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Friday, March 31, 2017


Vladamir Putin and Lt. Gen. Flynn -
for just this type of operation -
now - let us see who is taken down?

On the campaign tour - Donald Trump - would often say - he has access to the Generals - and that he knew more than anyone one - about the State of our Nation.

 Well, he fell in the trap - and in doing so - got himself entangled in the web - of deceit, betrayal, mistrust, confounded -  Donald Trump has won the election - but betrayed our Nation. He now swims in the stinking " cesspool " of his own - creation.

Donald Trump and his many shenanigans -
today - he does not know - who to turn to -
that is why he has appointed his own daughter -
who will advise him - how best to survive in the White House.

Once our Nation took pride in the "education " that our schools, colleges and universities - imparted to the many - who took pride to study and more to be educated.

As years passed by - more in the last 30 years - that education - that many took pride in - has eroded and being eagerly  substituted with " sound bites " - gossip - the folks on forums - who talk from both sides of their mouth. Boring!

There is a lot of information out there - in cyber space.

 The ability to filter the information - to " discern " and retain the best information - is education.

It is here where those who are NOT educated on issues - fail.

 One of many - who exhibits this every single day - is Donald Trump.

 Any gossip, any news that tickles him to smile - spurs him to " twit " - and those that twit - are prompted to do so - without much thought.

Lt. Gen. Flynn is well know among the Chain of Command - he is a trained Intelligence Officer - and can go into a den of thieves or lions - and come out unscathed.

Lt. Gen. Flynn has met many " operatives " and each meeting has been duly noted and monitored by those that do their duty and work.

Lt. Gen. Flynn would not compromise himself - unless he had all his bases covered.

Not so Donald Trump - he has used the Russians to undermine our Nation.

 Even today his Executive Orders  - blatantly - target " Muslims ". Which is against the law - the man does not get it.

 Donald Trump's concept to built a wall - when the world is tearing down walls - says it all.

Donald Trumps  disdain for the Federal  Judges who have the power - to bring the President to his knees - are all glaring examples - of an " egocentric maniac" - gone wild -  totally besirk.

Donald Trump has created a " divisiveness " never, ever seen  before - initiated all by a " sitting President ".

The many groups today - expounding - " socialism " and " communism " the many  "fanatics " - those following " cults " that have NO checks and balances - are many - now bad mouthing our Nation - with some wrong placed - gusto.

This is NOT a time to listen to the gossip and those who are NOT educated on issues.

Those that talk from both sides of their mouth - and more those that talk the talk that makes no sense - we call in daily parlance - nonsense.

Today our Legislative and Judicial Branch of our Government - is playing a critical and pertinent role - that our Founding Fathers - put is place - be NOT perfect - sound enough - to keep an " egoistical maniac " at bay - his name is Donald Trump.

Lt. Gen. Flynn - wants impunity to testify -
he has his notes - Donald Trump does not -
Lt. Gen. Flynn - does not have to go far -
those that monitor all things - will back him up.

General James " Mad Dog " Mattis -
U.S. Secretary of Defense

We have a General who is a "historian " - and well versed in Military Affairs - his name in General James Mattis - affectionately - called " Mad Dog ". 

As United States Secretary of  Defense - we the people  - the constituents of the United States - have a person - educated on issues -  General James  - " Mad Dog " Mattis -  is and has been on our side.

General James Mattis - will " deliver " - that is how it works - when the good and informed - have to stand up and defend the Nation  -  save the Nation - from those diabolical in nature.

Only those we call the " scum of the earth" will dance to the music of the Russians - who do not have our Nation's best interests. Today the state of affairs is worst than the " Cold War " - the very entrails of our Democracy - is being targeted.

Our leaders both Republican and the Democrats - cannot make up their mind - whether to be true to their Parties - or to the Nation?

The people united will never, ever be defeated.

The New York Times and other well know newspapers are now stepping up with " investigative reporting". 

For too long has the Main Media - pandered to news that is mundane - that has come to bite them in the butt.

Those forums that bombard us with " sound bites " - now have to work hard to catch up.

We all know that Donald Trump is a master - when it comes to put out " misinformation " - more,  to divert our minds - not so those that are " educated on issues " - they can see through the fog.

The Democrats are not worth the salt - Hillary Clinton should stay in some hole and cure her soul. 

She lied and thinks that by spewing more lies - she will be liked - much like Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton  has been exposed - her many lies, and plots uncovered - and that there is more to her - sordid story.

The Independents in our Nation - is that segment - that must now step up - and provide the impetus - to take our Nation to a better place. The time is now - and time is running out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


After years of dedicated service - 
on many critical fronts - being the first Black woman -
holding important positions  - Bobbrie Brown - 
has "retired" - we wish her all the best.

They do not make them anymore - smart, always listening, saying less and doing more - she been in the trenches - A Civil Rights leader.

Bobbrie Brown  has been involved in many mediations and won big time - she has that quality that says it all - " I will hear you out and I assure you - I will find a solution".

Mrs Bobbrie Brown and I have been good friends - for many years.

There were many years at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 1800 Oakdale - where Bobbrie Brown sat as a Commissioner - one of few - who fully understood the workings - of how any process works.

Often times at many meetings - I would have to listen to people venting - more to have their two minutes of fame.

Then as usual to bring about some balance  -  on important issues - that demand deeper understanding " technical know how " but more the process that the City and County of San Francisco has in place - most of these processes - convoluted - would also demand the input of Bobbrie Brown to add to what I had to say.

Bobbrie Brown would listen intently and say a few words - and most of the time - what she said made sense - but what was important no one dared to attack her.

More - as they did the others - in the many heated arguments - some would would just run their mouth - at the Southeast Community Facility Commission - meetings. The meeting required a lot of patience - but such were those days - that we all participated in - because the City and County of San Francisco - failed to support the pressing needs of the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - Bayview Hunters Point.

Bobbrie Brown at the San Francisco 
Public Utilities Commission - she was given
a commendation - recognizing her service to San Francisco.

BobbrieBrown worked as a capable Black woman - holding some very important positions - more as the First Black woman to do so - in some large Corporations.

Other large facilities and  places more dealing with Human Resources - and did so at University of California for many years - involved in " employee mediations " - before retiring.

She volunteered at her Church and she volunteered at the Southeast Community Facility Commission - always having the best interest of her community - the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

On March 28, 2017 in Room 400 - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - honored Bobbrie Brown with a Commendation - honoring Bobbrie Brown - for her dedicated service to the constituents of San Francisco - and for her sacrifice to make our City and County of San Francisco - a better place.

Toni Battle  - Bobbrie Brown's daughter -
has a few words - on behalf of her mother -
like mother like daughter - she did us all proud.

Bobbrie Brown truly appreciated the honor bestowed on her - and those from the community who appreciated her dedicated service spoke - further assuring Bobbrie Brown - that she would always been remembered - having left a - stellar, legacy.

Toni Battle above spoke on behalf of her mother - further impressing upon the SF Public Utilities Commission - and other present in the audience -  the many virtues of dear mother - and her committment to Public Service and more to the Bayview Hunters Point community.

We wish Bobbrie Brown all the best. God bless her and the family. I wish her good health and peace of mind. Her family loves her, her community loves her - and I know that God will bless her all the day of her life - here on Earth and beyond.

Here are some notes about the Southeast Sector Community Facility Commission Building - and the many issues we all tackled in one year - put all the years together and it gives the reader - the many thousands of hours put in - and the even more issues deliberated - by those who volunteer and make great sacrifices:

Monday, March 27, 2017


Democracy was practiced here on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

We should read our history - more the Matriarchal System - that prepared on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

The Long Cabin - the Iroquois Tribe - our Founding Fathers - seeking a new way of thinking and governance and finding it on the East Coast - by having close discussion and deliberation with the Six Nations.

Early on it was not uncommon for the Six Nations and other Tribes to be invited to the White House.

Where gifts were exchanged and the Founding Fathers - in awe - astounded that the Six Nations and others - had a far superior governance - than they had been exposed to.

 What little the British had to offer  - derived from the Magna Carta - and other Feudal Laws - that were full of loopholes.

The Native American Tribes spoke freely and generously offered the best they have to offer - in concepts, governance, and the making of Turtle Island - that stood the test of human endurance.

There was WISDOM for those that had their heart in the right place - to embrace - and make our world a better place.

Today we have magna maniacs who think - they can fool all the people all the time. The likes of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Of course we have to thank the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - those who put together a frame work with due diligence - has prevented WAR for over 70 years.

In World War II we America - aided Britain, France, Russia, China, and went on to defeat Germany and Japan.

The horrible details of War - the deep scars - are known only to those that - endured the deep wounds, the trials and tribulations - that still haunt those who are alive in their golden years.

Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin - are creatures - of their own environs - that have NO clue and less have a heart - for those that genuinely gave their lives to make this world a better - place.

Today, we want to go back to a time - when some maniacs tried to exercise their power beyond their own horizons.

More - when Mao Tze Tung, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and others too many to name - tried to rule supreme - despots of a kind - ruthless and unsound of mind -  were defeated.

Putin today has tried to mess with America - but America is very strong and the American people - have not forgotten who were those that were given succor - after the World War II.

History repeats itself - and Russia today - has its wings clipped and its hands tied - and if those leaders in Russia - who are not respected by the Russian people - deem it necessary to attack - those Nations that are UNITED - swiftly and very promptly Russia - can be noticed and taken down.

Those that have taken inventory of our arms and ammunition - our cyber weapons - our inventory of nuclear weapons - know who has more.

This is a dangerous time - and only those experience  that are fully " educated on issues " - can bring about some sanity.

America with the Democrats in power - let their guard down -  deceived by those in the Democratic Party - thousands of shallow Democrats - who even today - have not fully realized the harm they have done - to the entire Free World.

The Democrats losers - the likes of Hillary Clinton -  and those that use to talk the talk but failed to walk the walk - now - have to start from the very foundation.

They have to  build up a Party that has a conscience - and more a deep responsibility to the World Constituent - that has put its faith in the United States.

Past Presidents of the Untied States - not all - but some have done all in their power to work hard for all the people.

Those Presidents who divided our Nation - others who partook in the shenanigans all over the world - created Banana Republics - their deed are there for all the world to see.

We had NO business attacking - any Nation that did not attack us - they did not interfere with our Sovereign Status - we conducted ourselves with misinformation - Weapons of Mass Destruction - no where to be found.

This land all of it - once better know as Turtle Island - will be intact - as best it can - according to the dictates of the Great Spirit.

Those strangers - more who speak with a " forked tongue " will be brought to their knees.

What we see today - is what the prophets knew - for hundreds of years - nothing is new to those that see beyond the beyond.

Vladamir Putin and Donald Trump - are two fools that cannot fool - all the people all the time.

Surely and in a more timely manner - both maniacs will be brought to their knees.

This Nationalism of sorts - does not given the people the ability to live as human beings - and we are not about to give up our freedom to cater to the needs of - known thugs and maniacs - one worse than the other.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of FREEDOM is LICENSE.

 Once each human being who believes in true freedom figures that out - once one figures that out - more, what is means to be a true CITIZEN - most everything falls in place.

Do not ever trust the Politicians - more the liars and thieves we have closer to home Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell.

Our Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein - in the White House Donald Trump - most of these politicians have " corruption " at the core of all their nefarious core.

Continue to - operate the projects - their wheeling and dealing - their pay to play - ploys and machinations. Aho.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Chief Joseph

This land all of it - every square inch belongs to the Native Americans. The sooner we realize this fact the better - we cannot be condoning the actions of  liars, thieves, and people who have no morals less - ethics.

Some three hundred years - the shamans, the Native American Chiefs - saw the palefaces - and did not know what to make - of these mostly dirty, filthy, stinky - they called them palefaces.

After some interaction  - observing their strange ways - quickly adjudicated - not to trust these people - who spoke with a - " fork tongue ".

The fork tongue - comes from the snake - that tongue - and its fangs that could strike - much like a dangerous viper - and strike one dead - if quickly the bite is not addressed - you are - dead.

Lewis and Clark -
sent to the West - by Jefferson -
reported in detail how pristine and vast the land was.

At that time - from many reports - and even later from the travels by Lewis and Clark - we read - how pristine the land was.

The lakes, the rivers, the dense forests, the animals of all kinds, the Buffalo - the mountains - all that this land was - then affectionately called - " Turtle Island ".

Today a general perusal hits on senses - and we wonder - why would anyone - anyone more human - destroy, contaminate, pollute and yet in great pomp and splendor - declare they are human - when they have disgrace - humanity and human kind.

The Great Chief Sitting Bull

The many tribes lived peacefully - and there was an abundance of food - edible greens, berries of all kind - animals big and small, fish of all kind, you get the picture - the land we now call America - then called Turtle Island - belonged rightfully to the children of the Great Spirit.

Today this land some 3, 717, 812. 8 square miles - still is very large - with a population of some 315 million people - plus.

This land has vast resources and more - the Native American Tribes whose land this is - are treated - like second class citizens.

Again and again - we witness the atrocities - but few of us - have the guts - to stand for what is right - and more discern - to do right.

If the Independents had ceased the " moment " - the situation today would be totally different - today we have to deal with Donald Trump - because Independents compromised - and when you put all the eggs in one basket - and back a " liar " - like Hillary Clinton - what you get is a  - " egoistical maniac " - Donald Trump.

Today in the White House we have an " egotistical maniac ".

I keep getting emails from youth, young adults, and others too - asking me - how the hell we manage - in the United States of America - to choose some one like Donald Trump - as the President of the United States.

President Andrew Jackson

President Donald Trump whose hero is Andrew Jackson - another President who discriminated, was arrogant, despised Blacks then called Negroes - Native Americans - and thought nothing of ridding all people of color - by genocide or any means necessary.

The recent defeat of Donald Trump and his Speaker Paul Ryan - is just the tip of the " situation " we all are facing - and there is more to come.

The Affordable Health Care Act - will remain for some years - experts say 2020. Certain portion can be tweaked to strengthen the Affordable Health Care Act - also know well as Obama Care.

The Trump Administration may stoop low - to cut funding and put hurdles in the way - of the Affordable Health Care Act.

More to serve those who need help - when it comes to our much needed health services.

Our service and compassion - to those needy, the poor, the indigent, and those that have fallen on bad times - has always been of the highest priority - that is what makes other cities and entities of note - appreciate  San Francisco and San Franciscans  - who take care of the most - vulnerable.

Donald Trump will try to change the " Tax  System " and fail.

He already has adversely impacted the regulatory agencies - foremost being the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, agencies that regulate and help our citizens - that Donald Trump - in his madness and hallucinations that haunt him - that he thinks - are unnecessary. Time will tell.

Adi Amin

                                           Benito Mussolini

Mao Tze Tung


Joseph Stalin

Donald Trump imagines and hallucinates a lot - tweeting in the wee hours of the morning - much like other " maniacs " - Mao Ttze Tung,  Joseph Stalin, Benito Musollini, even Adi Ami  - whose behavior - borders that Donald Trump - who should be ashamed of his behavior - he has made the United States of America - a laughing stock - all over the world.

Wake up America - be educated on issues - so that with sound education - you may be able to discern - and shed light where there is abject - darkness.

We must weed out - early on - liars and cheaters - the likes of Hillary Clinton - that led to the early ouster of Bernie Sanders - and brought in Donald Trump -  a man who is out of his mind.

Here in San Francisco those politicians that have failed us Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, - wanna bees the likes Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - have tarnished the name of our fair City and County of San Francisco.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - the entire San Francisco area and beyond - stolen - each and every square foot.

You would not know it - the way the " thieves " speak and deliberate - wheel and deal -  in the August Chamber - Room 250 at City Hall.

Building on this precious land - skyscrapers - wheeling and dealing - pay to play - and they think all is right - these  ver crooked " thieves " - will fall flat on their faces.  

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Donald Trump - 
he has repelled to the bottom of the shit pit.

Donald Trump has repelled to the bottom of the " shit  pit " - his plans to replace the Affordable Health Care Act - led by Speaker Paul Ryan - hit Donald Trump so hard - all his blatant excuses - do not matter - he is a looser.

Donald is  trying to keep a straight face - but  himself - totally naked, beaten, his tail between his legs - disgraced.

Donald Trump uses every occasion - he can possibly find -  to play to the " camera ".  These gimmicks will come to a halt - no one can " fool all the people all the time ".

Sound process does not work like that - and in " politics " - the ability to negotiate - is an art - and for sure Donald Trump - does not fit the mold - because he sticks to his conservative views - hunkers down - and such actions have repelled him to the pit -  keeping the company of odd balls

Two buffoons one worse than the other.

The Affordable Health Care Act - has areas that need to be tweaked.

 For sure those that pay higher premiums - more today, when they cannot afford it - have to be helped.

Of course Democrats like Nancy Pelosi - Hillary Clinton - will not go there - because she and others like her - are filthy rich - and are connected to the " Exchanges ".

Hillary Clinton should keep quiet - never again - should she run for office. So stop barking from the sidelines - no one is paying attention to a liar like you - and more a crook - that pandered to Donna Brazile and others - we do not forget - and we do remember.

Dianne Feinstein - evil to the core.

The " Exchanges " are insurance companies - that rake in billions - and help contribute and fill the " campaign coffers " - of the politicians.

The crooked ones - the likes of Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - other politicians - who do not give a damn - do not bother to lift a finger - to help those that most need help.

In all of the recent happenings - the words " repeal and replace " - offer a position - where there cannot be - meaningful progress.

It is like playing " football " - and the only play you offer - time and time again - " is the Hail Mary " - throwing the ball - here, there, everywhere - but using the - " Hail Mary ".

You will NOT win.

There are Republicans who went along - with Donald Trump - because he lied to the constituents during the " campaign ".  Promising them the world - saying sweet things the people wanted to hear - none of his promises - can be fulfilled - because Donald Trump is like that - he says things - and conveniently forget he said them - and if you remind him of his nonsense - he will make excuses.

In many of the areas that Republicans control - they have " very poor indigent Whites - who badly need heath care ". The paradox is that they got it from the Affordable Health Care Act.

Many of those who did not work for years - those from constituencies - with coal mines - wanted HOPE - and saw their only hope in Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton - promised them no hope - just because she saw - everything bad with " coal ".

If you are a decent human being - you have to give people hope - and that comes from - " compassion " - that come from being very " decent " - Hillary Clinton in a chronic liar - and must fade away.

The Affordable Health Care has catered to thousands of indigent Americans - those with pre-existing conditions.

 Americans - all over our Nation the United Stares - who once had no " health care " - could not even go the " emergency room " - more, in rural areas - got as least the basic help - before that -  they all had nothing at all.

 In smaller counties - people died - more, because there are no medical facilities , no doctors - nothing what so ever - people - decent American died a slow death.

Here was this Nation spending billions fighting wars - while people died at home - others pass the fifth day of the month - had no money for clothes, for food, for heat,  had to face the inclement weather and died from respiratory diseases and more.

Here is San Francisco - we have found that using the Affordable Health Care - few people  go the " emergency ' - reducing those that go to the Emergency Room - to over forty percent.

Here in San Francisco - using the Affordable Health Care model - we have accommodated more patients - using Medical, Medicaid, Medicare, and created our own model of HealthySF.

The Republicans have lost - but they lost because they truly did not have an alternate plan to offer. 

They spoke about Repeal and Replace - but as hard as I looked for a " Comprehensive Replace " - I have not seen a Blue Print - with line items offerings - that could be viable and sustainable.

As I said before - we now have for sure at least until 2020 - to tweak the Affordable Health Care - also know as Obama Care.

We can and should  offer the plan to the more decent, hard working tax payers - by working with the " Exchanges " - more here in California and for sure in San Francisco.

We can create a model and impress upon the Republicans to join us - if not all of them - at least some of them. If we do this - we can win one battle at a time - and may be the war in the end.

There is NO doubt the Insurance Companies until now - have gone unscathed - we have not confronted them - we have not targeted them.

They have fleeced the poor and the indigent - those that cannot afford much - are on a fixed income -  and in many cases have to forsake eating well, buying clothes, other essentials - just to pay their premiums.

Many of these cases - are linked with families who have a number of children - that make these cases all the more - exacerbating to adjudicate and find solutions. 

Even today paying $1000 a day for a hospital, $500 for a short trip using an ambulance, $50 for a bottle of aspirin, $500 for a MRI that did not reveal anything, thousands of dollars as much as $60, 000 for a operation, $150,000 for a heart operation and more - is mind boggling.

Our doctors, registered nurses, medical technicians, others in the medical field - must step up and do right - most of you all - are having a good time - making big money - just because you can.
Failing the Hippocratic Oath - disgracing all decent - and more the good that can and should be done - to the human race. 

Our politicians are still into a frame of mind - paying attention to filibustering - and other such ploys and machinations.

 Using evil back room deals - wheeling and dealing - pay to play ploys - making deals with sordid lobbyists - that the Democrats do not talk - too much about - but earn their money in such sordid manner - they talk too much and the time has come to deal with these - scum bags.

Lobbyists who do harm - should be sent to jail for a minimum of 30 years - and in some cases the death penalty should be reserved for them.

The same for politicians who take bribes.

We have them at San Francisco City Hall - and we look at them as something - when they are the scum of the Earth.

Much has been made about Donald Trump - but in a way he opened a can of worms - and exposed crooks like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Donna Brazile - closer to home London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and many others  - too. 

I know that Barbara Garcia - Director of Health Department - is breathing a sigh of relief.

 This is our only opportunity - to stop wasting millions - and to stop dumping innocent patients - to live in Single Residency Hotel - filthy, with mice, infested with bed bugs, roaches - thinking that we can continue in like manner for ever - taking shots at Donald Trump and the Republicans - when we ourselves are guilty of many things - that I can expose you all - the list in very - long.

We fought for HealthySF - more because of our infants, our children, our youth, young adults, our Seniors - those with compromised health - the physically challenged and mentally challenged - could get basic services. 

This model works - it only works because this is San Francisco - and San Franciscans are unique.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - that most forget - including the crooked politicians - that are NOT welcome on Muwekma Ohlone Land.

Mayor Ed M. Lee -
he has with intent set San Francisco on Fire.

It would work better had we NOT to deal with crooked politicians like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - others too - that I will name  - scum of the Earth.

The Affordable Health Care - if it was voted against -  would sent a shill through the spine of many in San Francisco.

Some of us worked - behind the scene - much like we will work behind the scene to remove Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, other crooked politicians - who still think - the can make hay while the sunshine - who continue to rake in millions illegally - BLOOD - money.