done to help those that most need - help.

It is a disgrace to see so many people sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Families moving away from San Francisco in the thousands - with children - and taking with them the legacy that they left - as stellar San Franciscans - shunned and all sorts of hurdles put in their way.

No one seem to care - right now - the greedy, those that think they are doing RIGHT are in the center - where the action is.

What they are doing is blatantly, WRONG.

The City Officials - the City Administrater Naomi Kelly, the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the advisors Steve Kawa, Olson Lee, and the rest of the those that think they know - are doing their thing - they have no compassion.

In the interim people are suffering - and when will this all STOP - and how did all this come to be?

The LIAR - Olson Lee - all those appointed on the Commission on Infrastructure and Economic Development - are puppets of the DEVIL.

Our City and County of San Francisco with a $9 Billion Budget will suffer - and this is coming down the pipe-line and is will NOT be sudden. 

Today's tweaked budget will not last long - and those fleecing the tax payers are making hay - while the sun shines - but not for long.

PENSIONS and the impending problems will bring a serious of adverse actions - and those now in charge - will say they tried their best - but, they have not and will not - in the future.

The rich who now think they have their condominiums - will not get services in time - and there will be turmoil.

Allt these market rate - this and that - must be halted - a CAP must be put - on the present - MADNESS.

Some balance must be created - and if the plan in rapid gentrification - those in charge - will feel the heat. It is warming up now - but too it will be too HOT in the kitchen. Do not say I did not warn you - as I have done so many times.

You really want to feel that molten rod - well you will - simply, because you asked for it.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has not done anything much for San Franciscans. In fact it has left a very SOUR taste in the mouths of many - more thousands of innocent - people.

The present methods used to evict innocent people.

Target those that are disabled.

Target the elderly.

Target the indigent - cannot be tolerated by many - and for sure NOT the astute advocates - who have stood up to this on going injustice - for too long.

Our Mayor Edwin Lee means well - but what does not really mean. There are folks who are NOT listening to him. Some take matters into their own hands - again and again.

Recently I found out that those who are incharge of HOPESF - do not want to follow the orders of the Mayor. This does not come to me as a surprise.

Thugs and sell outs operating from the YMCA in the Bayview - are destroying what little good has remained in the Bayview. This will stop - we are monitoring the situation at hand.

The politics governing our City and County of San Francisco - are in the hands of the crooked, the corrupt, those that want to favor greed and money - not compassion, standards, morals, ethics.

Gentrification is taking shape and those mostly impacted are the innocent. No one cares about the newly arrived immigrants.

No one cares about single mothers and their babies.

No one cares about our Seniors - even if they worked hard and could not save - because of  wages that were low - living pay check to pay check.

Time will tell - this City and County of San Francisco - that some of us really love and have lived here for long - is going down the drain.

Today, the 120,000 dogs in our City get more attention then the human beings.

Dog shit all over the place, on our streets, and into our Treatment System - in our Bay and every where.

No one is thinking about families - that is father, mother, children - those who are involved in the high machinations and ploys - are busy - racketeering.

Folks the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Weiner - others too many to mention - despicable, pathetic, spineless, and lacking any morals and ethics.

The worst type of politics has been saturating San Francisco.

We the advocates are fed up - with the devils, the Zionists - who have positioned themselves - and think they can bluff us.

No one can fool all the people - all the time. Aho.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of this area - and I am monitoring the many crooks - and they are increasing by the SECOND. Who will STOP them?

Saturday, October 26, 2013


San Francisco has always attracted the best minds - innovations comes easy to San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.

Why then are we experiencing so many adverse impacts when it comes to moderate affordable housing, housing linked with low income and lack of childcare?

Why are so many decent families - in the thousands with their children - leaving San Francisco?

Why are our youth - mostly, youth of color - feeling that they are targeted and cannot enjoy their freedom?

Why are so many QUEER folks living on the streets of San Francisco? 

Harvey Milk would not accept this treatment - meted out to the queer. Others would not - but today Queer leaders - are followers not leaders. The worst among them Scott Weiner from District 8.

In District 10 - represented by Malia Cohen things are going from bad to worse. At the many meetings held at City Hall - Malia Cohen continue to laugh like a jackass - while have NO clue about everyday issues - that have NOT been addressed in her district.

The crime in District 10 is getting chronic - and what is more it is spilling into District 9, 6, 3, and 11.

In District 5 we have the same problems - the poor without any decent housing. London Breed talks from both sides of her mouth - she has done nothing - much as when she was with the now defunct SF Redevelopment Agency.

Human beings in her District - District 5 are dying, going to bed hungry - and here this woman is addressing mundane issues - what is happening to politics where there is genuine - representation.

London Breed is now into configuring MUNI seating - and adding more seats - when people, real people are suffering and dying. She is as fake as they come - heifer. 

In District 6 we have Jane Kim - she just returned from a junket to China and Korea.

These junkets should open her eyes - more to the thousands in the shelters, hundreds begging and sleeping on the streets on downtown San Francisco.

More poor and homeless living - under bridges and in places animals would shun.

Here is Jane Kim - trotting away in her high heels - pretending she is trolling on some fashion runway to oblivion.

In District 9 we have David Campos  - he has done nothing much on San Bruno Avenue - a business corridor that brings in millions in taxes.

Fills the City and County of San Francisco - coffers. I have done - what it takes to do - to address traffic management issues, infrastructure issues, crime and safety and other issues - on San Bruno Avenue and the Portola Distict in San Francisco.

All the while this man has been looking in the mirror to find answers - and feels, as he says that he feel he is well - respected. He will be in for a shock - soon.

Scott Weiner is a Queer but one who thinks no end of himself.

For starters - he is against the youth - more Queer Youth - spending time in a Park - close to the Castro - where they Queer Youth - can enjoy the company and find solace in the company of like minded - youth.

What is wrong with this - let the youth spend as much time in the park. We do not want dictators - more sordid politicians - like Scott Weiner representing anyone. The youth should be left alone - queer or otherwise.

San Francisco has a glut of Market Price housing and condominiums - two and three bed rooms - going from $3 million to $10 million. In some areas 3 bedroom condominiums for $10 million plus. Go figure.

San Francisco is where we have many millionaires - and many Billionaires too - but we also have the poor - and the Main Media has chosen not to address the plight of the poor.

The politicians that I have mentioned above - are there for the money, the power, but they have failed again and again to represent - the constituents the tax payers.

Daily steep in corruption - taking bribes under the table - filling their campaign coffers.

All this will come to an end - it happens so quickly - and just like that - they will be forgotten - treat like trash in the rotting and smelling - garbage can.

Those making around $80,000 find it difficult to own a home in San Francisco.

Others making less than $50,000 find it difficult to live in San Francisco - comfortably.

Here we have the politicians favoring high rise building with condominiums - two and three bed rooms - in the price range from $3 million to $10 million. If this is not greed to the extreme - despicable greed - I do not know - what is.

We find more and more politicians who talk the talk and less who walk the walk. Aho.

Friday, October 25, 2013


In the year 2008 some of us put Proposition F on the Ballot - trying to address affordable housing and low income housing - using models that could bring about progressive - yet measurable - results.

We said: " Guarantee Affordable Housing - because working families deserve better".

Address Quality of  Life issues. Our Proposition was named, Proposition F - and I was one of the proponents who put this measure on the Ballot - and we won to put this measure on the Ballot - Big Time.

Our opponent was Lennar, a Rogue Developer - with Proposition G - that continues to pander - buying folks, paying "thugs" to do their dirty work - working directly with the former Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr - a thug mayor who has caused divisiveness and division in San Francisco.

Those backing Proposition G - Diane Feinstein, Gavin Nesom, Sophie Maxwell, Carmen Chu, Bevan Dufty, and Jose Cisneros.

Clean up the Shipyard they said - bring in Jobs, Housing, and Parks to the Shipyard - nothing has been done in the year 2013.

Some tried to hoodwink the Chinese to invest on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - it is simply not working.

There is a lot of talk - mainly vain talk to build housing in San Francisco. Again and again when the analysis is done - Market Priced units are built and there is little done to build moderate Affordable Housing and Low Income housing.

