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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thousands die in Kenya, Sudan, and Ethiopia - the death triangle and need assistance.


Thousands of innocent people mostly children are dying in Kenya, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

This raging drought has hit this area before and now it is hitting the area - with even greater - force. We must not permit innocent children and women with infants to die.

The governments of Kenya, Sudan, and Ethiopia have problems of their own - foremost being corruption.

Not all the aid that is given by foreign government is spent where it is targeted to go - hence, the governments have been slow and negligent - not, digging wells and making preparations for the many droughts that hit the region - every so many years with great force and lack of mercy.

Some years ago a hydrologist and scientist revealed to the world there was a large lake under the Sahara Region and beyond.

Thousands of years ago - this region was fertile - and it not uncommon in the middle of the desert - to find artifacts and other fossils and skeletons - revealing to the observer - when that Region of Africa - was fertile and filled with birds and flourishing - forests.

This present drought has starved to death thousands of cattle and goats - too. But, as we human beings know - every child that dies - cries to heaven for some help, some justice, some fair play.
Every human being we can help - is a blessing that is seen and noted.

Kenya is one Nation that has helped many European and the United States before - and now is the time to spend some quality time - providing some logistics and bring some succor to the many thousands that are dying in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya.

There is some direct access to Sudan and Ethiopia too - but it saddens me that so many thousands are dying and I must say something about this grave fact.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - and my soul is hurting because we can do something about this drought - and we should have had in place something sustainable - because the more developed Nations, could have done something permanent and effective and - have failed.

China is busy in Sudan raping that country of its petroleum and has given some little help - but, in this case - since China is there - it can step up and show the world that it can be humanitarian.

China prefers to build stadiums - the same model - all over Africa - that can hold a 10,000 spectators - and thinks that such ploys and machinations - matter. Some little gratification on one level - but the caring, feeding, humanitarian relief in large measure is left to the United States and Europe.

The Arab Nations that have a sordid relationship with Africa could care less. They are still - deep and entrenched in that mentality - linked to the slave and slavery. So very sad.

So, too the Dutch, Portuguese, English, Americans, others - but as time as gone by these Nations have come to realize that did wrong - and have worked hard to make some little - amends.

The United States have bases and other secret operations in Kenya.

The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and the other countries can step up and do something - quickly

We must not allow the children to die.

We must not permit the African women from these region - to die and fail the women from showering their motherly love - including feeding the infants with their mothers' milk - scant as this may be - given the circumstances.

In Ethiopia the United States has access and other European Nations and the United Nations can step up and do something. It is a shame that this news is not making headlines.

The headlines are about Greece and its economic woes.

Portugal and its economic woes and its currency rated JUNK by Moodys. Our priorities are all screwed up.

In the United States - the Federal Government now wants to target - Senior Citizens and Social Security. Go figure!

May be this is the time for Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, the other large banks that are sitting on billions of dollars - to part with part of their profits - and contribute something to the drought in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sudan - through the Red Cross, Doctors against Borders, OXFAM and other noble Community Based Organization, and Non Government Agencies (NGOs) that do good work.

Not to mention the many missionaries both Protestant and Catholic that have been working hard and given succor to so many in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and other African countries - that need help.

This plea will be read by someone - somewhere - and I hope some lives will be saved.

Our United States military is poised well to help - but we are hopelessly fighting two wars killing people and are involved in Libya and other countries - fighting and wasting precious tax payers money.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, the other Arab nations can help but do not - in large measure.

They must think of the time - they bought African slaves - and that sordid history. Now, is the time for restitution - these Nation make trillions of dollars - selling their petrol to the world.

Now - is the time for these Arab Nations to help.

The British Broadcasting Corporation is know to spread the word and do a good job.

Now is the time to do it again - and kudos of the good work done in the region - all the many years you have been in the broadcasting - business.

Finally, a plea to the governments affected - if you are corrupt - stop being corrupt and come to the aid of those dying in the thousands.

This drought is taking the lives of so many innocent children - and this must stop - as soon as possible.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy