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Friday, February 28, 2014


Governor Jerry Brown declared to those present everywhere that he is running for Governor of California.

This will be his fourth term - and he can handle the job, well - Governor Jerry Brown put California back on track.

California the golden state was in the dumps for many years. The fifth largest economy in the world. Not anymore and thank God for Governor Jerry Brown.

Willie L. Brown Jr. no relative of Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom - a metrosexual nit wit - did not like that news a bit. Gavin Newsom longs to be the governor - but that will not come easy - in the next two years - Gavin Newsom will reveal his inner self and fade into oblivion.

Recently a span of a bridge was named after the former Mayor of San Francisco - a "thug" mayor - and our dear Governor Jerry Brown - decided not to attend that event. He showed to all who are decent - who really is in charge. Naming a span of a bridge - after a - "crook". Governor Jerry Brown knows better than that.

Gavin Newsom was invited to the sordid affair - arranged with great fanfare by Willie L. Brown who invited his whole family from Meniola, Texas and other places. A large encourage - to brag and show off - on this event that most decent people - did not pay attention to.

As usual Gavin Newsom took to the stage - bragging and praising Willie L. Brown Jr. Gavin loves the stage and being in the lime light - Gavin Newsom loves to pander to those that have no stellar values

For sure Jerry Brown our Governor will leave a legacy - we cannot say that with certainty when he comes to Gavin Newsom and Willie L. Brown - these two bring more disgrace than grace to any event, any project, any meeting worth noting.

Some years have passed and I remember Gavin Newsom declared his candidacy for Governor. We were fighting Lennar, a rogue developer - and Gavin Newsom was backing the rogue developer - Gavin was Mayor of San Francisco at that time. Gavin had his eyes on the Governorship of California - and we decided to teach him a lesson in civility, sound politics, morality, and ethics.

We had a movement that most have not forgotten - Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM).

We still have worthy citizens, stellar advocates, many who have walked the walk, fought the good fight and all of them - will leave a - legacy. God bless them.

Our movement followed the lying Gavin Newsom - as he spewed lies, took credit for things he did not initiated like HealthySF, the rainy day fund linked to the then failing San Francisco Unified School District, and many other contribution of others - that he loves to take credit for - that others have put in place.

I remember we showed up in San Diego and the man - the metrosexual Gavin Newsom - did not know what to make of us.

He lied through his teeth - corralled some gays to attend this meeting -  also in the audience to Gavin Newsom's surprise were those he recognized in numbers from San Francisco - we had other supporters too who came to watch this fanfare - we took Gavin Newsom on - and whopped his ass.

Soon after this meeting - Gavin Newsom decided not to run for Governor - opening the way for Jerry Brown to run for his third term, winning it - and now his fourth term.

The very first Governor's news letter that Governor Jerry Brown's office published - was my letter about the now defunct Redevelopment Agency.

Governor Jerry Brown shut down that sordid agency - the Redevelopment Agency that did so much wrong.

Governor Jerry Brown brought the Republicans and Democrats together - balanced the budget - and using his Jesuit training and charisma - has put California on the map. Governor Jerry Brown knows how to discern.

Governor Jerry Brown will find a way not to send too much of our precious water from Northern California to Southern California.

 Governor Jerry Brown of California - knows how to keep Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein and more her corrupt husband Richard Blum at Bay.

Jerry Brown did not attend the ceremony - Willie L. Brown Jr planned and spent a lot of money - when a span of the Bay Bridge was named after the crook - Willie L. Brown - the former "thug" mayor of San Francisco.

Of course Gavin Newsom attended it - praised the "former thug Mayor Willie L. Brown - and made a fool of himself" - opening his mouth and shoving his foot inside - every opportunity he got.

Willie L. Brown Jr. and Gavin Newsom - are known for their corruption and selling our San Francisco values.

I called Gavin News - Mr Dipstick - when he was Mayor of San Francisco.

He slept with anything that moved - and the press was always trailing him - to sniff out and tell on him - and his many extra marital affairs.

Other sordid deeds - as I said - Mr Dipstick took to and drilled - anything that moved. He still does - and no one decent - looks at him a second time.

Kudos to Jerry Brown one of the last true politicians - that cannot be bought.

One of the true politicians - that can handle his game - corral and put the crooks in their cage -  Governor Jerry Brown knows when to " let the dogs out ".

Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom should be ashamed of themselves and all the corruption they have fostered all these  many years.

The many lives they have destroyed - and the dirty politics they have played.

There is not a high profile project in San Francisco that Willie L. Brown does not have his finger in - he loves to meddle and he loves to get his cut.

The RICO Act must be applied and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are monitoring his many shenanigans.

 Willie L. Brown Jr keeps running circles - much like he learned when he was a look out for any bust when his uncle ran a brother and gambling den in the Fillmore.