With rents going upward of $2000 for a one bed room and $3000 for a two bed room - many San Franciscans who were renters are faced with evictions.

So, the good San Franciscans leave our City and when they leave - the many years of contributing to our Great City, the City and County of San Francisco - is gone with the wind.

This situation is made all the more deplorable when
families - father, mother, children leave our City - and we are caught in a bind - and suffer tremendous loss on many levels.

In fact Public School with less children of a caliber that can create higher standards in our classrooms - have come to haunt us.

It affects neighborhoods where so many decent, family orientated San Franciscans - left a legacy and the traditions once carried out - can no more be carried out - in like manner.

Such drastic changes bring what we see today in some neighborhood - crime, poor communication, rampant degradation of Quality of Life issues. Folks who are as blend as the worse type of cardboard.

Ellis Evictions are on the increase. Other types of eviction; where those so called "tech savvy types" throw money - and landlords want it bad.

The greedy landlords do not care about their loyal tenants - and this is going on more and more - and the hostility in the neighborhoods is increasing.

The drab politicians many who do not share stellar family values - have disgraced San Francisco - and pretend they can represent - when they cannot and are inept, spineless, and shallow - the SF Board meeting at all levels are - deplorable to say the least.

Then your have our sordid Supervisors - Malia Cohen, David Campos, London Breed, Scott Weiner, and Jane Kim - among others - they all talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

David Campos had the audacity to inform me when he looks himself in the mirror - he see himself doing justice to the constituents he serves.

I just do not know what type of mirror he is looking into. Perhaps the kind found in the men's rest rook on the 2nd Floor that makes a short man look tall. You may see something - but that is a far cry from reality.

San Bruno Avenue which bring the City and County of  San Francisco millions in taxes - is not cared for and is in District 9 - David Campos' District.

Some sewer pipe and road construction that has been going on for over four months - and has caused endless problems.

Many businesses fed up - with congestion - double parking - dust all over the place - and a tragedy  waiting to happen - as people cross from one side to the other - and cars and large vehicles - come close to hitting them - dead.

It is the same with London Breed talking about the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) when she did nothing stellar then; as a SFRA Commissioner and continue to be inept now - as a Supervisor of District 5. Power has gone to her head - and the complaints against her are increasing - daily.

Crime is District 10 is increasing by leaps and bounds - and what is more - spilling, into other Districts - mostly Distric 9 where Malia Cohen's from District 10 parents live and where she lived after winning her elections in District 10.

Malia Cohen - the laughing jackass - now lives in Portrero  Hill - rubbing shoulders with mostly white folks - while looking down on poor Black folks and people of color in general.

Recently, I heard Malia Cohen comment on the Avatar Software System - she will open her mouth and shove her foot in. Software written for complex issues - take time to "tweak" sometimes - five to ten years. Do not open your dirty mouth - if you do not understand simple - issues.

What have you done really - for the poor, the indigent in District 10 - Malia Cohen? 

hat have you done really - in all the time you have been in office - Malia Cohen - except spew diatribe? 

What have you done to build low income housing on District 10?

Since I have known you - Malia Cohen - you have been a panderer - you keep forgetting that I have known you and monitored you for a long, long time.

Jane Kim thinks she can hoodwink everyone - she supposedly represents District 6.

Well, she knows little -   she failed with "Twitter" - the City have Twitter breaks - we got nothing in return - not the neighboring community. Some segments of the community - pander to Jane Kim - they are the poorer once - they will be satisfied - if bread crumbs are thrown their way. The ones that can spell Manila - right.

We all remember Scott Weiner - targeting the queer youth - the ones that hang out in the Park at Castro and in other areas.

Trying their hardest - staying away from those that prey on them - and cannot come to grips with queer youth and queer people - that San Francisco and decent San Franciscans; embrace as they have all other people - all these many years - on Ohlone land.

In the year 2013 - some of these Supervisors have come to some realization that a high percentage of queer folks - prefer to sleep in the parks, on the side of the side-walks, in places where most would not dare to be - just to be alive.

