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Friday, May 30, 2014


Our Nation has with "intent" spent trillions of dollars to enter wars against sovereign nations - without sound justification - like the Weapons of Mass Destruction - that Iraq was hiding - but we never laid our eyes of them. We did find Saddam Hussein hiding in a manhole.

Our Nation - the United States of America - without any provocation what so ever - no threat to our jurisdiction, our sovereign nation - we still continue to waste billions of dollars on the mess we started - wars and more wars - wasting billion - dropping 5000 lbs bombs.

We have failed miserably in Afghanistan and more in Iraq.

In Iraq people do not have clean drinking water - and many do not have steady electricity.

The Quality of Life is not stable - and where there is some stability - those that walk the streets or congregate in the market place and at the places of worship - have no guarantee that they will not be victims of - bombs and explosions - victims maimed for life - and many die for reason at all. 

This nation has failed to be accountable and evaluate the trillions we will have to spend on our Veterans - for decades.

Veterans who have lost their limbs - and those that suffer daily excruciating pain. Many take pain killers - just so that they may live - and no one can go on like this - but they do.

This nation has failed the families and loved ones and now we hear - from the daily reports - how our Veterans Hospitals - faked schedules and participated in the deaths of our Veterans.

Failing to offer our Veterans the services they needed - vital operations and other medications - that could have kept our Veterans alive - but, many of them are no more.

The very Veterans that we pay "lip service" - but have stabbed them in the back. The skeletons are out of the closet - and now many Veteran Hospitals and the top Managers - are marking their time - soon they will be called upon - and told to leave their jobs in disgrace.

Even our President was slow to comprehend the insult, the harm, the immense suffering experienced by our Veterans all over our Nation.

All the facts I have have mentioned above - I have written about, before.

Our President - Barack Hussein Obama - should have initiated an investigation and evaluation on a "war footing" - and as I mentioned before - sanitized the situation at hand.

We still have upper management - who received bonuses - who are still on the job - at the many Veterans Hospitals.

No one has sent a personal written apology to the Veterans families. To those families that experience a death of a Veteran - just because some one thought - that was not necessary. This is completely - uncalled for.

Recently some Representatives from Congress and the Senate - have band together - to ask for the resignation of the top official at the Veterans Administration - who though being a General - failed the Veterans. Today, he is making excuses.

Today or tomorrow after all these months he will be asked to step down - and he better step down. And it is critical that the others who were part of the plot  - to disrespect our Veterans - willingly step down.

If they do not - they should lose all their benefits.

Believe me it is easy to send our soldiers - women and men to war.

But very few of our Congresspersons and Senators truly comprehend the immense pressure and stress - put on the families, especially children.

Friends and supporters - witnessing pain and trauma that the Veterans and their families have to go through - is traumatizing - and for us that love the Veterans - heart breaking.

It took our Nation years to admit about Agent Orange in the Vietnam  War.

It also took our Nation years years to admit the harm done to our soldiers when they took part in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The same for those beloved soldiers who were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Main Media failed the constituents of the United States of America.

The Main Media is not to be trusted.

The few documentaries and the few written documents - with empirical data - about the war our nation took part in recent years - are not available easily to the pubic at large.

If you read them - it will send chills down your pine.

Our Representatives in Congress and those in the Senate have been very slow.

In this case the White House has failed miserably and this one fact linked to our Veterans will come to haunt those culprits - the managers in our Veterans Hospitals who failed our beloved Veterans.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Our Veterans have always been given the  highest "respect" - be they our beloved active soldiers -  the "Reservists" - who now play an important role - soldiers trained and ready from any agency or entity that has "active soldiers" full prepared to be activated - who all - are  essential to any operation - to keep our Nation safe.

We the people play an important role in all matters that supposedly must keep our Nation safe, deliberating at all levels - paying our taxes to treat and serve our constituents fairly - be they children, our seniors, those that cannot defend themselves - as are so many segment of our population - who are challenged.

In recent years politics - vain politics - from politicians who are "not educated" on issues - and many who have not served our Nation and do not have their "heart" in the right - place. Believe me it makes a great difference when one has served their Nation - in any capacity.

I see this all the time - among our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - we do not have one single Supervisor - representing any District - that has served our Nation - in any capacity - in any of the Branches of the Armed Services.

More and more at other levels be it the Local, State or Federal - it is the same.

These politicians pay lip service - and that is the extent of their fake, shallow, drab - commitment. Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, the many others that speak about our Veterans in vague, terms.

We could have done more in San Francisco - more at the Presidio of San Francisco - but Nancy Pelosi - was instrumental in creating the Presidio Trust - a quasi-federal entity - who main purpose is to generate money - from the former Military Post.

The Presidio of San Francisco could have done so much for our soldiers - active, reservists, and those retired. Politicians like Nancy Pelosi had to step in to murky the waters. San Franciscans - have not clue about the corruption and the lack of representation from those speak from both sides of their mouth - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Today, if we mention about the Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC), the Letterman Army Institute of Research (LAIR) - practically no one worth the salt - knows anything much. These institution played an important role is serving those who served our Nation - are were stellar institutions - situated at the Presidio of San Francisco - by the Lombard Gate - in the Marina.

The above institutions also worked with the University of California San Francisco - to conduct research - and provide amenities to the many Interns - who worked at the LAMC and LAIR institutions.

All to further the cause of good medicine, health care - and welfare of all those they came into - contact with. Even today - after many years - many who visit the Presidio of San Francisco - ask to see the former hospital and research institution - and are shocked that the institution are torn down.

On those hollowed grounds - now stands the  George Lucas Digital Letterman Center - that has now sold it to Disney - and few know about the history - and less folks like politicians like Nancy Pelosi - care. This woman is as fake as they come - and come care to adhere to Nancy Pelosi. Shame on them.

Few know about the Public Health Hospital by 15th Avenue - where specialized care was given to the Native Americans - and to those suffering from many a contagious disease - such as servicing the lepers and others.

Now fancy condominiums have been built that cater to the rich - relatives of those who live near by - the Pacific Heights Mafia.

The all Black - Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at the Presidio - the 9th and 10th Calvary - the 24th and 25th Infantry. Over four hundred Buffalo Soldiers lie at the Veteran Cemetery - few know about this fact.

The well known Buffalo Soldiers - who patrolled our borders, others who left to fight in Cuba - known better as the Rough Riders.

Buffalo Soldiers who left to fight here, there, and everywhere and left their legacy - remembered by those that care.

The Presidio of San Francisco and the United States Sixth Army played an important role - in World War II.

Few know the role of the many units - some Japanese units - we seem not to care who truly and really laid their lives - so that we may be free.

Few comprehend the difference between freedom and license - the abuse of freedom is license - and that is the prevailing factor - among the many corrupt - politicians. More so in San Francisco.

Our elderly Veterans - now in their Golden Age - have been denied care - in recent years at the Veterans Hospitals and many have died.

Among the Veterans many Baby Boomers too - many of them served in Vietnam. Then the soldiers from Desert Storm and Shield, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and more.

We send our soldiers and have all the years - without a second thought - then, when it comes to giving them the health care that our beloved soldiers, women and men earned - in many of our Veterans Hospitals - we make excuses, create fake schedules - and fail to serve our soldiers - women and men - and shame our Nation.

Those responsible must be dismissed - in other words - "FIRED".

From time to time I visit the Veterans Hospitals - and what I see - I do not like.

Long lines at our Veterans Hospitals - problems getting the right medicines - inferior care when it comes to some chronic diseases - and the list goes on.

The Federal Government appropriates millions - and at some Veteran Hospital - those that have failed in their duty - get huge bonuses.

Managers who have worked for years at the Veterans Administration - people who have failed in their duty - are compensated - in the thousands of dollars. This is the height of abject - corruption. 

Recently the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - made some general statements about our beloved Veterans.

 The President has not done anything to send a strong message - about those that have failed our Veterans.

Those at the very top - who seem to get a light slap on their hand. 

The President must hold those responsible to the highest standard - on any issue that deals with the Veterans and more those that could have been treated - and would be alive - but now are no more.

The issues that need to be addressed must be fixed on a war footing. There has been too much talk. There has been too many promises made - and the constituents that matter and love our Veterans are fed up. We have all reached saturation point. I have written about this issue - and so have many others - enough is enough.

If not the repercussions will be severe - already a number of Congressmen - Nancy Pelosi is not among them, nor is Diane Feinstein and for sure not Barbara Boxer - calling for the resignation of the top officials who manage the Veteran Hospitals all over our Nation.

These so called drab - 'Representatives" must show their true colors - so far they have failed our Veterans - despicable.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Our Nation is hurting - more, when a measly three percent of the filthy rich control more than eighty five percent of the Nations wealth. This disparity cries to heaven for justice - while slowly eroding our moral compass. Hindering us as a Nation to go to a better place.

Our Founding Fathers never, ever meant this Nation to be ruled by those that put their selfish interests first and the interest of the constituents of this Nation - on the back burner. All over the Nation - this is what is happening - politicians lying and doing as they please - more so here in San Francisco - and City Hall.

Our Nation has been led to war without justification - and in one blatant case - the case of the Iraq war - by lying to Congress.

With intent - providing false information - and tarnishing the core values - our Nation's moral, ethics, standards - adversely impacting, the moral compass of our Nation and the core values laid down - in matters - how decision ought to be made - all spelled out by our - Founding Fathers.

The Executive Branch has failed this Nation in recent decades - and the Judicial Branch has been asleep at the cockpit. Aged judges bordering on senile decision - talking in circles - and making long drawn - convoluted - decisions. "Corporations are people too" - the have decided upon.

We have empirical data that simply will not make the deep scars of our recent wars go away.

Did we or did we not work with the earlier elements of Al Qaeda - providing them intelligence, training them, urging them to fight the Russians - when the Russian invaded Afghanistan?

Now who is chasing after whom - and where was the justification our enemies - when in the first place - we fed, clothe, and informed them? We the people of the Untied States - want to know? Who is fooling whom? How many billions were wasted in all those willy nilly - covert operations?

Is there any concrete justification for us invading Iraq and causing so much harm - as has been show with the empirical data we have on Falluja in Iraq - others cities in Iraq - and where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction - may I add?

No one can fool all the people all the time. Today, the American People are disgusted - and the recent low turn out at the pools - is one significant sign - the signs of the times.

When that sad day in the history of the United States - the 9/11 episode took place - the very core of our moral conscience - was pierced.

Our political leaders - hoodwinked the Nation .

The Bushes made especial arrangements to ferry the Bin Laden family - four 747 Boeing planes - permit and visa arrangements made hastily - and just like that - those in charge - turned their back our the core values of our Nation. Ferried the enemies out of our Nation and delivered them to Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabians were the majority of those that harmed our Nation on that infamous day - destroying the Twin Towers - murdering - thousands. Affecting millions more.

I have just returned from visiting the Freedom Tower - talking and interviewing many - all these many years after - and getting first hand knowledge - of the harm done - and the long lasting, deep scars etched on the hearts and minds - closer to that infamous - episode. 

We have the empirical data - on that day of infamy - 9/11. Yet the Bushes and more in particular George Bush Jr - pushed to invade Iraq - a mistake that historians and those few that had a conscience and spoke to the "truth - will evaluate, correct, and lay bare the TRUTH - as decades go by.

The BILLIONS wasted on Iraq and Afghanistan - on weapons and creating the largest war operations - have filled the coffers - of those that wait for such opportunities - to rake in billions.

These vermin - wait for such opportunities and in many cases created them. These vermin care more about their own selfish interest - not so much for the good of the Nation.

The little over three hundred millions constituents - that is the population of our Nation -  the three percent that control eighty five percent of the Nation's wealth.

Today millions of decent Americans are mourning, grieving each and every day - each connect in some way to a soldier that has died - thousands more suffering at home or in our hospitals.

Our beloved warrior women and men - belong to decent families - who tried to represent the best values of our Nation.

Prodded by crooked politicians - who lied and betrayed the core values of our Constitution. The process that was used to hoodwink the American People - and send innocent women and men to war.

Today at this late hour - we regret the harm and the abuse meted out  to those few who stood against the war.

We should have attacked Saudi Arabia - but we went to Iraq - thinking we could steal the OIL - and teach Sadam Hussein a lesson - for humiliating the Elder Bush.

Where was the concern of the Nation at large? How many from Bush family served in the recent wars? And how many from the Dick Chenney family served the recent wars?

How much money did these war mongers make?

Our soldiers suffer and in recent weeks the atrocities committed by the Veterans Administration (VA) and revealed to the public at large is shocking and heart rendering.

The many hospitals the VA operates all over the Nation - the poor judgments made.

Our beloved Veterans who should have been cared for - but were denied care and left to die.

These willful atrocities tarnishes all the noble principles we all  stand for - but for those who died - justice and fair play - was denied.

Our soldiers that laid their lives for our Nations - were treated much like the two words that must make us think - Government Issue - GI.

We must revisit such acronyms - and clearly articulate what human beings, our beloved soldiers - mean to our Nation.

Diatribe, spewing hot air in the many speeches made by the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - linked to the lack of are given to our soldiers.

Vague speeches, long hours of hearing that go no where - the very long waits at the many VA hospitals - our soldiers who must be helped suffer insult after insult - and in some cases - "death" - when they could have lived.

Speak to the Truth and do not beat around the bush. We screwed up as a Nation - and our President could have done better - but wants to "spin" the situation - much like the 'main media" has done deceiving the public - and shaming the fourth estate.

I served my Nation as an American Citizen and  listen to the many crooked politician.

We have them right here in San Francisco - the likes of Diane Feintein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi - they all represent themselves and have no clue about how much they have hurt and are hurting our soldiers.

American women and men warriors - and their families. All of these so called Representative - have failed to - represent the warrior soldiers, their families and loved ones.

The thousands of children and relatives of our wounded soldiers - live each day - learning what most of us who care not to learn from our soldiers.

How many of us have visited our soldiers in the many hospitals - just once?

If you have not - have you tried writing to our soldiers - or sending them a "care package" - you should help move the "moral compass" - in the right direction.

This disparity that we have today - the filthy rich and the very poor - the erosion of the "middle class" - the targeting of our education - for those that need it most.

With intent - depriving our youth who come from poor families - sound education - will bring our Nation to its knees.

Education is what brings light to those who can know, better and comprehend better.

Help those educated discern and  make the right choices.

Help make moral and ethical choices - and keep our Nation Flag and values - upright - shedding light where there is abject darkness.

When the middle class is strong - most things are in order.

Our values were challenged when in the years 2006-2009 our Economy spiraled into the valley of fiscal doom.

Our government - lost its moral compass - hurting the middle class - and going to the rescue of those who pushed for sub-prime loans, derivatives, fostering hedge funds, involved in all sort of ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.  

Our soldiers in World War I laid their lives.

So did our soldiers in World War II.

In all the many wars in between - the Korean war, Vietnam, and so on and so forth. 

Our Nation is suffering today - more our Seniors - the baby boomers as they call them. This is more true in San Francisco - where our rents have sky rocketed and our Seniors treated with disdain. Services denied and many take to the streets and by ways - facing inclement weather - to survive. Many live on a fixed income.  That is the state of affairs - with San Francisco politicians - having a hey day.

Our youth are confused and hurting - we put undue financial burden on them - and teach them to win without teaching them right from wrong.

No Nation is strong without moral, ethical, standards that stand us tall and help us all be strong.

No Nation is worth the salt - when those leaders who must lead - lie, steal, plunder, rape our Treasury - and tell us more lies - shallow to the core.

More inept, spineless - most of politicians are worthless - they talk from both sides of their mouth - and what they spew from their filthy mouths - diatribe and plain hot air - will come to haunt them and bite them in the butt.

We once had politicians - their hearts were in the right place - not anymore. 

You just have to witness how despicable the ratings of the politicians are today in single digits.

No one worth the salt respects the politicians - even animals get more respect - at least that is what the empirical data shows.

Our Nation from the days of the Civil War - where millions died - so that we may treasure our Freedom - keeps trying to make a difference - here at home and world wide.

There is Freedom and their is License - abuse of Freedom is License - and the persons most fostering License are our sordid - politicians.

The recent wars have adversely affected our Nations - "Moral Compass".

Diatribe on the part of "crooked politicians" will not take us to a better place. Aho.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


The San Francisco Planning Department has with intent - allowed some crooked developers - to do as they please - and now the "foolishness" of the SF Planning is coming to bite - the very "sordid" SF Planners - in the butt.

It is the same with the San Francisco County Francisco Transportation Authority - all talk and little walk. The entire Southeast Sector - more from Cargo way to the Old Bayshore - lacks - sound transportation and very poor - infrastructure.

The stupidity of all concerned to spend over $800 million and build the 3rd Street Light Rail - from 4th and King to the middle of no where - Visitation Valley.

3rd Street Light Rail was created to help move people.

Today - it moves slowly - defeats the very purpose of any sound transportation - a "White Elephant" - at a cost of over $800 million. The light rail cars are dirty, filthy, and a health issue that must be addressed.

The mostly white planners and transportation experts have no clue what they are talking about. They are there - for their pay and have NO interest to help the decent constituents - of San Francisco. 

In the private sector - these SF Planners would be fired.

How can you spend so much money - all tax payers money - and not think for a second when it does not work.

It defeats the purpose - how can these fools be permitted to still work and cause more confusion. This is what is happening with our City and County of San Francisco - and our leadership is no where to be found.

On Carroll Avenue in the Bayview - by the side of of the Alice Griffith Public Housing - raw sewage has been flowing on the street for the last 20 years.

This is a health issue - and the only way the smell is stifled - is by someone covering the area with Eucalyptus wood chips. All the same it is a glaring health issues - and no one seems to care.

Where is Barbara Gracia on this - and where is the Mayor, Mayor Edwin Lee on this? Where is HOPESF on this? All talk and less walk.

Plans are a foot to build over 30,000 units in the area - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - but - there is NO viable and sustainable infrastructure in place.

None what so ever - and Lennar Urban who is NOT trusted by the community at large.

Lennar Urban's sordid behavior - is forcing us to collect signatures - and put something on the Ballot - to stop them from conducting their affairs - like the Mafia - all over San Francisco.

Right now Lennar Urban is using Land Banking after they got the land for free - over 1000 acres.

Dividing the land - and selling it to the highest bidder.

Much as was and is done at Mission Bay - Public Trust Land - and the lay person is left in the dark - while crooks rape the land and build high rise buildings - on land prone to liquefaction and very, very contaminated.

Lennar Urban has no money - trying to leverage money - by issuing Bond Measures.

Using the land it got for free from our City and County of San Frnacisco - as equity.

This and some other tactics - are what crooks do for a living - and Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonnar - you are put on notice.

In the year 2010 during the holiday season - Lennar Urban was fast tracking their plans with SF Planning Department in the cockpit doing their bidding.

Greasing palms - having closed door meetings, bribing people - and I have all the information and more. Forcing some of us advocates to forego our vacation and attend - long drawn meetings - giving us advocates - a measly two minutes.

Recently - when the SF Fire Department requested Lennar Urban for some pertinent, information.

For example - at a corner of a block - part of Lennar Urban's conceptual plan - what does Lennar Urban have planned - and why is there talk of high rise buildings - all shown on their conceptual plans - Lennar Urban had no answer.

Of course Lennar Urban's conceptual plans are just that - a dream - " you wake up - and it could be your worst nightmare".

Our Fire Department must be equipped with tall ladders and wider roads to address large fire - more from tall buildings that are planned - but, missing is sound input from SF Fire and Police Department. The two agencies lack the equipment to fight large fires - and the infrastructure with sound HYDRANTS - that work and have the required pressure.

If there is a fire - and our SF Fire Department had to address the situation - the fool that wants narrow streets - Scott Weiner - is pushing for 20 feet streets.

The SF Fire Department will have to deal with the problem - and has decided - using International Fire Codes and have settled for 26 foot streets - and that is the order of the day. After all the SF Fire Department is in charge - not some tall lanky foolish politician - who is a transplant from the Bronx.

Scott Weiner is from the Bronx in New York - and if he wants to go there and exercise his nonsense talk - more power to him.

I have been there - and seen funny looking people - dressed in long black gowns, with funny looking dreads, and funny looking unkempt beards - and it is from that type of environment that Scott Weiner hails.

He brings nothing holistic from the area - a good for nothing transplant - who is just creating a storm in a tea cup.

Most importantly no one worth the salt is looking at the characteristics of the soil or dirt - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

The soil is very poor landfill - mostly contaminated - prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - with the Bay ready to spill over - at any moment.

Scott Weiner has no clue about reality - he wants to make waves and he is from the Castro.

Scott Weiner has targeted the poor and the indigent, he has targeted Queer youth - enjoying some time in a private park.

Scott Weiner is against building units that can accommodate families - and is pushing for 100 square feet units - meant for someone like him and his dog - full of fleas.

The man is insane - and supposedly - represents.

The Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard linked to Parcel A and the EIR linked to the Candlestick Point lack credibility.

The responsibility falls squarely of the shoulders of the SF Planning Department, the Land Use and Economic Committee, the San Francisco - Board of Supervisors.

The district 10 representative Malia Cohen who is inept, ignorant, arrogant - an air-head - who constantly grins like a - jackass. What can you expect from the local democratic MACHINE that fosters corruption and is a cancer?

Malia Cohen has used the developers to fill her campaign coffers - and at the coming elections - she will reap the fruits of all her "evil doings" with intent.

Rubber stamping - disrespecting the poor and elderly - and thinking that she will get away with murder in broad daylight.

Malia Cohen will repent - but it will be too late - she is doomed and will be leave no legacy. What a waste of time - and more - opportunity.

The San Francisco Planning Department has failed to maintain sound standards - put in place viable and sustainable Quality of Life standards - that help progress and foster proven standards.

The San Francisco Planning Department has failed to comprehend that high rise buildings do not foster progress - with our 47 hills  and streets that embrace more two story homes - three and four story buildings at the most - and we have pushed the envelop in the Financial District and failed.

Now, some want to do the same along the Embarcadero - and will never be allowed to do so.

The Washington 8 has been shot down - the Warrior Stadium shot down - and Proposition B will nail the coffin of those who want to build high rises along the Embarcadero.

More by the Ferry Building on either side - we - decent San Franciscans know better.

We do not want to see a host of building like the ugly Fontana Buildings at the end of Polk Street by Fisherman's Wharf.

Those ugly buildings - an eye shore - blocking good views from the public at large - were pushed for and built by developer crooks - that did not have any sense of viable and sustainable planning.

Crooked developers pushed the envelop - fostering - "sordid" - greed.  

Lennar Urban is a "rogue developer". 

"No good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard including Parcel A and Candlestick Point. I said that that many times - and I will say that again".

Once there were two large hills at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - containing Sacred Remains of the Ohlone. The hills were demolished - the Sacred Remains removed with the dirt - and used as in-fill. This desecration cries to heaven for justice. It is as simple as that.

Kofi Bonnar knows what he did at Emeryville and the Shopping Complex. He has learned little - this time - he will witness the "fireworks" - in life - you do not get too many chances - after making one great mistake. Repent and do the right thing.

Check your records at the Election Department I was and will always remain the Proponent of Proposition F.

