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Friday, December 30, 2011

The DEMISE of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The Redevelopment Agencies were created in 1945 and ever since that time - Redevelopment has played havoc in most cases.

Using Eminent Domain laws, thugs, Redevelopment Agencies often times drove mostly poor people to their death.

Thousands were removed from the Fillmore and sent to live in Single Residential Occupancy Hotels - most of them drowning their sorrow - drinking alcohol, taking drugs like heroin - and destroying themselves - most of them Black.

Of course London Breed, Ms.Covington, Leroy King all Black would not know this - have no clue what Redevelopment did to their own people. Pathetic. 

There have been some success cases with Redevelopment - and one that comes to mind the Old Gaslamp Quater in San Diego and some sound projects in City San Jose - in California.

San Francisco has a few projects too that worked - but more to fill the campaign coffers of the very corrupt by AT&T Park.

Lennar a Rogue Developer was invited by Willie L. Brown Jr. to Sacramento to build a Golf Course - the course was built on contaminated ground.

He then invited them to build 10,500 homes on contaminated soil. Lennar bombard the community by Parcel A at Hunters Point with Asbesto Structures - and was forced to deal with the wrath of the people.

Stop Lennar Action Movement brought Lennar down and continues to this day to monitor the dying and sedated - dragon. Willie L. Brown Jr. lost and with him Kofi Bonner the weasel - who will be defeated.

The sell outs all Black are licking their chops - and this news of the demise of Redevelopment - has shafted the mostly all Black sell out - thugs.

Redevelopment really does not have to abide by City Planning rules. Redevelopment is a quasi-State agency - they do as they please.

We have seen that before in San Francisco. Redevelopment destroyed the Fillmore - even as it destroyed the Bayview Hunters Point - until the people rose up and the people are monitoring this sordid - process. 

Lennar bombarded the community with Asbestos Friables - for four months in the year 2004 - destroying the lives of thousands of children, elders and others.

The monitoring equipment could not register the Asbestos Structures because Lennar removed the batteries from the equipment.

Such a sordid deed went unnoticed until - we the community brought the matter before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Lennar was fined a sum of $515,000 and for the first time - the Poverty Pimp Pastors all Black, the sell outs from the community that I have named before, Lennar were put on notice.

The SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioners the likes of Leroy King, Richard Swig, Darshan Singh, Covington, and London Breed all favored Lennar - and have the BLOOD of the community on their hand.

Come January 31, 2012 - Redevelopment Agencies all over California - but more SF Redevelopment will cease to be. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

As we knew all along - as I wrote in an article that was published by the Governor of California - the time for Redevelopment to go was yesterday.

This judgement was long due - and now that the California Supreme Court - by a margin of 6 to 1 - voted to kill Redevelopment - this GOOD news could not have come at a better time.

Redevelopment has caused major problems all over the Nation but more here in California. These vermin come into a community always lying and always promising - and always mostly deceiving.

Building Market Value homes off site to fulfill dubious intentions. That is how many Poverty Pimp Pastor had units built on vacant lots next to their churches in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Getting money for land that was mostly listed as Brown Fields. Profiting from legislation by Mark Leno - who initiated this "thug law" building units off site to fulfill mandates linked to affordable housing.

Market Value downtown - poorly built affordable unite off site - on Brown Fields in the Bayview Hunters Point Area and other poorer - neighborhoods.

Leading the list is Aurelious Walker and his True Hope Church built on land that is prone to liquefaction, floods, and contaminated watershed.

The air surrounding True Hope Church is polluted and the land situated very near the contaminated Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Superfund Site.

Another Poverty Pimp Pastor who profited Calvin Jones from the Providence Church on Third Street and Newcomb.

His units now have been occupied by others - originally they were promised to his congregation - who are mostly Blacks.

The paradox after some years - Calvin Jones will not own the units - he took the money from Redevelopment will lead a cozy life - but in a few years someone else will own the units - next to his Church on Third Street and Newcomb.

Redevelopment took land at Mission Bay - most of the land Public Trust Land - belonging to all Californians. Few have read the Public Trust Act - the Burton Act - other pertinent laws - all the sell out Black want is money and selling out the community.

At Mission Bay the developers never ever did the clean up of the land.

We have manifests that show how toxic soil from the high land was moved to the low land.

The University of California San Francisco building - sits on toxic land. The basement of the building is contaminated and fumes emit that are very toxic at Mission Bay.

The entire area called Mission Bay was contaminated by contaminated landfill, the operations of San Fe better know as Southern Pacific. The land was transferred to Catellus Corporation - same snake different head.

Land Banking was used - where parcels were divided without proper abatement and mitigation and then sold to dubious entities.

In the case of Redevelopment they got a deal - free land and Redevelopment used high density, low interest loans, and other devious methods to build high rise buildings. 

The surrounding land at Mission Bay is polluted. The air contaminated - and much has been made of the New Age Bio-Medical and Clean Technology businesses - when the air, land, and watershed is very contaminated.

Redevelopment has been the curse in the case of the TransBay Project where companies like Adolf Gasser who have been in the area for years - have been treated like dirt.

Others took advantage of the situation - Real Estate prospector Mayer - made money selling his property for more than it was worth - taking Redevelopment to Court - getting twice the Market Rate for property Mayers had permits for and Redevelopment failed to check - but paid twice the Market Rate - to get the property because they need the property - at the hub of the TranBay Project.

The surrounding area by the TransBay Project and the TransBay Project itself is all Redevelopment money from tax increment and low loans from the State of California.

Federal Money for the High Speed Rail will be slow in coming. The Republicans are stalling - and the Joint Transbay Board of Directors - keep looking you in the eye and lying with the exception of Ed Reiskin.

The State of the Art building - that is the Transbay Building - will be a monument to those that were truly behind it Nancy Pelosi the 7th richest Congressperson in the Nation, Willie L. Brown Jr. the former Mayor of San Francisco that has his dirty paws in every major project in the City and County of San Francisco, with the side kick Platinum Consultants who will soon Law Enforcement must investigate - other dubious entities - one worse than the other.

Redevelopment has failed in the Bayview Hunters Point - building inferior homes that are now controlled by Apartment Management Investment Company (AIMCO) - others by the John Stewart Company, all with bad records and all sued by many entities for cheating and robbing - Property Managers of the worst order.

Taken for a rid - Poor people and those on limited income who are treated like dirt - aided by the City and County of San Francisco - that has turned a blind eye.

Ask Mr. Ruben Santana - from Rubecon and he will tell you more about AIMCO.

In doing so - one can learn more about Redevelopment and those in our City that foster relations with the "thugs" and other such vermin.

None of the projects at Alice Griffith, the Schlage Lock Company on Bayshore and Arleta, the promises made to those at the Sunnydale Project, the Potrero Hill projects, others all over the City will kept. 

Redevelopment is DEAD. Kaput, finito!

Here is an article that I wrote predicting the DEMISE of the Redevelopment Agency in San Francisco:

Here is an article from the Sacramento Bee:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

SF Redevelopment ceases to be come January 31, 2012 - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Come January 31, 2012 - all California Redevelopment agencies will cease to be - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Since its inception Redevelopment Agencies including the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - have caused more adverse impacts - helped Big Developers make millions of dollars.

Using primitive methods many Redevelopment Agencies took control of private properties - under the pretext of blight.

Then using tools like eminent domain - Redevelopment Agencies declare a property a Survey Area and quickly it becomes a Project Area.

Over 400 Redevelopment Agencies will close come January 31, 2012 - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Governor Jerry Brown himself profited by Redevelopment Agencies in Oakland. And in doing so found out - how these corrupt crooks - made money at the expense of the local and State government.

Some Redevelopment Agencies went to court and even proposed to share revenues - but the California Supreme Court - by a unanimous decision of 6-1 voted in favor of the California State law to abolish all redevelopment agencies.