What a sad state of affairs - Harvey Milk would not accept the current situation. But, I guess the present queer representatives who talk - both sides of their mouth - have not pondered about this fact of life.

I have stopped over 100 fights - when some small group of people tried to attack some queer folks - over the last 20 years -.

Those "queer" that know me - know what I speak of. But not some of the Supervisors - like David Campos - who listens to folks and has no sense of reality.

He should talk to one of his trusted female aide to find out, more - she knows me pretty well.

When you represent - you must represent all - and do not distrust and disgust others - by pandering - and favoring those issues that near to you - fail, to do equal justice to the general - population.

Much like we saw you all San Francisco Supervisors - pander to Ross Mirkarimi when he was the Supervisor.

Then attack him behind his back.

When the time came for adjudication - we the people - those who agreed and did not agree with Ross's personal philosophy - had to stand up - take the heat - to fight for what was right.

The injustice done to his wife and son - and to Ross Mirkarimi - who as far as I know is a human being and would not harm his wife - the way it was portrayed in the Main Media. We must not judge anyone by the way the Main Media works - with no through investigative reporting - as their backing.

In the end when better sense - prevailed - Ross Mirkarimi was given his back pay and is now our Sheriff - even though he cannot carry his gun - he is loved - a better man - and remembers well - who truly stood by him. 

Today his compassion and innovative models to better the "jail system" - to further the cause of bring about rehabilitation - linked to those incarcerated and those freed to live in Society - these once prisoners deprived of freedom - and given a lease on life - and treated with dignity.

We have SF Supervisors who are not worth the salt.

David Chiu contesting with David Campos - dog eat dog - one worse than the other - pretending to serve but failing to understand what it really means to represent - did not do it here in San Francisco and will not to it anywhere - else. Go to the Sacramento - good riddance of bad rubbish.

We continue to permit a "Rogue" - Property Management Company like the John Stewart Company to adversely impact so many - innocent people - in the Southeast Sector.

The John Stewart Company controls Hunterview - already controls the Cooperative Housing near by - will take control of Kiska Road and all those units - and why should this one rogue company have so much control?

The John Stewart controls of the Presidio Housing on Federal property, units in the hundreds in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, Treasure Island another Federal property, and housing units all over San Francisco in many places in many Districts - and runs them - much like the Mafia.

Our Supervisors are lost - they have lost their mind; failed to represent - they are NOT in touch with the constituents - they know little about Housing and Urban Development.

Care little and do little about the indigent, the poor, the single mother with children - our seniors that truly need help.

These scum bags - the SF Board of Supervisors - must be sent to jail - for the bribers they take - the lip service - for lying and doing nothing - for not representing.

Once these SF Board of Supervisors were paid $38,000 now over $120,000 with all sorts of perks.
The do not deserve the salary paid by the tax payers.

If a Monday is a holiday - the take the entire week off and this is wrong.

The SF Supervisors call for hearings - just to win sympathy - of some constituents.

Always, tons of talk and no action - at these so called hearings. 

The poor have and will continue to sleep in the parks and under the bushes.

What is the alternative - go to the shelters - full of bed bugs - noise - and all sorts of creepy folks.

Some failing to take a bath in ages - others with criminal histories - who should not be living in free Society. More, harming our women and children in the shelters and in so called places  where you are given a chair to sit and sleep all night long.

All this in San Francisco - a very rich city - with a Budget of over $ 9 Billion - yes - $9 Billion. Go figure.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Our youth in the Southeast Sector have been left out - left out in the dark - and there is not one leader - one single representative - to shed light - and help our youth - as must be done - on a War Footing. I will explain.

Tons of talk by those that want to rake in the millions - the YMCA, folks like Malia Cohen who has no clue about the hardships the youth endure - smiling - opening her mouth - and speaking from both sides of her mouth.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - caught up in a net of nonsense issues - failing to represent the children, the youth, and the young adults.

We have 10,000 truants and those that can do something - think nothing about this fact - starring them in the face.

It worse when you visit the sites that incarcerate the youth and young adults. Care little about children in foster care. This last fact - is a big crime - crying to heaven for justice.

