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Sunday, March 30, 2014


San Francisco in past years have tried their best to address Quality of Life issues - and has done somewhat better - providing its constituents - with services.

More, when it comes to health - education, transportation, jobs, housing, childcare, open space - and most of all allowing the public to speak up - at Public Comment.

In the last 18 years gradually with intent some folks from the MACHINE - the "democratic machine" - have with intent - done all in their power - to foster - gentrification.

Stopped, helping our Seniors and our Children - on the back, burner. Forces trying to undo the good of the past - and forcefully remove segments of the San Francisco population. In the last 18 years we have lost over 80,000 decent San Franciscans - and when you lose such a large core segment  - something stinks in Denmark.

Our population is 805,000 and there is much we should have learned - we try - and that is all we can - but there is little we can do for those that once had a roof - and now sleep on the streets of San Francisco.

In 1996 just like that the then "thug" mayor of San Francisco - Willie l. Brown Jr - used to the ballot - by curbing the powers of the City Administrator - who had a lot of power - by bringing that office - under the Mayor's purview.

In other words - there was the Legislative Branch - that is the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and then of course the Mayor - the Executive Branch.

That "independent voice" the City Administrator - was demoted, wings clipped, and just like that - the Executive Branch - had all the power it wanted - you have to read the City' Charter.

Today, most Mayors seek to have the majority of the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) on their side - and make hay while the sun shines.

Folks like Malia Cohen from District 10, Jane Kim from District 6, Scott Wiener from District 8, David Chiu from District 3 - have done all in their power to compromise Quality of Life issues - while raking in money to fill their own - campaign coffers.

The recent scandals that much is made about is nothing to the daily bribes that take place behind close doors - at City Hall in San Francisco.

Daily, the above SF BOS - wheel and deal - more Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener and Jane Kim.

Ever since David Chiu was given an opportunity to be the President of the BOS - by Chris Daly - he has tried to curb "public comment".

Going so far as to have one stellar advocate - who has done so much for the public at large - arrested. His name is James Chaffee.

We are all watching - watching like a "hawk".

We all remember the shenanigans at the last elections in Room 250 - the August Chamber at City Hall.

When the time came to elect the President of the Board - the air-headed Malia Cohen proposed the name of Jane Kim - who then withdrew her name.

Jane Kim in like manner proposed the name of Malia Cohen - the laughing jackass - who also - then withdrew her name.

This mockery might have alluded the public at large - and many may choose not remember - but I do.

Then just like that having done the spade work behind close doors - the name of David Chiu was proposed.

David Chiu got the majority votes - to become the President of the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) - and has continued to bring "disgrace" to San Francisco and all things - "decent" San Francisco stands for.

Under President of the BOS - David Chiu - corruption has been on the increase.

Big Developers, and others like TWITTER, GOOGLE - receiving benefits from the City and County of San Francisco - depleting our General Funds.

30 day waivers signed on important issues - ordinances passed without public comment and hearings - all sorts of shenanigans, ploys, and machinations. All this practically every week - on large tracts of City land, on housing, on grants given to be uses by crooks - who do not have their heart - in the right, place.

The Mayor of San Francisco brags about San Francisco economy, booming - the 50 cranes in the air - but he has done nothing about the congestion on the ground.

San Francisco is the third worst city when it comes to parking.

The MUNI our Public Transportation is getting from bad to worse.

Our buses slow, crowded, prevailing violence, and most of all stinking and dirty.

The Mayor should use MUNI - "in cognito" - and then reveal the "truth" to Ed Reiskin the Municipal Transportation Agency - Director.

While the Municipal Transportation Agency talks about tweaking its system - the main problem is that the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) is corrupt - blatantly - corrupt.

Just like that the millions of dollars - that were in trust funds - belonging to the those that had Taxi medallions and a Taxi Commission - have vanished.

Millions used by the MTA- who used a Ballot Measure to bring the Taxi Commission under its umbrella - when the MTA itself - was sinking - in the "cesspool" of its own - creation.

The MTA is corrupt - and you got to go no further to find out why Nathaniel Ford the former Director of MTA before the now current Director of MTA, Ed Reiskin - was fired.

Nathaniel Ford was fired for corruption - and most of that news was shoved under the - rug.

Our Unions are involved in wide corruption - sending money - using convoluted ways - to fill "campaign coffers" of our SF BOS and others.

Willie L. Brown Jr. using Platinum Consultants - and Rose Pak using her corrupt connection openly will demand huge sums of money - and she will get it. 

Where is Law Enforcement on this one - where is the Federal Bureau of Information - on this one?

Just ask Steven Gruel - he has been reading my blogs - for umpteen - years. He worked for the FBI and still has access to the FBI and other Law Enforcement agencies.

San Francisco is a corrupt City and more when Willie L. Brown Jr set his foot at City Hall and contaminated it - forever - leaving a stench - to high heaven.

The Democrats are reeling - and soon they will lose the Senate.

It is time that Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feintein  - their husbands too - be brought before the court of law - more the husband of Diane Feinstein - Richard Blum - on corruption, charges.

Our City has been deprived of affordable rental housing - forcing thousands - as many as 50,000 decent San Franciscans - in the last 10 years to leave San Francisco.

There are over 30,000 vacant homes - because our City favors those that fill their campaign coffers and looks the other way - when it comes to the rich and filthy.

The Academy of Art University has brought hundreds of properties - that once had "rental units" - converted them to dormitories - exacerbating the already tight rental market - linked to rental units.

Forcing thousands to leave San Francisco for the East Bay and other States - over $3000 for a one bedroom - this is not acceptable.

Our useless San Francisco Board of Supervisors - are busy having "hearings" after the fact.

Now, at this late hour - on "Ellis Evictions" much after the harm is done.

Now on another topic - hearings that mean nothing - and there is NO - enforcement.

A hearing on the deaths of so many pedestrians - much after many have died - always, after the fact.

Break ins, assaults, random shootings, car thefts, intimidation using weapons, other so called small crimes - have; now made living in San Francisco - hell. 

We have 3000 plus toxic hot spots outside Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that is designated as a Superfund Site - none of the Supervisors care - less Malia Cohen - who is more interested in removing Keith Jackson - from a Board as a Director - in the Visitation Valley.

We have a process - you are innocent until proven guilty.

After the process - the adjudication - one can propose - and even then if you are an American - you have your rights.

Little does Malia Cohen know that she is been monitored and that we have the goods on her.

Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke - deceived so many - to create the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - one of the most contaminated hots spots in San Francisco.

Recently Nadine Burke; some doctor at that - jumped shipped and now wants to the transfer the responsibility of the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - to Charles Range.

Charles Range who had over 35 years of experience linked to Health Clinics -  has no real history about both Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke. He may be in for a - shock.

We want to know what really happened to the $4 million that the California Pacific Medical Center made available?.

The $300,000 the 49ers the Football team gave - to cater to our children  - linked to the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street.

These two corrupt individuals - Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke are not saints - to work so hard to make this evil design happen - not to get some money in the end - fill their own pockets - and for what? We want to know.

We are watching you all - like a hawk.

It is true some have been brought down - in the recent episodes involving corruption - casting a cloud that has hurt many and shamed others - there are still many many "decent" constituents - who continue to do good - they love San Francisco because their heart is in the right place. More because they believe in doing right - have morals, ethics, and standards.

Those charged must be adjudicated but this is just the "tip" of the iceberg - we have on going corruption at City Hall.

We saw the charade recently with all those who receive money from Juliet Ellis - grants - parade and try to praise Juliet Ellis for admitting to conflict of interest issues - funnel over $200,000 to Green For All in the East.

Receiving compensation from Green For All while earning a heft salary from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and more.

Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Amos Brown, Townsend, Fred Blackwell, umpteen folks from the East Bay - loud mouthed - disrespecting our process - and even Van Jones - making a fool of himself. His mike was turned down - and he was told his time was up - but he kept babbling - much as he does on his CNN show.

Oh Yes Dr Martin Luther King Jr would have felt proud of these jerks - shaming decency - behaving like hooligans - and disgracing themselves. 

Today, these mostly Black folks worship money - not their money - but tax payers money.

Juliet Ellis is a disgrace to the human race - and those that came to back her up - must think twice - especially those that have blood on their hands. 

Anyone - any entity who gets money from the "MACHINE" is suspect - you who have got it - better return it - right now.

And while we are at it - time to BOOT - the corrupt and those that do not represent and have NOT - represented the decent constituent of San Francisco.

BOOT them all out - and stop voting for the same corrupt people who own vineyards in Napa - two large mansions at the Pacific Heights - and are part of the Pacific Heights Mafia. Aho.


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Let us not kid ourselves that the Democrats - more folks like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - say but fool themselves - that they have NO blood on their hands.

Recently when the higher authorities closer to those who made top "Security" decisions at the National level - pried open some electronic files - and found out what Diane Feinstein, her aides - others and their aides - were prying open and sharing - and thought no one was watching them - some one got angry.

Yes, when you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar - when you leak secrets to a country that purports to be the only "true" Democratic Nation - in the Middle East.

We know - the few that keep monitoring - "World Affairs" - who truly is selling out our Nation - the United States of America.

Sad to say - our Nation has failed - because the constituents do not respect any of our "Representatives".

Our Representatives have failed to represent - and "dug" their own graves.

This time around in November - very sad to say - but it is the truth - " the Democrats will fail - because they lie, they hoodwink, and because they cannot be trusted".

You just have to review the leading experts who poll the constituents on "issues" - issues that matter - good jobs, sound health programs, education and transportation.

Quality of Life issues like good housing, childcare, recreational facilities - that once were the norm - but now are the domain and available only to the filthy - rich.

The Democrats thought they have it - but soon they will loose it - and when they loose - they will huff and puff - and no one will listen to them - but more most people - will ignore, them.

Today, anyway you look at it - our health programs are a mess.

We pay more - and when some decided to revamp our health system - over 60% already had some "health benefits" - that should have been left - alone.

The 40% that need some attention - that population only - should have been taken over by the so called "Affordable Care Act" - evaluated and tweaked. Many promises were made and many cannot be fulfilled.

People pay into a program - call their doctors - only to be told that the doctor or doctors they called - are NOT their care givers. This one fact - exposes the entire failing system.

And there is more - thousands still do not know if they will be penalized - because they think all was well - but now are told they have to enroll - all over again.

Those that planned the " Affordable Care Act " known better as "Obama Care" - 7 million clients are needed to make the program work. - and recently someone is bragging the number reached is 6 million - so how long before we reach the target and time is running out.

No one knows the truth about " The Affordable Care Act" - and the entire so called "Affordable Care Act" is reeling towards some "black hole" - that will suck many in this dark, dark hole - and adversely impact them.

Our population is about 320 million - Nationwide - just so that we know.

The entire  population of our Nation a know Super Power -  should be covered and taken care of. However, when most civilized nations - have done well is taking care of the majority of our population - our Nation has chosen to permit - "Insurance Companies" to fleece our population.

Much as our "Nation" permitted large financial institution to play an important role using " sub prime loans" derivatives and other ploys and machinations in the spiraling of our economy in the United States in the years 2007 and 2008.

Our Representatives were asleep in the cockpit - and did nothing much to bring succor to our Seniors, other who lost most of their savings - and today all they do is pander - asking for money - when most of them have access to the "One Percent" who have the money - and dole it out for favors.

The Middle Class is eroding - and no one is really paying attention. There is a wide gap - the rich are growing richer - and the poor are now called openly - "indigent".

Closer to home our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - in recent days are shaken up a bit - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, David Chiu, London Breed - others, the likes of Carmen Chu, Juliet Ellis - must be investigated using the RICO ACT. 

Our City's - Contract Monitoring Division - is a joke.
At the over 50 sites where our Mayor brags the cranes are up - and good things are happening - less than one percent of the total workers - working on all these job sites - are from San Francisco.
What does this say to those that brag about Local Hire, City Build, and the other cliches that they spew?

In San Francisco small contractors are constantly adversely impacted. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has a history to keep small contractors out - making it mandatory - that most any contractor who is comes under the the term " small contractor" - a Local Business Enterprise and so on - must have three or four contracts - under their belt - and that too with the SFPUC - a contradiction in term.

The over 4.6 Billion Water System Improvement Project mostly linked with the Hetch Hetchy operation - is now ending with some tail-ended projects - in peril - one of them Mountain Tunnel and the other Calavares.

With the 7 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project - that is dragging its legs - the community and the more the community advocates are - "disrespected". But not for long.

Anything that has to be done with Community Benefits - and the Sewer System Improvement System - that now comes under Juliet Ellis - who was charged by the Fair Political Practices Act and the San Francisco Ethics Commission - must be taken away from her and her minions. This must be done on a War Footing.

Millions doled out without any meaningful deliberation and more favoring lackeys - who have NOT contributed to the well being and deliberations - as have some organizations and advocates - who still continue to monitor the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - a bed of corruption - that is growing from bad to worse.

At City Hall and more at the San Francisco Board of Supervisor - the public is hindered from giving Public Comment. Advocates such as James Chaffee and others are targeted - and David Chiu thinks all is well when he calls the Sheriff to arrest those that are participating well within the First Amendment rights.

Supervisor Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, London Breed need to be investigated - the behind the doors shenanigans are will known - and now is the time - before the November elections - to bring those dubious and nefarious actions - above ground an shed light.

These Democrats have been hoodwinking the constituents for the longest time ever - pandering to the MACHINE - to folks like the "thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr - and Platinum Consultants and Rose Pak - raking in millions and pretending to be interested in the welfare of San Francisco and the constituents.

We must Never Ever forger the nefarious and dubious - power play that put some people in office - read on and refresh your memories:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We all have a "conscience" and we all know - what is right and what is wrong. Juliet Ellis has always been arrogant, pushy, and a trouble maker.

She likes to be in charge - will fabricate when caught in the corner - her hand in the cookie jar - and become confrontational - because - for too many years - people permitted her to act - in a manner that defies - decency.

Juliet Ellis tried to take me on - without even knowing me - and I found that surprising.

It does not faze me to throw out names of say President Barack Hussein Obama, Willie L. Brown Jr. - a thug Mayor, others too many to mention - and worse when Amos Brown, Dwayne Jones, Fred Blackwell and others like the ones - I have mentioned - come to bat for Juliet Ellis.

Many of them favoring the same  arrogance, disdain, speaking without having their facts correct - as does Juliet Ellis - I now know for sure - the company Juliet Ellis keeps - and I for one will never, ever trust her and the ones surrounding - her.

One has just to read the "Stipulation" where Juliet Ellis admits to having used her power to force some actions that are illegal and totally unwarranted to benefit those Juliet Ellis wanted to benefit - without due process.

Juliet Ellis admitted to some serious charges - yet, those that back her up - think that there is nothing wrong with this picture. There is.

When Van Jones that same Van Jones that the Obama Administration had to "let go" - took the podium - he exhibited an arrogance and did not respect the process.

Challenging the Chair of the San Francisco Ethics Commission - going over his time - and threatening to take all those who were "lawyers" on the SF Ethics Commission before the BAR - to have their licences - revoked. 

This was the height of absurdity. Van Jones should know that our chambers where we adjudicate - are not some - television show - where Van Jones and others like him - speak from both sides of their mouth.

When Amos Brown spoke as the President of the NAACP - he did not represent anything - decent.

Much like when our children and others were exposed to Abestos Friables by LENNAR - he did not utter a word - did nothing to support the Bayview community.

Amos Brown has no business using the title and purporting to represent the NAACP - again and again to prop up his own image.

Amos Brown was fired from the SF Housing Authority Commission - he as Chair and his minions. Most decent people have NO respect for Amos Brown - who thinks he can do and talk as he pleases. You give him some money - and the man will dance a "jig" - even though is health is poor - and his mind weak.

Joined by Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Townsend, Fred Blackwell who is now the City Administrator in Oakland, John Avalos the District 11 Supervisor, Harlan Kelly the General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities and Francesca Vector one of the sitting SF Public Utilities Commissioners.

Many loud mouthed Blacks from the East Bay - fans of Green For All.

We in San Francisco do not appreciate - shouting, talking loud when any proceedings are going on, behaving like hooligans - and all those who were present - at City Hall in Room 400 at 5 pm on March 24, 2014 - know what I am talking about.

There was a Resolution that the SF Ethics Commission had to vote on. 

The Resolution read: It is resolved that:

     "The San Francisco Ethics Commission recommends that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission terminate Juliet Ellis as Assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission."

The ruckus created in Room 400 betrays order, decency, and respect for the law, rules, and regulations.

If in the year 2014 we are going to behave in this manner - more Blacks who want justice - break the law - abuse their power - steal money - favor lackeys, gang up on fellow employees, do not respect our Elders like Dr Espanola Jackson - defy all norms - something needs to change - if not pandemonium will rule - supreme. 

Juliet Ellis has done all in her power to hire folks that she likes and who will listen to her.

Much her a dictator. I have read the texts she sends - talked to her fellow employees that she threatened.

Juliet Ellis even took me on - for no reason - not knowing that someone like Juliet Ellis - is not someone that I will be afraid of and less threatened by.

Juliet Ellis wants to take over the 1800 Oakdale building - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

She has single handed created divisiveness - ordered her staff to do things without any meaningful - discussions - at 1800 Oakdale - a community building that the SFPUC has failed to maintain - mandated by a mitigation order when the 1800 was built and the initial charge given to the Department of Public Works - transferred to the newly formed SF Public Utilities Commission in 1996 - by the "thug Mayor" - Willie L Brown Jr.

Juliet Ellis truthfully speaking should go work for some one else.

She should NOT continue to work for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission as the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs.

It was brought to our attention that yesterday Juliet Ellis was some where in Oregon - talking on a topic - about diversity and equity factors - the same factors - lacking at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in recent years - more in the last 5 years - there have been over 30 cases of  blatant discrimination. 

We have all the empirical data. Some sordid cases of sexual exploitation - in one case a woman had no recourse but to seek help outside the SF Public Utilities Commission - won her case - reported in the Main Press.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has failed big time - and Juliet Ellis' case can still be taken to the Civil and Criminal Courts to be adjudicated.

This is not some island in Jamaica from where Juliet Ellis a transplant hails - who has created untold  - "divisiveness" in our community. She has managed to hold her ground - telling lies, using deception, threatening those that are vulnerable, but she will NOT - succeed.

Today there are many victims still suffering - because of the actions of Juliet Ellis.

I know several of them - and have brought this issue to the attention of the Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee a long time ago.

To the attention of the General Manager - of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - who seems to side with Juliet Ellis - just for the sake of siding with a person who has tarnished the good name of the SF Public Utilities Commission - and all things "decent" in San Francisco.

Here is the Stipulation Decision and Order:

Ethics alarms and among them Juliet Ellis:

Friday, March 21, 2014


No one invited the rogue property management company - The John Stewart Company - that has a very bad track record - all over California - Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Diego - thousands of legitimate complaints.

Harming poor people, more indigent people - and now trying to do the same at Middle Point at Hunters Point - no one invited this diabolical entity - into our community.

So when Jack D. Gardner the chief executive bad mouths Huntersview and yet says his evil property management company is out to do good.

Jack D. Gardner is talking from both sides of his mouth - and truly speaking - he is being very, anal. Typical of those that favor - Zionism.

It is the same with Olson Lee - who has worked with the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - harmed thousands.

More those issued "certificates" when innocent people were removed from the Fillmore - also known as the Western Addition from their homes - using another "evil tool" - eminent domain.

Olson Lee should just go away - and now with his latest utterances - he has crossed the line. Olson Lee knows nothing much about the Hill - that is what we call Hunters Point.

There was good housing at Middle Point for years - now renamed Huntersview as the White men always does -  always wanting to tarnish, rewriting - history.

The old housing had bigger rooms and friendly open space. Gardens, there were stores, a theater, and so on and so forth. Who destroyed and made that all go away?

Now you have smaller rooms and high density living.

The John Stewart received over $150 million from the State of California - and a like sum from the City and County of San Francisco. Pocketed millions and says that this project at Hunterview cost them $87 million.

When Phase II is complete around 2017 - the John Stewart Company - will have expanded - over $800 million. Mark my words.

The John Stewart tore down hundreds of low income housing; with large rooms, and open space near by and has replaced them with hundreds more of new smaller, poorly built housing units, the windows leaking, the floors coming apart,the vents not working - all high density housing. All this in the year 2014.

So when the New York Times is invited and Morris Newman the author of the article " A Troubled Neighborhood's Revival in San Francisco" - meets Jack Gardner, Olson Lee, and the architect Daniel Solomon and bad mouths - Middle Point - watch out.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development handed over sound housing to the San Francisco Housing Authority in the late 1960s.

There is not a sentence in the article printed by the New York Time - about the sordid performance of the San Francisco Housing Authority.

Not a sentence about the proposed Management Resident Committee that The Department of Housing and Urban Development - had in mind. 

That the San Francisco Housing Authority did away with - with folks like Amos Brown at the helm of affairs.

The San Francisco Housing Authority with intent used deferred maintenance to foster gentrification.

Of course the Zionists Jack Gardner who is mentioned in the article as the developer and also as the Chief Executive Office - has no clue about - "gentrification" or so he thinks.

It is the same with the author of the article Morris Newman - he may know something about New York - but little if noting about Middle Point, Kiska Road, and the many other neighborhoods at Hunters Point and all over San Francisco - that we San Franciscans are proud about.

Let us be real we have NO gangs in San Francisco.

You want to meet gangs - go to Chicago and Compton in Southern California - and you who are bad mouthing - without knowing your facts - we not live long to see light - the next day.

The new Huntersview has inherent problems too many to name. And soon Phase II will start and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - a sell out - will be invited to cut the ribbon on April 17, 2014. 

It is at this event on April 17, 2014 in the morning - that we would like to hear Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi back the John Stewart Company - and bad mouth the constituent of Hunters Point, the Bayview, and San Francisco - those of us united and in solidarity.

HOPESF is a joke and Olson Lee should be grateful he has a job.

Olson Lee has done a lot of damage - and I have been following him since the year 2000 and before.

Mayors Frank Jordon, Art Agnos, Willie L. Brown Jr., Newsom with intent encouraged - deferred maintenance.

Ruining good housing - with large rooms - and creating hostility, divisiveness, and encouraging the sales of weapons and drugs in Public Housing - where hundreds of City employees live to this day. 

More so greater damage was done at all levels with the introduction of crack cocaine - and the sale of high power military style, weapons - with the full knowledge at that time of Law Enforcement.

The John Stewart Company can be likened to the Mafia and so do many of our so called Representatives - who have amassed millions of dollars.

These vermin must be put on notice - and the RICO ACT enforced to remove these "evil entities" - who prey on poor people, the indigent, and those that cannot - defend themselves.

John Stewart way back when was fired from Fanny Mae.
As I said the John Stewart Company who controls housing at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, the Tenderloin, Northridge at Hunters Point, in Santa Cruz, San Diego, and in other places - preys on poor people and has a very bad - track record.

In the article it says the majority of the residents are young, poorly educated and unemployed at Hunters Point.

Well, what is the City and County of San Francisco and Mayor Edwin Lee doing about this situation? 

What did Mayor Gavin Newsom do about this situation? 

What did Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr do about this situation?

And before that Mayor Art Agnos and Mayor Frank Jordon?

There is much that Middle Point, Kiska Road, and the entire Hill as we affectionately call it - has contributed to the world - not only to America but the world.

We are not about to educate ignorant and arrogant morons - the John Stewart Company is not worth the salt - Zionists - who have a hidden agenda and prey on the poor.

Those that pander to the John Stewart Company - the likes of Olson Lee from the Mayor's Office of Housing,  Tiffnaee Bohee from the Office of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment - Gina from the Bayview YMCA and others - are put on notice.

Shut your mouth - and stop talking from both sides of your mouth.

Here is the sordid article from the New York Times - read it for what it is worth:

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Very few people have read the Raker Act of 1913 - powerful politicians convinced Congress to dam the once beautiful Hetch Hetchy Valley.

More - so that greedy developers and corrupt politicians - could make money off the Hetch Hetchy operations and the City and County of San Francisco - through the Water Department then rake in the millions.

Initially, the the money went to the General Fund - and most of the time - no one could account for the money. Power and water sold - the money received - and then doled out to those that were corrupt.

In 1996 Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr created the Enterprise Department - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and since then - corruption at the SF Public Utilities Commission - has been blatant.

Most people when you say Hetch Hetchy think only about pristine drinking water - one of the best in the entire world.

The water truly belongs to the indigenous people of Northern California - the Piutes and the Miwoks - others too.

You would not know that - listening the the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and those that work for them - who talk from both sides of their mouth - many ignorant and very arrogant.

Mountain Tunnel for example plays acts as an role to carry millions of gallons of clean drinking water - it is an important conduit  -it the the tunnel that brings the pristine drinking Hetch Hetchy dam - this water is then carried via another immediate tunnel named Canyon Power Tunnel.

Canyon Power Tunnel to Mountain Tunnel - on to Moccasin Power House - on to Foothill Tunnel; then on to San Joaquin Pipe - the Coast Range Tunnel - on to the San Antonio Reservoir and Calavares Reservoir.

Then on to more filtering plants - to Crystal Springs Reservoir - to Harry W. Tracy Water Treatment Plant and on to the four large reservoirs here in San Francisco.

Anyway when the $4.6 Bond Measure was passed - power went up to the head of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the many SF Public Utilities Commission employees - never mind the more than one could count - sexual harassment charges, blatant discrimination against Blacks - other charges leveled the most grevious - Juliet Ellis caught with her hand in the cookie jar - and admitting each and every charge leveled against her. Pathetic.

Most SFPUC employees nonchalant - paid well but lazy and knowing little - having not been educated on issues.

Corrupt for sure - and many having no morals and less ethics.

Only a few doing their jobs and understanding - the complex Hetch Hetchy operations, the many tunnels, the many pump stations that need attention, the many filtering stations, the large reservoirs most of which have been upgraded - to provide over 2.6 million customers - in San Francisco and the Region to the South of San Francisco - the best clean drinking water - the entire Nation can offer.

On another note worth noting - the $4.6 billion dollar Bond Measure was meant to address the clean water project and the waste water project in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission against the will of the people of San Francisco - chose to address only the clean water project - which they named the Water System Improvement Project.

Just like that they forgot the Waster Water plans that they had to attend to - they did this because the Digesters and other issues impacted most the resident and constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point. Blatant racism, blatant discrimination, and blatant disrespect.

Recently another $6 billion Bond Measure was passed to address the Sewer System Improvement Project - where all the sewer pipes  but also the clean water pipes - within San Francisco - would be upgraded.

The over 80 year old pipes and other pipes - in disrepair and leeching millions of gallons of clean drinking water - into the ground - impacting the watershed.

The plan is to replace the pipes both clean water and those carry waste water - within San Francisco's dual system - carrying the run off from the rain and the sewer water from the many - commodes and urinals and other filthy and unclean, sources too.
All these millions of gallons of water - from 80% of San Francisco, the neighboring counties - all lead to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - in the Bayview - very near 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

There is much talk about this, that, and the other - that the SF Public Utility Commission prides itself - mostly, many speaking from both sides of their mouths - and Prime contractors - making hay while the sun shines.

There is rampant corruption within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - takes months for a Purchase Order to go through - more months for one to get paid.

There are other conduits that can speed up payment in the millions - and thousands of dollars are exchanged under the table.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - knows this but can do little - if nothing -  so deep in the on going corruption.

For example the Mountain Tunnel conduit - a key conduit should have been repaired - ten years ago - this was not done by those in charge - they decided to take a chance - we call it "deferred maintenance".

Some two years ago this matter came up and when I mentioned it - the response I got - that all was well with Mountain Tunnel. Oh yeh!

Now brighter minds are saying let us build a brand new tunnel -  to replace the current Mountain Tunnel - since we have the super-tunnel machines - and to hell if it costs 800 million dollars.

Deferred maintenance can come to bite one in the butt - and in this case it has - and the entire San Francisco Public Utilities Commission knows it must do something?

So - why did Julie LaBonte leave at this critical juncture?

And truly speaking what the hell is happening at Calavares?

We all want to know.

We have a nice person in Dan Wade -  who now has to supervise the Calavares Project - I have nothing against him. He is one of a few engineers that understand dams and with many valleys that are dammed - the likely hood of having faults - that can trigger - tremors and more small and large - earthquakes.

It looks as if he is now a 'scapegoat" for the mistakes made by some idiots - more than one of them - and one of them for sure is Julie LaBonte.

Since Juliet Ellis the crooked, corrupt, unethical, immoral Assistant General Manager is still around - she and her minions - cannot touch sensitive subject as part of their promotion to say more and describe more.

The deal with the more mundane, low profile subject - and put out new letters that pat themselves on their sordid asses - and proclaim and take credit for project they had little to do with and still less comprehend - one of them being the Contractor's Center that I envisioned from a mere concept to an actuality - and for which other take credit - but until today - cannot fully utilize the maximum potentiality - just because most of the present leadership is impotent.

I would like a "frank report" on Mountain Tunnel and the Calavares Reservoir - as I have been following these two projects since the year 2000.

 I will speak on these two issues - at the next San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 1 pm in Room 400 at City Hall.

The buffoonery that is going on at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is pathetic - idiots - who know nothing are ruling the roost - and the time has come to fire - the "idiots"  among them all those - who make their abode - working for Juliet Ellis at the External Affairs department at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

This department was quick to cease the opportunity - to dole grants to those that they knew - to win support for their corrupt and expanding department - while there was actually a freeze in place.

While, in the interim over $200,000 was channeled to Green For All - a entity that Juliet Ellis had and has close relations - and served on the Board of Green For All.

Not only Juliet Ellis but others too that were part of the machinations and ploys. Right now the Director of Green For All wife serves as the Benefit Manager for Juliet Ellis. We could go deeper but that would not help - right now - there is a time for everything.

At the last San Francisco Ethics Commission meeting one Ethics Commissioner John Keane requested the entire San Francisco Ethics Commission to send a letter to the General Manager - Harlan Kelly - to fire Juliet Ellis.

This must be done quickly - or else the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission -  "will fall flat on their face".

The Bayview Hunters Point community and we have two alive and kicking stellar advocates - who can testify to what I have to say. Dr Espanola Jackson and Shirley Jones - both Black women - our elders who can testify as to the many ploys - carried out in defiance of the community - by Juliet Ellis.

The building at 1800 Oakdale is called the Southeast Community Facility Building - emphasis on "COMMUNITY".

It is the only building built to honor the community in the Bayview - because the community requested it as a mitigation factor - linked to the upgrading of the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant that was placed stark naked in the middle of the Bayview.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Plant is know for the stench and other odors that have adversely impacted the community and more the resident living within a few hundred feet - from the Raw Sewage Plant.

In the late 1970s with Federal money - a result of mitigation in hand - the community chose to built a community center to help educated the community and create career jobs - enlighten those that needed to be educated.

The Federal Government insisted that the upgrade of the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - was needed to be executed in the late 1970s - and agreed with the community that a community building would best be served as a "mitigation factor".

The community was told if they could settle for some open space - but the community was united in demanding that a Community Building be built - where sound and stellar educational courses could be taught and the community best served.

Courses such as certified Registered Nurses, Chefs that could find career jobs, others in the community educated in choice fields - all having the satisfaction they needed and wanted and many finding sound career - jobs.

The mandate given at that time to the Water Department was to maintain the building.

In 1996 the "thug" Mayor Willie L.Brown Jr. created the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and transferred the responsibilities to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that failed to maintain the building - using deferred maintenance.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission more during the terms of Pat Martel, Susan Leal, Ed Harrington - have tried to hoodwink the people. The mentality of these SF Public Utilities Commission and the employees - is that the Bayview community does not deserve anything.

Well we are working on exposing the rascals - lock, stock and barrel and it is only fit that those educated on issues - backed by facts and empirical data - expose the racists bastards.

This racist City and the many Mayors chose with intent - to divide the Bayview community - appointing crooks like Veronica Hunnicutt and others - crooked to the core.

Veronica Hunnicutt - who took upon herself to lease property and no one knows - where the rent money went - none of it accounted for.

In recent years the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is actively plotting to take over the building - more since Juliet Ellis has placed some unsavory characters - to run the affairs linked to 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission building - I have named the unsavory characters  - before.

This is my point when it comes to Mountain Tunnel the SF Public Utilities Commission has failed.

When it comes to the Calavares Reservoir the SF Public Utilities Commission has failed.

When it come to the "community building" at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview - the SF Public Utilities has failed - miserably.

We the community have had a lot of patience - and now is the time - to take this matter to the court - so that each and everyone can witness the lies, the blatant discrimination, the on going gentrification.

The ploys and machinations used to commandeer and take over the Community Building and give it to crooks - the likes of Juliet Ellis and those that she has engaged - some non-profits that have no business whatsoever - never mind if they bring in some blood money.

All under the many corrupt SF Public Utilities Commission employees - leading the pack - Juliet Ellis - whose time has come to go - fade into oblivion. Sooner the better.