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Friday, December 15, 2017


This photograph was taken after 
Edwin Mah Lee was sworn in -
he promised us citizens much - did nothing at all -
I represent the First People of San Francisco -
in all the deliberations - not a word about the
Muwekma Ohlone - well you know what happens - Karma -
I predicted someone would fall on his face - and he did.

When Edwin Mah Lee - was sworn in as the 43rd Mayor of San Francisco.

Edwin Mah Lee - ushered in an era of chronic corruption - disgraced the good name of  San Francisco - where there was some semblance there is none - today. Corruption has reached - saturation point.

We know those that purport to represent us at City Hall - today - be it the heads of Departments - the key head at City Hall - did not have the " best " interests of the citizens of San Francisco. Money was his god.

In recent times our Budget has grown to over $10 Billion - our citizens were compromised - Quality of Life issues were compromised.

Congestion on our streets, our elders thrown to the wind, very high rents and over 50, 000 families have left San Francisco - in the last 10 years.

Our Neighborhoods make San Francisco - Edwin Mah Lee and his failed policies - encouraged " GENTRIFICATIO " - destroyed the San Francisco - we knew.

This young man represent thousands of 
our youth and young adults in San Francisco.

The remains of Edwin M. Lee will lie in State - at City Hall today December 15, 2017 until Sunday, December 17, 2017.

All sorts of people - from all walks of life will say things.

 Few will acknowledge - the trials and tribulations of those that needed help -  died in tents - on our filthy streets - facing the inclement weather.

Many advocates and more non-profits - were targeted by high rents - leaving us to fend for ourselves.

While City Department heads - make over $300, 000 plus benefits - and the Edwin Mah Lee - made over $400, 000 plus - and acquired millions in off shore accounts - time will tell.

These steps inside City Hall -
lead to the many rooms - where the wheeling and dealing
goes on - foremost among the crooks the 
two House Negros Malia Cohen and London Breed.

London Breed is now anointed the Acting Mayor -
she brags " she is uniquely qualified to lead "
well, that is her subjective opinion -
she is brash, ignorant, arrogant, not educated on issues -
she projects her experience in the " hood " and brags -
that her Public Housing sordid experience  will 
help her in good stead - well, time will tell.

The woman above used to be on the SF Redevelopment Agency - now defunct - she not once defend our children who were harmed by the " rogue developer " - Lennar Urban.

London Breed -  is a know " sellout " - a House Negro - not to be trusted.

London Breed was on the SF Fire Department Commission - and when at the Board of Supervisor - more as the President of the Board - chose to target the Fire Chief Hayes White - blaming the ambulances - who got stuck in traffic - failing to respond on time - when called. 

The congestion was caused by Edwin Mah Lee and his failed policies  - not the Fire Chief who did her best - and still continues to represent the citizens of San Francisco - well.

We often protested at City Hall -
here are the steps - and below more people -
all gathered to force the representatives to listen -
to our pleas on Quality of Life - issues.

London Breed is brash and truly does not have the ability to " discern ".

 She lives with a white man - her significant other according to some - others say a room mate of sorts. Even a heifer sometimes need some attention.

 I have nothing against living with a white man - but in this case - with the Black population - less than 2% - this fact is significant - let us see - when the White Elephant appears - and how the Black rhino - fits in the scenario of sorts.

London Breed is corrupt - met an Federal of Bureau Investigation (FBI) with Malia Cohen - a fact that reveals - how vulnerable London Breed is - surely prone to lying, taking bribes, breaking the law - the " hood" has followed her deeply to City Hall and beyond.

Again and again we met at City Hall -
went inside City Hall - and shut down City Hall -
every time we protested in the chambers at City Hall -
the cowardly London Breed - fled.

 London Breed
is " uniquely " poised NOT to represent decent 
San Franciscans - she could have helped an elderly
African American who was over 100 years old -
who was evicted from her home - where she lived for decades 
but  " with intent " - and chose - to ignore Mrs Canada's pleas - leading to her death - Time will tell.

London Breed will be in office - soon to be  anointed to serve until June, 2018.

That is if she get 6 votes from the other SF Board of Supervisors - 11 of them in toto - seat on the SF Board of Supervisors.

Then in June, 2018 the real elections will be held - and the many mistakes London Breed who who brashly states again and again that she is uniquely qualified - but in reality is for sure  " uniquely not qualified ".

Her mistakes and brashness  - will knock her out of any race for Mayor - all this will be revealed by the June, 2018 Mayoral election.

We remember how Katy Tang was knocked-out - when the elections were taking place for SF Board President - a mistake that got Katy Tang out - and London Breed in.

Katy Tang remembers well she was anointed by Edwin Mah Lee - but she forget NOT to shred documents - that had to be archived. 

Well, London Breed got the seat of President of the Board - because of this fact - that many have conveniently - forgotten.

It is important to remember  - that morals, ethics, standards - count - and believe you me - London Breed has none of this - she is a " thug " from the hood - the worst one from the Fillmore.

The Independents have time to organize and get an Independent candidate to run for Mayor - come June, 2018.

Anyone independent investigator can gather tons of goods on London Breed.

London Breed - she is a chronic liar, very corrupt, told her mentor Willie L. Brown Jr. to " go *uck off " - is ignorant, feisty, has all the traits that come embossed by the hood - her DNA .

It is a know fact that  the " hood " - where crime and survival of the fittest still - reigns supreme - leave lasting scars - and London Breed still lives with many - her family members still incarcerated - that she feels deeply for - and affects her more - in her work - daily.

 These demons haunt her daily - and reflect in her sordid behavior. Time will tell.

Recently we had the murder of two Black men - Emeere Jackson and that of Keita " Iggy " O'Neil - there were others too - but these two made headlines.

 Not a whimper from Edwin Mah Lee and less from London Breed.

Yes, she is uniquely qualified - NOT - to take us to a better - place.

London Breed is an anathema.

For the last 40 years - I have been on the Front lines - and have seen - corrupt, spineless, lacking spirituality, their heart NOT in the right place.

Egoistical maniacs, not educated on issues - political whores and pimps - the likes of Landon Breed - trying to hoodwink us in broad daylight.

That simply will not work this time around.

My condolences to Anita Lee -
her two daughters Tania and Brianna Lee -
you know you father and I know your father -
if I reveal some - it is not to hurt anyone -
but to speak to the Truth -
many died because of the failed policies of Edwin Mah Lee.

This photograph gives us a sense -
how close Anita Lee was to her husband -
a recent photograph.

San Franciscans the ones that really matter - have been pushed out by folks like London Breed - with advice given by corrupt folks who have jumped ship - Olson Lee.

I knew Edwin Mah Lee for a long time - over 35 years - once played ping-pong with him - in public.

 Right on 5th and Market - at the request of Mohamed Nuru.

I met him in my office - and I met him in his office -  revealed to him what I felt and stood for.

Few have had personal interactions as I have with Edwin Mah Lee.

 The same as I have with the City's Controller Ben Rosenfield, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the Director of Public Works Mohamed Nuru, the Chief of Police William Scott and the 11 Chiefs before him, the General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission - in short women and men that matter.

I know who is corrupt and who is not corrupt. 

You know this when those most in need - must be helped - and we know who steps up and helps them. 

I will NOT go to City Hall to pay my respects to Edwin Mah Lee - I will NOT go - to remind myself of the smell of Sulphur.

I spoke the Truth - when Edwin Mah Lee was alive.

I will now that he is dead and gone - with the BLOOD of the many who died on the streets of San Francisco - because of his failed policies.

Francisco Da Costa - Edwin Mah Lee -
Mitch Salazar - from left to right -
he visited my office and those present 
know what I said to Edwin Mah Lee to this face.

When he met me at my office at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - in front of everyone I said " Mr Mayor if you help me serve the community I will respect you ". " If not that is on you " .

Edwin Mah Lee - failed to serve the community.

Edwin Mah Lee failed to serve the community - more our infants, youth, young adults, the seniors who slept on the streets of San Francisco and died.

The mentally and physically challenged - it hurts me that this man  lived and enjoyed himself - acting like a hog. 

Failed the decent - hard working, tax paying - San Franciscan.

Edwin Mah Lee -
1952 - 2017

So Mayor this is my farewell to you 
in life you did not leave a legacy
the many poor, indigent , need not have to die
on the Streets of San Francisco.

My condolences to your decent wife - Anita Lee
to your daughters Tania and Brianna Lee -
it is sad - that you chose to serve the greedy
the many Big Developers - who bled all San Franciscans
in ten years - over 50, 000 had to flee 
leaving San Francisco - never again to be seen.

Your body lies below the Rotunda 
those that say they know you will pass by you
some know you in person - and more do not know you.

You knew well - in life - and even now 
My sincere interactions with you 
you did not meet my standards - you failed the people.

My philosophy - we are on the Earth 
for two seconds
we have no option - but to do good.

Frail as human beings - as we are - we try
you promised us the world - building 30, 000 homes
on land prone to liquefaction and flooding -
you failed us all - so many cry.

Farewell - this is my ode to you 
not something that I do often do 
 I have tried to change your ways
serve our citizens in the land of the Ohlone
they deserve the best - I represent them.

I will hear - the remarks - that many make
as I said - few know you - as some of us who dealt 
with your failed polices - your love for money - 
never failing to ask more - to fill your sordid coffers -
farewell - you could not take your wealth -
more, tainted money - in  off shore accounts.

Each time I went to City Hall -
attending the many meetings - that you followed 
on the SFGOV TV - you know what I said to your face -
you I said " are a disgrace to the human race "

I kept is real - I hope God has mercy on your soul -
Rest In Peace.

Francisco Da Costa
December 15, 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Senator Diane Feinstein swearing 
in Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
looking on his wife Anita Lee -
daughters Tania and Brianna Lee.

Over the years - I have seen - Mayors come and go.
The good, the bad and the ugly - Edwin M. Lee - was the worst -daily in Room 200 at City Hall - wheeling and dealing.

Let us start - with Mayor Diane Feinstein - she will be remembered as - going into this room at City Hall - seeing Mayor George Mascone - lying on the floor - assassinated - by Dan White.

Diane Feinstein repeats this lie - she saw Moscone blooded and lying on the floor and proceed to take his pulse. Wow!

This one incident led to Diane Feinstein - becoming the Acting Mayor - then the Mayor of San Francisco - and umpteen terms as Senator of California - she has failed to represent us Californians -  recently stated she could change the ways of Donald Trump. Really!

History repeats itself - no one predicted - that Mayor Edwin Mah Lee would kick the bucket - and then propel London Breed - a product from the Hood - to the post of Acting Mayor - the first Black to do so - in San Francisco.

Mayor Art Agnos

After Mayor Diane Feinstein came came Mayor Art Agnos - Mayor Art Agnos - will be remembered for being the Mayor who that to deal with the 1989 Earthquake. We were not prepare then and we are NOT - prepared now.

Art Agnos is alive and kicking - the Virgin Olive Oil - used in cooking and salads by most Greeks - can take one a long way.
More when it comes to longevity - God Bless him - for helping those in need - to this day.

Mayor Frank Jordon

Frank Jordon beat Art Agnos in his second term  - Frank Jordon will be remembered for - using MUNI funds - meant for buying new buses - Frank Jordon bought  Police cars. 

As Mayor he felt empowered to help the SF Police Department -  the SF Police Department - needed new police cars - he was the former Chief of Police - so conveniently used MUNI funds to purchase cars for the POPOS. All good things come in good time - and it helps to be the Mayor - damn if transportation issues matter.

Frank Jordon also had the opportunity to operate the entire Presidio of San Francisco - before Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - was deactivated.

Federal property that San Francisco could have used - for housing - and other uses. Frank Jordon - turned the offer down.

Frank Jordon will be remembered taking a shower - he and his host - naked - the host a DJ from a local radio station - to raise some funds for some dubious charity.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr

Following Frank Jordon - in came Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - a famous " thug " Mayor - who amended the SF City Charter.

Brought the City Administrator under the Executive Branch - eliminating the City Administrator job description - which was independent of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr -  hired over 2000 employees - creating some fake Job Description - Administrative Assistants.

Hundreds of City employees - started as Administrative Assistants - today hold high jobs - after 5 years they all acquired tenure - milking our City coffers - many of them inept and lazy.

Many are now permanent City employees - leeching on us - decent tax payers - we pay their very high salaries - one of them our current City Administrator - Naomi Kelly.

After Willie L. Brown we had Mayor Gavin Newsom - a Metro-sexual Mayor - known to sniff some powder - and a player. 

I once saw him inebriated at the former Emporium at Fifth and Market - with a under age girl - both of them were in high spirits.

Metro-sexual Gavin Newsom -
 ushered in Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
the rest is history.

Gavin Newsom made a run for Governor - some of us followed him to Santa Barbara, San Diego, closer to home Napa, Oakland - we revealed to all present - that Gavin Newsom was a liar.

It worked - few know about this - but the fact is - where there is a will - anything can be done - including dealing with those that are - " evil ". Gavin jumped ship - he did not run for Governor of California the last time around. Governor Jerry Brown ran for Governor and won.

Gavin Newsom  - took credit for things - others had done.

We revealed to all present - he was a LIAR - he continues to LIE - and now is attempting once again to run for Governor of California.

The first time around he got out of the gubernatorial race - settled as the Lt. Governor and now wants to run for the Governor's race - once Governor Jerry Brown - terms out - soon. Time will tell.

Gavin Newsom made it possible to usher in Edwin Mah Lee - a corrupt and crooked individual - lacking morals, less ethics, and for sure having no standards.

The two Mayors - Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom - with Mayor Edwin Mah Lee:

From left to right Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr - Mayor Gavin Newsom - and of course Mayor Edwin Mah Lee.

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
he passed away December 11, 2017 -
he was 65 years.

I have known Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - for over 35 years.

The many meetings I had with him - revealed to me - how wicked this man was - he spoke in a mild manner - to convince you he was on your side - then stabbed you in the back.

He was no leader when it came to the prevailing violence on our streets. 

I once met him - in his own office - with two men known to him Paul Anderson his lackey - and Arturo Carrillo - who runs Street Violence Prevention Services. 

The Mayor tried to take me on.

I let him be known - that as far as empirical data was concerned - I had better knowledge - what happens at ground zero - more information at the tip of my fingers -  than he would ever have.

Suffice to say - he did not like what I had to say.

I could to reveal to the public at large - the many nefarious activities of Edwin Mah Lee - and confronted him many times - and told him to his face - after that meeting in his office - that he was no good - least of all a good leader.

continued to remind him in writing - my Blog the one you are reading mentions him - more than any other "nefarious character  -  when I saw him face to face - and told him  that he was not a leader- he got made but controlled himself as any lap dog person would do.

I took every opportunity to remind Edwin M. Lee again and again -  to change his sordid and evil - ways.

I will continue doing so after his demise - as I have the empirical data. 

A scum bag is a scum bag.

Edwin Mah Lee - adversely impacted Quality of Life issues - impacting our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - more mentally and physically challenged - citizens of San Francisco.

The disparity and widening gap - between the filthy rich and the poor in San Francisco - is lower than that of Rwanda - a third world country. Check that out.

The congestion on our roads - is the worst ever - poll after poll states - the worst nationwide - San Francisco's congestion - is chronic.

The high rents in San Francisco  - have forced thousands of families - to move out of San Francisco.

Affordable housing is a JOKE - a one bed room cost over $3500 and a two bed room over $5800.

Non-profits suffer most - I was forced to move from 4909 Third Street - by some greed profit vultures - could have taken them to court - but I really do not tarnish my name - with dubious characters - they reward is here on Earth - as we saw with Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - scumbags get their reward here on Earth.

They say one must make over $160,000 to live comfortably in San Francisco.

Daily Edwin Mah Lee - went to his office - to wheel and deal - mostly with developers - favoring skyscrapers and market rate homes. 

Taking huge bribes - and filling his coffers - more depositing hug amounts - in  off shore accounts.

Edwin Mah Lee worked with Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers and the worst of them all - the John Stewart Company to rehabilitate - old Public Housing - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Public Housing - bordering a Superfund Site - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where Depleted Uranium was first tested in the early 1950s - as part of the World War II efforts.

Homeless living in tents - under the bridges -
under bushes, anywhere they can find some space -
slowly dying and cursing Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
and his lackeys - every single day - the authorities moving the homeless - from place to place - confiscating their medications and few belongings -
throwing them in garbage truck - crushing their 
things in the compactors. God sees it all.

Thousands of San Franciscans - are homeless living in tents - facing the element weather. 

Many die - their bodies lie in the morgue - then after some time - they are incinerated - when no one come to claim they bodies.

This is an injustice -  few know about the " evil ways " of those in charge - our SF Health Department - the Coroner - the Sf Police Department - others one worse than the other. 

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
set our City on Fire -
he was a Caligula !

Edwin Mah Lee - could not care less - daily these poor, indigent - many of them Seniors cursed the Mayor and he was fully cognizant of this fact.

I told him so - many times - and he was always furious when I spoke my mind.

More so when I wrote about his ass.

The Faith Based organizations - donated $3 million to open a Navigation Center - the Mayor took credit for this needed action.

The Faith based organization donated more - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - took credit for this too.

We have a budget that is over $10 Billion - and our City and County keeps wasting millions.

Out sourcing services to crooks and the corrupt - paying many City employees over $275, 000 with benefits.

All the time - while we tax payers - pay our taxes.

Our streets are not kept clean - our roads are congested - the Van Ness corridor is a mess - North Beach has construction rubble - every where. 

Tons of rubble in the Financial District - South of Market Area -most everywhere - and the City and County of San Francisco - is quick to take our taxes, the money linked to parking fines - other taxes - and gives little in return.

North Beach Businesses are hurting - and Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - cared less.

I could go on and on - but suffice to say - I will STOP.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was a despicable person - he took revenge on many - and tried to take revenge on me - but failed.

God sees it all - more when you target the poor, the indigent - and those that need help most.

He failed as the Director of the Human Rights Commission - more as the Director of the Public Works Department - a Civil Rights Lawyer trying to run the Public Works Department. Go figure!

He then attempted to run the Contracting Office and was caught fleecing - cases pending in the Court.

He failed as the City Administrator - cooperating with Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - acting as a conduit to conduct nefarious activities.

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee then was ushered as a Mayor by Gavin Newsom - before that he was adamant - that he did not want that position as Mayor. 

He was in Hong Kong - when he agreed via telephone that he would run for Mayor - this decision was made and accepted - late at night - and I was at City Hall. The drama was unimaginable - we saw it all happen - and few remember that night - but those that do - know better.

Recently he was in China - wheeling and dealing.

Once in Room 200 - daily he was wheeling and dealing.

You entered City Hall - and smelled Sulphur emitting from Room 200 - at SF City Hall.

Today - San Francisco is worst off - and we now have a person in London Breed - who has NO experience, less morals, even less ethics - and this heifer wants to be Mayor of San Francisco. Time will tell

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

Francisco Da Costa - 
Mayor Edwin Mah Lee and his wife Anita Lee -
my condolences to Anita Lee - Tania and Brianna Lee -
the daughters of Mayor Edwin Mah Lee.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. 

Each and every inch  - of the land in San Francisco was stolen by those that purport today to own it - they all are thieves and know it.

Today these vermin continue to be " greedy " - favor the rich and look with disdain at the poor - and those that need help most.

The great Master said - " blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ".

I will not state what the Great Master said about the rich in detail - except that " it is easier  for a camel to enter the eye of a needle - than a rich more greedy person - to enter the kingdom of heaven ". Aho.