Our educational system in San Francisco has failed our youth. 

Even at San Francisco City College - had it NOT been for Shannel Williams and her supporters - we all would have been taken for a ride.

The enemies are busy inventing ways to shut down City College our gem - that has provide education to thousands over the years.

We must be united to keep San Francisco City College - open, running, and make it the best in the world. We can in San Francisco - as we do - so many things.

I have been close to Shannel Williams the student Trustee - elected and standing tall.

For a long, long time Shannel Williams has been close to me and I deeply care about her - she is a fighter for good - she learned it from the very best.

I have been protecting her from those that are evil and want to harm good - people. Like the episode when some nefarious people - called upon to impeach her. That move was shut down - sooner than those who wanted to harm her - could possibly - think.

Our  youth must not despair - in times like this. Against all odds - the youth must think about unique, methods and avenues that shed light -  spread light - where there is abject - darkness.

Our present economy does not favor the youth and young adults - receiving a sound education.

The class are crowded, the tuition keeps increasing, and the teachers and professors - confounded with regulations that defy - common sense - and create too many - hurdles.

Our youth and young adults must rise up to the occasion and do the right thing.

You have the energy, the gumption, the fortitude - and can prove to the world - that you can shine. You are well poised to deliver - on your own - terms. You must be in the cockpit and formulate your valid terms - to take us all - to a better, place.

All you need is to listen to your conscience.

 I have done it all my life - if you do right - God will bless you.

You must believe in a higher power - that can bring about the changes.

The so called gangs do not exist in our area - more like small "sets" - you want to witness what gangs do?

Visit and go to Compton in Southern California and areas in Chicago - you will learn quickly - what gangs are all about.

Our Representatives are cowards - they do not have the guts to speak to the youth and listen to them.

They try do it "remote control" - using lackeys, conduits, to pacific the youth - and make promises - that are never, ever fulfilled. This nonsense must stop.

The world over - the youth are center stage - be it the Arab Spring, in Greece, all over Europe more in Spain and Portugal, part of Latin America, Southeast Asian and on the Continent of Africa.

The disparities have been created by the ONE PERCENT - those filthy rich - who worship GREED.

The One Percent do not care about those who are oppressed. The time is now - and one way is to express yourself - and do something about it.

If you cannot write - paint.

If you cannot paint - sing.

If you cannot sing - be part of some play or drama.

If that is not possible pray and volunteer and smile and share - whatever you have. 

Youth and young adults are our assets that I and other that work with youth and young adult care.

The adults are sometimes afraid of the youth - there is nothing to be afraid of the youth and young adults.

The false perception some of the adults  have of the youth and young adults - must be addressed and overcome.

That fear is just a screen - and those that care must make the move and enjoy the company of the children, the youth, and young adults.

The children, the youth, the young adults bring vigor to any scenario, any holistic situation, any equation that matters. We all must enjoy them - relish them, love them and most all protect them and better their lives.

Our San Francisco - Mayor Edwin Lee is a good friend of mine and loves the youth. He has gone beyond his duty; to create 6000 youth jobs. He knows what he is doing - because that is the way - to shine the light.

Our San Francisco Chief of Police is a good man - he sincerely cares about our youth and young adults. We are lucky to have him - and he stands by all children, youth, and young adults. We must express to him in writing and in person - how to make our City - the City named after Saint Francis Assisi the best in the entire world.

Our Director of Public Works - Muhammed Nuru is compassionate - and without much fun fare - will share - what most do not - and make good things - happen. He sincerely wants to help children, youth and young adults.

Our Controller Ben Rosenfield - works behind he scene to help our children, our youth, and young adults. Most people may not him well - but I do he is on our side.

Our City Administrator works hard to provide this City with assets and provisions to facilitate and keep things running - her name is Naomi Kelly.

Harlan Kelly is her husband and manages the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - he works with us all - and loves children, youth and young adults. You must reach out to the above to learn more, associate with them - and put your best foot forward.

Life is short and there are so many things in life that we must seek and appreciate - working hard to seek better opportunities. Helping people and putting a smile on their face. Our City leaders have huge problems to face - they cannot do it alone - we must step up and help them do it.

I am writing this so that all children, all youth, all young adults - may feel comfortable with our City officials - and seek their guidance and support them. God bless you all.

Finally our children, youth and young adults in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - need the most help - and those of you who can help - must stand up and help them on a War Footing. Aho.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


There are a lot of important projects and issues planned for the Bayview Hunters Point - with those purporting to Represent - NOT representing the constituents - these politicians are involved in making huge decisions - most of them - made, without any meaningful - dialog. This is more in District 10.

The same in District 6, 5, and 9 - too - with Jane Kim, London Breed, and David Campos - trying to figure out how best to represent - but, not understanding the under-lying issues.

Right now the City and County of San Francisco is bragging - that our unemployment rate is less than 6%.

However at closer scrutiny there are areas - hot spots - where the unemployment rate is over 40%.

The Supervisors from District 10 - Malia Cohen, District 6 - Jane Kim, District 9 - David Campos - District 5 - London Breed - have a lot of heavy lifting to do. So far they have failed their constituents.

They talk a lot - a lot of hot air - but they have no clue how much damage they have created in their Districts. They have blood on their hands - more when they harm innocent children, single mothers, the indigent, the mentally challenged and so on.

In all of the Districts I have named above - the indigent, the poor, seniors, those with challenges - those drowning with home fore-closures, lack of permanent employment, lack of child-care, lack of sound transportation - and a hundred other critical and pertinent Quality of Life issues - which have been ignored and which have not been addressed.

This nonsense has been going on for years - more than 10 years - but more in the last 4 years.

In District 6 where Jane Kim appears at ribbon cuttings she thinks that all is fine - while her District keeps disgracing our City and County of San Francisco - on many front - more when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

Large perks are being given to TWITTER and others in District 6.
All the while the poor, the indigent, the mentally challenged are left to fend for themselves.

This Korean American woman came from another District - spurred by the "political thugs" - to represent District 6 - and today District 6 is a mess - a cesspool.

Jane Kim has the ability to charm the "skunk" and that is the problem.

In District 10 - we have Malia Cohen who has NO history of the area - disrespecting the constituents of her District and impacting other Districts - the trash from her District spews to other District that aim to do well - constantly to address the trash coming from her District - 10.

Malia Cohen has been playing with fire - and her days are numbered.

Malia Cohen - was quick to share the light giving a Buffalo Soldier  Ulysses Moore a commendation - saying sweet nothings on that occasion. When the same Buffalo Solder expired and need help - nothing was forthcoming from her sordid -office. Not to this day - and let us see what her office has to offer - when an event honoring Buffalo Soldier Ulysses Moore is held soon at the Presidio of San Francisco.

All sorts of crime are on the increase in Malia Cohen's district - District 10 - and what is more it the only District that leads all the other Districts in a very high percent of unemployment - in many hot spots over - 40%.

Recently she was chiding the City and County of San Francisco for not setting aside money to build the Infrastructure - she has just awoken from her slumber.

Malia Cohen is quick to take bribes from sordid Developers - and the entire world knows about it - Malia Cohen is a disgrace to anything - decent.

For sure her mentors - Sophina Maxwell who represented District 10 was a sell out - and with Willie L. Brown Jr. a former "thug mayor" backing Malia Cohen - together with Sophina Maxwell - this air-head, inept, spineless, immoral, and very unethical - person of a kind - cannot see beyond her nose.

Constituents in District 10 are suffering - but this woman who lives in the Potrero Hill neighborhood - could not care less.

Malia Cohen takes care of herself, well - including using a City vehicle to do shopping at Costco. She can deny that fact - but it is the little things that cannot - and Malia Cohen who favors Big Developers and bribes - is very corrupt and must be removed from office.

There are some drastic changes with the various Districts having had their boundaries re-drawn - District 9 is one of those with David Campos representing - that District. 

David Campos has failed miserably to represent the the Portola District - 95% home owners who pay millions in taxes. The San Bruno Avenue neighborhood a busy commercial corridor paying millions to the City and County of San Francisco.

