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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Living dead - and the lack of genuine leadership and representation.

When communities are spiritually strong then most things are in order.

We as human beings, the sane, the intelligent  humans - in order to feel good - we must eat healthy, exercise, and they care of our bodies.

In like manner, we must exercise  our minds - with good thoughts, read what is worthy, and write and speak what must take us all to a better place.

When drugs and other mundane stuff - becomes our playground then we as humans act less then human - and when our children see that - they do not know how to react. More what to make of our folly.

Some of our elders have seen better days.

May be not days filled with wealth - but wealthy in good deeds, good thoughts, and spirituality that kept families together and passed on a legacy that most of us are proud of.

Blessed are those that enjoy those good times - today, rare time infiltrated by materialism and other mundane ploys and machinations.

In recent times - we see too many of our people stricken with a dilatory sense that favors stagnation.

When we as a people - reach this stage - we are the living dead. You can speak and dance, shout and mickey mouse - nothing will appeal to the living dead.

It does not help when our people do not get the assistance from those that say they represent.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors. More the Mayors of San Francisco and of course those lying representatives in Congress and the Senate.

Recently, in the Southeast Sector we have had a number of shootings and killings - involving mostly Blacks.

No one wants to address the root causes - we look the other way and have been looking the other way for the longest time ever.

There is no way with over 10,000 small business in the Southeast Sector.

Large operations like the Main Post Office, the Farmers' Market, large operations that ware house plumbing, electrical, wood product, and other essential materials for construction and other projects - in the Southeast Sector.

That, we still have over forty percent of the constituents - without work - and poorer then the poorest in our Nation. Here is San Francisco that is one of the richest cities in the Nation.

Our SF Mayor Office of Economic and Workforce -talk the talk and the same with the Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors and those other that I have mentioned - before.   The many sell outs.

On Saturday we had a killing of a  young black man - he did not have a MUNI fare - was chased and killed. 

Some say he had a gun, some say he shot at the SF Police Office whiling running scared.

Most say they did not hear a shot - accept the shots fired by the SF Police Officers.

An investigation will reveal the facts and this may take years.

In the interim we have our so called leaders - who they say represent - they are the living dead and the shame of the community.

You can have all the Press Conferences and all the Town Meetings - but, if you spiritually dead, do not have the best intentions to serve the community, think of yourself as - nothing.

You are but a manipulator - you are just doing - injustice - to everyone - but most importantly to yourself.