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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Lennar Urban first registered its name in Sacramento -way back in 1998. At that time - most folks in San Francisco -hardly knew anything about LENNAR - now, LENNAR  is synonymous with corruption - deceit - and an entity - not to be trusted.

In the year 2004 - Lennar Urban had changed its name four times. Same snake - different head.

In the year 2004 Lennar Urban graded Parcle A - one of many parcels on Hunter Point Naval Shipyard - and the only one conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco.

The City immediately transferred Parcel A to the then San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - now demised - who turned it to the despicable - Lennar Urban. The rest is history - sordid history - various version told - but not one which states the TRUTH.

A large Serpentine vein - a rock very hard - when crushed releases Asbestos structures - was graded - some 33 feet of it - by Gordon Ball - helped by other sub-contractors - who all exposed their workers to harm. All this on Parcel A.

Monitoring devices were placed to collect the Asbestos Structures - but the batteries to make them work were removed - Lennar Urban was so devious - and tried to bluff the community and put the community at harms way - with intent.

Adversely impacting our Seniors, our children, all those who were exposed to large doses of Asbestos Structures.

We the community formed Stop Lennar Action Committee (SLAM) and fought Lennar. 

Jim Queen and I were the proponents of Proposition F and Lennar the proponent of Proposition G - getting support from Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, and a host of corrupt politicians - one worse than the other.

We the people spent $5000 to put our measure on the Ballot -  we fought for building - 50% Market Value, 30 % affordable housing, 10% low income housing, and 10% no income housing.
Only after the entire 1700 acres were abated, mitigated - and declared clean by all the Regulatory Authorities. We did not agree to any capping of the land.

Lennar wasted $10 million - trying to defeat Proposition F - which was winning - but daily toward the end - the Main Media - was blasted with false Advertisements and paid folks collected signatures - which was illegal.

Thugs in the community were paid to disrupt meetings.

Today the "thugs" - are still in the community but low key. 400 mature trees were clear cut from Parcel A. Other divisive measures were taken - including discriminating against 4 Lennar employees - all Black - who hired Angela Alioto as their attorney - the matter was settled out of court.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management Agency fined Lennar the largest fine ever - and the community won on many levels.

The City and County of San Francisco - turned its back on the community - the Mayor then was the two faced Gavin Newson - who today will join the Queer folks in a parade of sorts - on Market Street. This two faced man - is a disgrace to anything decent - and he has proved again and again - to be corrupt and a liar of the highest order.

Lennar has cheated, bluffed, hoodwinked - thousands of innocent people all over this Nation - Florida, New Mexico, Southern California, Mare Island, and in San Francisco itself.

On Mare Island - Lennar promised the City of Vallejo to build 10,000 homes and failed to deliver.

It forced the City of Vallejo to declare bankruptcy and today the same Lennar Urban - it trying to hoodwink the City and County of San Francisco.

Lennar main guiding force is Willie L. Brown Jr a former "thug Mayor " of San Francisco.

His minions too many to name - are now holding an empty bowl - yesterday - someone reported to me the passing of Willie B. Kennedy who did Lennar's dirty work - and her passing away - leaves nothing but a sordid legacy.

Willie L. Kennedy - turned her back on the community - and doing the devil work - until the end.

Some of us spent months - when Lennar crafted its Disposition and Development Agreement - way back in 2002.

Two key folks who help Lennar and were working for the City and County of San Francisco - Jesse Blout and after he left as Director of the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force - Michael Cohen.

Both these men today work in the private industry - and are involved in two large projects - Jesse Blout with the Warrior future home close to the Ferry Build on the Wharf.

 Michael Cohen with a large housing and hotel complex - at Mission Bay - prone to liquefaction and flooding. Time will tell.

Today, the City and County of San Francisco is experiencing a fake housing boom.

The Chinese from Communist China - about the year ago - moved billions of dollars - off shore and when the U.S. Government gave the Chinese Government some lee way - last year 2012 - billions made their way to San Francisco and other cities where the Chinese minions - already had their agents.

The boom in San Francisco is mostly commercial and condominiums for the filthy rich. Those who cannot earn $150,000 in San Francisco - find it hard to make a living - we have the filthy rich and the growing - very poor.

Too many homeless - and thousands live in their cars in San Francisco.

Thousands of youth - are truants - the crash wherever they find a place to lie their head.

The homeless include families - who now can be regularly seen - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco that once had compassion - has turned its back on the poor.

It has shunned Public Housing residents - where large areas of Public Housing are slated for take over - at Potrero Hill, Huntersview, Oakdale, Sunnydale.

All under a program called HOPESF - which stands for gentrification and gated communities.

One such gated community is now planned on Parcel A - at Hunter Point Naval Shipyard.

The area polluted and contaminated. 90% of  the Shipyard is poor landfill - the United States Navy - during the War Effort - Second World War - conducted the most nefarious experiments - using Depleted Uranium, bringing ships that had participated in the Bikini Atomic experiments to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - sand blasting the outside of the ships - and contaminating the Bay water and the Shipyard.

Burying large animals that were part of the experiment - animals that died from high levels of radiation - and many other dangerous experiments.