Lennar was the proponent of Proposition G - backed by Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Carmen Chu, Bevan Dufty, Sophie Maxwell, Jose Cisneroes, Aurelius Walker, Lola Whittle - and hundreds of other crooks - that cannot sleep at night and never, will. Aho.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Mark Farrell the Chair of the Budget and Finance committee - uses his gavel lightly - tries to speaking kindly -  pretending that he is conducting the business at hand - but, it is all a facade of sorts. How can this man sleep at night?

This one Supervisor gets a substantial amount of money from another conduit - another source - plus his over early $150,000 plus salary just because he pretends to represent his District 2 - as a Supvisor.

This year the Budget Sessions are so convoluted and that segment of the population who suffer the most, that segment of the population - that does not have a voice - treated like dirt - with utter, disdain.

Our City and Count of San Francisco has a little over than $8 Billion Budget - yet, all this fuss - pretending that there is no money - while our economy is the only one in the entire Nation - that is booming.

66 cranes in the air - the tall buildings - all dense - accommodating the filthy rich.

Condominiums going for over a million and a half and some for five million - and other for as high as ten million dollars.

The poor have no clue - how the crooks are cooking the books - they do that ever year.

The San Francisco Health Department with a over one billion dollars budget.

Barbara Gracia - seeing to it that those she favors - get the money - and those that she has marked - low down of that totem pole - shunned with disdain - left to take care of their own business.

We have poor people that have no shelter - no roof over their head - left to fend to themselves.

Facing inclement weather on  many days of the weeks - and in this group - entire families - with the children - and all this in one of the richest cities in the world - San Francisco.

Daily deals are made at City Hall - with the San Francisco City Planning having several teams - for a price they can rush your plans.

The SF Planning Commission - more and more is leaning towards developers - they have compromised Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco.

Our City of San Francisco - once did not favor high rise buildings - we are a City of Hills - some 47 hills - of which a few still remain intact.

The Bayview Hill by Candlestick is one - Recreation and Park has jurisdiction over this Hill - the Muwekma Ohlone and local advocates among them Dr Espanola Jackson - stopped the City from - demolishing this hill.

Some damage was done - and on one side of Bayview Hill when dirt was removed - complete with remains of the Ohlone - taken to Candlestick Stadium and used as infill.

Most people do not know these facts - the ugly history of the great City named after St Francis Assisi.

This one act - at Candlestick Stadium - cries to heaven for justice  -the desecration of the remains of the Ohlone.

Once, as many know - especially those who have lived in San Francisco for over forty years - twenty five percent of the population was Black.

Today it is more like three percent. Of the three percent - many are very poor - and there is no one to provide support the many young women and men - who are Black - left to take care of themselves.

Young women and men - who parents are incarcerated in large numbers - if that is not the case - have fallen prey to drugs - mind altering drugs. Drugs that targeted the women - that one segment of the Black population that kept the family together - since the days of slavery.

Today, another kind of plantation is in place - and no one wants to analyse why nothing seems to be working. Some is dividing us - and the worse fact - many of them are Black. The likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen - they all want most everything for themselves - and care less for the population that is Black.

Black grandmothers are doing a great job - gathering the grandchildren, other relatives - and caring for them with little that they have.

The City knows about it - but does nothing about it.

Mayor Edwin Lee will tell you that when his father died and his mother and her children had to run the restaurant the owned - a Black man stepped up and helped the family.

This is America and there are thousands of such stories - heart warming stories - Americans being Americans. Today, in our City some are creating divisiveness of the worst order. Unfortunately - the are know as politicians.

Leading this group David Chiu who started a campaign that was totally unfair. Who of the two Davids is better?

When in the first place there were three. Now, of the two Davids who deliberate in Room 250 - the August Board Chamber - who denies the constituent their 3 minutes of Public Comment - and reduces it to less than two? We the constituents want to know?

Then we had Jane Kim and Malia Cohen who pandered and are still pandering - much like whores who will embrace the highest bidder. Time will tell - we are watching you two - like a hawk.

Then comes that transplant from New York - who wants to narrow our roads.

Take on the San Francisco - Fire Chief and pretend that he knows something - when in reality he is the laughing stock of the queer community that he belongs to.

The straights, really could not care about what he says. He want to be Mayor of San Francisco - no way.

Our other Supervisors including Katy Tang has not studied the history of San Francisco - young and immature - she stays under the radar - making deals - trained by the mentor - Carmen Chu.
We know where you come from Katy and where you will land - soon.

There are other shenanigans going on - corruption of the worst order - and Room 200 too has all sorts of movements heading in the wrong direction.

No one is paying attention to what is really happening to our City of San Francisco.

On Community Choice Aggregation none of the present players were there back in the year 2000, 2001, 2002.  Now they are pretending they know it all.

Now, as I said they all seem to know more - and act less - because they have no history, are NOT educated on issues - and dropped the ball - too many times.

Our San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - has long been known - as a destination point.

It is here - where politicians place anyone they favor - and give them jobs - to carry on the tradition started by Willie L. Brown Jr - the former "thug mayor" of San Francisco who created the SF Public Utilities Commission - that is slowly sinking and soon will be flushed down the drain.

That on going cancer with Juliet Ellis - who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Juliet Ellis is one of those candidates - jumping from the SF Public Utilities Commission to getting a job on the platter - as the Assistant General Manager - of External Affairs. Conflict of interest - she defied the standards, broke the laws, and now we are paying for it.

Juliet Ellis of Jamaican extract - has no clue what she is doing when it comes to bills from the State and Federal level - less about protocol - and has no standards, less ethics, and no morals at all. Time will tell.

Juliet Ellis has surround herself with all women - that she has hired - to do the devil work. None of the women hired are from San Francisco. Tell me which Agency outside San Francisco - say the East Bay - permits this type of behavior. Who is investigating this fact - and what is the Mayor doing about this - nonsense? A cancer within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission!

Yet. Juliet Ellis will sit on the front row next to the General Manager at the Budget hearings - and spread bad vibes.

No one want such a person on the front row - making small talk - and having side-bar conversations. This woman Juliet Ellis is so arrogant - that she is besides, herself. When will she learn?

She must be fired.

Come June 1, 2014 as usual the Mayor will announce his Budget and those that get high salaries -  many in the the range from $150,000 to $200,000 plus benefits - really do not care - most of them do not live in our City - and every pay check day - go merrily laughing to the bank. They got is made.

When they retire they will get 90% of their salaries. Who pays all this - we the tax payers - we the constituents of San Francisco.

So do we have the power to remove this folks from office - YES we do.

First we must be educated on issues - we fail to understand San Francisco - which is unique - the outsiders have come and totally destroyed the foundation of our unique ways of life - our food, our music, our dance, the various neighborhood that are becoming bland, the various clubs and meeting places and more.

Our artists are leaving San Francisco, our musicians find it difficult to live - it is so expensive.

Our restaurants and more of Executive Chefs are leaving - many of them cannot afford the rents.

The artists of all kind - who are the SOUL of any culture - are treated with disdain - what else can you expect from morons who are our corrupt.

Politicians - the likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Scott Weiner - giving breaks to the Tech companies - such as TWITTER and GOOGLE and LENNAR URBAN.

Watch out - we are permitting these vermin to destroy the little that is left GOOD - in San Francisco.

Finally this is Ohlone land - many of us represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and we have been acting, voicing our opinion, announcing and pleading - but, not for too long.

Friday, May 23, 2014

SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) talks the talk but cannot walk the walk - slow, dirty, crowded buses - and the T-train which is an abject failure.

The constituents of San Francisco are fed up with the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) on many levels.

One may decide to take Public Transportation but the least we expect are clean and safe buses.

More, buses that run on time - are not over crowded and on some lines - rowdy folks who will harm you if you look at them - challenging you not to look at them - while you mind your own business. I have intervened so many times - to stop fights - with no one in sight on the MUNI bus.

The "yellow hornets" are paid by SFPUC and from other necessary funds - but these folks who should be on the MUNI buses are no where to be found.

It is the same with the SF Police Department - you use to see them - no more.

Again and again some politicians the likes of Scott Weiner think sending money to MTA will cure the present, sordid - situation.

We know well that once MTA too over the Tax Commission - the first thing MTA did was raid the SF TAXI Trust Fund - and empty the Taxi Commission's fiscal resources.

We also know the MUNI Over Time and other deferred maintenance has not served MTA well.

MTA wants more and more money - while its service is pathetic to say the least.

MTA also decided to take over the Traffic Control - and is in charge of those crooked MUNI inspectors - who gang on poor people and give them tickets. It is time to give the "Ticket Inspectors" an orientation.

You do not need ten to twelve "Ticket Inspectors" sometime aided by SF Police Department - ganging up on MUNI riders.

Many a time - as has been reported in the Main Media - the CLIPPER cards do not work. These mean inspector all the same give you a ticket - in excess of $100. This nonsense must stop - people are fed up with these rude, mean, heartless MUNI ticket inspectors - who need sensitivity training. All of them.

You may try to explain to the "Ticket Inspectors" but they go ahead abuse you - and write you a hefty ticket. The CLIPPER system has to be tweaked - and it has been years - and the system keeps on failing.

Time for Ed Reiskin to put out a MEMO - these "Ticket Inspectors" are paid a lot to do a lousy - job. Seeing is believing - especially those who are obese and ill mannered - eating out a lot of junk food - and working less.

On San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco we have a white "Meter Maid" guess it is better to call them " Meter Persons".

This white meter person -  loves giving tickets to those that come to deliver goods to the businesses - or if you are just loading - or if you are aged and finding it difficult to park - correctly. I have got so many complaints - that I am send this article to those - that perhaps can do something - about this fanatic that has come from no where - bossing, being dictatorial, and writing tickets as if they is no tomorrow. All this on good old San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco in the Portola District.

San Bruno Avenue has taken a lot of "crap" from the City and City and County of San Francisco. San Bruno survived the 2008 Economic Spiraling of our economy. We worked hard to make things work.

Millions in taxes have been collected by the SF City's Treasurer - but little is put back to address Quality of Life issues on San Bruno Avenue.

Mayor Edwin Lee better look into these so called "Meter Persons" who are rude, write tickets, and adversely impact business. The Mayor knows the area - and so do the others - who must rise to the occasion and give that meter person - a one way ticket to Alaska - in winter - let him go chill out there.

Ed Reiskin better find out why is this white young Meter Person so ardent to write so many tickets.

Annoying hundreds of people - each and every day. This same Meter Person - has 3rd Street as his jurisdiction - but once he goes there on 3rd Street - he is mellow, yellow. Why?

Our roads are full of  "pot holes" and as much as roads are repaired we still have Comcast, AT&T, other utilities digging like PG&E - messing up the recent repairs and even at time brand new resurfaced roads - making us wonder - why is this happening - so often.

I am requesting someone to look into this mess - and have a quality inspector - who can bring these issues to the fore - to those that can fix this mess. May be a kind request to the City Engineer who cares and must now is a bit more caring.

It is becoming dangerous when cyclists challenge cars and often times dare to take on the MUNI buses.

The cyclists in San Francisco have a Political Action Committee - and are often - abusing their rights.

We need to have the cyclists enroll in some program to teach them road etiquette.

The cyclists may talk the talk - but surely some act like morons on the road. This City must also have them buy a licence to ride our roads and no once give them the licence to abuse freedom.

The money collected from the license can go into a fund linked to the General Fund - that can go into maintaining our roads - and pay for other expenses and amenities that the cyclists - enjoy, now for free.

San Francisco is still booming - over 65 cranes in the air - some huge skyscrapers - too much congestion on the ground.

Often it takes 45 minutes to get over and cross a few blocks - back to back traffic - and a lots of stress - especially if you want to hurry up and go somewhere.

The many private taxis are now becoming a headache - some of them are now using all sorts of ploys to cheat the rider and this is wrong.

The official Taxi Driver in San Francisco have lost their fight - and have given up.

The private taxis have won - they now control the Taxi Trade.

The City is losing revenue and getting a bad name with the tourists all confused - and many literally being taken for a ride by the private taxis - you cannot generalize but most of the ones that are private - are now charging more.

Add to this the shuttle buses, limos, all sorts of taxis with names that make you wonder - where they came from - and we locals find it difficult to figure out what it happening - in the Taxi Domain.

 MTA could not care less  and the MTA meetings are a JOKE - no one respects the deliberation there - held in Room 400 at City Hall.

Ed Reiskin has his hands full - but, the matter of fact is that MTA is going down hill - and the MUNI service from bad to worse - and the fake statistics given from time to time - trying to pat MTA on its back - do no good.

In the meantime the Seniors are that segment of the population that is suffering the most.

Time for the Federal Government to investigate - and stop the funding that is given to serve all MUNI riders - money given in the millions but not spent well.

Seniors are not respect on MUNI - and this must change.

Our youth have got some respite - linked to fare they use to pay on MUNI.

Some of us had to fight for the indigent youth and those that need help - so Free Muni is not something that is special - it is something that had to happen - to bring about a solution. The youth are now happy - but there is always more to do.

We have a population of about 810,000 in our City of San Francisco - one of the world's best cities - on any given day.

San Francisco enjoy good weather, and have so much going for it - public transportation use to be good - not anymore - and I have been around.

People come in droves to work in our City - which has a large Financial District - and our day time population increases many a time to a million and half. Especially on game days and if there are some large conventions.

Every day thousands take MUNI that is public transportation - but we have still to figure out a way - to make it a smooth ride - we try but have still to find a way. It does not help when the buses and light rail cars are dirty, crowded, and Safety is compromised.

It is not about money - it is about leadership. MUNI has wasted money before in the millions - and still has not got its act together.

In some areas like the Bayview up on the hill - MUNI service is pathetic.

Malia Cohen the local, laughing jackass, air-head District Supervisor - could not care less. 

She wants to win the next election - time for her to apply for a job at MTA - a MUNI driver job would be appropriate - for this woman who uses a government car - to do shopping at COSTCO - pathetic.

Scott Weiner another Supervisor is married to MUNI - talking from both sides of his mouth.

Something is fundamentally wrong with Scott Weiner's thinking - he better go back to New York - and get used to the bus system there.

We had a good system here - until the crooks came from elsewhere and messed it up. MTA lacks sound leadership - less transparency and even less accountability. Aho.