He learned well the crooked ways when he was young - and has since mastered the ways of being a - "crook".
His time has come - more with his failing sight.

Kudos to Governor Jerry Brown - the present Governor of California - who has taken us all to a better place.

We can go to Governor Jerry Brown any time and get a fair hearing - and for sure - we can take care of the - crooks. You know who they are. Aho.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


No one single - Property Management Company should have so much license to do as it pleases - raking in millions.

More at the expense of those that need housing - public housing for the indigent, other housing like at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, all over the Tenderloin, at Hunterview, and more in Santa Cruz and other places too - as far as San Diego - the despicable John Stewart Company. 

The John Stewart company and its founder from the days he was fired from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac - is well known by those that have deep knowledge about housing, loans, and a host of shenanigans - controlled by insurance companies - that prey on those that need help.

When the Nation's economy spiraled in 2008 - guess what - the John Stewart Company and other Property Managers like his company - got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The truly got it up their ass.

I know this may be a "crude" way of saying things - but that is what they got - and that is what they needed - a reality check. Enablers of sub-prime loans, derivatives, other ploys and machinations - they ruined our economy.

The John Stewart Company has no business - messing with people of color - that despicable Property Management Company - that no business messing with anyone "decent" - that company - the John Stewart Company - should be investigated under the RICO Act.

More when the John Stewart Company targets the physically challenged, the mentally challenged, we have heard such cases at the SF Board of Supervisors - and in the digital world thousands of complaints are there for all the world to see.

Many contact me and the stories are heart wrenching - one wonders - why such evil people exists in this world. Yet when the John Stewart minion be they architects, project managers - they all paint a rosy picture. Guess what - God watches it all - and the John Stewart Property Management Company will fall flat on its face.

What the John Stewart Company does is get the inside scoop from crooks - from those that on their pay roll at the State and the Financing Department, at the local level in San Francisco - the Mayor Office of Housing and Olson Lee - Tiffany Bohee with the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency, other crooked agencies that prey on the poor and those that cannot defend - themselves.

Millions of dollars are sent to the John Stewart Company - that does not have the best interest of the community at large. Nancy Pelosi has used her influence in Washington DC to send money to this evil Property Management Company - and will be there on April 17, 2014 to cut the ribbon at Huntersview. Our tax payers money - our hard earned money - we know you are hand in hand, in bed - with the M A F I A .  The RICO act must be enforced - there is a lot of evidence, fact, the smoking gun is hot and spewing smoke of a unique - kind.

These large loans from the State of California and the Finance Department, the City and County of San Francisco - working with crooks like the former SF Redevelopment Agency,  folks like Tiffany Bohee heading the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency and Olson Lee who works for the Mayor's Office of Housing.

Chronic crooks who do not care about those that need help most - these evil people prey on those that are desperate - more those who have fallen on bad times.
These crook will evict - and send families on to the street - to face inclement weather. It is happening now - and Mayor Lee and those that must help the poor and indigent - are looking the other way.

HOPESF is a JOKE - private companies taking control of the land and aspirations of the "COMMONS" - land that belongs to the people.

Take your HOPESF to the Presidio and see what happens. Take your HOPESF in the Avenues and see what happens.
Take your HOPESF outside a situation - where you are not dealing with those that need help most - and are not educated on issues - and HOPESF will explode in the face of the crooks.

In San Francisco to be precise the land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone -  the First People of San Francisco.
All of the land - makes no bones about it.

The land was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone. If you have no land - you have nothing - much.

If you have land - you have EQUITY - the lay person - does not know the power of owning land.

We do not want the John Stewart Company in our community. The John Stewart Company has been a failure at Huntersview. More the John Stewart Property Management has cause horrendous problems - and adversely impacted - thousands.

People are complaining about lack of light at night - putting their lives in danger - in and around Huntersview.

Roads blocked - the San Francisco Police Department  has been informed - and are not doing their job. All such incident reports must be reviewed by Chief Gregory Suhr who should step up to the forefront and help those that need help - most.

Pacific Gas and Electric PG&E) is not responding to the call of innocent constituents - living in and around Phase I at Huntersview.

While all the time the John Stewart Company - lies to the San Francisco Planning Department that all is well and to other SF City agencies that all is well. Raking in millions - constructing and developing with our tax payers money. Where is the accountability?

All is not well by on the Hill and at Middlepoint and the area around Huntersview - the new name that talks about the views but does not provide the amenities.

MUNI - public transportation system is a mess - and the most hurt and impacted are the seniors, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, the youth and young adults - who are all put in harms way.

The buses do not come on time and seniors and those physically challenged have to wait for hours. No one is talking about the 44 line, the 23 line, those lines that serve the poor. The 54 line and the 29 line - come on folks - we know what we are talking about - and you in authority and screwing with the public at large.

Mayor Edwin Lee should go " in cognito" and see for himself what is happening.

In other areas people are evicted and told to go fend for themselves.

We need a qualified 'ONE STOP" up on the hill - with monthly reports going to the Mayor so that he can fully realize about the shenanigans and how "poor people" are targeted. We the people know about the suffering and the "suffering" has reached - saturation point - when such things happen - something gives.

The Bayview YMCA has no business - getting itself involved with housing issues.

The YMCA and one Gina who heads it - is selling the community - and has brought disgrace to the YMCA - and what it stands for.

Up on the hill we need the tenants to take control of their destiny.

The money that HOPESF receives much like the money SFHOPE received a long time ago - belongs to the people.
We know this to be a fact - and the crooks do not want the world to know about this fact. The money should be controlled by the people - those of us that pay our taxes.

Do not try to fool us - and the crooks at City Hall led by Olson Lee - cannot fool - all the people all the time.

The tenants must get their money and they can get the money in the millions - and do well only if they are trained to manage their homes and surrounding.

Much as the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - envisaged a long, long time ago. I have been writing about this - but the crooks do not want others to know - about the facts - the empirical data - the statistics that will expose the current crooks - and the time has come to take the crooks to - task.


Why are crooked White folks, House Negroes like Gina and Malia Cohen and others - too many to name - doing their own people in - doing in mostly Blacks who are poor?

No mention of the poor during Black History festivities - where the Black crooks gather - and pat each other on their fannies - action is needed now to help those Blacks - drowning.

There is only one singular voice crying in the wilderness like John the Baptist - Dr Espanola Jackson. She has been an advocate for housing and other related issues and was part of the movement. At the age of 81 she does what she can. But Dr Espanola Jackson is waning and the crooks will rejoice once she no more can speak for the people. These evil and mean folks - will look you in the eye and lie.

These newbees who have just arrived in our community - crooks like the John Stewart Property Management Company - and are telling us - what to do - without understanding the history of the past.

No one gave them permission to come into our living rooms - without our permission - and rearrange our furniture. These mostly Whites - have only one thing on their minds - rake in the millions - at the expense of the poor. 

We the people want them out. Take the warning while the going is good.

The crooks who introduced Crack Cocaine - who continue to divide the people, then bring in laws like "Gang Injunction" - now evictions - and use "gentrification" as a tool - much like an Atomic bomb - that numbs the people - they become zombies - the living dead. So sad.

Quality of Life issues are compromised - while all the time - Asbestos Friables have been recorded at high levels on Parcel A - an eight of a mile from Huntersview.

Other high levels of particulates - more fumes and other dangerous chemicals from the abatement of the shut down - Pacific Gas and Electric operations some five hundred feet from Hunterview - with the wind blowing in the direction - where the many new units - have been built - and the people are suffering from respiratory chronic - diseases.

No one is giving the constituents living in and around Huntersview the right empirical data - not the SF Health Department, not the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, not the Representatives like Malia Cohen a sell out - what can one expect from Malia Cohen - a rubber stamping Housing Negro - and Gina from the YMCA - who should be ashamed of herself - driving her Jaguar!

Well, time for Mayor Edwin Lee to wake up - and these salvos for what they are - very seriously.

These salvos are for those that talk the talk but fail - each and every time to walk the walk.

Nancy Pelosi is visiting Huntersview on April 17, 2014 around 10 am Show up in numbers and tell her the Truth.

The sell outs will be there in numbers - pandering and asking for favors. Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi have a track record that leads to deceit - getting the inside scoop and investing in VISA - as revealed openly by 60 minutes.

Paul Pelosi who has been exploiting the people of Samoa.
The many fruit canning and tuna factories he invests in - paying the employees below minimum wage - and the people cry - the Samoans - tears of BLOOD. Do your research.

Time to tell Nancy Pelosi to her face - how evil she and her minions have been - all these many years.

The John Stewart Company and Nancy Pelosi are in bed - and are known for their nefarious activities - all documented - not yesterday - but for years - these vermin are here to prey on those that cannot defend themselves.

Much like the Insurance Companies - who are like leeches they suck all they can get - the worship money - and their time is coming.

No one will come to your rescue - constituents and tax payers living at Huntersview - you must take control of your destiny.

Expose the sellouts you know who they are.

Put some flyers up with their mugs and tell the world - who is doing you in. You must unite and fight your own fight.

Shed light where they is abject - darkness. Aho.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This is not the first time that the constituents - most tax paying citizens of San Francisco - have been taken for a ride.

Hoodwinked by forces that are steeped in greed, having no compassion, and thinking - that we the few left, decent advocates - our hearts in the right place - are NOT watching the crooks  - we are like a HAWK - watching it all and more.

Most politicians are drab - the kind we have in San Francisco like Malia Cohen - who will smile at anything - air-headed is inept and shallow to the core.

Malia Cohen's time is coming and her time has come - this time around she will have to eat her lies - and lie in the open bed of trash - that she has herself - created and made her bed in - with intent - she has sold her soul to the devil.

Malia Coihen and her side kick one Nadine Burke have opened a Wellness Center - right at 3450 Third Street.

Where supposedly these two evil Black women - one a Jamaican and the other a House Negro - think they can conduct business - surrounded - by the worst pollution and contamination - ever.

More adversely impacting our children, our mothers, more our single mothers - who want help and are taken advantage of.

Our children need the best but these two crooks with $4 million given to them by California Pacific Medical Center and $300,000 by the 49ers - the football team that has made its home in Santa Clara - these two women - have sold out the community - and filled their own pockets - with BLOOD money.

Malia Cohen the District 10 so called Supervisor - who came in power - with 23 other candidates - in the running the last time around - snuck herself into victory - through deceit and blatant lies.

Malia Cohen has NOT lifted a finger to help the constituents she must represent - more, the most indigent community - most of them Black that need help.

That is why she is known as a sellout and a House Negro. Time will tell.

We saw when Mother Brown was getting some  help to build some 100 beds to help our poor and those facing inclement weather - how Malia Cohen and her minions opposed it - and still look at the poor and those that need help - with disdain.

Our message is simple - our vote counts - and you Malia Cohen and those that you associate with - corrupt and evil to the core - your days are numbered.

Soon you will be tossed - like a dirty rag - tossed in a stinking, dirty, filthy - thrash can.

Our City and Count of San Francisco has chosen a task force to look at ways to help those that need housing - low housing, no income housing.

Housing for those that make under $30,000, under $40,000, under $50,000 - the Task Force is just that - a rubber stamping, vain and full of disdain.

The Task Force is rubber stamping cliches - generalities, vague promises - made by folks that sit on this particular task force - put together by those that do not have their hearts - in the right place - are what I term - "heartless and without compassion".

Such folks - who deem that they can lead - must think once more - if indeed they must step out of the way. More fade into oblivion.These folks - do more harm than good and what is more adversely more those that need help - most.

The Task Force formed to address - the lack of affordable housing - are set to shout and scream that something will be done - but since they have NO clout - all their huffing and puffing - goes no where.

In the interim our poor, those that need help most our children, single mothers, those that are on limited income suffer.

This is the City of San Francisco named after Saint Francis Assisi. Think about it - those of you who can read and have some heart must to do something.

The Academy of Art University deprived San Franciscans - thousands of legal - rental units - all converted for other uses - one of the main uses - "dormitories".

Dormitories for foreign students - who pay thousands of dollars - to shack in small spaces - and more for some certification that is not fully - recognized.

We wanted to know who is protecting the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco - who have bought hundreds of buildings - all over San Francisco - and converted legal rental units - into dormitories and other drab - uses.

We ask when will the City and County of San Francisco - when will the San Francisco City Planning - do the right thing?

When will the above two entities provide rental units to our low income, no income, and those that clean our homes, work in our restaurants, work as janitors, laborers who do construction work, blue collar workers who are suffering - others who do - so called menial work.

All, under difficult conditions and have to survive to put bread and butter on the table - with great difficulty.

The rich and those that are crooked - would not understand the plight of the poor.

We advocates must fight those that think - they can get away with murder - and expose them for what they are - worthless - scum of the Earth.

We do have 40 cranes in the air - too much congestion on the street level in San Francisco.

Daily of Quality of Life issues are compromised - and those in power think they can lie - deceive and say rosy things - to cover up their deceit.

We are watching you all like a HAWK.  Aho.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It is not uncommon for deals to be made by those that have no concern for the people at large and less about history that plagues Candlestick Park and the surrounding area. More the Southeast Sector where 30,000  unis are planned - without any meaningful discussion - in our community.

It is not as if - we in the community do not comprehend Urban Design and Planning - and that we cannot seek out the "crooks" who are constantly - making deals - and shafting the community at large. We are fed up and we are going to do something about this situation - on a War Footing.

The entire history of Candlestick Stadium for example is ripe with intrigue - you must read it and more know about it. Soon Candlestick will be history - its structure brought down - and its legacy blown in the wind.

Will that wind go in the right direction and to a better place in the 66 million dollar question? How are Quality of Life issues being evaluated - and who is in the cockpit - hopefully not the crooks - whose bottom line is to rake in the millions - and shaft the community.

Candlestick will be "imploded" and when that concrete comes tumbling down - the entire area will be graded - and there will be consequences.

