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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Stop building skyscrapers - and push
for high density housing.

There must be some understanding - where our "youth" have a say - in their own affairs - and are brought to the the table to discuss - their real concerns in San Francisco.

Adults cannot be saying and doing things - that could be tolerated in times - long gone - more in this digital age - of fast change and progress.

As much as statements are made about - the San Francisco Unified School District - making great progress - when it comes to minority students - more and more students - are dropping out of school - in San Francisco.

There are been an increase in truancy - and more girls now are truants - and this picture will only get ugly - if drastic and holistic measures are not put in place.

There is a deep connection between housing and students being less stressed.

In general students are stressed - when - you add the lack of housing - three families and more sharing a unit - like a two bed room unit - there is no way any one - any young person - any children - can be stress free - and do well at school.

The Superintendent of the SF Unified School District means well when he says stuff - the SF Unified School District Board means well - when they talk the talk - but fail - most of the time to walk the walk.

We have serious issues in the South of Market - in the Bayview - in the Mission - in Western Addition - in most places where minority students - are not treated well - mostly not understood - and for sure NOT - respected.

There are Wellness Centers - but they do not have the staff to understand the deep seated psychological issues that our students - have to deal with.

The San Francisco Health Department has $2 Billion budget - does not have a Blue Print to deal with our infants, children, youth, and young adults - more with blatant, stress issues.

The Health Commission talks is circles and thinks they can hoodwink all the people all the time.

Thousands of parents have just given up - those that can afford to move - have left San Francisco - never to come back again.

Those who have no choice but live in the war zone - in one of the richest cities in the world - have to adhere to the " vague promises made to the parents " - these parents too give up and leave.

The stress that our youth are experiencing - reflects in how they act.

The increase in violence - there is no plan to address - violence that has its roots in chronic stress - people experience an acute - nervous break down.

More from the lack of housing, dysfunctional families - who cannot take it anymore.

Less money, no food, poor health care, lack of Quality of Life issues - in many cases worse than so called Third World countries.

Of course our Mayor Edwin M. Lee says all the time - he has the answers - as to the Supervisors who think like him - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Mark Farrell - what can we say about the buffoons - who have failed to represent - inept, spineless, unethical and having no standards what so ever.

What is lacking foremost in all of the above buffoons - is the understanding of " cultural competency".

 You just cannot read about it - you have to sit down with the youth and their parents - and understand the real issues, the hurdles, the daily trauma these families - endure - and have been enduring for years.

Our City and County of San Francisco once had standards.

The streets were clean - there was no congestion.

 The air was not as contaminated as it is now - and rents were not as high as they are now.

The fact that so many high rise buildings are being built - serves no purpose that is holistic.

New York has high-rise buildings that suit New York - and say Manhattan in particular - the rents, though are not as expensive as San Francisco.

The developers want it their way. The developers love their high density units and more the money - such sordid actions - generate.

These units mostly cater to White folks - who are greed and focused on money and nothing more.

White folks who are strangers to this land - Turtle Island - that belongs to the Native Americans.

The way the White developers talk - more the White developers - they have the money - tainted blood money from China, and other places.

The White developers  -  want to build  - the high density "  market rate units " to make money - may hay while the sun shines.

We the people - the commons- the Ohlone and other Native Americans - we want respect, decency and compassion and fortitude.

The developers and the political pimps and whores - exercise blatant disdain for the poor, are unethical, and have no compassion - the are the scum of the Earth.

As for the infants, the children, the youth, the young adults, our seniors, and those with comprised health - our City and County led by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he and the Supervisors - who are his lackeys - talk they talk but cannot walk the walk.

When any City decides to let down our youth - without providing them  " career jobs" - not the summer jobs - that are but for a short period - promise our youth the sky - and shaft them.

Offer temporary jobs without benefit - make our students work two and three jobs - when they attend College and any good University - all this and more says - a lot about our City's leadership.

The youth talk to me but what is more they trust me  - and the issues that adversely impact the youth - have reached saturation point.

It does not make it easy - with some youth organizations - working hand in glove with greedy, corrupt, - developers.

These organizations are satisfied with some stale bread crumbs. They sell out the community - and they will soon - understand their folly - but it will be too late.

Our adults and leaders - must lead the way and teach our infants, our children, our youth, young adults - work with our elders - to go to a better place.

This has been handed down from generation to generation.

The developers are here to make money - and how they make money - and the methods they use - are cut throat - means.

  There always comes a time - a saturation time - the French Revolution - other riots and changes - and the time has come - for San Francisco to - bring about change.

We shut down City Hall - not once but three times.

There is a Moratorium in the Mission - STOP building - " market rate units" - this Moratorium will pass at this November 3, 2015 elections - and send a very strong signal to all concerned - corrupt and crooked - developers and others.

Developers who do not respect San Franciscans -  should leave San Francisco - especially Lennar Urban, Forest City, others that are creating - divisiveness.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a $9 Billion budget - yet some of us advocates - have to go into our pockets - to serve our infants and single mothers.

Our children with their needs at school, sports, and other extra curricula activities.

Our youth and young adults  with violence prevention and intervention.

We created programs - where interns can get training and laid out the curricula - now adopted by City agencies - who were asleep at the cockpit - years ago.

Our adults with all sort of health needs, many facing homelessness - entire families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - facing the inclement weather.

 Our seniors with support in their golden years.

Our mentally and physically challenged - not given any hope at all.

We have 39,212 City employees - the normal figure thrown out is 29,000.

We have a budget of $ 9 Billion - yes 9 BILLION - greater than many small countries - and exceeds that of ten major cities in the United States.

Our population about 852,469 - in this 46.9 square miles - all Ohlone land - stolen from the Ohlone.

Some 18,187 folks living per square mile.

Let us talk about Recreation Facilities and not more about " open space".

 Let us talk about real homes and not high density units - where people live like chickens in the coop. 

Human beings are now being treated like animals in San Francisco - and people are fed up - but, now for long. You all that are fully responsible - are put on notice. Aho.

Monday, October 26, 2015


The people united - will not be defeated.

When decent, astute, well informed San Franciscans demand a mandate - a halt - on all market rate units - costing $2 million a unit and above.

Demand more housing for those making $80,000 annually - and catering to those that make below $40,000 - there is nothing crazy about these statements.

The angst of the people has reached saturation point - and the people united cannot be defeated.

The developers who use tainted Chinese money, tainted money that is available in plenty today - other BLOOD money pouring into San Francisco - there is a prize that comes with tainted money and very " bad Karma ".

The Mission is right -where Mission Dolores and other historic building reveal who was there first directly and indirectly.

 Surely not the decedents of the " mostly White - sordid to the core - greedy and White developers that have no compassion".

White thieves that do not comprehend the values of the " indigenous" - have no clue what Mother Earth means and more how Mother Earth has to be respected.

There is no way with the rampant high rises - that we can keep the unique characteristics - of our unique neighborhoods - some 11 Districts - each with a Supervisor that should be representing and standing for the people - talking the talk but not walking the walk.

The worst Supervisors Malia Cohen, London Breed, Julie Christensen, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, and of course the panderer Katy Tang.

The other Supervisors are put on notice, too - speak up and represent - do not beat around the bush - and do not take the angst of the people - who are fed up - for granted.

We can and we will shut down City Hall - without stepping " a single foot inside City Hall" - just remind yourselves - how we shut down City Hall - April 14, 2015.

The scumbag developers who think they can built high-rise buildings - use " spot zoning " - cause congestion - treat those making under $40,000 with disdain.

Continue in a nonchalant manner to - harm our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - know about these facts - and turn the other way - and think nothing of these serious factors. 

We put you all on notice.

Simply put this land was stolen from the Ohlone. The Ohlone do not want you developers  adversely impacting the majority in our City.

 Let me make it very clear - the Muwekma Ohlone:

Let us - people - the COMMONS - stand united - and send a strong message to the " greedy developers" and those who support these scumbags - the developers can take their tainted money and go - where they choose to go.

These bastards have no culture, they have no morals, they have no ethics, they have nothing - they are bland.

The developers and builders the likes of Lennar Urban, Forest City, Nibbi, Cahill, Obiyashi, Webcor - all that they build in haste - will topple down - more those inferior buildings - built on land prone to liquefaction and severe - flooding.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee for all the lies he spews - will pay a heavy price.

 No person - ever - can create divisiveness, make money illegally, and think for a nano second - that all will be well.

Our SF Planning Department has failed miserably. The SF Planning Department encourages " spot zoning ".

The 5 M project in and around 5th and Mission - has been fast tracked and for all the wrong reasons.

The people that need help - the local residents - have been left out. Sell outs have been embraced - ignorant and arrogant entities - that have NO clue - what planning and sound land use principles - are for - and what Forest City is all about.

Forest City is all about " LAND BANKING".

Forest City and Lennar Urban are developers that use land and people - like pawns. Make no bones about that statement.

The people united can never, ever be defeated. Aho.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Willie L. Brown Jr.

San Francisco has had dubious allies - like the former "thug" mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - the present mayor Edwin M. Lee - and very corrupt SF Commissioners - who have failed to abide by standards - and are allowing developers to do as they - may.

Destroying of skyline and causing congestion on our roads - contaminating everything in sight - the land, the air our water. Adversely impacting infants, children, youth, young adults, senior - those who compromised - health.

The First People of San Francisco - own the land - every square inch.

There is no - not one single document that spells out that this land - we call San Francisco - who bought from the Ohlone. The thieves know it - but the " thieves" continue to be in denial.

It those the likes of Lennar Urban, Forest City, other " greedy and corrupt developers" - to the core - they are welcome to San Francisco - they better think again. They are NOT.

You scum bags - the likes of Forest City - who do not respect the California Environmental Quality Act, other standards like height limits - cater to " spot zoning " all White - who have no consideration for the people at large - go where you deem - you are welcome - but surely - you are NOT welcome -  on Ohlone land.

Again you scums bags the like of Lennar Urban, Forest City, others of like caliber - are NOT welcome in San Francisco.

These developers talk about Open Space - but they do not talk about facilities - like restrooms, resting places for the infants, the children, the seniors - and they think their verbosity - can fool us all.

The skyline has changed for the worse in San Francisco - and Willie L. Brown Jr. - the current Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have sold out our City and County of San Francisco.

The constituents of the Mission will win - when Proposition I will send a clear message - STOP build " market rate units" - for the rich.

A good way to send message to all developers - soon developers evil developers - who do not appreciate San Francisco and San Franciscans who matter - can leave San Francisco - we do not need Forest City at Pier 70 and around 5th and Mission - creating plans - to take our land - and create innocent tax payers - with disdain.

Your forum before the organizers sponsored by the Business Times - says it all - ignorant , arrogant "developers" - talking from both sides of your mouth. Such forums just reveal where you scumbags come from - " white trash" with sordid conceptual plans - out to make money - as which way you can.

On Treasure Island you developers deem fit to build high-rise buildings  on Treasure Island - a man made island - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

You and those who live there - will drown in the cesspool of your own creation. Stay away from Treasure Island - and for that matter - all of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - some 700 acres - plus.

On Yerba Buena aka Goat Island - you want the island - to build units for the rich - more on solid rock - unlike the tall buildings - meant of the poor and those that are needy.

That is how - you very " evil mongers " view - how to deal with the poor and cater to the filthy rich - who have ruined our City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco is unique more with our neighborhoods - each distinct and unique.

 For many decades we all lived in harmony - until Willie L. Brown Jr, jerks like Platinum Consultants, Forest City - that failed on the former Emporium Building - promising to restore the " dome " - and screwing all our aspirations and hopes.

Lennar Urban - will fail - as it is failing - so far it has incorporated itself so many times - that it is just trying to float - stay alive - San Franciscans do not want you " greedy bastards " in our City of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - Lennar desecrated the Ohlone remains at Emeryville - just see what happened to that shopping mall - it is a ghost town.

" No good will happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - not now nor ever ".

The two hills that sat where now Parcel A and the adjoining land we call Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - was created from the demolished hills.

The two hills - contained the remain of the Ohlone - that the United States Navy desecrated - and spread the remains together with the dirt - thinking - nothing of their evil deeds.

Not one square inch of this area some 700 acres plus has been archeologically survey - we have the Native American Graves Protect Act (NAGPRA).

 The City and County of San Francisco ignores NAGPRA. The Mayor' Office ignores, NAGPRA - Mayor Edwin M. Lee ignores, NAGPRA - the SF Planning Department ignores NAGPRA - others ignore. 


We the people - more the poor people - more indigenous people - do not need the  " evil developers" and the promises made by people  like mayor edwin m. lee a panderer.

 The very poor, the indigenous, the immigrants - have the blessings of the Ohlone - in this case the Muwekma Ohlone. Aho.

Friday, October 23, 2015


San Francisco took the BOLD step in 1989 - to come to the rescue of fleeing immigrants.

 When the City and County of San Francisco -  declared itself - in right measure - and for the best reasons - to be a stellar - Sanctuary City - our hearts were in the right - place.

At that time many Latin American countries - were experiencing war - and innocent people were hunted down - " by killing squads " - and our Nation could not be on the sidelines - and watch the on going - cold bloody - murders - in the thousands.

The innocent traumatized walked hundreds of miles - endured all types of atrocities - to find refuge in our great City of San Francisco - and in other cities bordering our long border.

Other cities close to our long border more along New Mexico, Texas, and of course California - did what they could.

San Francisco stood out - as we always do - our hearts in the right place - as our constituents rallied to the cause of our suffering immigrants - more with compassion.

The Churches opened their doors - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - at that time - felt something had to be done - quickly - more to come to the rescue of women and children.

We advocates fought for a "Sanctuary City" - I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and was directly in touch with ' Federal Agents" and used by influence - at various levels to bring about some understanding.

More as Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - last Congressional Liaison - and with good reason - and there were many Congressperson and Senators - who had their heart - in the right place - and helped us.

One early morning in 1991 - I saw people hiding in the bushes - at the Presidio of San Francisco - at first I was puzzled by this fact - human beings under bushes - here and there - in the forest - their clothes all wet - dripping.

When some of us approached them - we found they were " Chinese citizens " - who fled China - took refuge in some container ship - that threw them off Crizzy Field.

We saw their plight - and some of us - provided them refuge - warm clothes and food. We had many who spoke Madarin and Cantonese - who made things - easier - so that we could speak to the Military Police - and do the right thing.

From this experience we learned much - and we - die hard  - " compassionate advocates " - were proud of our City.

 Some of us - were bold enough to attend hearings - with Custom Agents - before  the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) was created - and speak on behalf of those that needed help most.

When we visited the jails we saw innocent people from all over the world - but more from Latin American countries.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1989 - were sensible - compassionate - unlike the "weasels" we have today - sitting in the chambers - playing the - immigration issue.

The present SF Supervisor 26 years ago - were young - many of them - in their diapers - when it came to " sound politics " - more London Breed, Malia Cohen, and Katy Tang.

We understand what a Resolution stands for - more verbosity - that is non-binding.

 An Ordinance - that has teeth -  is law binding.

So, for Mark Farrell to initiate some " drab language " and play the plight of the immigrants - trying to initiate language to - contact Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) -  is pathetic.

More tell us the his mother is of German origin - and this fact - makes him comprehend the issues the immigrants face today - which is plain - " hog wash".

Mark Farrell should be ashamed of himself - and the his Jesuit education - has not taught him to discern - and be compassionate.

Mark Farrell's amendments play into the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) - some Executive Order - from the White House - that has sent millions back across the borders - under President Barack Hussein Obama.

Before that thousands lingering in facilities - housed like animals - and among them many stressed out and traumatized women and children from South of our border.

More immigrants have been sent back to their former countries under President Barack Hussein Obama - who failed immigration polices - cry to heaven for justice.

So for Malia Cohen - a political whore - reading some prepared statement - and on a whim - influencing Supervisors  John Avalos, Jane Kim, David Campos and Eric Mar - may win the support of the "whimsical" and those that cannot discern.

