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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Seniors and others who have fallen on bad times -
have no roof over their head - sleep under our bridges -
in other filthy places - God have mercy on SF our authorities.

There are thousands of Seniors in San Francisco who have NO roof over their head.

At one time all of them - had jobs and a roof over their head - but the recent changes - where rents have high rocketed - one bedroom costing in access of $3500 - a two bedroom in access of $5300 - is too much to bear.

These Seniors live one limited income - most of them on an average making $900 - and one can plainly see - with this limited income - no one truly can stay in San Francisco - any more.

Gentrification has destroyed thousands of families - who have left San Francisco - in the last five years - over 40, 000 families - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys have nothing much say.

Our City is made by of unique neighborhoods - the Mayor and his  lackeys do not under this - and so the time has come - to remove this Mayor - he and his lackeys - even with all the changes - his advisor jumping ship - and some other worse crooks brought in.

Two of the Mayor's lackeys have jumped ship his chief advisor Steve Kawa and his other expert on " so called affordable housing " Olson Lee.

Prior to that - Tiffany Bohee - who is now working for " Land Lease " - and has a lot to do with the transfer of City Property - the large Block on Van Ness - at the corner of Van Ness and Market.

For the last 30 years - Seniors have been relegated to the status of  those that can wait - they have been waiting - " Waiting For Godot " - NO affordable housing has been built - to accommodate the large amount of Seniors - who are now spending their Golden Years - living in tents - on the streets of San Francisco.

It is not uncommon for those who use brand new cars - and roam the streets of San Francisco - so called " workers who care for the homeless " -  from all the things we see - they only care about themselves.

Calling in the hot teams and the SF Police Department - to take care of things they should be taking care of - calling in teams from the Department of Public Works - to wipe out encampments.

These team - take the medications from the indigent and poor - treat the homeless with disdain - all the while most San Franciscans - are now feeling immune to the situation -  few stand up for those that need help most - our Seniors.

God is watching all this - and already those in authority - are feeling the pinch - but there is more to come - you will be treated by a higher power - in proportion to the disdain you show to those - who need urgent help and more compassion and love.

The City has now tasked the Department of Public Works to wipe out areas - more tents - without taking care to inform those in tents - to set aside their valuables and medication.

It is simply wrong to destroy - the little the poor have - more the Seniors -  it should be made mandatory - that a video be used to record what was there before - and how the tearing down of the tents - is executed.

How the things are inventoried with a Supervisor present - more,  when valuables are removed - how those impacted are given an opportunity to save their medication and valuables.

Those who are acting on orders - have no clue - about compassion and human dignity - those acting on orders - do not know they can be taken to " court " - we are a Nation of Laws - and we pay taxes.

Anyway you look at it - we the tax payers - pay the money - for all these actions - costing the City and County of San Francisco - millions of dollars - in access of $200 million - temporary housing - included.

Again and again - I have stood a few feet away and seen the workers who are ordered to - remove the tents.

 How those that have some shelter - more during the current inclement weather - cry their heart out - feel that no one cares about them - left so vulnerable that they feel - that there is no reason for them to live. Their removed tents - their last resort to stay - alive.

While those who are young adults and adults - can tolerate some stress - the Seniors should be treated with compassion - and everything done - not to stress them out.

Hundreds of Seniors have died - their bodies taken to the morgue - where they are left for someone to claim - the SF City and County has done a poor job - when it comes to those left in the morgue - before their remains are incarcerated.

There are no shelters - shelters with showers, a good meal, and a clean bed to sleep- to cater to the majority of the Senior and those that are poor - and have fallen on bad times. 

The few amenities that are available are taken by those who have connections.

Many Seniors are given a chair and have to sit on this chair all night long.

 Those who offer such amenities - think this is the best they can do -  offering a chair for a Senior and making her or him seat all night long - this is a crime.

I said it is a CRIME.

Shame on our Nation - and those who rake in millions - from selling ammunition, war weapons, fighter jets - missiles, and other sensitive equipment - we have been supplying  to Israel - costing us the United States - billions of dollars.

Now, we are bowing down - acting like fools - and supplying over 110 Billion - and some say as much as 400 Billion to Saudi Arabia.

We must think about our actions - more - when here  in the United States - 3 out of 5 Seniors - have no food to eat - and many past the second week - literally - starve. 

This is a shame - and we call - ourselves a Superpower - no Superpower should treated its citizens like dirt.

 More our Seniors - who in their Golden Years - have to live in despicable condition, have no good place to sleep, no nutritional food to eat - no health services - worth the salt.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee must step down now - HE is an utter failure.

We know about the millions he has in off shore accounts.

His wheeling and dealing is well know - and more his pay to play - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

San Francisco is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohone - and our Seniors our Elders are respected.

Those that are poor - must be offered succor - and treated like human beings.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I am monitoring the situation at hand - intervening and doing the best I can.

As I said  - God is watching the sad state of affairs - here in San Francisco. A City named after Saint Francis - and run by a bunch of thugs.

 Many SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - who do as their please - others surfing the Internet - right in the SF Board of Supervisor Chamber - Room 250 - while the deliberation are on going.

This is a crime and illegal - and the authorities must take those acting like " morons " - disrespecting the tax payers, the constituents of San Francisco to task. Change them under the RICO ACT - now we have the empirical data and more. Aho.

Monday, May 29, 2017


The colonial days that Africa experienced - have left deep scars - and today - other so called countries of interest -  are vying to become Superpowers, others - seeking short term opportunities - just to make a fast buck and leave. 

Foremost, among them all - the Chinese from Mainland China.

In Kenya, East Africa - rare earth deposits have been found and exploited - worth $100 Billion plus. Yes -  $100 Billion plus.

Few have heard about Mrima Hill - in the coastal county of Kwale -  the wheeling and dealing began a long time ago.

Cortec Kenya Mining - with roots in Canada - offering to give the Kenya Government - some 3% of the profits - of the Kenya Government chose to work with them - which they did.

Rare earth deposits are in demand and reports state the China produces 90% of these rare earth deposits - Riobium for example to strengthen steel -  today - exports billions of dollars of steel - even  here in the Untied States - we - import steel from China.

Closer here to San Francisco - our newer bridges - but, more our skyscrapers use Chinese steel - and many American Chinese - living here in San Francisco - are involved with the wheeling and dealing - and more.

The production of rare earth have consequences - much like mining other minerals - the production of one ton of rare earths - produces 2, 000 tons of toxic waste.

In  China large areas have been contaminated - and more the watershed - impacting rivers and lakes - the fish but also clean drinking water.

Baotou in China's Inner Mongolia -
a cesspool of very contaminated waste -
a result from mining rare-earth.

Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Namibia, South Africa, Malawi, Rwanda - many other Nation in Africa - have deposits of rare earth - many in large measure - countries like Norway, Japan, the United States, China - other Corporations - most of them with one goal in mind - to make large sums of money -  in the Billions.

The World Bank, the G -7 Nations, others Nations who are involved in Africa - are not paying any attention to the contamination, pollution, and the many adverse impacts - that mining, oil drilling, and now the production of rare earths - bring to the underdeveloped Nations of Africa.

In the year 2000 some of us here in San Francisco - sat down and organized the National Summit on Africa's Dialogue and Celebration of Africa. Africa and America: Partners in the New Millennium.

It was held from February 16-20, 2000 - Washing D.C.  United States of America.

 Delegates were sent to Washington D.C. - from many States representing the United States.

We had representatives from some Nations from Africa - who attended the National Summit on Africa - 2000.

Representing  the Bay Area - California - the Chair Dr. Ramona Tascoe and I was the Co-Chair - Francisco Da Costa.

We chose topics - headed by experts on topics - like Sustainable Development, Quality of Life and the Environment.

Democracy and Human Rights.

Peace and Security

Education and Culture

Economic Development, Trade and Investment, and Job Creation.

Historical Framework, Paper Written for the National Summit on Africa by: Dr. Elliott Skinner ( Columbia University), member of the Foreign Policy Advisory Committee.

What was so amazing about this Nation Summit on Africa - 2000 - was the bi-partisian participation -  with The National Summit on Africa Initiative Core Partners, the Foreign Policy Advisory Committee, the Youth Outreach Committee - all playing an excellent role - to bring about the fruition - of this one of kind National Summit on Africa - 2000.

Regional Summits were held in Chicago, in Los Angeles, in San Francisco, in Boston, in Oklahoma City, in Baltimore, in Denver, and in Houston, Texas.

The regional policy dialogues, sub-regional policy fora, and numerous local caucuses and educational programs.

The National Summit of Africa both the best minds from Africa and of many African Americans and others here in the United States - the many colleges and universities, the churches and other institution of learning - hospitals, schools, leaders from all walks of life - dignitaries - gathering in Washington D. C. was simply amazing.

We had functions at the Kennedy Center - and other centers - and worked together - to better understand and serve the Continent of Africa.

The deliberations made at the National Summit of Africa - 2000 -led to many initiatives - on health, more initiative to curtail and address AIDS, other diseases such as Malaria, polio and so on.

The deliberations led to initiatives on Transportation, Education, Health, Safety, Outreach to the Youth in Africa, and more.

Sound deliberations on Trade and Economic Initiatives - many led to better things - because we have a sound Blue Print in hand.

Many learned about the many Nations on the Continent of Africa - the dictators that at that time and even today - who have amassed great wealth - and created divisiveness and the gap between the filthy rich and the poor.

Many learned of the advances made on the Continent of Africa - in the area of Telecommunication, Transportation, Health, Education, the rights for women and so on.

Many understood more about the land - the Continent where human beings first originated - and more how we all - in our DNA carry a link and more an attachment to Continent of Africa.

We had serious meetings - linked to the liberation of nation in Africa - the many atrocities committed by the colonial powers - the British, the Belgians, the Germans, the French, the Italians, the Dutch, the Portuguese - you get the drift.

Many of us - I included were born in Africa - I in Nairobi, Kenya.

Americans - more Blacks from the Untied States - can do more for Africa - the time has come for another - National Summit on Africa - the last one held in the year 2000.

The Black Athletes - other Black entrepreneurs - have an opportunity today - more than ever before - to produce models - and work with Africans.

 Always - with the Africans in the cockpit - to bring some innovative solutions - the resources are there - to uplift the Africans - and bring about some holistic and much needed healing - with all that Africa has endured - more from the colonists - the worse among them the Belgians.

 King Leopold - the worse of them -
a murderer, he has BLOOD on his hands -
he ruled the Belgian Congo - ruthlessly.

Even in the year 2000 - we spoke about the exploitation of those mining gold, precious stones, all sorts of minerals - and even rare earth.

Today, Africa is poised to produce Billions of dollars of much need " Rare Earth " - used to strengthen steel, in the use of our cell phones, in computer chips to make them run faster, titanium and other metals - used in the production on our Fighter Jets - and other one of kind equipment.

No one wants to say - how these rare minerals and rare earth products - help make the Superpower Nation - richer and more powerful.

Not once is there a Blue Print to give back to Africa - with the Africans in the cockpit - the aid given to those who stretch their hands - more African with connection and power - who pocket the money - must STOP.

Today, we have African dictators - with millions if not billions of dollars in off shore accounts - we will not name them now - but can in detail - as we have the empirical data.

There is a another crime - when resource are stolen from Africa - for pennies and sold for thousands of dollars  - making profits in access of 500% to a 1000% percent  - which is totally uncalled for - and must be not be tolerated - immoral, unethical, and absolutely - lacking justice and unfair.

The Chinese by large measure - are exploiting - every aspect of trade - in meat products, agriculture, rare earths, petroleum - may of them are living in villages - having several wives - and exploiting the situation in the villages.

All over Africa the Chinese from Mainland China - have built large stadiums - that the Africans love to watch and play soccer - but we also have an access of cheap clothing, plastics of all kinds - flimsy and cheap, commercial products.

The Chinese - many of them agents of the Chinese Government - are NOT addressing environmental issues - much as they do not in China - where contamination, pollution, and such issues - have ruined many places - once pristine but now ruined in China - including the rivers, the lakes, the forest, the watershed and most importantly the air.

Africa is a continent - and the exploitation of rare woods like ebony, exploitation of ivory and rhino horns, the fur from other exotica animals - must STOP.

We can still save Africa - by allow the Africans to take control of their own destiny - we need some viable and sustainable Blue Print - created by Africans for Africans - and an understanding that time is running out - time is of essence. Aho.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


AFRICA the home of human kind.

AFRICA - is a continent - has boasted to be the origins of human kind.

Africa -  has immense resources - that the colonial masters - be it the Belgians, the British, the Germans, the Italians, the Dutch - others too many to name - took what they wanted -  without permission - and have given - very little back. Shame on them.

It does not help that the World Bank - makes deals - with the corrupt elements - in Africa - some Chief here, many dictators that reign without mercy, the few Democratic Leaders -  in all cases - pitting initiatives - to permit - those small business - and those inventors and leaders who have a vision - to be independent - putting all sorts of hurdles in their way.

African boast a population of 1. 2 billion - and there is more to learn. 

The many so called - Non Government Organizations  (NGOs)- and Film Stars and other famous people - have exploited the people from Africa - mostly trying to address situation - by giving some goods - food - but failing to train and give skills. Failing to make people - independent.

Anyone with compassion - can fully understand - giving aid such as food - and other medical equipment and medicines - to bring succor to the Africans suffering.

Many of whom are suffering today - in Sudan and Somalia and the neighboring region - dying slow from famine. 

This one factor - has been exploited - by NGOs and others - failing to teach the people how to fish. 

Preferring to given them fish - be it stale fish - and creating a situation - where many - become lethargic to do anything.

There were Kingdoms is Africa - there are some now.

There are still monuments - that few so called civilized nations can replicate - great Kings and Queen hailed from Africa.

If one pays attention to the many invention that were found in Africa - and spread all over the world - the present dynamics - look down on African - can and must - change.

The Sphinx - what is above is something -
what is underground is mind boggling -
the engineers, the architects, look and marvel -
and all this and more in AFRICA be it Egypt.

The science of living well - doctors who could prescribe medicine and were sought by all - be it the Romans, the Greeks - and then in course of time other nations - all over the world.

Africa for thousands of years had the ability to address - diseases - invent and bring about progress in all the fields - that many nations - are just beginning to understand.

While all the time protecting nature - the many species that are dying today - and still thriving in many place in Africa. Even though the colonial power - killed Elephants, keep stealing mineral - more rare minerals that most have no idea about.

The many pristine places - have attracted so many scientists to - check out the deep forests - the pristine rivers - animals one of a kind, frogs that have so much to offer - plants from which the Pharmaceutical Companies - have raked in billions.

The rape of Africa on all level is so deep - that it is nauseating - yet, should that worship GREED - have no qualms and continue doing what they do best - lie, steal, do what they do best - grab all that they can - lay their hands on.

Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry - the building of the Pyramids - the many other sciences that spread to Spain and other countries - where Philosophers and other came together - and shared knowledge. Africa played a keen role in educating the world.

The many religions - were influenced by Africa - and even today - we see the influence.

 Whites - still wallow in their pride that they know it all - and have failed - when it comes to Cultural Competency - and more learn about " Implicit Bias " - and the many issues - that spread to Nations and leaders -  preventing - sound communication and fair play.

Those colonial nations - that have exploited Africa - the many resources available in Africa - continue to do so - today - in sleek ways.

Africans must be in the cockpit - never mind if they do it their way.

As I said in an emergency - much as we had the Marshal Plan - some help given with a Blue Print - that supports the people and spur them to be independent is appreciate.

Giving money - some sordid loans - and charging these African Nations - higher interest - keep the nation down - wallowing in debt - is something - those that know about basic economics - have spoken about and so have I - for over 35 years.

Africans too much look deep into corruption that is found in places such as Nigeria - Sudan - dictators who have million stacked in off shored banks - while their people suffer - such actions and the mess such action create - must come to a STOP.

In many places - sad to say - slavery and the likes of slavery are found - and we have seen this in Somalia and Sudan - more.

It is time - for those who have a vision - more compassion - put the Africans in the cockpit - give them the skills and the know how - freedom of though and mind - is found in plenty in Africa - and the time to bring about change in now.

The pyramids stand tall -
and challenge all Africans to do better -
begging and becoming lethargic -
should not be part of the equation - towards progress.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Steve Kawa the master wheeler and dealer -
SF City Hall is better off - smells less of Sulphur.

Steve Kawa - the consummate weasel - master of pay to play - learned quickly from Mayors like Willie L. Brown Jr. and Gavin Newsom - how to wheel and deal - and more.

Fostering - incrementally - the worst corruption until it reached - a saturation point - in the last 5 years.

More - during the regime of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the present Mayor - who should be ashamed of himself.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and the Muweka Ohlone have lived in this area San Francisco and the adjoining areas - for over 13, 000 years.

San Francisco is a Racist City - and continues to be a chronic Racist City - folks like Steve Kawa - never, ever had the best interests of the " constituents of San Francisco " - the citizens that count.

The Brown and Black have been take for a wild ride.

Some House Negros participating in this sordid episode - and we must NOT forget these traitors -  I have named them before and will not tarnish this page - naming them again and again.

The citizens that made our neighborhoods - are the citizens that loved our great City.

Steve Kawa an outsider - came here to SF when he was 30 years from the East Coast -  looked for the best interest of the likes - the Pacific Height Mafia linked to Big Developers - the likes of Richard Blum the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Steve Kawa worked to foster the best interests - of very corrupt Mayors - Willie L. Brown Jr. - Gavin Newsom and of course the worst of them all - Edwin M. Lee - the present Mayor.

Daily the crooks - that sought favors -pay to play - would gather - with Steve Kawa - millions raked in to fill campaign coffers - and to make hay while the sun was shinning.

There is KARMA and sooner not latter - KARMA will strike those that are corrupt - some may have failing eye sight - other fall prone to the worst cancer - in fact is has.

In small groups hurdling and vetting the best deals - the many pay to play big projects - that have bought congestion to our streets.

 The skyscrapers - some sinking - our traffic the worse ever in recent years.

 Dangerous particulates every where - adversely impacting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - others.

Steve Kawa - calm as ever - before the SF Ethics Commission -
complaint after complaint - landed before the SF Ethics Commission  only for the complaints to be thrown to the wind.

Steve Kawa was trained well by Willie L. Brown Jr. - the many amendments connected to existing  laws - change orders to Projects - worth  millions of dollars - projects worth in access of $800 million. Go figure!

Sheltered those in power - the many abuses of the present Ethic Principles -  that have had NO changes made - not moved with the time.

The Lobbyists - were having a field day - the Political Action Committees - raked in millions -  endorsed and ushered in the most crooked ones - to office - many of our present SF Board of Supervisors - London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell - all have blood on their hands.

Steve Kawa grins - as he glows - in this photograph 
Willie L. Brown Jr. and his girl friend  -
look on - there is nothing wholesome here -
but corruption and unethical ways of living.

To this day - Willie L. Brown Jr. has his dirty finger - in every pie that counts.

And believe you me -  even before the large projects - lay their foundation - Willie L Brown Jr. and his " thugs" - make sure - they get their share of the pie - in advance.

Platinium Consultants and others - work with Willie L Brown Jr. to bring Big Developers to their knees. For a " Big Fee " - all the permits can be delivered on a platter - if NOT those project - are stalled for years.

Finance - can be brought to the fore - tapping into many sources - money from the UNIONS - creating evil opportunities - with schemes such as EB-5 Visas - that have come to haunt this Nation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation on the heels of the many trying to retire - but that is not the point - the " empirical data " is there to indict - as we have seen with many recent cases - all them will be sent to jail - to cheating, hoodwinking, being immoral and unethical.

Putting a gun to the head of the Department of Building Inspection - that has created problems - issuing half-baked permits to projects - such as the Millennium Building.

The Millennium Building - a 58 story building - sinking some 18 inches and tilting to one side - 301 Mission Street - in San Francisco.

Steve Kawa had something more to do with the Millennium Building, as he had to do with the Transbay Building.

As he had to do with the Central Subway - started with price of $600 million - and today costs over $1. 5 Billion - and there are more projects - too many to name - change orders galore are made - and the crooks and corrupt - are having a field day -but NOT for long.

Steve Kawa and one of his lackeys -
pleased that they have hoodwinked the public at large.
Time will tell - the TRUTH always - prevails.

After serving the " devil himself " Steve Kawa leaves - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

The advocates - the few that we have continued - to stand tall and fight for what is right - their heart in the right place - have and continue to do us all - proud.

Kudos to those that take the complaints - to the Sunshine Task Force and then fight them - before, the SF Ethics Commission - and more. In many cases winning - and bringing justice home to the constituents of San Francisco.

But for these warriors - we all would be worse off.

The advocates - astute  - who do their homework - have all these years - challenged the corrupt.

Have stood for the many ordinances, the principles, the laws - that should serve us all - citizens of San Francisco.

This great City named after Saint Francis Assisi.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
they lived in this region of over 13, 000 years -
their land was stolen - every square inch.

This great land that belongs to the Ohlone - more, the Muwekma Ohlone that I represent - deserve more.

 Folks like Steve Kawa - have impeded progress - and fostered - corruption of the worst order. His time will come sooner not later.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health, others - all must be served - the Representative the Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors, Advisors such as Steve Kawa - could and should have done better - but again the again - most of them - I have mentioned above - take the easy way out.

The pork faced Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
Corruption is his middle name -
his shadow is no more - and we wait -
for his term to end - good riddance of bad rubbish.

As I said - today San Francisco is better off - without Steve Kawa - wheeling and dealing - always hoodwinking.

Always doing  that which is " evil ".

Thank God - Steve Kawa is out. Gone - gone - gone forever.

San Francisco today is better off - without this man - who served three Mayors - one worse than the other.

Each of the Mayors - serving two terms - each term of 4 years.

No good has come from those that have FAILED to represent and serve the citizens of San Francisco - we have a population of 820, 000. 

It grows to over One and Half Million - people coming to work and visit San Francisco. More when we have large Conventions, and Base Ball games - the congestion in San Francisco has reached Saturation Point.

The " Shadow Mayor " is gone - good riddance of very bad rubbish. Aho.

Here is one interview given by Steve Kawa - who is of Polish ancestory - his parent did not attend his wedding when he married his soul mate Dan.

Since then today Steve Kawa - has been embrace by his family - Steve Kawa came here to San Francisco on his 30th Birthday - and stayed to rise up the ranks - becoming a mover and shaker - I have seen him do that - without making any noise - whispering here - whispering there - read on: