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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Around 2002 we saw the same kind of operatives; in the Bayview Hunters Point - that time the hub was at the Swinerton Den - with one Goggins - doing the favors, spreading the BLOOD money.

Lennar thought they had it good -  we were watching them - like a HAWK.

Franking speaking Lennar a Rogue Company, Willie L. Brown Jr. a former "thug Mayor" - Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Malia Cohen, Sophina Maxwell, each and every one of those crooks with Blood on their hands - at the fake Lennar event - on Parcel A including Darshan Singh - should be ashamed of themselves - trying to make a come back - but it will not work.

No one from the community respects Lennar and those that come into the community like the John Stewart Company - adversely impacting the community.

More so  - all those on the fake Commission Infrastructure and Economic Development to the Successor Agency to the dead - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

All of you crooks - hand and glove with the Successor Agency to the dead - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - that I brought down - slowly but surely - pretending to serve the community at large - while NOT respecting the community at all.

Tiffany Bohee who heads the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - thinks she has it good -  she continues to be the worst liar and sell out - she does not know half the time - what she is talking about. 

We slammed her good - the Stop Lennar Action Movement - and we will soon - again - we are just waiting for the opportune moment.

Lennar is on our radar and so are the crooks trying to sneak in and make a living - Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company, Lennar Urban and its operatives -  and the host of mostly local, misinformed, dysfunctional - Black sell outs - thinking that they can speak for the community.

Cathy Perry who must mind her own business - and stop speaking for the community - and more for folks in Public Housing - do not say I did not sound the clarion call.

Now we have White operatives - dumb, idiotic - coming to your office and trying to sell you a plan - offering food from hotels - and other dubious places.

Trying the feed off hunger and other maladies - but not knowing that we will not permit - anyone - to come into our living rooms and re-arrange our furniture - without our permission.

We still have many stalwart advocates - who are in the know - and have seen the sell outs the likes of Willie B. Kennedy come and go - the last mentioned passed away - and has left NO - legacy. Others will follow and all of them will be - BLACK.

It will be the same with Malia Cohen - who is a useless, spineless, shallow - piece of crap. No one worth the salt respects her - and it is time - the community puts her on notice.

Creating a Wellness Center for our children on the most contaminated site - 3450 Third Street - by Cargo Way. Give me a break. Despicable clap.

Malia Cohen - thinks, wheeling and dealing with Lennar and Willie L. Brown Jr. who is being watched - is the right thing to do.

Well, time is on the side of those that do right - as opposed to the pimps and whores - more political whores like Malia Cohen - who time is short lived - when it comes to serving the needs of the people and her already sordid future.

People want to know who is your hubby? Even the google search bring that topic up! 

Lennar must get out of our community now - and while you are at it - stop making your money - the WRONG way.

Bringing in BLOOD money from COMMUNIST CHINA - cheating people offering them visas and putting their money - to bad use - pretending to invest Chinese money - in your sordid  projects - to the detriment of the community - compromising Quality of Life issues.

Kofi Bonner I warned you nicely - and I will again - you screwed up at Emeryville that shopping Center in the East Bay - and there was  a Ohlone connection - and you know it.

Now, once again - you want to be adamant, go against the wishes of the First People - the Ohlone - desecrate Sacred Ground - and build homes on very polluted and contaminated - ground.

Stay away and heed to my warning - because this time - it will consume you.

If you experts do not know what I speak of - I can sit with you and them - explain the Native Americans Graves Protection Act - as do it as the representative of the Muwekma Ohlone - charged to represent  Base Closure and Infrastructure issues.

Let us do it at my office - or if you want at your office. Let there be transparency but do not use operatives. We will take them down - we are organized and a force to reckon with. More, we are watching all your activities, closely.

Kofi Bonner you and your charlatans - are doing wrong - and one can say it only so many times. You can take the horse to the water - you cannot force it to drink. And I know you are from Ghana as I am from Kenya.

Stop sending your operatives and spreading blood money - it will back fire.

One singular protest in front of the YMCA will end all that - including the thugs who come from outside - infiltrate - making all sorts of statements - with only one purpose in mind - to divide the community at large.


The last time around the Polynesian community was taken for a ride - not this time around.

Those taking money - and who have been taking money - pretending to serve the mostly Samoans - are put on notice.
We know who your are. And you know who you are. So, you can chose the path that is right - or forever hold your - peace. Make no bones about it. You days are over.

You take care of yourself for sure - fill your pocket - your family - and you are not worth the salt. 

You use to keep hanging by the Clam House on Bay Shore - drinking yourself to death - worthless piece of crap. We all know who you are - and you are NOT - to be respected.

On another serious note the youth must watch these crooks - do not fall into the trap - remember the ploys and machinations of Dwayne Jones - he gave you temporary jobs - put our youth in harms way - and now is behind the scenes - doing the devil work.

Dwayne Jones is about being temporary - the corruption has caught up with him - and was reported in the Main Media. Dwayne Jones has ruined the lives of many - the youth and young adults have come to me with their issues.

It is the same with Linda Richardson - and the others too many to name - all those that backed Proposition G.

All these vermin want is to make money - at the expense of those they must serve and provide succor to.

Mayor Edwin Lee knows this - but it is time - he must do something about it.

Our youth have reached saturation point - and the time will come suddenly and quickly - and what you see - will not be pleasing - you keep pushing the buttons.

No one can fool all the people all the time.

In the interim our infants are suffering. Our youth are suffering. Our young adults are suffering. Our Seniors are suffering. This is not right.

The Law Enforcement with all the millions they waste - fail to do viable and sustainable Community Policing.

If they did it - they would be exposed big time.

The Gang Task Force is a JOKE - they know it - we have NO gangs - we make have "sets".

Want to see real gangs - go to Chicago - go to Compton - I can name other places - none of you that use para-military tactics, here - will last five minutes.

You  cannot use force - divided the community and expect - result without trust.

You bust the trust you bust your ass.

You have divided the community. Only the community can bring back the healing - only with the community in the cockpit. Take it from me.

Lennar, the John Stewart Company is doomed - right now both these satanic entities are bombarding the community with Asbestos structures. 

The know it - the San Francisco Health Department knows it - but Barbara Gracia - looks the other way. You ought to get out of the kitchen Barbara - with you fat booty - if you find it to be too hot. Get the F*** out because your behavior is - disgraceful.

You are worse than Mitch Katz. As a woman you harm children, women, our elders - where are our morals - or are you steeped in the ugly mores from where you derive you morbid - pleasures - life style?

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is Superfund Site - and we the community must be involved in the cleaning of the Shipyard.

he U. S. Navy has tried International Technology (IT) before and wasted over $300 million and failed.

Then came Tetra Tech and they stole millions, Shaw and they failed, and the U.S. Navy keeps wanting to truck the contaminated soil - long distances - out of State.

When we can rail it out - and rail it without contaminating the entire route - adversely impacting the community at large - as the trucks are ill-equipped to do a better - job - prone to more accidents.

I see they are letting out the Methane Gas - thousands of tons - at Parcel E2 on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

One ton of Methane Gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - of course our City that brags about this and that would not know that? 

The SF Public Utilities Commission would NOT know that? The Department of Environment would not know that?

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District does NOT really want to know that - do they?

We must tally rightly all the Carbon emitted by the concrete and the tons of it - with all the construction going on, in the City of San Francisco.

Add to that the over 300,000 tons conservative estimate of Methane Gas from the land fill and land prone to liquefaction - from 4th and King to Midway by Geneva.

Let us learn to speak to the truth.

Our Carbon emission in our City borders about 700,000 tons all told - toxic of Carbon Dioxide.

 Francesca Vector from the SF Public Utilities Commission - would not know about that.

Running her mouth about trivial things like Community Choice Aggregation and other frivolous things - without analyzing the empirical data - such shallow, spineless, folks - do more damage than good - and should not represent. Not at all. 

More the people she backs - immoral, unethical, and San Francisco Foundation who think they can buy folks - by spreading money on projects like the supposedly new improvements planned for the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale that belongs to the people - not to the Foundations and the charlatans - that sit on the Southeast Commission and get grants from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Conflict of interest. How many of these blatant shenanigans can we the public tolerate?

Devious operatives in the community - each and every one of them pretending to serve the community but raking in the millions. This time you will be dealt with. Aho.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


There is nothing astounding about the Chinese government and their economy that is in the doldrums - today.

The Chinese have built - so may fake cities - complete with brand new infrastructure - fake shops - and no one occupying thousands of brand new units. Just mind boggling.

Such a phenomenon with millions of dollars invested - and sitting idle for years - is something baffling.

Not to the Chinese and their unique way of "pacifying" their folks at home.

The Chinese, just want to keep the workers in place and unruffled - they do not want riots, no protests, and they have money to spare - so they use it.

All over the world the Chinese are investing in resources - petroleum, propane gas, minerals, farms and farming, huge projects with little investments, building soccer fields and stadiums - constructing, the same model over and over again - all over Africa. The Chinese are coming!

Here in the United States - Chinese women in the hundreds - fly in during their eight and ninth month - to deliver a child - in some of our cities - more around Los Angeles and now more and more in Northern California - San Francisco and Napa county.

Corrupt politicians like Willie L. Brown Jr. with some shadow Chinese who have settled down in the East Bay - have formed a corporation - you invest in the millions - you get a Green Card.

Just like that - the worst type of corruption - is perpetuated. Where is the RICO act and why are we tolerating such blatant, corruption. Corruption has saturated government local, state, and federal - and that is no mean statement to make - but, it has.

Of course it is legal to invest in America - Congress saw this fit - but without any monitoring in place. Now is the time - to nip the nonsense in the bud.

In this case - for all the wrong reasons. Large investments in the millions - that go to finance LENNAR - a rogue developer from Florida - who was invited here in the early 1980s by Willie L. Brown Jr - a "thug Mayor" - who was then Speaker of the House in Sacramento.

Thank God for term limits - had this crooked politician been in power - he still would be raking in billions - not the millions that he rakes in now - as Speaker but that came to naught with term limits.

On the other hand - had Willie been in Sacramento - we would not have him serve as the first Black - Mayor of San Francisco.

Willie L. Brown Jr would not have been working behind the scenes - placing very corrupt politicians and other heads of department in place in San Francisco.

The likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, backing Scott Wiener -  working with Rose Park - lobbing and not having the permits to do so - reporting less to the Ethics Commission.

The Chinese government has very good relations with San Francisco. 

We all remember - those of us who were alive - when the Chinese held their Olympics in China - the Chinese chose to run the Olympic torch - in San Francisco - and did this with great fun fare. The only City favored from all the American cities.

The Chinese look favorably at San Francisco and our City officials - who take junkets to China often.

Tryinh to entice the Chinese to invest - which the 
Chinese will do - after building trust - it takes years - for those that know.

Little do the Chinese know that good Americans do not pander - the likes that have been visiting the Chinese cities - including Shanghai our Sister City.

The crooks visiting China  in great measure - favor greed - the "greedy" - folks who have NO morals and do not care about the general welfare of ordinary - San Franciscans.

Junkets are for these corrupt politicians - we will not sully the pages of this article - mentioning their sordid names - despicable.

The Chinese in China on the other hand have pumped billions - to help the Chinese who are ordinary citizens. They may fail in the long run - but at least in the short run - they have walked the walk - so to speak.

In San Francisco with Chinese investments corrupt folks - want to build condominiums for the filthy rich.

While all the time - shunning those that cannot afford to remain in San Francisco - decent families with children. Many who have lived in San Francisco for generations.

More decent families - man, woman, children - who have contributed so much - but cannot afford to remain in our City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - who stood for morals, ethics, humility and compassion.

A saint known more for his compassion - as our City has always been known for - but fading in this regard, more and more - because of blatant and abject - greed and immoral behavior.

In New Zealand, Australia, the many newer Nations that broke away from the Soviet Union.

In Africa in large measure, in South America, even here in North America - the Chinese are buying resources - farms, entire dairy farms, minerals in very large quantities - coal, iron ore, rare minerals to build air-craft and precision equipment - they have the money and they are hoarding - and they can sell the resources at a premium - but, that will not happen - they want it all.

The Chinese produce steel - as we have seen here - with our Bay Bridge and those tall cranes that soon will near a hundred plus on the West Coast - that load the containers from the many ships laden with goods - that come mostly, from China.

The Chinese are competing with South Korea and have over run them building large Air-Craft carriers, the largest container ships, you name it they build it in China.

The Chinese government pumps billions into such investment - because they know the world is watching. Once they cared about being closed up - the Great Wall of China.

Today, they are in with the digital world, the cloud - they keep intimidating Japan, other smaller nations - challenging the United States on the open seas - and we wonder - what is happening to the our Nation.

Notice the Chinese will not go into any situation and waste money in the Billions - like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We could have spent it on our Nation's Infrastructure, our Elders, our Infants, our Youth, on Education,our Health Care and Hospitals, on Transportation - but we did not. 

Our Congress more when Nancy Pelosi was the leader - failed - and she and the other Representative, Diane Feinstein - corrupt to the core.

These two must fade away - we do not need - stale, inept, spineless, immoral folks trying to represent decent San Franciscans - while all the time raking in the millions and filling their deep, pockets.

Their husbands more of these two very old women - Paul Pelosi and Richard Blum - crooks of the first order. Let it be know to the world - know for their ploys and machinations - the most sordid - shenanigans that were ever committed on decent, people the world, over.

Bottom line the Chinese have created a hub in San Francisco - with high power connections.

With  billions of dollars - no one can compete with them - here at home - they buy homes, cash down - but where is the money coming from?

Our leaders know some - but do not care. That is exactly what will come to haunt us all - in the long run.

Lack of accountability and transparency - we cannot permit those that do not have our shared values - to run  over our Nation - while decent Americans - more Middle Class Americans - are relegated to oblivion and despair.

We are a Nation of laws - but our laws are thrown to the wind.

We are a Nation of morals and ethics - standards and decency - but, some do not care to stand by them. Time will tell.

The Chinese from China are coming - but do we care at all?

Can the Chinese enhance our way of living - or do we assimilate, go with the flow - and throw asunder what good has been nurtured for hundreds of years - to the wind is utter - despair.

Our legacy the joint contribution of the fabric of this Nation - the First People, the Blacks from the days of slavery, the Latinos from the days of the Spanish, the Asians that have lived her for years;but not for too long. The Whites just learning to assimilate after causing so much harm - cheating, robbing, raping - placing the First People of Reservations - the others.

The one percent - which is less than one percent - some 30 thousand entities controlling the lives of over 320 million people our Nation's population.

This land - all of the land - belonging to the First People - the Native Americans - we have the resources, the food, the water - our air is being polluted.

The filthy rich must be controlled and some how the Middle Class encouraged to grow.

The Middle Class is the back bone of any Republic - any Democratic Process - not the crooks who worship their money - and are ruthless when it comes to plain - decency.

Unfortunately we have most of them in North America and they are anathema to decency, sound morals, standards and humanity. Aho.

The failed Chinese economy - one of many recent articles - trying to give some realistic picture in China - tumbling down:

One of many articles that tries to paint the true picture - but this is not exactly the right picture - but we can begin - here:

Saturday, July 27, 2013


When a brother visited the morgue and saw his twenty year old brother dead from a bullet wound to his head - yet clenched in his hand his Koran - he had to wonder - why did his brother have to die?

Over eighty people killed by the Egyptian Government - using deadly force - and at the end of this day and tomorrow - the protests will go on - and more will be killed - because of filthy, dirty, politics.

What makes this situation all more senseless and despicable - this is the period of Ramadan.

Muslims the world over - fast, seek forgiveness, and try to to get back on track armed with sound, spirituality - to serve Allah.

The West is caught up in the spin of the media - nonsense, senseless reporting, and a bias against the Muslim Brotherhood.

It makes no sense to call Muslims anything that we in our own world are not prone to doing. A simple way of comprehending these facts - is to look at our won deeds. We are not prefect - no nations is perfect - and we must seek areas of agreement - to bring about less disagreements. 

Here is the United States no one can say the Democrats are perfect - and by the same measure - no one can utter the words and say that the Republicans are perfect - we try to to serve our Nation - despite the crooked and corrupt - politicians.

That does not means those who are Independent - or do not acknowledge any party are perfect - as human beings - to serve the best interests of our Nation - we must put our best foot forward.

We may think the troubles of Middle East are far away and do not affect us - they do - and have been affecting us in many ways. We have many decent folks from the Middle East citizens and living here in the United States.