Contaminating the entire Watershed - and the Bay with high levels of radioactive elements - the U.S. Navy has a responsibility to clean the Shipyard - but; want to cap the land and take a big risk.

If the Big One strikes - most everyone who is sane knows - there will be a calamity on the Shipyard. All living beings will be affected. Knowing this - Lennar wants to build 10,000 homes - some 30,000 in total in the vicinity - from Hunters Point to Candlestick Point - most of the land contaminated - more prone to serious liquefaction and flooding.

The City has the Precautionary Principal an Ordinance - that simply states - if there occurs any adverse impact to any life - the work must stop. Measures have to be put in place to address and resolve the adverse impacts. Capping is not one of them.

There is more than ordinary evidence - to the fact that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Parcel A are contaminated - but those naive continue - to be bluffed by the devil - LENNAR.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People who I like to call the First Nations of this area - San Francisco and those areas that come under our jurisdiction.

The Muwekma Ohlone filed their Right of First Refusal - way back in 1991. Those is authority know it - but, are afraid to speak to the truth. This includes the SF Planning Department - who has receive a strong worded letter - from the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Mayor Ed Lee, the SF Board of Supervisors, others devious in nature gathered - to announce the building of some units 1600 units on Parcel A - an action that is doomed to cause adverse impacts.

As I have been saying for the longest time ever: " No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

" That includes Parcel A - where Lennar wants to build these units. Why build these units - thousands of them - in the middle of Chernobyl? ".

LENNAR boasts that it does not have to adhere to any Disposition and Development Agreement - a legal document that must be adhered - more with the demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency. 

Lennar does with the Succor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency - and has defaulted - on many of the terms - linked to the DDA.

Lennar; has amended the key terms - the first to go - were rental units.

The Community Benefits vanished - and some money distributed - linked to a pact - with some dubious organizations - who have been paid - to silence any opposition.

Lennar went to Communist China to get some money - but were turned away.

Today, the strained relations with the United States and China - will be seen shortly - with Wall Street suffering its worst downfall in history.

All over Europe investors are panicked - the Chinese transferred trillions of dollars - and bought land and buildings, invested in resources all over the world - Africa, Australia, Europe, South America more Brazil, here in the United States.

China has many proxies - who have millions of dollars to expand.

At Hunters Point - right now we have shootings and killings - and the City and County is busy with a Queer Parade.

We must remember this - Blacks predominately through the Civil Rights Movement - brought about Freedom to many. Part of the Civil Rights movement was inherent - spirituality.

We must never ever equate any Movement and Decision by the corrupt Supreme Court - linked with Sodomy and other perverted practices - and compare it to the Civil Rights Movement.

The Supreme Court's decision to stay - Defense of Marriage Act - DOMA - was just that - let the States decide - which they have - but, that is not the end of the world.

In California - in a State wide Proposition - Californians - decent ones voted in favor of Marriage between a man and a woman.

Denounced same sex marriage - which the fake Supreme Court - stayed - allowing those States some 13 States - to permit - same sex marriage rights - to Health Benefits, Social Security, and so on.

On the 14th Amendment - asking for equal rights linked to marriage and same sex - anyway you read the ruling - it favors marriage as the majority understands it. Marriage between a man and a woman.

Let us not take this victory and brag that everything is normal. It simply is not. 37 other States still practice what the Constitution of the Land - clearly states - on benefits that those Married and who are male and female - can enjoy.

The stay was lifted to permit same-sex marriage - at 3 pm to force the proponents of the Marriage Act - Husband and Wife - Male and Female - where true procreation is possible - to force them to file a brief on Monday, July 1, 2013 - and one will be filed - for all the world to see.

Devious; in some fake victory - Dennis Herrera, Gavin Newsom, others rejoicing that now they can practice Sodomy - and in the announcement made by the Supreme Court - the same Court that declared Corporations - Human beings.

This same court - failed to be fair in all respects to the Voting Act - part of the Civil Right Movement - signed by President Lyndon Johnson. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  - is turning is his grave.

Those astute are few - and the Main Media has been spewing diatribes - nothing much has changed - in fact the ire of the decent and the moral has grown.

There is absolutely nothing moral with sodomy and those acts declared to be "perverted".

No one needs to explain them - that is if you have a conscience. Once you kill your conscience - anything goes.

Much like LENNAR - aided by Malia Cohen - who will be laughing at the Queer Parade - who has NOT uttered one word about the shootings and killings - in District 10.

Such are the doings - that only can take place - in an environment - were things "perverted" - reign - supreme.

Take a glimpse of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Parcel A where the heavy equipment sits perked on the graded -landed:

Saturday, June 29, 2013


No one can prepare - when some one comes to you and tells you - your child in dead. Shot near your home - in a drive by shooting.
No parent should be in such a position - to hear such words - told of such a happening - suddenly.

No one is prepared when the Police comes to your door and announces - your son and two of his friends are dead.

No one is prepared when some one comes to your door and tells the parents - you son is arrested - because he is involved in a shooting - and the victim is dead.

Every parent - want to believe they raised their children as well as could - but, often in today's world - things happen - and such announcements are not - uncommon.

In the Southeast Sector - this happens all the time - and there is no one Community Based Organization - that can handle - the trauma inflicted - on those that need help.