Also a companion amendment that would have permitted local redevelopment agencies to share revenues if Redevelopment Agencies were kept alive.

This is a Big Victory for Stop Lennar Action Movement. Our fight against Lennar linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The movement fought a rogue developer Lennar - and with  today's ruling permits - SLAM and others will be able to take Lennar to court - on matters such as fast tracking the Environmental Impact Report linked to the development of the entire Shipyard at Hunters Point. 

 The demise of Redevelopment, now open a can of worms and exposes the devious role of the SF Redevelopment Commission - most of them on the take - corrupt folks like Leroy King, Darshan Singh, Covington, and London Breed.

Redevelopment Agencies controlled over $5 billion and had a good time for years - partnering with corrupt Big Developers - who filled the campaign coffers of the politicians - while Big Developers made big - money.

Redevelopment agencies used tools like eminent domain,  high density,  false promises - and made tons of money to pay bond measures and tap into other State grants with low interest - especially catering to Big Developers who had it good for many years.

Not anymore.

In the Southeast sector the Alice Griffith, Schlage Lock, Hunters Point Shipyard, Potrero Hill, other projects surround the Transbay will be seriously - affected.

The present dire economy does not help either - Redevelopment Agencies have been laid to rest - and are DEAD for all practical purposes. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

With the demise of the Redevelopment Agencies - the State of California can now spend more money on Education and the Safety of all Californians.

In San Francisco after Fred Blackwell left as the Director of SF Redevelopment Agency - Tiffany Bohee was anointed as Director of Redevelopment.

 No one knows what name of the Agency will go by in the future -  for sure it will not be Redevelopment. Tiffany Bohee played a lying role when Fred Blackwell was the Director of SF Redevelopment Agency.

Some crooks are playing with the model of the Infrastructure Financing District (IFD). IFDs can being a return of 20 cents on a dollar - Redevelopment brought a return of 80 cents on a dollar.

Some crooks are tying to use the IFD model on Treasure Island. Let us see if it really works.

There was no doubt in the minds of the Judges that brought about today's favorable ruling - 6-1 in favor of  abolishing Redevelopment Agencies - that in all the time Redevelopment reigned supreme - it catered to corrupt Real Estate folks, Big Developers, and City officials who made tons of money.

Much of the money tainted with corruption of the highest order.

This fight in NOT over but it is a good decision that allows advocates and many other legislators who are against Redevelopment to put up a good fight -  some of those favoring Redevelopment  - still want to keep it alive. Time will tell.  

Too many homeless people on the streets of San Francisco.

We have too many HOMELESS sleeping on the streets, under bushes, under bridges, in boarded homes, in cars, in Recreational Vehicles, in any tin, metal, cardboard, sheet rock, tarp, make shift shelter - all over San Francisco.

San Francisco has formed many Task Forces - and I have attended many of them - none of them - have completely addressed the issue of homelessness.

Documents have been printed at tax payers expense - sitting on the shelves - gather up - dust. Shame on our sordid - politicians and those that head the Social Services.

The SF Housing Authority, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, Mayor's of Housing, and the other dubious entities - that keep changing their names. Not to forget the SF Redevelopment Agency whose demise is imminent - an Agency that has failed San Franciscans.

Over 300,000 Veterans sleep on the streets - all over our Nation. We have a huge number of Veterans sleeping on the Street on San Francisco. Very little is done to help them. More is done by having Press Conferences - promising the world and doing nothing.

Not once has Supervisor from District 10 Malia Cohen addressed the situation of homelessness in detail.

Nor does she have the ability to address any major situation. It is the same with AIDS, STDs, people with other chronic diseases found in District 10 in abundance.

It is the same in District 5 where there is a lot of homelessness among the Blacks and other minorities.

You never heard London Breed take a stand on the issue of safety, health, and addressed them in detail and coherent manner.

Not once at any public forum has she addressed homelessness, gang violence, the Fillmore Center, the Marcus Garvey debacle, any major issue that affects - minorities.

Yet, such morons want and have been representing - when they are not cut out to represent the people - not in these dire economic times - where we need sound leadership.

The worst Representatives are the ones that are morally and spiritually bankrupt.

 Grin and smile - and have no clue what is going on in, above, below, and around them - Malia Cohen and London Breed - fit this category of good for nothing - jackasses.

Politics is a dirty game - and one way to stop the corruption and prevent adverse impacts - is to point to the ignorant and arrogant - their deficient caliber being unfit, inept, ignorant, shallow, spineless, uneducated on issues.

These are the types of morons - that are used by other corrupt politicians. The SF County Democratic Committee - puts on their SLATE - and used as puppets.

It means nothing to most of us - if you are with President Barack Hussein Obama. Nothing. The  personal rights under President Barack Hussein Obama have been violated more - more than any other United States President in modern times. 

I bet you Malia Cohen and London Breed - both naive and shallow - have not read the National Defense Authorization Act. If they have they will get some clue what I am talking about.

People suffer most when they have Representatives who are in position or want to get into position - and have no clue about the human rights of Americans.

Have NOT served our Nation in any capacity - in the Services, on the front lines, and have not taken a stand on issues such as gang violence, homelessness, our youth and adults and the mental challenges they face, single mothers and infants suffering because of lack of services and so on.

Taken heads on a corrupt Rogue Developer who has adversely impacted others - but more Blacks. Some Blacks continue to do the damage - are in bed with Lennar a Rogue Developer - that is going no where.

Immature folks wanting to represent but have no understanding City operations and how any small or big City works.

Dumb, idiots who think that their aides will do the work, and when they are in they pander to those that are corrupt.

These corrupt include past Mayors, those Representing in Congress and the Senate - who have not done their job - and who have NOT - represented San Francisco - well.

No one should take it for granted that this time around those Independents that put President Barack Hussein Obama in power - will vote for him again. Do not take that for granted.

It means nothing to most of those intelligent and in the know - that some of  you know President Barack Hussein Obama. 

President Obama has not helped us in San Francisco much. He has helped the filthy rich - come here raked in the millions in hours - and left.

San Francisco has a population of about 816,000. A Budget that is about $9.6 billion. Yes billions. For every one San Franciscan we have 28 City workers.

We have a unfunded Pension that will come to haunt us - in the billions.

Yearly, the General Fund will shrink - it is just the sign of the times that will demand strict fiscal constrains that both folks - Malia Cohen and London Breed fail to bring to the table.

With all her drab education Malia Cohen bought a condominium for over $580,000 with no payment down. Only to let it go some years later - a foreclosure that spells a lot about her ability to make financial - decisions.

It is the same with London Breed - always pandering to those that give money for her operations of sort. 

I was at a meeting at the Presdio and the dumb woman - wanted the late Donald Fisher to build a large museum on the Main Post at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Found out that Don Fisher had contributed some thousands to her non-profit - so she just came to mouth her support for a despicable project that we shut down.

The Fillmore Center does not contribute to the true welfare and progress of the Fillmore.

The Safeway and the many condominiums over looking the plaza - must contribute to the community - and they do not. We have many in the Fillmore with jobs. 

Division has been brought into the Marcus Garvey Housing Project - and this division is brought about by the Black sell outs.

The ones that come and take a peek at my FaceBook and then speak behind my back. The worse sell outs come from the Fillmore - they have no business in the Bayview Hunters Point - but for money will pander to the Rogue Developer - Lennar.

We have 30,000 homes vacant in San Francisco. Good homes that have been vacant for more then three years.

We have over 20,000 rental units vacant - some that can be fixed quickly and others that need major rehab.

We have had a sordid history of the Academy of Art University all over our great City and County of San Francisco - buying buildings that once provided rental units for our San Francisco residents - and now provide dubious accommodation for mostly foreign students.

The Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection has been very, very slow to adjudicate this major housing problem. Many of the changes made to the buildings - was without permits. Rampant changes made within the walls of these buildings. Pathetic.

What do you think Malia Cohen and London Breed know about the above?

The Armory that once housed the homeless when it was cold on Mission Street - has been sold to a company that makes Pornographic Movies - and other S and M movies.

Projects - that former Mayor Gavin Newsom liked. Malia and London make know about this situation - but, knowing the company they keep, the types they hang out with - these two imbeciles would go along with the operations at the former - Armory on Mission - and think less about the compassionate uses of the former Armory on Mission Street.

On any given day when there was inclement weather - hundreds of indigent people could be brought in and given shelter at the Mission Armory - in a warm place and in some cases in the past - fed. No more.

It is sad to see so many homeless in the Fillmore - siting in the drab Park very near the McDonald's a fast food operation - where so many hang around - 95% of them Black. Many starving, many mental patients, so sad - so very sad, sad, sad.

It is the same at Palou in Third Street - the site of the future Town Hall - where folks sit from 8 am to 8 pm - wasting their time. Selling MUNI tickets, other materials that I would like to mention but will not. Go check it out yourself.
I would challenge Malia Cohen to go there and take care of business.

Also, take care of the two bus shelters that have been removed - and NO notices placed.
I am taking care of this situation - while Malia Cohen is pussyfooting around - some place.

Malia Cohen should work her but off - to replace the new shelters and cater to the Elders, our children, our single mothers with infants, the physically challenged, others - all need these shelters to rest, seat, while the buses take forever to arrive - the MUNI 44 and 23. Go figure.

In the interim, as has been for years too many Veteran, too many homeless, including families that is father, mother, and children - sleep on the streets of San Francisco.

All the while Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, other dubious financial large institutions - with long established sordid relations in San Francisco - use sell outs, mostly Blacks to do their bidding. Time will tell. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

San Francisco Representatives who use power to fill their own campaign coffers.

It is a shame that we have some who join politics for all the wrong reasons. Others prompted by corrupt politicians the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr.

London Breed took a peek about what I wrote about her.

You, London Breed are not fit to represent.

You did not represent when you were at Treasure Island, less when you were at the SF Redevelopment Agency, even less at the SF Fire Department Commission.

So, it is a disgrace when folks just prop up some spineless, drab, inept, candidate to be anointed as the District 5 Supervisor.

Ain't going to happen - people are smart today - to know those who are sell outs, who pussy foot about - and those that are plain - stupid.

There are others who took a peek at what I wrote about Malia Cohen - another shallow representative.

Bet she is out of town - doing what she does best - behind close doors. No one would appreciate if I painted that picture - suffice to say - it is not what straight folks aim or practice, regularly.

It has been a long time since we have had Representatives in San Francisco, at City Hall - who are strong in legislating.

Ross Mirkarimi was one - however, if you fast forward to London Breed - all she does is grin, sits on the fence and jumps of that side that is - green.

As a Black person she had an opportunity to defend our children from Bayview Hunters Point.

This when Lennar a Rogue Developer poisoned our children. London Breed did what most sell outs do - she tow the line - and for this she has blood on her hands.

More because she knew those at Muhammad University - but she did not care.

She had one of nephews and other relatives learning at that school - that was adversely impacted.

When it came to defend our children from Muhammad University - the shallow Black woman turned her back on the community - more the Black community at large - and we all remember that episode - as if it was yesterday.

There are Blacks those that are doing well that do not want to help their unfortunate brothers and sisters.

Among this group are Malia Cohen and London Breed. There are others - do not be confused that there are just these two - hundreds of others - who we call - sell outs. House Negroes who for some stale, bread crumbs - will sell the community at large.

The Fillmore also known as the Western Addition has suffered and continues to suffer the after affects - from the adverse impacts imposed by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. 

As I said Fred Blackwell who ones kept company with London Breed is no more to back her.

The SF Redevelopment Agency is history - London Breed and others - like Ms Covington, the aged Leroy King could have done better - but, they chose to tow the line and sing the blues - as most sell outs - do.

These are the same people that went for a new fake study - called the Out Migration.

As if Black are birds that migrate from place to place.

None of those on the task force linked to the Out Migration - read the Unfinished Agenda. It is time they read it - even at this late hour - they may be enlightened.

In the Black community we once had astute leaders - not any more.

Now, we have a bunch of folks who think because they have gone to some drab college or university they can represent.

Well, to represent one must be able to discern, you cannot discern if you do not have fortitude, you cannot have fortitude unless you have standards.

Now if you do not have morals - and lack spirituality - then most anything such folks touch borders on adversity and brings about less - progress.

It was nice to see the traffic after I wrote the last article.

All the sell outs came to visit my FaceBook page - and I was monitoring them and their activities.

Watch out for more reports - time to call a spade a spade.

SF Board of Supervisors on vacation - do they deserve long vacations - and do they truly - represent.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) are on vacation - do they truly deserve the many vacations? Do these so called Representatives - represent?

Now, it is not a good policy to generalize - and granted but one of two of these Representatives try - but, by far the majority are selfish, greedy, shallow, inept and on the front line - Malia Cohen from District 10 and Carmen Chu from District 4.

Malia Cohen does not live in her district and has been put on notice.

The City Attorney and the Director of SF Elections and even the Secretary of California has been made aware that she does not reside in her District - she lives mostly in District 9.

That being said Malia is phony - as phony as they make them - she has no clue what is happening in her District.

Recently, I waited for sometime to see what she would do about two bus shelters that most people use - by the Town Center - at Third Street and Palou Street.

The shelters have been removed and no notice given to the general public. Where are the Elders to sit - waiting for a bus that many a times takes - 45 minutes?

Where are the physically challenged to sit - when they need to sit - suffering from pain or some other pertinent impediments? 

Where are the mothers with new born infants to sit or take shelter when the infant is exposed to the elements? Say when it rains?

Malia Cohen could not care less - she is as phony as they come.
Shallow, drab, corrupt, spineless and most of all inept.

Which brings me to a vital point that some one high on something, may be - has been pushing for London Breed to be anointed to replace Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi in District 5 - very bad thinking.

London Breed has a record of pandering - she loves to pander to those that offer her money.

The woman was so stupid to post on her FaceBook that when this stupid Republican Cain - was found to offer money and help - to his many new found mistresses that ultimately - forced him out of the US Republican Presidential selection for US Presidency. 

London Breed suggested that she would not mind Cain paying her bills. Yes.

It is this mentality that some feel comfortable with - that point to the point I want to make. London Breed is shallow when she was appointed on the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Not once did she speak in favor of the Bayview Hunters Point Community and the adverse impacts imposed by a Rogue Developer - Lennar. Lennar bombard the community with Asbestos Fribables and the SF Redevelopment did nothing.

Today the Bayview Hunters Point community rejoice that the SF Redevelopment is history. Both Fred Blackwell and Michael Cohen - have jumped ship.

Those backing this inept, shallow, spineless, always grinning woman London Breed - should be ashamed of themselves.

I heard some idiots gathered with the NAACP - the Amos Brown crowd to back London Breed. The NAACP has been a disgrace to San Francisco and to minorities under the leadership of Amos Brown - failing to represent and Amos jumping on any bandwagon to get fake recognition for himself.

I point to the above because if elected to the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) these so called representatives must represent.

We need folks that can stand for issues and who are educated on issues. We do not want people who are deeply in bed with corrupt politicians like Willie L. Brown Jr., who has been supporting London Breed - with some ulterior design in mind.

London Breed could have help the Fillmore but has worked with SF Redevelopment to adversely impact the Fillmore - catering only to those House Negros that receive favors.

Pandering to those that do not have the best interests of the community at large. Fillmore is not what is used to be - because of folks like London Breed who believe in "selective" projects where only certain folks stand to gain.

It is the same with Malia Cohen - she has never, ever represented District 10 - accept acting like a spy when she worked for the Metrosexual Gavin Newsom - who used her like a dirty rag - and cast her aside. She always was and today acts like a RAT.

The SF BOS continue to take long vacations as if they deserve it.

If the SF BOS can squeeze in a couple of days as holidays after a major holiday - if they can - they will take the extra days - and there is no mechanism to bring these type of uncalled behavior to a halt.

This never happened before - but in recent years - the SF BOS get to many holidays and little meaningful work - done.

In the meantime during these cold season - with the prevailing dire economy - the inclement weather - thousands of families and many from the Fillmore and Bayview Hunters Point - and many of them Black are on on the street.

No one cares for them - and I have not heard Malia Cohen speak one single word in favor of helping the "indigent" that number in the thousands in her District 10 - all you see her doing mostly is grinning like a "jackass".

Right now she is on vacation pussyfooting - around. Most probably out of town - she loves to escape - to be with those of her kind and type - that are selfish, lack fortitude, and are sordid to the core.

The year 2012 is going to demand a lot of work - but judging from the nonchalant behavior of the SF BOS - most of them lazy, others more interested in legislation linked to nudity, dogs, dog walking, and other mundane stuff - one can judge the poor caliber of most of the SF BOS by the drab legislation they have produced.

Some SF BOS act pompous; because failing to serve their constituents - they now seek solace and think they are moving up - like Jane Kim who is now anointed by Willie L. Brown Jr., and his cronies to be Chair of the Joint Transbay Board.

She accepted the position even before the vote was taken - go back and view the tape of the meeting. When someone offered her name and someone seconded her to be Chair. Then without the vote taken - Jane Kim assumed she was in - until the Secretary remind her - she had to be voted in.

Governor Jerry Brown does not have the money to bail out the City and County of San Francisco. He is now working on putting on the California Ballot - a proposal for a half cent tax increase - and a request that those making over $250,000 pay more in taxes. Time will tell.

In the interim over 10,000 chronic truants most minorities - do not go to school. Over 5000 families with children are homeless - and folks like Malia Cohen and London Breed have NO clue how to address such issues.

Both these women are Black - both of them are dumb and inept, and do not have a clue about Health issues, Safety issues, Social issues, sound operations lined to any major task that makes any major City work.

We want hands on - intelligent people - not some fake grinning dolls not worth their salt. Mostly, pussyfooting around.

Ross Mirkarimi worked very hard and handled some major issues.

London Breed cannot fill in those shoes. She thinks studying at the University of San Francisco will help her - USF products in recent years - have failed San Francisco. I should not that as a Jesuit product but not from USF.

We do not want some one like Amos Brown - trying to tell San Franciscans what is good for San Francisco.

The issues may relate to District 5 but as far as representation is concerned is must be Citywide.

In the past on major issues linked to health and safety - when London Breed was on the SF Redevelopment Agency - she failed - she failed to help the people from the Bayview Hunters Point and more the Southeast Sector of San Francisco on many major issues. Little did she think this would come to haunt her - the grinning jackass that she is.

If Mayor Ed Lee anoints her - she is a liability. Mark my words.

This is also a clarion call to the other SF BOS - work your butts off and put your best foot forward.

This dire economy demands the best brain - and not those that constantly pussyfoot around - the likes of Malia Cohen.

We need you folks - so called SF BOS to represent, to work very, very hard. If you cannot do your job - move out of the way. If it is too hot in the kitchen - screw off.

Do not request us at Public Comment - to curtail our comments - and think for a second you idiots can "think" for us.

Just like Congress and the Senate have single digit acceptance in the polls.

The same hold true of you mostly inept, shallow, sordid, SF BOS and the BOS Clerks - who deprive the public the Three Minutes they should get to express themselves.

When anyone fails to shed light where there is darkness - there is rampant corruption.

This is the case with the present SF BOS at San Francisco City Hall - wheeling and dealing behind close doors and rampant sordid corruption of the highest order. Get a life.