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Sunday, December 31, 2017


All over the world - we have a generation - poised to contribute to the world - a more assertive generation - using principles that are more embracing. 

These are our children, the youth and youth adults more that are burden to prove otherwise - because the older generation has let them down.

The leaders in Europe more France and Germany - and even China - more, with plans to invest in the resurgence - of the contemporary Silk Road - challenge the United States that has no viable and sustainable Foreign Policy - in place - the laughing stock of the world at large.

The United States with someone like Donald Trump - trying to intimidate the world with lack of sensibility - and making a " pariah " - of himself - and by association all that he represents - which for sure are NOT the sentiments of the good " citizens and people of the United States of America ".

Here in the United States - more, in cities like San Francisco - we have failed to care for those that need help most. We look with utter disdain - at our Elders - who are slowly dying facing - inclement weather - on the streets of San Francisco.

We must remember the United Nations - first met in San Francisco - with hallowed plans to further peace - and bring a unique succor to the Nations - of the world - more after World War II.

Today - San Francisco  is teetering on the brink of collapse -  dealing with lack of Quality of Life Issues - on Ohlone land - land stolen from the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone that I represent - addressing Quality of Life issues - which are spiraling down - in the gutter of disdain and muddy waters. 

Fighting for human decency - all over the world - more here in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - we advocates - know better as San Franciscans - what is good for us  in California - and the United States.

The disparity of wealth - the great divide between the filthy rich and the poor - in San Francisco - ranks lower than that of a Third World Nation - in Central Africa - Rwanda.

We all know - those to us that have travelled - chosen to educate ourselves - by getting involved - making good things happen - more action and less talk - is what truly bring about change for the best.

Here in San Francisco - corruption and the worst type of indifference is seen daily - the poor are torn asunder from their encampment - their tents destroyed, their priced possession taken away.

The poor -  are left to face the inclement weather - our elders, our poor, our mentally challenged and more physically challenged - those in authority could care less.

The United States once know as Turtle Island - is the home of the Native Americans.

 All others - more those that talk from both sides of their mouth - folks like the " egoistical maniac " Donald Trump -  came here - his mother for sure an illegal immigrant. Donald Trump - lack " cultural competency " - and is the laughing stock of the world - more among " world leaders " - that matter the leaders of France, Germany, China, Singapore,  Australia, England - those that are civilized and know better.

It is the same with the Zionists - who adversely impact progress - and have bitten the hand that fed them all these years - even as we continue to pour billions into the economy of and development of the Zionist - the source of this world.

The Zionists  - who were even succor - only to take control of our Nation's wealth - and work closely and favor  those that espouse the " philosophy of Zionism " - that has NO place where decency prevails. Not in the Middle- East - and for sure not in the United States of America. 

For those that are ignorant - " every Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist ".

In San Francisco we have Zionists who control our City Government - and have for the last 50 years.

The Zionists have grown so strong - that behind the scenes - they control most everything - that pertains - to money - big money - in the Billions. 

Scumbags the likes of Richard Blum.

The largest pharmaceutical company that has terrorized the Nation - McKesson Corporation - bombarding the Nation with OPIOIDS - creating a pandemic - over 70, 000 human beings falling prey to death - every year - in recent years - many of them - right here - San Francisco.

The McKession Corporation - is headquartered in San Francisco. The headquarters where wheeling and dealing - takes place - each and every day. Under the nose of Senator Diane Feinstein - and her many lackeys - scumbags of the highest order.

The paradox Senator Diane Feinstein - the wife of Richard Blum - has her office at One Post, San Francisco, California 94104.

The same office where she has her headquarters - as I have mentioned above - where the wheeling and dealings  have been going on at this office - is the shame of this world - adversely impacting - humanity - the OPIOID - pandemic.

Right here in San Francisco - and not some far away place.

The younger generation - want justice - something that the older generation - has looked upon with disdain - always seeking something for themselves - first.

Barack Hussein Obama for example - sent more people back to their land - South of North America - we know it but we pretend not to know it.

He is a House Negro - of the worst order - sent more immigrants back to their country - had more incarcerated - and today - is not even recognized - for anything much - more know for his failed - " Obama Care " - that has adversely impacted - millions.

We pay higher premiums today because of the the failed Obama Care - and that is a fact.

The younger generation - is slowly but surely - focused on sound " empirical data " - pertinent statistics - that puts the older generation to shame.

The Democrats in the United States are so corrupt - that for all their drab comments - talking from both sides of their mouth - they have failed.

The worst of them all - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - with family ties to the Mafia - on the East Coasts to this day.

She lives more in Napa, California - while pretending to be a resident of San Francisco.

 Again and again - she has been caught with her hand in the - " cookie jar " - a disgrace to the human race.

 Her husband Paul Pelosi - google him and understand more - about his nefarious activities. Money making - racket.

Always taking advantage of the poor and more - those. that are known for their hospitality - American Samoa of example - forcing the people to work - for less than minimum wages - while minimum wages were increased - all over the Nation.

Ruining the Tuna Industry - and with that the " Fruit Canning " industry - few know about these nefarious characters - the crooks - who act - as if their shit does not stink - who walk around as if they are " royalty " - when most of them - must be sent to the - gallows.

The education in our failing colleges - has reached a saturation point - bland education. The Universities lack the thoroughness - once noted for - today their churn them out - like any sordid and poor maintained - factory line.

Where professors are caught in a delirium of lack of ideas, have nothing of substance to show and produce - less viable and sustainable concepts. Very poor education - a scam - asking for very high tuition - and producing lack luster students - that are not hired by the Fast Food industry .

The drab classes at the supposedly stellar Universities - failing to investigate - the true influence of " fake information " - spreading the lies - creating so some confusion - there is no clear thinking and less articulation.

 " Blatant lies " - spread by those that make money in the billions - insurance companies and the  Main Media.

The leading  financial institutions, all the big banks, and corporations - that work behind the scenes - spending billions to win favor in Congress and the Senate in Washington D.C.

The local and State governments - more here in California - and for sure at City Hall - here in San Francisco - more in Rook 200 at City Hall.

Our youth and young adults - now have an opportunity - to checkmate the crooks - those corporations that have used San Francisco like a dirty rag.

The Fair Political Action Practices Committee - has in the past adjudicated such crooks as Juliet Ellis of the SF Public Utilities Commission - and there is more to come - with the Bayview Opera House and the crooks connected with the Barbara Ockel and those that support this Neo- Nazi woman - who had disdain for " people of color ".

The matter is before the SF Sunshine Task Force - and there is more to come.

The Big Developers, the large Financial Institutions, the Corporations and Primes the likes of - AECOM, URS, Webcor, Forest City, Nibbi, John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLP, and more.

Those corrupt to the core  that have their finger in every pie - - hand in glove with SF City Departments heads who condone corruption - receive bribes - have off shore accounts.

I will reveal the " empirical data " - more, when it comes to our environment - and the contamination of our land - in and around San Francisco.

We have over 5000 toxic hot spots in San Francisco - we have entities that can do something and have done nothing.

 he Department of the Environment - a mouth piece that is practically funded in toto - by Recology with huge grants - that have nothing much to show for - positive.

More with the exit of Jared Blumfield - who moved to the Federal, Environmental Protection Agency, and then some years ago left them.

The SF Department of Environment taking credit - while other do the heavy lifting.

The present SF Department of the Environment is a mouth piece - that brags about sending " zero waste " without having any direct action - less direct contribution - except talking from both sides of their mouth.

At a meeting many years ago - the present Director - who was then an entry employee - dare to state - at a public meeting - one way to get rid of the huge rats - was to use poison in our sewer system.

I was present and explained to her - the many adverse implications - to  the the Bay Waters and other land, the air - and or course our one of a kind wet lands - that would be impacted.

Today she heads  - the SF Department of Environment - tons of talk and NO - walk.

Our young people and our youth - are not trained to do investigative reporting as part of the profession,

 Investigative reporting - demands intelligence, having the right sources that can provide the empirical data - having the ability to " advocate ".