Many United States citizens living in the Middle East - and they fear repercussions - while here in the United States - we strive to give all those who live here - a fair chance of living with protection against those that foster - adversely impacting anyone.

The present government has the backing of hidden forces - the Zionists will do all in their power - to keep the Egyptians fighting - dividing and creating confusion.

So that the Zionists may have their own way of doing things - even if it means the Egyptians dying - suffering when they should not. Peace is critical and we must maintain it in Egypt and in other nations - for the good of all humanity.

There are forces around the world that do not want some Nations to take control of their destiny. 

There are war mongers who make millions selling weapons - these monsters do not care about peace - they do care about raking in the millions.

Here in the United States we are still a young Nation - with less than 300 years of ruling our Nation - with a united front.

Our Founding Fathers had much to ponder - after seeing so much death. They were not perfect but for the good of the Nations - they created a Republic that has stood its ground - the best in the world.

A Constitution that is loaded with wisdom - and has again stood its ground.

Millions died during the Civil War - and any analysis done of this war - and the amount of blood shed - is a glaring fact that needs much introspection.

Among those that died in the Civil War - many African Americans - know in those times as Negroes.

Our Nation stood our ground and joined World War II and again we shed blood and did this so that others may be free. 

Hitler may have got his share of the world - and spread his hate every where - but, the world will tell you - including all the NATO nations - that Americans did well - by taking on the Nazis.

America still has decent values; Americans by large measure still have some respect for those that live and work and contribute justly in the Middle East.

We can stop this violence in Egypt and save the people from unnecessary bloodshed, trauma, and stress. In Syria too if we apply ourselves to do good - we can influence and bring about peace.

To the Egyptian people I say - we Americans understand your plight - we may not understand your politics, deep -  we urge your leaders from all factions in Egypt - to bring about peace.

We on our part will urge our leaders in the United States and the world over - to see that better sense prevails - and peace is brought about.

A common ground is Ramadan - during this period of peace, cleansing, and bringing about change. We all can stand united on one front and bring about peace.

The Muslim Brotherhood can help - even if it means - curtailing the violence - and backing down a little - with respect for all. All in the spirit of Ramadan.


Lennar is a "rogue developer" who is now trying to make a come back using the usual "suspects" - the mostly Black sell outs - and other moles that have been trying to entice the community - to do wrong.

More using baits like left over "food" from restaurants - and even encouraging nefarious models in the Bayview Hunters Point - where the community is told - resign yourselves to take point blank dictation. That will not happen.

No one will tell us how to do things in our community that does not include the majority of the community that get real benefits.

" No one can come into our community - enter our living rooms without our permission and re-arrange our furniture." That will NOT - happen.

On the surface - the Bayview Hunters point community may seem to be falling apart - the mostly Black sell outs are finding it difficult to make in roads.

All those sell outs operating from the Lane Street YMCA are put on notice - never mind if you think - because you are paid and a sell out - you may think you can divide the community. Keep on dreaming. YOU ARE PUT ON NOTICE.

Lennar can offer millions of tainted blood money as community benefits.

The community at large from the Bayview Hunters Point has not had one single - community meeting - and so those that purport to represent the community are not doing anyone a favor.


Not the UNION leaders who sold out - linking themselves with Proposition G. 

The community at large does not respect Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lolla Whittle, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, all those that I can mention who signed the petition to put Proposition G on the Ballot - opposing Proposition F.

The many sell outs that we can name - they are worthless - including Malia Cohen the present paramount mouth piece for Lennar and the crooks - who has sold her soul - she DOES NOT  - represent District 10 - never, will.

To my Samoan brothers and sisters - this is your clarion call - we need to stand united - and shun those who are taking money from dubious sources - to divide the Samoan Community.

Look at those Samoan leaders who are now working to stop the violence - those are the ones that you must put your trust in.

Anyone  who can come to your house, answer any question, sit with you and help you. We have them now in the house - and those are the Samoan leaders - who you must trust.

We now have Samoan Pastors and Elders who can work with the Sheriff Rosss Mirkarimi, the San Francisco Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr, the Mayor, Edwin Lee - others who know who truly represents the Polynesian and more the Samoan community.

There is nothing to hide - no one takes money under the table -  it is all about transparency and accountability. One the table for all to see. 

Lennar was totally defeat in 2004 and suffered other defeats each and every year until 2012 and will face one soon - in 2013. Only this time its jugular vein - will be stopped - and it will be brain dead for a long, long time.

Lennar is over extending its credit card - buying you out - those of you who have no morals, no ethics, no standards, no substance; less spirituality.

 Only shallow, spineless, immoral people can take money from Lennar - that is all BLOOD money.

This fake attempt to build anything on Parcel A - will never, ever work.

Parcel A of all the parcels was desecrated by those that took the remains of the OHLONE from two hills - one being the hill on which Parcel A sits - took the remain of the Ohlone- the First People and spread it with the dirt on Hunters Point Shipyard - 95% of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is fill - poor landfill.

This landfill is prone to flooding and liquefaction. The experts know about it - what makes this situation precarious is that - it is very contaminated - high levels of radio active elements. The worse contaminated parcel - Parcel E2.

The First People - the Native Americans who first made their home on the Hill that we now call Bayview Hunters Point - cann forgive anyone who disrespected their ancestors.

I represent them - on issues linked to Base Closure and Infrastructure - and anyone who has desecrated the land and the remain will suffer.

That includes the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that has failed to listen to the voice of reason. You will fail at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - much as you will fail at Calavares.

