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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Harlan Kelly the General Manager -
could have easily served the Southeast Sector -
of San Francisco - knowing what he knows -
some of which I have revealed in this article -
it is so sad but true - he has failed us all.

As the years go by - many of us - have fewer memories - of significant events - that the community at large - in the Southeast Sector - the many achievements - won by the advocates.

The Southeast Sector has always been the dumping ground - we know this but there more.

Advocates from the Southeast were trail blazers - today outsiders have invaded and are trying to rewrite history - and take control.

The many significant adverse impacts linked to sewer and clean water issues and more have all been documented.

Those is authority are playing with " fire " and that time has come to take these " evil people " to court - and this will be done. I have been busy putting together the necessary documents - chronologically - and everything is in place - as I said that time has come - to speak Truth to Power.

From the early 1960s to date - the Regional Water Board, the Water Department now the SF Public Utilities Commission that came to be in 1996 -  a monster created by Willie L. Brown Jr and his henchmen.

The Environmental Protection Agency was formed in the late 1970s and most of the laws implemented in the early 1980s.

The Southeast Sector has taken  heavy toll - when it comes to contamination and pollution - the many mitigation measures agreed upon - were never implemented.

The freeways impacted the community at large - added, the foul smell from the Phelps Treatment Plant, the thousands of tons of methane gas that spewed and spews in the air - one ton of methane gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Quality of Life issues have been compromised again, and again and again.

The mitigation measures have been   there for us to see - those of us who have their heart in the right place.

Over the years - the mostly Black sell outs - pandered to SF Public Utilities General Manager Pat Martel, Susan Leal, Ed Harrington, and now Harlan Kelly.

525 Golden Gate in San Francisco - has become the hub where crooks like Dwayne Jones, El Williams, others too many to name - are raking in thousands - using our tax payer money for nefarious activities. We have brought this to the notice of the authorities - and nothing much has been done.

In simple terms - there must be fair compensation, restitution, plans put in place - " to make whole an entire community " - for all the pain and suffering, the lies and hoodwink in broad daylight - all these many years.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission owes the community - over 2 Billion dollars. Yes two BILLION dollars.

The above statement cannot be made without EMPIRICAL DATA  - and time is on our side.

Today, February 28, 2018 -  at the 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - at 6 pm - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans will be introduced.

Corrupt people who have nothing to do with the community -  who do not live in the community - will be appointed as Commissioners.

The failed and ever failing Southeast Community Facility Commission - is drowning in the cesspool of its own creation - the Commissioners are a sham and should be ashamed of itself.

The SFPUC must be ashamed of itself - the Controller Ben Rosenfield and others at the Controller's office have been informed of all the corruption that has reached saturation point.

Nothing much has been done - and more need to be done to weed the chaff and clean up the entire operation.

Juliet Ellis the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs is defying morals, ethics, standard, and decency - she should be fired.

Millions of dollars are doled out to entities that have failed our community Young Community Developers - has a track record of deceiving the community and continues to do so today.

Girls 2000 is all over the place - trying their best to run poorly managed programs - while those pushing paper are compensated a hundred times more.

 Those employed at minimum wage -  stand  for hours at the so called " Pit Stops " - portable toilets and other toilets - watching who goes in and out. 

Menial jobs that are degrading - while some make money these  sordid programs - on the backs of the indigent and poor.

BAYCAT is being touted for its media competence while other non- profits are kept out - while our tax payers money - is doled out to entities - that have FAILED  our community.

The Wellness Center at Cargo Way in the Bayview - operating very near one of the most contaminated hot-spots in the Bayview.

The stench from the Phelps Raw Treatment Plant is ever present - more when the wind blows. The stench of Sulphur -rotten eggs - and the Wells Center has been placed - knowing well about all these very contaminated and foul - conditions.

Mothers and children - do not have easy access to the clinic - the Wellness Center - the Mothers and children - have to get down from the Third Street Light rail - walk a long distance to and from the Wellness Center.

 Dodge heavy traffic - just so that the children, youth, and those that need urgent help - get some -much need help - and just because they happen to be very poor. 

Millions from the Sutter Hospital have been provided to the  Wellness Center - with no input from the community.

Again the excessive administrative charges and fees to consultants - have been used from the millions that should have benefited the community at large.

More by those in authority - operating raw Wellness Center - raking in thousands - filling their own pockets - hoodwink the community at large.

The Bayview Hunters Point has been decimated - we do not have on single leader - who can lead the community that is educated on issues. More who has her or his heart in the right place.

We have mostly Black leaders who have NO morals, less ethics, spineless, corrupt to the core - trying to run for office.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a " Superfund Site " - depleted uranium was tested there - thousands of innocent people have died from the late 1950s to the present - the year 2018.

The voluminous data is available at the SF Health Department - and Barbara Garcia and Tomas Aragon - can provide the information - to those that ask for them.

It will shock those that know to read, comprehend, study the empirical data, solid data - that has been hidden and kept away from the community at large.

We have folks who work for the SF Health Department - the Environmental Division Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell - working against the community at large.

All this and more will be adjudicated soon - we have been watching these corrupt entities mentioned above - like a hawk.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - California comes last.

When it comes to congestion San Francisco ranks first.

When it come to working hard - San Francisco  ranks on top.

When it comes to San Francisco - corruption has reached saturation point.

When is come to very high rents - San Francisco is on top.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is put on notice - you owe so much money to the people - that have been adversely impacted - that is amounts in the Billions -yes BILLIONS. 

Millions compounded over the years. 

Those running for District 10 as Supervisors have no clue - more Shamman Walton and Theo Ellington. 

There are more charlatans - trying to run for Distirct 10 Supervisor - they will fall by the way side - as they normally do - when the chaff is separated from the good wheat.

Our City Administrator Naomi Kelly - is sound enough to know what I am talking about - so when the time comes to take the City and County on at the highest level - do not say I did not warn you.

Our City Attorney - knows well that we collected 33, 000 signatures - Dennis Herrera  with "intent" used a  recent case - a " precedence " - to put hurdles in our way. 

Not this time around - when we do it again - we will teach the City and County of San Francisco a lesson - they will NOT - forget, ever.

Our Controller Ben Rosenfield must step up - and look into the Billions owed the Southeast Sector - with mandates - that the community must not be charge for the sewer and clean drinking water. 

Check it out and get back to me.

The Interim Mayor is just that an interim Mayor. The June mayoral elections is just that - the fire works will really be witnessed in November, 2018.

It is pathetic that we have those who make in access of $250,000 at City Hall with benefits - and have failed to represent the people.

It is a pity to witness how shallow our SF Board of Supervisors - never mind if some are attorneys - or went to college - they know little what is happening at ground zero - less about the institutional history that matters. 

Most are not educated on issues - and less do not have their heart in the right place.

I represent the Muweka Ohlone in San Francisco - more on Quality of Life issues - what is see - is deplorable. Aho.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


San Franciscans are forward thinking and have the tenacity and fortitude to make good things - happen. 

One latest report states we are the hardest working in the Nation - Fremont second - which should give ordinary San Franciscans  some comfort and make them feel - good.

It is common knowledge - though -  some of the most crooked and corrupt politicians in the Nation - hail from San Francisco.

Heading this list - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein.  Two insane politicians who have disgraced - decency and let down those constituents that need help most.

Time for them to fade away - go some where - and stay there.

Recently the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee did not vote in favor to Senator Diane Feinstein to prop her up for the Senate seat  - the same as far as Gavin Newsom is concerned - the gubernatorial race - Diane for the position of Senator and Gavin, for the position of Governor of California.

The more younger Democrats are fed up with the ploys, machinations and shenanigans - linked to Nancy and Diane.

All this while the sordid Democrats - have " with intent " - allowed corruption of the highest order.

Encouraging and favoring "  Pay to play - and " behest " money - to make most of the Democrats in power  - who should be doing right and representing. On the contrary  -  the Democrats have been doing the  bidding of the crooks and the very corrupt - adversely, impacting millions. Time will tell.

It may NOT come as a shock - that the SF Sunshine Task Force that was created to help the citizens of San Francisco - for the last 5 years - has FAILED to represent the constituents of San Francisco. 

They are now a bunch of good for nothing charlatans kicking the can down the street - and looking the other way.

One SF Ethics Commissioner worth the salt called them - and rightly so " screws balls ".

Decent citizens go before the Sunshine Task Force only to be treated with " disdain ". Listen to the drab, useless, - long, convoluted, stupid processes - that are meant to put more hurdles in the way of those that petition for justice. 

When will this nonsense - STOP.

Recently the Chair of the SF Ethics Commission - walked away - sending a strong message to the SF Ethics Commission, the SF Board of Supervisors, the Mayor - and the " machine " -powerful crooks and more corrupt big developers - who have taken charge of " pay to play " and evil and sordid " behest money " - who do as they please - and use the SF Board of Supervisors - like puppets on a filthy - dirty string.

More, the two House Negros who are Supervisors Malia Cohen and London Breed - inept, shallow, lacking ethics, less morals - and for sure have NO standards. Time will tell.

The above two are NOT to be trusted. 

We advocates have been monitoring the nonsense linked to the sordid  " behest " money for a longest time. 

It may not come as a surprise the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) - that permits its members to take huge amount of money from Political Action Committees (PACs).

More - tainted bundled money - " behest money " and this nonsense has been going on - for the longest time.

What have Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom to say about the above written statements - made by Francisco Da Costa - follow the money. The time has come for you crooks to bow down your head - and repent. You all have BLOOD on your hands.

The above mentioned crooks - so called politicians - thrive on such tainted money - PAC money, Bundled money, Behest money -  laugh all the way to the bank.

While San Franciscans have to deal with very high rents, congestion on our streets, high taxes, no decent services.

Poor education for our children, youth, and youth adults, increase in home break-ins, car break-ins.

Poor health services - the saturation of the homeless - who have given up HOPE and are dying on our streets of San Francisco - in short lack of Quality of Life issues.

San Franciscans have long tolerated this on going nonsense -  depriving us of things that we pay for - with our very high taxes - and get nothing in return.

The average salary of our SF City Managers, Department heads - is over $200,000 with benefits - some make over $250,000 and cannot represent our City and County of San Francisco.

In the interim those that earn less than $60,000 are left to starve and make ends meet - more and more people working 3 and 4 jobs - what a fucking life is that?

When we go to SF City Hall and want to represent - we are denied the 3 minutes we use to have for Public Comment - a measly two minutes is given - and more with the President of the Board - having an attitude - bashful and acting like a buffoon. 

These vermin that we pay - we pay their salaries - and get attitude in return. All that will STOP - when they fall flat on their faces.

We know have sufficient empirical data - now that the SF Ethics Commission has been given some extra money - and have staff that can adjudicate the many cases - linked to corruption of the worst kind - and tainted money.

Most of the SF Board of Supervisors have been taking such money - sordid " behest money " - for sure Jane Kim, London Breed, and Malia Cohen.

In the past Scott Wiener the worst of them all -  who we know is spreading - political germs of the worst kind - in Sacramento.

Yet most people salivate when these political whores and pimps talk at the podium - spewing diatribe - paying no intention to their evil actions.

Having no clue  - how evil these folks are - their heart NOT in the right place.

It is amazing to listen to mostly ignorant, arrogant Blacks talk from both sides of their mouth - when Black politicians follow the evil ways of those that do not represent what is right - and beg the constituents to - support them.

The Christian values of hard work, righteous behavior, decency have been thrown to the wind.

Shame of these politicians who call themselves Christians - they have no clue when they do so - they make a fool of themselves.

No one should beg anyone to support them - your actions should be evident - politician or not.

Only then - will you get the support you deserve - if you do not - then you should be ashamed that you a lying fool - STOP trying to represent the people - more those that need help and do not get it from you scumbags.

Do you really  - think that astute and stellar San Franciscans will support you all. 

This will never happen - this time around - more in this digital world.

There is NO giving a second chance to these evil crooks - who have encouraged " pay to play " ploys and machinations - engrained in their DNA. Aho.

Monday, February 26, 2018


The Native Americans are the only ones that can call themselves Native - the indigenous people of this land - once known as Turtle Island -now, the fake name - the United States of America.

What once belong to Mexico be it parts of Texas, all of California - other parts elsewhere be it Hawaii or Alaska. Few understand more realize the BLOOD that this Nation has on its hands.

The many atrocities committed on the Native Americans - this is their land - yet, they live on reservations.

There is not one single document - that we can see where the Ohlone the First People of the Bay Area - signed to relinquish the land - what call San Francisco and beyond. Such are the deed to the " devils " - and we have many in San Francisco.

Greed and money - brute force allowed those that had superior arms and ammunitions.

Where those that had power -  had the ability and  could have helped  a nation and people - they were pressured to hand over the land - for little or nothing at all.

Others thieves preferred to steal their land - using ploys, machinations, and shenanigans that I have mentioned above.

It is 2018 and nothing much has changed - the blatant racism continues in San Francisco - more from those House Negros that simply do not understand - less comprehend history.

Many Black have a  shared history with the Native Americans - today, choosing to win browny points - not taking a real stand with facts and more understand the Naive Americans and their relation to Mother Earth - but choosing to win browny points - using politics of connivence - as I have been saying - for a long, long time.

Thousands of Blacks all over this Nation - took refuge when they ran away from their White Slave Masters.

 We all know - if they were caught they were killed, lynched,  beaten so bad -  in front of other slaves - to teach all a lesson.

The House Negros have forgotten this history - and some behave as if their " shit don't stink ".

It does matter - that they behave like " idiots" - when they fail to " represent " - more when much needed sound, viable, and sustainable representation is much need - if have two such buffoons - Malia Cohen and London Breed.

The others that belie their roots Cheryl Davis, Veronica Hunnicutt, Dwayne Jones, Al Williams, Amos Brown, Shaman Walton, Juliet Ellis, and a host of others - too many to mention - one worse than the other - all House Negros.

This mayoral election - coming our way June, 2018  will be very interesting and more an eye opener.

Those that think they have some chance will be brought to their knees - what ever I have predicted before has come to fruition.

The House Negros who have embraced " behest money " - and have been pandering - will fall flat on their face - make no bones about it.

The Black Church from the South - the true believers have not been told the truth - about these House Negros that leech and embrace greed - worship mammon.

These ignorant House Negros - who have failed those that left a legacy - they have turned their backs on those that have left a legacy - more, with their sordid actions.

Daily these corrupt and sordid House Negros - erode the good done by those we revere - Black leaders who shed their lives that we may enjoy the many rights we now enjoy and must protect with good actions and sound unity.

Representation does not come easy - more and more as respect for our politicians - more, all politicians has eroded, tarnished.

Very few truly respect those that say one thing and do another.

People of color have been suffering in San Francisco - daily some of us have to go to rescue - those that live in tents and need help.

Daily sub-prime loans are forcing those Blacks that have homes - to fall prey to vultures with no help in sight by this so called City and County of San Francisco - and named after Saint Francis of Assisi. There is no compassion no empathy.

Once 25% of our San Francisco population consisted of Black - now down to 2% and dwindling.

We really have no Black leaders - not a single one- that have a vision and less those who are educated on issues - with their heart in the right place.

All those pandering to the late Edwin Mah Lee are licking their chops.

Whoever becomes the Mayor - come June, 2018 - should be dealing with the many problems linked to "behest money " - the " pay to play " - utter nonsense that has saturated City Hall and politicians in general - more those who have been embedded with the corrupt - San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee.

At SF City Hall public comment has been curtailed  - astute and stellar advocates - that once participated in meaningful deliberations at City Hall - more, during Public Comment - have to deal with SF Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen having side-bar conversations - in full view of everyone.

London Breed acting " brash" - thinking that because she has the gavel - she can do as she pleases - well, her days are numbered - and for those that vote for her - remember my warning to you all. She cannot be trusted.

Other San Francisco  Supervisors  have been caught surfing the Internet - doing their online shopping - checking out for  cheap air flights - to take their sordid junkets - here, there, and everywhere.

When our constituents need something - mostly some much needed help - they are shown disdain - by those that represent them at SF City Hall.

Many come to me and I help them - if I can help them - why not the fucking SF Board of Supervisors ?

Our Controller Ben Rosenfield must step up.

 So must the City Administrator Naomi Kelly.

 So must the City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

 Somust the District Attorney Geoge Gascon.

Of course the Interim Mayor Mark Farrell, and the so called advisors who whisper sweet nothings in the ear of the Interim Mayor.

If Steve Kawa is at City Hall he must be told to take a hike. 
Stay away from San Francisco City Hall.

Steve Kawa has cause sufficient damage during the reign of Mayors Willie L. Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Edwin Mah Lee - and still thinks that without his advice - San Francisco cannot move along - Steve Kawa is sadly mistaken.

San Franciscans are fed up with the very high rents.

The congestion on our roads.

The homeless situation has reached saturation point.

The education we impart to our students - more by the SF Unified School District - is despicable.

The Carbon Footprint has increased from 25 years ago to over 400  percent - and no one is taking about the large amount of Methane Gas spewing in the air - from poor landfills - 4th and King to Geneva Street - over 800,000 tons according to the latest empirical data - one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide. Go Figure.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone - once all of San Francisco was pristine - now, contaminated  and polluted. 
How shameful have we become - we continue our pollution and contamination - harming all life.

Why do we have the Precautionary Principle on our books - if we cannot implement this law - shame on those that purport to represent - they must be ashamed of themselves.

Parts of the Southeast Sector registering  high level readings linked to radioactive elements  - cesium, uranium, plutonium - but also lead, mercury.

Where Serpentine Rock is found - Asbestos particulates fill the air - when the Serpentine Rock is crushed - that  leads to Asbestosis or Mesothelioma. 

All very harmful to the people who live in the area - our SF City and County has chosen with intent - to build homes in and around such areas - Chernobyl. Aho.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


These stairs lead to many rooms -
where wheeling and dealing is the norm -
some who occupy these sordid rooms -
want to become Mayor of San Francisco -
for all the wrong - reasons.

San Franciscans are astute and by far more educated than most cities worldwide - and here in the United States - constituents - known well for their fortitude and astuteness.

The diversity of our constituents is well known as I said - and with it comes unique talents and education - that our SF Political leaders - running for Mayor this June, 2018 - have failed to tap into.

Since 1968 slowly but surely  - past Mayors have failed San Francisco miserably - we have had NO Mayor with a vision for San Francisco - the main reason being their heart was NOT in the right place.

We also have had tragedies of a type - assassination, sudden death - and interim Mayor - dethroned in recent weeks.

Each one of us depending how old we were and how well acquainted we were in politics - remember Joseph Alioto, George Moscone, Diane Feinstein, Art Agnos, Frank Jordon.

Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Edwin Mah Lee - eight of them in all - Joseph Alioto, George Moscone, and Edwin Mah Lee have since passed - and all of them have left - a mark on the recent history of San Francisco.

The politicians of today are as fake as they come - they think we the voters are " stupid ".

That we have no clue about history of San Francisco - more linked to the times when this land was ruled by the Ohlone - more Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco. The First People of San Francisco.

Historians like to paint a picture of the few Mayors that I have named above - anecdotes and half-truths - and only rarely facts linked with the above noted Mayors. Facts that truly record the empirical data.

With the demise of Edwin Mah Lee - a very corrupt Mayor -with tentacles spreading far and wide - offshore accounts - and wheeling and dealing - practically every day - mostly big developers - who today - are reeling to some dark place - and trying to safeguard the deals they have made.

Tall skyscrapers that contribute to
congestion, the increase in the Carbon Footprint -
greed, and more greed  - encouraged by sordid,
spineless, corrupt - so called inept politicians.

Never mind they have failed to curtail the congestion in San Franciscans, contributed to the Carbon Print,  the growing homelessness, the lack of sound education for our children, our compromised health system, the failed safety - with killings and shootings, the increase in car break-ins, home break- ins. petty crime - and an ever increase in assaults and more.

San Francisco has an increase in White Crime - and the center of the sex trade, illegal drugs, and hacking too.

San Francisco is a racist city - and over 300,000 families have left San Francisco in the last 5 years - our population is about 850,000.

Each of the Mayors mentioned above - had a role to play with Quality of Life issues - the SF City constituents - more those who had homes, rented large sound units with large bed rooms at reasonable rent - enjoyed a good salary.

More, could afford to have a large family - enjoyed good health, had a sound education. had access to food at reasonable prices  - participated in social events including politics - in the early 70s, 80s or 90s can say more - if they had access to what made San Francisco tick.

Our learning and health institutions offered more and better services. Our faith based organization had more empathy, more compassion - and faith based organization offered more and with more people - their heart in the right place.

Our neighborhoods were different when the Mayors in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s could walk the streets - and hear first hand from the people.

Neighborhoods had fairs, met to compete in sports, track events, held plays, families reunited to show unity - and by extension churches, institutions like schools, colleges, universities and even large institutions and employees those that worked at the Presdio, at Treasure Island, Hunters Point, UC San Francisco, the City and Count of San Francisco and so on.

None of the politicians running for Mayor care much about our neighborhoods, less about San Franciscans and what they stand for - they say they want to shake City Hall - that in recent years is saturated with corruption of the highest order - some of the candidates running for Mayor - are corrupt today - more those that have taken large amounts - know as behest money. 

Some of them as Supervisors contributed to the corruption -  adversely impacting infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors, and those with compromised health.

I would NOT vote for a corrupt politician who happened also to be a seating Supervisor and is corrupt to the hilt  - and now touts that he or she - wants to be our Mayor.

Some of the candidates are far fetched one particular from Visitation Valley - who is a translator - and is NOT educated on issues.

Anyone can enter the Mayor's race - but goodness gracious - a person who has no clue about democracy - and less about governance - and originally hailing from China. Watch out San Francisco - watch out for Beijing!

We have candidates running for Mayor who received donations from Lennar Urabn ( a rogue developer) now called 5 Point Community Holdings LLP - same snake different head.

None of them realize they have BLOOD on their hands.

We the people have yet to review the PLATFORM of the prospective candidates running for Mayor come June, 2018.

We want to see for ourselves - who has a viable and sustainable PLATFORM - one that caters to the needs and best interests of the citizen - the tax payer who works hard, pay they taxes, and get little if nothing in return.

San Franciscans as I said are astute - and the shoddy ways  of those running for Mayor - saying one thing and doing another - will not work this time around.

This hoodwinking in broad daylight - will NOT work this time.
Belive you me - this time - the crooks will be expose and will have no place to hide. 

The Ohlone and the nefarious activities -
committed by the Catholic Church.

Finally let me remind all - this is Ohlone land more Muwekma Ohlone land. 

The Ohlone have lived here in San Francisco for over 13, 000 years. Empirical data available from remains and artifacts - all carbon dated - for those educated on issues.

It is shame that is less than 250 years - here in San Francisco - the strangers have contaminated - all that was once pristine.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone more on Infrastructure and Quality of Life issues - and I am monitoring the charlatans as best I can.

Do not say I did not warn you all - who do not take the time to dig deep and find out more about the candidate.

In today's world - where we can discern as we delve and shift - through large amounts of  information. The ability to filter and more to discern is what truly - matters. Aho.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


The wheeling and dealing -
the faces say it all.

San Francisco at City Hall - has a strange sordid lull - these days - the many wheelings and dealing have come to a slow halt - more, with some SF Board of Supervisors - taking a stand - they refuse to be intimated - by those in power wanting favors delivered on a platter. 

The wheeling and dealing that was a norm - is slowly grinding to the halt - " the big developers " - did not expect the largest " Johnson wrench " - shoved hard and suddenly in their wheel's hub - the demise of the very corrupt and divisive Edwin Mah Lee.

The SF Ethics Commission too has taken a toll with the Chair walking out - enough is enough he said - the " ploy, machinations, and shenanigans linked to " behest donations " - have long been known to foster corruption of the worst kind.

Any Proposition sent forward to be voted this June, 2018 must be thoroughly vetted - but some do not want to follow this time tested principle - they want loopholes - and more - and a half-baked Proposition that will come to bit those that forward it in the butt.

Bundled donations - where large sums of money are traded for favors - large Enterprise Agencies like the SF Airport Authority and SF Public Utilities Commission - doling out favors to Primes like AECOM and others - all that and more will be revealed -  some heads will be severed - the picture will not be - pretty.

San Francisco is a very corrupt City and County - and the strong hold over those that make important decisions that affect decent hard working, tax paying, San Franciscans. The many adverse impacts - are linked to " powerful rich outsiders" - using billions of dollars tallied together - " big corrupt and evil developers " - who are only interested in their own personal - portfolios.

It does not help that Malia Cohen and London Breed - who once were in bed with the corrupt - are faking pretending to do right. We all remember well Malia Cohen who had just  been declared a winner in District 10 - her first term - coincided when her condominium at Executive Park - once worth at the time some $580,000 - went under.

Declared a winner as a  SF District 10 Supervisor - she had no other alternative but to live with her parents in District 9 = an illegal move. When some one brought this fact out - she quickly moved to Potrero Hill - and continued her wheeling and dealing.

Today she owns a home in the Fillmore which is in District 5 - and spends time in Oakland with her significant other - often bragging what Oakland does - and even honoring folks from Oakland - as part of Black History Month.

The Mayoral Race is totally flawed - we have yet to see a Platform that is viable and sustainable - the candidates running for the June, 2018  Mayoral Race to replace Edwin Mah Lee - are as confused as can be.

None of them have a Blue Print to address Congestion on our roads. San Francisco now ranks as a City with the other more congested cities - we could have done better - but we have not.

None of candidates running for Mayor this June, 2018 - none of  them have a Blue Print to address the plight of the homeless. More those slowly dying - even as the very cold spell we all are experiencing take a heavy toll on the homeless. The inclement weather taking a heavy toll of the indigent and the very poor.

None of them have a plan to accommodate those many less than $60,000 more those of SSI and no income - more women and men - who have mental and physical challenges. 

None of these Mayoral candidates - nor the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) have a plan to address the very poor education imparted to our students in general - more at the San Francisco Unified District (SFUSD). Those most suffering are our Black students. Not a word about the despicable performance by the  SFUSD from Malia Cohen and London Breed - both Black but acting fake.

The killings and shootings in San Francisco have been on the increase. The SF Chief of Police - Scott Williams - had a gala time - at ribbon cuttings -  Press Conferences - following the then Interim Mayor - London Breed - like a puppy. Fortunately the short stint ended  -  and with a new Interim Mayor - the ribbon cuttings and nonsense Press Conference have been curtailed a lot - Mark Farrell acting as the Interim Mayor - until his term end in June, 2018.

Edwin Mah Lee his demise -
has left San Francisco is disarray -
the crooks vying for access and finding little or none.

This is San Francisco a world class City that Edwin Mah Lee - ruined - amassing million in off shore accounts - all of which will be accounted - sooner not later.

In these days - no one talks about Edwin Mah Lee - especially the crooks that benefited from hanging with him Diana Oliva-Aroche ( who has been a leach - her time is up ), Juliet Ellis who still continues to dole grants to organizations that do her bidding - she works for the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Again and again the corruption at the SF Department of Building Inspection knows no bounds - we saw what happened with the 58 story Millennium Building - sinking 19 inches and titling Northwest 9 inches.

Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Community Holdings LLP - has been busy building inferior homes on Parcel A at Hunter Point Naval Shipyard. The brand new units do not have input facilities to power electric cars. The side walks ways - do not meet the American with Disability Act (ADA) laws - the people who bought the homes have been cheated and feel let down. 

Parcel A is surrounded by many contaminated parcels - a Superfund Site - that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - registering high levels of radioactive elements. None of those running for Mayor come June, 2018 - have spoken out about this on going madness - not educated on issues - more lacking  sound information and empirical data - linked to environmental issues.

Time is on our side - we are watching the buffoonery. Aho.