The ability to expose the crooks - that the corrupt fear - more  to be reveal on cyberspace - where the record cannot be expunged much as with the newspapers of the day - that have no clout.

Blogs rule today - and I have found this tool - to be very effective.

I have tons of information - and the time has come to reveal to the public - exactly how our statistics are arrived at - most of it fake to hoodwink the public. True investigative reporting - put on the back burner.

Our Controller - Ben Rosenfield has chosen not to follow the money - and more has failed to look into the fake statistics - involving with for example Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention and Services offered.

The statistics posted on their website - is full of lies and fake information.

Diana Oliva - Aroche has failed San Francisco - at the Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention and their poor services offered - more adversely impacting San Franciscans - the woman lives in Oakland.

We have yet to hear more about Emere Jackson - as with the others - too many to mention. We tax payer pay crooks like Diana Oliva - Aroche over $200, 000 with benefits - and this nonsense - must STOP.

Much as Juliet Ellis has failed SF Public Utilities Commission - after being caught red handed - funneling over $200, 000 to Green For All - she must be fired - but is still around - fucking us up - even as again and again she is messing things up - for innocent people - that she targets. 

The Department of Environment - created after the PG&E Plant - was deactivated - and PG&E created a fund with some $18 million - for community benefits.

Willie L. Brown Jr. was quick to create the SF Department of Environment - not to be associated with the SF Health Department and its Environmental Division - which is as fake as they come - too. 

This entity boldly states - it can do nothing about contamination - be it our watershed or anything.

 They put the blame and onus on the State of California - Stephanie Cushing the head - never at the office - always attending meetings, at conferences - taking junkets all over the place.

Back the SF Department of the Environment - lacking diversity - employees of color - failing to be given opportunities to make - important decisions - and more to be given sound - opportunities to make progress.

The Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - who just kicked the bucket - left NO Legacy.

No one even cares now that he is dead and gone.

Decent San Franciscans cannot survive in this hostile climate - again and again " advocates " - who work hard are targeted- and this comes with the territory .

However, we have shut City Hall down 4 times - putting the sordid SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - on notice.

 Those mentioned above - the most corrupt out the of the eleven - who - purport to represent. Time will tell.

My work as an Environmentalist - has been an opportune one - trained in the Army and having served Sixth U. S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco with distinction - the U. S. National Park, and before retiring the U. S. Park Police - my work has been recognized at all levels.

There is NO corrupt City nationwide as San Francisco - the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans are many - and there are some playing with fire - they seem not to know who they are taking on .

Well if you have empirical data - you do not have to fear - you can speak to the TRUTH - the Truth always prevails.

If you speak the Truth - you do not have to beg - one way or the other - the Higher Power - will prevail - and as long as you have untarnished - empirical data - you can expose the many crooked " culprits "  - the den the thieves - who are many.

Some may have to go to the gallows - well, they asked for it. 

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - this land San Francisco - all of it - belongs to the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Right at 250 Executive Park - there is a flag flying - and few know below that flag - are the Sacred Remains of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The entire Executive Park area - was desecrated once - the Sacred Remains removed - and the protocol not followed.

Again and again our City and County of San Francisco - is involved with mundane things.

 Not paying attention to what is of paramount importance - decency, compassion, and what is most important - respect.

Assholes - do not know much about respect - they know less about friendship - well if anyone wants to play with FIRE - bring it on. Aho.

Friday, December 29, 2017


It is simply amazing how so many adults - more of color - believe the Main Media - very, corrupt politicians. Listen to garbage that has nothing much to do with reality and practical issues. It is simply mind boggling -  a reflection of very poor education.

For those that depend on cyberspace - it is the same - if you are not educated on issues - cannot discern - then your ability to find the right information - make sense of the given information - or the information you zero in - find that you are not capable of making sense of it - all this and more - points in the direction of very poor education.

Notice how uneducated people hire consultants - mostly BS so called experts - who charge you a lot - and give you little as possible on a dirty, platter. 

Add all and more - many fall into  the trap of  the Zionists who have positioned themselves - to play one segment of the population - more people of color - indigenous people - to create the worst kind of divisiveness - we have ever seen in San Francisco.

Unlike any other City in the Nation - San Francisco from early on - became what is it today - because of the contribution of stellar and astute " people of color ".

More - with the blessing of the indigenous people - never, ever should be forgotten the invitation to this place we call home by the Ohlone.

 This is their land - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - the Ohlone lived here - in and around San Francisco - for over 13, 000 years.

Early on when we review the history of San Francisco - Blacks then known as Negros - operated many well known and visited ' Wash Houses ".

Where those that did not know much about hygiene - could go and take a good bathe - and what is more - attend to their general bodily - welfare - by those that could care about bodily needs - and more pampering.

There were over 26 Black newspapers - what does that say - to the few " drab " news papers we have today - that say little if nothing at all. The few Blacks newspapers - that are serving - on limited funds - and with little support from the community - more - " people of color ".

The Buffalo Soldiers - all Black - contributed a lot to the building and maintenance of the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Federal Lands - be it Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park - both these Parks and others - came under Federal Jurisdiction.

The Buffalo Soldiers all Black - wrote the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - that laid the ground rules - how the Federal Lands - should be managed.

 That was much before the National Park Service was formed in 1916. Few know about this fact - that National Park Service - fails to note and more to mention - this important fact - important to all children of color - who should know about such facts - who should stand tall and represent.

In San Francisco we have Churches that are over 150 years old - Black churches - few know about Pine Street, Bush Street, other neighboring streets - where blacks owned homes, churches, stores - and were pushed out - and then pushed out again - from South of Market Area - to the Bayview. Few know about this " sordid history " - and more we know about the past - we can be prepared for the future.

Blacks operated Ware Houses, Boarding Hotels and Motels - as Blacks were debarred from staying in the hotels and motels - owned by Whites - in San Francisco - up until the early 1960s - then gradually - hotels, motels, and other lodging places were opened - even today - discrimination pops its ugly head - from time to time - when it comes to reservations - and booking rooms in many higher end - hotels.

Today it is a JOKE when we talk about Yoshi's - in the Fillmore - which has since been closed.

Millions of dollars were wasted to prop up some kind of Jazz at Yoshi's - where Blacks were kept out of the operation.

 The Black bands that came to play - were paid some - but Jazz as a culture - developed by Blacks - was not treated with respect - and less the Black community of the Fillmore.

Blacks from the Fillmore - have no idea the harm done by the former SF Redevelopment Agency. 

Worst harm done by Amos Brown - who talks from both sides of his dirty mouth.

Folks like Cheryl Davis a panderer and London Breed - who has received thousands of dollar - by backers - who have an ulterior motive - one of them the backer of AirB&B - to divide the Black community.

Every institution in the Fillmore that was meant to honor Blacks has been thrown asunder.

So have places like the Bayview Opera House - now managed by a Neo- Nazi Barbara Cockel -  the Bayview Opera House - run by anointed mostly Blacks - Board of Directors - who are selling out the community.

The so called Blacks that are selling out the community - all scumbags - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson,  Doris Vincent, Cheryl Davis, Amos Brown, Dwayne Jones, Shamman Walton, others too many to name - have BLOOD on their hands.

Where are the Black Elders, the leaders - why are they not speaking out - when " people of color " are pushed out of San Francisco in the thousands - over 60, 000 thousands families in the last 5 years?

Our Elders the decent ones - who worked hard - are now living in tents and slowly dying in the tents - and all we do is talk in circles.

 Many Blacks so foolish - they have no true sense of history - and more of empirical data that matters. 

Few read the history that matters, even few care - all the care about is the mundane - and rarely can be have a dialog that matters - most of the talk - is shallow, hog wash - hot air - that does not matter - at all.

The day in and day out  "hearsay " - gossip - tales - you can hear them all - but that and more linked to such hot air - is plain - " hog wash ".

Finally - even now at this late date - the First People of San Francisco - favor the indigenous people - people of color - and that must come as a breath of fresh air - for those that care.

Blacks and Native Americans share a common history - more - the Slaves that ran away - and were sheltered by the Native Americans. Every Black family has something to say - about this history - that is deep and personal.

This history must not be brushed aside - and the more we reveal the " TRUTH " - the more we will come to a better - understanding of humanity.

The candidates who are running for Mayor of San Francisco - who fail to honor the First People of San Francisco - will fall flat on their face - much as did Edwin Mah Lee - who left NO - legacy.

The House Negros are put on notice - anyone that has links with Willie L. Brown Jr  - smells of Sulphur.

Watch out where Dwayne Jones and Linda Richardson - where they hang around - whispering sweet nothings - one worse than the other. Both debarred from bidding on contracts that matter.

Stop listening to gossip - more, the Main Media - that no more believes in " investigative reporting " .

San Francisco unlike any other City in San Francisco - from day one  - had " people of color " - contributing to the welfare and good of San Francisco.

This the land of the Muwekma Ohlone that I represent - more addressing Quality of Life issues.

Speak out against corruption -  more the sellouts - the many House Negros - who only care about themselves.

The many Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors - the likes that we know - always begging for money - and doing nothing much for the people - that most - need help.  Aho.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


San Francisco is out for an awakening - in 2018.

The demise of Edwin Mah Lee could not have come at an opportune moment - the corrupt, the wicked, those that constantly hoodwink the public at large - pretending to represent - but act the opposite - will be in for a huge - shock.

In San Francisco corruption has reached - saturation point.

The kudos showered to the corrupt - more, by the Main Media - is a circus.

Unfortunately, the lives of innocent people compromised by very high rents, crooked companies and developers - and politicians - make the situation - unbearable.

More, those evil - who worship mammon and fail to be spiritual - fail those that most need help.

The wicked - will be dealt with - one by one - and, may be for the first time ever - there will be an awakening - never, ever seen before. Sodom and Gomorra will pale in comparison - to what will befall - San Francisco.

For starters - most San Franciscans have no clue about how this land we call San Francisco and the adjoining land was stolen.

Less the harm done to Mother Earth - a sin that cannot be forgiven - more when " with intent " - harm is done to Mother Earth - this land - affectionately called " Turtle Island " - before the wicked strangers - chose to invade and come to this land - uninvited.

Go to City Hall and visit the Assessor's Office - and find out if you can zero in on one single document - where the land was bought or even handed over - by the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent.

When you cannot find one single document - when you cannot arrive at one single factor - one single empirical data - worth the salt - it all falls in place - you know - how those that are wicked - have it all - and you who are decent and deserve better - are treated like chattel - like a dirty rag - used and thrown in the garbage.

Politicians can look at you in the eye and lie.

More those sellout that make their abode at City Hall and have failed us all. 

San Francisco has an over $10 Billion dollar budget - a population of 850,000 and an area that is to be precise 47.9 square miles.

Our infants, children, our youth, our young adults, our elders, those with compromised health - more, the physically and mentally challenged - are suffering - what is more - many have died a slow death - on the streets of San Francisco.

The filthy rich and those who are spiritually bankrupt - who continue to worship material goods.

Salivate and are eager to own - whatever they see - never mind the things they buy and are eager to possess - are not needed - less essential to better themselves.

In the last 5 years over 60, 000 families have left San Francisco -  and those that live here - find it difficult to irk out a living.

Our neighborhoods in San Francisco - is what makes San Francisco - not the " techies " and those that think - they can get around and get what they want - throwing money around - and buying - influence.

We now have politicians - wanting to join the fray - to represent San Francisco - as Mayor.

None of these so called candidates - meet the " smelt test  - what is important to note - they all smell of Sulphur - especially those that a spiritually bankrupt - more culturally impotent.

San Francisco is Ohlone Land - and if those who want to have anything to do - do not honor the First People - they will fall flat on their face and be declared - dead on arrival.

The Ohlone have lived here in Turtle Island for over 13, 000 years. 

Ohlone meaning - " the people from the West " - those that exercised their Right of First Refusal - to San Francisco and the neighboring areas - the Muwekma Ohlone - in 1991 - followed one of the many dubious processes - laid by those that follow the rules and regulations - steeped in evil and dubious practices.

We are watching the ploys and machinations - the many shenanigans - and we know the fate of those that play with fire.

Having this in mind - I have done all that is possible to visit the San Francisco Planning Department - and introduced the Muwekma Ohlone Tribal Chair - to the SF Planning Commission including John Rahaim - the Director of SF Planning Department in person.

All the Heads of every City Department - have received a letter from me - spelling out the details -  just to make ready the way - we can only show the way . 

If you do not pay heed - as I said - you will fall flat on face.

As I have the many scumbags before - more those who are contaminating - Ohlone land.

This is your clarion call - do not think - I have not minced words - scumbags do not understand - anything less - I have spoken - you are warned.

If you are evil and know it - stay out of the fray - now.

2018 unlike any other year - early on - will reveal the future of San Francisco.

The increasing corruption - that has reached saturation - point. Aho.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


All of San Francisco is Ohlone Land - the First People that lived here in and around San Francisco - for over 13, 000 years.

The Ohlone kept this land pristine - until the strangers came and screwed in all up - each and every square inch.

One of the most sacrilegious actions any human being can committed - acknowledged - among the Native American Tribes - is NOT to acknowledge the home - Native Tribe - that has patrimonial jurisdiction - in the case of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Having said that it is evident today in San Francisco - we do not have - a single " political leader " - that respects the Native Americans - as one must do. 

Secondly - few understand the " spiritual bankruptcy " that prevails among the local leaders - most of whom are parochial.

These inept, spineless  and many corrupt leaders -  see nothing - with the desecration and many acts that cry to heaven - the crimes committed by the Missionaries - the Franciscan Friars for example.

On another level we have political leaders - who pride themselves that they are from Public Housing - and project a " criminal mentality ",

Such talk and proclamations -  far from doing good - distances - the common, decent, hard working, tax payer - who is looking for representation - and not cliches - one of them being - to carry out the  " failed actions " of the now deceased - Edwin Mah Lee.

San Francisco has a population of about 830, 000 that increases in the day time - with thousands - coming into the City and County of San Francisco.

On days when we cater to large conventions, and games - such as the Giants game - the population increases to more than a million and a half.

San Francisco once took care of our infants, children, youth, young adults, our aged and frail seniors, the mentally and physically challenged - not any more.

As a side note - according the National Geographic Magazine - we have more dogs - for sure more ferrel cats - than we have children - in San Francisco.

We now have the authorities that be going into Caltrans Jurisdiction - and placing " boulders " - at an expense of over $ 9,000 - just to prevent the homeless - from pitching a tent - never mind the inclement weather. In recent weeks the biting cold - and led in death of the frail, the indigent, the poor.

Check this article on the boulders :

Leaders in our contemporary world - who have no empathy and compassion - will not leave a legacy - never mind - all the flowery words the leaders spew - more diatribe. Such leaders will fall flat of their face - as did Edwin Mah Lee.

Representation does not come easy - and is inherent in families - where the children are reared to be caring and loving - educated well and taught manner - also know as etiquette.

 If you hail from an environment - that does not embrace good - most probably you will be a " thug " - lying, cheating, bluffing, hoodwinking - doing what " thugs " do best - adversely impacting - others.

San Francisco today leads all the other cities when it comes to congestion.

Congestion favors particulates that are dangerous to our breathing and life. Innocent people who are constantly exposed to particulates - more PM 2.5 - suffer from chronic respiratory diseases - and die.

We must not put our infants, children, youth, young adults - seniors, those with compromised health - more our mentally and physically - challenged.

San Francisco brags it has curtailed its " Carbon Footprint " without any empirical data.

In fact the Carbon Footprint has increased from the millions of tons of concrete and aggregate - our many skyscrapers.

The back to back traffic - our infants, children, youth, young adult, our seniors, our mentally and physically challenged - put in harms way - with intent.

In a few days - we will enter 2018 - 2017 has revealed so much - on so many levels - many actions taken by the San Francisco authorities - mostly adversely our neighborhoods in San Francisco.

In the last 10 years - over 60, 000 families 

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

We have a number of so called candidates - vying to fill the position of Mayor of San Francisco - none of them - acknowledge the First People of San Francisco - in a meaningful manner.

The Mayor that just passed away - never, once acknowledged the Muwekma Ohlone. He knew a lot about them - but chose to side with nefarious entities - who belong to the MACHINE - who give a " damn " - when it come to Native Americans - and by default the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Imagine thieves who stole the land - all the land that is called San Francisco - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and 
have been very patient - where those without morals, less ethics, and for sure NO standards - contaminate, pillage, have disdain for the poor and more our seniors.

Think nothing of putting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors for sure, and most importantly those with compromised health - let us not forget the mentally and physically - challenged.

Wille L. Brown Jr.,
has his fingers in every pie -
with intent - he is plotting behind the scenes -
making hay - while the sun shines.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
she has links to the Mafia on the East Coast -
she has amassed millions - and seeks to make more.

Senator Diane Feinstein -
she has delivered millions of dollars - projects
on a platter - to her husband Richard Blum -
she stole some City Property - did not give it up -
made arrangement to landscape and take care of
the property - our City and County of San Francisco -
panders to such - corrupt, crooks.

We could go into deep discussion - analysis of the paralysis - waste of time - if the candidates who are going to run for the position of Mayor -  have deep connections with the above three - for sure - stay away from the candidates - the smell of Sulphur.

When a man like Conley - proudly declares that he has invested $100, 000 - and supports one of the candidates - who is brash, talks from both side of her mouth - and has not been kind to our seniors - rebukes the innocent at the SF Board of Supervisors.

 We who are cognizant - of the workings of sordid politicians - know such candidates - must NOT - take our support for granted. Most of them - smell  of Sulphur.

San Francisco has been on the forefront of progress - not so much because of wicked, corrupt politicians - we fondly call them - " political pimps and whores ".

San Francisco - is what it is - because of our diversity and neighborhoods.

Again and again - those trying to vie for our votes - have NO DEEP roots in San Francisco - they do not acknowledge the First People of San Francisco.

Well most of them - will fall flat of their faces. Aho.

Saturday, December 16, 2017




This is Ohlone land 
the thief, the rapist, the greedy
would not know that
that ring of fire that dotted the land
the Shell Mounds - that stood untouched
until the " greedy " - desecrated - the Sacred.

This is San Francisco -
the most racist City on Turtle Island
this land - Ohlone land
not one inch was sold to any man 
least - a thief, rapist, liar, cheater
those that speak with a forked tongue

The Great Spirit - the Golden Eagle
the red tail hawk - the brown bear
the deer and the wild salmon
the redwood trees - the Sequoia 
the raging rivers -  the many lakes
that soothe Mother Earth - San Francisco
the over 58 hills that once peaked all around San Francisco.

Few know of Mountain Lake at the Presidio of 
San Francisco - and all that sandy land
the first strangers that landed
on the shores of Crissy Field 
the El Polin Springs and more
the trials, tribulations, the STDs 
brought to this Sacred Land by strangers
the scum of the Earth - let us bare it all. 

The Ohlone the people from the West
stood their ground 
the warriors armed and strong 
took on those with gun powder 
many died - while the children and women 
were taken away - by the devils - to Missions
built by Missionaries - many of them alive today - guilty -
live in shame - there has been no meaningful apology

Today there is another breed of greedy bastards 
Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi - Diane Feinstein and Richard Blum
Willie L. Brown Jr, Gavin Newsom the metrosexual,
the dead Edwin Mah Lee - the Kellys, mostly Black Poverty Pimp Pastors -
 others too many to name
they are all part of the evil - MACHINE - more Democratic Party.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
they lived here in San Fancisco and the
surrounding area - for over 13, 000 years -
all carbon dated - for the nay sayers.

A time comes - when it must be done
those that are have harmed our infants, our children
our youth, our young adults our seniors
those with compromised health - more
our mentally and physically challenged 
who all live on Ohlone Land
must live in dignity - be respected - be it on this stolen land
every square inch - Mother Earth
Ohlone Land.

These skyscrapers will fall
and crumble to pieces - more those built on land
prone to severe liquefaction and flooding -
some skyscrapers like the one above built on sacred remains -
some wanted to keep it hush 
but we know never to trust those that speak with a forked tongue.

Thousands will jump to their death -
the Earth will open as never seen before 
the scumbags - will beg for mercy 
this time there will be absolutely no mercy 
nor will blood oozing - from their very being 
every cavity that they know - before to be intact -
spewing, gushing, leading to death.

The Great Spirit has revealed to some -
more those that have their heart in the right place
you simply cannot desecrate Sacred Remains -
the Shell Mounds who stood tall for 
over 13, 000 years - and now desecrated -
think, not for a nano second - all will not be well .

I have been patient - but this nonsense is too much to bear 
not with infants, children, youth, young adults, 
seniors, those with compromised health - more 
the mentally and physically challenged - disrespected
by the greedy, evil, sordid - bastards - who are they are get away 
with murder - in broad daylight - this nonsense must 
STOP - now - AHO.

Some one must represent - keep it real
the thieves are amuck - the likes of London Breed
a political whore - who must be checked -
the Zionists -  the Jews that we know - and more
the Jews from the East - the Chinese -
who cannot own land in China - want it all - here
 those that hoodwink us all
in broad light -  are warned and will be taken down 
impeached and removed from office -
we must be free - in the land of the Ohlone.

The Tribal Chair Rosemary Cambra -
the Tribal Liaison of San Francisco -
Francisco Da Costa.

My name is Francisco Da Costa 
the crooks fear me - for I am not afraid of skunks
whose stench stretches -  far and wide
they fear when they hear - when I approach them -
much like cockroaches - that flee from light -
they cannot bear, endure - when I revel it all 
the thieves, the rapists, those that are evil - devils 
shake in fear - they fear the TRUTH.

In San Francisco - this is Muwekma Ohlone land
we have been patient and spoken in a low key 
but no more - this pitying one tribe against another - must STOP
there is only one TRIBE in San Francisco 
those that stood up and spoke and took their cause
to the highest court of the land.

There is only one tribe -
that exercised its right of First Refusal  on land -
San Francisco, the Presidio - more 
what we called affectionately the Bay Area
so what gives - when those that are here
on Muwekma Ohlone land -
pander to those that did us so much harm -
just for some " stale bread crumps "
you break thousands of years - protocol -
the Great Spirit - watches it all.

All history was thrown asunder -
when the missionaries - killed, allowed the soldiers to rape -
looked at the Ohlone like animals -
the Catholic Church has a tainted - sordid history -
that history is worse than being " evil " -
as all the actions were done with " intent ".

If there is some other protocol 
other than that set by the Great Spirit
bring it to our attention
bring it to my singular attention - you bastards 
one of a kind - that sneak in and out - 
the White Man's law is anathema 
Never trust those that speak with a forked tongue
the host Tribe always rules -
for thousands of years - that is the unwritten rule -
untainted and the TRUTH.

I know the Pomo, the Piutes, the Miwoks
our grind is not to divide but bring people together
so you may be from some other tribe
do not come to City Hall - and fail to acknowledge the 
Muwekma Ohlone
if you do respect and acknowledge all will  be well -
 if NOT-,  you will fall flat - on your face
take it from the Great Spirit.

The Mayor, Edwin Mah Lee is dead - he played with Fire
he set our great city on FIRE - the scumbag is dead
the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services 
has failed to acknowledge the Muwekma Ohlone
you are warned - you will fall on your face
your ignorance is well noted -  you are warned
do not divide the Tribes -
 on very Sacred - Muwekma Ohlone Land.

We all know the House Negros - the likes that make
their abode at City Hall
do not force me to chastise you in public 
you were informed - to stay away from dividing the Native Americans 
the protocol is 
the Host Tribe rules - make no bones about that.


My name is Francisco Da Costa
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone 
 I have seen it all -  have - had the patience 
 now - no more 
that ring of Fire - those Shell Mounds 
beckons us all - to stand up and reveal the truth.

Francisco Da Costa
December 17, 2017