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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Chinese and our debt ceiling woes - we are panderers to the world - with our dollar losing ground.

The Chinese and our debt ceiling woes. We are panderers to the world - with our dollar losing - ground and our Nation in peril.

The Republicans are holding this Nation - hostage.

So, the world heard it. The Chinese are now rebuking us and asking us to get our act together.

The young Turks within the Republican Party in the House - more the Tea Party - could not care less.

Ever heard of Representatives that do not care if their stupid actions - adversely affect the Nation?

Adversely affect our Seniors and our children? The sick and those that cannot fend for themselves?

The Republicans always want to start from a point - where they can create the mess from their vintage point - and then someone else - has to take the blame for it.

I remember well - when Bill Clinton was in the White House - our fiscal matters were under control.

I also remember when George W. Bush left the White House - our fiscal matters were in a complete - mess.

Now, let us get realistic - if the Young Turks within the Republican Party - behaved like this in any other Nation - they all would be behind bars.

Our Constitution forbids putting our Nation is peril - and there is every cause to take action on this important matter.

Let us not play with lives and the lives of many all over this Nation. Human beings who are decent - unlike those in Congress that are playing games - with intent to adversely affect our Nation.

More, a process that has been undertaken hundreds of times - without any fun fare - linked to the debt ceiling.

President Barack Hussein Obama must invoke the relevant section in the Constitution - and raise the Debt Ceiling. Force the Republicans as a whole to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

If the Chinese decided to withdraw their assets in the billions - mostly U.S. Treasury Bonds - our economy will spiral and take years to recover.

The Republicans are playing with the lives of innocent,hard working people - and the time has come to send a clarion call, now - and a steadfast reply at the coming - Elections.

In the interim we the people bailed the Banks - and the corrupt Banks are sitting on trillions of dollars and waiting to see the FOOLS act out their foolishness in the House.

The representatives in the Senate have some sanity - and have chosen to wade the machinations at the House level - and deal them the final blow.

A few minutes ago the President spoke - and he said that nothing much has changed. We have until Tuesday to fix this madness - but, as I said it is already too late.

It is already too late - our interest rates will go up, our Bond Rating lowered, our dollar will sink, and soon - all of us will feel the pain - when we purchase the many things we need to keep us going.

Wall Street is already telling us every day that this nonsense cannot go forever - the Stocks are spiraling.

The mess that led to the Economic Woes in 2008 stemmed from the foolish actions when the Republicans were in power. No one bothered to check on Wall Street. Today, no one bothers to check on the large Financial Institutions.

This mess is linked to the two wars - where billions are spent - every single month - with no end in sight - even though some statements are made that we are withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Private armies - paid by the United States - is costing our Nation - millions - if not billions.

With the sub-prime loans and derivatives that originated in the Unites States we messed up the world economy.

The repercussion in Greece, Portugal, Italy, and soon to be other countries - all point to the 2008 economic  woes. If you look deeper - the banks are still there hovering around and buying up Real Estate in all of these countries that are suffering.

Today, we are playing with the lives of innocent people, our Seniors, our Disabled, our children - and the Middle Class has already - eroded. 

There is nothing funny about this "debt ceiling" - back and forth - that those in the Republican Party can attain; to win the admiration of the American People. People all over this Nation - and the world - are fed up with them.

As I said - it is too late to bring about any progress to the talks.

The President must not wait and take the matter to the Supreme Court. Then once and for all - the world will read the adjudication - and for once the Republicans will learn their lesson.

15 years ago, we as a Nation would never, ever have thought the Chinese would have had so much to do with our economy. But, the matter of fact is they do.

I have seen them gobble up huge tracts of land in Australia, huge cattle farms in New Zealand, control mines in Africa, and try to take control of the oceans and the sea, in a mighty way - all with a trade that is backed and subsidized by the Government of China.

The Chinese flood our Nation with inferior goods and we allow them to do that.

We cannot penetrate their trade hurdles in China - and the Chinese tariffs that are high - and the American People are at a loss for words. This one way of doing business must stop.

And the way that we must take action - is stop buying goods made in China that do not meet our standards.

It is time we cap our trade with China and the infiltration of inferior goods, the pacts some of our leaders make behind the scenes - to fill their campaign coffers.

This one sided trade is not spoken off in open - but, it is despicable - to witness so much of what is available on the market - stamped " Made In China".

We can do better. We must do better.

Now to both parties - if you dare adversely impact the  entitlements - earned by the Seniors - you will be in deep trouble. Just try it and watch out - for the repercussions.

It is a shame that - you, so called adults are behaving like kids - playing in the sand box. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

You Republicans in the House in the last 200 plus days - have NOT initiated one single bill linked to jobs. Yet, your leader started his speech the other day talking about jobs.

You Republicans have lost it - and Abraham Lincoln would be ashamed of you all.

At one time there was some little decency left in your drab Party - but, now it has gone down the drain - and floating in the CESSPOOL of your own - creation. Aho.