The health of the community is already compromised. Lennar bombarded huge areas with Asbestos Friables. The constituents already have their health compromised. Respiratory diseases are rampant - and chronic lung diseases have visited practically every home in the area - near Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which has been declared a Superfund Site.

Only the worst of the worst contaminated sites - and put on the Superfund List. The constituents think the Government will take care of the constituents - the tax payers - the reality is that "thugs" rule the roost - and the "thugs" have been raking in the millions - without any compassion - and this is - pathetic.

Foremost the Precautionary Principle mandates that no harm comes to any life. Since Lennar with intent in the past has harmed life - more human life - we the people are very concerned.

This time around with the utmost precaution - some human life will be adversely impacted. Thousands of people live in the vicinity - an Environmental Impact Report has not been done. The residents live in very close proximity to Candlestick Stadium - the City and County of San Francisco - and more San Francisco Recreation and Park - are looking the other way - while Lennar is saying one thing and doing another.

Since we have a "grass roots movement " - that has NOT sold out to any entity - we can - if there is NO meaningful dialogue - bring any project - however big - to a standstill.

This is not a threat - this is a reality that has to executed with precision and will be - because we have been planning for this day. We will shut down the operations - if we do not see a Blue Print that demands high standards - and that involves the community at the table.

Again and again those that do not have the best interest of our community - and making decision - bad decision - and more these folks are from outside - have no compassion - and lack the ability to discern - because they are NOT educated on issues.

While those who have "profited" from deconstruction - clear cutting of trees and construction material recovery in the past - think, they know it all - they must be fully transparent; this time around - more when we are dealing - with a Rogue Developer - like Lennar.

We all must remember in the year 2004 - Lennar began grading Parcel A - and LENNAR with "intent"  did not to do the right thing. Kofi Bonner knows this - and Kofi Bonner must remember - we the community are fully cognizant of the facts.

Lennar has hurt the community too many times - and this time around there will be NO - hurting. The sell outs will be fronted and we will deal with them - in a forthright manner.

The monitors meant to register Asbestos Friables" - on Parcel A one of the parcels conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - had their batteries removed - to deceive the world - and adversely impact thousands.

Our children suffered, our seniors suffered, and the community at large rose up - a MOVEMENT was created - and LENNAR was fined $515,000 - for being a "bad developer".

The entity that fined them was the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - this article will be read by the key authorities that govern the BAAQMD - foremost Mr Jack Broadbent - who knows me, personally.

The Candlestick Stadium - implosion and material recovery - comes with a heavy price to the community.

While outsiders may profit from its deconstruction - the community that cares - must not be left - far left out field - in the dark - while those with sordid plans, meaning to do NO meaningful outreach - pretend to say something and do another.

From lessons learned - those planning the operations of the recovery - should monitor the dust, have state of art water sprayers - to keep the dust down. Have a traffic management plan that has some standards. We will be monitoring the shenanigans, ploys, and machinations. Make no bones about it.

An outreach plan is mandated with full transparency and even more full accountability.

Those doing the outreach must have no link with the project itself - double dipping - and pretending to serve the community at large.

A sound outreach plan with goals and objectives - if you cannot deliver I can - and I will - to the authorities that are involved in enforcement. I have an office at Executive Park and am cognizant of the many factors that go into any large operation.

We have dealt with shenanigans before, know the players well - have dealt with them in good faith - and serve notice to all in the game -  this time around.

Meaningful dialogue, with empirical data, a sound business plan, mitigation and abate measures - must be in place and more fully implemented - within sound environmental practices and reports.

Of paramount importance is the traffic and congestion to and from Bayland Soil Processing and those that purporting to do business with the bringing down of the Candlestick Stadium and grading of the adjoining - site.

I have gone out of my way to help curtail the dust, the wear and tear of the road - and have achieved some success - with the present operations - raking in millions - with thousands of trucks plying in and out of the Baylands Soil Processing (BSP) - facility.

While San Francisco has been tolerant of BSP - Brisbane has fined the company that is a LLC - on several occasions - and recently issued a Notice of Violation and shut the operations down.

Within the last two months Baylands Soil Processing a multi- million operation - has made some improvements.

In months previous - BPS has created dust problems, pot holes on its private road, the roads enjoining that are San Francisco City roads, and Caltrans roads leading to the highway 101 - North and South.

I have called in work orders and used my connections to repair the pot holes. Those that I have addressed and were party to some meetings - know what I am speaking about.

Baylands Soil Processing (BSP) so called Public Relation has been asleep at the cockpit.

Others who work with BPS - in good faith have worked with me - to maintain some standards - curtailing the dust - helped by BSP who in the past two months - has invested in a brand new street sweeper - at a cost of over $250,000 - and a washer that sprays to clean the many trucks that leave the BPS compound at a cost of over $60,000.

Credit must be given - where credit is due - but, there is more to this situation. BPS must meet us face to face - and work to a solution that is bigger than the Candlestick Deconstruction Project.

A Causeway is planned, 30,000 units, a road with six lanes by Harney Road and much more - that are in the plans - and the community has been kept in the dark.

Lennar, Universal Paragon Corporation, Ocean Landing, and a host of other developers - are fully aware that they must address the present traffic concerns - the area prone to liquefaction and severe flood - with the impending - climate change. More the Big One that will hit us - sooner than later.

Some months ago some measures were put in place - through delicate negotiations - other mitigation plans - that through my intervention - we given to BPS free of charge - by decent and qualified individuals - taking their time off - and spending hours - to help the dust situation and mitigate other serious, adverse impacts.

A plan to upgrade the private road and curtail the many hazards, dust, pot holes, and a private road that needs - urgent repairs. The thousands of trucks carrying dirt into the BSP facility, and leaving many a time at high speeds - is a time bomb waiting to explode. 

The roads maintained by the City and County of San Francisco and Caltrans are impacted and this article will be send to the Director of SF Department of Public Works, the SF City Engineer, and other entities that I tried to work with - on the private roads that is a hazard - much as minimal care is taken to curtail some dust, the road must be upgrade - money in this case is not a problem.

While Brisbane County has fined BPS on several occasions - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - has been tolerant of the dust, wear and tear of the road - and thousands of trucks that ply in and out of the Brisbane facility - bordering San Francisco.
And as I said using our San Francisco - City and County roads and Caltrans on the way to the Highway 101 South and North.

Universal Paragon Corporation, Recology, Baylands Recycling, and others have been apprised of the situation at hand - not by the Baylands Soil Processing so called Public Relations entity that I am fully aware of - but by myself.

Environmental Justice Advocacy is well recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and its Director Jared Blumenfeld.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Regional Water Board, the San Francisco Health Department, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and the authorities who control Brisbane - who I have addressed my concerns to.

Lennar must make a choice to work with the community with full transparency and not hoodwink the community as it has in the past.

Clear cutting over 400 mature trees on Parcel A without any permits.

Bombarding the community with Asbestos Friables - harming our children, our seniors, and thousands of others.

I have reached out to the parties who have any dealings direct and indirect with the Baylands Soil Processing LLC - facilitated and brought out meaningful solutions - all without any charge - in other words by my actions.

I have grass roots support and fully comprehend the operations that will be undertaken at Candlestick Stadium.

We all can work together - or we can chose to take our own paths - and bring about "divisiveness" - which is the path the sell outs take - trying to hood wink, make deals to fill their own pockets - in the millions of dollars.

The Baylands Soil Processing operations are part of 733 acre plan - the initial Environmental Impact Report needs a lot of works to to be done - I have reviewed the documents and I am carefully monitoring the situation at hand:

In the case of the deconstruction and recovery of the materials from Candlestick Stadium and the grading of the adjoining site - better sense must prevail.

I would like to meet face to face with the operators who control the business - and have them review the "empirical data" - I have at hand.

All of this time - I have been patient much as I was with Lennar - but when Lennar crossed the line - thinking it could - screw the community - we, the community took Lennar on - and brought Lennar to its knees.

In this case - the entities - have agreed to do business with Lennar - and Lennar and the entities must sit down and look the community in the eye - not the sell out to those that pander - but those who have stood by the community with the community's best interests.

At Candlestick Stadium - once dirt was removed from the near by Bayview Hill - and with the dirt - the sacred remains of the Ohlone - and used as fill in - on which thousands of games were played - on these many years - at Candlestick Stadium.

Desecration that cries to heaven for justice. We know our history - the crooks that want to make the money - serve the own selfish interests and we are not afraid of them. We fight for the people, for decency, and to address Quality of life issues.

I represent the Ohlone - and I represent standards - and I am NOT afraid of Lennar or any entity that is trying to take short cuts and hoodwink the community.

This is the time to show the community good faith.

Have state of the art water sprayers - place 20 monitors - away from the bushes, the water, other encumbrances  - and do the right thing - by the people who have suffered so much.

There are good people who can do the job and I know them.

What I am not certain of is how much of the history, those who want to work on the project linked to the Candlestick Stadium know.

More how do these entities attracted to making money know about contemporary best practices.

We the community have not been assured that the Primes have a plan that has some standards. The Prime is remaining aloof - sending others to do the talking - failing to be upfront.

Lacking the gumption to have a meaningful dialog.

Bayland Recyling, Recology, Universal Paragon Corporation, North Team Truckers, Kofi Bonner and others all know me - there is nothing to hide.

 I believe in standards, best practices, and serving those that most others - fail to serve. In this case the project is in San Francisco and San Franciscans must be treated with respect.

Lying, hoodwinking, taking short cuts, making deals behind close doors, pandering to corrupt politicians, evil practices is not my forte.

I have grass roots support - and can facilitate and bring about solutions - and I can also shut down any project. Make no bones about it.

 I will be monitoring this project and all aspects - traffic monitoring, dust control, wear and tear of the roads, job opportunities, meaningful community outreach, noise abatement, 
and a host of other issues - linked to Quality of Life issues. Aho.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


There is a deep connection with the John Stewart  Property Management Company and Nancy Pelosi.

It does not come as a surprise - that Nancy Pelosi the minority leader now and once House Speaker that lost the house - had and is pandering with the very corrupt - Nancy Pelosi will be there to cut the ribbon -  on April 17, 2014 at Huntersview - up on the hill by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the Bayview in San Francisco.

If you are present - one of the many sell outs invited - wait to hear Nancy Pelosi - a despicable person - say some rosy things. She will lie through her teeth - as she has so many years.

Nancy will help spread cheer among the many sell outs who will be present - at the ground breaking at Middle Point to be precise - the better know name for the site on which some unit will be built - as Part of Phase II of the John Stewart Property Management - shenanigans.

Be there on the Hill - that is by Hunters Point overlooking the Bay. Nancy is good at talking the talk but fails - each and every time - to walk the walk.

The wind blows in many directions on the Hill at Hunters Point - and if you are around there - at the wrong time in the right place - and happen to breathe the Asbestos Fribables - then, God have mercy on you if you fall prey - to Misothelioma.

The John Stewart and Nancy Pelosi bond go a long ways - when both these entities - delved in nefarious activities.

Some of it can be found on the internet - and others in details - in files that have been redacted to keep some dubious information - getting into the hands of those folks - we call journalists - the few still left who have the balls to do - "investigative" - reporting.

Today, few journalists do "investigative reporting" - so many of us are used to read the "drab" news and think that what we are reading - what the Main Media is spreading thin - is the "truth".

The main media controlled by the Zionist - of which the culprits I am mentioning above are part of the click.

IN reality most of the garbage written and stuff we see on the television is plain - "hog wash".

Middle Point is very close to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Very few people have the ability to study and understand - what really is the make up of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which has been designated as a "Superfund Site".

Why is it that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard designated as a Superfund Site?

Well the most contaminated sites are listed as Superfund Sites -  most Department of Defense bases - that participated in the War Efforts - and linked to operations - with atomic and other hazardous materials - too many to mention.

If anyone - who can read English - and more comprehend English - whatever English that is they comprehend - all they have to do is "google" - the details about SF Hunters Point and  the many hot spots - contamination".

What is pertinent to note is that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has hundreds of hot spots - with high levels of radioactive elements. The Environmental Protection Agency knows it - but is doing nothing about it.

In many areas at Hunters Point but one in particular Parcel E2 - vents - help methane gas - spew into the air. Underneath is a on going fire - burning right now - and adversely impacting the constituents - who live on Kiska Road, the Mariners' Village, on Cleo Rand - and of course Middle Point and Hunters View.

Does Nancy Pelosi comprehend what is really happening to her constituents that she has NOT, represented - you bet she does.

The present Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) region IX - that is Region 9 - is is very good friend of Nancy Pelosi .

Suffice to say - one of her aides - a white woman - took the place of Jared Blumenfeld at the San Francisco Department of the Environment - a San Francisco City Department.

Jared Blumenfeld (who is my good friend and I - a admirer of this father - one of the best photographers from the World War II era) - was given the job of Regional Director of Region IX at the Environmental Protection Agency - headquartered in San Francisco.

The point is if you have the right connections - you can get what you want. 

You scratch my back and I will yours.

The John Stewart Company a rogue Property Manager already controls a lot of housing units - at the Presidio of San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge - property that comes under the jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust - and comes also under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.

At Treasure Island the John Stewart Company controls hundreds of units and plays hell with the indigent population.

At Hunters Point - Huntersview and North Ridge cooperatives, hundreds of units in the Tenderloin - here, there, and everywhere - all under the control of this rogue - Property Manager.

The complaints against these rogue "Property Manager" are many.

The John Stewart Company likes to target the poor, the indigent, those physically and mentally challenged - and those in authority - look the other way - while the devil himself does his sordid work.

Some of the cases that have come to my attention - linked to the John Stewart Company - are horrendous - I make it a point to send my blogs to Mr Gardener who is a top executive working for the John Stewart Company - so that he fully understands how I feel about the John Stewart Company and related issues .

People say why is this entity - the John Stewart Company - getting control of so much?

Well - it is like the "Mafia" - they strong arm, they bribe, they do what they have to do to get the piece of the cake.

Nancy Pelosi gets some pay off for sure.

So did Gavin Newsom, so did Sophie Maxwell, so did Malia Cohen, so did the present City officials who wanted some money - to fill up their sordid campaign coffers - to help their efforts before and after their respective - elections.

I know too much about the John Stewart Company from my Army days - and a huge bust of cocaine - on the out skirts of San Francisco - and the manifest - had the names of some of those - I have mentioned in this article.

Back to the point - Middle Point  - at Hunters Point - is too close to the worst contamination. 

The City and County of San Francisco is playing with lives - lives of our children, our seniors - those who lives have already been compromised.

On Parcel E2 - there is an on going under-ground fire - right now.

Who is kidding whom - that everything is well.

 On Parcel A there are high readings of Asbestos - many of us get the day to day information and the know about the high Asbestos readings.

Do you think the San Francisco Health Department is doing their job? Do you think Jack Broadman from the Bay Area Air Quality Management  District (BAAQMD) is doing his job? 

Do you think Tiffiny Bohee will tell Nancy Pelosi about the high readings? I hope on the day - April 17, 2014 the wind blows in the direction of where Nancy Pelosi has she ass - perched - even if she is placed under some canopy. 

These evil people are pathetic and their works evil - money and greed is all that they care about.

Do you think the Supervisors who sit on the BAAQMD are doing their job?

Today at the San Francisco Planning Department in Room 400 at 12 noon - the SF Planning Department will be given a presentation on Phase II linked to the John Stewart Project.

The SF Planning Commission will listen - and guess what - pass it - and send the voted agenda item - to the full Board of Supervisors for consideration?

But guess what at the Land Use a 30 day notice was given before the Land Use - that is all that it required - for a sordid and crooked SF Board of Supervisors - four in number to approve such a request - then without any discussion - without any Public Comment - it is sent directly to the SF Full Board of Supervisors.

Our City of San Francisco has a sordid past - the most significant to note - the "STEALING" of the land that belongs - rightfully to the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Mayor Edwin Lees understands this but has little to say.

The corrupt Senator Diane Feinstien understands the repercussions as and when the Muwekma Ohlone are put on the Federal Register - and looks the other way. Your time is coming - because "TRUTH" - is on our side.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - leading the charge David Chiu a transplant from Taiwan, Jane Kim a transplant from South Korea, Malia Cohen an inept, spineless, Black woman from District 10 - who has sold out the community - one worse than the other - failing to represent the constituents of San Francisco.

London Breed another Black woman from District 5 - who knows some about Middle Point and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - but will choose to go with the flow.

London Breed the heifer - who favors the many crooked Developers - much as she is in bed with the Fishers - who have been assisting her current and past - shenanigans.

Scott Weiner who has disdain for the poor - and does not care about helping those - that most need help.

Scott Weiner has some advice for everyone - accept - himself - we the people have no respect for a person - that lacks morals, has less ethics, and has absolutely NO - standards.

We are watching him like a HAWK.

There are others from the SF  Board of Supervisors - that much has to be said about - we will save reporting on their sordid actions  for now - but address it at the appropriated time. 

The SF Planning Department has not done due diligence. Some of their shenanigans will be revealed today.

We know the SF Planning Department - has not implemented the many Housing Elements reports and has failed to curtail the rampant building of Market Rate units.

Failed to build ' so called affordable housing " - more for low income and no income.

Some of advocates want to know - how did the Academy of Art University - convert hundreds of "rental units" - to "dormitories".

Dormitories - to cater to mostly foreign students - who are promised one thing - get nothing - not even a "valid" certification for all the thousands of dollars they pay.

If you know the former SF Planning Planning Czar - Larry Badiner who now has his own consulting firm - Larry was involved in the many ploys and machinations - with the Academy of Art University.

Larry - overlooked the many illegal construction activities - with the San Francisco Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection - fast asleep at the wheel.

When is this matter with the Academy of Art University going to be adjudicated. I will be addressing this issue to at the the SF Planning Department - and also related planning - subjects and projects.

In the interim the Mayor Edwin Lee is touting his many cranes in the air - some 40 plus.

Less talk about congestion on the streets.

The many who die - crossing on our streets in San Francisco.

The many homeless some 10,000 plus - facing the inclement weather.

Anyone can smile - anyone can paint a rosy picture - but if you have a conscience you must live with it - if you with "intent" could do better - but chose of your own violation - to screw things up - someone has BLOOD on their hands.

First we had to deal with the Rouge Developer - Lennar.

Now, with the Rogue Property Manager - the John Stewart Company - linked to the Geneva Towers and many other nefarious activities.

Read more about the " thug " - John Stewart Property Management Company: