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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The San Francisco Arts Commission and the Bayview Hunters Point.


The San Francisco Arts Commission is up to mischief again and this time is has requested over $500,000 to rehabilitate one wall - that some one says has dry rot.

Over $800,000 has already been spent to spruce the Bayview Opera House that was build in 1888.

Now, if that $800,000 was given to say the Department of Public Works; we could have given San Franciscans jobs and all the work required to be done - would have been done.

The $800,000 was spent - as if some volunteers were helping the Bayview Opera House and some one pocketed a lot of money. An audit is called for and we want a line item of all the expenses - linked to the rehabilitation.

For a long time no one could use the Bayview Opera House - when it was under rehabilitation.

The Bayview Opera House is a Landmard and so the repair work must be done following very high standards - we call them the Department of Interior Standards. Some say this was not done - but, this had to be investigated.

In the sixties riots took place in the Bayviw and Third Street. The Nation Guard was called - complete with machine guns and tanks. Some of the rioters took refuge in the Bayview Opera House.

The SF Police Department and other Law Enforcement - shot at the Bayview Opera House and caused damage. The one of kind chandeliers put there by the Mason way back in 1988 were damaged.

I once made mention about this fact - only for some Zionists to refer to Kristal Nacht - a day when the Nazis - invaded and smashed shops and homes - belonging to the Jews in Germany.

Well, now the SF Arts Commission has taken over the Bayview Opera House and all sorts of ploys and machinations are in order and are being executed.

It is strange how the SF Arts Commission consisting of most bigoted Whites - will invade and take over landmark buildings - from a community that is mostly of color.

The Polynesian community, the many Latinos, the Native Americans, the dwindling Blacks, the decent Whites - are not permitted to rent the Bayview Opera House - easily. This is a crying shame.

Now, during Summer - the Bayview Opera House will be out of bounds to our youth. So, more youth will be killed. The SF Arts Commission - really does not care about life and Quality of Life issues. All it cares is about money, grants, gifts, and huge amounts - so that it can keep much of it for dubious purposes.

The Bayview Opera House is name the Ruth Williams Opera House - but not once; will mention be made - of this fact.

There is even a bust of Ruth Williams inside - in honor of her hard work and maintaining that landmark building for years - when the City and County and others - deferred maintenance and let it go down. Her son is the will know Kevin Williams - who this City and County harassed because he took a stand.

As a Compliance Officer at the SF Airport - the Whites put a noose on some sites where Black contracts were operating. Kevin took a stand - but this City and County of San Francisco - sided with the crooks and those that put the noose. So, much for justice and blatant - discrimination.

Around 2002 I took upon myself to donate over 200 good chairs and some long tables so that we could have some decent events - at the Ruth Williams Opera House.

We started with the " Bayview Hunters Point Conference on Crime Prevention " that was held on May 31, 2002 at 4705 Third Street where the Ruth Williams Opera House is situated.

Hundreds of City officials and hundreds of other interested people attended the Conference - one of the better conference we organized - with the community in attendance and many still speak of that conference. California Senator in those good times - donated a large banner and that was nice. Supervisor Jake McGoldrick was in attendance and so were many officials that were amazed about how this event was put together - and we also had guest from Southern California and other places.

Later, when we went to rent the Bayview Opera House - excuses were given that it was not available. At other times a high price was quoted - to keep the local people out.

However, the SF Arts Commission on high jacking the Bayview Opera House - now, does as it pleases.

Tell lies that the Bayview Opera House is used for this, that and the other. While all the time - asking for money and pocketing most of it. The future is ours and time is on our side.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy