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Saturday, July 23, 2011

This Nation's leadership has put this entire Nation in jeopardy - and does not care about those that need help most.

This Nation's leadership has put this entire Nation in jeopardy - and does not care at all to help those Americans - that need help most.

After World War II; those that fought in the war came home and were determined not to fight another war and do everything to maintain peace.

Over the years the Vietnam War, the other minor skirmishes took this Nation and put thousands of our soldiers in harm way. We know that 58,000 died in the Vietnam war. Thousands others were maimed.

George W. Bush was responsible for the current two wars - in Iraq and the on going fiasco and saga in Afghanistan.

Our Nation has NO business trying to reform other Nations - and we have NO business going to war - without  - any Nation first provoking us and attacking us as a Nation.

The repercussions of our war efforts have made millions - to some of those highly connected with the Department of Defense.

We know who they are. This story has been the same - for decades. It happened during World War II - the filthy rich making money - on both sides of the war.

The Baby Boomers paid into the Social Security System - paid into Medicare - paid into the various other health systems.

Now, Congress and the Senate - having lost their mind - are targeting entitlements. This is plain wrong.

There are thousands of Senior Citizens who have only Social Security to carry them month after month.

 Many Americans lived in times when they were told to work hard - often at minimum wage and did so.

Today, they are being threatened - a gun has been put to their head. Wait to see the results at the coming elections. Americans will NOT forget.

The 2008 Economic Fall - adversely affected most everyone - but, what is not being told in public - is that millions of - mostly poor Seniors, and others with limited income - lost their savings. Others lost their 401 K - savings.

The present Representatives think this is a JOKE.

All over our Nation people are suffering and these so called Representatives are playing with the lives of innocent people.

No one told these folks to buy billion dollars fighter planes, spend thousands of dollars on 5000 pounds bombs, build Hummers that could not with stand explosions, waste millions of private armies, do things despicable - spend tax payers money.

Today, people are stressed - it is a JOKE when on one hand we say we are a Super Power - and then we have folks eating dog food to survive!

One in three children go to bed hungry. Our Seniors do not have good health coverage.

The homeless have no shelter. What is most pathetic is to see so many of our soldiers, our Veterans, homeless, confounded with mental problems and there is no one to help them.

Our Nation's leadership must be ashamed of themselves.

Got sleeping when Wall Street screwed them in broad daylight - and they could not face the shame.

Then these same stupid people, we call our Representatives - took money from the tax payers - to bail out thieves like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs and others.

There is nothing new with this debt ceiling. It has come and gone before.

After World War II - we built our infrastructure and put millions to work and built our economy - under similar circumstances.

Most everyone knows this - especially the Baby Boomers - who are now reaching Retirement Age.

This time around the Representatives are playing with fire - and the backfire will be heard loud and clear.

We have serious issues with our educational system, our health system, caring for our Veterans, caring for those that are on disability, caring for our children - we are a Nation of compassion.

Our Representatives that took us to war, wasted millions if not billions of war materials, billions on sub-primes loans affecting the entire world economy - and they must be ashamed of themselves.

This pussyfooting around can stop in less then a minute.

Let us start with a ten percent cut on the salaries of our Representatives, deprive them of their Health Benefits for one year, stop paying them their expenses for trips here, there, and everywhere.

Now, even thought these scumbags make thousands - they will fight tooth and nail to protect their benefits and their salaries and perks.

This debt ceiling game is but a game - they will wait to the last minute - and praise themselves for having done something.

 When all of the time they have played havoc with the innocent, hard working people of America. Enough is enough.

Watch the video below - it will open your eyes and reveal the state of affairs prevailing now - as it did - before.