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Thursday, August 31, 2017


The Chief after my own heart -
Chief Sitting Bull

We travelled from San Francisco to North Dakota - to the land of Chief Sitting Bull and the Lakota. The Black Hills stood before us and sent shills  to those that had their heart in the right place.

The many treaties signed by those that speak with a " forked tongue " - have now been reckoned by deluge and other calamities - never seen in recent times - and there more to come.

For the first time - Donald Trump - has seen on land and people that he adores - who are used to cheating, lying, stealing, polluting - fracking, hurting Mother Earth with millions of gallons of fossil fuel.

Importing " tar sand " - and extracting oil - pumping this filthy, stinking, product miles away from Canada to the shores of Louisiana. 

The land and people smitten with atrocities and calamities - deserving of their sordid actions  - taking the innocent down with them.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and many eyes will be open and they will see light - for the first time in generations.

Water is Life 


Water is life - and the Native Americans - from the days when America was better know as " Turtle Island " - respected Mother Earth.

The Native Americans - took little and kept more - for future generation.

Not so the greed, unholy, despicable, scum of the Earth - those the speak with  " a forked tongue ". They want it all - and their days are numbered.

Water sustains us - and clean water in today world - is vital to survive and live a health life.

Judging from the rampant pollution and contamination - has bought about harm - adversely impacting - the " Ozone Level ".

Increasing the  " Carbon Footprint " - Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

One frame caught earl on -
speaks for itself -
such pictures of Hurricane Harvey -
have been etched on the minds of millions.

The emissary Hurricane Harvey - which means " iron" and " blazing " - sent this message - as only Mother Earth can.

Chief Joseph - 
loved his people - those that were evil
must repent and pay restitution -
and signs like Hurricane Harvey - are calling for justice.

Notice not a whimper from President George Bush Sr - his son George W. Bush - the others in that family - who most probably have take refuge in Florida - or some haven - reflecting on their evil deeds - the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, creating turmoil to sell arms and make money.

Iraq's infrastructure to this day - is not working - and so it is - right here at home in Texas and elsewhere - where those evil who invaded other countries  - all with ulterior motives - to rake in billions of dollars - stealing oil - trading arms - and creating havoc that has now visited Texas and there is more to come.

That snake that carries fossil fuel -
the North Dakota Pipe Line -
will meet its death - by calamities -
never seen before.

I have said it before - that such calamities will come - to those that most played a part - in harming Mother Earth.

Right now - large areas have NO clean drinking water - more where Hurricane Harvey touched ground.

We do not rejoice in such happenings - more, that harm done  to the innocent - is not warranted.

On the contrary - we humbly for them - even as this seems paradoxical to our mind and more our senses - we are influenced by deep spirituality - the Great Spirit see it all. Aho.

We ask to review the actions of those who made their abode in Texas - yet, went fishing in other areas - to steal, cheat, rob - speak with a fork tongue - thinking all would be well.

The harm done by Hurricane Harvey - is just one single clarion call.

Hurricane Harvey  - was NOT predicted - but when it announced itself - within 24 hours - it cause the damage - it has caused - and left its impact - for history to be recorded.

Hurricane Harvey that has sent a very strong message - now, imagine - if stronger hurricanes strike - one after another - and it will.

Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin - the many cities and towns that are submerged - bodies are now found - and with that dead animals - furniture, cars, fridges, other heavy material - floating all over the place - a mess.

It took years to fix the harm done by Hurricane Sandy - it will take 30 years to fix the harm done by Hurricane Harvey.

A magnitude - a 500 year storm - inundated in access of 54 inches - in places in a couple of hours - over twice the average rainfall we receive in San Francisco - in one full year.

Quanah Parker - Comanche

This land all of it - every square inch - belong to the Native Americans - not the " greedy " those that speak with a forked tongue and NOT to be trusted.

Donald Trump is a vagabond - so was his Mother - and yet he has risen to be the President of the United States of America - he is the " laughing stock " - of the world.

America will weep - and the sins of those that have adversely impacted the  innocent - will target those that are " evil " - and their sins will be visited - on this Earth.

More - during their sojourn on this Earth.

"Make NO bones about this " - reflect on these words -  within 6 months - other more powerful calamities - " will hit those folks that have harmed the Native Americans ".

Signs of our times -
calamities that make us reflect -
why the Great Spirit has so deemed such horrors -
the answer is simple - R E F L E C T I O N .

To those that have lost all 
we feel your pain - more those that are innocent
infants, children, youth, young adult, mothers, seniors
in times like this - the innocent too partake in the suffering
brought about by the very - evil - the Great Spirit wills it all 
brought about by - those that speak with a forked tongue.

The Great Spirit has spoken 
now is the time for drastic change 
in proportion to the harm done to Mother Earth -
fracking, pumping fossil fuel - practicing greed
cheating, lying, stealing - this must STOP
this clarion call - is just one of many warnings.

Our heart must be in the right place 
we have but a short time - to do right
we cannot take anyone to a better place 
unless  - we have our heart in the right place
the Great Spirit sees it all  - all the day of one's life 
the Great Spirit mandates -  be good to Mother Earth.

Our Great warrior women and men -
more indigenous - have left their mark of good deeds
then came the strangers - the scum bags of this Earth
with intent they killed the Buffalo for their fur
wasted meat - rotten flesh fouling the Earth 
Mother Earth - is here to stay - the others will vanish. Aho.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The face of a crook -
corruption written all over his face -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
who has been raking millions - all transaction available on line.

San Francisco is well known for corruption - on August 28, 2017 - some progress was made - " to corral the crooks and the corrupt " - foremost Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and his lackeys.

These "behest donations and contributions " have plagued those profits - who go under the 501 (c) 4 category - all the details explained to us at workshops.

More when we attend the State of California - Board of Equalization workshops - only to find out that one of their Directors - and Malia Cohen aspires to fill one seat - has raked in millions. Go Figure.

At these workshops - light is shed on Non-Profits the 501 (c) 3  and the 501 (c) 4 - big difference.

The Bayview Opera House - Real Estate deals -
marketing housing - raking in thousands - all
shown by the financials - that are available on line -
for all the world to see - charging decent citizens -
in access of $4000 to rent the Bayview Opera House.

Behest donations have crept into Non-Profit the likes of the Bayview Opera House, Young Community Developers, Girls 2000 and hundreds of Non-Profit - wheeling and dealing - and making deals with the Soros Foundation, Political Action Committees (PACs) - who can bundle the donations - and aid the most corrupt wheeling and dealing - with their dark money - everywhere.

Many Non-Profits showed up with excuses - at the SF Ethics Commission meeting - August 28, 2017 - feeling strongly - their funding would be impacted - be it HeathRight360 - Glide Foundation, others who have thrived - on " behest donations " - and now find their head going to be placed - on the guillotine - their days of wheeling and dealing - coming to an end.

San Francisco City Hall - 
the stairs leading to the offices to the many -
crooked and corrupt SF Board of Supervisors -
London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang -
past Supervisors like Scott Wiener.

The above mentioned Supervisors - have never ever represent the people - the citizens.

They take this oath to represent  and do right.

Quickly they learn to wheel an deal.

The SF Sunshine Task Force - the SF Ethics Commission - has failed to " coral the crooks ".

  I am glad - after this one meeting held at the SF Ethics Commission - August 28, 2017 the next meeting in September, 2017  - will tweak the language - and hope we all will witness the crooked organizations - line up before the " guillotine " - that will weed those corrupt - lacking justice and fair play - among the so called Non-Profits 501 (c) 3 - who did not expect - this day to come and shed light - where there has been abject - darkness.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - under the Obama Administration - has looked the other way.

The D A R K money - 
changing hands - millions fill coffers -
politicians who do not have their heart in the right place -
CBO who do injustice to the community at large.