 Those of us - that know better - can discern and sniff out  a " political whore".

For starters we have an Ordinance in place that has strong language. We can work on the modalities - " the Standard Operating Procedures" from the Sheriff's Office - Ross Mirkarimi.

Ross Mirkarimi was elected nor anointed - in that same election - for those who understand facts - empirical data - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi received more votes - than Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a loser.

I supported Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - as I was on the frontline doing what I do best - addressing injustice - and I am on afraid of the MACHINE - that has failed "democracy" - and those that need help most in San Francisco.

Witness the increase in homelessness, congestion on our streets - our disparity gap is below Rwanda - a small country in Central Africa.

If that does not say something - I do not know what will.

What will truly  awaken those SF Board of Supervisors - who are famous for running their mouth - spewing diatribe - more toxic in nature.

I do not support Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Julie Christensen and Katy Tang. They all let down our City - and we must boot its - vermin - as soon as possible - good riddance of bad rubbish.

I was in the chambers that day - October 20, 2015 - and witnessed all of the shenanigans - the picture taking with Malia Cohen joined by David Campos - giving the " immigrants " - some false hope - now that the immigrants think falsely they have  a supporter in Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen is a " political whore " - time will tell.

As for the " immigrants " - they are from all over the world. The plight of the " immigrants " must not be associated only with the " latin immigrants".

As I have stated above - we must be holistic - and not put our hope, our aspirations, our faith,  and our fortitude - on some cases.

Some segment of the population - and think we are doing right - when we are convoluted in our thinking.

We have shut City Hall before - we did that on April 14, 2015 - London Breed and Malia Cohen fleeing the Chambers. Mayor Edwin M. Lee - escaping to Sacramento - no one can fool all the people - all the time.

It is just a matter of time - we will shut down City Hall - without stepping in City Hall - the logistics and detail planning - are in place - and will be executed with precision.

As for on going discussion and fake deliberation on the " Sanctuary Issue" - nothing good will come from Mark Farrell.

 Besides, his salary - Mark Farrell makes thousands on the side - working as a consultant - we call them " money mongers" they are the scum bags that catered to the machinations and ploys - on Wall Street.

Few remember when the SF Board of Supervisors - were paid $38,000 now it is more than $150,000 with benefits.

Some wheel and deal - more those that I have mentioned - in this article.

Most of these SF Board of Supervisors are shallow, inept, have no standards and those I have named in this article - unethical and immoral.

Stay away from the " Sanctuary Issue" - if you touch it again - all hell will break - loose.  Aho.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Malia Cohen heads the Land Use and Transportation Committee - now, truly speaking this inept, spineless and very corrupt woman - knows very little of Land Use issues - more technical - and still less about Transportation - issues.

She represents District 10 - which is suffering - and as Chair takes bribes and rubber stamps. As was clearly seen by her actions - at the Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting - October 19, 2015 - in Room 250.

The Willie L. Brown Middle School has spent millions - over $5 million to build a brand new school and it is rife with problems - serious problems - that even the Principal brought in from Chicago - with much fun fare - jumped ship.

Today pandemonium reigns at the Willie L. Brown Jr, Middle School - and those beholden to this former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - keeps disgracing - San Franciscans - having a bridge name after him, a school, and now perhaps the commodes on Market Street - which most appropriately - should serve to please his - " sordid ego ".

An item came before the Land Use and Transportation Committee - linked to widening roads on Revere Street - a street that has not seen any meaningful repairs - any upgrade in ages.

Some months ago the Willie L. Brown Jr, Middle School had its grand opening. The front door was still under repairs - no ramp - and an eye shore - the entrance to the front door - still holding things together - with two by fours.

This is what happens when we San Franciscans - give the San Francisco Unified School District too much power.

Now it is becoming more about money, SalesForce, folks like Willie L. Brown Jr, using his undue influence - and less about stellar education.

We have too many truants that the SF Unified School District cannot address. The Land Use and Transportation Committee - has not held one meaningful hearing on - homelessness - nor on congestion. Pathetic.

When our City and County of San Francisco - fails to serve the residents and tax payers - in San Francisco - and makes special arrangements to help the Willie L. Brown Middle School - not for the right reasons - but sordid reasons - something thinks.

On Silver Avenue, on San Bruno Avenue, on other streets close to the school - nothing much has been done - I have had to contact my friends working at the Department of Public Works to address - serious safety issues.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - have certifications linked to every aspect of the Americans of Disabilities Act.

 The courses I took and passed with honors - were through the Department of Interior - the highest body that deals with such matters. Every technical issues - address - is a holistic manner - with those that should be served in mind.

At the opening - of the Willie L. Brown Jr, Middle School - there was no ramp to accommodate those that were physically challenged.

 The building is brand new - but already - has some issues - that have to be addressed. Parents deceived by promises - classes announced and cancelled - programs announced with great fun fare - suddenly vanished into thin air.

Apartments are planned for teachers - and there have been many " change orders " made - linked to the entire project - that has been touted - as state of the art - when the opposite is true.

Malia Cohen is a " house negro " that thinks she knows some - when she know little.

Malia Cohen  - has no idea about protocols - less etiquette - wears make up - that resembles a  whore - more, political whore.

There is nothing honest about Malia Cohen - from the time she won her first District 10 election - some 200 votes - and did not live in her District she won - District 10 - but, lived with her parents in District 9 - for over 9 months or so.

She now lives with the White folks - on Potrero Hill - and looks down on the poor and those that have fallen on bad times. Time will tell.

The Land Use and Transportation Committee has no clue what truly is happening - with all the congestion - all over San Francisco.

Pays no attention to the increase in respiratory diseases - heart problems - and other chronic diseases - adversely affecting our infants, children, youth, young adults, senior and others with compromised - health.

Seriously,  pays no absolutely NO attention to the California Environmental Quality Act - more -  serious " cumulative issues " - that adversely impacts the majority of decent, hardworking - tax paying - San Franciscans.

"Spot Zoning" has been rubber stamped by the Land Use and Transportation Committee - and turned this great City and County of San Francisco - into a congested, contaminated, polluted - concrete jungle.

On Treasure Island that is contaminated - no one in their right mind - should live there.

More with high levels of radioactive elements - and people who have lived there - coming down - with all sorts of complicated - health issues.

 We know that - but grand plans are made to build - high density homes - small floor print - 150 square feet - and our City and County thinks everything is fine - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Yerba Buena is land that the Muwekma Ohlone laid their claim on - " Right of First Refusal " -  way back in 1991.

Of course Jane Kim who is the District 6 Supervisor - is addressing the current issues - in a nonchalant manner - now, more interested in the Senate race - aiming to be in Sacramento - which more suits her taste and demeanor. 

The issue about Transportation taxes and hospitals and giving tax breaks - to all hospitals in San Francisco a " carte blanc " exemption is something that must be visited again.

The Sutter Hospitals owe San Francisco - Billions of dollars - a case in being prepared to take the matter to court. 

Sutter Hospitals should be paying this amount - as soon as possible - and then we can address money to be spent wisely on Transportation and other issues.

The Jewish Home is doing good work - and we must support them - another items on the agenda that I addressed.

More to provide succor to the seniors - across the board - the Jewish community, the near by residents, and those the Jewish Home for the Aged - deem suitable and viable.

Bottom line it is becoming fashionable to notice some important issues - with a 30 day notice - a at the Land Use and Transportation Committee to serve - those that do not believe in accountability and transparency - like Forest City and the sordid - 5M Project - fast tracked with all sorts of illegalities.

Then having done that - take important matters - to the Full Board for adjudication without any critical and pertinent dialog and discussion at the Committee - level. 

This nonsense must STOP - one can comprehend if it is for important matters - that needs some expediency - but not for matters that should be heard fully at the  Committee level - in this case - the Land Use and Transportation Committee that is useless and has created - very serious problems.

Again the Land Use and Transportation Committee with Malia Cohen as Chair - is a JOKE.

 This woman has been taking bribes, bold enough to ask for a condominium and other such favors - and it is time to charge her and send her to jail - for a long time - the RICO ACT - is one instrument.

For too long have San Franciscans been taken for a wild ride.

These corrupt and very sordid Supervisors - including Malia Cohen - must respect and represent the constituents of San Francisco - who work hard, pay their taxes - and have contributed a lot to our City and County of San Francisco.

This land all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

 I represent all aspects - linked to Land Use, Transportation, Economic Development, Base Closure, related issues, in short Quality of Life issues. Aho.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


At the latest Mayoral forum - where candidates running for Mayor of San Francisco - where given an opportunity - to show their true colors.

 To reveal what they all had in mind - to serve as Mayor of San Francisco - in the up coming November, 2015 - Mayoral Elections of San Francisco.

Watch the forum and hear the Mayor Edwin M. Lee speak - judge for yourselves:

These forums are held by the League of Women Voters - and among candidates 6 in all - there was Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the odd ball and tool - trying to fumble and each time he open his mouth - he shoved his dirty foot in it.

Is this what has become of San Francisco?

In the last four and half years, this - good for nothing - jack ass - has destroyed whatever little - was left good -  in San Francisco.

Created congestion on our streets, an increase in homelessness, our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors and those with compromised health - all suffering in San Francisco.

Thousands stressed out - and slowly dying - and most of the so called Representative on the local, state, and federal level  - looking the other way.

The divide among the rich and the poor is so large - that we as a City - so called rich city - has an economic disparity - below that of Rwanda - a country in Africa.

It does not bother the Mayor Edwin M. Lee to state again and again - as he spews his diatribe, lies, that he has destroyed the lives of thousands of people.

His future plans - are like those of - Caligula. The idiot would not know what I am talking about - he has BLOOD on his hands - and his advisors - keep telling him - that he is doing - great.

There are plans to build skyscrapers on some 8 acres of land a parking lot - at Mission Bay.

 More, market price - and we are told that - the "evil developers" are building so called - affordable housing. When in fact 5 skyscrapers - over and above the height limits permitted - will build more " market price" - housing. Who is fooling - whom.

We already went through this nonsense with the 8 Washington Street debacle - we voted that plans down - and with it - sent a signal - NO MORE high rises on the San Francisco - water front.

Why build skyscrapers - high density buildings - where human beings live like animals.

Engage in less socialization - even less quality inter-action - reminiscent of the  " Geneva Towers" - that were torn down.

 Why is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - pushing for Manhattan like models - that we the people  - " do not appreciate in San Francisco ? ".

The Muwekma Ohlone own all the land - and it was stolen from them. Every square of this land we call San Francisco - that legally belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

We exercised our Right of First Refusal - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - his cronies - know about this fact.

The Mayor's  advisors - " are full of it" - stop building tall buildings - and stop compromising - on Quality of Life issues. This is not your land - as as "strangers" you have done what you are know for - GREED and all that comes with that - "sordid" to the core.

Rightly so we do not want AirBnB to lease thousands of homes - and deprive hard working San Franciscans and others - from renting and living in San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is beholden to AirBnB, as he is beholden to all those "evil developers" - he has made "sordid pacts" with.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies will fall - flat on their faces - sooner not later. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has created many avenues - " pay to play". He has fund raising events - and demands people to write him a " personal check" - to fill his already - over flowing - " campaign coffers". 

This blatant corruption is on going - with Malia Cohen, London Breed, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener among the San Francisco Supervisors - busy raking in blood money to fill their campaign coffers. Time will tell.

In the Mission - the people united - have stated that they want a moratorium on - " market price housing". The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

We do not want developers - who do not represent us San Franciscans, who DO NOT appreciate the unique characteristics of our " unique neighborhoods" - in the 11 Districts that we have in San Francisco.

Time and time again - so called " spot zoning " and other ploys and machinations are used - to fool the people, remove them from their neighborhood - and one example - is the " 5 M Project " - pushed by Forest City - a despicable - developer.

The same developers who is pushing to build Pier 70 - where very serious " contaminants " are present - and where little or no abatement, mitigation is being done.

Developers producing conceptual plans - talking about open space - but no mention of recreation facilities - buildings with rest room, recreation facilities for the infants, children, youth, youth adults and seniors.

April 14, 2015 we shut down City Hall. The Mayor escaped to Sacramento and the President of the Board - the heifer London Breed - left her post -  there was utter confusion - in Room 250.

 The few SF Board of Supervisors - who stayed  - witnessed first hand the frustration of the people.

In the last 5 years thousands of decent San Franciscans have left San Francisco.

They will never, ever come back - to live in San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is trying to hoodwink the people - by offering Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) to the homeless - and those stupid enough - listen to him and his cronies.

The SROs stink, full of bed bugs, pest - not fit for normal human beings to live.

As this late date - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his Homeless Czar  - Bevan Dufty - who is on his way out - are drowning and clinging to anything - to stay afloat.

None of their plans are worth the salt - they have raked in millions - and they know - they will have to pay - for all their misdeeds. No one can fool all the people - all the time.

For too many years - has this City and County of San Francisco - shunned those that needed sound housing.

Defying normalcy and pushing for Market Rate Housing and condominiums - in the price range of $1 million to $10 million - for the filthy rich.

At this late hour - 100 square foot spaces, and some 150 square foot spaces - and being built for human beings - and our SF Planning is going ahead with such conceptual plans.

Human beings in San Francisco should not be treated like animals. More when this land was stolen - every square inch - and this City and County of San Francisco does not have - one single legal document that they acquired this land - legally.

Land that belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

Conceptual plans - are like a dream - you wake up and it is your worst nightmare.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no ground to stand up and be a leader - good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his thugs have screwed things so bad - that it will take this City and County of San Francisco - down the drain.

More with a $9 Billion budget - one of the biggest budgets in the world - years to put things back on track - years to regain any normalcy - on many fronts that have seen - havoc.

I heard this jack ass - this tool - at the recent Mayoral forum try to say something - and make no sense - he is delusional - and he has single handedly destroyed - the little good - we had going for us in San Francisco.

No one can fool all the people - all the time.

We now have 39,122 city employees - we were told we had 29,000 - we have a population of 820,000.

For every 8 San Franciscans - we have one City employee - millions spent on salaries - and the poor, the small businesses, those that need help our infants, children, youth, young adults, and seniors - are left to defend - themselves.

We have thousands of homeless - filthy street, people defecating on our streets, and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his advisors - see no wrong with this picture.

Still other facing the inclement weather - many dying - and no one keeps count of them. We have a nonchalant Health Department - they talk the talk and fail to walk the walk.

The SF Health Department has a budget of $ 2 Billion.

Union Square is a mess - in and around City Hall - all sorts of congestion - and more to come with huge skyscrapers planned at Van Ness and Market - who is fooling whom.

We have experienced the inferno - more in the country side - we will experience flooding - as has never been seen in recent history.

Revealing once and for all - what future episodes "sea level" - will create - the imminent taste  of " el nino " - will be brunt, precise, and bewilder - those " idiots like Mayor Edwin M. Lee ".

He will quickly learn first hand - right here in his back yard - about Mother Nature - and how buildings close to huge expanse of water - "climate change" - can bring this City and County of San Francisco - to its knees.

All that talk about being " resilient " and have " task forces that can handle resiliency a joke ".

 In the recent past - each time we have had an emergency - no one has been able to address the situation at hand - in a professional manner.

I played an important role in 1989 with the Earthquake - and was awarded the Commander Award at the Presidio of San Francisco. I know a lot about the "clowns" and one of them is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - none of those talking today - have ever been on the front line - when we need them.

Not the present Mayor, the City Administrator, none of the SF Board of Supervisors - they pretend they did something - when all they have done - is fleece the tax payers - and we give hand them - their sordid salaries.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee went to have a look at New Orleans - and at the after affects of "Katrina". He and his buddies - with lawn mowers and other such equipment" - he says - that makes no sense.

I know for a fact - the last several times we had an emergency - I never saw the "clown " around.

Tons of Bullshit - and no action - worthy the salt - coming from the present administration. Time to enforce the " RICO ACT" - and send these bastards to jail - for a long, long, long, time.