Do not allow these devious Whites to come into our community - even if they have Blacks the likes of Sophie Maxwell, Vincent Doris, Cathy Perry, Kofi Bonner from Lennar - pretending to do good - you cannot favor any project that has desecrated the Sacred Remains of the OHLONE.

Kofi Bonner should know that from the stance at Emeryville in the East Bay - the shopping mall built on the graves of the Ohlone.

As I have said again and again; anyone may try their best to develop the land surround Parcel A which is part of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -  you cannot just do that without pay a very heavy penalty  -" no good  will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

The reason is simple you cannot pollute and contaminate the land. More desecrate the land. More contaminate it with high levels of radioactive elements. Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the 1950s. Think about that - if you are educated on issues.

 Just because the land is by the Bay - you think you can live there - report after report says the land is polluted, the air is polluted - the people living around the land  - have the highest rate of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Asthma, respiratory diseases, tumors that doctors find difficult to understand where do these ailments  come from?

Shun the place like a plague - Parcels A, B, C, D, E, G, UC and the many other designated parcels - all part of the Superfund Site - that should not be developed for human beings to live.

Where is the Precautionary Principle on this one case linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

Who fake the Environmental Impact Report - fast tracking it during the Christmas holidays.

Only the worst contaminated sites are placed on the Superfund Site. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is where Depleted Uranium was tested.

If the Whites want to live there - let them live there - and expose themselves to the contamination.

If the greedy Chinese from Mainland China - who are paying and want to live there - want to make their abode there - let them live there.

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum, Willie L. Brown Jr., Rose Park, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Cathy Perry, Aurelious Walker, the Tabernacle Group, the SF Organizing Project  - they all are more than welcome to live on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Go for it.

However, do not entice the public at large in the United Stares of American - to have any part of your devious ploys.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the former "thug Mayor" of San Francisco - with some very corrupt Chinese partners - are encouraging Chinese investment - for a large amount of money - invested in the Group headed by Willie L. Brown Jr., the U.S. State Department permits giving "Green Cards" - in return for large sums of money invested.

The Chinese from Mainland China - will be used as ploys - the return on their money a measly 2% over some years.

Willie L. Brown's Jr., health is failing - he cannot see well - and the once romantic Willie is hard pressed to make his "blue pills " work - we know he has a taste for Oriental Meat - but his appetite - has waned - his pretense well known - his crooked ways will take him down the path and he will drown in the cesspool of his own creation. Go Willie go - do down the path of your chose - and disgrace yourself - more.

We will never, ever forget the bombardment of our community in 2004 by LENNAR, a Rogue Developer.

Asbestos structures that adversely impacted infants, our children, young adults, seniors, those whose health was already compromised. 

Lennar was fined and paid it - by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. 

The sell outs and those that are running the YMCA on Lane Street are operatives of Lennar - we know who you are.

You know what you are doing is totally wrong. Especially you driving that Jaguar car - you can fool yourself - but, you will never, ever fool all the people all the time. Cease your shenanigans, now. 

I met you on the Hill and spoke to others and you - you cannot fool us - who are educated on issues.

Get out of this mess - before we call you out - and tell you to stay out of our community.

You do not live here - you use to - but you come here to divide the community - constantly seeking money - from others - to fill your sordid, pockets.

Time to send Malia Cohen packing - the worst spineless, immoral person to represent any District in San Francisco.

As if we need another parasite - in our midst? Aho.

Photographs of the contaminated land - where over 20,000 housing units are planned - land prone to liquefaction, flooding, are contaminated by high level of radioactive elements - experiments during World War II at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard:

Friday, July 26, 2013


No one invited the John Steward Company to come to the Hunters Point area and discriminate against those residents - who have been living there - for a long time.

No one worth the salt - respects Malia Cohen who has no clue what is happening - and does not represent those that need help.
This woman supposedly represents District 10. The people are fed with her gimmicks. A panderer of the first order.

How could this idiotic woman understand the pangs and suffering of poor people? Always looking down upon the poor - while shedding tears for the sell outs like Willie B. Kennedy. Yes, folks that turned their back on the community - and who have left NO - legacy. While Malia Cohen fades away - no one will remember this stuck up - nasty - woman.

Some greedy limp poo poo - this Malia Cohen - who won by mistake - from a pool of 23 candidates - the last time we had elections in District 10. A disgrace to the human race.

Hundreds of people complain to me about Malia Cohen.

My position is simple - since I have direct access to those that run the City and County of San Francisco - all the Departments I intervene and 9 out of 10 times - I resolve the problems.

It may be that I have to deal with the Mayor of San Francisco, Edwin Lee, the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr, the Director of Public Works, Mohammed Nuru, Bevan Dufty who manages HOPESF - the Controller's Office, the Sheriff - they all have been gracious to accommodate me.

I count of these blessing and I do not take anything for granted.

Others - - in high positions working for the State and Regulatory Agencies, the Federal Government at all levels - I really do not have to deal with an idiot like Malia Cohen - for anything. Malia Cohen knows that - I know that for sure.

When people call me - I help them but there is one case that now is bothering me - Malia Cohen has chosen to target a Samoan woman who needs help - her name is Tracy Thomson.

Tracy Thomson has been stressed by Malia Cohen, the John Stewart Company, others who should help her - and I am requesting Bevan Dufty to see that Tracy Thomson's problem is resolved - as soon as possible.

There is no way - Tracy Thomson can wait until 2016 to be accommodated. She needs to be accommodated now - look at her paper work - she and her relatives - need housing.

Please to do force to me to rally - the grassroots support that I enjoy - and protest. It will be ugly - believe me - Malia is not fit to Represent and you Bevan Dufty - since you have chosen to deal with such issues - you can and you should in this case.

Tracy has a number and has been in the que - closer to 150 - now, others with a number as high as 217 - have been accommodated. Excuses made about paper work - well, those that need help - should be help as best they can - by the John Stewart Company - who is raking in the millions.

In the first place we knew what would happen with the John Stewart Company - who has taken control of Hunters View with inferior performance - as part of the Phase One and is set to take control of the entire Hill - Kiska Road and so on - soon.

The Main Press report on the poor housing condition - even though it is brand new. Leaking windows, heat that does not work, small room where no KING bed fits with room around it to move.

The John Stewart Company has chosen to build - high density buildings - with inferior accommodation - to defy norms - and thinks they can get away with murder. You are put on notice - ratify what you promised the people - or forever hold your peace.

Enough is enough - we still are a force to deal with - we can shut down the John Stewart Company and his mama.

We can remove Malia Cohen from office and the many perverts like her - that abound at City Hall. They all talk a good talk - but fail to walk the walk.

Make no bones about this. Malia can now go run to her Sugar Daddy and ask for help. She and her CLAP. Enough is enough.

Malia is a JOKE - we all know that - but this JOKER has now crossed the line - and we the people can and will take control of the situation at hand - immediately.

I want to ask the Mayor, Edwin Lee why is he permitting this blatant discrimination at Huntersview.

People have been promised one on one housing - then the John Stewart Company uses the Credit Report - as the main tool to discriminate, keep out - and foster - GENTRIFICATION.

You were once an advocate - once a housing advocate - what is happening to the idea - that those that need help - must be served.

We must empower people to be good citizens - so that they can contribute to Society. We know politicians suck - more, folks like Malia Cohen - a good for nothing - tool.

Malia Cohen has NO good Credit Report - not after she lost her condominium at Executive Park. Taking loans to pay $580,000 - failed to pay her mortgage - went under.

Started - living with her parents in District 9 when she was elected to represent District 10.

Malia Cohen now lives with White Folks on Potrero Hill - thinking that she is something - when she is the most despicable person that has ever represented District 10. Good for nothing.

The John Stewart Company has no good track record - when it comes to working with poor people, the indigent people, people that need help.

Once John Stewart, he is early years - worked for Fanny May - and was fired. He knows the inside workings - linked to Community Development; how to work the system.

He is a crook and got over $300 million in grants from the State of California.

Did he get these grants - Community Benefits - to discriminate?

I am going to send this article to the California Secretary of State who must - fully understand the on going shenanigans - and order a full investigation.

The Housing Urban and Development (HUD) seems not to be doing its job. Bevan Dufty can nip this nonsense in the bud.

Joaquim Torres and others should do what is required for them to do.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly must play a key role. Help the Mayor, Edwin Lee to stop such blatant discrimination of poor help that are put through - hell. 

The Samoan people have had it - of all the segments of the population - who are very poor and need help - the have been kept out - of the equation.

I want to know why the YMCA on Lane Street in the Bayview  is playing such an important role in all these matters - linked to the community - housing and so on. 

he Director of the YMCA is not to be trusted - and must be investigated under the RICO Act. Drives a Jaguar - and money from dubious sources - seem to be pouring into this sordid organization.

That YMCA is not suppose to make policy decisions and have so much clout -  on matters linked with the Community at large.

With this Black woman - Perry and others - all thugs who are working closely with Lennar. We know who you are - and you are put on notice. 

This is your clarion call - to stop the many crooked things you all are doing.

Divisiveness of the worst order - I have been knowing you all for a long, long time - as thugs.

All you do is rake in the money - the community knows you all - and do not mess with their - IRE. It has reached saturation point. Aho.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


The Transbay Center has undergone so many changes - the latest one its skin on the outside of the Transbay Center - is no more glass.

Some kind of metal - that will endure the inclement weather - look good - and serve the purpose. Bright in the light to everyone's delight.

Some reports say that this monstrous building - arising from the deep hole in the ground - is costing too much. Others say - we have not begun - there is more to come.

Over $300 million according to some experts - but you would not detect that immediate concern; if you were listening to the deliberations - at the Joint Transbay meetings.

They are always patting themselves on the back. Saying nice things - seems to be one happy family - no one would  know - about the "cesspool" - they all are swimming in. These at the TransBay Joint Authority meetings.

The Chair Jane Kim - a good buddy of the "Thug Mayor" - Willie L Brown Jr and Willie's other good friend of sorts -  from days long gone by -Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan - reads reports - they roll their eyes - dye their hair - paint their lips - and all with a tainted heart that fosters - divisiveness.

So far its a good show - the pains and tribulations will come sooner than later.

Those, that have deep pockets will foot the bill. The tax payers - who always get shafted by the crooks - pathetic all of them. Trying to fool all the people all the time.

Notice not too many astute people attend these TransBay Joint Authority meetings  that take place at City Hall - with all those - working to rake in the thousands - patting each other on their behinds.

This bluffing game has been going for years.

In all the years - I have attend these sordid meetings - three times - only to see for myself this charade - of inept folks - wasting tax payers money before my eyes - the situation at hand going from bad to worse.

Primes and sub-contractors raking in the millions - with change orders and other ploys and machinations - that defy decency, accountability and transparency.

The latest nonsense - it will cost us more - because of security concerns and other reasons - known only to those that love to make change amendments - the name of the game - only the crooks love to do this.

If this is the case - why were not these concerns brought out before and the costs factored in the project. 

For heaven's sake 9/11 happened a long time ago - and so much can gone into figuring out how to keep us safe.

The Transbay Joint Authority Committee - folks smart as they are - could have easily figured that out - a long time ago.

They figured out quickly how to take advantage of their health and other benefits.

Made sure of their perks - lied, lied, and lied to their teeth - only to retreat and now - finally admitting they are spending more.

Soon this $300 million - will be $600 million - and before you know it, $900 million more. Guess who pays for all that - we the tax payers.

These pathetic folks are full of it.

You truly must watch these two cats - Jane Kim and Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - one worse than the other. They can take Willie L. Brown Jr for a ride - but not the constituents of San Francisco.

You just cannot fool all the people all the time.

Much like the Central Sub-way it started with $600 million and has now reached $1.7 Billion - and it is not all done - there is more and more and more - all tax payers money.

In the interim the businesses in and around 2nd and  Mission
are failing. Some of these businesses have been in place for generations - all this linked with the Big Hole and the Transbay Center - taking a very selfish and parochial attitude.

The customers fed up in and around North Beach - and Ed Reiskin and other lying to their teeth. Saying one thing at meetings and doing another - all this linked with the Central Subway - where soon the entire project will cost over $1.7 Billion.

There is this Pagoda Building standing rather floating between two other rather stable buildings. Some drab sub-contractor has chosen to bring it down - and does not know - how to do it.

Remember the Goodwill Building on the East Coast - Philly - well, a similar situation but this time the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - will be singing the blues. You can warn some fools - only so many times - and then you have to leave the horse to drink the water - by the stream.

My hope is that no death occur - with the Pagoda Temple fiasco - but knowing these folks - you can warn them - but, they will pay no heed. 

Time is running out - and the Pagoda Temple must come down - but we pray that are no casualties and what is more - the two other buildings - standing on either side - stand tall and do not come tumbling down - like the walls of Jericho.

We have in this great City and County of San Francisco - by deferred maintenance - not taken a good look at our infrastructure  - it is falling apart.

We call ourselves a "Transit First" City - but the way we handle our transit  services is deplorable.

Our Light Rail system is getting worse - two separate softwares - and in many case the Operators are forced to work the system - manually.

Our MUNI buses - dirty, stinking, and weeks can go by without the buses being cleaned - and this is plain wrong. Just look at the other neighboring buses services and operations - the buses are cleaner and the operators - serve the passengers, well.

Back to the BIG HOLE in the ground - many of the neighboring business - have been disrespected - I met many of them at City Hall - during the initial discussions. 

As a matter of fact manner - there was talk about Eminent Domain - taking one's property - because the State or Federal Government wants it.

John from Adolp Gasser - we got to know each other - for years these bastards exceeded the noise limits.

You could complain - and they just went on - increasing the volume  - and with the vibrations - making it hell for the near by - businesses.

Of course Jane Kim the transplant from New York and before that South Korea - would not know that.

I suppose Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan with her connections - in high places - could and would not care less. Time will tell - and there is Karma.

Who are these feline that seek these jobs - and are not sensitive to the needs of the people.

Nancy Pelosi must be loving it - not being able to promise - more tax payers money.

Now, that she is some leader - some leader - who can do nothing much - a minority and one that - she has become a laughing stock on the Hill.

Of course our Mayor, Edwin Lee must smile - and as long as some money comes his way - he is a happy camper.

The Mayor loves to look a the sky - and point the 35 cranes - and the various projects - and all that is good.

If you go to ground zero and witness the recent congestion on the roads of San Francisco - it does not sit well - with many constituents stuff in their cars.

Day in and day out facing - back to back traffic - and a lot of people - shouting and screaming - and it is only a matter of time - when some one resorts to violence. That day is coming - but I hope not.

That Big Hole is going no where - and as the days, turn to weeks, to months and years - we all will have to deal - with what happens around that Big Hole.

There are many things that happen in holes, around holes - and those who are called - holes - and in this case rightly, so. Aho.

The grandiose plans for the TransBay Center - all paid by the tax payers sweat and blood:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Turn on the television and there - in your face - mostly White media persons - are trying to discuss the "race card" .

Their very demeanor - betraying their ignorance - and their body language revealing - the underlying factors - that has made playing the "race card" - an institution in these the United States of America - for all the wrong - reasons.

Those in the Black community - have always detested the prevalent - " House Negro" - simply put - he or she is the one - that purports to know - how all Blacks feel - in the poor neighborhoods.

These good for nothing folks - House Negros - playing pundits for the White Media.

Pandering to the Whites -  and we have them - here in San Francisco too - as we have them on National Television - dime a dozen - good for nothing - the say a lot but nothing of it - means anything at all.

On a more sober note - and to take this conversion to another level - a more grounded and meaningful level - one that hurts, is very painful - but one has to say it - even though it is difficult to express - because the signs of the times are here - and the window of opportunity - to do right - slight.

I have attended over 240 funerals since the year 2000 - most of them related to - Black on Black violence - shootings resulting in death.

Often times the paradox that hits one hard - one cousin killing the other - only to find that out - when the man lies in his coffin - too late to do anything - with many who learn about these facts - struggling to understand why such incidents keep on happening - in this fair City of us - San Francisco.

No one seems to care - how hard it is for families to come to a complete realization - that families have been so divided, become so divisive .

So ignorant of family ties and how once mutual relations - have been kept apart - due to turf wars and plain tunnel vision.

In just two generations - and some times ONE - families that were tight - have been torn asunder - and some one has done a good job - dividing and ruling the roost.

Every black man has to fight for his life - every single day - no black man or woman can take is for granted that all will be well - in a shopping mall, on the street, in the presence of mostly White folks - who laugh, play, and mostly look down with disdain on Blacks and people of color.

They have done this more in the South for generations - but all over the United States - on land that belongs to the Native Americans - and with impunity - done as they, please. 

Here is San Francisco we are well known as a Racist City.

We are not a diverse City - we may say we are - but we are not.

The on going paradox is that we have Black House Negroes  in San Francisco selling out the community.

 I will not tarnish this article by naming them - but each and every Black that has held a Supervisorial position in the last 10 years - become a Mayor - some head of the Department - has chosen to sell out the community.

To rake in the thousands - and in the case of one "Black Thug Mayor" - millions.

Now, San Francisco unlike most American cities - from its inception when people came in droves during the Gold Rush and even before - always had the presence of Blacks - doing well for themselves.

Contributing to the the constituents of San Francisco - businessmen, clergy, soldiers, porters, cooks, educators, journalists - you name it - Blacks throughout the short history of San Francisco - have contributed in large measure.

As Business folks Blacks made known San Francisco, the Buffalo Soldiers who brought in the Pioneers and did more looking after the Federal Lands - today known as the National Parks,  pastors having their churches some as old as 150 years - Blacks standing their ground and dealing with blatant - racism and surviving holding their heads up and standing - tall.

Blacks held land in the thousands of acres - Mary Allen Pleasant and more - and this history must be noted - and those in power must read these facts - more, if they are proud to be Black.

Blacks in the early part of the 1900s fed up with racism in San Francisco - left San Francisco by chartering a ship that took them to Canada. Blacks fail to recognize this feat - and Whites could not care less - especially those that favor - gentrification.

In the last fifty years - and more with the introduction of crack cocaine in the mid-1980s - the Black women as been targeted. 

Paradoxically - the very fabric of the Black community - has been destroyed - just like that - by this demonic - drug - planted in our Black communities and those of color.

Many Black grandmothers - have stood their ground and raised three and four generations - and no one has paid homage to our  Black Grandmothers.

There is Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day - time to celebrate Black Grandmothers' Day - with a deep recognition - of saving entire generations of  Blacks.

Blacks who now - seem to be drowning - and surrounded by blatant - racism - that makes normal survival - a difficult task.

Caught in this bind - our young women - our men who have given up HOPE - and the Black community irking out a living - and forced to leave places like San Francisco - for other smaller towns and cities - and soon into oblivion.

The "Unfinished Agenda" set the tone some year ago - this document is found on many shelves collecting dust. One has to read it - to understand more - complete with sound Empirical Data.

The "Out Migration" makes a mockery of the "Unfinished Agenda" and plays into the game - created by those who do not want to see Blacks succeed - and more foster - Gentrification - of the highest order.

I personally know the Black sell outs - and perhaps been the only one in San Francisco to name them - again and again.

We had to do this - when we fought the Rogue Developer - Lennar - that to this day many Developers - backed by these Sell Outs - keeping selling out the community. Time will tell.

Today, in San Francisco - we do not have one single Black Leader - who has morals, standards, ethics - to clearly state a Blue Print - to lead the Black the community; to a better place - and has grassroots support.


The many Poverty Pimp Pastors have failed - and most of them - Black.

The NAACP in San Francisco is drowning in the cesspool of its own creation. Faltering with paralysis. 

Those who have been bleeding the City Coffers, tax payers money, pretending to help Blacks - some Blacks as head of these Community Based Organizations - more Whites behind the scenes - should be ashamed of themselves - encouraging division in our neighborhoods of color.

Most of them talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

This Race Card is now being played - with many devious ways and less understood by ignorant folks - who are NOT educated on issues.

More who have no morals,  less, a sound ethical ground to stand and make  statements that matter.

Many Blacks in power - have willingly and unwillingly contributed to this Blatant Racism in San Francisco.

When confronted they say - what can I do - as a single person.

You bet you can do a lot - just like you read now - and still wonder what you can do - what else does it take to inspire you?

We must stand up for what is right - just like most did - during the days of the Civil Rights - and as you all can fathom - spirituality played an important - part.

During the Civil Rights Movement - we did not have immoral people - Black or otherwise - pretending to lead, panders to sin and immorality - as we have them today.

Mistresses, laying in bed with both men and women, doing drugs and continuing to do drugs, using ill gotten wealth to show off - talking the talk but failing to walk the walk. Protecting the corrupt - yes, Blacks in power - shallow, spineless and unethical.

For sure the Black on Black violence does not help. 

This one act - cries to heaven for help - has destroyed the core of the community - and people in great numbers are numb - and have given up HOPE.

If you are NOT spiritual - if you are not disciplined - if you are not educated - if you have no support - no family support - grassroots support - you think you can do nothing - but, believe me - YOU CAN DO SOMETHING AND THE TIME IS NOW.

This one act itself - Black on Black violence - show how deep; SIN has come to haunt Black folks.

When you spill BLOOD - that our grandmothers - men and women having FORTITUDE - stood their ground to protect, preserve - hoping for the best - in the days, year, and generations to come - you may repent - but the damage is unending and blood on your hands - is deeper than deep.

We must look DEEP - and seek solutions within our community - and now outside our community.

Do not fall prey to the Main Media and those behind the scenes - that we know - Zionists and others - panderers to the Almighty Dollar.

Folks that do not believe in God -  less acknowledge good deeds, actions,  spirituality that means too much to the fabric of all Blacks - the role of the Black churches.

Generations - down generation - from the days of Slavery to today and on to - tomorrow - with God on our side we have nothing to fear. We can do it and we must - taking control of our own destiny - not playing into the hands of those that have ulterior - motives. Aho.