Now, there small window of opportunity - to bring the heads of Department - who continue to pass millions of dollars - with change orders - and over head costs - to some Non-Profits.

While the decent, hardworking Non-Profit wither on the vine. 

There is a God -  justice and fair play that has been missing - now at last - has arrived at City Hall - and more in Room 400 at City Hall at the SF Ethics Commission - meetings.

The Community Youth Center (CYC) which first started in China Town and was known - has Chinese Youth Council - has changed its name - and has raked in millions of dollars.

They have a branch in the Bayview on Third Street - 4438 Third Street - their front door never open.

They have raked in millions from the City and County of San Francisco - and more from dubious foundations - such as the George Soros Foundation.

Blacks in the Bayview were used to gather statistics - and those that manage the CYC are all Chinese.

 Imagine some Black organization thriving in Chinatown - all under the administration of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a racists and a man who is very corrupt.

Creating " divisiveness " in our community. We are watching you all like a hawk.

We all remember Dwayne Jones -
his ploys with Communities of Opportunity -
Change Starts here - that was back in 2002 -
in the year 2017 - disaster has been the case - in the Bayview.

It is the same with Girls 2000 - who tax returns - show 1800 Oakdale as their main address - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - that is managed by the SF Public Utilities Commission. 

Aided and abetted by Juliet Ellis - the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - and now with an added title Chief Strategy Point Person - at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Fair Political Action Committee (FPAC) and the SF Ethics Commission heard her case - of importance to note - she should NOT be working for SF Public Utilities Commission - still messing with people - and continuing her nefarious activities. She should be fired - yesterday.

Girls 2000 now are in the business of managing Pit Stops - better understood as " Shit Stops " - millions of dollars funded for such activities - which is far cry - from their long list - the Mission Objectives - working with the youth - more poor youth.

A far cry from how they should operate - they try to sell themselves - as working for the youth - prey on the poor, the indigent.

Those in charge - raking in thousands for themselves. Having breakfast at Tiffany's on San Bruno Avenue - wheeling and dealing.

One look at their financials - gives one a very clear picture - about our Non-Profits - which has led the SF Ethics Commission to take some action.

Coral those crooks that have bought ill fame to the better, decent Non-Profits - the many who service those that need help most - 501 (c) 3 organizations.

Here is a link that describes some of the discussion that stemmed from the Agenda Number 5 - some what convoluted - but necessary to nab the crooks and corrupt.

 The many sordid "behest contributions " - the Bayview Opera House, the Community Youth Center, Young Community Developers, Girls 2000 - gathering funds - more to better themselves - and less to represent and serve the community at large:

Time is of essence - the crooks - have been using Political Action Committees (PACs) - to bundle donations.

 Some crooked so called Non-Profits - more 501 (c) 4  - are looking forward to fight the new changes - and caught in the middle the 501 (c) 3 - some who use their Non-Profit - to fill their pockets.

We look forward to the September, 2017 meeting with the Public invited - under the title - of Interested Parties ( IP).

 I look forward to an Invitation - from the SF Ethic Commission - its new Director and Deputy Director - who have made a good beginning.

Most of the corruption of the worst order  -  begins in Room 200 - at San Francisco's City Hall - where the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - are wheeling and dealing.

The time has come to line the crooks and the very corrupt - and show the world - that we can deal with those that have infiltrated - the many Non-Profits - and for a fee - are teaching how to wheel and deal - leading the charge - Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


This stupid Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
has set our great SF City on fire.

San Francisco has never been known to be a place that is tolerant - some people think they can rewrite history - and those that are writing history - are mostly arrogant and very, very ignorant.

Those who have lived in this City and County of San Francisco - can go to the Main Library on Grove Street - and find all the information they need - and review the many protests - held all over San Francisco. The many injunctions put on SF City Hall - and more the SF Police Department - that has been in again and again in - " receivership ".

Fire hoses - mowed down the protestors -
down these majestic stair - more women
protestors - who won their protest -
cable cars still ply their trade because of their protests.

Many of these protests held - some infiltrated into City Hall - one particular protest to note  - where fire hoses had to be used to disperse the protestors - inside City Hall - the protesters sent tumbling down - the majestic stairs.

More women in this case - who gathered to protest against getting rid of our City's Cable Cars - that still ply their trade.

The women won in the end - and many have forgotten - that rebels - have infiltrated City Hall - many a time.

Individuals too - one  murdered  a Mayor and a Supervisor - right within City Hall.

The recent protests announced to be held at Crissy Field took place - on Federal Property -  the end result was much about nothing at all.

The protest held on Friday and Saturday - on the steps of City Hall - initiated by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was a joke.

In our Democracy - we do not shout and bark up the wrong tree - without having the facts.

Stop calling people Supremacist when they are not - stop calling them "alt - right " - when they are not - stop talking about something - when you do not have your facts - checked out.

Please do not put the name on this City in the wrong light - those politicians who called for the protests - on the steps of City Hall - must be ashamed of themselves. 

Do not follow these political pimps and whores - they are all about themselves - are earning some brownie points - pathetic!

Here is a clip about the Patriot Prayer - and what the leader has to say - who is a person of color - so where does the Supremacist come from ? :

Mayor Edwin Lee is a racists and I have the fact to prove that fact.

London Breed is a air-head - once told former Mayor Willie L. Brown - " to go fuck off ". Such idiots who have NO etiquette - have NO place in San Francisco - more the land of the Ohlone that I represent.

Law Enforcement came out in force - all over the City and County of San Francisco - how much did this cost us the tax payers -we want to know?

Those who took a permit to hold the permit - did not want to create trouble -  they did not back off - but visited Crissy Field be it for a short time.

 Again  they did not back off - and they did  not run away from those protesting - against those that took the permit - because they had nothing - what so ever to hide - and they stood their ground.

The Saturday event on the steps of City Hall - was a JOKE. 

You just have to see the clowns who attended and how they lied through their teeth. Drab speeches none to the point - generalities - empty words - beating a horse dead - and reviving it ...

Foremost - Amos Brown - who is raising money - the key note speaker Bill Clinton attending his fund raiser - begging for $20, 000 and $50, 000 and with that type of money - to fill his coffers - you would not think that he really meant all that is meant to say - at the event. 

As the President of the NAACP  - Amos Brown loves to talk the talk - but has failed to walk the walk - all these many years.

You had  one Supervisor present - who wanted to build a house on City Property - that he acquired - using his clout  as Supervisor- conflict of interest.

Yet, he had the audacity to paint a picture that he was holier than thou. Shame on him.

Here is another angle from the Washington Post :

It is the same with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he just keeps blurting out -  talking about the protest - where those who wanted to have the protest - had a permit  - on Federal Property - not his jurisdiction. None of his business.

Represent the people - and do the people biddings - he makes over $400, 000 with perks - and has been an utter failure and more a coward.

It is the same with London Breed - corrupt to the core - screaming and shouting - as any " thug " would.

The heifer  - having no etiquette  -  thinking she would  win San Franciscans over - has failed miserably - as did the Mayor of San Francisco.

Most of those who gathered at the steps of City Hall to speak - were losers - one woman praising her life style - apparently she felt she was the best - because she had a wife - such talk is empty - you may have a wife as a woman - but keep that shit to yourself.

She works for Hamilton House - and wanted to quote Michelle Obama - instead of quoting her right - she quoted her wrong - Michelle said when: " they go low you go high ". 

This woman who kept blurting nonsense - blew it - and proved to all - that she meant nothing at all - could NOT even quote Michelle Obama right - one simple clear sentence.

Many just pretend to know something about -  our First Amendment Right - may be so - but do not  dare say that - without at least reading  -  our First Amendment Rights are:

  1. Freedom of Religion.

  2. Freedom of Speech.

  3. Freedom of the Press.

  4. Freedom to Assemble peacefully.

  5. Freedom to petition the government for a redress of

I have met the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee in this office -  and proved his wrong.

I would love to debate him - I know he is spineless, more inept, cannot discern - is not educated on issues - and very, very stubborn.

As a leader he must know the way, show the way and go the way.
Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not a leader - he is a panderer.

There is Freedom and there is License.

Abuse of Freedom is License.

Again and again Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been involved in wheeling and dealing - many cases pending in court.

He should be ashamed of himself - riling up the sentiments - when all he had to do is allow the federal authorities to handle the situation at hand - at Crissy Field.

Much as the two gathering on Friday - August 25, 2017 and Saturday - August 26, 2017 - organized by the Mayor and his lackeys - had speaker after speaker - speaking in generalities.

Here is another clip - here the man out - and see for yourself if he is a Supremacists - an Alta - Right person - where is this nonsense coming from? :

If something is red - and you keep calling it yellow - this is completely  -wrong. The Mayor is completely off track - far left out field - in his sordid remark about the Patriot Prayer - issue.

Diane Aroche and others - his lackeys - moving in and around the podium - pandemonium reigned - in and around  the stage and the dais.

If some think -  when they utter nonsense and want us to believe it - we - who are educated will not go with the flow.

Those chosen to speak -  got annoyed, angry and started talking utter nonsense - this  in Not what we do in San Francisco - this is Not how we conduct ourselves . A circus gone hay wire.  This is wrong.

Stop bringing our youth and especially our children - make them sing - trying to divert the minds of the people.

More  - when the issue is about having your heart in the right place - speaking to the Truth - speaker after speaker was missing the point - Our First Amendment Rights.

The leader of the Patriot Prayer group - is NOT a Supremacist - he is a person of color - and has a philosophy - that allows free speech - he does not hate the Jews, the haters, all those that have their own opinions.

He is ready to listen to all.

How the Mayor got mixed up - is anyone guess - mostly probably the low IQ that Mayor Edwin M. Lee  is known to have - more since - he is losing his eye sight and mind - recently.

The Muwekma Ohlone have lived in one place -
here in San Francisco for over 13, 000 years -
the strangers - just came here in comparison -
the clueless speakers - have no clue what it is truly
means to be an - American and less a citizen of  America -
as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

This land we call San Francisco - belongs to the Ohlone - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone. 

Most of those present - have no clue about the Native Americans - whose land this is - the blatant discrimination - meted out to the Native Americans - right here - in San Francisco.

Up until 1927 - there were racists who could kill a Native American - remove their scalp - and fetch a meagre - $5.

Native American Children were snatched from their villages - and put in boarding schools - and brain washed - and more - up until the early 1960s.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a racist - and I have written about his doings and can spell them out in detail.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - with intent has discriminated against people of color - more he has condoned such discrimination - from some of his lackeys - and looked the other way.

No one should bark at the people and say that they are American - when they hardly know the history of San Francisco.

The many vigilantes that roamed our City in the early 1900s until the late 1940s.

The Chinese were treated with disdain - their homes burned - in the 1940s and 1950s - and disparaging remarks made and nonsense written about them in the newspapers - all available at the San Francisco Main Library.

Chinese were incarcerated on Angel Island and many of us know this history - and I have written about this history.

The Chinese built the railway and given no credit.

The all Black - Buffalo Soldiers - accompanied the Pioneers to California - some 500 lie buried at the Presidio Veterans' Cemetery - Mayor Edwin M. Lee would NOT know about this and more. He is busy - trying to win brownie points at this late juncture - before he leaves - San Francisco - without leaving a legacy.

London Breed harmed our children in the Bayview Hunters Point area - with intent - backing Lennar Urban a " rogue developer " - who bombarded a large area - with Asbestos Friables and put thousands of infants, children, youth, young adults, adults, seniors, those with compromises health - in harms way.

