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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Representation does not come easy - especially when you are a closeted Queer and are trying to represent a community that needs the best representation - that are mostly - very straight.

Malia Cohen pretends that she is straight when she is a lesbian that has NO intention what so ever to represent her District. The result the repercussion - have been so severe - and in recent months there have been many shootings and killings.

Quality of Life have NOT been addressed - and Malia Cohen has been busy furthering her own sordid agenda - pussyfooting around - and looking down at her constituents - with disdain.

When Malia Cohen was first was sworn in as Supervisor of District 10 - the first thing this despicable woman did - was display her Police Badge on her Face Book. The police badge - given to each Supervisors - so that they can truly represent - in any emergency situation.

Not once has Malia Cohen - joined forces with the Community Response Network - gone to the crime scene - where someone from San Francisco's District 10 - has been shot - not once.

As you can see when Malia Cohen received this "Police Badge" it was just for show. Her pompousness is well known - her jack ass grin her hall mark.

What makes her most despicable - is that she pretends to represent - she is as fake as the come - and despicable to the very core.

Malia Cohen made a big deal with Stop and Frisk. The SF Police Department - with or without probable cause - stop mostly people of color - more Black men - and frisk them all the time.

Many a time they seize small amounts of drugs. At other times razor blades, knifes, other paraphernalia - needles and the associated stuff that - drugs addicts need to get their high.

You have just to read the incident reports from the Bayview Police Station - which I suppose Malia Cohen does not have the time to read. Less to evaluate the Quality of Life issues that have taken District 10 down the cesspool. Crime and Safety issues at an all time - high.

Malia Cohen has no clue as to how many Black men are incarcerated - from District 10.

Has never bothered to visit the thousands of men and women in the jails. She should take a trip to the Women State Jail in Chowchilla to chill out there with the women. She will learn a thing or two.

To the men's jail at San Quentin and Folsom - may be that will broaden her mind - and wipe that stupid grin - off her ugly face.

No one can say they REPRESENT any community and fail to walk the streets and see for themselves what is happening. All this woman is thinking - all the time - she to make money - fill in her campaign coffers.

Since she is a closeted lesbian - she does not know how to react to anyone straight.

Malia Cohen - is as  phony as they come - and believe me I have many "lesbian" friends - but all of them are open and do not feel ashamed to be "openly queer".

Malia Cohen is the laughing stock on the streets - and those that are in the gangs - talk about her - in terms that I cannot describe - but - if thing do not change rapidly - I will post a U-Tube version of how the youth describe this spineless - so called Representative - who cannot take a stand and truly - represent.

Most affected in recent months the Samoans - and I have been very careful not to say anything much about Malia Cohen - but if Malia Cohen - does not change her ways - no one from the the Samoan community will respect her.

With all the killings and shooting affecting the Samoan community - Malia Cohen has failed to reach out to this community.

She only reaches out when she can make some money. Like the time when she and that doctor Nadine Burke wanted to operate a Wellness Center - at Third and Cargo - an area that is contaminated and very close to the Sewage Treatment Plant - complete with a nauseating foul stench - and contamination and pollution of the worst kind.

Some of us advocates took a stand - and if this project goes forward - Malia Cohen will have to face the wrath of the people. No one should harm our children - who cannot defend themselves - and more place them in a contaminated area - under any pretext.

At the SF Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen will open her mouth and shove her foot - each and every time. She is stupid - has never and will never be accepted by the District 10 community.

She backs the Rogue Developer Lennar.

She recently opposed the appointment of Dr. Antonini to the SF Planning Commission - and Malia will lose today - as Dr. Antonini will be appointed - to the SF Planning Commission.

For the longest time Malia Cohen did not live in her District - just recently moving to the Potrero Hill - those are the types she likes - folks that the despicable - do not care to serve - those that need help most.

Malia Cohen will use every ploy to further her own agenda - surround herself with crooks - most of her stuff are snotty and think no end to themselves. Often time wasting their time on their cell phones - you call her office - and all you get is a "snot".

As for Malia Cohen her favorite pass time - "pussyfooting around".

Two shot dead at Visitation Valley in broad daylight - July 30, 2012:

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Over the many years - more in the last fifteen years - in San Francisco - the plight of the many Samoans living in Public Housing has not been one that is holistic and environmentally friendly. San Francisco has not been fair to the Samoan community.

Samoans have contributed a lot to our Nation - more laying down their lives - in greater numbers - than any State in the United States.

All this - in the recent wars that our Nation has been involved in. I know because I worked for Six Army and Presidio of San Francisco - unlike the many City authorities - that have no clue - about reality and less about practicality - and history of the people they must serve.

While most other Polynesians - Tongans in particular have stayed away from Public Housing - Samoans wrapped in some tradition have continued faithfully to stay in San Francisco's deplorable Public Housing.

Much like we have State Housing in New Zealand - but there the housing is of a better quality.

Over many years the ties between Blacks and the Samoans in particular has been a cordial one is Public Housing. These are now beginning to wear down some.

Many Blacks marry Samoan women - and in some cases Black women marrying Samoan men - have tied the destiny of these two segments of the population.

I know many such families and it is amazing how close knit these families are. I count many of these families as my close friends - they know that and I have respected them for years.

The demographics of San Francisco are changing with most Blacks who have had some upward mobility - getting better jobs - leaving San Francisco in larger numbers.

Where once Black and Samoans occupied Public Housing in recent years Latinos, Asians, and others are making in roads.

Asians and Latinos already are found in greater numbers in the Bayview Hunters Point - Blacks fleeing - we call it "gentrification". Samoans too have felt the need to leave - but find it more difficult to do so - many a times attached to the many family members and relatives that live close by and have lived for decades.

Many cannot stand the violence and killings. More - the deplorable conditions - comparable to some third world country. All this in San Francisco one of the richest cities in the world. No one wants to talk openly about the folks living in deplorable conditions - infants and children - and on one wants to take - direct responsibility. Sanitary conditions are unbearable - and the City does not take its responsibility - seriously.

Health and Safety comes first - but not in San Francisco and not with City Hall - and those leaders that should know - but are pathetic to say the least. I for one should not be pointing out to them how to do their job. Making over $250,000 and failing to fulfill their - responsibilities.

Those that could not meet ends meet in Public Housing - took some incentives from programs called Section 8 vouchers - to move to other counties outside San Francisco.

Others were given the option to receive some money - left for some other county - spent the money quickly - and now live in dire - poverty and on the streets - facing the inclement weather away from San Francisco - in some neighboring - counties and cities like San Jose, Oakland - counties like Alameda, San Mateo and so on.

The mostly indigent Blacks have a real hard time - and are constantly embroiled with drugs, prostitution, stealing, robberies - and the like.

Hot spots of unemployment in the high 40% is not uncommon - with the City of San Francisco and its leaders - pussyfooting - especially the current Black - District Supervisor - Malia Cohen.

In the Black community at the Public Housing it is common for single mothers - to raise children. Many of the fathers lingering in jail. In lesser degree this has been the recent plight and history - of some Samoan families too - increasing as the years go by.

On some level the Samoan population in lesser numbers have also begun to seek out such opportunities - for all the wrong reasons. Drugs, stealing, and other nefarious activities must not be adhered to - by those who believe in God and know good from evil.

Those ardent Church going Samoans - who continue to uphold their traditions from back home - the islands of Samoa - and I know many of them - do not endorse the work of the devil.

Here in San Francisco - all it takes is two percent of one community - Black or Samoan - to bring disgrace. They are in the minority - and that black eye - is seen to be the norm - but this is not the case - and those decent have to fight the odds - daily in their lives.

Blacks once went to Church in greater numbers - no more.

Many Black churches in the Bayview Hunters Point are empty - you have the the very old and the very young attending - the youth in large numbers - have given up on religion. Why?

So far; thank God the Samoans - be they all Christians - belonging to the many denominations - continue to go to Church - and when there is a wedding or a funeral - you could feel as you were in Australia, New Zealand, the many other islands - with other Samoans - more Polynesian - celebrating life - and enjoying the angelic music - that I do not have to explain to many that have been touched - by such angelic voices.

Shooting and killings should not be a norm - anywhere and NOT in San Francisco - but again and again when tragedy strikes - all Samoans are affected - because as many may not know - every Samoan is related in some manner - to one another.

In recent months the tragedy of death from weapons like guns - resulting in wanton death and misery - continue to shock too many. Our Safety in impacted - in many places in broad daylight.

Shootings too - that have not led to death but maiming - involving Samoans. A missing Samoan youth -  missing since June 2, 2012.

Evictions of Samoan families from San Francisco Public Housing - has caused much pain and suffering.

Since I am very close to those that I count as my dear friends - we all suffer - together and try to bring some resolution.

There are no opportunities - less with the dire economic situation prevailing - we try to give jobs and bring succor - but that is far between - those that need help are in too large a number - and the City has failed the Samoan community - miserably.

My relation with the mighty Samoan goes to my Army days.

I have fond memories to those times. My work with All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1) - and other Samoan organizations - has enriched my life and those near and dear to me.

I have many good Black friends - and I have many Samoan friends - and these two communities live and have lived in harmony for decades.

As I have tried to paint a picture - there should not be feuding among these two communities - but the negative has become the norm and now some in these two communities are angry and become - blind. There is so much anger - that guns and other weapons are use to resolve - disputes. Turf wars that are senseless. 

The time has come to put a stop to this senseless killing. Many of those involved in fighting - totally uncalled for - one Samoan against the other. This especially is totally uncalled for and should not become the norm.

The Elders and the OGs should step up and do something on a war footing - and not wait for Law Enforcement to do something.

It is the same with the Black families - some one must step up - and lay the law - and not expect anything decent and homily - to come from the San Francisco Police Department.

The San Francisco Housing Authority has not been accommodating to the Samoans living in Public Housing.

The Director Mr. Alvarez should take this clarion call - and do something immediately - he loves to talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. I could lead a delegation to his office - with some USOs but the scene would not be pretty. So - do something while you can - stop pandering to the authorities. 

Like the time you found 52 empty units - under pressure - when some rich family donated $1 million - when you see dollar signs - just like the many Board Members on the SF Housing Authority - you all get perked up and do something.

It is simply and totally wrong to evict so many Samoans from SF Public Housing. Once built by the Department of Defense - handed over to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - who in turn has handed it over - to the despicable - San Francisco Housing Authority - that is inept and shallow.

Over the years the SF Housing Authority has - "with intent" - used deferred maintenance to run down units - boarded hundreds of units - put "Police Stations" right in the middle of SF Public Housing - and created animosity.

Toilets that do not work, ceiling and walls that are peeling, filthy surroundings not fit for animals. Asbestos everywhere - thousands have been inflicted with cancer and other chronic diseases and the SF Housing Authority - and been pimping and whoring all these many years.

Raw Sewage flows on Caroll Street by Alice Griffith Housing. The SF City has been covering the areas a wide area - with mulch - and the wood chips from the felled trees - absorb the smell some - Eucaluptus Chips and more - but this nonsense has been going on for over 15 years if not twenty years.

What is the Mayor - Ed Lee doing about this situation?

What is the SF Health Department doing about this situation?

What is the SF Housing Authority doing about this - emergency situation? You do not treat human beings like - animals?

The same situation is seen at Potrero Hill Public Housing, Bayview Hunters Point Public Housing by Kiska Road and Middle Point, at Oakdale Public Housing in larger measure - at Sunnydale Public Housing - but Alice Griffith is the worst of them all.

The environment at Alice Griffith is the worst ever. With several high profile crimes committed. There is now active feuding among the Samoans and the Blacks. And I do have to tell you who will win.

Over a million dollars is given to the SF Police Department besides the regular appropriation - to police the area - and maintain some order - respecting the people - and building trust .

As days turn to weeks, to months, to years - the situation has worsened.

HOPESF is a program - meant to bring relief to the people of Alice Griffith - who backed the Rogue Developer Lennar - today - most of the Alice Griffith residents are suffering - the promises made not kept - and today - their very lives are at stake.

San Francisco leaders and especially Sophie Maxwell and the current nonchalant representative - Malia Cohen - both of them Black should be ashamed of themselves. You who voted for these two despicable Black women - should hold them responsible.

Alice Griffith Public Housing is situated in the most contaminated area. Very close to a Superfund Area - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Still babies have been born - both to Black and Samoan women.

The SF Health Department knows about this, Mayor Ed Lee knows about this - folks like the Director of  Public Health Barbara Garcia knows about it - the man who can do something Rajiv Bhatia knows a lot - but all of them shun their duties.

Naomi Kelly is the City Administrator - she should visit the are in cognito - and see things for herself. It is easy to hold a position - but difficult to take a stand and try to help your people. Naomi Kelly is Black and can and should do something with Alice Griffith Public Housing.

I want the Police Chief to go to Alice Griffith in cognito and check the things I have stated - enough is enough.

In lesser and greater measure such despicable living conditions are found at Potrero Hill, Middle Point and Kiska Road, at Oakdale, in Sunnydale, the other housing projects all over our City.

Daily gun shots heard - and people angry - no food - no jobs - and those in charge making over $250,000 and smiling with glee. Where is your conscience? You will burn in hell - if you know - you can do something and do nothing - at all.

I attended a recent Safety Meeting at City Hall - it was a JOKE.

Our City has a population of 805,000 - not millions like other major cities - even San Jose has a greater population.

Our City employers over 26,000 City employees - and the City Administrator knows this and more.

Our Mayor just signed a $7.2 B I L L I O N so called balanced budget - but there is NO relief to the Seniors, the infants, the youth, the indigent.

Please - set your priorities straight - stop wasting millions on something like the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case - this City will fall flat on its face - at the end of this sordid - episode.

The killings in the Southeast Sector and Western Addition will increase - and we have no leadership to address the situation at hand. People are simply fed up - but - do not push the buttons of the Samoans - they will keep still and quiet for just so long - and then hell will break loose.

The tragedies should not happen and the victims must be compensated directly - do not give money to any Community Based Organizations - give money directly to the victims.

With all those entities that say they can do this and do that - on the side line - but do nothing - put these jerks to work.

Barbara Garcia, Naomi Kelly, Ed Lee, Greg Suhr should sit down without any of the so called experts - and come out with a viable plan.

For too long - have too many suffered - and you do not want a riot - or a revolt - a magnitude that you have not witnessed before.

This clarion call is not that siren - that you hear at 12 noon every Tuesday - it is a one time warning - enough is enough.


Friday, July 27, 2012


Any government official understands the fundamentals - health, education, housing, safety and transportation.

Not so in San Francisco - the advocates have articulated the above principles and fought for them - over the years - only for those in charge - to belittle the advocates and cater to folks who make huge salaries - over $175,000 plus with benefits - and give little to the Constituents of San Francisco - in return.

Again and again the City's Leadership has not attended to contamination, pollution, the access particulates, and blatant injustice with sewage, cement, aggregate, millions of vehicles spewing particulates, methane gas over 200,000 tons - one ton of methane gas equals twenty two tons of carbon dioxide.

So much for the City silly - Carbon Footprint.

The San Francisco Health Department with its over $1.5 Billion budget has failed San Franciscans.

More during the tenure of Mayor Gavin Newsom and the then Health Director - Mitch Katz - who did nothing when Lennar, a rogue developer poison our children and elders.

The newer portion of the SF General Hospital was built through the good offices of the Bayview Hunters Point - Model Cities. The City officials have NO clue about this very important fact. Check your facts.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar over $515,000 - which Lennar paid - thus acknowledging the many Notice of Violations. Parcel A on Hunters Point was graded and the entire area bombarded with Asbestos Structures.

Our children and Seniors and others - exposed to the Asbestos Structures - with our City - the Mayor then Mayor Gavin Newsom and the SF Health Director - Mitch Katz - looking the other way.

Our SF Planning and our SF Board of Supervisors in the majority - siding with Lennar - a Rogue Developer.

From the year 1999 to the year 2010 - thousands of young men were shot and killed in the Southeast Sectors.

We need a in-depth report as to what were the factors - that suddenly led to such - an increase in the death and maiming of so many - most of them Black constituents. Most of them youth under 26 years old.

In the last 10 years thousands of Blacks have left the Bayview Hunters Point and the Southeast Sector.

Some call it "Out Migration" - much as some migratory birds - fly from place to another place - to procreate, seek food - and then fly back from whence they came.

In this case the Blacks just leave San Francisco - dejected - to fend for themselves and most of them are adversely impacted - and die a slow death. Much like a Holocaust - a modern day episode of sorts - signs of the times.

This type of gentrification happened in the 1960s when Blacks were removed from the Western Addition and were removed to live in Single Residency Occupancy Hotels (SROs).

At that time heroin, alcohol, prostitution, poverty, lack of sound housing, and other adverse impacts - ruined Middle Class Black families.

The present demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point has changed dramatically. Today Asians and Latinos are predominantly visible - with few Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point - and most of them that remain - while away their time - sell drugs and have no jobs.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy and having an office on 4909 Third Street since 1999 - I have seen it all.

Prior to that I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco and observed the many changes in the various neighborhoods - zip codes 94107, 94124, 94134.

There are over 10,000 small business in the these areas - the zip codes I have mentioned - the area is an Industrial Area.

The fancy name PDR - which I believe stands for Production Development and Research.

The 2008 economic crisis badly affected this large area - with little or no assistance from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force.

To date we do not have a list of all the small business in the zip codes I have mentioned.

We the people need this information a simple format - so that the public and those interested in establishing a small business can have a better understanding of the business and the areas lacking where - newer business can contribute to the progress of our fair City and County of San Francisco.

I am requesting Mayor Ed Lee to facilitate this as quickly as possible.

Also, a one stop where those wanting to create a small business - can easily get the permits - and are encouraged to contribute to the wellness and progress of all San Franciscans and San Francisco. Some businesses have to wait for two, three years to get their permits - approved. This is a JOKE.

Our Mayor and our SF Board of Supervisor has lost their sense of priorities - they have allowed themselves to sink and drown themselves - in mundane issues that DO NOT favor progress, unity, and the progress of our fair City and County of San Francisco.

They can pause, think, ponder, and find out if this is true. May be no one has brought this fact to their immediate - attention.

Our SF Fire Department and our SF Police Department are compensated. These City employees receive on any average over $175,000 with benefits. Yet, we always hear - that our Fire Persons and our Police Officers - want more. They may want more - but they will break the back of of our City's economy.

Our City's pension system favors double dipping - and it is a paradox that many a Fire Person and Police Officer will receive more in pay - when they retire - and they can retire at age 55 years. Go figure.

Our education more Public Education in San Francisco is in shambles.

Soon a number of schools will have to be closed and already one Middle School - Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., Academy will be torn down and some housing built.

The developers the all Black Tabernacle Group - Poverty Pimp Pastors - lacking experience and less accountability and transparency. Having no qualified experience to built - not even a dog house.

Indigents who live in Public Housing in the Southeast Sector - be it Potrero Hill Public Housing, Bayview Hunters Point Public Housing, Oakdale Public Housing, Sunnydale Public Housing are treated with disdain - by our SF Housing Authority.

Many of the housing units boarded up - and those left open for use - are not maintained in San Francisco. 

Deferred maintenance has been used as a ploy to run down the units and also evict the tenants or harass the tenants of Public Housing - so that such actions - facilitate - blatant discrimination and gentrification.

Some Blacks on the take - are party to these ploys and machinations - reminiscent of SLAVERY - the field negro and the house negro. These sell outs - mostly Blacks - act as the go between.

Nothing much has changed - because the Blacks have NOT learned the values of education and less of empowerment - today we have and see a different kind of - plantation.

While much has been said about "affordable housing" - no mention is made of "low income" and "no income" housing.

I was the Proponent of Proposition F - when the Zionists and many in authority at City Hall today backed - when they backed Proposition G and Lennar.

Lennar promised the City the world and has defaulted on each and every time line linked to its Disposition and Development Agreement. Lennar spent $5 million on Proposition G and won.

We the people spent $5 thousands - were winning - until the $10 thousands television advertisements made in roads into our campaign and we lost. We gave them a run for their money - and many astute San Franciscans still remember this fact.

Where are the Zionists today that tried to disparage my good name. The Zionists went on to destroy our economy - the likes of J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs - and we have them in important places - in our City of San Francisco holding good jobs - and catering and perpetuating the the evil policies of the Zionists.

In the interim our education, our safety, our health system, our housing standards, transportation have been compromised.

We must now take charge of our destiny - and that moment is now.

We have a very narrow window of opportunity - with the crooks I have mentioned above in the cockpit in many of our City's Departments.

We must remove them - by proving that they are detrimental to Society and more to our progress. We must learn to connect the dots.

Our City is expensive to live - one of the richest cities in the world.

We have a population of about 805,000 and our City and County employs over 26,000 employees - some say 28,000. We have over 20% of our City making over $175,000 with benefits. Most of them NOT living in San Francisco - all they do is earn a good living and spend their money - elsewhere.

The paradox is we have over 40% of our population - many of them Seniors - making less than $30,000 a year. These folks cannot survive.

Those making less than $20,000 - are living from pay check to pay check - and what is more have to beg and get food from the Food Bank.

For the first time in the recent history of San Francisco even the Food Banks - do not have sufficient food to go around.

From the year 1999 to the year 2010 - thousands of young men mostly and Black have been shot and killed in certain hot spots - the Bayview Hunters Point, Sunnydale, and Western Addition being the predominant locations.

In these same areas - housing is not available for the poor.

More importantly the City know about these hot spots and knows that for the last 10 years unemployment has been over 50% and nothing - I repeat nothing has been done.

Added to the above there are over 350 toxic hot spots that the City Administrator knows about - the responsibility of the City - and these toxic hot spots - contribute to adversely impacting the health of the constituents of San Franciscans. This nonsense has been going on for the last 55 years.

Entities like Young Community Developers, City Build - other that have sprung up are quick to ask for money - to train the folks for some weeks - four weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks - and then the youth have to fend for themselves.

This City and County of San Francisco with all the diatribe it spews on Work Force does not have the availability to create - CAREER JOBS. 

Transportation is lacking in the poorer neighborhoods - there is no reliable transportation going to the Bayview Hunters Point for example. At night single women, women in general, our Seniors have to face the element weather and are often preyed upon by - thugs.

The Town Hall meetings held as the one that we had yesterday - are more for a venting session - NO action - and less no accountability and transparency.

What does the Mayor, Ed Lee have to say - what do the SF Board of Supervisors have to say? I want to know - for I have more to reveal - deeper and in detail.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


No one in their right mind wants killings and shootings in their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, in San Francisco the main Agencies funding the Community Based Organizations - have FAILED to focus on Quality of Life issues. The result we have shootings and killings - and everyone that gets the money to do something - is pointing fingers at someone - else!

These same same entities - with no accountability and transparency - have no idea about how to stop killings and shootings.

Have with intent - fostered for decades indigent folks to endure hardships - have given them NO opportunities - and have fostered a culture of the worst type of criminality activity in progress - with intent.

The SF Department of Children, Youth and Families - the  San Francisco Department of Health, The SF Housing Authority.

The SF Police Department, the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force - and many other sell outs that come and testify - really do not know about the community.

Nor do they care to sacrifice - they are content to get their pay - and they are content if they act as Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to get their grants on time. Every year they want more and more.

I have attended over 240 funeral since 1999.

Does that give me some lee way and ability to offer some testimony - on killings and shootings - and the on going gentrification.

Removal of people - mostly Black people from housing - public housing - evicting them and sending them on to the streets of San Francisco - more the Tenderloin - to fend for themselves.

So when the sell outs from Visitation Valley who say they are members of this, that, and the other - and work with the District Attorney Office - and feel they must get some respect.

These are the highest order of snitches - one can find - doing disservice to the community at large. They do not know how to deal with crime - but can speak about incidents in generalities - that any fool can speak about.

In stopping the increase in crime - killings and shootings - one has to have the ability to go to the cuts - speak to the gangs - and offer them an alternative. Can the snitches offer the youth jobs - No.

Can the snitches offer the youth anything to improve their lives - No.

The snitches are the parasites of the community - they strive on the killings and shooting - pretending to do something - and always asking for money. The call them CBOs - they should call themselves - BOZOS.

The San Francisco Police Department knows how to play the snitches - give them more information - and the snitches are given money. Either DCYF or some entity will deliver the money - directly or indirectly.

The SF Housing Authority has with intent - run down the Public Housing.

Forcing thousands of innocent mostly Samoan and Blacks out - you never ever saw Samoans living in the Tenderloin - now you see them.

You never ever saw a Samoan sleep on the streets - by Sixth Street - now you see dime a dozen.


Today - the Samoans are warring against some Blacks who did not respect them in the Western Addition.

Never mind that the youth was young - stupid - and careless - this time some one crossed the line - and no one in their right mind - can reverse the consequences.

True the culprit has been caught - complete with the gun found in his house. But, why did he choose to shoot and kill an innocent Samoan youth? Who prompted him to do so?

The Samoan youth was not a gang member. In the streets, in the cuts - there are norms - there are rules - and some stupid person - broke the rules.

The Mayor Office has a representative on SAFETY - who is a QUEER - and he thinks he knows what he is talking about.

Brother; you should take another position - do not even think you know what is happening on the streets of San Francisco.

Even if some one from the SF Police Department - tells you so. The gang leaders behind the wall - know about you - just stop talking nonsense - and go back where you came from.

The San Francisco Health Department has a $1.4 Billion dollar budget - but - has not allocated sufficient to address SAFETY and crime.

Less on a par with toxicity, contamination, pollution, increase in particulates that the SF Health Department has failed miserably - and with that a host of chronic diseases that plague the neighborhoods.

Each time we have a Hearing - these parasites - representing the various Departments - come down with some drab Power Point Presentation.

They think the public are fools - it is - as if  - they are applying for a grant. If you are talking about shooting and killings - we want to know if you have been to ground zero - and what can do about stopping the crime. Really!

There was a time when we had hundreds of killers armed with guns and many of them are incarcerated.

Today - young people - 13, 14,15 years armed with guns - are shooting people.

Taking aim - holding the gun side ways. It makes you wonder - what is happening - this is a lost generation - and the Black on Black violence - is on the increase.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black - cannot do anything - go to their Churches on Sunday - you have the very old and the very young - the youth are missing. Missing In Action.

At the Summer orientations preparing the youth for Summer Jobs - the Mayor must address the youth. Address each batch.

The SF Police Chief must address the youth and tell them what is there for the youth to improve and contribute to Society.

That silly Representative from the Mayor's Office - Anderson must address the youth find out - what really this City is generating from year to year.

The caliber of youth - who will tell you what they truly think of you - if you truly do not comprehend - where the youth are coming from and what they expect from this City of San Francisco. That with your mascara - pretty boy!

Our City has a population of about 805,000.

We have a budget of about $7.2 Billion.

We have more than sufficient money to address Crimes and Shooting.

Just like we pay our City employees over twenty percent of them - over $175,000 with benefits. We have 26,000 City Employees.

For every 28 City constituents we have on City employee.Go figure!

 The City says it has no money to increase the budget to pay the Community Response Network employees. Everyone says they do a good job - but no one wants to compensate them.

Why do you all not want nor have the decency to increase the Community Response Network (CRN) budget and pay them a decent salary? Why?

When meetings are conducted among the CRN they are not encouraged to speak up. Why?

The CRT linked to SF Health Department is a JOKE.

Our Mayor has set his priorities wrong.

He has chosen to listen to people who are not doing their jobs.

He listens to those that pander  to him - he cannot listen to real men - who have balls and will tell him a thing or two.

Our youth are dying - because with intent - some CBOs and some City Departments are putting them in harms way.

Enjoy the photographs from today's Safety Meeting - held July 26, 2012 in Room 250 at City Hall:


When Supervisor David Campos aided by an organization like People Organized To Win Employment Rights (POWER), the San Francisco Youth Commission and other youth advocates - worked hard to fight and permit poor - mostly indigent youth - to travel on our Public Transportation - MUNI - for FREE - all hell broke loose.

Several meetings were held some behind close doors and some at City Hall. By large measure the only one that opposed the plan was the San Francisco Budget Chair - Supervisor Carmen Chu.

With Supervisor David Campos - some other Supervisors like Scott Wiener, John Avalos, Christina Olague, John Avalos, Eric Mar - did what they could to make good stuff  - happen.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission could have found the money to help our poor youth - but, chose with intent not to do so.

All in all the vote was too close and lost by just one vote - 8-7 against funding the youth and permitting them to ride - free. The measly $4 million could be found by the MTC - however, now it is too late. We must seek the money and we must help the youth.

The Private sector could step in - the many High Tech Companies that the City of San Francisco gives large breaks - the Primes that make millions - Nibbi, Cahill, Swinerton, Webcor, Turner and Turner, Flores, Herrera Bolt, AECOM, Parsons, Jacobs - combined these Primes could fork up the money - but no one will take the lead.

Why could NOT Platium Consultants that rakes in millions - fork up the measly $4 million - with former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., handing the check. Much like Kofi Bonner did - handing a $7.3 million check to some corrupt folks - including District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen. Part of that check - could go to help our students from Bayview Hunters Point.

This debacle will now come before the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) in San Francisco - where there will be hue and cry - and right so.

Judging from the meetings held in San Francisco before the MTA will now have to think positive - and help the youth.

Will the MTA relent, give in - and find the money some where?

Will Mayor Ed Lee for all his talk about the youth - find the measly $4 million - perhaps find some one from the Billionaires that hover every where - spending $5000 to $10,000 a day.

Or will the Metropolitan Transportation Agency in San Francisco do the same as did the Regional - Metropolitan Transportation Commission? Shaft the youth - and think less of the consequences.

Our San Francisco City has a budget of over $7.2 billion - and  there thousands of City Employees who make over $175,000 with benefits.

Many of our City employees do not deserve the high salaries - and some will tell you that no one can touch them - quoting that the Civil Service laws - protect them. Not if you are lazy and do not produce! 

We have 26,000 City Employees - some say 28,000 City Employees - and our population is about 805,000. With thousands of families leaving San Francisco - they call it " Family Flight".

Our City also wastes money on fake trials like the current Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi trial - millions will be spent - the City will LOSE the case - and no one will say anything.

It is the same when - accidents happen and the City is at fault - and having "deep pockets" - millions of dollars are forked out to the victims - by our City Attorneys - and life goes on.

This City and County of San Francisco - should put the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to shame - and provide the necessary money - to help our poor youth - the poorest of the poor - and offer them FREE - transportation.

It is not uncommon for the poor - adults included; to take our Public Transportation - and not have the fare for their ride. When the MUNI Inspectors accost these riders and these riders who are poor - fail to show a valid ticket - they are fined - as much as $110 and more.

There really is NO reasonable justification to fine any indigent person or very poor student - so much.

Our mean MUNI inspectors do it.

Most of them a gang of MUNI inspector five or six - aided by the SF Police Department - wait and seek out - some poor people and berate them, scold them - and on top of that issue them the big fine of $110 with glee.

This nonsense must stop.

Often times some of these free riders are mentally challenged - and there is an incident waiting to happen.

Sometimes; we have to discern and we just do not want any incident to happen - where some one get injured - and for sure there could be a loss of life - when an irate MUNI passenger who has mental problems - can target a MUNI inspector and seriously injure them.

The City will find a way to compensate the injured MUNI inspector - over a measly $2 ticket - mishap.

Poor student should be issued a card by the San Francisco Unified School District.

This care could be produced as and when the MUNI inspectors ask for such a card. This is one way to permit - those is dire need - to be helped by our City.

Our youth must be helped - and "family flight" must be stopped.

On several occasions I have addressed the SF Supervisors, the MTA and other authorities - on transportation issues - to help our youth.

Some are opposed to helping our youth - more youth from minority communities. What is their justification - no one really knows?

Several times I have intervened and paid the fare of some poor youth - MUNI inspectors have said that I could not - I said I can and will - and take out my digital camera - and inform the inspector that I will write about them on my BLOG - and send a copy to the Mayor of San Francisco and the Manager of the MTA - Ed Reiskin - and so far it has worked.

I have seen many adults given a fine by the MUNI inspectors - weep uncontrollably - when given a $110 ticket.

Many say they simply do not have the money - that they have NOT worked for years. We do have poor people - who seek work in San Francisco - and cannot find any.

The time has come to bring some holistic solution to this situation. We do have poor students and as a matter of fact - we have many poor people, more adults - who cannot afford to eat less pay the MUNI fare.

These folks are not in the majority - they are in the very low minority - some two percent of the entire ridership - we must find a way - in this civilized society - to do the right thing. Any takers?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


In the first round the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission some years ago promised the voters of San Francisco to upgrade the Sewer System and the Water System - issuing a Bond Measure some $2.4 Billion the largest ever then - but then - again failed; to keep its promise and dropped the Sewer System upgrades - that directly impacted the Bayview Hunters Point and a radius of three miles.

The San Francisco voters passed the $2.4  billion bond measure.

The Regional partners added another $2 billion only for the Clean Water - as far as they were concerned.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - at one of the its initial workshops years ago - gave a new name to its project - it called it the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - and just like that dropped any notion - to upgrade the Sewer System.

Some of us fondly remember the former ambassador to war torn Bosnia who helped that Nation's Infrastructure and was a SF Public Utilities Commissioner. He has since passed away. His name Richard Skylar. He put his best foot forward when he was a SFPU Commissioner.

Another SFPUC Commissioner worth his salt - was Dennis Normandy who served for many terms - because of his experience - he was done away - making room for the current SF Public Utilities Commission - that has been found wanting in many areas. 

The Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) is now at its tail end.

There have been some major problems - but, most of the welding mishaps, brand new valves bursting and flooding areas, other mostly technical issues - have been kept under wraps.

Millions of dollars were expanded - in so called "outreach" - linked to the WSIP program and millions wasted.

The entire work was divided basically among three Primes - and each one of them when they came abroad - to initiate their project   - had to do their own outreach from the scratch. 

Literally each one of them re-inventing the wheel and doing great injustice to the San Francisco and Regional Area - and in the bargain wasting - millions of dollars.

The WSIP critical project is the Calavares Dam.

This project is just now being attended to. Some minor areas - hill side slopes need to be sliced - on an existing hill - first encountered some major problems - but, suddenly some expert stated - that was not the case.

In the mean time some contractor will be making millions.

His work doubled hauling dirt in the millions of tons - just because of likely possibility of a major slide.

Such gimmick are always in the plan - and only those astute and with proven experience can avoid them.

Those Project Managers - who are shallow, inept, not open to ideas - like have their own way - are mostly defensive get away with murder in broad - daylight.

If we DO have a major earthquake - and the Calavares dam is impacted - the entire Fremont area could suffer adverse impacts with large areas inundated with water from the dam - and other very serious consequences.

The Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) will be done within the San Francisco Area. An over $6 Billion project.

Major replacement of our Digestors - that are creating a stink - and spew all sorts of chemical fumes in the environment - mostly affecting the Bayview Hunters Point.

Some time ago - hundreds of gallons of Clorex was used to eliminate the smell - chemicals that landed in the Bay - until someone brought this to the attention of the authorities - and stopped the on going - nonsense.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Plant is very old - and situated stark naked in the middle of the Bayview Hunters Point.

Previous SF Public Utilities Commissioners, the Mayors of San Francisco, the SF Board of Supervisors, the SF Health Department, the City Attorney, the City Administrators, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District  - have not cared to do anything.

In reality hundreds of Notice of Violations - should have been issued to the SFPUC - but because the people are not mostly White - this blatant discrimination continues.

When visitors come to visit the Bayview and if they are within three miles from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - they notice the putrid stench.

When told where the source of the "stench" emits from - they find it difficult to believe in San Francisco - such Environmental Atrocities - can be committed - and that folks can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

The WEIRS that hold the treated sewage also know as secondary effluents - are mostly worn out, damaged, and must be replaced.

So are the pipes that carry the sewage all over our City some over 1000 miles of sewage pipes - most over 80 years old - leaking and polluting the water shed - and need urgent - replacement.

We have a Force Main that was compromised - when some idiots permitted some other idiots - to tunnel under the Force Main that send over 300 million gallons of secondary effluents - into the Bay by Pier 80. No one wants to talk about the compromised Force Main.

No one one wants to talk about the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary and Park - that was compromised. No one wants to do right - but - some of these SFPUC authorities - will carry on discriminatory - practices and think - nothing of it.

Some areas as we see from time to time the area around Folsom Street in the Mission - the Delancy Complex closer to the Ferry Building - get flooded when we have heavy rains.

Our San Francisco Sewer system is a "dual system" carrying not only raw sewage but the run off from the rain - thus impacting some low laying areas - where the pipes and holding tanks cannot hold the access water and thus the severe - flooding.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Plant has seen its days - and must be replaced.

The Digestors all replaced for sure - the pumps, the other essential components of the Sewage Treatment Plant - now comes under the jurisdiction for all operational purposes by Mr. Tommy Moala. The Project Manager - Karen Kubic.

At the meeting held on July 24, 2012 most of the SSIP work was doled out to the various contractors - in the presence of the the Primes who won the SSIP contract AECOM/Parsons.

As I stated earlier - San Franciscans were hoodwinked with the WSIP - anyway you look at it - linked to good jobs and community benefits.

San Franciscans will NOT be hoodwinked with the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

The SF Public Utilities Commissioners the old ones - know some history - the likes of Anson B. Moran was once the Manager of SFPUC and currently holds the position of Chair of the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Ann Moller Caen has been on the SFPU Commission for a long time and has seen the ups and down - the many shenanigans, ploys and machinations. Her recent remarks about the on going sago with excess Real Estate speak volumes - more, to the folks in charge of Real Estate at the SFPUC.

Art Torres is a retired Sacramento Senator - who thinks he knows some - but has a lot to learn - and will learn as long he wants to have a open mind - and listen to the constituents of San Francisco and our Regional customers. 

Francesca Vietor purports to be an Environmentalist and there are many in the Bay Area - dime a dozen - who claim to be some paper certified Environmentalists.

The Bayview Hunters Point from the early 1960s have produced front line Environmentalists - Nationally recognized  - that the SF Public Utilities Commission has listened to - but NOT paid attention to. Time will tell.

Vince Courtney represent the UNION - and has so far not helped the community much - except on some occasion to make some general statements - but no real commitment to serving the community at large.

The many Project Labor Agreements - are defective - and most of them done behind close doors - many years before the WSIP and now the SSIP - begins and the WSIP - began.

In past years the SFPUC has been looked upon as a Racist City Department and it still now looked upon with - disdain.

The SFPUC - is trying to change its image - but the rotten seeds that were planted a long time ago - have grown into trees - and some of them are bearing bad fruit.

Anyway you look at the SSIP it is there to be fixed, fine tuned, and model put in place to be executed with accountability and transparency. More with standards - because the San Francisco - tax payer is footing the bill - some $6 billion plus for a project that should - be completed in ten years if not more.

The laymen has been kept in the dark - now and then some "dog and pony" shows are held - things said and within a couple of months - the entire project - takes another turn - and those that thought they had heard something, thought something would happen - are stunned - to hear the changes - later and this keeps on going. One has to be vigilant - and if one is not vigilant the new crooks hired and those like Dwayne Jones - take it all - lock, stock and barrel.

Yesterday, July 24, 2012 we had several presenters - and most of them with their Conceptual Plans - some of them - hiding large amounts of expenses - all in the name that this was just an initial phase - more a draft - conceptual plan.

Conceptual Plans are mostly like a dream - you wake up - and it could be your worst nightmare.

The presentation by Dan Donague who is a Pre-Constuction Technical Advisor was excellent and closer to the information I have attained over 35 years.

Over the years Surindejeet Bajwa the Deputy Director of Pre-Construction from the SFPUC has been witnessing the charades - but we who know - also are keenly aware of the role that he plays behind the scenes - to put things on track.

I met one of the Senior Management linked to AECOM and hope to meet him at a meeting - that should  - happen soon.

We have some unsavory characters like Dwayne Jones who works for Platinum Consultants who has now decided not to show his mug at public meeting but conduct the devil's work - behind the scences.

We also know a lackey that formerly worked for the SF Redevelopment Agency - who moved to New York - has been brought to San Francisco and hired - once again aiding and abetting corrupt entities like Platinum Consultants - by placing a mole right in their midst.

The SSIP has attracted Vultures from all over - right here in our back yard - all to make money. Some call them Primes. These Primes do not care about local hire, they do not care about given opportunities to create Career Jobs - all the care at the San Francisco tax payers expense - is making a fast - buck.

No one spoke about workforce - no one spoke about local hire - no one spoke about - meaningful dialog with the community where the new digestors will be placed.

The many operations linked to Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - the impacts of the broken down weirs - the compromised Force Main by Pier 80, the adverse impacts of the brand new Force Main by Executive Park without any meaningful dialog with the community at large.

Millions of dollars are spent and some wasted - but little if nothing is spent on the community impacted - to bring new ideas, save our youth from the on going killing and shooting - all because for years - no opportunities have been given to the  impacted community.

Ed Harrington the current Manager was to retire in August, 2012 but now the word is out - that it will be September, 2012.

Soon, it may be December, 2012 - I would not mind if he stayed on for two years - just to lay the foundation linked the SSIP - and prevent the many debacles of the WSIP.

Enjoy some of the photographs from the July 24, 2012 meeting:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Thank God we have some very astute advocates in San Francisco - more advocates - who can and do shine light where there is abject - darkness.

When the constituent of San Francisco - at one time decided to have in place the Ethics Commission - the main purpose was to have an entity that was educated on issues, could discern, could be partial, not ever fall into the hands of the corrupt and more the politically - corrupt. Now just the opposite has happened.

Sad, first with the recent report of the Grand Jury and with the facts we have in hand - over the last five years - the Ethics Commission has gone to the hogs.

Hundreds of cases from decent constituents have gone before the Sunshine Task Force - who after through adjudication - have sent the serious cases to the Ethics Commission - only for the Ethics Commission - to reject ninety nine percent of the cases.

If this is the case - and the Ethics Commission is so pompous - the time has come to reject and declare null and void - the Ethics Commission.

A bunch of good for nothing people - and that is putting it mildly - to meet the abject standards of the "White Corrupt Mentality" - being politically correct - and mocking any decent judicial system - where fair play, proper adjudication, justice, and decency are the prevailing norms.

The Ethics Commission is catering to the City Attorney's Office that has failed San Francisco. Using this City Department that has failed the tax payers and more San Franciscans.

The right way to send the strongest possible signal to the City Attorney's Office - is to get rid of the Ethics Commission now - through a Ballot Measure and  amending the Charter. 

That should send a clear signal to the City Attorney's Office that with some stringent measures and amendments incorporated in the same Ballot Measure - that pertains to reforms - within how the City Attorney and their pathetic office - how the City Attorney's Office has conducted itself - in recent years - can be called to order and adjudicated in our Courts.

The City's Attorney's Office is NOT the highest entity - where sound adjudication is offered - it is perhaps the lowest - in the Chain of Command - and as far as the City and County of San Francisco is concerned in recent years - non-judicious and despicable.

The City Attorney's Office and one Dennis Herrera has failed us with the 33,000 signatures and SF Redevelopment Agency. We put the measure and made it to Ballot Measure - only for the City Attorney to declare it null and avoid and work against the people.

The City Attorney has failed us with San Francisco - City Employees fired for no cause - then promised the City workers - their jobs back - only to bluff them - and the workers be left out to face the elements.

Again and again the City Attorney's office has lost major cases with entities like Pacific Gas and Electric.

Now we require an Independent Audit - to see how the City Attorney's Office has fared with all the cases that have come before the City Attorney - in the last five years - and how the drab, shallow, inept City Attorneys have fared. 

We the people  must find out how much of tax payers money has been wasted?

How many City Attorneys do we hire to work for our City and County of San Francisco that has a $7.2 billion dollar budget.

How does our City fare - and if these drab City Attorneys are worth the millions we spend over them.

$250,000 on an average with benefits that are sky high. No private firm would hire most of the City Attorneys that work - for the City and County of San Francisco. Most inept, shallow, drab, and incompetent.

Now, let us take the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case. Some one prompted the City Attorney to back them up - some one who truly did not have the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco. Let us see - what the results will lead to? How many millions - have we wasted and if it was worth while?

I predict right now - as I have from day one - the City and County and those who listened to the City Attorney's Office - complete with the Bovine and the Fox; who work for the City Attorneys' office - that I have mentioned before - will fall on their face and fail.

The Ethics Commission thinks that each time they refer cases to the City Attorney's Office - especially the cases that do favor Accountability and Transparency - that are rejected by the City Attorney - that it is fine to go with the flow.

Well the time has come to deal with the on going nonsense.

More so where San Francisco Board of Supervisors are involved - and the City Attorney - without cause, without justification, without studying the cases - advises the dumb Ethics Commission - that they can dismiss these serious and pertinent cases.

They City Attorneys think they are they are doing us the "tax payer " a favor - when they are tarnishing the good name of this fair City - the City and County of San Francisco.

Well let me tell you - the time has come to take the "Ethics Commission" to the ballot - complete with amendments to the Charter - stringent measures - that put the Ethics Commission in place and mandate - fully accountability and transparency.

The City of San Francisco cannot afford its Ethics Commission to act like the Mafia. And guess what that is what is happening with the present Ethics Commission - they are the Mafia.

Folks come and perjure and the Ethics Commission takes it lightly.

The time has come to address perjury - and the serious consequences that pertain and are linked to those Ethics Commissioners - that partake in such shenanigans. Long jail periods with heavy - penalties and fines.

We could amendment the Charter - to send certain cases - directly to the Courts.

Absolve some shallow, spineless, corrupt Ethics Commission - from abusing some fake judicial process - with powers that they do not have - but fake and proclaim - that they have - them.

The Ethics Commission in NOT a court recognized by any local, State and Federal entity.

At the most they are a hearing body - that may send some case - to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - for final - adjudication.

The SF Board of Supervisors - who in recent years have buffoons on the SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener. We must act with the Ballot Measure and act  - soon - to put things in order - and fine tune a Charter - to offer the best - adjudication in the Court and away from any dubious local jurisdiction of sorts.

We have had some SF Board of Supervisors who were so bold to break some laws pertaining to the Brown Act and other laws - with intent. These cases went before the Sunshine Task Force and then to the Ethics Commission.

One SF Board of Supervisors retaliated and has shut down the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force. Supervisors Scott Wiener knows that it is mandatory for the Sunshine Task Force to have a disabled member.

Scott Wiener has abused his power - stopped the appointed of Bruce Wolfe the disabled member - just to retaliate against Bruce Wolfe and bring the entire Sunshine Task Force to a halt. It has been weeks since the Sunshine Task Force has met - and no one has the balls to do - anything. Not the Legislative Branch - no the Executive Branch - no one worth the salt. What is happening to Sunshine - why do these entities fear to shine light where there is abject - darkness?

The SF Board of Supervisor must represent the tax payers - but again and again they practice - official misconduct  - the language in clearly spelled out in the Charter - but - most people do not read it. The Ethics Commission is slow to take the SF Board of Supervisors on and penalize the SF Board of Supervisors. 

Right now in any other decent Municipal Area - Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener would be lingering in jail.

Why are they Scott free - abusing the rights of the constituents of San Francisco - why are these two rascals - wasting the tax payers money? 

Why are we tolerating such abject nonsense?

It is the same with the evil forces that have ganged up against the elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi - who has won the most votes - more votes than the Mayor - in the last Mayoral Elections. 

The  San Francisco Ethics Commission has failed us all in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission - must be reined in - amendments initiated to tighten the current  City Charter - with penalties, fines, and long jail terms - spelled out in detail.

We are a City of laws and fair play - our City must not be a field where the Mafia, more the Pacific Heights Mafia - are having a field day.

The City's Charter for all the world to read - Official Misconduct - Chapter 15 Section 105 - read it for yourselves: