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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Housing market in the Bay Area at a all time low - more in San Francisco - LENNAR trying to use " Land Banking " to make its exit.

Housing market in the Bay Area at a all time low - more in San Francisco. That is the building of brand new homes. No one has the money to buy new homes - and what is more the banks are not loaning - much.

Corrupt Big Developers like - LENNAR using "Land Banking" as viable ploy - are trying to make an exit.

The recent revelations linked to our economy show that unemployment nation wide is about 9% percent - but, really when you figure in - those that have given up looking for work - it is more 20%.

All over the Nation temporary jobs with no benefits are counted as some success.

Very few, if none career jobs, with good benefits are made available - pointing to  a recession that it taking root. It is the career jobs, forty hour a week jobs with full benefits that create the Middle Class and bring progress to any Nation - worth its salt.

It does not help that the recent debacle - the so called "debt ceiling" fiasco - has further exposed our economy to adverse impacts - some national but more international.

The Chinese that dump their inferior good are laughing at us - wait until we declare - world bankruptcy - that time is coming.

Housing statistics reveal no movement - and has hit the Bay Area and San Francisco badly.

LENNAR, a Rouge Developer, that has invested some - is using it dubious, evil "Land Banking" stance - to jump ship. It does not help that the SF Redevelopment Agency that kept Lennar afloat - has lost all funding.

The SF Redevelopment Agency is on its way out - and soon its fade and disappears the better. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

For once the Governor of California did the right thing. I thank him for posting one of my articles on SF Redevelopment and its machinations - on the Governor's - home page.

" No good will ever come at Hunters Point" I said this in public and in writing a long, long time ago.  I stand by my statement.

At Hunters Point and the Candlestick Point - 10,500 homes are proposed to be built - this  project is full of loop holes.

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has a faulty Transportation Document, failed to respect the Ohlone, and underestimated Cumulative Impacts that are the folly of most EIR - rushed and cooked up

One critical and pertinent factor that is not discussed is the Environmental Impact Report and that section pertaining to Cultural Resources - "desecration" and the many Shellmounds.

Ohlone remains have been scattered over a large area mostly at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where once stood two hills that were demolished - contain Ohlone remains.

The remains together with the dirt - spread over a large area - to fill in the wet lands.

This area is prone to liquefaction and flooding but as I said; unless restitution, and other critical spiritual and healing processes are put in place - " no good will come at Hunters Point".

I have studied this issue more - ever since the Muwekma Ohlone exercised its right of First Refusal in 1991. The U.S. Navy stopped operations in 1974. Took over the land under eminent domain in 1850.

Now, other entities purporting to be Native Americans are trying to usurp the hospitality of the Muwekma Ohone and gain some access - such ploys will lead to utter confusion and ciaos. 

The present foreclosure statistics are very high and not far from San Francisco thousands of homes are in foreclosure and have been for the last three year and more.

In San Francisco we have over 30,000 homes vacant.
Thousands in foreclosure.

Our population is about 811,000 and every month - thousands are leaving San Francisco. Mostly, families with children - father, mother, and children - straight families.

The SF Board of Supervisors are pandering to Big Developers and they all lost on Lennar and its ploys and machinations.

The SF Board of Supervisors did not listen to the Bayview community, voted against our children who were poisoned, and today are looked at by the constituents of San Francisco - as worthless - spineless and inept.

It does no help that the interim Mayor Ed Lee now wants to run for Mayor. The only reason because his sponsors are folks that are in the pocket of Big Developers and the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Ed Lee will not succeed. When I mean succeed - it is not the short term but the long term - result.

The entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - some 800 acres must be converted to wet-lands.

Let us for once restore what once was pristine - the concrete jungle  must come to an end. The last frontier saved.

Big Developers must be given notice be it on Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, or places like Lake Merced where high density, and other cockeyed planning - is not appreciated.

The bogus spin by the media about; " carbon foot print" and other "green acronyms" are just that - hot air that means less to those that are practical and spiritual.

This land all of it belongs the Native Americans. It was stolen by the "strangers".

18 treaties signed by the Native Americans and those with forked tongues were not ratified. Today, it is a shame that Native Americans still linger in Reservation - second class citizens in their own land - Turtle Island.

Those in power today, mostly corrupt and spiritually bankrupt folks - do not like to hear about the above face.

Recently immigrants mostly from China do not know the history of their own community - the building of the railway and other atrocities committed on their own people. All they focus on is money and greed.

Add to this most immigrants from China do not care to learn about the Native American history of California and the atrocities perpetrated on the Native Americans by Whites. A reality check is in order.

The spiritually bankrupt have to reminded to be spiritual - because only then they can account for their ill doings.

Today, we see this Nation - the United States of America sinking.

The Nation is also known as Turtle Island by those that lived here for thousands of years and took care of the land. The shamans, the spiritual leaders of the Native Americans have already spoken. No good will come to those that are evil and speak with fork tongues.

The Hopis for example have very clear predictions. But, those that do not want to be bothered - must be left to perish - after all they are doing the devil's work. Among them, the SF Board of Supervisor that partner, take money to fill their campaign coffers - from Big Developers.

It is a paradox that those that killed the buffalo, cut the red wood trees, polluted the lakes, the streams, the rivers. Built the concrete jungle now are devising terms like Carbon Footprint and other devious terms - to suit their own needs. The will all fail.

Strange they are the ones that polluted and then want to find remedies for their own inflicted cancers.

San Francisco already has too many homes.

When the Big One strikes soon - thousands of homes in the Avenues, the Richmond District - will fall like match sticks - and drown in the liquefaction - process.

The same will happen to China Town and in areas that the SF Building Inspection and the SF Planning Department - talks about and cannot do much about - in terms of rehabilitation, shoring, and making homes seismically - safe.

Such are the hypocrites that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. The SF Board of Supervisors are busy about mundane stuff - but they do not care much on issues linked with Quality of Life.

For the next ten years - only a FOOL would waste investing money in "high density" complexes - and that includes the TranBay Project - that will fall prey to fiscal woes.

So, will the Central Subway, and the High Speed rail project.

The SF Public Utilities Commission will soon realize it will cost more when it comes to the the Sewer System Improvement Project.

This City must not approve the Billions in Bond Measure - if it does so - this City and County of San Francisco will follow the path of Vellejo and other bankrupt cities - Nation wide.

This all time low housing market is the best thing going for many - and soon rental units will be - premium. 

Time to investigate the Academy of Art University that has taken over hundreds of buildings and converted rental units - to student housing - taking away thousands of "affordable rental housing" form the market. All with permits from the SF Planning Department and Department of Building Inspection. 

Of course our SF Planning knows this but can do nothing much. Under the old SF Planning Zoning Director - Larry Badiner - he saw this but did not do anything. He was fired for distributing pornographic material while working on his City job. Go figure!

Our past Mayors were pussyfooting on affordable housing issues, more Gavin Newsom.

Our interim Mayor - one worse then the other - when it comes to such issues.

Time to focus on wetlands and Open Space.

Time to send the Big Developers - especially the rogue big developers like Lennar -  out of town - while the going is good.

Our Senors and Disabled are held hostage while our Representatives fail to comprehend their RESPONSIBILITY to the NATION.

Whenever your hear a Representative say " the American People " - fully analyse the statement the Representative is making.

By bring in the "American People" and pretending to "represent" the - people of America - mostly probably - the Representative is - lying.

So many plans linked to the "debt ceiling" from both sides the Democrats and Republicans - were vetted by the Congressional Budget Office - only to find that - the two parties - needed to go back and reevaluate their figures.

I say this because both parties - spent more time - arguing rather than having their respective aides and committees - producing pertinent and relevant "debt ceiling" models - to serve the needs of our Nation.

Missing, in the "debt ceiling" debate are the various constituents from each and every State that could have come out with better - models. Task forces that could have done a better - job.

However, to do this the Representatives that use our name in vain - must first consult us - before the spend billions of dollars. They spend our money - and then make excuses.

There is NO transparency and absolutely No accountability. Yet, these so called Representatives - have the audacity to use our name " the American People".

Who gave them the permission - and the time has come to tell them to their face -  do not use the phrase: " the American People ".

The American People by far are hard working and honest - not so the Representatives - who should be ashamed of themselves.

It is a fact, that these Representatives spend over eighty percent of their time - collecting money to fill their campaign coffers. Thinking more of their next election and if they will be elected. Less time serving the " American People" as they proclaim in vain.

The short cut these Representative take is by pandering to Political Action Committees )PACs).

They pander to contributors that with latest ruling by the Supreme Court - can receive in dubious ways - millions of dollars. The Supreme Court looks at these contributions - as freedom of speech!

This cliche the "American People" for practical purposes is a JOKE - when used liberally by the Congress persons and Senators.

Many of these Representatives act worst then "thugs" - they have absolutely no sympathy, no compassion, no feeling for those that need help - our Seniors, our disabled, our military women and men, those that need help. Not all of them - but most.

We after all favor Compassion - not thugs from the Tea Party - which is NOT a recognized party - but, a faction with a hidden agenda.

Our Representatives if they do indeed "serve" the American People - which they DO NOT - must act in the better interests of the American People. Action first - walk the walk.

The paradox in all these talking come July 1, 2011 - the Representatives both from the House the Congress and Senate - received their pay checks! 

How about that for lying, deceiving, pretending to work for the better interests - of the American People. These folks all have have their pay check delivered to their bank accounts. Go Figure!

We must start some where - to comprehend this debacle - our run away spending - when President Bill Clinton was there - we had a surplus.

Then came the Republican and money was spent and more wasted - bringing about this predicament.

One President that is responsible in a big way - President George W. Bush Jr.

He saw nothing giving Corporation huge tax breaks - especially Oil Companies. He saw nothing in favor the Corporations who made and continue to make billions - linked to the war machine.

All those companies must be put on notice and investigated.

Dick Chaney's former companies he represented must be investigated - Halliburton -  a company that has its dubious companies - all over the world - raking in billions.

Now, is the time for the real American People to speak up - and send to Congress and the Senate people that can represent. In the interim make known their sentiments. We cannot sit and wait - waiting for Godot!

This is not easy - when most people do not know anything much about the "debt ceiling", less about Representation, still less about our Constitution which mentions the Nation's - fiduciary responsibilities.

The United States President, President Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to permit both parties to contribute to the better interests of the Nation, the American People that matter - but the fact of matter is that the American People - are not really represented.

If they were - they would not be treated like a "dirty rag". Shame on our Representatives.

In the mean time - the damage world wide has already been caused.

The world looks at our Nation - not because of the present Representatives - but because of the "collective representation" of past astute Congress Persons and Senators, Presidents who had the better interest of the people.

George W. Bush Jr. and the Republicans U.S. Presidents who preceded him back to President Nixon - are NOT worth the salt. The deals with Iran by Reagan, the two wars initiated by George W. Bush Jr. and other ploys and machinations in between all recorded - are recorded and we have facts that those in the White House - during the times they were - did not truly represent our Nation. All of them Republicans and all the facts - documented.

Some are calling today "Code Red Day" - I worked for the Department of Defense and comprehend such terminology.

The lay persons - for some strange reason have put their faith - in our shallow, inept, spineless Representatives - not all of them - but most of them.

All of them, who have represented us - the constituents of the United States - must stop using the cliche " the American People ".

These so called Representatives have NOT represented us - hard working, tax payers, and ready to lay our lives for our Nation.

These representatives that pretend to represent - are shallow - and they must be a way to bring them to justice.

No where in our Constitution does it encourage - putting our Nation - in harms way - and the harming our security and economy.

Most importantly the representatives must work for the constituents of the Nation, listen to them, and look for their best interest not their own petty agendas.

Today, these shallow representatives - are putting the entire Nation in jeopardy. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Park Merced and the lack of signatures to place a MEASURE on the NOVEMBER - SF ballot.

The proponents of Park Merced - they say failed to collect the required number of signatures to thwart the thousands of "rental housing" - more, affordable housing in the Western Part of San Francisco from being demolished.

The failed they say to collect the required number of signatures to put the cause on the November, Ballot Measure. Do not give up - time is on your side.

Having had experience collecting thousands of signatures - it is NOT easy to overcome the obstacles - that many put before you - most of them from the City and County of San Francisco.

Some years ago we collect 33,000 signatures to expose SF Redevelopment Agency and declaring of thousands of acres - without meaningful dialog with the community.

The area in question was declared a Survey Area and soon a Project Area. We collected as I said 33,000 plus signatures that were certified by the SF Department of Elections. 

When the time came to put our Measure on the Ballot - after the SF Department of Election certified our signatures - the City Attorney, the one that is now running for Mayor - Dennis Herrera - declared our signatures - null and void.

We consulted everyone in the know and provide all the required information.

The City Attorney's position -is that we had to show a map to the constituents - before we collected our signatures. Also, point them to the accompanying document some 4000 pages - that reflected the information linked to the Project Area sites.

Dennis Herrera cited a case in the East Bay - which has since been thrown out - revert.  Such are the devious ploys of our City and County of San Francisco.

I met him (Dennis Herrera) on the steps of City Hall and stated to him that 33,000 constituents of San Francisco could not be wrong. He had nothing to say - and walked away.

Again we collected signatures linked to Proposition F that was put on the ballot.

However, after we collected the required signatures - the SF Department of Elections - insisted that they be counted.

We formed teams to monitor the signatures and we did get the required number of signatures to put on the Ballot - it was Proposition F.

We collect about $5000 to put Proposition F on the Ballot.

Our opposition was led by LENNAR and they expanded $10 million.

Lennar, Gavin Newsom, Diane Feinstein, Sophie Maxwell, Lola Whittle and Aurelius Walker are some of the folks that were the proponents of Proposition G.

Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa were the proponents of Proposition F - and proud to be so.

Lennar spent over $10 million on Proposition G. $10,000 TV ads bombarded the constituents of San Francisco - once the media declared Proposition F was winning. 

Such are the evil doings of the Pacific Heights Mafia, Gavin Newsom and the ones that support them - today.

Today, Lennar is swimming in the CESSPOOL of its own creation.

Nothing is happening on Parcel A worth the salt. The dire economic situation has stopped all major construction. No one in the majority has money to buy new homes. Thousands of homes in the Bay Area are in foreclosure.

Over 30,000 homes in San Francisco are vacant.

10,500 homes were planned on Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - but, the reality is there is no money. The banks will not loan - large sums of money - without sound equity.

A point I want to make is that while we fought Big Developers - the folks on the Northern and Western side of our City - did not join as enthusiastically.

The reason is that they did not encounter - close to home - issues that we encountered. Now, they do and they should know what we all went through - with little or no help from them.

Not even the San Francisco Coalition of Neighborhoods supported us on Proposition F - they supported Lennar - can you imagine that?

The Big Developers are "thugs" not all of them - but, most of them - for sure, LENNAR.

The last frontier must be devoid of high density buildings. The wetlands must be restored on all the land that once was filled in. We have them in large measure in the Southeast Sector.

As to the "thug" Big Developers - they can leave town - and so too - the Pacific Heights Mafia -  until now, they have had it good.

Their time is coming - much like the French Revolution - once the people reach saturation point - there is no - telling.

Now, on to Park Merced - after I have revealed to you the past signature collecting operations linked to two signatures campaigns and Ballot Measures - that I was part of.

I was the Proponent of Proposition F and still am. You can go and check this fact - at the SF Department of Elections. Proposition F was linked to Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. We demanded fifty percent affordable housing after the entire area was cleaned to residential standards.

At that time we had the backing of financial institutions, brokers, and others that could help us had we won the ballot measure. The City and County would be shamed, mostly Diane Feinstein and Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi and the Pacific Heights Mafia.

The Park Merced proponents must contact the State Secretary - much as I did. A personal visit to her office is a must - she is in charge of all that goes on linked to signatures, Ballot Measure, and the ploys and machinations revealed - WILL be investigated.

The signatures can be counted again. And if this does not work - take the matter to court.

A court case and a sound one will delay the project - and months of delay is money that the Developers cannot stand and will eventually - fight, waste money - and then drop dead.

We did this with Lennar - informed all the agencies about their dubious dealings - too.

We were joined by people from all over this Nation that were adversely impacted by Lennar. We created a National Website - and took LENNAR - down.

The developers that took over Park Merced - have done wrong in Canada.

But, no one is revealing this to the public at large.

The Secretary of State must know of all the ploys and machinations - linked to the developer.

Also, the role of the local District Supervisor and the one from District 3 - facts must be produced, as we did in court - and we won several decisions against Lennar.

We, are not shouting these decisions on the top of the roofs - but, those in the know - know about what I am talking about.

Lennar has its tail between its legs - and so do the SF Supervisors that did not support the community. We are coming after them - one at a time.

The SF Planning Department makes light of the SF Grand Jury Report - linked to Park Merced. For sure Ron Miguel feels that the SF Grand Jury - is not worth the salt.

However, three other SF Planners support the constituents of Park Merced. We must stand strong and and take the entities that are putting hurdles in the way to task.

It is a shame that so many rental housing with back yards are slated for demolition. As for the Transportation Document and the hog wash contained in it - nothing much will come to pass.

In the future do not expect the Federal Government to release any money on such project. The local district Supervisor has been quiet on Lake Merced and Laguna Honda - many machinations and ploys behind the scene - but, no one can fool all the people all the time.

Keep declaring the facts every single day - and put the feet of the "thugs" to the fire - do not stand still and give up.

These cowards will flee - once they see there is a force  that stands up to them - and looks them in the eye.

The many humming birds from the many Park Merced gardens will thank you.

The "thugs" will flee and so to the flea infested SF Supervisors that vote for them - Big Developers and their cronies.

Protests in Israel and the eroding of the Middle Class in that Nation in the Middle East..

Thousands of mostly middle class folks are protesting in Israel.

It is not against Democracy which is well established in Israel they say - but the eroding Social Benefits that have been substituted by GREED - by the politicians and their dubious policies.

Those of us that read - remember well; that in the 1960s thru 1980s - Israel embarked on various Social Policies - benefiting those that needed help -  those Middle Class and others.

In recent years - these Social Programs have eroded.

Forcing many Israelis to pay for programs and feeling left out and shunned by the Israeli government.

Many of them are now poor and instead of making progress in their lives - left to fend for themselves in their old age. Poverty in now their middle name.

Remarkably, many Middle Class have joined the ranks of the poor - and are protesting for their social rights.

As usually happens the Government of Israel - started pumping money - thinking the problem would go away. It has not - it is getting - worse.

You cannot remove Social Program and entities that have kept them going for years - and then resort to a band aid type of fix.

The people have rejected this. They are camping outside and protesting. Many of them Seniors and they want their Prime Minister - out.

Many Israelis now are protesting in the thousands - at first glance it looks like they have joined the prevailing fever going on in Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Tunis, or Libya - but, these protests are for democracy and a better understanding linked to Social Programs.

Simply speaking the people have been deprived for too long and have reached saturation point - sound Social Programs were removed for no reason.

If the United States Congress fails to address Social Security, Medicare and other Social Programs - embraced in the United States as a given - the same will happen here in the United States.

It will be a slap on the face of the many shallow, inept  Congresspersons - the Tea Party fanatics - that are making a mockery of our Democracy with the one single process - deciding about the "debt ceiling".

The debt ceiling - a process that has happened many times - without any fun fare. It is the other repercussions that are pertinent and if not in place will adversely impact - millions.

Parties that now possess  Treasury Bonds must be paid as promised, Federal contracts of serious consequences honored, entitlement checks must be paid - because people contributed in this trust, and so on.

All these actions follow only if the dumb Tea Party Republicans in the Congress - could have resolved the "debt ceiling" issue months ago.

Soon there will be protests in the United States and the people will protest against the Tea Party and the nonchalant, shallow, Tea Party Republicans that are out of sync with the real world.

Here is what is happening in Israel:,0,5158684.story

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Chinese and our debt ceiling woes - we are panderers to the world - with our dollar losing ground.

The Chinese and our debt ceiling woes. We are panderers to the world - with our dollar losing - ground and our Nation in peril.

The Republicans are holding this Nation - hostage.

So, the world heard it. The Chinese are now rebuking us and asking us to get our act together.

The young Turks within the Republican Party in the House - more the Tea Party - could not care less.

Ever heard of Representatives that do not care if their stupid actions - adversely affect the Nation?

Adversely affect our Seniors and our children? The sick and those that cannot fend for themselves?

The Republicans always want to start from a point - where they can create the mess from their vintage point - and then someone else - has to take the blame for it.

I remember well - when Bill Clinton was in the White House - our fiscal matters were under control.

I also remember when George W. Bush left the White House - our fiscal matters were in a complete - mess.

Now, let us get realistic - if the Young Turks within the Republican Party - behaved like this in any other Nation - they all would be behind bars.

Our Constitution forbids putting our Nation is peril - and there is every cause to take action on this important matter.

Let us not play with lives and the lives of many all over this Nation. Human beings who are decent - unlike those in Congress that are playing games - with intent to adversely affect our Nation.

More, a process that has been undertaken hundreds of times - without any fun fare - linked to the debt ceiling.

President Barack Hussein Obama must invoke the relevant section in the Constitution - and raise the Debt Ceiling. Force the Republicans as a whole to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

If the Chinese decided to withdraw their assets in the billions - mostly U.S. Treasury Bonds - our economy will spiral and take years to recover.

The Republicans are playing with the lives of innocent,hard working people - and the time has come to send a clarion call, now - and a steadfast reply at the coming - Elections.

In the interim we the people bailed the Banks - and the corrupt Banks are sitting on trillions of dollars and waiting to see the FOOLS act out their foolishness in the House.

The representatives in the Senate have some sanity - and have chosen to wade the machinations at the House level - and deal them the final blow.

A few minutes ago the President spoke - and he said that nothing much has changed. We have until Tuesday to fix this madness - but, as I said it is already too late.

It is already too late - our interest rates will go up, our Bond Rating lowered, our dollar will sink, and soon - all of us will feel the pain - when we purchase the many things we need to keep us going.

Wall Street is already telling us every day that this nonsense cannot go forever - the Stocks are spiraling.

The mess that led to the Economic Woes in 2008 stemmed from the foolish actions when the Republicans were in power. No one bothered to check on Wall Street. Today, no one bothers to check on the large Financial Institutions.

This mess is linked to the two wars - where billions are spent - every single month - with no end in sight - even though some statements are made that we are withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Private armies - paid by the United States - is costing our Nation - millions - if not billions.

With the sub-prime loans and derivatives that originated in the Unites States we messed up the world economy.

The repercussion in Greece, Portugal, Italy, and soon to be other countries - all point to the 2008 economic  woes. If you look deeper - the banks are still there hovering around and buying up Real Estate in all of these countries that are suffering.

Today, we are playing with the lives of innocent people, our Seniors, our Disabled, our children - and the Middle Class has already - eroded. 

There is nothing funny about this "debt ceiling" - back and forth - that those in the Republican Party can attain; to win the admiration of the American People. People all over this Nation - and the world - are fed up with them.

As I said - it is too late to bring about any progress to the talks.

The President must not wait and take the matter to the Supreme Court. Then once and for all - the world will read the adjudication - and for once the Republicans will learn their lesson.

15 years ago, we as a Nation would never, ever have thought the Chinese would have had so much to do with our economy. But, the matter of fact is they do.

I have seen them gobble up huge tracts of land in Australia, huge cattle farms in New Zealand, control mines in Africa, and try to take control of the oceans and the sea, in a mighty way - all with a trade that is backed and subsidized by the Government of China.

The Chinese flood our Nation with inferior goods and we allow them to do that.

We cannot penetrate their trade hurdles in China - and the Chinese tariffs that are high - and the American People are at a loss for words. This one way of doing business must stop.

And the way that we must take action - is stop buying goods made in China that do not meet our standards.

It is time we cap our trade with China and the infiltration of inferior goods, the pacts some of our leaders make behind the scenes - to fill their campaign coffers.

This one sided trade is not spoken off in open - but, it is despicable - to witness so much of what is available on the market - stamped " Made In China".

We can do better. We must do better.

Now to both parties - if you dare adversely impact the  entitlements - earned by the Seniors - you will be in deep trouble. Just try it and watch out - for the repercussions.

It is a shame that - you, so called adults are behaving like kids - playing in the sand box. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

You Republicans in the House in the last 200 plus days - have NOT initiated one single bill linked to jobs. Yet, your leader started his speech the other day talking about jobs.

You Republicans have lost it - and Abraham Lincoln would be ashamed of you all.

At one time there was some little decency left in your drab Party - but, now it has gone down the drain - and floating in the CESSPOOL of your own - creation. Aho.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mayoral Leadership in San Francisco and the ploys conceived in Room 200.

San Francisco politics changed drastically with the arrival of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and the stench still prevails in Room 200. It was around 1996.

It did not get better with Gavin Newsom who anyway you look at it - was brought to City Hall by Willie L. Brown Jr. and his hired cronies.

The so called liberals did have an opportunity to put in place a leader when Gavin Newsom created a stalemate - choosing to jeopardize the harmony at City Hall within the legislative Branch and throwing a curve ball - never before encountered at City Hall.

Gavin's prolonged stay as Mayor - choosing to prolong the stay and not choosing to be sworn in as LT Governor - when he could.

While one of two of the so called liberals saw what was happening - no one predicted a weasel in the form of Bevan Dufty to spear head a change - that has come to adversely affect all of us. The joke is on him - now.

We all remember the 20 minutes break - and the curve ball that was thrown. Gavin Newsom was consulted, a deal brokered and the rest is - history.

It did not help that Sophie Maxwell, an opportunist - who will never have peace of mind - seconded Bevan Dufty and encouraged that Ed Lee (who was in China) - that he be a candidate for Mayor - Interim Mayor that is.

I was there on that day - that late night - I spoke - I do not remember once or twice - but, I saw the ploy coming and knew the consequences.

Well, a lot has been happening at City Hall.

One of the pertinent factors that bothers - those few; that still have character - is your "word".

Well, Ed Lee has always been known - to sit on the fence - and see which side is green.

He also has the ability to "lie to your face" - he calls it " look you in the eye". He has mastered this gimmick - with a twitch of his moustache and that well known chuckle and grin!

Well, today some folks will gather on the steps of City Hall and make speeches - it will mostly pandering - and China Town will be there in force. They all want him to run for Mayor. 

Behind the scenes the so called very corrupt, power brokers - that have not contributed one iota - of goodness, sound contribution to this very fair City and County of San Francisco.

Notice I have left the name out - because if I mention her name - the stench will be even greater.

The many candidates that have thrown their hat in the ring for Mayor of San Francisco - now, have to calibrate their moves - and it will not be easy.

The Choice Rank Voting nonsense favors a candidate who get the majority of votes - and it could be votes as a second placed candidate.

It has happened before - mostly notably - putting a drab candidate - now Supervisor of District 10.

The Machine is at work and for all the talk by the progressives - they now have to deal with the devils, the evil ones - that have all gathered and are working in force - to destroy what little good - we have in San Francisco.

We have a small window of opportunity.

We must be united in this fight - first to expose the corruption small and big - and then to support one another at the polls.

Knowing the Chinese Constituency - all they need is one person to give the clarion call - never mind what the reasoning - they will vote as a Block.

The ones, who do not are those that are astute and can think for themselves. Few and far between.

This ploy works in Communist China - but does not where there is a practicing, informed, and where character - matters.

We are a Republic and we must fully comprehend what this means. Our Democracy is unique and participatory. Not well understood by those that take orders - and do not have a flare - for voicing their opinion on issues.

They bring a baggage from the old world - and dare not challenge what has not worked - but, prefer to pollute our world with a political virus that will take us backward.

At one time we had three entities that had real power at City Hall.

The Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch and the City Administrator. In 1996 Willie L. Brown amended the City Charter - bringing a fusion between the City Administrator's Office and the Executive Branch - thereby, clipping the City Administrator's wings.

In the present scenario - this past happening - could not have come - at a better time - to facilitate and bring the downfall of our City and our Democracy.

On the sidelines Big Developers, the Pacific Heights Mafia, and other dubious entities are all poised to do us in.

The only saving grace the present dire economy and the still lingering "debt ceiling" - will buy us some grace period.

Big Developers are already laughing as they plot their schemes - not knowing that there is a FORCE - that will deal with them.

Bring them to their knees. It is not so much the willy nilly so called liberals - but, a FORCE never ever been seen before - it will bring them to their knees.

As for Ed Lee he has a mind of his own - and he better not aim to take the reins of the City and County of San Francisco - as permanent Mayor.

His brief episode as Interim Mayor was drab - and the only ones - cheering him on - are the panderers - spineless - wanna bees.

The Unions that sold out - will be held accountable.

Issues such as the unfunded benefits, pensions, and such factors - are still looming on the horizon - those that know the facts - know what will hit the City- hard. 

No one can fool all the people all the time.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.