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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gang Injunctions are related issues in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.


The Main Media is slow to address pertinent issues.

No one will write about Gang Injunctions, the failing Middle Schools, corruption in the SF Redevelopment Agency, rogue cops and so on on. They simple do not have the balls.

It does not come as a surprise that sometimes even after keeping some of some posts for a long time - Indymedia or some novice Editor will take it upon herself or himself to remove my posts. I have no problem with that - after all they can make whatever decisions they want.

Gang Injunctions is San Francisco have failed and those in power the City Attorney Dennis Herrera and others who pushed for it will fail. No one in their right mind should be voting for Dennis Herrera. Dennis wants to be Mayor of San Francisco.

Our Middle schools are failing.

So, when you allow people to see for themselves; using a rating link - some folks do not like it. It is a joke when over 95 percent of the Middle Schools and Elementary school do not make the grade.

Big developers work with corrupt politicians.

Corrupt politicians work with San Francisco Police Department to take out any hurdles and harass anyone who will come in the way. Decent San Franciscans have seen this for many years - and cannot really speak up. They fear retaliation.

Imagine San Franciscans living in a Police State?

We must be careful who we vote for - and we must not vote for some like Dennis Herrera who went out of his way to bring hardship and adversely impact thousands of people. Dennis did this when he declared null and void - over 33,000 signatures linked to SF Redevelopment Agency in the Bayview Hunters Point.

No one should be able to defy the will of the people - and if 33,000 people sign some petition and someone like Dennis Herrera thinks he can defy the will of the people - something must be wrong - and shame on those that will vote - for such a dictator.

The constituents of San Francisco are astute.

In the last ten years we really have no newspaper that is worth reading in San Francisco - more because the local newspapers are drab. Hence most intelligent people go to the Internet and on line blogs and reporting - make the news today and are worth - reading.

Surely, in San Francisco there are no newspapers like the Washington Post or the LA Times - the Chronicle is a joke and the Examiner - not even worth looking at from a distance.

Drab news reporting and of course siding with Big Developers and anyone that pays someone to write.

No investigating reporting at all - worth the salt and on topics that matter.

So, when some speaks up for the Native Americans the Whites do not like it. The Whites killed people and took their land and they will not admit they did wrong - and the world knows they did wrong.

Imagine, the Native Americans living on Reservations in their own land?

No one denies that the Native Americans are not the First People - the first to be here in America - but, no one will stand for all Native Americans being Federally Recognized - recognized in their own country - so that they can avail of some minimum benefits.

Americans will cross oceans to punish people and destroy and harm people to push for Democratic Principles - they are doing this in Iraq ( where we had no business going) and in Afghanistan - not knowing that no foreign power - has ever tamed the Afghan. Not the British not anyone.

Here is San Francisco - we have the San Francisco Mafia - and those in power who are NOT with our Nation.

The work for some other Nation - the likes of Bernie Madoff - and we know who they are. These vermin are placed and appointed in critical places to do damage. Favor their own kind and bring about destruction and mostly harm those that need help - most.

We saw this with Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, AIG - and the others very corrupt large Financial Institutions. They are the cause of our present economy.

When you connect the dots - it all works - money is used to buy power.

Blacks we call them sell outs in the Southeast Sector. Supervisors that have no morals and will work against the constituents. Mayors - who will work with corrupt entities and Big Developers like - Lennar.

It is fine if Indymedia cannot take a stand and permit some one to tell the truth.

There is more then one way to do it - and we can find another path and do well and speak our peace.