When is the last time the side-walks were washed with high pressure hoses? Does David Campos care - or is he just concerned with Bernal Heights? Areas that pander to to him and his kind?

From Bacon to Felton it has taken the company who is working on the sidewalks and the sewer connections - over four months.

In the beginning of this project - I used my influence to speed the project - sending photographs to those in charge.

Not any more. Why should I?

The businesses on San Bruno like the San Bruno Subway - and Fat Deli and Celtic Glass and others impacted -  worked with me.

Some got some redress - but not the many today - who have to deal with the construction going at a snail's speed.

Not once has David Campos walked the San Bruno Avenue corridor, recently - to see for himself the on going - pandemonium. 

I once saw two aides from David Campos' office - walking and taking notes - but these peons - are exactly that - PEONS.

Jane Kim has them, Malia Cohen has more of them - and of course David Campos also uses them for feed back. Pathetic.

Things is District 5 are going to get worse. The recent shootings are but the tip of iceberg - and London Breed thinks she knows what is happening - but there is more to come.

A long time ago when the SF Redevelopment Agency removed thousands from their homes, many Victorian homes - using Eminent Domain - thousands had to live in sub-standard housing - in Single Residential Occupancy (SROs) hotels - slowly dying - withering away - in the Tenderloin - which is now in District 6.

A long time ago before 2000 there were no Districts - Supervisors represented the entire San Francisco area - and all San Franciscans.

To this day the consequences of those sordid actions - impact District 6, District 10, and of course District 5.

London Breed ran for office thinking she could handle it - but she cannot - she is putting on weight - looking like a heifer - not a good sign. 

She smiles a lot - and talks from both sides of her mouth.

She will be seeing the fire- works - do not say - you were not warned.

We, the constituents of San Francisco see who is for and against Proposition B - linked to construction on the Water-front.

We know who of the above named Supervisors are for or against - Proposition B. 

Now, that I have put in context - and am giving the reader - more, the informed reader - information - shedding light - the reader can take it from there.

We the people must not permit any high rise building on our water-front.

More condominiums for rich folks - costing $5 and $10 million a piece - this is a crying shame; that those without a conscience like former Mayor Gavin Newsom - endorses.

That sucker will do anything for a buck - even bend backwards.

Also backing Proposition B Carmen Chu much like she did Proposition G and Lennar - we the people - remember.

Others Supervisors Scott Weiner who has targeted the indigent, the poor, and now has shown his true colors - backing Proposition B - the Developers and the filthy - rich.

Supervisor Mark Farrell from District 2 who should know better - but this time around - he will lose hands down - and when he reads these line - hopefully he will remember - who said it first.

Years ago we fought hard to limit spot-zoning and limited the height on the water-front the Embarcadero to 136 feet.

Let us keep that area - our beloved Water-front - land of the Ohlone - free from high rise, building.

Free from where the filthy rich can reside - more using the condominiums as summer retreats - mocking affordable housing which is scarce. 

True the fat carts have the best views and adversely impact - millions - more our tourists.  The fat cats never care - they want it all - greed, greed, and more - GREED.

There is a large sewer line - a few feet from the proposed construction at 8 Washington - hence the parking lot.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - controlled by Willie L. Brown Jr is saying nothing, much.

This pipe will fail anyway - it has to be replaced - but if this construction goes ahead - wait for a large cesspool - full of raw sewage to create a stinking pool.

Those Supervisors who endorse Proposition B and others, then - can then jump into this cesspool - of their own making.

Politics as we recently saw with the shutting down of the United States government is a dirty game.

These charlatans have no conscience, inept, shallow, and spineless - more unethical and immoral. 

The above named Supervisors are part of the mess - on the local level - here in San Francisco. Most of them do not favor families - are single - have significant others as their side-kicks.

They with intent  adversely impact - thousands of San Franciscans.

They have NO respect for the First People - the Native Americans.

Most of them talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

They think, that we the people must be treated with disdain - now, you know who to vote for and who to send back the rubbish can.

Better still flush down the commode.