The community at large has approached me and I have the authorities that should and can make something work - on a War Footing.

The worst organization; that one can go to in circumstance like this - is the Bayview Foundation - which must be audited.

Recently, all sorts of shenanigans - have been on the rise - more since the departure of John Nauer.

In the past; when a victim was shot - the community had access to a  fund - held by the District Attorney's office - some $9000 was expanded for funeral and other expenses.

Not that is covered everything - but, believe you me - when the family is not prepared for a death and large funeral, expenses - this money surely plays - a huge role - in calming the family - and helping eliminate the added - stress.

After any such situation - there is a tremendous shock, anger, and then the blame - human beings are like that.

We have to vent - and more families that witness the crimes - killings and shooting - horrid happening - and it helps if you have support like the Community Response Network - front line warriors -who understand the inner workings of the "criminal world".

The Community Response Network - once worked beautifully - but NOT - under Jacob Moody and Thomas Tapper.

These two individuals - took something - that we all put a love into - and threw it to the hogs.

Today, the same people that Jacob Moody - used and did not treat with respect - are wanted by everyone - to address the pressing issues.

John Nauer is at home - and people call him - let go by Jacob Moody for reasons best know to him.

Jerry Mixion left the Community Response Network - in disgust - he could stand the arrogance of Thomas Tapper and Jacob Moody.

Now, everyone wants him back - to help resolve and find viable and holistic - solutions.

Maria Su, the Mayor, Ed Lee, Diane Aroche, all those that should know about this situation - are now scrambling for help - this is not how - it should be.

This Summer of 2013 - we have just started - and already - people that have worked the ten cases or so - are stressed. They are under-staffed and over worked.

We need help - and we need 4 Full Time Employees positions to address - the current spate of events. 

The killings and shootings - have been triggered - because of many underlining factors. We cannot state them all in an article like this - but if the Mayor and the Chief of Police - wants to hear them - we can state it all - but we need assistance -on our terms.

We understand the under laying symptoms - because we know the community, the history, the health issues, the drugs and others causes that - cause to further trigger such killings and shootings - and more.

In the past entire families did not rally to do harm - but, now they do - because that is how the situation is - at this time.

People do not want an all out war -  people are reaching out to everyone and anyone. And of course - there are people - who are afraid to handle the situation at hand.

Do you think the City and County of San Francisco - has the required personnel to address - large group or even small groups - and provide them - psychological help - more medical assistance - like a well qualified - psychiatrist and  more. NO.

Living in some areas and worse still in Public Housing - with all the noise, folks high on drugs, folks intimidating the neighbors, house invasions, thefts and robberies, car break ins, fear of some one raping your daughter,lurking pedophiles - more.

The list goes on - but these facts - alone are enough to bring out the worst - in any human being and stress the living hell of any normal person.

Now, imagine when you add a death - and a death by shooting and killing - at the hands of a "thug".

To some extend with great difficulty - we can bring some - solution - with 4 FTEs if not 5FTEs and stem the violence among the Polynesian community. We have three stellar front line warriors - but, we need to give them - the best support. No band aid measures.

Way back in the year 2002 when we met - we stated clearly - how to deal with the violence - and at that time we stated - 4 FTEs for the Polynesian - as part of the then newly formed - Community Response Network.

The Black on Black violence - can be curbed - we have been working hard - and we have been providing jobs - so we do have some warriors who are Black - who will deliver - but we need a viable plan.

No Bull Shit - some little money - craps - thrown in the way - of those who put their lives on the line. This must not happen this time.

These killings and shooting must be stopped by those who have a heart, know the community, and can keep the community together. Mayor Ed Lee is familiar with the situation - what is has not heard is from Simi  and John Nauer and Mitch Salazar and others that do not pander. 

Initially; all those that helped put the Community Response Network - together - are now meeting and have been meeting - on an Emergency footing - and since I was there since its inception - I know what is happening - since its inception.

Mayor, Ed Lee must get rid of those that have failed.

Just like he cleaned the San Francisco Housing Authority - out with the crap, open the windows , and clear the cobwebs - we can do this and we can do this now.

We need to stem this violence now - and do it in a manner - where we have lasting peace.

Nothing is impossible - not when we know more than those that purport they know - and all they do - is push paper.

This time I will be involved - and I know all the key players that can help us.

The key players - know that I mean business - we can make this happen with the help of God.

Spirituality is key to what we have in mind. We cannot leave out spirituality and think for a moment all will be well - without spirituality.

We need meaningful outreach - and have begun that on our own - we know Mayor Ed Lee - and even though - those that are paid to do the work - have failed him. We have not.

We keep informing the Mayor through his emissaries that we are watching, and we are working, because we care and we love our fair City.

I know he has not heard a word like care, love, concern, support, fortitude - from those that are raking in millions - and NOT doing their job.

The time to act is now - on a War Footing - and we cannot - pussyfoot any more. 

Killings and Shootings - compromise - Quality of Life issues.


This is the land of the Ohlone.

Once Shellmounds - Sacred Burial Ground - dotted San Francisco and the entire Bay Area - acupuncture points - that maintain - stability, viability, and lasting sustainability.

In less than 250 years a concrete jungle has been built by those - that have no clue what they doing.

