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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Joseph Taeotui -
far right - a peace maker -
a family man - our Brother -
we stand behind him and his family.

The City and Count of San Francisco - is put on NOTICE - no one can mess with the indigenous people - and get away with it. More those that contribute so much - and are treated with disdain on many levels. Enough is enough.

The senseless violence that has been going on - on the streets of San Francisco - needs to be brought to a halt - more, those advocates protected - who serve the community - the SF City - politicians put on notice.

It simply makes no sense - with the many millions spent - tax payers money - that so many families must bear the burden and grief - again and again - so many senseless killings and shootings -  those in power - evil politicians - playing with the lives of the tax payers, the citizens of San Francisco.

Recently the ambush of Joseph Taeotui has shocked thousands - and hundreds have gathered - since August 13, 2018 at San Francisco General Hospital - in solidarity - to make a point - that enough is enough.

The Polynesian community - more Samoan - has suffered a great loss - endured too many trials and tribulations - all these many decades.

It does not help when the Main Media paints a picture that we do not want it to paint - it does not help when the SF City leaders and afraid to face the music - they have dropped the ball and own this one - big time.

This singular incident points to one important fact - this City and County with a $11 billion budget -  has failed and cannot address " SAFETY" - in a meaningful manner.

The SF City has no viable and sustainable plan - and for sure has NO place for - community policing.

Shame on them - and more this present administration - weak in the knees - and totally inept. Delusional and drowning in the cesspool of their own creation.

In the last two weeks - there has been a spurt in killings and shootings - all over San Francisco in broad daylight. No press release about this on going sordid - facts. Who is responsible for this utter nonsense - if not Room 200 at City Hall ?

The many jackasses sent to spy on us - and they think they can play with fire. Well you are warned - stop pussyfooting around - we will not stand down - and be disrespected - more when we pay the taxes and you are paid on by us - decent tax payers.

SF City Hall has been fast asleep at the cockpit - busy dealing with ribbon cuttings, drab speeches - and of pussyfooting around - which is their favorite - pass time . 

SF City Hall  acts in a non-chalant manner - trying to placate us advocates - who have spoken up - with authority - and written about the " situation at hand " - but as I said - it has reached saturation point.

The San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco Health Department, the Mayor's Office - and those in charge - are far remote from the " situation at hand ". Like zombies they look at you - and have no answers.

They are busy patting their behinds - and ribbon cutting. We must cut loose from them - and vote them out. That is we the people - we the people that count. 

The heads of all all our SF City Departments - have no clue - and cannot connect the dots.

These drab heads of departments - are NOT educated on issues. When you confront them - they do not know what to say - but they surely enjoy their over $300,000 salaries we pay them - laughing - all the way to the bank.

The Mayor's Office for sure has failed miserably - the local District Supervisor of District 10 - who also happens to be the President of the Board - for all her vain talk - she has NOT said a word about this incident.

She must be pussyfooting somewhere - and thinks she can play with fire. Her time has come to step down - and stop all the wheeling and dealing.

In this case from the inception the Polynesian community more the Samoan community - has been patient.

More so because they have a culture and understanding of respect - but that does not mean - they will tolerate nonsense - the nonsense that is prevailing now - with jackasses making decision without consulting the community - on many levels.

We have  taken  every precaution - to treat this incident very seriously - and chosen to honor Joseph Taeotui, his family, his supporters, all those who choose to be peaceful - to honor him - our dear friend Joseph Taeotui - by remembering him as an ardent - " Peace Maker ". God bless him and his loved ones.

As of now Joseph Taeotui is still on life support. 

We are praying fervently that he comes out of his coma - the bullet still lodged in his head.

This one singular fact - has shocked us - this is NOT what he deserved -  we who love him - choose to love him, pray for him, and remember his living legacy - a warrior and a peace maker. Talofa.

Believe me from early on some of us know who the culprits are - but at this time - we choose with our heart in the right place - being peaceful - armed with fortitude and tenacity to prove to this City and County of San Francisco - to be patient.

The love we have for the City and the many contributions made by the Polynesian more Samoan community - with little or no returns from the City and County of San Francisco - worth the salt.

We need to get to the point - right now Joseph Taeotui's family is hurting - and every measure must be put in place to provide assistance - in the short and long term - to provide healing, comfort, stability and care - honor the great legacy of Joseph Taeotui.

Towards this end - after waiting for over 48 hours - I sent an email to those in our great City named after Saint Francis - that those in charge better step up - with solutions - and foster lasting reconciliation - with the Polynesian Community and in particular the Samoan community.

This City must meet with the advocates who matter - and not those the City think they can use - as some mouth piece - and placate the situation at hand. We are monitoring the situation - and our patience is running out.

This situation is " fragile "  and those who have eyes - have seen the hundreds come and go - after paying a visit to Joseph Taeotui - comforting his wife, his family, his relatives, the thousands who knew him - and admired his peaceful ways.

The entire SF General Hospital staff is amazed at the out pouring - and many have expressed this fact to me - saying this man must be a well loved - and that is a fact and his legacy must be honored.

San Francisco and more San Franciscans are embracing - but it is fact - we have areas in our City and segments of our population that are not cared for - and many treated with disdain - and this nonsense must stop - now.

Advocates are left without any support from the SF City and County to provide support and succor to the poor - who are served by the ardent, advocates

Many youth are NOT cared for -  many fall into bad habits, are angry, have dysfunction situations at home - others have given up hope - and this and more has not been analyzed - and less addressed - and an evaluation - must be made on a War Footing.

Those working at addressing Violence Prevention must revisit their present plans - missing the interaction on a deep level with the community.

Community Policing with teeth - community leaders must be at the table - where the decision are made - we do not need mouth pieces - that have no clue about facility values, and less about Quality of Life issues.

 We who live in San Francisco and pay our taxes - we advocates who do the heavy lifting -  and City Hall does not pay attention to us - more have not supported us. Time will tell.

I have been monitoring the wheeling and dealing - we cannot be bought by bread crumbs - nor can we permit to be killed and shot - and allow to be put in harms way.

Those in charge in SF Hall -  the Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors - the many head of SF Departments - permit the many killings and shootings to go on - those committing the crimes - freely roaming our streets.

This is not about talk - it is about walking the walking.

We pray and hope that this incident will bring peace and honor the legacy of Joseph Taeotui - as of this posting he is still on life support. 

God bless you all. Talofa.

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