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Friday, October 31, 2014


Most of us know the importance of education - more the immigrant population in San Francisco.

Many immigrants yearn to be educated and contribute their best to this Nation - the United States of America.

Immigrants as do others - often poor - who cannot afford to go the Private College - often failing to make the right grades - coming from some local Community College - some offering better facilities and learning opportunities - and others struggling to deliver - a quality product.

These immigrants and others who are poor to afford ; expensive tuitions - often start at City College of San Francisco - aiming to get a degree.

Often, toiling many years - at the many Community Colleges - earning sufficient units - to better their condition at home, making something of themselves - grateful to be in the land of the free - the United States of America.

The immigrants as they are taught - more, as indigenous people - grateful to be in the land of the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - whom, I represent.

We hope and pray that those who want to learn - may be educated well.

We hope that those that are educated - will shed light - where there is abject darkness.

We hope and pray that those who lead and represent - may not speak with a "forked" tongue.

We are with our students for one reason and one reason only - we speak to the TRUTH.

What we see, hear, and read  in reality- is not what the Great Spirit - desires - our infants, children, our youth and young adults - to be conditioned.

We must imbibe - they must that can be offered in life. Those that we love; must be lead with a spirit - that embraces all - respect all and be close to Mother Earth.  

It is not uncommon for many students attending City College to have two and three jobs - keen to pay for their tuition - and more to make something of themselves.

Bring honor to their parents - many of whom have not completed high school - 

These students speak to me - and all I have to do is hear the pain in their voices. 

The Accreditation Commission took upon itself to first bring disgrace to the Accreditation Commission - by failing to abide by their own By Laws - and secondly to harm the students with intent - failing to adjudicate - taking the better road - and having fortitude and compassion.

There must be a total overhaul of the Accreditation Commission - and more those who take the stand - and act arrogant - treating the students - like "dirty rags" - that can be used - and discarded in the garbage bin.

We who care - appreciate the loan given to City College of San Francisco by the City and County of San Francisco - that has a big stake in City College of San Francisco. More to tide over their financial hurdles.

We must make one thing clear - from all the evidence - we know the teachers at City College - those in the administration who work so hard - some who hold positions on the Board and must represent City College - have worked hard and represented well.

We often talk about transparency and accountability - wanting to gather, the best information - as  I often say - empirical data - we do this so that we get a clear picture. Often times - people say - there are two sides to a story. 

I say there are as many points as there are in a circle - and in the case of City College of San Francisco - this is true.

On the City College Board - you have one Board Member who is there because some one in his family - donated a lot of money to City College of San Francisco. He has failed to elevate the City College Board.

You have two others - both women - who have been on the Board for many terms - and have not represented themselves well - less - the institution - and even less the students.

Bottom line the majority of the students want to learn - and there is no time for "sordid" - politicking - and right now - so many lies - have been repeated - more by the Main Media - and little of it has been - investigative reporting.

Recently some folks have been so rude - so, out of sync with the real issues - that they have resigned to the fact - that City College of San Francisco - should be revamped - and may be even - closed down.

Now this is shocking - the teachers and the students have applied themselves - to be progressive. City College of San Francisco has embraced all students - and this is what should be done.

We are awaiting the adjudication - and we see the writing on the wall.  Those that have been targeted - the students who are innocent - will win. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


We, San Franciscans are blessed to have won three world championships in baseball - in the last five years - 2010, 2012, and 2014.

Madison Bumgarner literally took it upon himself to control the game - more in the later part of the game.

With a little help from Pablo Sandoval  (Panda) who has created a niche - as a world class - third baseman - who makes good things - happen.

Some say now as a "free agent" our beloved may move on - judging from what the authorities say - Panda will stay - we know how to treat right - those that deliver with  "dignity". Panda has won three  world series with the Giants.

Hunter Pense a powerhouse of "pure joy" and Buster Posey - salient signals - making magic - happen - before our very, eyes.

This seventh game that most feared  -was as routine matter for the Giants manager  - Bruce Bochy - calm and recollected - his mind is full of nuances so subtle and so inspiring - that it baffles the minds of those - that wonder - how he pulls it off - again and again - more with his back against the wall.

While most were worried - certainly most fans did not take to heart to the 10-0 loss to the Royals - the day before.

Giants manager -Bruce Bochy has a way to communicate with his players - they know him and he knows them - and when the time comes to deliver - magic takes over.

I am not die heart baseball fan - I understand it some - I understand more a pitcher that has laser beam focus and with pitches, reaching ninety five miles - the over sixty eight pitches - in game 7 - and fifty of them strikes - by Madison Bumgarner - is something - that will do down in history.

What a arm and what a focus - a world class pitcher - and I saw it happen - and have a better love for the game of baseball.

Kudos to Hunters Pense, Pablo Sandoval (Panda), Buster Posey, Jake Peavy, Tim Hudson, but most of all to Madison Bumgarner - what a class act.

In this 3-2 win over the Royals who tired their best and beat the Giants 10-0 - just a day before.

It was no mean feat for the Giants to face the Royals on their own home field in Kansas City - and prove to the world  - who truly deserved to win - the world championship - under circumstances that most other teams - would pale.

The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas Royals - and beat them royally.

Again Bruce Bochy - using a mix of subtle changes in the batting line up.

Brought in Madison Bumgarner - our hidden talent and supreme force - the best pitcher ever - who proved again - that San Francisco and our beloved Giants - are the best, ever. 

We will have the parade on Friday - City Hall and most other venues in the City by the Bay - will see a lot of orange - three world championships - in five years - and more to come.

Kudos to Larry Baer, the entire Giants staff who do such a great job - the grounds folks, the security folks - the many behind the scene that we forget - that I as an organizer know - sacrifice so much - when such a victory comes - what a relief!

130 years of Giants baseball -  the New York Giants won the world baseball championship in 1905, 1921, 1922, 1933, and 1954.

The San Francisco Giant won the world championship in 2010, 2012, and now in 2014.

Go Giants!   

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This glaring debacle between the salient and non-salient parties - trying to decide - what is good for City College of San Francisco - is becoming - boring. Protests and Court proceedings - that are stressing innocent - folks out.

Those who want to close City College of San Francisco down are - using ploys such as -  City College of San Francisco does not meet standards and so on and so forth - all of which - begs the question.

The Accrediting Commission that came to this conclusion - themselves failed to follow their By Laws.

When this glaring  flaw was pointed out to them - the  Accrediting Commission - the Commision changed the By Laws - but failed to admit they were blatantly wrong - in their screwed up - adjudication.

Adding fuel to fire - the kept "in toto"  the "tainted adjudication" - and now want to create more confusion - by just beating around the bush. Such are the deeds of those - that are full of it.

City College of San Francisco has great potential.

I have met with the teachers - I have met with focused groups - I have met with the front line advocates and more.

All of these "good people" - would not be making sacrifices - if the did not see much good coming from the services offered by City College of San Francisco.

If they were not thankful for the blessing received - if they did not bond with those at City College of San Francisco - who do so much - the teachers, the administrators, the many others - who make City College of San Francisco - tick. God bless them all.

We all know who created the spiraling of the economy in the year 2008 and a few years before that. None of those crooks or charlatans - went to jail.

Truly speaking around 2008 - City College of San Francisco - was in financial trouble. Many financial obligations by the State of California were slow in coming. With no money left to pay their bills - City College of San Francisco - was forced to borrow money from the City and County of San Francisco - that obliged. Some know about this fact - all should know about this fact - because this bond - helping one another is important to note.

 As most public Learning Institution are - they do not have access to large Foundations and by default - have less flow - when it comes to large amount of money.

We do know institutions that receive large donations - such as University of San Francisco a private university and Stanford a public university - but one that does well. You get my drift.

City College of San Francisco has chosen to give everyone an opportunity. It has traditionally not shut its doors to those that need help most. 

It has permitted those that are handicapped to take few units at a time - and the result is - that many alumni - are forever grateful to City College of San Francisco.

 Many San Franciscans take some classes just to better themselves much like some colleges and learning institution offer classes to those that are working - or left college - with getting a degree - but now can make up the units - and have a degree. 

That is the way to go - fulfill the potential of those that want to get a degree.

At the same time accepting the fact - if hardship or need - did not permit one to complete - one's education - the fact that some learning institutions are considerate, compassionate, understanding, accepting - care to give one a chance to complete one education.

All this and more - goes a long way - to spread good vibrations - in the learning field - most recent institutions are just getting it - City College has always given its best - in opportunities - and those that have received - are grateful.

Not only students from San Francisco and the Bay Area - but from all over the world. Some great leaders - all over the world - studied at City College. The Accrediting Commission - must be cognizant of this fact.

Other students take the required units to further their education - often going to San Francisco State University and transferring to other stellar institutions Nationwide.

In sports City College of San Francisco excels too - and many alumni have supported the many recreational facilities - state of the art - that City College of San Francisco can boast about - with pride - today.

The football field is well laid out and maintained. The brand new gym offers the best amenities. Other sports get sufficient funding - and there is more that can be done. Some one must live within one means.

It is not for a few vested interests - to change the way City College of San Francisco - is operated - without any meaningful dialog.

All this talk to drop the students taking a few classes - students who want to better themselves.

Trying to further and impose the model of two year courses.

Turn out students - who do get a certificate - but find it difficult to transfer. Other shenanigans may sound good - but it is the student - that must have a say. Dialog is a two way means - that bring sound - report.

There is nothing holistic, viable, or sustainable with the Accrediting Commission - fake as they are - with their heads in the sky - far removed from the realities of life.

The Accrediting Commission seem fired up - to maintain that their sole decision and tainted policies - rule the roast.

Well, as I said  -follow your By Laws, learn to follow your own rules and guidelines - you folks are so blinded - that you make the changes to the By Laws - but leave in place an adjudication that is totally flawed.

You folks are so full of it - that you failed to ratify the mistakes you made - failed pathetically - to admit that you do - is talk the talk - but failed to walk the walk.

Truly speaking the students do not have time to protest - and while away their time.

Many of them work two and three jobs - I know that for a fact.

These folks who busy  themselves in "dirty politics" - such as the Accrediting Board - were caught with their hand in the cookie jar - and their pants down.

They must get out of way - and learn that the 'COMMONS" - will fight - tooth and nail - to maintain our rights - given to us by our Constitution and our Founding Fathers.

We all have the right to sound education. We all have the right to justice and fair play. We all have the right - to sue those that take the licence to abuse freedom.

Abuse of freedom is license - and the Accrediting Commission - needs to be censored - replaced by one - that is just and fair.

City College of San Francisco has touched thousands of people all these many years.

There is not a San Francisco family that is not grateful for what City College of San Francisco - has done - to someone in their family. More in terms of providing a sound - education.

Here come the "developers" who want to take over the City College - not to run it as a stellar educational facility - but to tear down the buildings - and build a "gated community" - with condominium - CBRE and Richard Blum behind the scheme.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Mayor Edwin Lee - took the right decision - to help City College of San Francisco - and must fight this case - and will win this case - hands down.

Those charged with maintaining the highest standards failed.

Those seeking to discredit City College of San Francisco. Instead of upholding the law - follow vetted processes - they themselves failed to abide by their own By Laws.

On another level you have a husband and a wife - making decisions -  a conflict of interest.

The Judge who has adjudicated before in favor of City College of San Francisco - will adjudicate this case again in its favor. There is nothing so complicated - accept the ploys and machinations - that have been revealed - plain to see - and make sound conclusion.

In the interim - these shenanigans, ploys, and machination have take a heavy toll on the students.

More the immigrant students - who want to make something of themselves.

Life is already hard for them - and here come the vested interests - greed crooks - who want with intent - want to deprive - the minorities of their right to learn and educate themselves.

God help America and God help City College of San Francisco.

I took some time to train my good friend and confidant Shannel Williams - in sound advocacy and strategy that pays - dividends.

I will protect her if anyone messes with her. In the interim Shannel Williams and others too many to name - have their work cut out. You will win - and you all - will make us proud. 

This issue is moot - but those that are EVIL - will take a moot issue - and blow it out of proportion - time will tell.

To the students, teachers, administrators, and others who make City College of San Francisco tick - I say - God be with you, all.

May you all be blessed and be very strong.

Truth will prevail - and those with intent who tried to destroy City College of San Francisco - will pay a very heavy price. Aho.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Year after year - do we dare to live a legacy
So here it comes - with cards and wishes
Year after year
So what is it that makes us live a year
When the next one comes
Do we make good those goals - do we let it be
Do we dare to live a legacy, really?

Life they say is for living
Not for the living dead
Yet when those drag, drug, demean
Thinking of escaping
Again and again - they wake up to reality
Do we dare to live a legacy
Do we really dare

We all are on a journey - on this Earth
Have traveled and seen the world
Taken chances - faced death - and more
With God on your side
There is nothing to FEAR
Do we dare to live a legacy 

This man an innocent man
Was sitting on the that fateful bench
Just chilling out - eating his tasty, burrito
Out from the woods - came the po pos
They aim, shoot - they shot him dead
They failed to give him a chance
Nieto could not live his legacy 
They cut it short - without a thought !

This fight about gentrification
Is an on going fight 
Only those educated on issues
Can speak with some might
It is all about land - the land of the Ohlone
They stole the land - every bit of the land
The raped the women - killed innocent children 
They LIE to the indigenous - that they are right!

In our world of sorts - we have the right
To stand tall and be educated on issues
Our rights - as laid down in our Constitution
Gentrification is a ploy and there will be more
Our strength comes from God 
With God on our side - our actions - will soar - an overcome
Sky is the limit - laser beam focus

Each day, each week, 52 weeks
Then comes this day
Wow! another one to ponder
If we work hard, with determination
We have something to show
If we pander - that fluff  - does not count
Do we dare to live a legacy

In all these years - so many changes
There are few who remember
The good days - when most of us smiled more
The changes are here - the poor fear
The rents soar - the children - uncertain of their future
The teachers try -  no pay raise - 8 years and more
San Francisco - with all the billionaires
Has little to show - when it comes to compassion

San Francisco's skyline is changing
Changing for the worse - too many towers of Babel 
This is not Manhattan - the land of the Ohlone
The "greed" knows no bound
We few advocates - toil, write, decide and speak to the Truth
In the Mission, SOMA, Excelsior, Bayview
The Avenues, Fillmore, Mid-Market, Marina
Here, there, everywhere
Do we dare to live right and leave a legacy

Francisco Da Costa
October 27. 2014 

Sunday, October 26, 2014


San Francisco has always had that unique advantage over most cities - each neighborhood - San Francisco has been blessed in many ways - its terrain, the hills, the climate, surrounded on three sides by water - this and more has put the City in many favorable - positions.

In recent years - filthy rich developers, property managers, brokers, insurance companies - headed mostly by Zionists - want to take control of most - everything in San Francisco.

Now, in recent years - San Francisco City Planning has encouraged "developers" to intrude and destroy the uniqueness of our neighborhoods.

This nonsense is happening before our eyes - and there are but a handful who can see through these shenanigans. The present Director of SF Planning - John Rahaim - has failed San Franciscans.

We have seen the drastic changes for the worse - in the Mission, in the South of Market Area, in the Excelsior, in the Southeast Sector of of our City - and elsewhere.

Behind, the fiasco that City College is going through - there are plans - initiated by "greedy investors" to destroy this educational institution - that has impacted and helped - practically every constituent of San Francisco - in one way or another for - good.

 It is the likes of Richard Blum - who happens to be the husband of Diane Feinstein - who has designs to discredit City College - to let City College fail - so that he can - in one scoop purchase City College - and build - a large housing complex.

City College next to a large reservoir, close to Public Transportation, even closer to the Freeways - with Supermarkets, good restaurants, childcare, the State College, even the Zoo for those that love animals.

Tons of recreational facilities, Lake Merced, sound playing ground, gyms, swimming pools. Such are the designs - of those that do not care about the Commons and education for the poor.

They want it all - and to hell with imparting education, taking the poor to a better place - helping those that most need it - the Middle Class and the Commons.

It is the same with Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - these two have amassed great wealth. Since 1992 - Nancy Pelosi will lecture to the world - about what she deems fit for her and her cockeyed world that she and she only is cognizant of.

Since 1992 she does not want to debate anyone that opposes her - her District that she has misrepresented with intent. Her family on the East Coast - has deep, Mafia connections.

She has a large estate in the Napa Valley - and Nancy and those close to her - could not care less about San Francisco and San Franciscans -  less about those that work hard - have two and three temporary jobs - more the poor who are irking out a living.

Nancy Pelosi played a key role in the formation of the Presidio Trust - once Sixth United States and Presidio of San Francisco - was deactivated.

The Presidio Trust - a quasi-Federal entity - with crooked folks making hay while the sun shines - which is more like a Corporation - run by the Mafia.

Craig Middleton who now runs the Presidio Trust - once worked for Nancy Pelosi and he is totally beholden to this evil woman.

More and more - these forces - evil to the core - are controlling our neighborhoods.

The name of the game is - you have to pay to play.

At the center is Willie L. Brown Jr. a former Black Mayor of San Francisco - and if there was ever a "thug" - Willie is one. Willie is a conduit - the bottom line - if Willie get his cut - the rest can be taken care off.

We often hear of the word - "MACHINE" - the folks - mostly from the Democratic Party belong to the "MACHINE" - the movers and shakers - who have access to tons of money.

We really saw the MACHINE in action - when Matt Gonsalvez - from the Green Party - entered the race, late - for Mayor of San Francisco in 2004 - but still gave Gavin Newsom - a sordid Democrat - a run for his money. Matt lost by a measly 4 points.

We have many Independents - and I suppose we need the backing of some rich Independents - to select our candidates and back our candidates.

Those that vote for scumbags - keep sending the "two hags" - Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - to represent in the House and Senate - they really should fade and fade into - oblivion.

How can these two hags - who have messed so much in the Democratic Party - treated the constituents they represent with contempt - be tolerated?

It is the Media - controlled by the Zionists - who prop these two hags - with lies and more lies.

Again and again you have the Zionists in San Francisco - take control of our Parking facilities by Fisherman's Wharf.

The Business Center on Old Bayshore in the Bayview - building that once belonged to MACY's.

Our soccer play grounds - surfaced by artificial turf by the Fishers - artificial turf - known to harm our infants, children, youth. young adults - containing harmful chemicals - that these "greed bastards" care not to take note off. 

These filthy sordid characters - that have only one interest - amass wealth - and discriminate against the poor.

At City Hall you have to be savvy to see how the Zionists have positioned themselves - some as Heads of Departments - and others in key positions - to process anything quickly - these nefarious folks want - to suit the needs - of their EVIL plans and machinations.

Our schools are suffering and our immigrant children are treated with disdain. 

Health Care is expensive - and anyone may say what they want - the way the Obama Health Care is written - puts the burden on those in the age group from 24 to 40 years - to pay the premiums - high premiums - so that the rest of the population - may get some basic care.

The Insurance Companies mostly run my the Zionists - get their money one way or the other.

Our United States Government - does not care to investigate these thugs - who prey on the citizens of the United States of America.

Much like these same vermin the Zionists were involved in sub-prime loans, derivatives, other ploys and machinations - to bring our Nation down - and the many large financial transactions and institutions - down. 

Ordinary people lost billions of dollars - while President Barrack Hussein Obama - bailed Wall Street, the large financial institutions, entities like General Motors - but failed those that lost their investments - linked to the Senior, many who worked hard and lost most of what they had in the many crooked and corrupt banks - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank - you get the drift.

None of these mostly Zionists - were penalized - and this is a crying, shame.

To this day these Zionist have access to large sums of money - for zero interest - while those who took loans using their Credit Cards - to save their homes - and survive - have to pay as high as 27% interest. Why is the justice and why do we have to protect and look the other way - when it comes to the scumbags?

There is nothing wrong to point out the TRUTH.

Here is what is politically - correct. Just if you feel - that you are afraid to use the word - ZIONIST. Here is the rule of thumb. 

 There are some good Jews who are not Zionists.

 Every Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

Even in Israel the young and those open minded - have fully understood - the demeaning ways of the Zionists.

So, Americans must wake up - right here in San Francisco - and monitor the activities - of these very sordid people - who will kill and destroy - not so much because of reason - but, just because they have our U.S. planes, our U.S. supplied bombs, our U.S. technology - to do what they please.

Zionism is a philosophy that cannot and must not be tolerated - much like the the philosophy and mentality of those that are - fanatics.

We would be foolish to embrace the philosophy of some renegades - like ISIS or ISIL. The simple reason being - we decent  United States citizens do not approve killing children, forcing people to convert to ways that have nothing to do with true Islam.

Again and again when we see "big developments" - in San Francisco.

Many of us are ignorant - who is behind the behind.

The Transbay building - was in its design stage - when a Zionist bought a building next to it - got the plans and City permits - and pretended he was going to build a building - going well that he could make a lot of money - when the appropriate day - arrived.

Those involved with the Transbay were asleep and suddenly realized that this building next door - could not be built - it would compromise - the underground designs - as the foundation of the building proposed by the Zionist - would be compromised.

The only way out was to buy out the Zionist - and he made a hefty 200% percent profit.

Such are the ways of those who will do anything to make money. Even sell their mothers for a nickel.

All over San Francisco - the major owners of our commercial buildings - are Zionists.

These Zionists now want to invade our Districts - we have 11 Districts - and work with mostly frail folks to divide our Districts and the constituents who have live there for decades.

Constituents - who have no understanding of Land Use, less of the Master Plan of our City, even less about Quality of Life issues. Constituents who think their Representative will be there for them - you will get no help - from sellouts like Malia Cohen. 

Or for that matter Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, London Breed, Jane Kim, and David Chiu. Time will tell.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and encountered some of these evil people - Zionists.

When they want something - they act rude - something I do not tolerate.

These Zionists will do all in their power to get it.

Well, I put a stop to that - had them put whatever they wanted in writing. 

Guess what - they went through their attorneys - went at great length - to try to circumvent the laws.

The laws within the Federal Government are strict - the laws and ordinances in our City and County are lax - these scoundrels - could not get the best of me.

Outside the Presidio Gates by Arguello Blvd is a gated community - controlled by the Zionists.

For a long time - in all those property documents - there was so called legal statements - barring Blacks and Minorities from owning property - in the area we called Pacific Heights - reminiscent - of the days of Slavery. 

Most San Franciscans are naive - and will remain naive unless - we are educated on issues.

A San Francisco Board Supervisor Sandoval who is now a Judge - will tell you how the Zionists - targeted him without cause - and nearly totally brought him to his knees and destroyed his life.

That story is known to a few - more should know about it.

The roads are well kept in these areas - in and around the Pacific Heights - most everything is spotless - these folks many a time pay no taxes.

They have lawyers that are savvy in all sorts of write offs - mostly ploys and machinations - to own a lot and pay little - Capital Assets - that they can claim as a write offs.

At Mission and Silver in San Francisco - you have the "Jewish Home" for the aged - with State of Art facilities and amenities.

In and around the Jews Home for the Aged - are minorities - practically no Jews - yet here - the Aged Jews - enjoy the best climate - with top security - while those in that neighborhood - the aged - are offered - nothing, much.

Had some minority community built a "Home for the Aged" near a gated community where mostly Jews lived - there would have been a hue and cry.

The United States has been compromised - and the enemy is right herein out midst.

Exploiting our resources - exploiting our Financial Institutions, thinking that most of us are dumb - we must address these vermin - whose allegiance is elsewhere - whose main aim - is to ruin our Nation.

Financially - we have seen this - but are SLOW - to comprehend - the seriousness - of the current issues linked to finance and financial institutions - and the deep claws and tentiacles - slowly
squeezing - the life of all that is - good - by these many evil, scum bags and the even more - nefarious - activities - with intent to compromise our ways of living.

This land - Turtle Island - that belongs to the Native Americans. Aho.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


In San Francisco in recent years parents are "fed up " with our Public Schools.

The Public Schools that are really controlled by the State of California - the local entity known by the "hated name" - San Francisco Unified School District - has its role - but has failed - in the last 20 years - badly.

Primitive methods are used to bus our children to far off places to foster "diversity" - that was needed at one time - but no more.

The reality is that children - are traumatized - taking mostly Public Transportation - that is poor - never on time - and imperils the safety of our children - most young girls - by bullies and other unruly, characters - mostly - youth.

In our classrooms today - many students are fed up - and we are busy creating "monsters" - in circumstances that are hellish.

I will touch at the end of this article - the repercussions daily treating our youth and young adults with utter, disdain. Make no bones about it.

In proportion to the way we treat our children - we will reap our fruits.

You treat the children bad - you will be held - accountable. We see this all the time - and some of us that understand these factors - we, advocates do what we can - more because we love San Francisco.

We plead with the authorities - do something - they hear us - but do nothing.

We are now - experiencing " hatred " - and we who hear the youth and young adults out - know what is going to happen - and that will NOT be pretty.

Again at the end of this article - will reveal something - history repeats itself. We do not want San Francisco - to be know for something that is horrendous. The present politicians - are creating this atmosphere - and you all are put on notice.

Again, I take Public Transportation - so I know what is happening - and since I am very well known by the youth - often times I can stop the taunting and bullying - on the MUNI buses.

Many a time I come to the rescue of the youth - mostly young girls - who are vulnerable to - horrifying - bullying, taunting, and sometimes youth with weapons.

The City pays some "Yellow Hornets" to deal with situations that I have described above. The "Yellow Hornets' are busy - whiling away their - at eating places and where they make - small talk.

The Mayor. Edwin Lee is touting about Proposition A - making promises about sound  transportation and so on and so forth - all talk and no walk.

In recent years our San Francisco Public Schools are in dire straits - deferred maintenance - have brought about the detriment of our Public Schools.

Walls peeling, lockers in disrepair, filthy and broken toilets, the students lacking proper books and learning, materials to learn.

In short our Public Schools - and the way the are operated - must be totally revamped.

The Principals send for short term and long term orientation at their own expense.

Good and trained Principals put in place - where we can see - time proven - changes - for the good of our youth and young adults.

The San Francisco Unified School Board are a bunch of "morons" who have no clue about education.

The matter of fact is that the San Francisco Unified School District is failing - and decent families - will not allow their children to go to these -  "failing schools".

As a result in the last 5 years over 35,000 families - have left San Francisco. Our City and County of San Francisco - has a population of about 805,000.

It does not help that those on the SF School Board do not possess - something essential to all representatives - something that can be looked upon -  " sound character".

Most of them have a self crisis - which to be politically correct - borders on what - we can call " self identity crises".

Yet these pathetic folks want to make policies - linked to the very lives of our children.

Most of the SF Unified School Board members - always - talking in generalities. 

Always talking about some data that is not relevant to the students.

Often - giving away thousands of dollars - badly need to help the students - to sordid consultants.

Consultants - who present graphs and other statistics - that circumvent the issues at hand - and  to make many matters, worse for all the youth, young adults and the parents and supporters. 

Right now in our Public School - many teachers and para-professionals do not want to teach - at the SF Unified School District's - public schools.

The simple reason - they are not paid well - have not receive a raise in the last 8 years - plus. The conditions at the Public School - lack the environment for progress - and something must be done - on a War Footing.

This fact that the teachers and the para-professionals  have not been paid well - and have treated with disdain - in over 8 years - also impact others - the students for sure but more the parents - that spend - sleepless, nights.

Truancy is on the increases - and in San Francisco we have 10,000 students who are truant. Many of them sleep anywhere - they can. We also have students in "shelters" - who attend school - and fail to attend to schools - because of the state of affairs - that hinder them - getting a sound - education.

This one fact - has to be looked into. Mayor Edwin Lee follows his so called "education adviser" - to some schools - while failing to visit the middle schools, especially like Mission Education Center, El Dorado, Visitation Valley Middle School - and like middle schools.

Hydra Mendonza -  a panderer first appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom - who himself - did nothing for our Public Schools.

Right now there are 80 vacancies in our SF Public United School District. The main reason again - no one wants to work as a teacher or a para-professional - and paid. a measly salary. 

The SF Unified School District brings in the money - linked to attendance.

You can get a chance to review past reports on attendance - as recent report are not forth coming. The statistics are mind boggling.

The lack of attendance - linked to our students in middle school and high school - is increasing.

If you go the Youth Guidance Center - and get an opportunity to talk to the youth and young adults incarcerated there - you get a sense of the youth and young adults - and their main concerns.

There is a relation between those incarcerated - the segment of the population that they belong to - ethnicity - culturally competency issues - and what is going on - in these communities - and in our neighborhoods that are loosing their identities.

There are more Blacks, Polynesians, Latinos, and Whites incarcerated - in that order.

In our neighborhoods in San Francisco - there are drastic changes happening - in many Black neighborhoods.

Once San Francisco boasted 25% of the population as being Blacks - we are now to 3% - and that population is diminishing.
Many Blacks have fallen prey to drugs, alcohol, other chemicals that bring about - slow death.

Not to mention living near a Superfund Site - where all kinds of radioactive elements are found - in very high levels.

The infusion of Asians and Latinos -  taking over neighborhoods - vying for low and no income - linked housing, units.

Blacks mostly have been the victims - in common parlance they call it "gentrification". Removals of the Black - never mind what befall them. This nonsense must STOP - now.

Paradoxically, these same factors - adversely affect the Polynesian - in San Francisco the Samoans.

 I saw the adverse impact - when I visited the Youth Guidance Center - and more when I visited the schools - regarding the Samoans.

Blacks and the Ploynesian have been targeted in Public Housing - evictions are higher in this two groups.

The adverse impacts - transfer in area linked to Public Schools - and the Black and Polynesian youth - skipping school.

Often times I stop them and take these youth to a place where I can talk to them.

Most of them - are traumatized - they seek some solace - hanging out - smoking - and often committing petty, crimes.

The are very respectful to me - often remembering some occasion.
some event, some football or basket ball game - especially those that I know - from the time they were young. 

If I know these youth - deep enough - I make it a point to take them to some restaurant - to gather information - and have been doing such interviews - for my personal enlightenment - for the last 35 years.  

Our City and County of San Francisco - has failed mostly our Black and Polynesain youth.

This is a clarion call - to appoint a Black or Polynesain educationist and facilitator. This position deserves a good salary -  - to bring about a holistic - change.

The City and County has been using some point persons - who pretend to represent the Blacks and the Polynesian.

These point persons - are sell outs. Meaning they use their offices - to rake in money - to fill their own - pockets.

In the past I have named these sell outs - and if need be I will name them again and again.

I have a good relation with the Blacks and the Polynesian - daily I interact with these two communities on many levels.

Recently I took upon myself to help an entity that deals with Violence Prevention and Intervention - giving this group - an opportunity - to consolidate their organization - in a 3000 square foot area. A office that has all the basic amenities - and an environment that is positive. Free parking and surrounding that are pleasing - with a view of the Bay waters and more.

I have seen a change - and hope to see - increased positive changes - to understand the various issues that matter.

If these entities that deal with Violence Prevention and Intervention - do not understand Land Use, Planning, Transportation, Education with all its aspects.

Childcare, Sound Training that leads to Career Jobs, every aspect of Law Enforcement - and dig deeper into Realignment - and other programs - in the short and long run.

These entities that involve themselves in Violence Prevention and Intervention - that aim to bring progress - in the field of Violence Prevention and Intervention - will fall short.

For sure spirituality plays a key role - and just as we care for our body with good food, educate ourselves and take care of our mind - most importantly when you deal with Violence and all sorts of crime - and negativity - spiritually - one must be very - strong.

In our schools - we have children who are failing - for the simply reason they are surrounded by folks practicing - failed policies - failing to move with the times - playing in the hands - of those that discriminate and do not want "minorities" to do well.

Time will tell.

One case history is the Mission Education Center - the school was doing well - until there was an infusion of " Immigrant Students".

Such infusion or elements cause havoc and confusion.   It behoves the authorities  to understand and study these issues that adversely impact the students. Talk to the students and to understand their - plight. I have done that and will continue to do that.

Children in middle school are vulnerable to many factors - one of them sudden change.

The children at these schools - where drastic changes take place - look at their fellow Latino students and they immediately notice - those born in San Francisco or California or any where in the United States of America - can easily understand and make friends - with one another.

The immigrant children are left to fend for themselves  and speak little or no English.

The many factors that are handicaps for the "immigrant child" - is something we have to be - very, very, very sensitive to.

Again and again history has taught us a lesson. Adolf Hitler had issues at his school in Austria. Hitler was an Austrian not a German.

Throughout out his life - he took is very personal when his "art" was looked down upon.

Made fun and and finding it difficult to socialize.

In stature - not too tall - but he made it up with his rhetoric - and mean remarks - against the Jews.

Hitler rallied the crowds - more after the defeat of Germany in World War I -  Hitler riled up to crowds to the unsavory situations.

Pointing fingers to the Jews have tons of money, living in mansions, being loan sharks and so on and so forth. Much as some of us look upon the Zionists and those who do not care about America - but about their own - pockets.

History repeats itself - some child taunted will - bring about changes not for good - but for what was done to this child. We already have "monsters" - we deal with them - we try to give them a second chance.

This City and County of San Francisco - has taken upon itself - to have disdain for our children - and play the poor and favor the rich. This crime is crying to heaven for justice - and you all are warned. Aho