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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


This is a conceptual plan - thousands 
of homes are planned to be built on -
land that is contaminated - more prone 
to liquefaction and flooding - registering
 high levels of radioactive elements and more.

Brand new homes in the thousands have been planned to be built on very contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and flooding - and more registering very high levels of radioactive elements.

Adversely impacting many innocent people - who have been hoodwinked by developers such as Lennar Urban a rogue developer - aka 5 Point Holdings, LLP.

More at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

In this area today - we have increased cases of respiratory diseases, heart diseases, tumors one of kind, other chronic diseases - and many women giving birth to still born babies.

San Francisco has the " Precautionary Principle " on its books - but no one seems to pay attention to the Precautionary Principle:

We are now experiencing an unique phenomenon - in previous times mostly people of color - were victims - but today we see more  middle class whites.

More - who had money and wanted a roof over their head - purchase these homes of about $850,000 and promised the world.

Today they want to bail out and want their money - but that will not be easy. Most of them did not read the fine print - and those Insurance Companies - that took care of their liability - will not fork out money - not when those that signed - knew what they were getting - be it they did not read the fine - print.

These homes bombarded by contaminants -
other hazardous elements - daily -
adversely impacting infants, children, youth,
seniors and those with compromised health.

All sort of ailments suddenly hit these new home owners - and before you know it - another factor - was revealed - Tectra Tech had changed the manifest - substituted the " dirty soil " more classified Class One soil - with clean soil.

To the astonishment of all - and more shocked - reports of  burying " dirty soil " - in areas where once there was clean soil - to the detriment of the near by community - but more to astonishment - of the enforcement authorities - agencies like the Federal - Environmental Protection Agency.

Paradoxically it took the Donald Trump Environmental Protection  - to follow up on the Tectra Tech Whistle Blowers' case - all these years - when the Democrats were in power - it was business as usual - adversely impacting our infants, our seniors - and thousands of other who were exposed the toxic contaminants - registering at very high level.

The SF Health Department, the SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - the SF Office of Infrastructure and Investment - the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board, the Regional Water Board - and other enforcement agencies - all failed to enforcement the laws on the books - kicking the can down the street - on these many years.

This was the same case - with those City Department mentioned below:

The main City Departments the SF Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection, the Department of Public Works, the SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF Department of the Environment, the SF Health Department - and others have NOT been diligent - and have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

The once plain Malia Cohen -
who now spends thousands to look -
liked a fake Lemur - go figure!

The District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen has the most BLOOD on her hands.

For all her talk - this political whore must not go Scott Free - she must  be charged for being negligent - and more harming thousands of lives with intent. She must be charged under the RICO ACT - even if she succeeds to get a seat on the State Equalization Board - let us see who does the heavy lifting - then - spreading her leg on the advertisement - while displaying on the traits of a - political whore. 

Even today - this air head - Malia Cohen - does not really comprehend the harm done by those in authority - who had a duty - to be more involved and diligent.

Much of the homes - built on Parcel A -
are built on Serpentine Rock - when crushed -
this rock releases Asbestos Structures -
the particles when inhaled - lead to Mesothelioma -
a deadly diseases that causes excruciating pain.

Lennar Urban and 5 Point Holdings LLP - has been building homes on polluted and very contaminated land.

More - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

The above City Department have looked the other way - and now that some Whistle Blowers - working for Tectra Tech have revealed the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - under the supervision of Tectra Tech - all hell has broken loose.

In the interim even before Tectra Tech was caught red handed - other Prime Contractors did the same - nothing happened to them - they took the money - did a poor job - and laughed all the way to the bank.

Of course we know thousands of our children, our seniors, those with compromised health - those who were in the wrong place and exposed to the many hazards - more - high levels of radioactive elements - many of them have died and others are dying a slow death.

The last seven Mayors of San Francisco - have failed San Franciscans and have to ask themselves - why did they fail us and if they have BLOOD on their hands?

More, those Mayors who worked with Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP -  they must be held responsible and with them Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and retired Congresswoman Barbara Boxer.

All those involved with the transfer of Parcel - surrounded by other very contaminated and toxic parcels - why build homes in the middle to Chernobyl?

No price can be put on the lives of those that died - just because of the situation at hand - a fact that the SF Health Department has not addressed.

More folks like Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell - the Director of Health Barbara Garcia and Tomas Argon - the many Directors all these years linked to SF Planning Department, the City Administrators that knew it all and did nothing.

Others too many to name - all on this long list and more have BLOOD on their hands.

The paradox is that when it comes to White lives - everything changes - and suddenly standards, quality of life issues, and other important factors - that were over looked - suddenly are  focused on - zeroed in. Time will tell.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


With a dirty smirk on her face -
Juliet Ellis keeps defying decency, ethics,
and has NO standards - she should be fired.

Juliet Ellis is a scourge - a pest that will NOT go away - she thinks this is Jamaica - and has brought her sordid past - right  her to San Francisco.

She should have stayed in Oakland - and wallowed in that cesspool - here, in San Francisco we do not need a an evil woman - who shouts in your face ; " you get a job, you get a job - everybody gets a job ".

Dares to give a presentation at the Main Library in the Koret Meeting Room - spewing diatribe - and trying to fool all the people all the time. The boring presentation was full of flaws - and more full of sordid lies - the woman simply does not get it - time for her - to move - be fired - she should fade into oblivion. A pest.

Who in the whole wide world - would shout such a slogan -  to her fellow employees - " you get a job, you get a job, everybody gets a job ".

More, when she has nothing what so ever - to do with jobs - in the first place - she has proved incapable to deliver any services - because she is NOT qualified - and should be fired.

Here first act when she was hired - at the SF Public Utilities Commission - was to divert - a large sum of money - over $200,000 to Green For All.

 A non-profit that she continued to be with - while still holding the position as Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - conflict of interest.

Everyone is supposed to take an orientation - study the many pertinent rules linked to Ethics - this is mandatory. Juliet Ellis thinks she is above the law. This is what happens when you hang and pander with Gavin Newsom, Willie L. Brown Jr.

Other crooked people - the likes Juliet Ellis hangs around at Green For All.

Sorry, this is not Oakland - and we should be leery hiring- the corrupt and crooks from other places - here in San Francisco -San Franciscans deserve better - these scum bags need to be weeded out.

Charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission - Juliet Ellis - paid a large fine, returned the money - but has NOT rehabilitated herself.

A scum bag of the highest order - hundreds of employees detest her - and she still does not get it.

In the first place Juliet Ellis does not have the credentials to be " Chief Strategy/Assistant General Manager, External Affairs " - at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

All her ploys and machinations are targeted towards wheeling and dealing. Harlan Kelly allows this and these sordid actions - will bring his down fall.

Juliet Ellis keeps giving herself these stupid titles - and those who witness her ploys and machinations - are fed up with this evil woman.

Recently she gathered the employees to give a long - dragged out presentation - at the Koret Meeting Hall - the SF Main Library in the basement. Where Juliet Ellis proceed to spew  lies and painted a picture that all is well within the SF Public Utilities Commission - when this is NOT the case.

Key people now holding important positions - within the SF Public Utilities Commission - are leaving and some have already left - Tony Flores, Leamon Abrams, Tommy Moala - Karen Kubick is on her way out.

There are many more - fed up with Juliet Ellis and some of those that pander to her - adversely impacting decent, hardworking, SFPUC employees.

Harlan Kelly - the General Manager -
is nonchalant - this evil woman has put 
a spell on him - hundreds detest this woman -
daily she keeps - wasting tax payers money -
messing in the affairs of those that detest Juliet Ellis.

It is a shame -while Billions of dollars are owed the community - in mitigation benefits - promised from late 1960s and early 1970s - right now - Sewer Rates and Clean water drinking rates - are going up.

The SF Board of Supervisors - are fast asleep at the cockpit - and some of them pandering to the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The tax payers should NOT be paying the recent rate hikes - and should send a " negative " answer when the Bond Measure is announced  - that will be voted on - soon.

These scum bags - make salaries in access of $250,000 with benefits - and thinking nothing about the many in San Francisco - who cannot afford the high clean water rates - now being imposed for very, very poor services.

Not long ago - the so called clean drinking water - smelled so foul - that thousands resorted to buying bottle water - and still do.

Those responsible kept bluffing that all was well - and finally admitted they were at fault - one Mr Richie keeps lying and spewing his fairy tales - when it come to the quality of the our Hetch Hetchy clean drinking water - contaminated with ground water, algae and other contaminants - high levels of Nitrogen and more.

Our over 90 years old sewer pipes some 110 miles are leeching - and Juliet Ellis has no clue - how to report these leaks in real time. She is busy spewing diatribe - and thinks she can fool all the people - all the time.

Thousands of old pipes have to be replaced -
fewer than 30% percent have been replaced -
lots of talk - but very little walk.

It is the same with the over 90 years clean water drinking pipes - none of the goals and timelines mentioned before - have been attained - and Juliet Ellis who controls Communications - has done a poor job - she knows it - but can do nothing about performing well - she is NOY qualified - an air-head, inept, crooked, and not to be trusted - hence she must go - the evil woman must be fired.

Community Benefits -meant to improve the conditions in the Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding area - given to chosen crooks - who will be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other Law Enforcement.

It is a crime to spend tax payers money on elections - yet, we see all the signs - linked to the District 10 Supervisor - who suddenly has realized - Law Enforcement is on his tail.

Dwayne Jones - has long been known -
for his wheeling and dealing -
he a consultant and orders contractors -
to pay him up front - using crook non-profits -
the likes to Young Community Developers -
other jail-bird contractors - to waste tax payers money.

No contractor that is Black Listed - should be on any committee.

For sure not on any committee linked to the Contracting Monitoring Division - as the President of RDJ consultants - a dubious entity.

 Dwayne Jones continues to wheel and deal - right now - he is a some doldrum - of his own making - payment stopped -  there is more to come.

Dwayne Jones has position himself with AECOM - the Contract Monitoring Division and Naomi Kelly who is the City Administrator better look closely into his sordid activities.

The City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the District Attorney George Gascon, the State Attorney General, the State Secretary of State, the SF Controller's Office - the Feds - even the Chief of Police has sufficient cause - to investigate this scum bag.

The Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - is now a over $10 Billion project - the SSIP has run amuck - the present Project Manager is leaving - her name is Karen Kubick - she has been used - like a dirty rag - but no more - she is leaving allowing Law Enforcement - to deal with the other scum bags.

Where is the justice ?
Why must be lay person -
follow the money - and do the heavy lifting ?
Why cannot we rid of these scum bags - now?

Our SF City and County has NO checks and balances - and cannot have standards with crooks running the show - the likes of Juliet Ellis - shameless - and positioning herself - to be the next General Manager of SF Public Utilities Commission - that will not happen on my watch.

Monday, May 28, 2018


Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Lakota Tribe -
he is with us on days like this -
when people thinking of brave warriors -
who took on the enemy - and left a legacy.

All over Turtle Island - are buried remains - many of them buried in the thousands - with any time given to respect the remains - and their return to Mother Earth. 

This memorial Day let us take our own sacred journey - an important one - memorial anyway and always leaving a legacy.

For thousands of years -great mounds - much like we have Shell Mounds here in the Bay Area - marked healing points on this Earth - respect to Mother Earth - a reunion from whence we all came. 

Each one of them - indigenous people - our ancestors going back 15,000 years - each living a legacy - they all led lives - to exist and propagate, to preserve and protect - they honored the Great Spirit and they always honored Mother Earth.

It just so happened in the skirmishes - mostly when the pale faces - said one thing and did another -it led to fights - where mostly things were equal -number of warriors, the arms they were armed with - and the battle mostly in the early years - know as the French and Indian Wars - favored the Native Americans - the First People in Canada.

In today's world one has just to study -
the history of this one single flag -
uniting the Lakota Tribes - and
proving to the pale face - that indigenous people
could stand their ground and have to this day.

On this day - as those say what they want to say - mostly diatribe - spewing hot air - Native Americans - more our Elders - keep the " wisdom " intact.

In all my year in this life - I have met - folks from every walk of life - dignitaries - high and low and in between - I have  met those who have their heart in the right place  - and most of them have been indigenous people.

There is only so much of the artificial we can take - spinning tales on this memorial day - when not a word is said - how we initiate war - interfering other sovereign nations - many a time without any provocation.

Today more than ever - we must honor our Elders and our Warriors - and educate ourselves to see the history is set right - I have met the good warriors and I have also met the fake warriors.

Read about this rascal -
a scumbag who raped, killed, and maimed -
innocent Native Americans -
removed thousands from their homeland -
and brought disgrace to humanity

We all know President Andrew Jackson and we all know Donald Trump - same snake different - head.

Donald Trump -
a disgrace to the human race.

There is no common sense when Donald Trump speaks -as he did today - at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia. Talking in circle and with such fake pompousness - he symbolized - the worse any human being can represent.

Peace to you my Sisters and Brothers - our life on this Earth is short - and we must live our imprint - do right and more with our heart in the right place.

Today as every day - I honor those indigenous warriors who stood up and fought the good fight - their history may not be recorded in  a pompous manner - but it is recorded all the same. Aho.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


This singular monument to the Pioneers -
is a disgrace to the human race -
picturing a Native American as a savage -
the Franciscan Friar - reaching out to civilize him -
mocking the annihilation of the First People in California.

This land once known as Turtle Island - covers an area of over 313,232,044 acres -  an area close to 3,717,812.8 square miles.

Today we have a population of over 330 million - there are nations like China, India that have a population of over a Billion.

The resources we have are plenty and we owe the fruits of the land - every aspect of it - to the Native Americans.

Yet this Nation does not feel ashamed that Native Americans continue to live on Reservations - while fertile land - has been stolen and infertile land - given to those that are protectors of Turtle Island. Such are the ways of the devious - those that cannot be trusted.

In year 2018 - those that stole every square inch of this land - have NO shame and continue to think they are superior - when the opposite is true. 

Much is owed to the Native Americans - the very basic respect that is important to everyone - is missing - and in its place - daily, ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Such are the ways of those that speak with a fork tongue their hearts in the wrong place.

Camp Oceti Sakowin - 
we travelled 1600 miles to witness -
from San Francisco to Lakota Land -
the gathering of over 20,000 people -
to fight the North Dakota Pipeline -
but to also state - enough is enough.

Here in San Francisco and the neighboring areas -
the Muwekma Ohlone have been ignored -
Federal Recognition and other hurdles put in one's way -
even though DNA tests have been produced -
to affirm continuity of the Tribe now numbering over 500 members.

These symbols revered by our Elders - bring families together - and more Tribal affiliation.

From young - Native American children are taught to respect their Elders, honor their culture, honor their sacred dances, honor their relatives, honor the host nations - on their travels - pray and ask the Great Spirit for protection and more.

All over Turtle Island - for over 15,000 years - all carbon dated for verification - remains and artifacts - clearly show who inhabited this land - better known as Turtle Island - now called the United States of America.

This nefarious photograph taken circa 1938 -
under the Rotunda at SF City Hall -
Nazis taking their oath - right at SF City Hall -
San Francisco has inherent racial bias -
and this photograph and other empirical data 
proves my point - cultural competency does not 
exists in San Francisco - and implicit bias has run amuck.

I was at SF City Hall when some Native Americans - addressed the SF Arts Commission ( a very biased and racist commission ).

Pleading with the SF Arts Commission to remove the indecent monument - that Pioneers Monument - that clearly portrays all that is evil with Society - slavery, showing the Native American cowing to some Franciscan Friar.

The matter before the SF Arts Commission was the removal of the Pioneers Monument - that the SF Arts Commission - agreed to the process.

This important matter - then went to the SF Planning Department that did not agree with the idea - and then before the SF Appeals Commission - that truly revealed its colors - and took the position that the ugly, racist monument - stay put.

So much for San Francisco being a fair city - and the diversity and all the other rosy things we say about San Francisco - when the opposite is true.

I have been saying that we must respect our Elders - and ask for their blessings. 

We must respect the host Nation in this case the Muwekma Ohlone and should have contacted a representative - to fulfill the obligations - all Native Americans follow.

In June there will be a meeting held - to re-hear this case before the SF Board of Appeals Committee - and we must all show up - at City Hall on the fourth floor - Room 400.

All over San Francisco and near by area including Yerba Buena - hundreds of remains were found.

 Those in charge - do not follow the protocol - laid down in the Native Americans Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA).

Here is San Francisco this desecration takes place - often - and those in authority look the other way.

Denying access to perform the rituals laid down - the protocol in place to take inventory - to allow the next of kin - the Tribal entity that has jurisdiction over the area.

Here in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone - are NOT informed - protocols put in place - are not followed.

Much as when anyone dares ask the City and County of San Francisco if they have one single document - where the Muwekma Ohlone has signed over one single square inch of San Francisco.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

No such proof exists and no such document exists - which proves who is the thief, the robber, those that have no morals, less ethics and for sure NO standards what so ever.

Those in authority have learned how to created hurdles to deny those that are the owners of the land denying them territorial claims, removing entire tribes and putting them on land that is not fertile.

Such actions cry to heaven for justice - and the time will come - when all those that deny the rights to the Native Americans - will fall - flat on their face and more.

What decent civilization would send a young sister to Los Angeles - a sibling brother to Oakland - young children - to fend for themselves. But for the Quakers and some decent citizens who came to the rescue - of these children now grown up and still bear the trauma and the scars of childhood.

For how long can this nonsense go on?

Single handedly I have saved Shell Mounds - at Crissy Field at the Presidio of San Francisco - Sacred Burial Sites of the Ohlone.

Some of us have been in the trenches of decades - and to fight these evil people who desecrate - without blinking an eye - who say one thing and do another.

Much as the Elders say - do not trust those that speak with a " forked tongue " - much like a poisonous snake - and more those that do not have their heart in the right - place.

Wisdom does not come easy and missing in our deliberation is the wisdom of the Native American Elders.

The others  - those that steal, rob, rape, do things that are evil  - who are minions  - worship GREED - contaminate and pollute without blinking an eye - have their own nefarious ways - they will drown in the cesspool of their own creation.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - work with the Native American Tribes to bring about progress - the Native Americans in the cockpit - we take no dictation that is not vetted and spiritual - we know what is right and what is not - Aho.