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Saturday, August 31, 2013


We are a land of laws - again and again - we are confounded by people at all levels who break laws.

Surely, we know some one who has done this - but, in recent times - immoral, unethical, people who have no standards - at all levels - have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Once where we had standards - we have unethical practices.

The Rim Fire has burned over 219,277 acres - that is a lot of land - forests one of a kind - camp grounds and more - devasted the live of thousands.

More, affected millions - who treasured the good times - when they spend they younger days at retreats in the camps that are now chared.

As they grew up and had children - grandparents, grown ups -  in their older days - more when they took their children, relatives, and friend to God's country - they will go ther now - but more to weep and recall what was there - but, is there no more.

Now, we hear staunch reports that the Rim Fire may have started - by some entity - growning Marijuana plants.

I have seen such plantations - illegal plantation - and told that they are bobby traps - and many have been injured and other killed - all on Federal Land - where such illegal activities are prohibited.

Most of the entities who grow these plants in very large quanties - are White - more Rednecks.

Time is on the side of Truth - so, it is just a matter of time - when we will findout. 

There is a very slight possibility that this may not be true - if that is the case - I will issue an apology. As things stand today - my sources tell me the illegal Marijuana Plantation is the source of the Rim Fire.

Fire experts report of no lighing and such sightings - so this probability is strong evidence - further investigation - is in process - and we all await the concrete - results. Gossip is not what we adhere to.

My point is simple - again and again - we see entites steeped in greed, immoral, unethical, - stoop down and do what they do best - steal, cheat, bluff, carry on illegal activites - do the devil's work - but get caught.

If these entities are caught - for sure they will go to jail - and pay restitution.

The damage they have done is immense to the area - over 220,000 acres burned to the ground.

Growing illegal plants in the thousands is illegal - more on Federal property.

In fact  - on any property for that matter.

Judging how intense the fire was - at the origin where the Rim Fire started - we say the probability of such an illegal activity -growing Marijuana Plants - in a remote locality - but probably with electricity tapped illegally - can create such a scenario - as we have seen with the Rim Fire.

Paradoxically, to take to another time - in the late 1880s early 1900s - the Forest Department at the time of the Raker Act 0f 1913 - and before - were in favor of controlling and having jurisdication of the millions of acres of e Forest with a hidden agenda. 

Here we find the Forest Department -  the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management - failing to abide to the motto -  more in the case of the National Park Service - " Preservation and Protection"

Preserving our Forests is no mean task - and in the 1900 we had the all Black - Buffalo Soldiers in California in the Yosemite Area - and in today's Sequoia Park do yeomen service - in protecting and preserving - carrying out due maintenace.

Not deferred maintenance as it the case with the U.S. Forest Deparment - in charge of our Federal Lands.

History records the work of the all Black soldier - the Buffalo Soldier - they name them - in a nonchalant manner - as the "Calvary".

No mention they were all Black soldiers - respect by most for their hard work - stellar in maintaining, caring for, and provideing a Standard Operating Procedures - in all they did - be it grading ground, building "French Trenches" - building roads, providing security and more.

The Buffalo Soldiers excelled but not in the eyes of the White who discrimated and do so until today  - more the all White, racist, agency that was formed in 1916 - the National Park Service.

The Forest Department is now making excuses - but, I have seen them falter again and again - they can never, ever live up to any meaningful - standard.

The Louisana Purchase and the War with Mexico - gave the Untied States control and jurisdiction of vast amount of land.

We know how the terms of the Homestaead were conducted - favoritism shown to those who had connections. Free land given to build homes, grow crops, keep cattle, and contribute to the well being of the area.

Some one who had connection could own - thousands of acres of land - just because they were White - and planted some stakes - and took some survey - and had the money to notarize the deed - many of them fake.

Federal Lands that came under the categories mentioned aboue -  gave the Federal agencies conrolled over millions of acres.

Just like that the Department of Interior, the Burea of Land Managemnet, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Department - had millions of acres - given to them - to care for - and had no clue how to manage them - before as well as now.

All the land belonging to the Native Americans. Who until today suffer on reservations - America is the only Nation - to take the people from the land they owned - and put them on "reservations". And we call our Nation the land of laws.

John Muir for example loved the Hetch Hetchy Valley but the crooks and corrupt in San Francisco - wanted to dam the Hetch Valley to store water -  avoid the hardships and pandemonium they experienced when the Earthquke vistied San Francisco in 1906.

It was not uncommon to buy a bucket of water for $5 or $10 in the early 1900s. In those days one could buy a bag of peanuts for 5 cents, and most anything for a few dollars.

The Railroad barons all had assets outside San Francisco and gold and silver to play with in San Francisco. Comstock.

These evil railroad barons and others who made their money falling the gold rush years - 1849 Gold Rush Episode - had money to influence Congress and do pretty much - what they wanted.

Much like the present San Francisco Public Utilites Commission and the present state of affairs - crooks keep at their jobs - when they should have been fired a long time ago.

Juliet Ellis comes to mind - but there are others. Close to Hetch Hetchy a Supervisor showed his penis to a woman worker. Later even gave her a video tape of some sexsual performance. Blatant sexual treatmen. Treated this decent woman with indignities for years.

No one from SF Public Utilies Commission came to her rescue.

 An outside agency - took the matter to court  - and this former SF Public Utilities Commission employee, a woman - was given a Court award. About $200,000.

The Supervisor fired - but it all took years - and this is what happens - at the SF Public Utilities Commission - all the time.

At a another location South from San Francisco proper - the SF Public Utilities Commission employess - at a Pump Station - were busy - watching - pronographic material. Some were fired - most reprimanded.

Such cases are found within the National Park Service too.

The U.S. Forest Department too - most Whites who feel they are in total control - and can do as they please.

Commiting illegal activities - doing anything they want, with anyone; including immoral actions in the open.

All this and more which the law purports illegal. These corrupt SFPUC employees do it, anyway - more to have control over - those they target.

For decades these "evil people" did as they please with impunity.
Today, because many have crossed the line - they are being investigated - but many continue to work - like Juliet Ellis - a despicable woman.

We will find out soon more about these agencies - and the dereliction of duty.

Stupid - SF Public Utilities Commission employess telling us all the well at the Hetch Hetchy dam - when it is not.

Telling us that all is well at Calavares - when it is not.

Telling us that they know hiring Juliet Ellis and her minions -  is under control -when these actions - will come to haunt the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Federal agencies doing the investigation do not play - I hope some one goes to jail for a long, long time.

Sending a message to those who get grants - conflict of interests - they ones that get favors because of evil folks like Richard Blum who is connected to URS - and Willie L. Brown Jr. connected to AECOM. And there is more.

The Rim Fire has opened a can of worms - and this horrid state of affairs could not have come at a better time.

More, to open the eyes of the many - buffoons who work at the SF Public Utilities Commission at 525 Golden Gate Avenue.

Think about it - when you folks involved in the on going corruption - read this article - and ponder - you will fall FLAT on your face.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Many talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Yesterday - was just that one day - with all sorts folks, full of gimmick, ploys and shenanigans - jumping on the bandwagon Peace, Compasson, Justice, the Civil Rights a worthy achiement in our Nation - trying to vie with the aspirations of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. - and falling short - so short that they look up for help.

If only the world knew who was with Dr Martin Luther King Jr and who was not. That famous speach and march was not about anything but JOBS - and the march funded in great measure by the UNIONS.

Many of the key organizers on that memorable day - when expected the large crowds. The conscience of the Nation was awakened - and people came from all over - and the Mall was filled, over filled and so this day - people who were there - and saw, witnessed history - cry - tear of joy. It was a perfect storm for change - brought my millions all over the Nation - that knew better.

A silent - more stronger force - was prayer - a force that we have not learned to embrace with humility and sincerity today. A shallow vessel makes loud noises - that is what we have today - loud noses - that make no sense.

Few pray, fewer still medidate - few still believe in the power of Unity in Prayer - Dr Martin Luthers King Jr. knew that, practiced Non-Violence and took this Nation futher than anyone one man has in the History of this Nation.

The times were different - people mostly Whites caught in their bias - thinking no end to themselves - especially those associated with slavery.

Folks from the South mostly - entrenched with views - that could not jive - with what was about to happen - equal righs for Blacks who until then were treated like second class citizens - could not vote - could not have access to what most other had.

So, the day came when that memorable speech was made.

The most important element of the speech - the one we call and remember with fondness - the " I have a dream speech" as we call it - was not written down as it was heard by millions.

The most inspirational parts of the speech - came from within, the struggle - and premonition - of the events to come. The Great Spirit that watches - everything.

Today we lack Black leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King Jr - we have other Black leaders - mostly shallow, loud mouth, uneducated on issues, spineless, inept ones - all wanting to jump on that bandwagon of emptiness - saying the are with Dr Martin Luther King Jr but they are  not - they and those that follow them will go no where.

Even the Supreme Court recently stabbed the Civil Right Movement - by ruling against the most salient and worthy aspects of the Voting Right Act - recently.

This article is also about the Native Americans - who have always shown more of a brotherly and sisterly love - from the times - when the slaves run away and found succor with friendly - Native American tribes - towards all Blacks.

That silent bond between those Blacks - more those that inter-married with the Native American - is strong up until today.

Hoever - not looked favorably by the Whites - who are still are entrenched in the cesspool of their own creation - sordid to the core and evil.

The recent downfall of our economic in the year 2008 - brought about by the Zionists who hover everywhere where there is money.

The war that led us with justification to declare war in Iraq - has tainted the conscience of this Nation. The American people are fedup with the lies, and more lies.

Humanity and Compassion cannot be artificial - and some of these minions - want to have it their way - they want it all - they will kill, steal, rape, lie, plunder, waste - and take it all as if there was no - tomorrow.

Those are the scum of the Earth who landed on Turtle Island - and until today are restless - because they feel uneasy on land that they know they stole - the First People that they do not respect - and values that the strangers - cannot fathom - because they are closer to the devil and are evil.

Today in America the land of the Native American - whom I called the First People.

Indigenous people - who I have fought for so much for all these many years.

First People - always doing what is right - putting first things first - doing things the right way according to the norms of the Great Spirit.

Mother Earth was meant to be cared for - much like a woman cares for her child. No one need to tell the Mother what is good and what is bad for the child.

The First People have that keen and deep relationship with Mother Earth. Deeply, inculcated in them - their very being is blessed - as if by osmosis they know what is right and what is wrong - and how to care; foster deeds linked to wisdom - and how to survive.

So, for thousands of years - the First People cared for Mother Earth - they named Turtle Island.

That is until the Whites came and screwed it all - screwed it all so bad - in a mere two hundreds years.

This pathetic record - cries to the Great Spirit for justice, fair play, restitution and adjudication.

In the year 2013 - with a Black President - President Barack Hussein Obama - one would have thought  - all Native American tribes - would be Federally Recognized - but, this has not happened.

There is talk, vain talk, empty words by we have yet to find a stellar leader - to do the right thing - and recognize the Native Americans - the First People - in this their own land.

The strangers have it all - the Zionist want it all.

Most decent people sympathize with the Native Americans.

What the Native Americans need at this crucial point in our human history is respect and recognition.

All the tribes to be put on the Federal Register - so that they can receive the benefits - anyone who is a citizen like myself - receives.

Finally, Dr Martin Luther King Jr would be ashamed of most of the present Black leaders, today - who pretend to know what Dr Martin Luther King Jr stood for.

Most of them hypocrites - they know it - because when they speak - their words fall on deaf ears.

The conscience is  powerful inhibator and source of empowering and guiding any decent human being. 

Treating all decent human beings right is a given - it is dealing with the sordid, those that follow the life of a pervert, that taints everything.

These elements are positioning themselves -  purport to make their own laws, seek their own governance steeped in lust mostly - that destroys the work of any decent person - and that includes Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Aho

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


With over 200,000 acres impacted directly and indirectly - by the now famous Rim Fire - contaminating, a very large area - rivers, the watershed, the lakes, forests, open space, hill and mountain tops - contaminating the air, creating all sorts of hot spots - only for the spokesman fool to state - everything is fine.

Everything is NOT fine - and there is much more to come. Those who are not educated on issues, cannot discern, have to vision less comprehend Mother Earth, and not spiritual - and in the dark so when the utter words - they literally spew - diatribe.

First and foremost we need EMPIRICAL data on the impacts of contamination - linked to the Carbon Footprint - linked to the impacts of the Rim Fire in its entirety.

We keep listening to the crooked, corrupt, evil - pale faces - lie, cheat, bluff, and say what they feel - though it is far from the truth. Who is fooling whom?

We need to know the state of the watershed -  that is polluted - all sorts of water streams; have been adversely impacted - and in factoring these elements and real factors - all sorts of water containment.

The thousands of trees that have been reduced to ashes have left the land - the Earth barren - and exposed to all sorts of adverse impacts.

The impact is so drastic and the magnitude so immense that even the spaceship has reported this fact - again and again.

Land slides, mud run offs that can cause immense damage, soil erosion the likes that cannot be ever, imagined.

I know for a fact the United States Forest Department, the National Park Service, and most importantly the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is far removed from protecting the Earth.  Their past history has been poor if not despicable.

The Rim Fire has affected a very large area - the impacted area - must have a plan of action to stop erosion, slides, and what have you by creating ditches and barriers.

Spread seeds that can quickly germinate - that should be on the ready.

Having in place a plan of action - to address all sorts of tree planting - there is no such plan in sight - and everyone is groping in the dark.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency must hold the feet of the U.S. Forest Department, the Nation Park Service, and the SF Public Utilities Commission to the fire.

These despicable agencies - talk a good talk - mostly Whites who have no clue what they are talking about - much as they have robbed, raped, and put most of the rivers, lakes, and forests - in harms way.

These agencies are salivating at the mouth - waiting to receive tax payers money - just to waste it - we need a plan and quarterly reports how the money has been spent. Make no bones about it. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) money - is our tax payers money that these crooks have been wasting in the first place.

They say this is the 7th largest California fire - that is from the records going back 150 years.

Most of the damage occurred - because evil pale faces decided to flood the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

Adversely impacting the large protected forests by failing to clear the under-growth. Looking after the treasured, land mark trees of historic importance. Preservation and Protection has been thrown to the wind.

Agencies mandated to care for our Forest and other natural resources have been using the money for other trivial and mundane projects.

 I adamantly fault the United States Forest Department - for lacking in leadership and failing to care for the trees and our treasured and priced trees like the Redwood trees and most importantly the Sequoia Trees.

Much before the pale faces that talk a good talk - but cannot walk the walk - took charge of pretending to preserve and protect our National Parks and our National Forests; the all Black Buffalo Soldier - took care of our Federal Lands.

These large tracts of land the Sequoia National Park, Yosemite and many other smaller and some large Parks - all part of the Federal Lands - in the early late 1800s and the early 1900s.

The all Black Buffalo Soldiers did well - but the White Man has chosen with intent - NOT to reveal this pertinent this important history - taking credit for everything - and now we have this episode of sorts the Rim Fire - and all sorts of blatant, fabricated - silly excuses. Time will tell.

The National Park was formed in 1916 - of course the Standard Operation Procedures - how to run the Federal Lands was written by the all Black - Buffalo Soldiers.

When the National Park was formed under the auspices of the Department of Interior - all those who could work for the racist National Park Service - were Whites. The Standard Operation Procedures to this day - belong to the all Black Buffalo Soldiers. No knows this - but only those that have a moral compass.

Even today you witness the Whites talk and lie through their teeth. As if the land belongs to them when it belongs to the Native Americans. The assets stolen, the women raped, the men killed to steal the land.

Crimes crying to heaven for justice. The Great Spirit watches it all - but frail men continue to live with Blood on their hands - and they all fall into that category - pale faces who are a disgrace to the entire - human race.

It is the same with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - always a White Spokesman talking - utter nonsense.

The word "turbidity" has been introduce as part of stating the state of affairs - linked to contamination - and the "Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU).

Now - we need to know about the state of affairs - linked to the Watershed in the area of the Rim Fire.

We  the people need to know and the agencies that have jurisdiction should post the information on the Internet.

Information about the quality of air, the quality of the water in the near by lakes and rivers.  Most importantly the Tuolumene River - about which very little is spoken about.

And there is more - no one can fool all the people all the time.

The idiotic pale face thinks he lives in the past - where his evil deed went unnoticed - today - we are watching you  - more, despicable folks - like a hawk. Aho.

Some true history of the Hetch Hetchy as per one of many records - describing how the City of San Francisco shafted the National Park Service - it has always been about lies and more lies - bluffs and more bluffs:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Rim Fire already has some drastic adverse impacts - and in the months to some - the Hetch Hetchy dam will suffer the consequences.

Mostly - because the ashes will increase the "Nephelometric Turbidity Units" - the measure of "Turbidity" - will increase, to a level where some drastic measures will have to be taken to - create a plan of action to address the situation at hand.

A situation at hand that the "leadership" has no clue - not the buffoons mostly Whites who sit round this table - and feed off the Media News - and put out Press Notice - that are not worth the salt.

The Jesuit trained Governor Jerry Brown was inspecting the "Rim Fire".

He is the man who declared the Emergency - knowing well that even with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) footing 75% of the bill - linked to the Rim Fire - the rest by the State of California.

Some gigantic measure have to be taken now - to save the little that can be saved. The leaders in San Francisco still cannot get it.

The U.S.Forest Department, the National Park Service, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - have all been stumped by this raging fire. It may subside in December, 2013 - may a few months later. We are in August, 2013.

 The so called experts have resigned and now state - will take months to have the famous Rim Fire - completely under - control.

As I said the month of December 2013 is touted when mostly everything may come under control.

The fire raging is large - as large as one can imagine - over 150,000 acres plus raging fire - an inferno - choosing any which way it wants to go.

We may get some little rain by Thursday and I hope this helps control the fire.

In the mean time our women and men fire fighting - have done a stellar job. Kudos to them.

To date - San Francisco with all the talk - has not sent in the doctors, the nurses, the assets that we have - but, can pay for to take care of those front line workers - women and men who are risking their lives.

A gratitude for drinking the water all this many years - making money of the hydro-electricity - shame on the leaders of San Francisco.

The SF Public Utilities Commission keeps monitoring the situation remote control - spewing cliches.

No a prudent word from the SF Public Utilities Commission - I suppose - they only care about policies - and helping shelter crooks like Juliet Ellis.

The very corrupt Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - and has not said a word about the "Rim Fire" - that has affected thousands.

For sure the Turbidity of the Hetch Hetchy will increase with the expansion of the raging fire.

The Rim Fire - has reduced thousands of acres of forest and brush - to ashes - ashes fly - and ashes - carbon - in huge doses - contaminates.

That is just how Mother Earth - is teaching the Pale Faces - that for all their technology - they are pathetic and must now plan for their future - and fall back on their local resource - in humility.

In 1913 the Raker Act passed - where crooks from San Francisco - in Congress - helped pass this sordid, legislation.

More to steal the land, and dam the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

The Hetch Hetchy valley - one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

So beautiful that anyone who saw what was before them  - was stunned by its beauty - the beauty of the Hetch Hetchy valley - but not the greedy, the pale face ghosts - who have destroyed so much on this Earth.

These evil people - with intent - flooded the Valley - so that they could capture the water - within the granite walls of the Hetch Hetchy - an artificial dam.

Capture the water from the near by rivers and lakes - and send the water - down hundreds of miles - to San Francisco.

The Native American elders did not approve of this evil deeds.

Today the Great Spirit has sent one of many signs - signs of the time - you pale faces and those that harm the Earth - will fall and have been falling - flat on your face. There is more to come.

Some years ago - I invited the local Native Americans - to speak to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. 

The elders and others spoke - but to this day - the SF Public Utilities Commission - has not acknowledged the Native Americans of the area - be it the Piautes, the Miwoks, the Mono - others.

There is an unwritten history - and a spirituality that the crooks, the corrupt, the evil - will never fathom.

All they understand - is when "death" - knocks on the door. When calamity strikes hard - and most everything the White Men depends on - is suddenly taken away.

Today, in San Francisco without much thought - thousands of housing units are planned - but no one truly has planned for resources - like clean drinking water, electricity, and other essential needs - for the future.

The leaders are acting like the devil - consumed in their high salaries, making deals, and deceiving the people - the tax payers, the constituents, those that think those in authority are working for the people - when the opposite is happening.

This fake talk about our Carbon Footprint - has been shattered to pieces - how can anyone - now calculate the adverse Carbon Footprint left by the Rim Fire -  you can even see the damage - from the roving spy machine - in the sky.

We human beings are frail and foolish. We must think hard - that what was pristine for thousands of years - human beings - more White folks - have destroyed in less than two hundred years.

If this one act does not cry to Great Spirit for justice - I do not know what does.

What was once pristine, beautiful, awe inspiring - has been reduced to rubble.

The idiots still do not get it - this is the largest fire ever in the area - in modern times - and the pale faces - still do not get it.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I know for sure in the year 1989 when the Earthquake hit San Francisco and more the Marina District - the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services - (OES) - was not in existence. 

Over the years; since the OES was formed - tons of hot air - but, no really validity and less actual practicality - of how the OES really - operates.

Truly speaking today if we have a major emergency - and I do not want to paint a scenario - sufficient to say - nothing moves on Market Street because in three places - the traffic cannot be moved. Huge craters impede any movement,

Nothing moves on Mission Street - because the traffic has been brought to a stand still - in two places - needing very heavy equipment.

On Van Ness the same in three places - the traffic brought to a standstill - with six hydrants - spewing water into the air - and all this around 3 pm. - when the traffic is just about to build up.

The SF Office of Emergency Service - has nothing in place to offer help, move bodies, address the traffic - with everything brought to a standstill.

Large craters, large pits - that require - the use of large equipment and folks who can address - such infrastructure issues  - are never part of the planning. 

All the hot spots at pertinent junctures - where again and again there a traffic jams - on any ordinary day - in San Francisco.

These clown are so stupid to televise their meetings - when all they do in pat themselves on the back - like some red bum baboons - cackling and trying to bluff the public at large.

For heaven sake in the year 2013 we do not have a radio calling system that is viable. Our training is so pathetic - and experts who listen to the meetings - shake their head.

Thank God the U.S. Army and our Special Operations can come to our aid in less then two hours - if San Francisco - has to deal with a major catastrophe. Thank God - not these leaders who are perverts and cannot think straight. Just look at them obese and walking around the number one and two - ugly to the core - and when it come to logic, articulation - right down there - rock bottom.

The head of the OES and her right hand man a man who came from the U.S. Navy are out of sync - and it will take a big incident like the "Rim Fire" - to really comprehend - what has San Francisco - truly to offer - when we have a real, BIG - emergency.

Some twenty fire fighters from the San Francisco Fire Department at battling the Rim Fire.

When we should have done more. After all the resources near the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir - are in peril - and it belongs to us.

Not a word from the usual bragging - baboon patting fat asses who sit on their fat asses - and do presentation - bluffing their way to the bank - earning fat salaries - the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services (OES).

What help did the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services send to the Rim Fire - give us the time frame and how quick did you freaking idiots - have a plan in place to aid - and try to save our resources?

How many volunteers, experts, equipment, even ordinary materials beds, camping equipment, portable tools needs, food, medical supplies, nurses, doctors - what have you done?

I bet you these plans were not as part of your emergency services - because you all defer to other Law Enforcement - some one else to do the heavy lifting - while you all sit on your ugly fat asses - especially the top three in command - and bluff your way - each and every time.

I saw this when I worked for the  Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - in 1989.

No one cared to take care about the area in the Tenderloin. After we put a action plan in place - the Red Cross came three weeks later - and took over.

Surprised that some one in San Francisco took charge of an area - where most people dared not to go - putting the frail, the elderly, cooped in their rooms, the elevators not working, and no one in place to provide them food and medicines and more.

We did it - and to this day the Cit and County of San Francisco has no clue. The commendations given to us by the Army and the presence of the Mayor of San Francisco - Art Agnos - may be the only faint remembrances - of that effort when the City of San Francisco was ill prepared on many levels.

Worse now with all the construction going on - the fools making Emergency Plan - cannot put themselves in the shoes of those that need help most.

Most of the Emergency Drills are artificial in nature - and none held in areas - where people need help most. The Southeast Sector of San Francisco. We have one Reservoir at University Mound that provides water to the entire Financial District and more. Cut that off and you can imagine the pandemonium. 

Shut off the sewer system and you can imagine the utter confusion and mess.

The Southeast is where all the heavy equipment is stored - block the routes - and the fools will be pulling their hair and teeth.

To add to the confusion - we have NO viable helicopter landing pad close to any hospital. We may have to use our playing fields - as things stand now.

We got rid of those emergency sites and tools - because of very poor leadership.

The routes to our best Emergency Hospitals are congested during the rush hours - 3 pm to 6 pm. Think about it. Try a dry run and see what happens in San Francisco?

The response from City Hall at that time in 1989 was utter confusion and more added confusion.

Even at the Marina the presence of the Army was critical putting out the fire - and addressing many of the Emergency situations - for which the Army got some credit - but we were not into getting praised and credit - we just did - what we did and did it well.

The Rim Fire has exposed the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and its Chain of Command. The few general statements made by William Carlin could have been made by anyone. 

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has no true leadership - always deferring to paid, crooked - consultants.

Those contractors close to them - and already the buddy, buddy system is working first - and the real plan of action to save our assets - put on the back burner.

So, why not a word from Juliet Ellis the unethical, lacking standards, good for nothing individual - who purports to know everything.?

Paradoxically - she evil woman Juliet Ellis - is backed by the General Manager of the SFPUC - Harlan Kelly. Juliet Ellis should be fired.

Juliet Ellis being the Assistant General Manager and making over $200,000 - should have issued - at least one meaningful Press Release.

Juliet Ellis did this when is had she cohort Kay Fernandez draft the Press Release - and distributed saying that Juliet Ellis was not found culpable of "conflict of interest" - other felonies - that she committed for which she should be jailed - for a long, long - time.

 I bet you Juliet Ellis is pussyfoot around - grinning like a jack ass - and has made a fool of herself - one more time - proving her worth and ineptness. Pathetic.

San Francisco could have easily put its best foot forward - and shown the real world - how we can respond to a Real Emergency.

An Emergency - declared by the Governor of California - Jerry Brown - not only in the neighboring Hetch Hetchy Area - but linked to San Francisco - hundreds of miles away - because of hydro-electricity resources, our drinking water resources - our wild land resources - our very expensive pumps, generators, our very expensive infrastructure that has just been upgraded - billions spent.

Now all this and more has to be inspected, tested, and put in operation. All this will cost millions.

It is all tax payers money for which there was no money of this nature - set aside - whatever the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission may say. None of them can think straight quickly and come out with plans in a normal situation - today they are - all over the place and know not how to handle such a situation.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has failed miserably - as the Public has seen - with the Calavares project, the many unethical employees - many abusing women, watching pornography material while at work, and so on and so forth.

There will be excuses - but only Jokers and Buffoons make excuses.The above stems from lack of leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Real women and men - with guts and brains - act and get the work done. They do not pussyfoot around like the many perverts hanging around the SFPUC.

Do you think real men and men are heading our departments and agencies in the City and County of San Francisco? 

Think one more time?

Latest from the Main Media:

Latest from the Local Media - the expanding fire:

Damage in and around Hetch Hetchy:

At last some one from SFPUC give us tax payers what is happening - in and around the Hetch Hetchy dam:

Sunday, August 25, 2013


The U.S. National Park Service was formed in 1916 - and has very little experience fighting large fires. Their mission is Preservation and Protection - which they try to do in a nonchalant manner.

It is the same with the U.S. Forest Department who over the last 40 years plus - has failed to abide by the wisdom of the local Native Americans.

Failed to created viable "fire breakers" - failed to manage the dead vegetation - failed to take care of our stunning natural resources - the pale faces talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk. They are a disgrace to the human race.

Over 129,000 acres have been burned as of today Sunday, August 25, 2013 - and only 7% of the entire Rim Fire - has been contained. Thinks about it?

The redwood trees, the very large Sequoia trees, the nature surrounding; the area of the Rim Fire and beyond - is termed by many as God's Country.

People come from all over the world to see it. They cannot see the once pristine and awe striking "Hetch Hetchy" Valley the white devils - flooded it. Destroyed what was once the best place to set ones eyes on.

The scenic beauty; what is now left - is so awe inspiring, hits the senses so hard.

One must think hard and ponder - because - more if you are a decent human being - and wonder - how such a beautiful area - came to be - and who preserved it and protected it for - thousands of years.

The Native Americans of the area - who are no longer allowed to traverse freely had their land stolen by the crooks - the same crooks today that have been brought to the knees - by the ever expanding - Rim Fire.

The entire area threatened by the Rim Fire sends a message to the "greedy strangers" - that they set their sordid foot and in a nonchalant manner - began to abuse and desecrate - the land.

The area around Yosemite - once called Federal Lands - were managed by the all Black - Buffalo Soldiers.

Much before the National Park Service was formed - these all Black Soldiers - the Buffalo Soldiers - took care of the area around Yosemite and what is now know as Sequoia Park and more.

This history is know by some - and the Whites love to portray as if the land truly belongs to them - when it fact - they are thieves, rogues, despicable - thugs.

The evil White men has chosen to take credit for stealing the land, raping the women, killing the children - anything, to destroy that was indigenous.

To one day deem possible to say - that the Whites control everything. The truth is he is the devil himself - the pale face.

No one can generalize and say all Whites are bad - John Muir was not.

See what they did to him. He begged not to flood the Hetch Hetchy Valley - not to create the large dam - known as the Hetch Hetchy Dam - see what the bastards did - they have no shame - up to this day.

The Great Spirit watches everything.

So, some years ago when I brought the Native American leaders to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meeting - when Gavin Newsom was Mayor - to introduce to the powers that be - that the First People of Yosemite and the surrounding year - should be respected - lip service was given to the First People.

This Rim Fire is one of signs of the times.

Hell Fire - that will bring the thieves, the rapists, the plunderers of the land, those greed vermin - not worth the salt - two legged animals - that have destroyed their conscience - and today - have been brought to their knees.

The first thing the pale faces - ghosts of a kind, think about - is money and how their material assets - have been destroyed. You do not belong on the land - and you should - learn from this Rim Fire and being so close to a place - where you and your sordid action - must be far removed from.

It is not all about money and material goods - those that do not follow the norms - will perish in the fire of decency - and there are laws far greater and important than the White man's tainted laws, logic, and weird sense of so called - justice.

The Native Americans of the area - know the land - they love the land - and they preserved the land.

Yosemite for example in the language of the Paiutes means people who will not be intimated - many of these Native Americans from remote places - men and women of the many tribes came to one place.

They chose to have absolute freedom - and did not want to be under the control of anyone - especially not the White men - who they called evil and despised to this very day.

The many inter-actions and bloody killings and intrusions are recorded - by always praising the pale faces - who in many of these small  one sided battles - lost, badly.

Hence the revenge raping the women, killing the children, torching artifacts - and committing horrendous acts of violence that these pale faces and their ancestors of today - and facing.

Mother Nature always - take her time - but when she sends that message - it is so very clear. Make on bones about that fact.

The opposite is written in the fake history books about the tribes of the region.

The pale faces' - the books of lies - and are not worth the sordid words - printed to deceive and lie more.

Perpetuate  fake stories - so called the history made up by the - LIARS and THIEVES - who have blood on their hands.

I know the Region well - have visited it - and have been offered the Sacred Waters - gathered at the confluence - where the Sacred Waters meet, gush, and send good vibrations.

Vibrations that should have flown freely - but the devils chose to dam the rivers. And the devils mostly resided in San Francisco - the authors of the Raker Act of 1913.

The present San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is that same snake - different head - none of them have the guts to speak to the TRUTH.

They will back the crooked and the corrupt - like this evil woman Juliet Ellis the Assistant Director of External Affairs - who has not issued one single, decent Press Release - on the Rim Fire.

The entire SF Public Utilities Commission has been silent.

Now is the time to reduce the number of employees working for the SF Public Utilities Commission. Some 2000 plus - most of them worthless - wasting the tax payers money.

Place a bar on the salaries and cap it to $150,000 with benefits.

Get rid of some one like Juliet Ellis and others making $200,000 and not performing. Gadflies on the wall - doing nothing at all.

It will take the SF Public Utilities Commission decades to recover - and they have another one - a very big mess to deal with - the Calavares Project.

Over $300 million in the red - and the hole growing deeper. It never amazes one - how these crooks work to cheat and deceive and jump ship - Julie LaBonte.

The Rim Fire - is nearing the scenic assets of the National Park Service. The failed U.S. Forest Department failed to curtain the dead vegetation - and creating "fire breakers" - taking chances that have now come to bite them all - in their butts.

The Rim Fire has already impacted the Hetch Hetch assets - and there is no plan - not an interim, not even an well thought out -"Emergency Plan" - not by the Office of Emergency Service - nor by the SF Public Utilities Commission.

These idiots just talk - and soon will realize - the great vacuum they are dealing in - the blind leading the blind.

The Native Americans of the Region - whose land was stolen - and all of it still belongs to them - each and every acre.

I know the local Native American leaders - and others and have had direct dealings - linked to issues some of which have been addressed in this article.

The local Native Americans have been shunned - deprived of respect and decency.

This Rim Fire must make those who have adversely impact the Native Americans, the First People - the indigenous people of the impact land - think deep - the U.S. Forest Department. The Department of the Interior and the failing National Park Service.

The State of California and the Governor's Office in Sacramento - the many other local, state, and federal agencies that have failed - miserably.

They all take, take, and take - and the result is this vacuum is created - and Mother Nature - just like that slaps them in the face - and awakens them from their - deep slumber.

The old growth redwoods, the large Sequoia Trees - so majestic - cathedrals in the forest in God's Country - frail pale faces - fleeing from land once stolen - now asking for mercy - when all they have done in been intruders, desecrate, pillage, and be abject spoilers. When will they learn?

The SF Public Utilities Commission at a loss - after bragging and patting their asses for so long.

The SF Public Utilities Commission now realizes - may be for the first time - the have failed to maintain a standard - and compromised values that the SF Public Utilities Commission - failed and fails to comprehend - all because the are vain,uneducated on issues - and arrogant.

Time will tell. Aho.

A little history as best as can be gathered about the Ahwahneechee people of Yosemite - a little history about Chief Teneiya and more - not the perfect history but close:,14740

Friday, August 23, 2013


Juliet Ellis the Assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has NO clue how to send a Press Statement - about the RIM FIRE -  by the time I post this article - will near the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir - where San Franciscans get most of their clean drinking water.

Most of the reports we get now are from the Main Media - with Juliet Ellis and her sordid minions -  quiet on the Western Front.

The same minions that put out a Press Statement - on behalf of the General Manager Harlan Kelly - stating that Juliet Ellis should still be in office.

After the many conflict of interest crimes - blatant crimes that should send this evil woman; Juliet Ellis to jail - for a long, long time.

It is in moment like this that we find out the true color of those that purport to know about this, that, and the other.

Only for us to find out they are shallow, inept, sordid, corrupt, but what is more ignorant and arrogant. Juliet Ellis must be ashamed of herself.

Not a word posted on the website about the "Rim Fire" and the many adverse impacts to the area in and and around the Hetch Hetchy - reservoir.

Who is responsible for hiring these corrupt people - who have no understanding about our vital resources linked to the Hetch Hetchy system?

We want to know the quality of our clean drinking water?

We want to know about the general state of affair linked to pollution and contamination - in and around the Hetch Hetchy - reservoir?

We want to know who made the decision to shut the power - forcing SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to buy electricity from other sources - other than Hetch Hetchy hydro- electricity?

We want to know who made this decision - and if we had a plan in place - to execute such a model in an emergency? How much does this plan cost - and how much more will the tax payer from San Francisco - shell out?

We the people who pay for our drinking water and do not trust the SFPUC - want to know who truly is in charge of the ever changing situation - linked to the "Rim Fire" - and who is responsible in this digital age - to give us the constituent - real time news?

We love to hear Francesca Vietor who is a SF Public Utilities Commission - pretending to know so much. The Rim Fire - was a perfect situation - to express her concern - and when I attend the next SFPUC meeting - I will grill this woman - about the Rim Fire - and hear her comments - that is if she can answer me.

Idiots run the SFPUC today - they have no Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)  in place.

They are NOT trained to handle a situation like the "Rim Fire" - the SFPUC will call upon the U.S. Forest Department, the National Park Service - and when is trouble - seek out contractors and consultants - that they have a cozy relationship - to waste tax payers money - in the millions.

We already know how this idiots operate - at the next San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - we the people want an answer about the Rim Fire - the adverse impacts - the losses to the SFPUC - and we want detail answers and want to know the role of the Assistant General Manager linked to External Affairs - Juliet Ellis - what training did she have to address such situations?

SFPUC has a Safety Officer - paid in excess of $200,000 per year - we want to hear from this Safety Officer - who overseas such a situation - as was adversely impacted by the "Rim Fire" - we want to know - how many hours Juliet Ellis per se - spent with this Safety Officer - understanding the situation - and monitoring the situation at hand?

Much as we know the ploys and machinations Juliet Ellis spent in Washington DC pussyfooting around - wasting tax payers money - corrupt, unethical, immoral and most of all as I have been saying ignorant and very arrogant. Juliet Ellis and the minions she has hired.

In a couple of hours - we will get a report about the "Rim Fire" it is about 11:00 pm on Friday, August 23, 2013 and on Saturday, August 24, 2013 - before 9 am.

 I will get more detail information - from my sources. I do not work for the SFPUC! Am trained to understand emergency situations such as the Rim Fire.

I want to hear and see for myself the ability of the SFPUC to address such situation at the "Rim Fire" - it would shed a lot of light on the inept External Affairs under the jurisdiction of Juliet Ellis who has been charged with many conflict of interest cases - cannot do her job - talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. Aho. 

Here is one report from last night - today - Saturday, August 24 around 9 am - I will get another report - in the mean time this report from last night - gives some idea about the expanding " RIM FIRE" - that I wrote about when it first started:

Hetch Hetcy Power Supply Affected:

Over 130,000 acres burned and the raging fire knows no bounds - we have over 44 large fires Nationwide - resources spread - but our women and men are doing their best - fighting this one of a kind fire - that keeps on growing:


Many of us in San Francisco take our Hetch Hetchy water for granted. The once pristine Hetch Hetchy valley dammed by those that knew no better.

Once there was an abundance of snow fall - that kept the rivers full - no more - and as the years go by - fires - hell fires - a warning to the Pale Faces.

To see before their very eyes their fake monuments - turned to ashes. This is but a warning - wait till they get consumed and that one last cry - when life is taken away - for all the evil deeds they have committed all these many generations.

In 200 years destroyed what was pristine and good for thousands of years.

Creating concrete walls, damming, building monuments that are now falling before natural forces like fire - and there is more to come.

 Now, when the Governor  of California has declared an "emergency" - linked to the Yosemite Hell Fire - because of the impending fire - very large tracts of forest - thousands of acres are on fire - and the fire has crossed the RIM - once across the RIM - we are talking big trouble - the controllable fire. 

Over 44 huge fires all over the Nation and fire resource thinned out, thousands of acres daily on fire daily being added to the operations - and fire fighters - permanent and those trained as volunteers exhausted - we are now thinking seriously - bringing fire fighters from other countries.

Lost - thousands large mature trees some of the best in the world - redwood trees, fir trees, other trees - many of them playing an important role - reducing the Carbon Foot Print - that some talk so much about - but do little to reduce.

The HELL fire - destroying and taking down precious resources, polluting the air, the water, all that once was good. Frail homes, and what you mundane folks think is precious - people have been awoken from their slumber - just like that.

Those at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - especially the air-headed Juliet Ellis, the nonchalant Francesca Vector, others I can name - but will stick with these two names for now.

Such air-heads like the ones above; must be sent to the front lines to learn - what these two can learn - if they have the ability to learn, absorb, and retain - if ever. There is a connection deep connection between the raging fires and the actions of the SF Public Utilities Commission and the other agencies.

Already the SF Public Utilities Commission - is gearing for emergency work to be given to those they favor - they think we do not know their ploys - but, as I often say - we are watching. 

The SF Public Utilities Commission will be tested this time - they have cut off all power - fearing the power lines tapped into the Hetch Hetchy power system - could cause further damage. 

All power from Hetch Hetchy is at a stand still - and power from other sources - are brought in to test the emergency models - in place hopefully - to conduct business as usual. Time is of essence - but having had practical experience in these kinds of operations - let us see how the leaders execute - and how best they can work as a team. Emergency work is fun - when you get to see the buffoons forget the fundamentals - and screw up time and time again.

At the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - we have tons of buffoons who love to hire consultants - and I have said - heave already reached out - to give emergency work - to those chosen few - favorites on the list of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - contracting and infrastructure group.

In recent years drab, shallow, inept Commissioners have been appointed to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

One of them is Francesca Vector - some rich broad - that earned money - from some Jello Industry - and now thinks she can give her drab, shallow, worthless commentary on things - environmental - spewing, diatribe - most of the time.

Talking in circles.

Jello is a good example for liquefaction - and a good example of how some - so artificial in nature - wanting to make headlines - linked to Community Choice Aggregation; think and move in the right direction - and do not raise waves - that so make some moot point - and make vague, fleeting headlines.

More - without having any sense - about true sustainability, greening, viability, fortitude - fostering accountability and transparency - with morals, standards, ethics - that are far removed from their daily thinking and living - and snobs to the core.

Some of us have known Paul Fenn for a long time - he made and makes his money as a consultant - linked to issues with Community Choice Aggregation.

Paul Fenn is no more to be seen - his contract was in excess of $300,000. When the tough questions are asked - no one who is shallow; as is Juliet Ellis and Francesca Vector - want to answer correctly, more - what is viable, holistic, sustainable and pertinent. 

Hence the recent votes by the rest of the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - which was poignant, relevant and what is most important over due. The issue of rate unit energy rate charges - and dirty energy bundled with clean energy.

Flakes like Juliet Ellis and Francesca Vector with their connection to the San Francisco Foundation.

The many drab non-profits like Green for All, Habitat for Humanity, and the many who use the San Francisco Foundation - to wheel and deal - cannot sway the constituents of San Francisco - from choosing what is right - educated folks from San Francisco who know wrong from right.

Not so contaminated and unethical folks like Juliet Ellis who case is before the Ethics Commission - who have deep dealings, are in bed - with the corrupt Green for All.

The San Francisco Foundation who have chosen to deal with LENNAR that has adversely impacted the constituents of the Southeast Sector. You have revealed your true colors and you unethical - do not know we are watching you all - despicable.

Folks like Juliet Ellis who originally hails from Jamaica - the minions she has hired; all with connections that Juliet Ellis controlled and are now working in Juliet Ellis den of thieves and cheaters - Juliet having the position of Assistant Manager of External Affairs - at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Juliet Ellis'  proxy Francesca Vector - prodding Juliet Ellis along to get involved and do wrong - linked to grants, fake surveys, and a host of things all planned out in detail - to adversely impact thousands.

Juliet Ellis crossed the line many times over and the time for her is ripe to go - go now; when the time is given and you have an opportunity to disappear into oblivion.

Soon there will be NO - green light. We want you and your corrupt minions - gone. The days of  your evil ploys and machinations are over - and truly speaking you must go to jail for a long, long time. Thinks about it. This is San Francisco even if you may know Barack Obama - or the Jones guy who was fired by the White House. Go now - and forever get lost.

When those who were asleep saw the true light recently - they all realized how  Juliet Ellis was caught - with her hand in the cookie jar.

Now that many have seen the true light - Francesca Vector - should move away too - go to where you can eat all the jello you can and wallow in that artificial world - of ill fame.

Take your time time there - where you can enjoy your ploys and machinations.

Around Yosemite evil, sordid Whites stole the land - they simply killed the Native Americans - raped the women, killed the children - took what they could.

Up until 1927 you could scalp a Native American and get $5 - no questions asked. 

Any one connected with Hetch Hetchy and the natural reservoir - that is Hetch Hetch with its pristine water - with walls of granite - knows that one act of damming the valley was wrong.

That crime that killed John Muir - cries to heaven for justice - we are just realizing that act and there is more to come - for those that have NO conscience, less morals, and have been blinded.

John Muir died of despondency and more because no one listened to him - and today - we see the blatant results in the Hetch Hetchy Valley, the neighboring forests, the rivers - the general environment.

Whites - the most despicable creature to set foot on other lands - be it the continent of Africa, South America, North America - other land belonging to the indigenous - greedy to the core and the destroyer of things - good.

Your time to have a bad time has come. Wallow in the cesspool of your own creation - you know it best when you have to taste - hell fire - hell fire of your own making.

The current raging fire will teach a lesson the United States Forest Department - but also those that head the Hetch Hetchy operations, the National Park Service, and other State and Federal Agencies like Fish and Gaming.

More so the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that no one can rest on their sordid and evil laurels - steal, rob, pilfer, and think for a second - that there is no hand, no higher force, no accountability, no transparency. There is adjudication and there must be reparation and restitution.

At one time filthy rich Congressmen and Senators from San Francisco  who had jurisdiction over wide areas and tons of money - barons who stole, killed, took what they wanted - bribed folks in Washington DC and got what they wanted.

The Raker Act of 1913 was one of them - today in the year 2013 - few have learned from the consequences - but as far as Mother Earth is concerned - time is on her side - frail crooks will be consumed by the fire of their own making. Ashes unto ashes.

Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy is far away from San Francisco - and no one thinks it is demeaning that we dammed the Hetch Hetchy Valley, stole the land , stole the water, did away with the noble tradition of the Paiutes, the Miwoks.

The many other tribes around Yosemite. Tribes who kept the land pristine, the rivers full of salmon, the old growth red woods trees, the bear and buffalo roaming freely - only for the strangers to invade.

The pale face to come steal and destroy - take more than they wanted - to reduce the fate of what once was good in the eyes of the Great Spirit - to the fate - that we must deal today.

More in the years; we have witnessed and the years to come.

Hell fire and sordid transgression - yet to be witnessed with those that have no soul - no eyes with clear vision to witness their impending doom - which is at hand - hell fire.

This one time the fire will STOP with a warning and scars that will remind those that can see - the few that remain.

Then there will be more and more - until those that deserve what they deserve will be consumed - no lies, no bad deals, no pussyfooting - ashes that will remain for just so much time - and fly about - and make those think - the origins of Carbon.

Our Carbon Footprint today is a joke - we calculate what we want to - and as has been pointed out in the main press - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been slow to do right - and has failed - miserably. 

Paying consultant in the millions - to prop and put a face that is as fake as fake can be - with folks like Juliet Ellis and Francesca Vector at the helms of affair. Despicable.

I have been an environmentalist since the early 1960s was born in Nairobi, Kenya the land where human beings originated.

I have served this Nation working for the U.S. Army, the National Park Service and many other stellar organizations. I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - and have witness the many clowns - all these many years - at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

I have seen clowns, artificial like Jello - move like jello - fake to the core and artificial and mundane - fade away and there are more to come. 

For some reason - many of the fake environmentalists are here in the Bay Area.

Most of them talking about the Carbon Footprint, pretending to know what is viable and sustainable, mostly Whites and mostly uneducated on issues.

The empirical data contradicts their thinking and reveals to the world the shallowness of their thinking and sordid - mentality.

These so called environmentalists - mostly Whites - come out from the wood works. There is nothing indigenous about them - they are bland and their culture - stinks - their ancestors were mostly thieves - came to America to plunder and thief.

These Whites come to say something - but they know nothing much - but prodded by Francesca Vector and corrupt, unethical folks like Juliet Ellis and her hired minions - one worse than the other. Praising one another, patting each other's asses - much like the baboons and exhibiting - buffoonery of the highest order. Pathetic - more in this day and age.

Around Yosemite Hell Fire - Resources in Ashes - and a Warning to the Strangers - You Think You Know - but Learn more from this Declared Emergency and what you have done to Mother Earth.

You owe it to the Native American - the First People - learn before you perish - from your sordid deeds.

Leading the charge for despondency the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the many crooks who have received grants - I will deal with each of them - name them and their underhand activities.

There is time for Jello and more.