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Thursday, February 28, 2013


For the longest time - again and again - the San Francisco Supervisors as a whole at the many San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - meetings; have not been paying attention to the matter - in front of them - and rubber stamping important projects.

We once did have a Director named Jose Moscovich who has seen left the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - known for his long speeches - on something that could be said in a couple of sentences.

Some say he knew a lot about his job - most say otherwise.

With his departure there was a breath of fresh air in his Deputy - holding the fort - her name is Maria Lombardo - conducting business as best as anyone could. Kudos to her and her team.

The SFCTA doles out millions of dollars - sent its way by the State and Federal agencies - the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

In turn the SFCTA gives money in the form of grants - to the Metropolitan Transportation Agency  (MTA) the entity that has done a deplorable job - with our MUNI - San Francisco's Public Transportation system.

Other bodies that apply for grants and need them - if funding in available to assist and better - transportation and related projects.

I have been attending and following Transportation Issue since 1988 - this information if for the buffoons - the SF Board of Supervisors and the Mayor of San Francisco - Ed Lee.

Our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco - has chosen from time to time hire inept candidates - to be heads of departments.

This surely cannot be said of  Acting Director Maria Lombardo. 

Most people who truly know anything about Transportation - acknowledge her expertise - her demeanor;  favor her promotion - filling the empty seat left by Jose Moscovich - to make good things happen.

The City Administration Code calls for a three member body to review candidates - some Head Hunter entity - has already been given $70,000 to provide some names. This is to say the least a formality or sorts - but there is nothing wrong to hire in house - as has been done again and again.

Now, here come the perennial trouble maker - the vice- Chair of the SFCTA Commission - Scott Wiener - who wants to tweak the system to be in the lime light - for all the wrong - reasons.

The SF Board of Supervisors - a body that much represent the 11 District - use the SF Board to further their won agenda.

For all practical purposes -  the SF Board of Supervisors - one worse than the other - known for talking in circles - and have zero tolerance listening to anyone who knows facts - better than they do.

The Vice-Chair Scott Wiener for some apparent reason wants a five member body - he seems not to agree with the three member body already encased in the the City's Administration Code - that can and should - choose the most qualified candidate.

That candidate is then sent to the Full Board - and then we hear in the public at the SF Board meeting as a whole the matter on the agenda - the enlighten statement Scott Wiener and the other jackasses make. Again and again - instead of having common sense prevail - the dysfunctional folks - take the wrong route.

Before you know it - they all are swimming in the CESSPOOL of their own creation. It does not make it easy that the Queer thinking and talking - is the worse part of this sordid - equation.

In this case - subjectively speaking -s Maria Lombardo - who knows her stuff, works as a team, manages well her task and works very hard - is the candidate to fill the vacant - position.

Maria Lombardo meets all the criteria of a good leader - she knows the way, she goes the way, and she shows the way. She is a team player - and there is NOT a person who dislikes her.

Not unlike the SF Board of Supervisors and those who have shown some interests to be on this - supposedly to be formed - five member body - USELESS to the core - who talk a lot - spew diatribe - and should be ashamed of themselves - trying to represent.

Even the skunks wills shun most of these shallow SF Board of Supervisors. The leader of the pack - one Scott Wiener. He has an opinion on anything and everything - and loves to upset the apple cart. Most of his amendments are trivial - and he wants to be the next Mayor of San Francisco. He hails from New York and should go back - to help those folks on the East Coast.

Scott Wiener is despised by many in his District 8 - we have 11 districts in San Francisco. First this Zionist was in favor of nudity - then suddenly he made a right about turn and was against it. He loves to nit pick.

Graffiti is found all over his district - suggesting he is a good for nothing person. Also, bringing on the issue of the Zionist - and the horrors of the Nazi regime to the fore - and this Queer man - simply does not get it.

Because of him parks have been vandalized, one clean kept walls tarnished with graffiti and many a times - mentioning his name.

That is what we notice about the Queer - the so called spineless and shallow representatives.

They talk a lot - act like Queens most of the time - and love to express themselves at length - most of them having just found some freedom in San Francisco- but, what these good for nothing - so called representative practice is license.

There is Freedom and there is License - and abuse of Freedom is License.

Our MUNI public transportation system receives millions of dollars to install Cameras.

Yet again and again our MUNI system - has been found lacking in being honest - again and again MUNI - has deceived the thousands of passengers - riding our MUNI system - thinking that the cameras work but they do not.

We have defective cameras meant to record and prevent crime.
Passengers have been stabbed, assaulted, robbed - and to find out that the cameras do not work. Who is fooling whom.

The SF Board of Supervisors - have known about this - but done nothing about it.

The Mayor Ed Lee knows about this - and has done nothing. Some heads must fall - the rotten, those that LIE - must be show the door. The liability is too much to bear - too many innocent people - have been the victims on our MUNI transportation - system. 

I have reported this matter to the SF  Controller Office - complete with some documentation- and waiting for their slow process - to find it way to some - adjudication of sorts.

The SFCTA and MTA are suppose to deliver a workable transportation system - but have not - and more failed - miserably.

Ripe with corruption - many of of MUNI buses - have passed their age of operation. Deferred Maintenance has further cause greater havoc - and employee morale has been and all time low.

 Many MUNI buses do not have parts - and the Machinists at the MUNI workshop - make the parts on the lathe machines.

These inept, shallow, spineless SF Supervisors - have never, ever spoken about these facts - because they have no clue how an aged system that has been cheated - by many within the MUNI system - wasting money - stealing money - tons of Over Time to some favored employees.

Corruption galore and lies for the man who wears a ear piece - and practices - blatant discrimination.

All we witness at the many SFCTA meeting those who are  Queer and the other Supervisors shallow and spineless - try to make small talk - talking at length - spewing diatribe.

Refusing to give the constituents of San Francisco- sufficient time to speak - and being reminded that the representatives are NOT doing their job. Except pussy footing around - most of the time.

At many of the sub-committees meetings - be it the Plans and Program linked the the SFCTA - no one comes forward from the Public to speak.

I use to at one time - and found that I was was wasting my time - with the buffoons.

I can watch the crap at home on SFGOV.TV and then comment when all the buffoons meet - as the SFCTA Commission - which is the SF Board of Supervisors - as a whole.

Now, suddenly these buffoons want to have a say -  in the selection - as to who will be the future Director of the SFCTA. 

When, in the very first place - they do not have the ability to understand - the  fundamentals of the Administration Code, less of transportation policy, even less of operations, and even less of the despicable states of affairs - our aging and failing MUNI system, our roads, the failures resulting from deferred maintenance and low employee - morale.

At the last meeting the SF Board of Supervisor meeting as a whole at the SFCTA Commission - did not have on the agenda - the issue - as to how to select and fill the position of the Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

In other words this issue was NOT  to be discussed because simply put it was NOT - on the agenda.

Yet; believe it or not - these buffoons were going on and on and on - just like some bitches on heat - irritating to the core - and displaying their ignorance and arrogance.

Malia Cohen walking around in her white suit - blank as ever - every  time she opens her mouth - she puts her foot in her mouth.

Most of the time not understanding anything and going to Chair - John Avalos - for side-bar conversations - while those watching are aghast. Sit in your chair - you cannot even find your notes - when legally called to speak.

These folks are pathetic . Most people watching this charade - were laughing at these buffoons - happening in Room 250 of the Chambers where the SF Board of Supervisors meet.

City officials Ed Reiskin the Manager of the MTA, Mohammed Nuru Director of the Department of Public Works, Faud Swiess, other officials and constituents - had to watch this charade, blatant disrespect of the constituents.

All the while the Chair - John Avalos - could not control the diatribe.

This matter was not on the agenda - and if there was need to discuss the matter - he just had to say - the matter will be continued - reminding the buffoons - that it could only be discussed to be acted upon - if  the matter was notice and on the agenda.

I am bringing this matter to the public - because we have clowns on the SF Board of Supervisors - no one worth the salt - they talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. Talk in circles and waste our precious time.

Come Public Comment time - and I was the only one who spoke on most of the items on the agenda. When I was speaking to the point - these buffoons were having side-bar conversations.

This one fact - points out how arrogant and ignorant these idiots are.

Scum bags who should not be representing.

Less representing because ALL of them knew very well they had not read the Administration Code well - less the Charter of our City and County of San Francisco.

We have City Attorneys to consult but this morons know more they thing - and when the time arises - make a fool of themselves.

Everyone taking their time to chirp and crow on a topic they do not know - these SF Board of Supervisors.

Wasting our time - because we pay them and we should not - we should go to the time - they were paid $38,000 and not the $120,000 with benefits - these good for nothing goons get now.

Then you have Norman Yee - who comes from the SF Board of  Education - comparing the despicable SF Board of Education to the operation of our City and County of San Francisco - with a budget more then $7.9 Billion.

The SF Board of Education constantly asking our fair City to tap into the "Rainy Day" fund - always begging and never, ever address pertinent issues linked to superior - education.

We have four such characters from the San Francisco Board of Education - one worse than the other - Jane Kim from District 6 the sly weasel, Norman Yee the lost soul, Eric L. Mar he says one thing but means another; the former Counsel to the SF Board of Education - David Campos - like an Ever Ready Battery - he can go on and on and on.

Maria Lombardo has done an excellent job before - and we do not want any Zionist as the next Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

I was sitting next the Head Hunters and they did not know who I was - I heard them speak - and I was watching them take notes.

I have been interviewed - referred to by many candidates including a candidate who gave my name to vouch for him - he now is in charge of operation for the AC Transit.

 I know and understand what large Transportation Agency need and the caliber and expertise that must be inherent to run the operation and manage the thousands of employees - some directly and other indirectly.

I know what is means to be involved in policy making.

I suggested five points  when I spoke on the creation of the unnecessary  five Board to help the selection of the next Director of the SFCTA - if that happened at all:

 1. There was no need to create such a  Body.

 2. Those proposing such a measure - had not read the
     Administration Code - less study it.

 3. This matter was not on the agenda - no action could be
      taken - yet, too much time was wasted - debating this matter.

 4. Those trying to be on the Board should have 20 years of 
     hand on experience - linked to Transportation and related

 5. I suggest that the acting Director was fit for the job and
     should have it - her name is Maria Lombardo.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks - this may be a cliche.

On another moot point but a reality and a fact  - many a time - when the conditions are right for "fungi" to grow and infest quickly -  if the root problem is not addressed - the "fungi" will grow - and continue to invade and adversely impact the surroundings.

Some time ago; the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission built a State of the Art Building at 525 Golden Gate Avenue. It remains to see that within this complex - if those that inhabit this building - will step up and deliver - innovative projects - bring progress and not stick to the old way - that hinder - progress.

The building a new state of the art building - given a Platinum Certificate - linked to been "green" and "sustainable" - that has won kudos and praise - far and wide. And rightly so - where there is a will - there is a way.

With this state of the art building - methods must be created - with a heart - to help restore confidence, stop harassment, bring about an environment of decency, fortitude, and speak to the TRUTH.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) leadership - has been one that can be best described as - nonchalant - in past years. 

Recently, the windows and door have been opened - the cobwebs of old - have been swept aside. But, what is needs - is a through clean up - lot of water - to wash away the stains of the past - and keep the surface and the surroundings - absolutely - spotlessly - clean.

The many General Managers - have used the cockpit of General Manager - to  foster a philosophy that best meets their hidden agenda. Wheeling and dealing with corrupt politicians - and all that must stop - now.

We may start with Pat Martel, then Susan Leal, then Ed Harrington, and now Harlan Kelly.

In large and small measure - I have known each of them - and with them the many San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners that come with the equation -  and the many hundreds of employees.

The single one I had a good understanding with was the former  SFPU Commissioner - Richard Sklar. A great man and scholar - a man who did what was right.

Mr. Richard Sklar - now diseased - a former General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) from 1979 to 1983 - and former Ambassador to war torn - Bosnia. His contribution to the SFPUC was just and always and to the point.

It pays to attend the many workshops that the SFPUC has a tendency to put on facade - trying to hoodwink the public - while trying on the side; behind close doors - a hidden agenda.

If one just sticks to studying the issues - linked to what the SFPUC purports to address - anyone; who is astute, educated, has qualified experience - more patience - can stick to the facts, be on track - address the issues in a forthright manner - and make good things happen.

Subjectively speaking when the SFPUC first decided to have its BOND MEASURE - passed by the tax payers of San Francisco - some $2.4 Billion. The SFPUC bear the moral responsibility to adhere to that language - but failed miserably.

The Bond clearly mentioned - addressing the aging infrastructure - the Waste Water Treatment Plants and the aging Treatment Plants at North Point and the Southeast East Phelps Waste Water Plant that especially that need - urgent - attention.

It also addressed the Clean Water - the aging pipes coming from Yosemite - the Hetch Hetchy system all the way to San Francisco the University Mound Reservoir and the Sunset Reservoir - and all the other huge facilities and the many areas that store water - such as Calavares and Crystal Springs and more.

The SFPU Commission often talks the talks but fails to walk the walk.

For sure some eleven years ago - the SFPU Commission dropped the ball - when it categorically decided not to address the then Waste Water Treatment issues. It with intent shafted the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point and all San Franciscans.

The SFPUC chose to stick with the Clean Water issues - named the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) that is nearing its last projects - most of them near Calavares.

Again this was done by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - not by anyone else.

The clean water issues came to be known as the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) that failed to provide Community Benefits to all San Franciscans and less to those in the Southeast Sector - District 9, 10, and 11 - in all the that project - now at its tail end - costing some $4.6 Billion - San Francisco's share $2.4 Billion and that of the Regional partners $2.2 and counting.

Another $2.2 Billion dollars was sought from the Regional Partners   - better known as BAWSCA - bringing the grand total to $4.6 Billion.

Without any public approval - the SFPUC on its own decided to steer clear of the mission and objective of the Bond Measure - step far away from the aspirations of what San Franciscans had in mind - and stick with the Clean Water issues and called the program a fancy name - Water System Improvement Project (WSIP). The rest is history.

The WSIP is a boondoggle - is at its tail end - and the Calavares Dam and related issues - have been creating added problems.

The Calavares Dam had to be addressed - five years ago - an Earthen Dam - that was required and mandated to - reduce its capacity by the Pulgas Temple in Sunol - land of the Ohlone.

The Calavares Dam has two large faults passing in very close proximity and if the Big One strikes in the next two years - and the dams give way - the entire Fremont Area - will be under water.

This project that has not been studied well - and high risks taken by inept engineers - will come to haunt those that until now - have been having a wild ride.

Good engineers are few and far between - an the one in charge of the WSIP right now -  is full of fluff and painting a rosy picture. Time will tell.

The SFPU Commissioners dropped the ball some eleven years ago - depriving the Bayview Hunters Point from having new Disgestors - those large holding tanks - that adversely impact the lives of those that live in closer proximity - and others within a three mile radii. 

Methane gas, other toxic elements spew into the air.

Some time ago - thousands of gallons of Clorax was used - a kind of bleach - poured into the digestors - that adversely impacted the Bay.

The shenanigans going on at the Phelps Waste Water Treatment Plant are many - suffice to say - right now - three of the six old, digestors (holding tanks) are not in operation.

God forbid the Big One strikes - an entire area - will be an instant cesspool.

The residents truly do not comprehend the issue at hand - an less have the ability to articulate the many hurdles they face - filthy environmental conditions, West Nile virus, Methane Gas ( one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide), the stench from the digestors can be smelled for miles around - it all depends on the wind - and in the Bayview - it is darn windy.

Those in charge of Communication at the very top - with the fake title of Assistant General Manager - have not addressed this issue on a War Footing - because they do not have the "heart". They are occupied addressing issues such as those linked with the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - with fake surveys - and passing our tax payers money to entities that are dubious in nature - corrupt consultants.

In recent years - one purporting to be the Assistant General Manager of Internal Affairs - who has no qualified experience when is comes to Federal, State, and Local issues linked to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Privacy Act, the Brown Act - other important protocols - that bring about standards, have morals and standards in place - has been caught in a web of lying.

When asked to tell the truth to journalists - and release the facts - she has chosen to hide the facts.

Inept to do her job - she has hired with intent folks from Oakland and the East bay - from the Non-Profit world - and thinks she can - pull a fast one - each day that passes - she is digging her grave.

When power goes to one's head - one must stop - pause - and take a - "reality check".

The Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act - can make or break you - I specialize in this field - having been Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco's last Congressional Liaison - serving the twelve Western States. Interacting with Congresspersons and Senators - too many to name - and many today hold top positions.

Too many reports are coming my way - of people being ticked off - by one that smiles on your face and stabs you in the back.

In recent months - positions have been filled at the SFPUC - by some inept candidates - the Benefits Manager for example - she comes from the East Bay - from the non-profit sector - and has no clue about San Francisco and San Franciscans.

At a recent committee meeting - she got a mouthful - and was aghast at her own ignorance - using words in her written statement that she read - without paying attention to the detrimental and adverse impacts - to those that were hurt - listening to her remarks.

So, when Chris Jackson - a Trustee from City College - pointed this to her -  she was nonchalant and apologized - tongue in cheek.

Nepotism and favoritism must NOT be tolerated. This fungi must be address and if it is cancerous - removed.

The new Assistant General Manager in charge of Infrastructure is on board - but has miles to go - before he can achieve some real goals.

His drab experience at the Metropolitan Transportation Agency, the TransBay Project, and other dismal escapades - may have favored his status; surrounded by those that went with the flow -  but this one will be challenging to say the least.

The Central Subway is a JOKE.

Started with $600 million budget and now has reached $1.7 Billion.

Emilio may not know this - there are several court cases - and hundreds of people that have been affected by the Central Subway - shenanigans. The small businesses have been adversely affected and unlike the Third Street Light Rail - that cost $700 million starts at Fourth and King and ends in the middle to nowhere - Visitation Valley.

With the Third Street Light Rail construction over 84% of the small businesses folded - and Willie L Brown the - "thug Mayor" - wanted to have Third Street named Willie L. Brown Jr. Street - think about it - that is the high of corruption and abject, evil - power that has gone astray.

The Central Sub- way has long sought a solution to deal with the Tunnel Machine - and with many meetings - a solution has been found. It will cost MTA thousands but a solution has been found.The latest solution; the Pagoda Temple in the center of the solution found; now known as a sore sight - with some machination of sorts - it will be the future home of the Tunneling Machine.

 MTA is a joke - with 50% of its cameras on the MUNI buses not working - and the example he gave about dust control - is a Joke.
Very little good comes from the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA).

MTA has done a poor job - when it comes to dust and noise control - and more treating the Public at Large with disdain.

The Digestors at the Phelps Treatment Plant - must be addressed on a War Footing and there are two companies that can put their best foot forward and do the job.

The problem is SFPUC has a habit of dragging its legs. There is not a single project that can be put in place - without endless talking, more talking, more hand pressing, more this, that, and the other - thing.

I planned two "niche" projects and had many more to deliver. Any project that is explained in detail - is taken to a length that will put anyone is dire stress - and in the end - some idiots who have nothing to do with the planning - try to jump on the bandwagon to control the projects. I have seen this again, and again, and again.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - its leadership must take control of its destiny - steer clear of Nepotism, blatant corruption, and get back on track and leave a legacy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Thousand of small business - having taken the difficult route in our City to get themselves certified - waiting for that six month period - a requirement to get certified.

In the interim and on attaining the six month waiting cap - filling out - Requests For Proposals - and other documents.

Some lengthy - demanding bonding and security -  all the micro-businesses - the small contractors get - from the many San Francisco City Departments - is the finger.

There is a special - one of kind - COMMITTEE - created under the City Administrator - this committee - are bold to state that over 88% of micro-business - very small businesses - are not given opportunities - and find it difficult to survive.

So what is the City and County of San Francisco doing to help these small businesses?

In the mean time large PRIMES and BIG DEVELOPERS - have it all.

All they have to do is - give Platinum Consultants - some fee - and just like that - they can get a project - on a platter.

These PRIMES and BIG DEVELOPERS  cannot be touched - they do NOT follow the "local hire ordinances".

These large businesses, large PRIMES - have been given WAIVERS - and right now some investigation is going on - and those that created the mess - put on notice.

Employees of this City and County of San Francisco - certified to do their job - have been reined in - and told to - just stick to pushing the paper. Forbidding them to do inspections - even though they are certified - Compliance Officers. Many of them have come to me - and stated to me the facts.

If these hard working employees - go their Superiors - for doing the right thing - and report on the infringements - they are told to back off. All this in our fair City and County of San Francisco.

We had one instance and there are more - this one large company used the name of another company - to get all the benefits.

When the City employee - took the matter before a body to adjudicate the blatant infringements at hand - and found the "crooked company " guilty - the employee was targeted.

Is this what our City is coming to? You tell the truth and you are retaliated upon? Come on - give me a break! When has it become kosher to help the crooks - and crooks that have their evil finger - in every financial - pie?

The Mayor, Ed Lee knows about this cases - if not I can bring it to his notice. The City Administrator knows about this cases - but, has not done anything.

How can our small businesses - micro-business survive?

These PRIMES and BIG DEVELOPERS want it all - the paradox is that most of them are not from here - out of town - and have no - vested interests in the tax payers - that make possible these - large projects - from San Francisco and the near by areas.

This charade has been going on for a long, long time - and no one is doing anything about it.

Local businesses are fed up with this blatant - corruption - where folks bribe and get any type of large project and the crooked companies - with their large profits - laugh all the way to the bank.

This large companies - have the capability to make the large bonding required - $10 million, $50 million, $100 million, $500 million - bonding capacity.

As these Big Developers, Large Primes - have access to all sorts of money - tainted money from off shore banks.

Tainted money from the sale of drugs, tainted money from China - these scum of the earth - should NOT be allowed to taint our economy - many tolerating this sordid behavior; encouraging these evil entities - "filling their campaign coffers" - of the politicians and those that can grant them - favors.

Many are on the roll - and they have NO - standards, no morals, no ethics, no spirituality - and less a conscience - that is mostly, DEAD.

Why is our City following such a path - bragging about some 26 cranes in the sky - while innocent children, our seniors, other too frail from illness that can ill afford - sound health services - and DIE?

This is the City of COMPASSION - the City named after Saint Francis of Assissi.

The land belongs to the Ohlone - who welcomed the strangers - not knowing - that they would be the scum of the earth.

Create this concrete jungle that favors Market Price condominiums - and strays away from moderate income units - and less low income and low income.

You have employees in our City making in access of $250,000 - many of them - inept - and the only way they got to be where they are - is through the influence.

Some one the likes of a former Black "thug" Mayor - one person high on the list -  Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Willie L.Brown Jr. is known to place his "thugs" in position - then, with just one call - he gets what he wants. He is known to place Commissioners on City Commissions - that are despicable.

You have - the San Francisco Port Authority rubber stamping most anything that is voted on - you never hear anyone - dissenting.

It is the same with the Recreation and Park Commission - that is encouraging private entities to prey on the tax payers - and has taken control of our public open space and playing fields.

It is the same with the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - that works with the Successor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Recently granting a over $800,000 grant to an aged - heifer. 

The government of the people - more and more is becoming the government of the "thugs".

"Crooks" - folks that are dictatorial and do not want to hear from the Public at Large - anyone decent - pointing their mistakes - their faults - the lack of  comprehending simple things - which simply calls - for decency and plain common sense.

You take the matter before the Ethics Commission - and even there - no adjudication - worth the salt - is made. What are we the people to do - when a Commission that "we the people" voted to do right - again and again - does - WRONG.

Our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco is pandering - to folks that have large amount of sordid money - no questions asked - where the money is coming from - whether is it BLOOD money; from harvesting human organs - killing innocent people and harvesting the organs, selling drugs and investing the illegal profits, taking money from other unsavory entities - no one questions entities and sources that are - sordid.

In the meantime - thousands of micro-businesses are folding - better known as small business.

Investing their hard earned money and losing it all.

Fancy committees are formed - most members anointed - these members do not represent the community at large - the tax payers  are kept in the dark - when anyone - such as myself sheds light on these scumbags - all hell breaks loose. Aho.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


We have folks in our City and County of San Francisco - bragging to look - high up in the sky and count the 26 or so cranes - building mostly Market Price housing units.

Many of them cannot look beyond their noses - and are so full of it - pathetic. When will we have the fortitude - to be good leaders that represent - and do right by the people. We do not live in a land of dictators - like China and the many other countries that harvest organs, silence free speech, and always put down and segregated the poor and those that need help.

When a City begins to target the senior and the children - then; for sure something, pertinent is missing. A Wellness Center in the middle of a very toxic environment - proposed at 3450 Third Street - when a few block away at Mission Bay - a State of the Art - Women's and Children's Hospital is being built.

On the ground that we walk on - with all the Bond Measure money already in place - our roads are in very bad shape.

A select contractor has been taking his time - and the bread crumbs - thrown to others - on sites that are difficult to asphalt. The Bond Measure to repair, upgrade, and maintain our roads - is moving - like a snail - and when it is fully complete - only those - faint of heart will witness the miracle.

 Just look at the state of the road on Van Ness - right by City Hall - which should represent our FAIR City and County of San Francisco. Further down by California - the disabled cannot even cross - cracks so wide - the walking stick falls in - and the seniors fall down - with heavy traffic and those drivers - amazed at the State of Affairs. Wake up San Francisco - we can do better.

For years we have been LIED too - over fifty percent (50%) of our MUNI buses - have NO cameras. Does that compromise our health and safety? We all who pay our taxes want to know.

I spoke before the Municipal Transportation Agency - and that Commission of sorts that pretends to paint a rosy picture. They were stunned when I gave them - some facts - but, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Crime on MUNI buses has increased. People are told - the cameras are working - they are not. The Controller's Office better work harder and faster - before the documents are posted - on line for the entire world to see.

MUNI continues to waste millions of dollars - $20 million on the replacement of new cameras that do not meet standards. Another $30 million on light rail cars - that are in storage.

In place software and communication system that is antiquated. If the specs are posted on line - the world will know - how we brag about being a - "world class city " - but that is a BIG LIE.

Where is our Mayor on this one? Where is our City Administrator on this one? Where are our dumb SF Board of Supervisors on this one - leading the charge to praise MUNI - Scott Wiener?

Crime is on the increase and as much as you bring it to the attention of anyone - nothing much is done?

Our seniors and those that cannot defend themselves - assaulted - you come to your car and it is no where to be found. 

You go home - your sanctuary and someone has invaded your home - how does it feel to be violated?

More and more home breaks-ins are so common - that thousands are thinking of leaving - San Francisco. Good citizens - who have contributed so much to San Francisco.

Unlike the newly arrived wannabees - that are totally engrossed in their own petty - self engrossment - of the worst kind.

Over 10,000 chronic truants - youth - that should be attending school - and here we have goof balls - counting the cranes in the sky! Youth sleeping here, there - everywhere crashing - and among them many - queer youth.

What has Bevan Dufty the new Czar of HOPESF to say?

Go and visit any City in the world - if you see some law and order - some governance worth the salt - it is about sound leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Right now - we all know there are not sufficient Affordable Housing units for the poor, the low and no income - those that make it - pay check to pay check.

Yet; the crooks, those that do not care about the COMMONS - are working round the clock - with the many CRANES IN THE AIR - bending backwards to create Market Housing.

One bedroom renting for over $2000 on an average - 2 bedroom renting for $2800 and these are conservative - figures.

The Mayor - Ed Lee was once an advocate no more.

Twitching his moustache - wheeling and dealing - spewing diatribe - tons of words and nothing concrete following the empty promises.

At this time, all Mayor Ed Lee cares about - how his campaign coffers - are being filled.

Be it from the UNIONS who are beholden to him - the Big Developers - the likes of WEBCOR, SWINERTON, CAHILL, NIBBI, TURNER and so on - one worse than the other.

For a fee - with Platinum Consultants - other to dubious to mention - one can get anything on a platter. Time is on the side  of those that DO right - those that are nefarious - will be dealt a heavy blow - by forces that are beyond petty ordinances - and frail to stand by eternal principles that cannot be spelled - less - written. Even less understood by the immoral, unethical, sordid to the core - steeped in greed, lack of compassion - liars and the like.

For years now these BIG DEVELOPERS have not been monitored - they have not given jobs to small business - 88% of our small businesses are starving.

We must find out - who is giving WAIVERS to the Big Developers - and the real damage that it has done to our economy.

I attended the Committee formed by the City Administrator - trying to bring some law and order.

But even as this is being attempted - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has been by passing the Committee formed to address the issues pertaining to Local Business Enterprises, any Small Business - bringing disgrace - to our fair City and County of San Francisco.

We have folks like Juliet Ellis now pretending to know about Construction, pretending to know about Community Choice Aggregation; having dealing with the sordid Shell Company.

Pretending to know everything - when she is for a fact a novice - and has been DICTATORIAL - in her manner - not educated on issues - and has no history of our fair city.

Juliet Ellis has hired - folks that she knows - mostly from the East Bay - this is nepotism. And they say there is a hiring - freeze.

Depriving San Franciscans and those that know more about San Francisco and the workings of the SF Public Utilities Commission - from getting jobs.

Juliet Ellis must be told - not to be defiant - and if she continues to act - in that manner -  she will FAIL. Much like the other House Negroes.

Recently a contractor who bid and was given a contract at the Southeast Sector Commission Facility Center - walked away - and this one contract - speaks volumes.

Juliet Ellis must figure out what she wants to do - stay in San Francisco and follow the laws - abide by the contract signed - or choose to leave San Francisco - go somewhere - may be the East Bay - where anything and everything - goes.

As the Assistant Manager of Communications - Juliet Ellis has no real knowledge of Legislative matters - less of Contracting - even less of Construction - vertical or horizontal. 

hose working under her are puppets - and she keeps stepping on the toes of so many people - that now - this situation is beyond - control.

That is what happens when someone jumps from the SF Public Utilities Commission as a Commissioner - is favored by breaking the rules - anointed  an Assistant General Manager of Communications - Juliet Ellis is not qualified for that job - at all.

The community leaders in the Bayview Hunters Point are ticked off - and leading the group - Dr. Espanola Jackson.

Anyone knows - if Dr. Espanola Jackson gets ticked off - you better watch out. I tried by best - having patience with Juliet Ellis - but she simply does not get it.

Anyone can pander so much; and get away with murder - and so may be Juliet Ellis should sit down with Tony Winniker and have a nice talk.

Pay to bring back Laura Spanjian - and learn a thing or two. She woman simply does not get it - hiring folks that do not know anything much about the Southeast Sector - and less about Bayview Hunters Point.

Sit down with City Administrator Naomi Kelly and have a nice talk. Sit down with Mayor Ed Lee and have a nice talk. We do not want rogue, dictatorial, wannabees trying to hoodwink the public at large - with gimmicks.

The Community Choice Aggregation as it stands today - with the involvement of Juliet Ellis - the fake survey - and the nonchalant manner the staff under Juliet Ellis - behave - is not becoming of any decent, astute - City Department.

Be it under the jurisdiction of the General Fund - or as we have it the SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - which has been spending money with the Primes - and depriving the small contractors - by NOT giving them opportunities.

We are happy that a new Assistant General Manager for Infrastructure has been appointed.

All matters - directly or indirectly linked to horizontal and vertical construction - be it the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP)  - Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - should be totally controlled by the Assistant Manager for Infrastructure.

The community and I attended the meeting where the Community Benefits was discussed. Again suffice to say - the newly appointed Manager - appointed to handle Community Benefits - linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - was aghast - and this is just the beginning.

Some of us want to help the SF Public Utilities Commission - I proposed to "niche projects" - it took us over one and half years - to put them in place. Once in place - all sorts of unsavory folks jump on the bandwagon - and it is amazing how these folks behave.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has adversely impacted the Bayview Hunters Point - it has adversely impacted the entire Southeast Sector.

We now have a huge OUTFALL pipe - near Executive Park - going into the Bay - spewing secondary effluents - or so they say - but no one knows. We have the folks that are supposed to do outreach and have NOT done anything.

We have rouge officials who have been truck contaminated soil into our residential area - and when caught red handed denying that they are breaking the law.

We have WEIRS totally dysfunctional and these must be repaired. We have METHANE  gas spewing all over the place because of the SFPUC - and they are dragging their feet - because of leadership.

We saw SFPUC go downhill with Pat Martel, we saw it go into the cesspool with Susan Leal - we now see it with the many like types - one worse than the other. Where are the men with balls - and why do we have to pander to those that have no experience - and pity one against the other - to rise up the ladder.

Where are our standards? Where are our morals? Where are our Ethics? Who the hell bring these vermin into our community - to come into our living rooms and re-arrange our furniture - without our permission.

We try to intercede and bring peace - we try to advice and think they will listen - but, they think we have no power. Let me tell you people power is there - and we are watch you all - like a hawk.

Do right and by the people - or take a hike. You have a choice.
Never which politician - losing his sight - has your back. We can see - so far - and what we see - are wrong by folks that do not understand our community and less care about people.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Unlike many other cities in California - San Francisco from the early 1820s had a sizable Black population that did well considering the many hurdles put in their way.

Notable Blacks called Negroes in those days - had businesses, proven newspapers with a sound circulation, churches that were well attended, Blacks like Mary Ellen Pleasant who were visited by judges of the day - the movers and shakers in San Francisco. 

Unlike the Blacks that we have today - mostly sell outs the likes of Amos Brown, Willie B. Kennedy, Aurelious Walker, Sophina Maxwell -  a host of other despicable Blacks - that cannot leave a legacy.

Once they are dead - no one will remember them - scoundrels all - who have with intent filled their own coffers - and will leave an ever lasting stench - bad memories - for generations to come.

Back in the early early 1900s much before Rosa Parks - Mary Ellen Pleasant a Black - sued the streetcar company once in 1866 and again in 1868 - she had to have a white man witness the streetcar conductor refusing her a seat in order to win her case.

I bring these facts to the attention of the reader - because today's mostly House Negroes have fallen on bad times - tarnished their character - lack spirituality and are shallow - more spineless.

In the past Black leaders represented - today they pander.

The Blacks in past year - the late 1980s and early 1900s were well educated - and as I said circulated newspapers that many read and looked forward to.

Read the current so called Black newspaper - in comparison they are but a shadow of those glorious times - when Black women and men - were proud, stood proud - and made history.

The likes of Fredrick Douglas who debated President Abraham Lincoln and taught him a thing or two. Fredrick Douglas was a self educated man - in other words he did not do to any school. If you read his writings - you realize a superior, educated, astute in the understanding of his times. Much a as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader of his times - the Father of modern Civil Rights for Blacks and people of color.

Often times I talk about the Buffalo Soldiers - over 600 of them all Black interred at the Veterans' Cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco. Many Blacks in San Francisco in the year 2013 have no clue what I am talking about. And we should.

These all Black soldiers - all men of character - accompanied the first settlers to California. Not much is spoken about them to current Black children by their parents - because most current Black leaders are ignorant - NOT educated on issues.

The young and old Black politicians of today - are shallow - you see it written all over their face - the do not represent - they pander.

How can our young Black women and men - be proud of their culture?

Their Black heritage when the elders are busy raking in money, following the evil ways of the White men - and making a fool of them themselves busy indulging in eating chicken wings, bling, indulging in drugs and alcohol, demeaning women, chasing and making booty calls - wasting time gossiping - and not educating themselves to stand tall and do their Black community - proud.

When Amos Brown was removed from the Housing Authority - it was because of his arrogance - not because of his service.

When someone like Henry Alvarez was removed - he was fired because Amos Brown - fully knew of the on going corruption - and did nothing at all. Those who suffered most were Blacks.

It is like the Commission of Investment and Infrastructure awarding Willie B. Kennedy who is in her 80s - ailing, and literally on her last legs - a sum of over $800,000 to do outreach - linked the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - with a Chairperson who is Black - and Tiffany Bohee who is half-Black - that encourage such demeaning actions and will contribute to the fall of Blacks and rampant - corruption and its eventual - downfall.

In the past the woman - Willie B. Kennedy has done nothing worthwhile.

The future does not bode well for her - with the BLOOD money she has in her kitty. When she passed away - she will be remembered for her blatant corruption.

Willie B Kennedy -  will have no sound legacy to leave - accept the wheeling and dealing - and the sadness of it all - contributing to the downfall of her Black community. Aided by Vincent Dorris and Vernonica Hunnicutt  - to other despicable Black women.

Go on Sixth Street - all over the Tenderloin - you will see former Blacks that once lived in the Bayview.

Living in deplorable conditions - crack heads and more - a sad state of affairs - no one Black wants to address the condition of these Blacks - deprived of opportunities - deprived of decent jobs - now left to die on the streets of San Francisco.

Victims of discrimination, lack of opportunities - gentrification. Aided by Blacks such as Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Sophina Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Amos Brown, Willie B. Kennedy, Al Williams and more.

We have a new breed of contemporary House Negroes the likes of Malia Cohen - who has chosen to pander - smile at anything - and spew diatribe - each time she opens her mouth.

Blacks of this caliber are a disgrace to the human race - and those that support her - and listen to her lies - must be leery.

All those Blacks that backed Lennar are now reeling in disgrace - the well is dry. The Chinese Development Banks has zero toleration - working with Blacks that cannot deliver. They have a lot of real experience all over the African continent. So when the sell outs line up - they will be shafted.

No one is paying - the may sellout Black - ever since the spiraling of the United States economy in 2008.

The bribes linked with Judas of our times - that same Judas that betrayed his master.

The many Poverty Pimp Pastors - are at their wits end - they seek money for free - and anyone who seeks money without working hard - should be ashamed of themselves.

Recently; we had a principal from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Middle School in the Portola District in San Francisco - sit on a young Black girl student. Some of us took a stand - the many sell outs - knew about it - but did nothing about it.

These are the same Blacks - very much interested in BLING, chicken wings, gossip, pretending they are something - when they are as shallow, spineless - and not worthy of mention.

Once in the late 1800s and early 1900s Blacks had their own schools, their own Churches - many have and some will be celebrating the over hundred years of good work - the early Black Pastors were good shepherds.

A far cry from them the present ones -  the likes of Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, and despondent - Amos Brown.

The San Francisco Planning Department has put out a small grant of $50,000 - the SF Planning Department after permitting the decimation of the Black population in San Francisco - now wants a report of some historic context about the Black experience - linked to its fancy wording of the situation at hand - Out Migration.

Much like the birds that migrate from place to place. First there was the Diaspora and now the Out Migration. Go figure.

There were many stellar Blacks as I have pointed out many times in my writings.

Full Blocks on Bush and Pine where Blacks owned the homes and lived a full life in the late 1880s and early 1900s.

Churches all over San Francisco that are over 100 years old - and a few over 150 years old - with congregations that were disciplined, worked hard, and were educated.

Astute Blacks that left their mark as businessmen and women, doctors, teachers, handymen, construction workers, engineers, bankers, politicians - one even ran for Governor of California.

The San Francisco Planning Department refuses to acknowledge the real presence of the Black contribution - much as it has erased the acknowledgment of the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

There is nothing new there - with the sordid San Francisco Planning Department and I want John Rahaim to note - I mean what I write and will not write or say anything behind your back.

Many building built by Blacks over hundred years old - much as Washington DC was built by Blacks.

Much as the Pyramids stand tall and were designed and built by Blacks.

Today with all the Engineering - few dare build the Pyramids - that stand tall and remind all - that once there was a superior civilization and it was Black.

The rest of the world and more the Europe we now know - were barbarians, and many remain so - because of their DNA.

At the Presidio of San Francisco - the Buffalo Soldiers - had engineers - they worked on the Federal Lands and wrote the first Standard Operating Procedures - followed even today by the National Park Service.

The Buffalo Soldier contribute at the Presidio of San Francisco - building and grading many roads. And there is more - but I do not want to write a book.

Black historians the likes of Anthony Powell, architect Myles Stevens, the Ethnic Studies Department at State University with professors like Dr. Sirie McDougal, the Dean of the Ethnic Studies Department at San Francisco State University - Dr. Henry Monteiro - understand what I am talking about.

Blacks in the past - less today have taken a stand - and made history.

Less today because the present Black leadership is spineless - what can you expect from Willie B. Kennedy doing outreach for the the most corrupt - to further Development on contaminated land at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard that still belongs to the U.S. Navy?

Amos Brown always putting down those that need help - and furthering his own cause - and making a fool of himself? 

Aurelious Walker pandering to those like Malia Cohen - who rub shoulders with the most despicable - and live a life style that is not becoming. Malia Cohne is what she is - good for nothing.

The San Francisco Planning Department has not read the "Unfinished Agenda" - it has followed the Out Migration report - endorsed by mostly House Negroes that were on that committee - one worse than the other.

Passing some resolution on this and that - related to the injustices meted out to Blacks is not sufficient. 

Actions count - what have you done really and lately - to further and bring progress to the Black community in San Francisco - Al Williams?

You are always there where there is money - those interviews and rubbing shoulders with Dwayne Jones and Sophina Maxwell - take you and keep you in the cesspool.

These individuals do not have the best interests of humanity - and less of Blacks that need urgent - help.

San Francisco is a Racist City make no bones about it.

It does not help that we have Naomi Kelly who is the City Administrator - and who I consider a decent, hard working person. Her husband Harlan Kelly the General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - a good brother.

You have to take a stand and fight for what is right - do not permit anyone - to use you like a puppet on a string.

Blacks in position must take a stand and we have a rich history in San Francisco - that should shine - and can shine - but, you have to be educated on issues.

No Black worth the salt wants to take a stand for what is right - never mind - if it means making a sacrifice - in San Francisco - today.

Willie L. Brown will NOT be remembered as a good person.

May be as a "thug Mayor"  who still operates behind the scenes and I know too much about him.

Other thugs who went to jail and are his henchmen - now weakened by heart attacks and a mere shadow of their thug past.

Some Blacks have contributed in recent years - but not duly noted. In our schools the Whites continue to teach the same old history - no wonder in the ratings worldwide - we are 35th - when it comes to Middle Schools.

I talk to Black youth all the time - I do not like calling children - "kids" - goats have kids.

The Mayor of San Francisco has no clue about the history of Blacks in San Francisco.

The same old sell outs organize - and what they put on - is shallow - purporting to represent something worthwhile - as Black History.

At these shallow events they praise other Blacks in City government - more so that they can receive favors - on the front line - one always having his hand stretched - Al Williams.

The young brothers are watching - and we can deal with those that need to be dealt with.

The older generation the supposedly knowledgeable - have NO clue - so be careful - how you address and what you say.

You can say but do it  - for when you do it - you are a man. Any one can talk - we call them - sissies. We want those who can walk the walk.