Today, just from their sordid actions - thousands of tons of concrete - generate thousands of tons of carbon dioxide. Poison to all living beings.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas now spews into the air - more from the poor - landfill sites - starting from 4th and King to Mid-Way Public Housing - by Geneva on the border of San Francisco - and neighboring Daly City.

For the dumb and ignorant - one ton of Methane gas equal twenty two tons of Carbon dioxide. 

Add to that the radio active elements registered in high levels - from the activities during World War II - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is 90% land fill. And there is more  over 4500 toxic hot spots all over San Francisco.

The run off from the many Mercury mines into the Bay.

The Bay itself which is half the size it was before and contaminated.

Humans more the White man - should be ashamed of himself - and what he has done - to what was once - pristine, viable, sustainable.

He stole the land, raped the women, killed the children - and he looks around and continues to praise - his sordid deeds. He and his ilk are not indigenous - and therefore the unwanted - alien that he purports - others are. What a freaking - paradox!

The Native Americans - known as the First People - who I will address as the First Nations - are the true owners of the land. 

The thieves will say that it is theirs - and they can - because the TRUTH be known - the land is and will always be Ohlone land - elsewhere it belongs to the First Nations - who sustain the land and treated Mother Earth will respect.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - San Francisco and the neighboring lands -  land that we were given by the Great Spirit - to be sustained and respected. Today - it is not.

" All that you build in your vanity - not respecting Mother Earth - will be destroyed - your decaying monuments - will be naught . "

Only those closer to the devil would segregate the First Nations - and put them on Reservations - after stealing their land. 

Only the devil - would come out with a plan - that the First Nations would have to be Federally Recognized - to receive benefits and be acknowledged - in their own land.

Indigenous people all over the world - do not have the word "greed" in their vocabulary - but the White Man does - and greed is the source of all the evil.

Only the devil would kill - thousands of Buffalo for their skin - to sell and make money. Then leave tons of Buffalo meat to rot in the open fields - and rejoice at his sordid - act. Despicable.

Only the devil would cut the majestic Redwood Trees - cathedrals of the forests - and think that his deeds - do not need to be added to the worst deeds - that the devil is known for.

It is the same with unnatural acts - once we humans - dumb and failing to be cognizant of the TRUTH - tried to build a tower to reach the sky and failed.

They called in Babel and we know what befell them.

Then there was a time - when unnatural acts were treasured over natural. When virgins and women were shunned - for men to have sex with other men. We know what befell them.

The deeds and what befell - Sodom and Gomorrah are well known and recorded  -  those with no insight, less morals, even less spirituality - and swimming in the cesspool of their own creation -  will perish for lack of - understanding.

Today in their abject ignorance - they rejoice - but this fun of sorts - will be short, lived.

It is the same with the killings and shootings - we witness in San Francisco.

We have leaders who cannot prioritize - dancing, laughing with glee at sordid deeds, painting the town red - while all the time - those young who should be disciplined and live normal lives - are spilling blood on the streets of San Francisco.

Once there was respect for those that said STOP. No more - knuckle heads running around, less spirituality, even less discipline and respect. 

Let me tell you all something - if you cannot respect yourself - there is no way - you will respect - others - you are the living - dead. And that is what we have on the streets of San Francisco - where pandemonium - rules, today.

Caught in the net of dysfunctional families - the fathers incarcerated. The mothers bearing three, four, five children - by different fathers. Selling drugs and other illegal goods - to survive  - falling into the trap of the devil - gentrification.

The government shunning the poor - keeping them in conditions that are worse than third world countries - our so called Public Housing.

Fostering divisiveness - and lack of opportunities - forcing the young - to fall into the trap - that leads to incarceration, separation - and immense anger.

Young women prostituting, selling and abusing their bodies.Young men cheating, stealing, robbing, killing and shooting - and the devil watching it all - with glee. The likes of Malia Cohen - who is worthless - who are panderers.

The White man once was on the verge of burning down China Town - San Francisco.

Today, we have a Chinese man - who is the Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin Lee - with a short lived history of San Francisco.

We know that but we have forgotten. There was a time - when the Chinese or Oriental was despised - and still is - when it suits those who make the decisions - who want to succeed and make tons of money - at the expense of others.

The American Japanese citizen sent to camps - devoid of justice and forced to be subjected to horrible condition. The American Japanese rose from the Phoenix - more because of his spirituality, fortitude - and won an apology from the United States government. Today we have a stellar example - Jeff Adachi.

The culture that spans thousands of years - is one that has witnessed - and accumulated; the wisdom of those eternal words and writings that make changes but more bring - progress. 

At Calavares - millions are spent to built a new dam - one of the most important dams - where water is stored to be used by San Franciscans and others that buy it from us.

The Hetch Hetchy water was stolen - and so was the Calavares Valley;  the locals, the First Nations - killed and their blood spilled.

No one wants to ponder on these actions - today, they come to haunt us. Bite us in the butt - and traumatize those that are - immoral on many levels.

The old Earthen dam at Calavares near Sunol - will be no more - and a new contemporary dam - will replace - the old.

The area - has always been prone to Earthquakes - but, pride came first and the Prime Company - URS and an engineer Forester - chose to shun sound advice and build a conduit carrying million of gallons of water - stark naked - on two faults - why?

Who makes the calls at URS - is it the husband of Diane Feinstein - Richard Blum?

That one pipe will break open - when the Big One strikes - and just like that - Fremont and all the bare land - will be inundated with water. Not so much by the Earthen dam - but a contemporary misuse of power, greed, and abject arrogance.

There will be wailing, crying, and thousands of innocent will perish.

Such are the deeds of the devil - stemming from those that worship the dollar - who will do what it takes - and go lengths - to accumulate sordid and tainted - wealth.

The sages of old - and the books of wisdom - cherish restrain, shun gluttony, warn against the devious sodomy and lust, and the many vices that demean and denigrate the human body.

When the body is tarnished - the mind and the soul - suffer. This path is the path the devil tempts one - the easy one - of lust, sordid lust, and unnatural paths - that we are seeing - in some parts of the world.

The human body - which is the temple of all things good is all we human have - to share and leave a legacy.

We must respect one another - and we must be true to our actions.

We learn a lot when we are intimate - but, always with extreme - respect. If you are greedy - lust for the sake of lusting, torture your body and your psyche - you will - perish.

We just have to witness the diseases, the lack of morals, the blatant corruption - where discipline is shunned and things evil and immoral - embraced.

Where is the leadership? Where is the respect?

This Nation is a land of laws. During the Civil War - millions died - that carnage was unbelievable - and historians have written about it - but contemporary Americans - love to live for the moment. But - all this will come to naught.

History they say - repeats itself. More - his story.

In San Francisco devious folks that live in the Pacific Heights - continue to create divisiveness - while all the time hoarding millions.

Some represent in our Senate - and they must be ashamed of themselves - they and their ilk.

I see clearly and have seen it all - from my early childhood - what those who supposedly must lead, cannot perceive and envision.

When defeated - they take the easy route - and when you do that - and pander - you are worthless.

I can warn - I can try - at best against the norm - cajole - but if you do not pay heed to the warning - you will perish.

Much before that you will witness the deeds - that the devil relishes - being performed before your very eyes. You will shudder - and you will be traumatized. 

Each of us - has a conscience - and I have met and inter-acted with thousands - all over the world.

Human beings are at their best - when they are centered and simple - shunning, away from things complex - living  a plain and simple - life. 

Human beings can love and that is not easy.

Others hate - still others want the easy way out - these are the sons and daughters of the - devil.

There is no hell and heaven somewhere else - that is more than a misnomer - it is all here on Earth.

You die - you leave a legacy - if you are the salt of the Earth.

Some, may be more before that in contemporary times - those that have life - will say - he or she has passed away -she or he left a legacy.

May be lots of love and compassion - working hard - speaking the TRUTH - against all odds; left that legacy - such a soul leaves this  Earth; to sojourn to a better place.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

San Francisco is the place to be - we embrace all - and we were know for our  compassion - not any more.

Too many poor, the indigent - sleep on our streets. Thousands more crash in their vehicles - and there is more - it will only tarnish the pages the words are written on. Who will make the change - not Bevan Dufty - the anointed Czar of the homeless.

Once where there were sand dunes - we challenged ourselves and built the great Golden Gate Park. On the other side of town - San Franciscan pooled their money - and bought land - Homestead - and created McClaren Park.

Open Space must be natural - and we human must learn to live where nature abounds - as it was meant to be.

Again and again - immoral folks - love to build homes - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - challenging nature.

How many times must we human be brought to our knees?

The hot spell we have now - is one of many warnings. 

The falling Stocks another.

The flux that the evil create - has reached saturation point - and no one can defeat the paths of nature - things artificial - perish.

This Earth is resourceful and has the ability to heal - if all perishes; it will  - sprout new live as it has before and will again and again.

The Earth will rejoice - that it can start all over again. It did before and it will again - it is just a simple cycle - never mind - if it will take thousands of years.

Our lesson is to be sustainable, be viable - and maintain - stability - this Earth is our temporary charge - not for us but for those that come after us.

Do not pollute and contaminate and expect others to clean up after you. Look around and see the mess - some have created - those that embrace - greed.

 As humans - having a heart - practicing, compassion is supreme - more in San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi. Aho.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Summer is here and already we have had 10 shooting and killings  - in the last three weeks.

All related - and those in charge in waiting to bring some solution - sweating, pulling their hair, may be their teeth - and they have no clue not the balls - to stop the violence and killings.

Thousands of dollars are spent on folks who sit in their office and do nothing. All in the name - that they know how to stop this violence and killing. They do not - they have no connection what so ever - with those that chose to commit the violence and in some cases the killings.

Folks who push paper and run their mouth - cannot walk the streets of San Francisco - more the streets of the Bayview Hunters Point and talk to the youth.

Folks who say they represent but cannot - not on any level - the likes of Malia Cohen.

Why - because these paper pushers - do not fully understand the youth.

More with an inept, spineless, shallow individual like Malia Cohen - who will do anything to pander - and has no clue about Quality of Life issues.

Just in the last few hours and it is about 3 pm now on a Thursday, June 27, 2013 - and it was reported to me - that 3 Black youth have been shot - near Paul Avenue.

Do you think those in authority care - the PO POS, the Mayor, Edwin Lee, Maria Su from the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families - any one that purports to say - that they do - but cannot lift a finger. They all make good salaries - in access of $200,000 plus benefits.

Malia Cohen - latest ploy the housing on Parcel A - surrounded by the worst type of contamination. I represent the First People - and I say: No good will ever happen on Parcel A and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Nada.

Prone to liquefaction and flood this area contaminated - more by depleted uranium and the many experiment linked to the World War II operations - those that encourage housing on this very contaminated site - have BLOOD on their hands.

The authorities do not comprehend where these youth come from - and that they need - help.

What is critical for Malia Cohen and the other who back her up to know - the history of those who are desperate and will anything to survive.

The paper pushers - who head the Community Based Organization - are there for their own individual salaries - they do not care about the youth - they only care about their own - salaries - and therefore these outsiders - must be sent packing - now.

These no called in charge of the situation - have no clue how the sets run - and who really triggers the many killings and shootings - which is on the rampage and will increase.

The PO POS are at a lost - they can think all the want that they have the situation under control - but, there is worse to come - and it will come - within days.

This Summer the nerves of those that have been pandering will be tested. Malia Cohen must step down - they loves to grin - and those that support her - do not have an iota of love for District 10. I know these scum bags for a long, long time.

The Community Response Network that we had first created - has been destroyed by those that do not care.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee keeps supporting these losers - but he will soon hear from at least one individual - who has heard what I have to say. No one can take charge of the critical and pertinent situations - remote control.

Less, about those that were the front line - warriors  who worked so hard to make good things happen - only to be stabbed in the back - by the paper pushers - outsiders - who are more like - moles or spies.

Can you imagine after John Nauer worked so hard - well known in the entire - Southeast Sector - that he was fired by Jacob Moody and his side kick Thomas Tapper.

These two think they did something, great - that there will be NO repercussions - but; these two are in for a surprise.

When a warrior brother like Jerry Mixion - who gave his best - is mistreated by a crony like Thomas Tapper. It further goers to show - the sordid nature of the situation at hand. Do you think Malia Cohen -who keeps pussyfooting around has a clue.

I challenge her to walk the streets - the youth know who she is - panderer and they will fight fire with fire - and rightly so. 

We have thousands of truants in the Bayview - mostly youth - that Malia Cohen and thoss in charge have neglected. Politics is a dirty game - and what is good - is often we see the "politician" on the receiving end - shafted and in good measure. Malia Cohen - you turn is coming and before you know it - you WILL be shafted.

Those in authority - the Mayor Edwin Lee, Diane Aroche - the others who think they know - and know less - have had all the time to address Quality of Life issues and have failed miserably.

These folks could have listened to those that stepped up - but they want to listen to those that have no clue about the history, the plight of the people - now, they are dealing with a segment of the population - ready for revolution - and those that once - put their life on the line - are for the people.

For sure against the crooks - people like Malia Cohen - and those panderers who think they can come into the community - and screw us over - like LENNAR.

Very few know how to prevent killings and violence - very few have the experience to create an environment where good people - can come together and make good thing happen.Where one can go to those that create hostility and put an end to it - using RESPECT - not force and for sure not the PO POS - who are out dated and will fail - however hard they try.

These good people are now throwing the hat - and they do not want to have anything with these good for nothing - paper pushers - the many good folks who for years - worked hard - because we had a plan - only for the paper pushers to come into our community - and instill divisiveness - and the Mayor, Edwin Lee knows about it - but does not have the guts to call a spade a spade.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee has a few weeks to come up with a viable plan - sans the liars, and good for nothing paper pushers - who have created this mess and fiasco today. 

Your window of opportunity is so small that most will not dare take the challenge. You brought it on yourself - 35 cranes in the sky, congestion on the ground - and Quality of Life - compromised.

Outsiders coming in droves and working on the construction jobs - there is NO compliance - your Construction Management Division - is being rubber stamped by those that take orders from wicked and crooked people. Time will tell.

So much division has been created in our communities - be it the Western Addition, the Mission, but more in the Southeast Sector - the Bayview Hunters Point, Oakdale, Visitation Valley, the Excelsior -  this City and County of San Francisco - where once had some order -  now, there is a raging fire - and reigning - pandemonium.

This City with its dysfunctional operations - without having the right personnel - cannot put on track - what some of us - had thought off well and in detail - only for these paper pushers to destroy  the entire model.

We still have some hope - and we have a model - but we need the Mayor in toto to take charge of the situation - and put the right people in place and get rid in toto of those that created this fiasco.

If not soon many will die - these shootings and killings - can be stopped.

All those who are now taking orders from the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families - from the Mayor's Office the two - who think, they know some about Violence and Killings.

Who think and imagine - that they can do some - to curtail violence and killings the likes of Diane Aroche - can be best be described - as fluff.

San Francisco can stop this killing and shooting and bring about law and order.

The Mayor knows who to talk to and make this happen. We are not going to beg, we do not beg - we respect ourselves and we respect the inner circle. 

The paper pushers, the sell outs , the Poverty Pimp Pastors - have all got their turn - but nothing has - been happening.

We remember the days when Malia Cohen would gather the Poverty Pimp Pastor on the outskirts and try to make drab speeches - these Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black are like Malia Cohen - panders.

Polynesian are now killing one another -this never happened before -  what we witness before our eyes today - is not pleasant - but it is the reality of the day. Islanders killing one another is not the norm and this can be stopped.

Blacks killing Blacks - and no one can do much - in fact some in authority want the Blacks to kill one another.

We know who these people are - the Mayor knows who they are - they  paper pushers - are for gentrification and encourage certain activities - they are outsiders - who do not care about the community - who are on the City and County of San Francisco's - pay roll. Their offices at 150 Executive Park - go check them out and see if they give you a fair and frank - interview.

We have folks who can curtail the violence and killing in the Mission and in Western Addition - but; we cannot proceed - without respecting those who are the front line warriors.

You disrespect the front line warriors - you have a problem - and they problem you have today - is one that will rage like a fire -that cannot be controlled - we can nib it in the bud - and time is running out.

We find it difficult to understand - how this warring all over this City and County of San Francisco - has spread like wild fire.

We wonder sometimes - if it was meant to be like this - done  with intent. 

Those in authority creating situations - where dysfunction exists - where pandemonium prevails - divisiveness is encouraged - with no transparency and accountability.

Can this madness be fixed - you bet it can.


Nothing much has changed at City Hall in San Francisco and more in Room 250. Visible for all to see - the number of active Buffoons have increased.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - are busy behind closed doors making deals - most of them nefarious in nature.

All the while Senior, students, children, those poor and indigent in need of help - suffering, daily. Who is representing those that need help most?

I took one look at the aura of those sitting in the once August Chamber - Room 250 - and it was not good. 

Evil folks who try hard to look at you in the eye - and lie - through their teeth. Very bad vibrations.

Each of these Supervisors have earned themselves a title - many time over - Buffoons of the Highest Order.

The Legislative Branch is where the SF Board of Supervisors - have a place to deliberate and act righteously and according to the law. Do they do this? NO.

 Room 250 - the Legislative Chamber, the August Room where in the past - stellar legislators have passed astute and stellar legislation.

Now all these shallow and spineless SF Supervisors do is a very poor job of representing and what is more adversely impacting San Franciscans.

As opposed to the Mayor Edwin Lee - who heads the Executive Branch - with the City Administrator Naomi Kelly who comes under the Mayor since the City Charter was changed in 1996.

Once the City Administration in this City and County of San Francisco was independent - no more.

The SF Board of Supervisors have been acting like Buffoons - more political whores the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed - the more prominent pimp - Scott Wiener - adversely impacting the constituents of San Francisco.

In recent years - none of the SF Board of Supervisors - have improved Quality of Life issues.

When they run for elections - they promise you the world - but once in - the devil reigns - supreme.

If you look at Safety - we can easily give them all - a F - ; that is a F minus.

If you look at the services meted out in our hospitals - more Public Hospitals - again a F minus.

If you look at our Transportation System - you cannot rated it - it has gone hay wire - the most despicable Public Transportation in the Nation.

If you study the state of our Education - thousands of parents - that is father, mother, and children - normal families - have left San Francisco.

These decent parents who lived in San Francisco for many years - simply cannot tolerate - the inferior education - and the many life style educational curricula - imposed  and forced on their children.

Of all the Districts - and we have 11 Districts - District 10 is the worst.

Malia Cohen purports to represent District 10 and does a poor job.

Thousands of people without jobs in District 10. Thousands of youth - who have dropped out of school - and most of them are Black and truants. Many of them crash anywhere they can - and it is not easy to see this on going - tragedy. 

Young girls plying their trade - prostitution.

Thousands others making their living - selling drugs - not weed which among them is considered - recreational - but the most hazardous and more dangerous - meth and crack cocaine.

People are wired up; on Third Stree - it looks like the devils have been released from hell.

Malia Cohen is pussyfooting around - talking in circles - pretending that she is doing something - when the whore - is doing nothing - but pandering.

Malia Cohen must step down - and step down - now.

I choose the meetings I attend at City Hall.

 I do not want to throw pearls - before the swine.

And so when I was participating in the deliberation - at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - I witnessed the shenanigans - right from the start. Tuesday, June 25, 2013 around 11 am in Room 250 at SF City Hall.

Millions of dollars are set aside for programs and projects by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA).

More, to improve traffic flow, traffic lights, pedestrian safety, Americans with Disability Act (ADA), repairing our roads, study traffic congestion, traffic management, pollution, other critical elements needed to improve Quality of Life issues.

When the  SF Board of Supervisors - sitting as Commissioners at this SFCTA meeting - are given a opportunity to comment - they are silent. Their foolishness reigns - supreme. Hence the Buffoonery they are noted for.

These SF Board of Supervisor (SF BOS) have failed to represent - each and everyone  of the constituents, their Districts - most of the time.

Shallow, spineless, inept - more those that are not spiritual - have no morals and less ethics.

This is San Francisco and so anyway you look at it -  our City  embraces spirituality and compassion and if you read some about the Saint Francis of Assisi - you learn more.

None of the morasses that are linked with what most of the SF BOS - purport to be; normal - which is abnormal - their life style - morasses tarnish the good name of our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco.

Leading the pack Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, Jane Kim - and it would do no good to mention the others - as I have before.

Once the SF BOS earned $38,000 - now they make over $120,000 plus benefits. 

Daily - behind close doors - they take bribes - make deals - seek perks - and again leading that pack of hyenas - Malia Cohen. A good for nothing - piece of crap.

Single mothers mostly Black are suffering in District 10 - and Malia Cohen looks down with disdain on them. When is the last time she has visited Mother Brown's facility?

When is the last time Malia Cohen has taken interest or spoken on truancy with authority?

She pretends to flutter her wings - when she see and knows some Polynesian - more Samoans.

What is the real plight of the Samoans? Why all the homelessness?

Why have the Polynesian to suffer - why did you beg for their votes? What truly have you done Malia Cohen?

Malia Cohen now wants to back LENNAR openly.

The current protests in front of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is but the tip of the iceberg.

Many other organizations will join the current ones - and when they do - all hell will break loose. Of course Malia Cohen - who pussyfoots around a lot - will have nothing to say - but will face the brunt of the heat - and this one act - will bring her down - and she will fall flat on her face.

The current SF BOS are famous for giving Big Corporation tax break and other perks - leading that charge - Jane Kim.

Often - rolling her eyes - and talking the talk but failing each and every time to walk the walk.

Pandering to folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. the "thug Mayor" of San Francisco - who has more clout to do harm, and rake in millions - that any other nefarious person - who has set foot in City Hall.

Scott Weiner is looking forward to being the next Mayor of San Francisco.

This Queer a transplant from New York - just like Jane Kim - one worse than the other. They both talk a good talk but as I said many times - fail to walk the walk.

None of them care for our youth - and our youth are watching - the youth ask me all the time - what do I think of these scoundrels?

 I keep quiet - but now they will know - and I do not give a rat ass - how they treat these scum bags.

We have families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

You now have months to get a slot to sleep in a shelter!

 If that is not shocking I do not know what is. It is time we all wake up - and take a reality check.

I saw it all yesterday - when constituent after constituent - did not approve the changes envisioned by Trader's Joe near Geary Blvd and Masonic in Room 250 at the SFCTA meeting held at 11 am - June 25, 2013 at San Francisco - City Hall.

 The SF BOS - and more London Breed said it was all go - the SF Planning, others had made up their mind.

People were NOT noticed.

We have a Precautionary Principle which is law - but none of the Buffoons - have read it - less comprehend it - they call themselves - SF Supervisors.

ADA and other laws - have not been taken into consideration linked to the Masonic Project - adversely impacting thousands in the neighborhood. Depriving the constituents of over 150 Parking Spaces - who is making these sordid decisions?

The project is serious enough, impacts thousands, and no one has studied the Cumulative Impacts.

More it warrants an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Time will tell.

The SF Bikers have a Political Action Committee - place their members on task force and committees - and shove stuff down the throats of innocent constituents. The Bikers back this project and have a hidden agenda.

Time to charge the Bikers - let them pay and get a license to ride a bike. There must be a liability put of the Bikers - some insurance - the cost to the City and County of San Francisco - millions in liability - when bike collide and kill innocent pedestrians.

No funding should be approved on the Masonic Project.

This serious matter; where the constituents living in the neighborhood - must be taken to court. There are too many - violations and not sufficient - meaningful deliberation.

Those who pay taxes must have a say. This Masonic Projects is totally ill planned - ill timed project  in District 5.

The Mensell Project was spoken about in generalities. In the last five years over 15 people have been killed and shot in the vicinity - and many very close to the project - targeted for improvement.

The District 9 Supervisor who wants to show some interest - lives in Bernal Heights - he does not care about a large area - like the Portola District - and made some drab, general comments.

Malia Cohen - lives with some Whites in the Potrero Hill area - she talks a good talk - but - does not know the reality nor the fact - about Mclaren Park and less about Mensell Street.

Malia Cohen is shallow and spineless - and is in - to make some money - always pandering to the highest bidder - much like a whore on heat.

John Avalos - bikes and so has some clue about what he is talking about McClaren Park and the surrounding area.

Mansell Street is by McClaren Park - a large open space - that San Franciscans participated in keeping open - San Franciscans bought the land - paid the money from their own pocket - bought the land from those that owned it once - Home Stead. 

It was all farm land once - and we still see - signs of farms - not too many - but we have artifacts and other signs - that point to robust farming - at one time.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - and it is always interesting for me to witness these - scum bags talk.

All of this land was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone - you folks that talk the talk - think you all can run your mouth - but what is important is to represent and do right. When is the last time you SF Board of Supervisors did right?

Some of you SF Board of Supervisors - lacking spirituality and morals - others pretending to do good - when you are shallow and spineless - you purport to be legislators - but - all you do is pander.

Mansell Street needs proper lighting.

We also need Safety to be studied - and outreach - more when some folks call on the SF Police Department - when they see any Black man walk in McClaren Park.

 Blacks who have lived all their lives in the neighborhood -  and own homes.

I applaud anyone trying to improve any location - but it must be done in a holistic manner.

Lighting, traffic signs, traffic crossing, signs encouraging constituents to take care of the Park - sound outreach in the many languages - are all part of the enhancement. 

And there is more ..........