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Sunday, April 29, 2018


Gavin Newsom one of his lighter moments -
one too many - the man use to embrace inebriation -
but lies that that is not so anymore.

San Francisco is a racist City but also one that is saturated with corruption - abject corruption - of the highest order.

Gavin Newsom has not learnt much - when we followed him around - to Santa Barbara, San Diego - other places closer to home Oakland - heard Gavin Newsom lie to the public and take credit for what others had done - in his quest to be the Governor the first time around - when he found out that is was hot in the kitchen - he bailed out.

Jerry Brown became the Governor of California and soon will be termed out. Gavin went to became LT Governor of California - has NOT contributed anything much - and now deems it necessary to be California's Governor?

The rainy day fund was established by Tom Amianno - guess who took credit for it - in the debates the first time around - Gavin Newsom ran for Governor before baling out? 

The debacle of  legalizing" gay marriage " - was one that was evolving - much before Gavin Newsom - but guess who took credit - for legalizing " gay marriage " carte blanche ? 

Gavin Newsom the Metro-Sexual -
not to be trusted.

Not once does some one do an analysis of the program care not cash - where those that had nothing - but a small stipend coming - were given a measly $60 and told to irk out a living.

Those that enrolled in care not cash - were given some sordid shelter - Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) most of them filthy. Now after years - Gavin Newsom says he was misled - so who made this decision that adversely impacted thousands Gavin Newsom or his lackeys?

Not once has anyone taken the time to - "follow the money " -Gavin Newsom is very corrupt - and even now has deep tentacles - milking other entities of money - some of them Political Action Committees - who can contribute millions - all legal - enabling crooks to become the next Governor of California.

The first time around Gavin Newsom - got out of the Governor's race and had to settle for the position of Lt Governor - playing - second fiddle to Governor Jerry Brown. 

Now that Jerry Brown is termed out - here comes the perennial liar - Gavin Newsom - throwing his hands in the air - looking you in the eye and lying through his teeth.

A Metro-sexual that cannot be trusted - a man that has NO morals - a man that cannot be trusted at all.

Gavin Newsom - when he was Mayor - sent his best friend and confidant on long errands - and then decided to sleep with the wife of his best friend - case in point Ruby Turk - Mr. Alex Turk has not forgiven him - but such as the moorings of those that are immoral - and more will do anything - to fulfill their lust and morbid ways of living.

Who wants such a Governor - all talk and no walk? 

Antonio Villaraigosa - 
he is giving Gavin Newsom -
a run for his money - and aims at winning -
becoming the next Governor of California.

Antonio Villaraigosa - has recently upped his campaign - more with over $20 million given to his campaign by Netflix.

Gavin Newsom has decided to chill out - his TV ads are drab to say the least - and again the messaging as poor as they come - always taking credit of things others have done - some of the issues spelt above.

Gavin Newsom campaign managers - are pulling back - and soon they will realize - that they have pre-supposed too much - created a sordid cesspool - and believe you me - Gavin Newsom will drown in the cesspool of his own creation.

Politics is a dirty game - but here in San Francisco we do not have a single  trusted newspaper that can conduct a viable and sustainable investigative reporting - to hold those in power - their feet to the fire.

Dwayne Jones is a Consultant - 
 President of RDJ Enterprise  -
over 3 millions of dollars have been invoiced -
from 2013 to recently - all tax payers money -
there are other too - so called Consultant -
milking the Sewer System Improvement Project -
most of the work done in the Bayview Hunters Point . 

Recently I took upon myself to gather some critical information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department that has encouraged many consultants who are embedded - who milk the tax payers - and the amounts being embezzled are mind boggling.

Local District Superviors, those running for Mayor, others who say they will represent - but do just the opposite - are vying for our votes.

The SFPUC is being used as a conduit to fund District Supervisors and others  - how can Young Community Developers receive millions - over 8 million in the last two years - and have nothing much to show ? 

May be we need the Federal Bureau of Investigation to find out - all the while - advocates that do good work, our infants, children, youth, young adults, senior, those with compromised health are suffering. 

We already have suppled the SF Controller Office with empirical data - the SF Controller's Office can take it from there. We will also seek other avenues - it is not kosher to put all our eggs in one basket. 

The people united will never, ever be defeated.

Facts matter - and Truth to Power -  is paramount to success.

It may take time - it may cause some suffering - trials and tribulation - but when you see the light - it is alright.

When you shed light where there is abject darkness - the cockroaches keep fleeing - and that is the first sign of SUCCESS.

Right now payments are stalled - documents are being shredded, manifests changed - we have the copies of the original documents - we will expose the culprits - lock, stock,  and barrel. 

Again and again Communtity Benefits set aside are used by nefarious entities - mostly former jail birds, Blacks who are NOT from the community, a White woman at the SF Bayview Opera House, properties bought under some dubious scheme - a Legacy Foundation.

All sorts of gimmicks - Equity Committees, some drab Legacy Foundation (as I mentioned ) .

Crooks of the highest caliber - look you in the eye and keep lying.

Ignorant and arrogant folks  - going before the SF Planning Department and other Committees and lying - saying the represent the community at large.  The Bayview Hunters Point area - more District 10. 

Time will tell.

Community Benefits linked to Lennar Urban a rogue developer - its shadow entity - 5 Points Holding LLP - same snake different head.  Rogue Developers headquartered in Miami, Florida. 

The politicians running and pretending to represent - are mostly inept, spineless, weak in the knees, immoral, say one thing and do another - Go Figure.

None of the above scum bags have a thoroughly vetted Platform - a platform that lays a Blue Print - to address the growing congestion, the increase in the Carbon Footprint - the increasing homelessness - where the homeless are treated with dignity.

The lack of affordable housing for those making less than $60,000 and if you make $40,000 than people leave - and so hear from them no more - many die a slow death - and that has not been one single deep evaluation on this singular - fact - empirical data counts.

The increase in petty crime, the many increasing assaults, the shooting and killings in broad daylight - not a word about these crimes by any of the candidates - who talk the talk and cannot walk the walk.

Large swats of land - thousands of acres - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick are now slated for development.

Contaminated land - land prone to liquefaction and flooding - Lennar Urban a rogue developer has not kept its promises - amended Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - after the DDA was signed -in 2004. 

Case in point promising 600 rental units - on Parcel A - and then making quick amendments - saying that - the rental units would be too expensive to build.

The area in and around Candlestick Point is very contaminated - and this has not been address. The tax payers in the 1970s - voted and decided to limit the buildings to a certain height - not more that 40 feet -  4 stories tall.

Millions of dollars were poured by Lennar Urban and 5 Points Holding LLP - same snake different head - using Proposition D to increase the height limits to 240 feet - around 24 stories - Proposition D approved on November 3, 2015.

Here is one report - such are the evil ways of those saturated with " GREED " - building inferior units - as high as 240 feet  on very contaminated ground - prone of liquefaction and flooding :

Wake up San Francisco - we do not have one single entity - that is ready to clean up the mess - the " corruption " that has reached - saturation point.

Do we remember this man - a very corrupt mayor.
So why not make the necessary changes - rather than maintain the status quo.

Former Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
he created the mess we all in -
and yet so many ignorant - are oblivious .

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Let us see for how long she grins -
wheeling and dealing - 
failing to represent the Bayview Hunters Point area -
pandering to mostly Black sell outs.

When people filled with " Greed " - put their minds together - their heart NOT in the right place - always seeking money -  worshipping GREED - the end result - is pandemonium - catastrophe.

We know that those that lack sound knowledge, do not pay attention to vetted " Wisdom " - will fall flat on their face - here in San Francisco - within 5 years. Every prediction I have made before - has come true.

Conceptual plans - inferior homes - 
built of very toxic ground - Chernobyl !

I have said it before and will say it again " No good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard ".

 And may I add " Candlestick Point " .

Both areas contaminated and polluted - shame on our SF Planning Department - passing the sordid plans - and shame on those many Black sellouts - who will never get it. Attending meetings and barking up the wrong - tree. You time is coming - and you all are scumbags - despicable to the core.

Right now - at Parcel A that Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLP have jurisdiction over - innocent home owners are suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, tumors, and women are delivering still babies.

 Do these facts - portent to reveal something -  the fools do not comprehend?

This large crane - used to lift -
submarines and other very heavy war equipment -
once the largest - 
still stands as a reminder of the sordid operations -
that took place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
where depleted Uranium was test -
where the National Defense Laboratory still stands -
windowless - reminding us of the evil days of operation.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is in the news - first revealed in some detail by MNBC and now collaborated by Environmental Protection Agency - 9 Region that is headquartered in San Francisco - 75 Hawthorne Street.

Random samples taken by the EPA - proved what we have been saying - for the longest time, ever - the abatement done by Tectra Tech is dubious in nature. Was before - is now - and cannot be corrected at this every late hour.

Class One toxic dirt was taken to landfill all over the Bay Area  - and this toxic dirt - more, registering high levels of radioactive elements - cesium, plutonium, other elements mercury, lead, Asbestos ( Serpentine Rock when crushed released Asbestos Structures ) - dumped with fake manifest that were altered.

 We are all aware and have documented - the many nefarious activities - and now have open knowledge - but the crooks still want to go ahead with the plans. Time will tell.

Real time testing of Atomic Weapons -
at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Today - very corrupt entities -
exchange money to fill their pockets -
turn their backs on the community -
who will speak TRUTH to POWER ?

All this nonsense we hear from mostly Black sell out - about some Legacy program, Equity of some sort, job training, so called " affordable housing " - is hog wash.

One has just to monitor Young Community Developer (YCD) - millions funneled to them - for nefarious activities - some using the YCD platform for political gain.

Remember we have astute advocates - now more and more united to take on the " chaff " - outsiders who we do not know - never, ever saw them in the trenches - their hands trained with BLOOD - pretending to be leader and knowing - some.

We attend many Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) meetings linked to Parcel A. Some 600 rental units were promised - after a couple of months - the DDA was amended -  Lennar Urban reneged - said that was not possible - no rental units  -  just like the hopes of many were dashed.

Conceptual plans - 
it is like a dream - you wake up -
and witness your worst nightmare -
keep on dreaming - live right if you are worth the salt.

Homes were then promised for about $650,000 and before you knew it - it was raised to $850,000 - and people of color could not afford it - so in rushed Whites - and they are now suffering from all sorts of chronic diseases - cancer, tumors, and so on.

At last Malia Cohen who has been on the pay roll - of Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holding LLP payroll - has awoken from her slumber and at the end of her second term.

This political whore - scum of the earth -
thinks she can live on this Earth -
with all the Blood on her filthy hands -
check her face - close to the devil - himself.

 This " political whore " - wants to hold a hearing - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - on what we have known for over 3 decades - the most contaminated site on this Earth - a Superfund Site.

Some 20 years ago - some scientists met - one pan they suggested - cap the land with a 20 foot " concrete cap " - fence it - and prevent any living being from going close to areas more less E2 - but the rest of the 1200 acres plus Parcel F - which is the bay and contaminated - by high levels of radioactive elements - cesium, plutonium and so on.

The weasel behind the many sordid schemes -
when - will these ploys and machinations STOP -
how many innocent people have to die -
how much of these trials and tribulations -
must innocent people suffer - and for how long -
there is a God - that is our only HOPE.

Malia Cohen is as corrupt as the come - pandering to the two hags - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - who played a key role is using the Primes.

More -  to get money to do abatement and mitigation - and funnel out large amounts of money to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein - and before she retired Barbara Boxer. Three hags once worse than the other.

We have over $1 Billion spent of the SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - for so called abatement and mitigation - with no real or concrete results.

In fact the reality we face - we advocates - I have led the charge  and have come to real conclusion with empirical data - that " contaminated soil mixed with clean dirt " - has been placed all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Now, what does Malia Cohen know about this - nothing.
If anyone wants to know  - why ?  The answer is very simple  - because she is a moron - inept, spineless - a political whore.

The constituents of Bayview Hunters Point have a lot coming to them - it fact they had a lot that had to come to them.

 Paradoxically - Blacks - keeping look for " STALE BREAD CRUMBS " - when, in reality they have $2 Billion coming to them - from mitigation agreement - signed and dated - by the Regional Water Board - linked to the upgrades in the 1970s of the Phelps Raw Sewage Treat Plant.

These Blacks crooked to the hilt - are impeding progress - caught up with " greed " - pandering to evil people - who are using the community as fodder - and this nonsense - will NOT be tolerate. 

These Black sell outs the like of Veronica Hunnicutt, Sophie Maxwell, Toye Moses, Linda Richardson, Dwyane Jones, Willie L. Brown Jr, Harlan Kelly, Naomi Kelly, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Juliet Ellis, Shamann Walton.

Others despicable and a scourge to the infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - in and around the Bayview Hunters Point Area. They have BLOOD on their hands.

There is a God and there are good people - who know the streets and can deliver  - quality services to all - I am in touch with them.

There are professional people Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans - others - who are wondering why are the same Blacks barking up the tree - taking money - well, let us see for how long they can do it.

All it take is one major event to take place - the Big One for example - we know the Millennium Building will come toppling down - but so will the inferior buildings at Parcel A on Hunters Point - and those planned on Candlestick Point.

San Franciso is a Racist City - and million of dollars - have been diverted to the City's Coffers - when the Democrats were in power - Federal money that should have gone directly to the community at large.

The People United will Never Be Defeated.

 Money that should have been spent on Bayview Hunters Point - but, has not - and then the forces that be - treat the people who have suffered so much - with disdain.

This shit will not go on for long - we have sisters and brothers who will rise to the occasion - and take control of the situation at hand. Make no bones about it.

 I know the sell outs - those that take money - encourage the killings and shootings - and work with entities that you think -wishfully are there to " protect you " - but the opposite is true.

They are all monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - some are embedded in the community. The Feds as those who know well understand - take years to get on your case - sometimes being so close.

You think they are your friends - then one day you wake up - and are sent behind the walls - dressed in orange suits - and have to deal with reality.

 Your ass available for grabs - then you realize - you should have acted right - but it is too late. You are warned scumbags - women and men - mostly Black selling out the community.

No one can fool all the people all the time. Believe you me.

Friday, April 27, 2018


San Francisco City College - 1400 Evans Avenue -
in the Bayview Hunters Point area -
has their own land and the ability to raise money -
to have their own Student Campus - 
they are in the business of education -
providing Career Jobs.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - the many that have fallen on bad times.

Many dealing with chronic health problems.

Others deluded with - sub-prime loans - other pressing issues - too many to name - which have befallen our Sisters and Brothers - and here - we have " nefarious entities " -  who have invaded our community - people who do not live in the community - they come into the community to prey on the community - making hay - while the sun shines. 

Laughing all the way to the bank - thinking that money is everything and hurting the vulnerable - such evil tactics and ploys - will  NOT be tolerated. 

Take it from me - it will not. Others have joined me - stellar and astute Sisters and Brothers - who have had it - and can take it NO more.

Here are some key City and County of San Francisco laws - that spell out Conflict of Interest issues.

We need to be educated on issues  - when our citizens in the Bayview Hunters Point area - are targeted - entrapped - by some San Francisco City officials who are so bold - that they do not give a hoot:

     San Francisco City and Government California Code Section 3.206(a) provides that no officer or employee of the City and County shall make, participate, or seek to influence a decision of the City and County in which the officer or employee has a financial interest within the meaning of California Government Code Section 87100 et. seq. and any subsequent amendments to these Sections.

     San Francisco City and Government California Code Sections 3.206(b) provides that no officer or employee of the the City and County shall make a contact in which he or she has a financial interest within the meaning of California Government Code Section 1090 et. seq. and any subsequents amendments to these Sections.

     In order to determine whether a violation has occurred, one must establish whether 1) the individual with the potential conflict of interest is a public official; 2) the decision involves a contract and whether that contract is ultimately executed;
3) the individual made or participated in making the contract; and 4) the official has or had a financial interest in the contract.

Please read the following so that you get a better idea - after reading the final adjudication of the following case - the person involved in the case Juliet Ellis who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission :

It is not easy to do a sound and through investigative reporting - without reading and reviewing thousands of pages - and recent when we got the information - using the Freedom of Information Act - we found so many discrepancies, so many conflict of interests, that we were forced to go to the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force and make our case.

Of course if some Whites had gone to the SF Sunshine Task Force - the SF Sunshine Task Force would have adjudicated the case in a a week or two - we had to wait for seven and half weeks and make a couple of appearances - send documents for review that we had already submitted - and go to the podium and plead our case.

Notice the gates - and the SF Bayview Opera House -
these gates remind one of jails -
who are these " sellouts keeping out " -
the sellouts must stay out of our community -
and who is behind this sordid mentality -
dividing the community - causing chronic divisiveness .

In the end we won - with an adjudication in our favor - 9 to 0.
The case was linked to the SF Bayview Opera House - a den of thieves - and now we are dealing with the SF Public Utilities Commission - again  " a den of thieves " - consultants embedded the likes of Dwayne Jones - wheeling and dealing - making millions - while all the time our community is suffering.

For those of us who have lived and worked  in the Bayview Hunters Point for the last 40 years and more - even 30 years and more  - the changes have been many - but the most significant factor - affecting " people of color " - a decrease in the Quality of Life issues.

The rents are up, the opportunities few, career jobs forget about it - the homes have been gobbled up - everything is so expensive. The air foul - and all  our neighbors that we have know for so many years - inflicted by diseases most chronic respiratory diseases, so many heart attacks, so many people who have suffered strokes - it is simply - heart breaking.

No one is addressing the contamination and pollution - even at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the congestion on our streets - our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - others all suffering and slow dying - gone, gone, gone forever.

Many people of color lost their homes - because they fell prey to sub-prime loans. 

Many of these homes were paid for -  by the parents many came from the South and brought with them astute and stellar values - hard work and character - second to none. 

All that went down the drain  when family members decided to take sub-prime loans - easily available - one would ask for $100,000 and the banks would make available $200,000 and $300,000.

 Those naive and vulnerable - who signed the papers - did not read the fine print - when the time came to pay the balloon payments - all hell - broke loose.

As often happens - if one is not educated on issues - one learns the hard way.

Some of us advocates have been on the front line - in the trenches - and there are now just a few of us, left - all people of color - trying to safeguard of basic rights - part of our United States Constitutional Rights.

The past Mayors - some to them lined up -
on the steps of SF City Hall -
one worse than the other - from left to right 
 Willie L. Brown Jr.,  Gavin Newsom, and Edwin Mah Lee.

Past Mayors and our SF Board of Supervisors - have failed us miserably.

Consultants embedded at 525 Golden Gate Avenue -the headquarters of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - continue to wheel and deal.

More - linked with the Project - the Sewer System Improvement Project - a $10 Billion project - that is going through some very serious problems and continues to face hurdles - the so called experts, involved - are drowning " in the cesspool of their own creation ".

One good way to understand the situation at hand is to review this audit - done, not too long ago - that spells out well at least 80% of the on going problems at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant :

Ben Rosenfield - 10 more years -
he has worked hard - with tenacity and fortitude -
we need some accountability more transparency -
we thank those that have serve the tax payers well so far.

San Francisco is blessed to have a Controller who has just been extended to be in place for another 10 years.

Auditing every pertinent issue - working with Harvey Rose who has been in place of over 30 years - reviewing the Budget and conducting analysis - has been a blessing - had, these two entities - NOT -been in place - all hell would break loose.

Here you have all the SF Supervisors -
commending a crook and smiling with glee -
such jackasses have to wake up to reality.

When we go to City Hall and speak at Public Comment - which now has been reduced to two measly minutes - advocates by far have refused to be treated like " chattel " - some " dirty rag ".

The voice of the people is critical - but there has to be substance to the talk - so that it leads to some concrete - walk.

Again and again - we have sell outs -mostly Black some of them have been investigated by Law Enforcement - but, they still hang around - talking from both sides of their mouth - not to be trusted.

Right now at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant and surrounding are - all sorts of ploys and machinations are afoot.

The nurseries that have been shut down - the previous owners three of them each who paid $10,000 a month, rent.

The previous owner  - have since been evicted. They each were paid $100,000 to move and did so - reluctantly.

Now, plans are afoot to have Azul a contractor to abate the contaminated land on which the 3 nurseries sat - and after abatement - which in this case is plain " capping " - placing some clay - few inches of clay - and then putting some dirty on top of it. Hoodwink us - and this abatement and mitigation must be vetted  - by a second and third opinion. Now.

After this is done allowing some entities that I have named before - opening the nurseries - with NO valid justification -  less expertise - what so ever. 

The grants have already been disbursed - and behind this ploy - one again the perennial - Juliet Ellis - who must be fired.

The SF City Hall Campus situated 
at 1400 Evans Avenue.

Plans are afoot to build a campus at 1550 Evans  - when we know that City College already has a campus - be it that is it old and needs to be torn down and built - up again.

Why should we create problems trying to build a campus on land that is contaminated plus severely prone to liquefaction and flooding? We the tax payers who will foot the bill - those initiating the plans making in access of $250,000 with benefits - failing to represent us - and wasting - millions of tax payers money.

One or two make over $300,000 plus benefits - laughing all the way to the bank - failing to represent - failing to help the constituents - more from the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

This is a clarion call - wake up and stand up for your rights.
Stop listening to the sell outs - you know - who they are - they have no Blue Print - less one in writing - they talk the talk but have failed - to walk the walk.

The SF City College Board recently were given a presentation by the Dean who has jurisdiction over the City College operations at 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - and the other City College Satelite situated on Evan Street.

This presentation was never, ever vetted by the community at large - and hence lies the crux of the problem. SF Public Utilities Commission - in the past has failed to keep its promises - nothing much changes now.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck - than there is no reason to doubt - that it is a duck? Go Figure.