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Friday, August 31, 2018


Here we have some of the crooks -
shovel in hand - hoodwinking the public at large - bragging -
that all would be well on Parcel A - that never happened -
 now, home owners want out - 
all sorts of chronic ailments . adversely impacting the GREEDY - living on very contaminated ground.

Do your own research and find out who are living today - I am referring to the photograph above - who on this very day - with  intent - wanted homes built - so that they could make money.

Today two in this photograph are no more - Edwin Mah Lee and the other Willie B. Kennedy. 

Tiffany Bohee works for Land Lease, all of the others are disturbed individuals - none have - peace of mind. They are the Living Dead.

In addition the crooks in the photograph - have BLOOD on their hands.

Each one of them on the pay roll of then Lennar Urban now 5 Point Holding LLC.

Homes were built on Parcel A at Hunters Point - most of the homes were bought by White Folks - who now want out and cannot get out of the mess. They just found out they bought homes built on very contaminated ground.

If you blow this photograph up - you will see the glee on the faces of the devils with shovels in their hands - each of them have BLOOD on their hands. 

The plan at that time was to give the Mainland Chinese Visas to stay in the United States - put down some thousands of dollars to invest - supposedly help the inner city youth and other such ventures - none of these dubious ploys and machinations - came to be.

The Mainland Chinese want their money back - and believe me they will get it.

 They have already sent a message to Edwin Mah Lee - but most people are not looking at it like that. Who is fooling whom?

Conceptual plans - enticing innocent people -
to live on contaminated ground -
bluffing, lying, cheating, deceiving -
those behind the scheme must be charged -
make no bones about it.

No one needs to be a rocket scientist to understand what a Superfund Site is - the worse contaminated sites are put on the Superfund site.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is where many atomic tests were conducted.

In fact Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and with that hundreds of animals buried - that were exposed to radiation - as part of the Bikini Atomic experiments.

I have written hundreds of articles - so it surprises me that only when White Folks are adversely impacted - all hell breaks loose. Suddenly we become concerned about human beings - more because of the color of their skin.

The SF Police Department had members placed on Hunters Point - to save rent by Willie L. Brown Jr.  who has not said a word - about his stupid decision - and again Willie L. Brown was behind selling visas to the Mainland Chinese - and pushed for homes to be built - so that his consultation firm - could rake in millions.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor is a professional political whore - inept, weak in the knees, she will be termed out soon - good riddance of very bad  - rubbish.

Bye, Bye Land Breed -
you talk too much - no concrete actions -
that are holistic.

It is the same with London Breed who still wants to build homes - at Candlestick Point - all contaminated land.

When London Breed was on the SF Redevelopment Agency Commission - she did not defend our infants, our children, our youth, our young adult, our Seniors, those with compromised health - more our physically and mentally challenged.

Lennar Urban then bombarded a large area - with asbestos structures - not a word about this on going activity - from London Breed who was and is on Lennar Urban's pay roll.

No one in their right mind  - puts decent human beings on contaminated ground.

London Breed does - she talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk. 

No one builds homes in the middle to Chernobyl - London Breed does.

London Breed does not have ons single holistic plan - including her plan to deal with the Opioids pandemic - and dubious  " needle exchange ".

London Breed  is infatuated with " heroin addicts " perhaps from living and being brought up - in an environment - where she was exposed to such happenings.

 Etched on her mind - and her fake psyche.  This is not Canada this is San Francisco - that happens to be in the United States of America.

We have federal laws that must be taken into consideration - she openly wants to defy federal laws - much as she has disdain for her own people - and favors fake characters - more outsiders - keeping out San Franciscans - this nonsense must STOP.

We had another Canada - a Black woman - that needed help - over hundreds years old. London Breed did not lift a finger to help her.

London Breed - works hand in glove with the developers - and panders to those that use her like a puppet.

So far we have not seen one single plan that is holistic - no blue plan with clear goals - short term and long term.

Her appointment of Dion-Jay Brookter - a novice and some one from Fresno - who knows little and more is not from our community - less San Francisco.

Such an appointment is a slap on the face of all advocates - who have spent thousands of man hours - keeping the SF Police Commission - honest.

More on issues lined to tasers and de-escalation, sound community policing, and related issues. 

Dion-Jay Brookter

First we had Joe Marshal who was booted out - then sleepy Julius Thurmond  - who passed away and now an inept, fake, Dion -Jay Brookter. 

