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Friday, July 22, 2011

Where are the true investigative reporters and who is it in the Main Media that speaks the truth?

Where are the genuine investigative reporters and who is it in the Main Media that speaks the truth in San Francisco?

It has been interesting to see the many join the fray to represent our City and County of San Francisco as prospective candidates for Mayor? Most not worth the salt.

Now, has you noticed NOT one of the prospective candidates have commented on the killing and shooting of a young Black man - in the Bayview Hunters Point area on Third Street - why?

Apparently, Quality of Life issues do not matter to them. Yet the are all vying for the position of the Mayor of San Francisco.

The interim-Mayor - Ed Lee; now wants to join the band wagon, and he too today was surrounded by very angry constituents from the Bayview with the District 10 Supervisor by his side.

Judging from his drab reply - and the shock of their faces - both Malia Cohen and Ed Lee - did not have a response.

Why? The reason is simple - both are what are known in the real world " as pussyfooting politicians". They sit on the fence and watch which side is green.

None have the guts to speak the truth - and both will side step any issue - rather then take a stand.

I have been posing this question - is it right to take a life - if we can help it should we save a life?

Now, comes a convoluted machination of a ploy - apparently some one is now saying while the man was running away - he some how had a loaded gun in his hand.

When the San Francisco Police Officer shot him in the leg; he some how jerked his arm and shot himself under his chin and the bullet lodged in his brain! Wow!!!!

So, now what happens to the first story. The victim while being pursued - shot at the SF Police Officers - over his shoulder! That was a first I heard - imagine, some running for his life - yet, some how having the presence and cool - to shoot over his shoulder?

It was interesting the hear the San Francisco Medical Examiner explain her side of the story. Now, all we need is Harry Potter to come to our rescue. Harry, truly could use his wand and his other magical powers - and come to our rescue - with an answer about the magical bullet and did the dirty - deed!

So, where are the true investigative reporters and who is it in the Main Media that speaks the truth?

Liars all - we see politicians lie through their teeth, and now we have those that are supposed to protect us - come out with theories that belie - ignorance - all this - in the City and County of San Francisco.

Some one must pursue this case - just to shed some light on the process.

Like Jesus who was brought before people of power - who did not have the guts to do - right. One washed his hands and delivered him to the angry - crowd.

Then delivered  him to the Jews who whipped him, tortured him, and finally nailed him to a cross.

It will be interesting one day when our Super Computers can input all the information and analyse the over 800 shooting and killings in the Bayview - mainly involving Black men - over a span of 15 years.

It will be interesting to see who really was in charge of  resolving these crimes - affecting Quality of Life issues?

It would be interesting who were the Mayors and what they did in each case?

Who were the District Supervisors and what they did - linked to each case?

Paradoxically it had to take the killing and shooting of a person - not from the community - who came to the community.

A person who was involved sexually with a minor in Washington State. A suspect in a shooting in Washington State - caught unsuspectingly trying to board a MUNI Lightrail train without a ticket.

To reveal more then the authorities could first ingest and secondly - digest. Go Figure!

What a bunch of constipated buffoons!