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Friday, July 22, 2011

Let us NOT jump to conclusions - this case will come to haunt all parties.

The recent revealings that the man who was running away from the San Francisco Police - initially challenged; because he did not have a MUNI bus fare ticket - is now being explained by the SF Chief Medical Examiner - as having died from a self-inflicted wound. Wow!

The gun that was recovered the same day - with much fun fare - is a gun - that was NOT the same and does not match the caliber of the gun. Informers were given credit for this recovery - soon after some one stated a gun was seen not far from the bleeding body of the young Black man. Wanted in the State of Washington for several charges - one for having sex with a minor.

These tit bits do not do justice to a case that is already marred with ploys and machinations and what is more mistrust. Throw in the "informers" - who said what and when - the notion of a man running for his life - yet, having the ability to shoot over the shoulders - and the whole case - falls flat on its face.

Chief Greg Suhr is putting his best foot forward - however, the details of this case are too convoluted. Starting with the SF Police Officers who cordoned the area - while the young man was permitted to bleed to death.

The current Captain of the Bayview Hunters Point has not said a word - and no one knows - why?

Over ten shots were fired - now we learn only one bullet struck the man on his leg. This bullet I suppose can be traced to a SF Police Officer.

The conclusion from the SF Medical Examiner Officer who appeared on Television - makes a statement that the bullet that brought about the death of the man on the run from the police - and wanted in Washington State - came from his own weapon. The man shot himself rather quickly in the neck.

This gun from the self-inflicted wound - has yet to be recovered. Go figure! Some say it was seen twenty feet from the man who was bleeding. Utube renderings show something flat - now, some say: "that was the gun". But where is the gun?

There is a $1000 reward - leading to the gun - and I suppose the person who took it from the scene of the shooting and killing.

In the interim the situation on the street and at ground zero does not favor the SF Police Officers. For the longest time - some measures were taken to bring about some understanding.

Mostly during the time when former Captain Rick Bruce and in recent times Captain Greg Suhr were in charge of the Bayview Police Station.

Now, this past reconciliations, these hard earned measures, the good relations - have reached, a all  point - low.

It does not help when the Main Media - describes the current situation - linked to this killing and shooting in generalities.

I guess if a White person were gunned down - under similar circumstance in the Pacific Heights area - there would be No whimper not a sound - and everything would be kosher.

This City has a lot to learn from this incident.

The current District Supervisor who still is grinning.

Our interim Mayor who is all over the place but has not made a definitive statement on this case. Who is in charge? 

Pointing to a time when if some serious episode hits the City and County of San Francisco - how his sitting on the fence and seeing which side is green - would surely be a splash on his face.

For the last fifteen years over 800 young men mostly; and most of them Black - have been killed and shot at.

In some parts the Bayview Hunters Point community has stepped up and done what is required to keep the peace.

That can be done immediately - if those in power, those "sell outs", others that do not have the better interests of the community - fade away. Are removed. This are the people fostering - "gentrification" that no one has made - mention of.

No one - not one leader had made a statement about life. Any life.

This was the same when Lennar a Rogue Developer adversely impacted the lives of our children and elders. The Poverty Pimp Pastors - other of like mind - said, nothing. They backed Lennar and Lennar - paid them and put them on its pay roll.

It is the same when blatant racism is encouraged by some quarters. We have a novice Representative, we are aware of plants aka "informers" - the do as they are told to do. When they open their mouth - they put their foot inside.

Do we have one single leader in the Bayview who is not tarnished by being a "thug", a "sell out", on the pay roll of someone. 

Good leaders who know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Finally, as I have said many times the spiritual element is critical and important.

We have the living dead - and those that want to jump on the band wagon - for all the wrong reason.

Only spirituality is know to bring healing - reconciliation, and some faint trust leading to sound trust - with a lot of meaningful dialog - and deep understanding of the issues that have haunted the Bayview Hunters Point community for the last 30 years - plus. 

All the tests