Again and again she has been caught - wheeling and dealing - once even meeting a FBI informer - with her side kick Malia Cohen - another good for nothing politician.

Again and again at City Hall - as the President of Board of Supervisors - others and I have told President of the Board - London Breed - that she is not fit to be a leader - and less the President of the SF Board of Supervisors.

We decent  San Franciscans do not tolerate political pimps and whores - as I have mentioned - above. 

America once better known as Turtle Island belongs to Native Americans -  so when the clown from the Hass Foundation - claims that we mostly immigrants - must do this and that - those are just sweet - nothings.

He attended an event - and did not even know the facts - people came with checking on the facts - this time around they are opening a can of worms. Wait until the facts come out.

I would like to see all the speakers - who attended the event - spend just 4 hours - help to evaluate the plight of the homeless - and spend the thousands of dollars spent on Law Enforcement - the stage and sound system, other things - amount to over $300, 000.

We can ask for the accounting under the Freedom of Information Act -  the SF City and County - will procrastinate -  believe you me - a can of worms will be opened.

Much as we have opened a can of worms - at the Bayview Opera House - where the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and other - are involved in illegal activities.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no morals, less standards - and absolutely NO - ethics.

This Mayor when asked to contribute to the Safety of San Francisco - contribute some little money to the Blue Panel created to address the wrong doings by the SF Police Department and related issues with killings and shooting - refused to spend a single - dollar.

Three judges on the Blue Panel chastised the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those in his office. A disgrace to the human race - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the sooner he steps down the better.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has contributed to congestion of the worst order in San Francisco - the deaths of our poor and indigent - and has NOT blinked an eye.

Very high rents - leading thousands to leave San Francisco.

The pork faced - Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a crook of the first order -
Enough is enough -
the Main Media is fast asleep at the cockpit.

In short Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors have compromised - Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco. More the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a coward - when we came to City Hall and shut it down - we exercised our First Amendment Rights - we knew the issues - the Mayor did not.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee  ran away - his fucking tail between his legs.

I challenge him to debate me on any topic - even at very short notice.

This Mayor has NOT read the Constitution of the United States - he does not even know the rules and regulations as required by Chapter 67. 25 of the San Francisco Administrative Code Section 6256. 

Believe me a can of worms will be opened.

We have empirical data - and we can bring this rat down - in court - and shame him and his family. He has been committing all sort of atrocities and adversely impacting - thousands.

Scott Wiener - started his speech -
by stating he is a Jew - we know that by his nose -
talking about injustice done to the Jews in Europe -
what has that to do with America and San Francisco -
Jews in San Francisco - have been raking in billions -
failing to be good citizens and always talking about Hitler -
Gypsies died in the thousands, so did Catholics and others -
we do not bring such issues up -
more when it is NOT - pertinent.

Those attending these event - are mostly sell out that have been receiving bread crumbs - except the Jews who get the bigger grants - and talk from both sides of their mouth. 

One of them Scott Wiener - a Senator from the California Assembly - talking about Hitler and what Hitler did to the Jews - calling himself a proud Jew.

 Be an American first - and STOP talking about Europe - you and others like you - have messed up America - that is a well known - fact.

And in Israel we still have to resolve the Palestinian issues - they keep stealing land - cutting down Olive trees thousands of years - use cluster bombs to kill innocent civilians. 

Use superior jets and ammunition and bombs - supplied by the United States of America. We the United States give Israel billions of dollars - and have been given them too much money - for decades. This nonsense must STOP.

In all our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has spent over $400, 000 our tax payers money - more because the man cannot discern - and has lackeys - who agree with him - just to massage his sordid - ego.

He has less than 18 months to go - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Who is in charge of spreading rumors - wasting thousands of dollars riling up hatred - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has failed on this issue - on all fronts - and there is more to come. Check out his video from the leader of Patriot Prayer - who is a man of color :