We already have the worst type of representation - in London Breed, Malia Cohen, and other Black that I have mentioned in my articles. All of them sell outs.

We are ramping up and soon you will see results.

These jackasses think they can do as they please. Well let us see.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Dwayne Jones - today he is keeping a low profile -
the many crooks that he doled out money to -
have been told that he cannot dole out money, anymore -
all Community Benefits -   tax payers money.

Recently we have seen Barbara Garcia resign as head of the San Francisco Health Department - conflict of interests. In this case giving her wife Dorotea Reyna - sole source access to projects - without any open bids.

Juliet Ellis - she did the same - 
channeled over $200,000 to Green For All -
an non-profit outfit in the East Bay -
she was fined by the Fair Political Action Committee -
today she the Assistant General Manager -
External Affair - and still wheels and deals.

I have know Barbara Garcia for a long time - she worked hard - for the patients - so when something like this happens - I had to be very careful to check the facts.

I found out that only recently in the last five years or so - she made it possible to give her wife - access to sole source opportunities. 

This is conflict of interest - stinks -  as difficult as one may feel about Barbara Garcia - she committed the " deed " with intent - and was told to resign " immediately" - or face the consequences.

What a waste of talent - Barbara had empathy and compassion - and did all in her power - to serve the community. Today, she can look at her past - and repent that she committed what she has agreed for a longer period in her life - not to succumb to - greed and evil deeds.

I will remember Barbara Garcia - those years when we met - and shared some facts - and each of us went our own way - our hearts in the right place. She will be missed and I believe in second chances.

I cannot say that of Dwayne Jones - who ever since he came to the Bayview around 2002 -  was given the position as Director of Young Community Developers - has been a crook.

Now, as the Director RDJ Enterprises LLC - he is a consultant - but when you do the investigation - follow the money - Dwayne Jones - acts as if he is an employee of the SF Public Utilities Commission. 

I have seen Dwayne Jones have easy access - to the Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission Harlan Kelly.

Harlan - who earns over 350,000 - much as did Barbara Kelly - and I seen no difference - harboring Dwayne Jones a consultant and Juliet Ellis an employee of SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - which should abide to Ethics and standards - and has NOT.

It is a shame that while we have Malia Cohen as the President of the Board - she is NOT ashamed that she is involved in the missing $3.1 million dollars - at the SF Bayview Opera House that cannot be accounted for. 

For all practical purposes Malia Cohen runs the Bayview Opera House - has been holding " fund raisers to fill her sordid campaign coffers " -  getting the Bayview Opera for free.

Others have to pay rent - $6000- $4000 an event.

Such in your face - blatant corruption - has been brought to the attention of the Controller's Office and other authorities - to move in and bring this very corrupt woman - before our courts. 

A bad apple  that must be tossed out before the entire barrels smell of rotten apples.

We have seen changes at the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Workforce - changes at SF Hope - people moved out - and others filling positions - with little or no accountability and transparency.

London Breed -
sworn in as the Mayor of San Francisco.

Room 200 at City Hall is teeming with evil, activity - the smell of  Sulphur permeates all over SF City Hall - wheeling and dealing - while Mayor London Breed talks from both sides of her mouth.

Time will tell. Those who voted for her - today are sorry - but there is second change coming to send a stronger message - hopefully she will - comprehend.

Naomi Kelly - the City Administrator 
makes over $350,000 with benefits -
with a 10 year term - and has yet to step up.

Naomi Kelly, as does London Breed, as does Malia Cohen - are all Black - Naomi Kelly the City Administrator - she steps in if anything happens to London Breed - both owe a lot to Willie L. Brown Jr.  a former " thug " Mayor of San Francisco - who has his dirty finger - in every pie.

Already many people are bitching about London Breed - she could have chosen a better person than Vallie Brown to fill the seat - District 5 Supervisor.

 Now most everyone is not getting on with Vallie Brown - who is inept, lies that she is Native American - and is and will be an utter - failure - in the short and long term.

The Blacks - we call them House Negros do the bidding - more salivating to the highest bidder - mostly Whites - who buy them out - who fund them - pour in the money - it is all about money.

Most of the transaction - illegal.

It is for this reason - I politely call them - political whores.

Malia Cohen -
she will be soon termed out -
as the District 10 Supervisor.

As  the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen has failed miserably on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard , minted millions taking "bequest money" - talking from both sides of her mouth - while our infants, children, youth, young adults, senior, those with compromised health - our physically and mentally challenged - are suffering. 

District 10 is invaded by folks - who have no real connection with District 10 - outsiders given $300,000 grants to open restaurants.

$11 million plus for " beautification " - these folks who get the money - are not " family oriented " - they are for sure not into children, and family values.

This blatant in your face " nonsense " - more lewd operations in broad daylight - handing thousands to outsiders - who have no standards, less morals, and for sure NO ethics - must STOP.

San Francisco Chief of Police -
the highest paid Police Chief -
he makes over $400,000 with benefits.

We had a "situation" recently - where there was and is nothing in place - linked to " Community Policing " - and when it comes to sound  " Prevention" - when certain high profile " incidents " - take place.

Our Mayor London Breed, our SF Board of Supervisors, our SF Police Department, our SF District Attorney, our SF City Attorney - are all in limbo. Doldrums.

Never mind thousands of dollars was spent on the PERF report - as much as $40,000 and it sits on some shelves gathering dust.

Never mind if the Blue Panel Report - pointed out that of SF Police Department is dysfunctional - and has the highest amount of Court Orders - being taken over by a Care Taker in the Nation.

Never mind if the Grand Jury has pointed out in detail what the SF Police Commission lacks - and how San Franciscans have been treated with disdain. 

Car break ins, home burglaries, assaults, shootings and killings more in broad daylight - our Main Media asleep at the cockpit - reporting incidents - in a general manner - matter without any substance.

The Community Oriented Police Services - a division of the Department of Justice - now deactivated by the Trump Administration - has 272 recommendations - the SF Police Department created small committees - to address the recommendations.

Some members have been in touch with me - all they do is kick the can down the street. All talk and NO walk.

SF Police Chief Bill Scott - must step up - gentrification is running amuck. In the last 5 years over 50,000 families have left San Francisco - never to return, again.

Our infants, children, youth, youth adults - are NOT cared for - the politicians talks a lot - but there is NO meat on that bone.

Homelessness, our Senior population and those physically and mentally challenged - are treated with disdain. 

Quality of Life issues compromised - and the SF Police Department running all over the place - addressing and attending to - small fires - mundane issues - because - they lack sound leadership - do not have a system to prioritize incidents.

Few in the Command Group can discern, few have common sense - I see it again and again.

At one meeting at the Bayview Police Station, recently - the Captain was angry and set the wrong tone. 

 No one from the Command Group stepped up and set the tone - put the meeting on the right track. I saw the situation at hand.

I had to do it - and bring some order to address pertinent issues.

Many of the issues that we have to address - lie with the SF Police Department - making sound decision and acting with fortitude they have failed - more, not following the protocol.

Who gave the permission to put out a bulletin that a person was "dead" - while he was still at the hospital.

The doctors trying to work on him - and I was present - and my iPhone has several tax messages and calls - that the SF Police Department had put our this bulletin - immature and for sure detrimental in this case.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

We do not see this at City Hall with Malia Cohen and London Breed - taking orders and listening to advisors who have been hoodwinking the tax payers - for the last 24 years. plus.

The City Administrator is low key - and must step up. Stop smiling, acting nonchalant - and do the peoples work. We are fed up and we will NOY request - we will demand.

District Attorney George Gascon.

Our District Attorney and City Attorney must step up.  The many killings at the hands of SF Police Department - linger in adjudication - and after years - we are told - the SF District Attorney is following the law - and that law - gives those that must be charged - a break - a slap on the wrist.

San Francisco has a higher percent of educated women and men - and we have taken too much nonsense - from these charlatans - who talk the talk and cannot walk the walk.

There are pressing issues with lack of housing, people cannot afford health care, women delivering " still born babies" , children having " attention deficit issues".

Folks, more poor folks forced to survive eating " junk food " the nitrates, phosphates, sulphates bombarding their system - poison saturate their being - and they suffer from all sorts of ailments - preservatives and lack of sound nuitrition and exercise.

Many youth having " anger management issues " - fights on our public buses, on the streets, in our shopping malls, at our parks and recreation places - and the list goes on and on.

Where is a report - a yearly report by the City's Toxicologist - on the pollution and contamination - the increase in the Carbon Footprint - the increase in " hot spots " more PM 2.5  - all over San Francisco.

Does this City have a qualified Toxicologist - and if so what is her or his name?

We have over 30,000 hot spots all over San Francisco - that the Health Department says - it can do nothing about - Stephanie Cushing - who is never at her office - always on training and attending conferences. She once wrote be - the Department of Toxic and Substances Control is responsible. Always kicking the can down the street.

Mayor London Breed is a puppet - much as any political whore - who panders to the highest bidder. 

She used to be a fighter no more - she has succumbed to greed - and her benefactors are all mostly White - they will use her like a rag - and cast her aside. Mark my words.

Friday, August 24, 2018


In this serene photograph -
the great Warrior and Peace maker -
Joseph Taeotui ( Jungle ).

Arrangements are being made - according the Polynesian tradition - the required religious ceremonies, the traditional customs enacted - everyone gathering and celebrating Joseph Taeotui - with reverence - the three days - September 8, 9, 10 - details will follow.

In the interim the youth gathered on Kiska Road at Hunters Point in San Francisco - and held an impromptu vigil.

A great sign that our youth - can stand tall and represent - and what is more show the world that they care and what is important to note - love. Adults joined the youth and that is how we must all show our respect, love and unity.

Love transcends everything - actions speak louder than words.

I like to remember my good USO - loving human beings, loving nature, bringing peace - a man of few words - and a big heart - his love for those surrounding him - knew NO bounds.

Joseph Taeotui leaves a legacy - most important his wife Mollie and daughter Jodie - will be cared for - by all of us who have committed to do our best to do so.

This has been a rough ride - but also an awakening - to actions, good deeds, and most of all unity.

When we are united - there is no force - that can divide us.

Joseph Taeotui and Mollie his wife -
two great individuals with a big heart -
we who love you - support you - one hundred percent -
we are with you Mollie all the way.

I know big Shaun - Mollie's brother - I know Joseph Taeotui - I know their families.

I know Joseph better as " Jungle " - the Polynesian community is dear to me - and more the love they have shared with me and others - all these many years.

This incident shocked me - but it will not deter me - to keep the memories and more the legacy of Joseph Taeotui alive.

We are here on this Earth - for a short time - and during this journey - we must leave a legacy.

Stand for good and take people to a better place. 

That is what Jungle did - he was a Warrior and a Peace Maker - foremost.

We write so that we can slowly read - we write to remember those who stood tall and represented - the best we have to offer. 

God bless us all - good women and men of Faith and most importantly HOPE.

Joseph Taeotui and his infant child Jodie -
Jodie is a young child that can walk now -
we know that this loss -  is something that cannot be 
explained to Jodie - a beautiful child -
all the more - those addressing our safety and protection -
should think deep - commit themselves to keep us all safe.

One week before the fatal incident - I had a long talk with Joseph Taeotui ( Jungle ) - all Jungle spoke was about his daughter - his baby - we must protect our children and those that cannot defend themselves.

We must have our heart in the right place to take others and of course ourselves in " humility " to a better - place. We must be united - and defend those that cannot defend themselves - do what is right at all times.

We must understand that violence and its adverse impacts do not only impact the family, loved ones, supporters - the adults, but most importantly our infants, children, youth, young adults, those that are older - our Elders - the more sensitive.

Violence begets violence - that is why we must be slow to violence - pause and think hard - before we dare to take the life of anyone. Life is precious - and no human beings should die at the hand of a coward or cowards - who ambush and kill - assassin. 

God will bring this injustice in due season - in the interim we must keep the peace.

Every life is precious and so I say to those that can bring about peace - step up and act with respect -  I say for those that have hate in their heart - be slow to act with hate - violence begets violence.

The world is watching us - and so far  our actions speak for themselves - foremost we must respect Joseph Taeotui and the legacy he has left. We must honor his wife Mollie and his daughter Jodie, his immediate family - all those children, women, men and Elders - of good Faith and Hope.

Let us keep the peace and all that peace stands for. The world is watching us.

Even as we prepare to give Joseph Taeotui (Jungle) our  deep respect, honor his legacy, and bid adieu to his remains - with reverence - starting on September 8 and ending September 10, 2018.

To all my Polynesian friends - I say - you all have displayed the best human beings can display - in the given circumstances. God will bless you - and those that are decent and love humanity - will honor you for your sound intentions and good works.

Polynesians world wide - are being informed - and they are following these events.

I get hundreds of emails - I consult Twit and Shaun - on many matters - my main goal is to keep those concerned informed - follow protocol.

Please keep the unity - and keep those who are bent on dividing us - keep us at bay - we know better - unity and love are paramount to us all.


We are all in this together - praying, loving, and most of all respecting one another - all human beings - we all are here  for a shot time - our sojourn on this Earth. Talofa.