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Thursday, September 29, 2016


The very corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
pandering to the very corrupt. Built - more than
20, 000 housing units - on land prone to liquefaction and
flooding - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.
Contaminated land for those that are poor - under
the pretext it is - " affordable housing ".

The true colors of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have been shown clearly in recent weeks. The man simply does not get it.

People are suffering from lack of affordable housing - affordable to those that make less than $40, 000 for sure. We need such housing built on a War Footing - on land that is not CONTAMINATED. For sure not prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - simply does not get it.

There are many that need housing - family live in one and two unit housing - two and three family - sharing such units.

Those that fall into this category - those that work in our restaurants, the many hotels that offer house keeping services, the many that clean homes for the filthy rich.

In short do menial jobs - work harder -   to survive. Many work another job and even three jobs to make ends meet.

Many fail to make it - the rents are too high - as much as $3500 for a one bedroom rental unit. $3800 for a two bed room rental unit. Decent, hardworking, tax paying try their best to live in San Francisco. Unfortunately many leave - in the thousands - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is pussy footing around.

Cutting ribbons, pat his behind offering some Summer Jobs - but not once has he reveal a Blue Print - offering San Franciscans - Career Jobs. We have about 29, 000 City Employees - many whiling away their time - and making in access of $150, 000 with benefits.

Many including the Mayor making in access of $250, 000 with benefits. It is shame that such crimes are on going - the tax payer paying the salaries - many of them corrupt, lazy, and a disgrace to the human race.

We have some making in access of $350, 000 with benefits - and hundreds of them - all avail on the website -  that I have made available to those that care:  " ".

The Mayor has been on the take - helping the 
crooked developers - build skyscrapers -
we are now finding out - many - all these tall buildings -
 do not meet stricter - seismic standards -
the picture above - is appropriate.

The Department of Building Inspection - in every sense of the word - is " dysfunctional ".

It is amazing that is has taken over 5 years for the Department of Building Inspection and the SF Planning Department - still do not have their data accessible - upgraded, in sync - and readily available - on the finer aspects of - building the skyscrapers.

The permitting system is Smithsonian - and the Department of Building Inspection - makes all the excuses it can - and the Commission - has been having a " gala time " - kicking the can down the street.

There was a time I would attend these meetings - no more. All talk and less action.

The Millennium Tower - is a case in point.

 I wrote about these skyscrapers a long time ago - when it was NOT fashionable to point a thing or so - to the crooks and those that fail - to comprehend less understand - about - liquefaction and severe flooding in San Francisco.

Candlestick Point - prone to severe liquefaction.

Tall buildings like the ones above - are
planned at the Candlestick Point -
they should all be named for Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
most of them if built - will come tumbling down.

Candlestick Point - as is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is contaminated with high level of radioactive elements.

No one in their right mind - should be building anything on these two locations.

The area has very poor landfill. The State Park where development is going to take place by Lennar Urban and FivePoint a new entity.

Both these entities - do not mind building on former Landfill - some of it very poor landfill where the City's garbage - made its destination.

Even now - because of the poor landfill - composting content - prone to - the spewing of Methane Gas - many Jack Rabbits - get high on the Methane Gas.

Many a time you find the Jack Rabbits - stoned. 

The squirrels too - and the Ducks who are puzzled why this air in the State Park - the only Urban State Park in San Francisco - is so foul and adversely impacts - those that go to this SF State Park - ever so often.

This " Phallus " of a building - and many more -
an eye sore to our San Francis skyline -
such symbol - represent the " macho attitude "
of the many who rake in the million - 
using corrupt and illegal means - to make billions.
The " real estate bubble " is here - and when it come -
it will come suddenly - for a purpose - GREED.

 I have been saying and more writing about this very serious issue - building skyscrapers - high density building - more Market Rate - for the filthy rich. 

The issues facing the Millennium Tower - could not have come at a better time - to expose all  the Mayors who were in power from - 1996 to now - Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr ( a thug mayor who has his finger in every pie).

The Metrosexual former Mayor Gavin Newsom - now denying he had anything to do with the Millennium Tower - time will tell - and he wants to be our next Governor of the State of the California.

Of course our saintly Edwin M. Lee who was on urgent business in Hong Kong - where he has off shore funds - and got a telephone - if he was interested - in being the next Mayor of San Francisco.

Edwin accepted it - and various conduits claim they had a role in creating this monster Mayor - Senator Diane Feinstein, Rose Park who recently passed away - the owner of AirB&B - Connely, - and god alone knows - whom.

Edwin has always been a weasel - he will say all that he says to placate - rosy stuff to make you think - that he will aid you - and do the opposite.

Thousands of innocent people have suffered during his sordid regime - corruption has reached saturation point. He had a role in what happened to " Shrimp Boy " - and " Keith Jackson " - we know the facts - and that is all that matters.

How can anyone knowing that the land - where once Depleted Uranium was tested - which is prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - more sea level rise - as the Bay is so close to the land on which the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - desires to fool as all - and build - 20, 000 units. 

He plans to rehabilitate now affordable housing - Public Housing - and the thousands of units - now " affordable housing " - the 30 year lease agreements coming to an end - much like the Fillmore complex - all slated to be turned into Market Rate Housing.

Soon those that know little - will be given " eviction notices " - and legally the Property Owners - will hire the attorney - to become Millionaires over night - properties - like All Hallows - Shoreline and so on and so forth. Now managed by Apartment Investment Management Company ( AIMCO).

There is always something happening in San Francisco - follow the AIMCO drama - you first heard it here. Aho.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


We keep building skyscrapers -
we are NOT Manhattan -
stop destroying our City and County of San Francisco.

At City Hall it is business as usual - again and again when the many adverse impacts - come to bear on the San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) - cannot find solutions.

They talk in circle - in the past rubber stamping millions of dollars - linked the SF Transportation Authority - the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) other agencies - never bothering to check the line item. More have no clue - how the money was spent - and less paying attention to time-lines and goals.

We all know - at least those who have been following the Joint Transbay Authority - linked to the Transbay Center - and is encountering many problems.

The SF BOS not once have mentioned Maria Ayerdi Kaplan.
Why this astute Director who demanded transparency and accountability - was ganged upon - and let go. 

Forcing the Joint Transbay Authority - to reorganize themselves - and putting in place - some dubious entities - that love change orders - expanding millions of dollars - on this Transbay Center - and is becoming a major headache.

The present Joint Transbay Authority - have been bad mouthing the SF BOS - but when it comes to money - they are quick to ask for it - without proper justification - and more without - thinking through the details.

We know that there is a connection with the Transbay Center - the massive construction - the many change orders - that deep hole that was created. Few have seen the pumps - pumping millions of gallons of water - and impacting the watershed.

A twenty foot plus drop in the water level - is one fact being looked into - linked to the Millennium Tower - and the present adverse impacts - over 20 inches sinking and tilting 6 inches.

San Francisco City Hall -
the stairs lead to the SF BOS rooms -
wheeling and dealing.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the SF BOS - the many City department heads were shocked - that something like this could happen. However - some of us - have been pointing the shady and lack luster work - for many years.

No standards - less transparency and of no accountability at all.

The Joint Transbay Authority has been getting away with murder - touting that it comes under the California State and is not subject to local ordinance, standards, and so on.

It was quick to  negotiate the pension and insurance perks for its employees - linked to  CALPERS - a State agency - a long time - demanded large amounts of money - and got it .

At the many Joint Tranbay Authority meetings - the presentation are convoluted. Again and again millions of dollars are expanded - and the worked done - has many flaws - and many needed corrections. The presentation all presented a rosy picture - and life is not that - there are ups and down - and the right thing - has to be done and executed.

At one time - the debate was how many platforms to have - at the Transbay Center.

Then the issue was the alignment - the back and forth - made one dizzy - one expert would say one thing - only for another expert or two - a month or so after the issue was agreed upon - to make changes.

We really want the " high speed rail " - to be in place - and the Chinese at one point - promised to build it in record time.

 The  Chinese wanted their own workers to build it - our UNION workers stood their ground.

Then the many issues - linked to " endangered species " - frogs and what have you - created changes - to the " high speed project ". To this day - we do not know - if the " high speed rail " has the required funding - and all the permits - are lined up.

The above project is just one of many projects that SF City and County is involved with - the same can be said of the Central Subway - started with $600 million and now costs us tax payers over $1.5 Billion.

The Hetch Hetchy Project -
more Mountain Tunnel in jeopardy.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - failed with Mountain Tunnel, Calavares Dam, Irvington Tunnel - the SF BOS have no clue what they dealing with. They rubber stamp - very large amounts - only one of two - have some clue - the majority - jump when they are told to jump.

It is the same with the high rents and those who are poor and need housing.

Today we see a glut in Market Rate Housing - condominiums costing$2 million to $10 million - today suffering a demand - many of these Market Rate Condominiums - vacant for years.

The Congestion on our streets - is disgusting to say the least - it take half an hour to pass through one block - hours to get to downtown - from the North or South of San Francisco - more during - Prime Time - when traffic is at it peak.

In short Quality of Life is being compromised - each and every day.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, those with comprised health - have suffered so much. The all have reached saturation - point.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is pussyfooting - talking from both sides of his dirty mouth.

Thousands of people are suffering - thousands more - over 30, 000 families have left San Francisco - in the last 7 years - according to reliable reports.

So, what are so called Representatives doing - nothing - the deliberations at City Hall and more Room 250 - the SF Board of Supervisor Chambers - a circus of sorts.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


San Francisco has failed us all - more the authorities who have been playing with FIRE.

Any City that shines - has to take care of its tax payers - NOT so San Francisco. San Francisco has turned its back on our unique neighborhoods -   shame on Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Not so Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who talks from both sides of his mouth.

Not so - very corrupt SF Board of Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen,  Scott Wiener,  London Breed,  Katy Tang,  and of course Mark Farrell.

San Francisco District George Gascon -
has failed to charge - one single rogue SF Police Officers 
in all the many murders committed by SF rogue police officers.

Politicians in San Francisco and the lackeys - some heads of Department that help the Mayor - will be in for a shock. All that I have said before - has come to be true.

The famous Millennium Tower -
sinking and tilting - 
a symbol of the things happening in San Francisco.

Remember - I predicted the tall buildings falling down in San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohone - years ago.

We now have the Millennium Tower - sinking and the owners drilling and conducting their own analysis of the situation at hand.

The results done by the owners of Millennium Tower - will reveal if the doomed tower can be saved.  A total loss of over $500 million - if not more.

On of the many luxury suits -
ranging from $2 to $10 million each -
some 400 entities living at the Millennium Tower -
now worthless - with the finger pointing - galore.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the key people that are addressing homelessness - are addressing it by hiring a Homeless Czar - and paying him over $250, 000 with benefits.

Creating a new Department that addresses homelessness - providing the employees who work for this new Department linked to Homelessness - and even bringing in an Assistant Director - who will be paid more than $200, 000 with benefits.

Who is fooling whom? In less than two months -  Mayor Edwin M. Lee will have to decide - it is better that he - Edwin - step down.

Enough is enough.

It is a shame that we educated, astute, stellar " civic leaders " -  who have to fight - day in and day out - deal with scum bags the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

The lackeys join him at the many ribbon cuttings,  forums that we the tax payers pay for - other silly gathering - that do not benefit anyone.

It today's digital world - we can gather data - analyze any program or project.

 If I post the details on this site - its will shame Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his so called advisors - who are a shame and disgrace to the human race.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
The First People of San Francisco.

This land belongs to the indigenous people and I represent the First People - the Muwekma  Ohlone - and I am making this statement - that you all that are harming and adversely impacting the poor and those that really need help:

" We the indigenous people - more Brown and Black - have reached saturation point - very high rents, lack of recreational facilities, poor educational public amenities, congestion on streets, lack of career jobs, our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged - lack of nutrition for those that cannot even afford to have two decent meals a day - this that must be cared for - are treated with disdain. You are put on notice - change your ways - or else you will have to deal - with the wrath of the people ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
the man has lost his mind -
much like Caligula!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


San Francisco's District Attorney - George Gascon.

San Francisco's District Attorney -
George Gascon - has the worst track record, ever -
he kicks the can down the road -
has NOT charged one single SF rogue police officer -
linked to the many murders by rogue SF Police Officers -
in all the days - he has been in office - despicable to say the least -
his actions dubious in nature - and he is not to be trusted.

San Francisco is the place where the United Nations was formed.

Plans were afoot to headquarter the United Nations at the Presidio of San Francisco - however, big money - the movers and shakers in New York - stole our prize and took the United Nations to New York.

I mention this to bring to the attention of the readers - that after World War II - San Francisco played an important role with the signing of the United Nations formation - at the War Memorial -  now, a rehabilitated building - costing millions - opposite San Francisco's City Hall.

Many of the concepts linked to Human Rights were created and drafted here in San Francisco.

San Francisco produced stellar Human Rights activists - we still have some - but not too many.

Today - very corrupt and crooked politicians - look the other way - they say one thing and do another. 

Many of them - leading the charge - the SF Board of Supervisors - pandering to the evil entities - that do not have the best interest - of San Franciscans and San Francisco.

SF Board of Supervisors Mark Farrell,  Malia Cohen,  London Breed,  Katy Tang, and  Scott Wiener - have misled San Franciscans and San Francisco - they most importantly have failed to represent - tax payers and constituents of San Francisco.

Supervisor Malia Cohen at this late date -
trying to hold a hearing on the Blue Ribbon Forum -
Containing lots of suggestions - but where is the " clout " to 
investigate and adjudicate. Why have the SF Board of 
Supervisors been asleep at the cockpit.

When the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) was first invited to San Francisco - without any meaningful deliberation - with the community.

Malia Cohen - agreed with COPS - to hold the first community meeting - in the Bayview.

There was no proper "outreach done " - that is Malia Cohen for you. She is not to be trusted - talks from both sides of her mouth.

If any hearing is held - on the Blue Ribbon Forum and the many suggestion by that panel consisting of judges and lawyers - we the the people - need at least one hour - to make our deliberations.

Do not have a dog and pony show - with the SF District Attorney, some one from the SF Police Department, other from the departments who keep talking from both sides of their mouth.

We the people are fed up of talk - we want action.

Let me put it this way - we pay the salaries of the SF Board of Supervisors, the SF Police Department - the SF District Attorney, the Mayor and his sordid office.

 As far as the people are concerned in San Francisco - we have got NO tangible - results. None what so ever.

The Blue Ribbon document has many loop holes - describes the many flaws in the SF Police Department - the many filthy and sordid text messages - from the evil, rogue SF Police Officers and so on and so forth.

It does not address a viable and sustainable plan - to clean the SF Police Department - the SF District Attorney in all the day he has been in office - a former SF Police Chief himself, George Gason - has failed to charge ONE single police officer.

Right now George Gason - is laser beam focused - on the job of State Attorney General - Kamala Harris - who is fooling - whom.

We keep protesting - for how long?

Our youth are fully aware of -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee, SF District Attorney George Gason,
 other crooked and corrupt SF politicians -
enough is enough.

We can articulate - and we can explain -
but can you all - comprehend and more -
feel the pain - for how long - do you think -
this nonsense can go on.

It is a disgrace that we have had so many high profile murders in San Francisco - the many murders at the hands of SF Police Officers - and NOT one single rogue SF police officer - has been charged.

While we are fully aware of the SF Police Bill of Rights - that is vested in law passed by the State of California. These so called rights - give " police officers " all over California - and of course here in San Francisco - unprecedented - rights.

SHOOT FIRST AND THEN ASK QUESTIONS. We have seen this again and again - so many most people of color - murdered.

We have seen this with the court case linked to Oscar Grant - anything and everything was done - to defend the police officer  who murdered Oscar Grant. Today the police officer who murdered Oscar Grant - is a free man.

Thousands of dollars were spent - and thousands of person hours to rally thousands - in the Oscar Grant case.

We put our best foot forward - we learned one thing for sure - The Police Bill of Rights - especially the one in California - does more harm than good.

It favors  - " the rogue police officers who keep murdering so many in California - and more here in San Francisco ".

The Mother of Mario Woods -
Mrs Gwen Woods is waiting for SF District Attorney -
to charge the SF Police Officers - who murdered her son.
How long should she wait - how long should we wait?
SF District Attorney - George Gascon - thinks he can fool -
all the people - all the time - we are watching him like a HAWK.

United States Attorney General -
can intervene and demand the team that deals with
Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination -
linked to the Department of Justice and under her jurisdiction -
find probable cause - and start an investigation -
why the SF District Attorney George Gascon - 
is kicking the can down the street - and doing nothing?

The parents of Alex Nieto and supporters -
disgusted with the lack of response - from the 
SF District Attorney - George Gascon -
took their case to the Federal Court and expanded 
all avenues and continue to this day.

It is shocking to note - that NOT one single SF rogue police officer has been charged. Here in San Francisco we are waiting - Waiting For Godot!

Else where and more on the East Coast - the Department of Justice has sent in their team on Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination - and have made strides - recently we saw this in Tulsa and Charlotte.

 More within 24 hours - the Department of Justice - and U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch - took action - in Tulsa and Charlotte - North Carolina.

So why is the Department of Justice NOT doing the right thing in San Francisco?

Where is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
on the many murders committed by rogue SF Police Officers?  -
she represents San Franciscans -
and has NOT said a word - what type of leadership is this?

Where is Senator Diane Feinstein on all 
the murders committed by rogue SF Police Officers?
Shame on her - she has NOT said a word -
why do we vote for someone like her - who has a lot 
to say on other issues - but not on issues that matter?

The Department of Justice - has failed San Francisco - California is a State that matters - and the Nation is wondering - why is San Francisco - so impotent?

Who are these evil powers - who are influencing the Department of Justice - NOT to send the teams that matter from the Department of Justice - that can investigate and adjudicate. We the people want to know?

FOR SURE WE DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICE SERVICES - (COPS ) -  some inept consultants - that interview folks - procrastinate - produce thousands of pages of documents - and do nothing at all - that matters.

Documents produced by COPS - using a " boiler plate " - sit on shelves - gathering dust.

Shame on COPS - for hoodwinking the public at large. It takes them on an average 18 months to produce a document.

 Do you not think - this entity has to be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and United States General Accounting Office - and more the U. S. Attorney's Office - Internal Affairs ?

COPS - masquerading as some entity from the Department of Justice - when they are some measly - consultants.

COPS have no authority to investigate and less adjudicate.

All they do is interview - collect information - and create very large documents. 

Waste tax payer money - the time has come - to call them out.

Much the same like this shitty - full of crap - is the Blue Ribbon Panel - and all the many suggestions.

No concrete solution to solve the problem immediately  - NO clout to bring - anyone to justice.

 That is what matters.

Sending these " rogue police officers " and some heads of Law Enforcement that do nothing - but hoodwink - to jail - for a long, long time.

Here we have Amilcar Lopez,  Luis Gongora Pat,  Alex Nieto,
Jessica Williams, Mario Woods - and many others.

 How many murders - involving SF rogue police officers - do we need to list - to involve the U. S. Attorney General - to come to San Francisco - to do the right thing?

What is the use of having a SF District Attorney like George Gascon - who is playing with fire?

George Gascon - started in Los Angeles - then went to New Mexico as a Police Officer.

Mayor Gavin Newsom brought him to San Francisco - he became the outsider - Chief of Police  in San Francisco - did nothing, much.

When Kamala Haris who was SF District Attorney left to become State Attorney General - he jumped and became the SF District Attorney.

Now he has a few months - to take a big leap and fill the seat of Kamala Harris - as the new State District Attorney.

 The saga of such political  shenanigans - so called corrupt upward mobility - never ends. God help us all.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - good for nothing -
he has now decided to funnel over $1.6 million -
to the SF District Attorney's office -
to create a team - to expedite the cases -
while all the time - even now - the SF District Attorney -
is doing nothing - nothing at all.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no real clue what is happening in San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has NO clue about de-escalation - cannot even fathom the nuances that go into - de-escalation.

He has NO idea about capacity building to build - sound organizations - that deal with Violence Prevention and Intervention - and the many issues that have been left unattended.

His lackey Diane Aroche works for him at the Mayor's office - her husband works for the SF District Attorney' office. Does that make any sense?

Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - are two key people who advice the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee on Violence Prevention and Intervention. Both lackeys have a hidden agenda - one worse than the other.

When it comes to the many murders - by rogue SF Police Officers - we the people have seen - NO real - movement.

No real progress - worth the salt - from Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson.

Paul Henderson is working hard - to move up the ladder and is running for a Judge's position - has spent most of his time - canvassing -  climbing the ladder - to better his own prospects - and his career.

Diane Aroche is a joke - came to the Board of Supervisor - the other day - and gave herself the title as some title of Director.

 When you check her title - on " TransparentCalifornia " and her salary - it states more a Manager - who thinks she is a Director. 

Diane Aroche - she talks the talk - but has failed to represent San Franciscans. Sweet talk takes us no where - I remember her days at Coleman Advocates then the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, and Families working for Maria Su - and now working for Mayor Edwin M. Lee - as his lackey.

At one time we had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - no more. 

The Mayor now has advisers - a team of two key ones - Paul Henderson and Diana Aroche - and other sell outs in the community Amos Brown and Cheryl Davis.

The NAACP  -  the headquarters must visit San Francisco and find out more.

 What - really is happening in San Francisco - Amos Brown wants money - and more time on the Television - where he talks from both sides of his mouth.  

At one time we had  some viable and sustainable progress made when it came to  justice in San Francisco - no more.

How many protests - do we have to hold - to announce our  true demands?

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a JOKE - he has no clue -  most San Franciscans look at him and consider him -  "  a lap dog with fleas ".

We the people united -
will never, ever be defeated.