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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Life is for the living - not the living dead.

In order to stay living a just life - an important factor that governs a decent life - a good life - is spirituality.

There is all sorts of " spirituality " - sound spirituality that abound with a few -  the fake ones that bound - the many - weak in the knees - most of them barking up the wrong - tree. Most of them NOT from San Francisco.

Homo Sapiens - that is what we are - human beings that form this human race. On this Earth at this time - and hopefully doing the right thing -our heart in the right - place.

There are all sorts of human beings - human beings involved in all sorts of living - seeing is believing. Three and four families living in a one bedroom units - in conditions that mimic the poorer nations of the world - this is San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

In actuality - these normal human beings -  believe it or not - are so stressed, so traumatized - living bombs - ready to off - at a moments - happening. Many of them are incarcerated in our jails - many more on our streets - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has no clue about such human dynamics. His " shared concepts " - of this and that - is as bland as cardboard.

The paradox in our City and County of San Francisco - we have hundreds  manifesting behavior - " live time bombs ready to go off " - many of them living on our streets - under bridges - under the bushes - in all sorts of places - where most would not dare to approach - less habitat.

Our politicians are far removed from ground zero - and it does not help that we have - " loud mouths " - most of them NOT respected - barking up the wrong - tree.

It does not help to have a Mayor like Edwin M. Lee, Supervisors like Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Kathy Tang, London Breed, Mark Farrell  others that we will not name now - but at at the appropriate time.

Only few can talk about San Francisco - more those that have sacrificed - contributed to San Francisco for 30 years, 40 years -more - putting the community first - their own self interests - last.

Attending the important meeting, participating at " policy meetings" - giving feed back - in writing and in this digital world - using the many tools - available to us - human beings.

Life is precious - all life is precious - and daily in San Francisco - thousands of infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors -others with compromised health - are slowly dying.

This is "genocide " of a type that most human beings - do not ponder, comprehend, understand - and when one beings to explain the underlying factors - they are bewildered, shocked, confounded - and left gasping - that is until - the facts are explained with the backing of - " empirical " data.

In San Francisco we are blessed to live in the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone. This is not the White men's land.

This, is not land of those that say the land belongs to them - but - when you ask them to prove the fact - the gaze at you - as if you demanded something - you ought not to have said.

We cannot be a land of laws and principles - if we do not respect those ancestors - those ancestors - that kept this land of us - in and around San Francisco - pristine for thousands of years.

The present system we have - does not work at all.

Those evil - behind the scene - the very corrupt the crooks - they do the " devil's work " - and those that bark up the wrong tree - create further a mess - that they know little about - because they are not only ignorant but arrogant.

We know about the "fanatics " world wide - they say something they want to say.

Then without any dialog - they tell you - to do this and that - and if you do not - they will kill, shoot, maim, go berserk - and think nothing of  their - sordid actions.

Throughout history we have had prophets, messengers who stepped up to reveal mysteries, clear the way - and often ended up sacrificing their lives.

More - at the hands of the  - " fanatics " - that list is endless - and I will not repeat their names.

In San Francisco we have outsiders - folks that have not been doing due diligence.

All the parties - more San Franciscans must be at the table.

Depriving the decent - those that need to be at the table - failing to be at the table - failing to understand the issues at hand - we must think outside the box - we must have people at the table - whose heart is in the right place.

 I know the crooks - and I have named them all - most of them shallow, inept, weak in the knee - and believe it or not - not ethical.

In the name of the people - some have taken money - and used it -  now bark up the wrong tree - while all the time - they are tainted.

We saw this with Lennar Urban - dealing with mostly Black sellouts - creating divisiveness.

This time around - it is those that once fought against Lennar Urban - compromising -  sordid deeds -  now under the cover of  - the worst type of  " darkness " - participating in the same - activities.

Fortunately, some of us have not let our guard down - we have been diligent -  we have written and spoken up in public - not afraid of those that want to divide us. 

Unfortunately those that take money - are " sell outs " - do not get the respect they need.

They will never, ever get it - never mind if they talk about the past - they have not been steady, they are weak in the knees - they have compromised and in doing so - the have earned the title of being - " a sell out ".

In a couple of days - we will be into 2016 - and as we stay vigilant and stand up for what is right.

We will have to work harder than ever - we few want nothing on a platter - and for sure we will not be manipulated - we were NOT before and we NOT be in the future.

The Bayview is undergoing a major change - as we speak - The John Stewart Company is taking over Oakdale Public Housing - where in the Bayview Hunters Point - the first Gang Injunction was declared.

Gentrification is growing stronger - with those who once chose to to be with the people - taking money - and selling out.

Compromising and selling their souls to the highest - bidder.

We believe there is a " just God " - we believe " in principles and laws " - we will stand by our Sisters and Brothers - the children that we love - the youth and young adults - we will NOT forget who sold us out.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


My good friends all over the world -  I have known - some of you my very good friends - for a few years and many for over 15 years - some for over 40 years - I can vouch that I have tried my best to do right - against all hurdles - and some times totally putting my faith and hope in God - to accomplish what I have in mind - to better this world.

This year 2015 with all the turmoil going on - all over the world - I used my connections to save people in situations - where most would not dare to address.

As I said - if in your heart - the fire is right - God will allow you to act as a messenger - an enabler - a supporter - a good friend - a Brother or Sister - to make good things - happen.

In San Francisco I thank the hundreds of Sisters and Brothers - who have worked with me - to bring succor to those that most need help.

God will bless you all - and most of us embrace all faiths - but when it comes to serving - you do what is right in your heart.

You all have given me a lot of inspiration - and those in power in San Francisco - know that your numbers matter - and a force to be reckoned with.

The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee, the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the District Attorney George Gascon, the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr - others too many to mention - full comprehend - that our role is important at ground zero - and that our work and intentions - matter.

In San Francisco - more and more we see the poor - on our streets, under bridges, under bushes, in cars and in vacant buildings - just trying to survive. San Francisco is one of the richest Cities - in the world.

It does not help - that we are experiencing heavy rains, that it is cold outside and more in the night - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is vacationing in Hawaii - pathetic. There are important things to attend at home - and he is no where to be found.

Our San Francisco Health Department - is not disclosing how many poor and indigent people - have died on our streets -  during the weeks - we all are experiencing - inclement weather.

In our City named after Saint Francisco of Assisi - many have lost their conscience - they do not want to know anything much - about those who have fallen on bad times.

People are becoming selfish - and cold - and when you become cold in your heart - those of you that do this with intent - act evil and when you act evil - you favor the - " devil " - this is truth - and make no bones about it.

Our City has a $9 Billion budget - and we do have the resources to help those that are less fortunate - however, those making the policies - prefer hoodwinking us.

Millions are expanded on supposedly providing services to the poor and the less fortunate.

An audit will prove - the most of the money is wasted. We do not have one single entity - one single Department in San Francisco - that has all the information - to address the issues at hand - when it comes to the less fortunate.

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Those in charge - when caught with their hand in the cookie jar - look at you in the eye and lie. But long for long.

The Great Master said " blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ".

Today,  in San Francisco - with intent - poor people are kicked out of San Francisco - and this crime - cries to heaven for justice.

Our City Administrator Naomi Kelly, our SF Health Director Barbara Gracia, others who earn more than 275, 000 a year - are quick to run to the bank - to check their balances - but too slow to represent and work for those that are suppose to work for.

Infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors are suffering - slowly dying - and this has NOT happened before.

This time it is happening for so long - that most people - are becoming nonchalant - looking at the poor and indigent - those suffering - and feeling little if no pain - sometimes looking at the less fortunate with disgust.

As human beings - we are placed on this Earth - for a purpose.

We as human beings beings must embrace all LIFE - and embracing all human beings - should be our motto - more if we are brought up right, have educated ourselves on issues, have a heart to do right - and more stand up for what is right. HOMO SAPIENS.

Recently I addressed the plight of the Black in San Francisco - some Blacks purporting to be leaders - taking bribes - taking hand outs - and selling out the community at large - more the Black community.

If we visit  the jails we witness over 50% of those incarcerated are Blacks - even though Blacks account for only 2% of the population of San Francisco.

Some of us advocates ask ourselves - why?

 WE ask this of our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - of our City Administrator, Naomi Kelly, the District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen.

The President of the SF Board of Supervisors - London Breed - and none of them - seem to care, less bother - and they will be held accountable - on all counts.

Each of us human beings - must stand up - for what is right - strong in our spirit - in this land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone and I represent them.

God willing in humility - we still have some vouching for those that need help - adjudicating issues - being educated on issues - contributing our God given talents to those that need help - to better this Earth.

During this Holiday Season - it should not be about BLING - it should be about HUMILITY - about SUBMITTING to GOD - there are many that understand - what I am saying - and those other on the sidelines - that want to do right - and need our support.

God Bless You All.

Friday, December 25, 2015


The Author - Francisco Da Costa
Director of 
Environmental Justice Advocacy
fighting issues on the 
Frontline - for the last 40 years plus.

The Bayview has been targeted by devious entities - to divide the people - the Blacks taking a leading part -  selling out the community - at large.  Adversely impacting - thousands.

Any Black that has taken money - from the nefarious " enemy " - is responsible for today - divisiveness.

Again and again - we have sordid Black Leaders - barking up the wrong tree.

The fake leadership - fails to understand more comprehend - that the present San Francisco Police Department headquarters - is at Mission Bay. The moved there over a year ago.

The SF Sheriff is still at 850 Bryant - and a small contingent of SF Police Department - that have nothing to do with the larger policies and undertakings of any Law Enforcement - operations in our City and County of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is far away in Hawaii - and most of the SF Supervisors - too off - far away from San Francisco - and this tells you - how much they care about San Francisco and more the constituents - who need Representation - but get nothing at all.

Malia Cohen who represents District 10 - has not lifted a finger to help Mario Woods - she does not know what is happening. 

Recently she was told - point black - she is worse than Sophie Maxwell the former District 10 - her reply - " that cannot be true".

Malia Cohen is a chronic sell out - she has no soul - and has single handedly - increased the chronic homelessness, failed to help the mentally challenged - the many infants and children - suffering from respiratory diseases - STDs, AIDS and so on - on the rise in District 10.

We have NOT paid attention to the family - more the Black family.

Black families today - in the majority - do not have a leader in the family.

Many single mothers - and many a single mother who are without a home - spending time in shelters.

 Anyone with common sense - can figure out - more comprehend - the psychological and other adverse impacts - these  factors - have on any family. More single mothers - many Black mothers - have two, three children - each from a different Black father.

On Third Street we have over forty folks - who have serious mental problems - many of them - in full view of all - who ignore the victims.

The victims - become part of the daily scene - much like the killings and shootings -  immune to many who hear and many who have witnessed the killings and shootings.

The Black leadership has failed to go to ground zero and speak what they speak about - in a nonchalant manner - on the steps of City Hall and at other venues.

These Black Leaders -  ought to speak and act and help the victims - at ground zero - and bring about real solutions. 

The Black Leadership have an opportunity to work with Street Violence Intervention Program - that is situated in the Bayview and has funding to serve the community.

There must be role for the community to play - more in the Bayview - but this is NOT taking place.

Again and again - greed props up - because the first thing - everyone wants is money - no one wants to make a sacrifice - no one wants to serve the community with humility.

Let us keep it real - the Black population in the Bayview that once played an important role - created the present Human Rights Commission that once was the Human Right Committee in the 1960s.

The over 1700 units on the Hill - Shoreview, All Hollows, and so on - came about because of Bayview Advocates.

 These affordable homes - fetch rent - that the Apartment Investment Company - a Property Manager - controls - they are White and more from out of down.

These monies filter to the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - it is the same with Huntersview and other developments - that the Successor Agency to the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - its Director - Tiffany Bohee. 

It is the same with Hunterview and the many so called affordable homes - funded by the Mayor Office of Housing, the State of California.

 Millions spent over $400 million - and the Property Manager is The John Stewart Company - a White and nefarious Property Management Company.

HOPESF is a JOKE - at Potrero Hill - Bridge Developers, at Visitation Valley - Mercy Housing, at Huntersview and extending with Phase Two - The John Stewart Company - all White developers - and what the hell at they doing in the Bayview.

The John Stewart Company now taking control of Oakdale Public Housing - that has already experience many shootings and killings - and there was NO uproar by the so called Black Leadership - who pick and choose the victims - they desire to vouch for. 

I can give you more examples - what I want to point out - is that the Black Leadership - is impotent - with NO viable and sustainable - vision.

Always showing up after - something happens - too much of sensationalization - few solutions - and always someone barking up the wrong tree - for all the wrong reasons.

We have a $6 Billion Sewer System and Improvement Project - right in our backyard - the Bayview Hunters Point Area. 

The community Task Force - demanded 10% of this amount -  they were given 5% -which amounted to $300 million. $50 million per every Billion dollars.

$150 million was set aside for Workforce and $150 million for Community Benefits.

Whatever that means - the Task Force fought for the money - but crooks handle the money. Dwayne Jones who works for Platinum Consultants - a Black that does not live in our community.

Another Black Juliet Ellis - who works for SF Public Utilities Commission - choose to divert $200,000 to Go For All - was faulted by the Fair Political Action Committee and the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Juliet Ellis was forced to pay back the money - and there is more - Juliet Ellis backed by Harlan Kelly a Black is still - destroying the community - with her ploys and machinations.

The community does not have easy access to the Southeast Community Facility Building - emphasis on " Community " - as they did before.

The Commission anointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - to the Southeast Community Commission Facility Building at 1800 Oakdale, in the Bayview - are lackeys.

Not one of them has the best interest of the community - and the Black Leadership - does not even know - what is truly happening - to the only Community Building - we all should have access to.

Where is the Black Leadership - on the Bayview Opera House?

The Bayview Opera House - also know as the Ruth Williams Opera House  -  has been closed for over two years now - some entities - pretending to repair the Bayview Opera House - while nothing much is done.

Our youth and young adults during Summer force to congregate -  and remain on the streets - have fallen prey to shootings and killings.

The Black Leadership has no clue what is happening - and even now after reading these sentences - have NO power to do anything - except bark up the wrong tree.

A White woman has taken charge of our Bayview Opera House - a woman that has NO cultural competency.

Every measure has been taken to remove Blacks from the Bayview - the demographics have changed - favoring Asian and Latinos. 

This is a crying shame - and the Black Leadership comes out for a handout - barking up the wrong tree - every time has is a sensational episode - this is a shame that cries to heaven for justice.

The Black Leadership must understand that we cannot use people - make them pay for things - and fail to take sound and on going, continuous - " equal responsibility  " - for any MOVEMENT - worth the salt.

The Black Leadership must ask themselves - why did they - drop out and fail - to sustain the MOVEMENT - against Lennar Urban - a rogue developer?

The Mario Woods episode is clouded with under lying factors - that are horrific to disclose.

The Mother of Mario Woods is facing some very hard times - and too many people - who have surrounded her - are NOT offering her the solace she needs at this time.

The Black Leadership has not done anything to keep - " loud mouths" - elements of the anarchists from the East Bay at bay.

Many Black Leaders - who purport to speak for the people of the Bayview - do not even live in the Bayview.

Some of us on the frontline are doing what we do best - with the community in mind - the community does need a core group of Black Leaders - to have their heart in the right place - with a proven tack record.

With full Accountability and Transparency.

Unfortunately - those barking up the wrong tree - and purporting to be some Leaders of sorts - have failed - to be consistent and worthy.

These Black Leaders -  are now on the podium - enjoying their sordid  " five minutes of fame " - at these singular happenings and events - do not count - what truly counts is sacrifice and genuine love for the community.

We have a population of about 852480 in San Francisco - an area of about 46.9 square miles - about 18200 people per square foot.

Unlike any other City in San Francisco - Black contributed from day one - I have written about this fact - many times - complete with facts.

The Black Leaders who made this City of San Francisco - were astute, stellar, and educated on issues. They were NOT sell outs.

Today, Blacks make up 2% of the population - up from the 25% not long ago - who is behind this GENTRIFICATION?

No one needs to say much with the present Black Leadership - inept, weak in the knees, barking up the wrong tree - and extending that hand - for some stale, bread crumbs - at any opportunity they can get.

This nonsense must STOP - now!

Wake up San Francisco - and more the Black Leadership.

You - have failed the infants, the children, youth and young adults - the senior - the many Grandmothers - who have done so much for such a long time.

The time has come for drastic change - less talk and more action. Any takers?  You all know where to find me.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee
can't you see
is killing us all

San Francisco in one of the richest cities in the world -  with have an abundance of BILLIONAIRES - other filthy rich - and the divide between the poor, more the indigent - greater than ever - we have seen - before.

I took a tour to see what is happening on ground zero - I was disgusted - nearly puked - to see how our City and County of San Francisco and more our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has treated the thousands of poor - sleeping on our streets.

No one seems to care - and thousands of people walk by - as if these human beings - lying there - do not need help and the dignity of all human beings - is now being adversely - impacted.

Under the bridges, under bushes - and more and more in the hundreds - the poor - many unkempt - now invading our neighborhoods. 

People in the neighborhoods - are shocked - so many people contact me - that I had to check and see - things first down town - to realize - that those in power at City Hall - and more in Room 200 - of full of it.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly,  those in charge of the Mayor's Office of Housing - like Olson Lee - should all be ashamed of themselves.

Our City and County has been named after Saint Francis of Assisi - the Saint renowned for his compassion - here, we have our City officials - playing with fire.

In any other civilized country - they all should have resigned. Instead they all will be eating and drinking - making merry - and none of them - have any concerns - about the thousands of poor - that have no shelter - no family - and most important no LOVE and shared COMPASSION - that our City of San Francisco is know for - all over the World.

We have thousands of units - vacant - more market price housing - defying decency, mocking the poor, the infants, the children, the youth - young adults.

Most importantly - seniors - sleeping of our streets - many of them - belonged to the " middle class " - now, they have fallen on bad times.

God is watching - these gremlins - these evil City officials - who think they can speak from both sides of their mouth.

More - at the many - " press conferences " - look at you in the eye and lie - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will NOT leave a legacy - he has single handedly - created this mess.

Where is the Safety and Protection to those that most need it?

Where is the compassion - through out the year?

Why are these folks in office - when they cannot represent - and who invited them - to serve the people?

All this in the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - the land was stolen, the women raped, the children taken and incarcerated in Boarding Homes - you could kill a Native American - up until 1927 and fetch - a measly - $5.

We have sufficient people in San Francisco - and we do not want this invasion - of folks that have no soul - more like cardboard - known as "techies" - they can do back where they came from.

They have brought an increase in rent - one bed room units now going for over $3500 - and many families three and four - sharing a one bed room - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks this fact is funny?

Now, we want to bring the festivities linked to Super Bowl 50 - to San Francisco - the people united - do not want this to happen - to be paid by the tax payers.

The 49ers moved to Santa Clara and they can have all their festivities there - El Nino will play a role - that will favor the people - the Mayor and those lackeys - who favor the 50th festivities - lined to the National Football League - will suffer the consequences. 

It is not too late - to move the festivities - out of San Francisco - all of them.

Such events - shenanigans, ploys and machinations have happened before - and the result has adversed those that pay taxes - money taken from our General Fund - to make up for the huge - losses.

Much, as we have been forced to pay - in the past - with the sordid so called World Yachting Events - other events - put on by Oracle, Sales Force - other filthy rich corporations - that use San Francisco - like a dirty rag.

The poor could have  been accommodated at the " Armory " on Mission Street - large enough - to shelter hundreds.

 The City of San Francisco - chose to sell it to a Porno Company - the City and those who in the Real Estate Office who work for our City - must be ashamed of themselves.

The Armory  had hundreds of beds, blankets, and all the essentials - needed in an emergency - to accommodate those in need.

Here is the Mayor, Edwin M.  Lee giving excuses - saying that it is not true - that the homeless have increased - on our streets.

YES -  you have to be BLIND to speak to the contrary - Mr Mayor and those like you that have NO compassion.

Shame on San Francisco - and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who are busy - enjoying their so called Christmas Holidays.

More, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell - one worse than the other - and all of them a disgrace to the human race.

Take a tour of our City and County of San Francisco - with a huge budget of $ 9 Billion - Yes 9 BILLION - and here we have the homeless - facing the heavy rain - the inclement weather.

As I said there is a God - and no one who harms the poor - will get a pass.

" Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven ".

Never, ever in San Francisco have we seen - so many homeless, the mentally challenged - on our filthy roads.

Adversely, impacting safety, filthy conditions that can bring about diseases, many entering our buses unkempt - exposing the innocent and those with frail health - putting the innocent in harms way.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee must walk the streets - and see things for himself - he talks too much - and now is the time and season - for him to take his ass to the streets and see things for himself.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has got used to tell lies - but, things are catching up - the people are fed up - and the last Elections - reveal the real - facts.

Monday, December 21, 2015


All over the world " climate change " and more sea level rise - have change the minds of the " nay sayers " - who now have all the empirical data - that points to climate change - and the many adverse impacts.

Here in the United States we have a population of about 313,233,000 - not too bad - considering we have large tracts of land, lakes, rivers, hills, mountains and so on - an area of 3,717,812.8 square miles.

It is important to remind the world that all of this land was stolen, taken by force and belongs the Native Americans.

It is also worthy of note that many Native American tribes - live on Reservations.

The land of the Native Americans forcibly taken from them - and many of many - second class citizens in their own land - know now as the United States - once known as Turtle Island.

Climate changes has adversely impacted the wine production in Burgundy,France.

In recent years the grapes are smaller, the harvest earlier, the sugar content greater - and those monitoring the quality of the various high graded wines in and around Burgundy, France - fearful the quality is not so good.

In Australia the hot climate has created - fires all over Australia.

Again, adversely impacting millions -life stock, homes, farms, forcing thousands to leaves their homes - and creating untold havoc.

Climate Change is alive and kicking - and many still keep polluting the Earth.

The Earth has the capacity the heal itself and survive - human beings - have only one chance - we must save ourselves for future generation - if we do not - we have but ourselves to - blame.

Here in California the 8th largest economy in the world - we used to be the 5th largest - we have endured - five years of drought.

This year - we have heavy rains - and we are blessed to get the rain - and what is more - heavy snow fall - where it matters - to fill our reservoirs. This is on the West Coast.

Today, December 21, 2015 we receive an inch and half of rain - it has been a long time - since we have received - an inch and half - al long, long - time.

On the East Coast of the United States - heavy rains have caused floods. Before that it was snow - as much as 20' a day - in some places. Tornadoes, hurricanes - and all this and more - because of Climate Change.

In the Indian Ocean the Maldives Islands will be no more - these islands will be drowning soon.

Sea level is playing havoc. The government of Maldives - has an agreement with Australia - where soon the population will move - the details have to be worked out - but, most of the world is not aware of this and more.

The recent gathering of leaders - agreeing to deal with Climate Change - in Paris, France is a breath of fresh air.

A friendly agreement to release less - Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere - is something to be commended.

The agreement is not binding - there is no mandate - it is an agreement of " good will " - and this may work - as most world leaders are on board.

Earlier Climate Change Agreements - failed - those held in Japan, in South Africa, in Brazil - this one worked - held in Paris, France.

This agreement followed - soon after the mayhem - the killing of innocent people - by the terrorists - who will go unnamed. 

China, the United States, India lead the world in spewing Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

Depleting the Ozone - creating a hole - allowing access sun light - to create adverse impacts - warming the Earth - causing all sorts of problems.

The Polar Bears are adversely impacted - the North Pole has large glaciers - falling apart - huge islands of ice - floating - and some of these large islands of ice - have been seen at far as New Zealand and Australia.

The melting of the ice cap in the North Pole especially - must not be taken lightly - we still have some - " nay sayers " - who fail to comprehend - that we must not take our sojourn on this Earth for granted.

The indigenous people - the First Nations, the Aboriginals, the Native Americans, the many tribes from all over the world - have been dear to my heart - and I have been blessed to meet them and work and fight for them - all these many - years.

Climate change does not happen in a vacuum - it has its origins in GREED.

In past years we have had people cut old growth forest - the red woods in California - trees that are thousands of years old.

Killing thousands of Buffalo not for their meat but for their skin. Other kill the whales and think other much. Other over fish - with greed on their mind. We know such people - and we fail to speak up.

Others have cut large tracts of forest in South American more Brazil - greedy business magnets - who steal, kill, rape the indigenous people - and clear cut - large tracts of forest.

It is the same in Africa and other countries like Indonesia - where large tracts of forest are cleared for wood - the animals, the birds, other live.

Other live forms like "frogs " - adversely impacted - pleading to us two legged human beings - for mercy.

I have been blessed - to travel to many countries - and to see things for myself.

Meet people - who in our dialog - have revealed to me - information - closer to the sources and locations - as I have described - above.

A couple of days ago I met a scientist who lives in Norway - far north of Norway are some islands - where the world's seeds are stored.

Recently, Syria which is experiencing all sorts of disasters - was forced to borrow some of the native seeds - from this source or depot.

Such mission will be common all over the world - as many communities - segments of our population - participate in clear cutting of our forest, burn large tracts, denude hills and cause soil erosion, contaminate rivers, lakes, and the watershed.

Agriculture is suffering - and MONSANTO and others - who use seeds and other forms of artificial engineering - more to adversely impact human beings.

We must preserve our Native Plants - grow organic - and stay away from MONSANTO and other demonic entities like them.

Climate Change is here - Sea Level is here - we are experiencing all sorts of tragedies - whales and all types of fish - landing our beaches - ill, and dying.

Algae one of a type - stopping the " crab harvest" in San Francisco.

These crabs when tested - have high acidity - that can bring about the demise of any human being - an entire - " crab harvest " - season - has been stopped and rightly so.

The Ocean is heating - and it has created the here in California - " El Nino " - the warm Pacific Ocean - creates winds that are warm - that mix with the cold winds from the North - and bring heavy rain.

We are experiencing them - right now - a month's rainfall in previous years - we have had that rain - in a couple of days.

For thousands of years the indigenous people - treated Mother Earth with great respect - always using and taking less - keeping in mind future generations.

Unfortunately - mostly the White men have been greedy - taking all they could - be it when they colonized the world - here in the United States - anywhere - where they seek precious metals, oil, wood - you name it.

Climate Change is here - we have an opportunity to halt the increase in the Carbon Footprint.

We must cooperate - every one - every Nation - not only China - where people are now forced to buy fresh air cans, use a mask , stay at home rather than breathe the contaminated air.

India is noted as the world most polluted - and there is empirical data to prove that fact.

The United States is playing with fire - we have contaminated large areas with radioactive elements - we have one here in San Francisco.

Attempts are made to build 30,000 homes on land that is contaminated - a Superfund Site - high levels of radioactive elements recorded  - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - think nothing much of this situation.

Adversely impacting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our senior - others with compromised health.

We have many Environmental Groups in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world - who give awards to other Environmentalists worldwide.

Right here in San Francisco - no one wants to witness and speak up - reveal the adverse impacts - in San Francisco -thousands are slowly - dying. We have a Superfund Site - in or back yard - registering, high levels of radioactive elements.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - stolen and polluted - contaminated - the land must be abated and mitigated.

Those, evil to the core - who polluted the land in San Francisco - must clean it up.

It is the right thing to do - and time is running out.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Candlestick Stadium - today no more -
demolished to build a Shopping Mall -
to foster greed - and disgrace San Francisco.

San Francisco has not learned anything much from past events - where folks like Oracle,Sales Force and others have come to us - touting - that their events - held here in San Francisco - would bring in millions - add some to our General Fund - only for San Francisco tax payers to foot the bill.

As far as all those who have some brains - San Franciscans who are astute - know their history of sports - the 49ers - have moved to Santa Clara - gone South - to their brand new - state of the art - Football Stadium - where they failing - miserably.

This singular feat - building a state of the art stadium - allowed the National Football League (NFL) - and further permitted - the NFL - to agree and back - the 50th Super Bowl - to be staged in Santa Clara - not San Francisco.

Today, if you go by Candlestick Stadium - you see piles of contaminated dirt - containing high PH - some of it mixed with Class One dirt - which is linked to - Radioactive Elements - which is a shame.

The general area is a mess - signs of flooding which huge pools of water - and the people who used to go the the near by State Park - are adversely impacted.

No one cares. Not San Francisco, not the Mayor Edwin M Lee - not those who are planning to build - a sordid Shopping Mall.

We have more than sufficient shopping malls and high end stores - in down town - San Francisco.

Right where the Candlestick Stadium use to be - now, the stadium totally demolished - a Shopping Mall - will be built.That is a dream - that will never, ever come true.

The land where the shopping mall is going to be built - prone to serious liquefaction and flooding. All that is built on this area - will come toppling down. Mind by words.

Our economic is not growing - in a manner - that brings about prosperity - for the majority.

We have a great divide - the filthy rich and the very poor. These disparity has been compared to Rwanda - and San Francisco with all its rich folks - shares that honor and disgrace. Shame on San Francisco and its leaders - for failing to understand and more comprehend the basics.

The " bubble " - is going to burst - and the recent announcement - to increase the interest rates- is one sign - that we are NOT sure of our economic future.

It is the same all over the world - China, Germany, Britain, France - and worse in Greece, Spain, Brazil and so on and so forth.

San Francisco is now planning to remove thousands of poor people - who are homeless - and place them in temporary shelters - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee brags - are working.

Nothing is working - recently an organization that works and spends thousands of volunteer hours - trying to help the homeless and those that need housing - protested outside Mayor Edwin M. Lee home.

This is a major sign - what is going to happen to Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Already, he has cowed down - his wife is afraid and more ashamed.

People are fed up of Mayor Edwin M. Lee stupid and uncalled for Press Conferences - a trying to divert our minds from the really issues - failing to address Quality of Life - issues.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - have with intent harmed thousands - discussing, talking and planning in committees and commissions - while - " poor people " are slowly dying.

All of these so called inhumane human beings - have BLOOD - on their hands.

"Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven ".

These events held in down town San Francisco - by Oracle, Sales Force, the World Cup events that have nothing to do with the world - but some filthy rich folks - using sophisticated mechanical boats - making a fool of themselves.

With funny looking sails - pitting one against the other - cheating, stealing secrets from the other competitors - yet thumping their noses - and thinking no end of themselves.

Mostly, falling prey to the waves - Mother Nature - some getting killed - and this mockery of sorts - is displayed - in front of those that have a low IQ - and with great fun fare proclaim - it is great manly sport - it is not.

Here is the point - take your sport elsewhere, take your parade else where, take your events - such as those Sales Force and Oracle holds - else where - we in San Francisco do not appreciate - the congestion and adversely impacts you create - for all our foolishness of sorts.

These events held here in San Francisco - right where the poor - in their thousands - have made their abode for years.

Now, impacting their living - people keep taking the little they have - people keep traumatizing the poor - the City and County of San Francisco - with its $9 Billion budget - giving a damn - about human beings - that just happen to be poor.

More, creating congestion - adversely impacting millions - spewing dangerous particulates - these crooks make the money - fail to pay the City and County of San Francisco - their dues  - and the tax payers in San Francisco - have to fork out - for some one else - and their sordid - actions.

By default these crooked entities - force the tax payers to pay what they owe the City of San Francisco.

While, our SF Board of Supervisors, the Mayor of course, the Assessor Carmen Chu who is inept, the Treasurer, Jose Cisneros who is dancing to a fake beat - all - do the ordinary, hard working, decent San Franciscan - injustice.

This is Ohlone land - all of it.

This land was stolen - it was never, ever meant for the crooks - like Mayor Edwin M. Lee a panderer - others that back him - with ulterior - motives - evil to the core.

Let those that lie, cheat, bluff take their ploys and machinations - some where else.

We, do not want them here - more - when the people are not at the table - San Franciscans - making the deliberation.

The 49ers were here once in San Francisco - no more.

We have nothing to do with them - and more - when they fallen in disgrace - loosing games - where their opponents are weaker than their team.

Their quarter back is on the injury list - and there is talk - he will be traded.

The rest of the team - play like they have no training, less aptitude - doing injustice to Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice - many others that I have witnessed - bring glory to San Francisco - and more at Candlestick Park - that is San Francisco.

We all remember the great coach Jim Walsh - he must be turning in his grave - and with him the many old fans that have departed - and supported the 49ers all the many years - of their lives.

The 49ers now have their brand new - state of the art stadium - that is all they have.

There is no sense - of a team - that is worth the salt.

Now, it is all about greed - and Jed York the owner - is thinking about bailing out - may be selling the team - and going South.

Greed knows no bounds - but one thing is for sure - it takes you to your grave - dead - over the precipice - they drown themselves - in the " cesspool of their own creation ".

More and more rich in the United States - having all the money - commit suicide - mostly White - that is what I am talking about. Books have been written about these sordid - middle aged Whites committing suicide - they have nothing to offer - they are cardboard.

Pay heed - no one who fleeces the poor and the decent - lives to tell a tale - that is worth the salt.

This City and County of San Francisco - if it does not do right by the poor - will fail - fall flat on its FACE.