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Tuesday, August 22, 2017



San Francisco is already known for its very bad congestion - that has adversely impacted our Inner City  neighborhoods and roads - causing an huge increase in respiratory and heart diseases and acute stress - that is perturbing.


Our infants, children, youth, and young adults, our seniors - have been suffering from many chronic diseases - among them heart problems, tumors, internal bleeding, rash, sleep disorders - and more.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee bragging about our City and County of San Francisco - being a First Class City - when daily the constituents of San Francisco - are being impacted by lack of Quality of Life Issues.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not paying attention and more monitoring -  the many free ways - that spewing the worst type of particulates PM 2. 5 - and then there are other chemicals and elements  - in fact the Mayor has no sense of particulates, the lead, the mercury other toxic chemicals - registered at very, very high levels.

The SF Health Department and Director Barbara Garcia knows about this - so does Tomas Aragon - others - including the SF Health Commission - but all of the above - keep rubber stamping the issues - hoodwinking the public - with platitudes.

Add to that over 1000 tons of Methane Gas from the many poor infill areas - one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 lbs of Carbon Dioxide.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no sense of planning - the many skyscrapers encouraging high density living - the worst type of living among human beings.

The resources linked to water - clean drinking water from Hetch Hetchy used to flush the toilets - the rich simply do not care - it is all about money.

The increase in sewage - contaminates the Bay - more when our Treatment Plant in the Southeast - Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant is failing - and has failed - umpteen Notices of Violation (NOVs) - we know about this - have kept quiet - but cannot do that anymore.

The big developers and the corrupt relators  - keep encouraging the worst type model - to entice innocent first time renters.

 Offering one - two months and up to three months free rental for the rental units - units in these high rise buildings - down town San Francisco.

Fleecing the renters - many of them - have no added resources - No help from any entity - worth the salt - that can help the renters.

In our neighborhoods - Real Estate mongers more from Mainland China - gobbling up homes and large buildings.

 Adversely impacting those that have lived and worked in the various neighborhoods  - more District 5, 9, 10, and 11 - we have 11 District in San Francisco.

As many of you know by now - Non-Profits are hard hit - and the City has a program that offers some money - but the process is cumbersome - a cap of $50, 000  - if you want to buy a building.

The average price for a middle size small building going for $2 million - and if you want to rent - forget about it - the rental price for any space over 1500 square - is very expensive.

In order to get some rental help - you need a business plan - and some other facts revealed -  all this is difficult to garner - when you cannot get space - less have the office space.

 So how can one assume and  figure out an amount - any amount  - linked to a rental space - that is putting the cart before the horse. The so called programs - put one to the rigger more - just to make you go away. Some of us know these ploys, machinations, and shenanigans. Time will tell.


Non-Profits are leaving San Francisco - many just closing shop - because more and more - SF City and County - assumes that they can hoodwink by offering sordid  programs - that are convoluted.

More - they entice many to apply and only few are selected - for help.

 Those that are helped are mostly established  entities that have money - and can apply -  because they are doing well - can use the money - can afford to waste the time - attending workshops.

We advocates are the only ones left to address Land Use, SF Planning issues, Transportation, Housing, Safety Issues, Health issues, and a host of other issues - that Environmental Justice Advocacy for example addresses - thoroughly.  

More and more soil, air, and water tests are proving that our environment is toxic - and more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - where the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant is situated.

The constituents of  the Southeast Sector are fed up - too many crooks and corrupt - preying on the vulnerable - this nonsense must STOP - now.

We have been silent - but, no more - you all are put on notice.

The law in on our side - and the RICO ACT comes to mind - the crooks with intent are preying on the vulnerable - more those with compromised health - more our Seniors - who are put on the streets - to die a slow death.   

Monday, August 21, 2017


This is a photograph taken circa 1938 -
below the Rotunda - SF  City Hall -
nothing much has changed in San Francisco -
White Supremacists rule supreme - the Mayor has just woken up.

San Francisco is a Racist City - were those living in the Pacific Heights area - folks like Senator Diane Feinstein and others - look with disdain on those that live in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. If that is NOT racism - I just do not know what.

The White Supremacists  - are having a small meeting at Crissy Field - and many organization connected to dubious organization - are creating " fear " -  among San Franciscans - creating a storm in a small tea cup.

The Mayor should be addressing congestion on our roads, our failing health system - respite care - the situation at St. Luke with only 29 beds.

The poor increasing and treated with disdain on the streets of San Francisco - living under bridges and bushes - thousands sleeping in tents - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - do not give a damn. On the contrary - the indigent the poor are cited and taken to jail. Do something about these issues - rather than divert our minds. 

Seeking browny points - fooling those that are not educated on issues.

The tall buildings - the skyscrapers - we do not want these monsters and do not approve to them - these tall buildings - have ruined the skyline.

More contaminated - Ohlone Land - high density buildings - adversely impacting the land, the air and the water.

This Pork Faced Mayor - who we have tolerated for too long - must step down -  he is still hovering around - spreading fear about the White Supremacists - who are having a meeting on Crissy Field - Federal Jurisdiction - a moot issue - compared to other Quality of Life issues - that must be prioritized.

In some hot spots - there is 40% unemployment - in the Bayview for example - Fillmore and District 11 -  such issues much be addressed and solved.

The Bayview Opera House is ripe with corruption - more so now - that we have access to some financial records.

Apparently the Bayview Opera House Inc., is involved in Housing Development and Marketing Housing  - and other nefarious activities - that has nothing to do with its original - mission objective.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is a Superfund Site - Depleted Uranium was test on that site as part of the World War II operation. Do you think the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has second thoughts about this fact.

Do you think he understand abatement, mitigation, clean up - more liquefactions and severe - flooding. The man is a joke.

People living in and around the area - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are suffering from unique tumors, respiratory diseases, heart problems - other chronic diseases - and this man does not give a rat's ass.

The SF Health Department does not have a Toxicologist on board - do you think the Mayor comprehends this one singular issue - wait until we file a Freedom Of Information Act  (FOIA) and get to the bottom of the on going - nonsense.

Mayor Edwin Lee

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  is concerned about some Supremacists  - going to meet on Federal Land - Crissy Field.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and London Breed are concerned about - an issues that must not be blown up.

Both these good of nothing jerks - must learn to represent - fix the real problems that are starring at them - straight in the eye - all over San Francisco.

It is time to stand up and represent - the millions of Independents - must step up now - and remove these clowns - more Democrats - that are a pain in the ass. Lying, cheating, always taking the talking - but failing to walk the walk.

Every single day since the 1950s - millions of gallons of  sewer water - are flush through pipes - most of them over 85 years old - all the way to the Bayview Hunters Point - to be treated at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

The sulphur stench and odor is unbearable - and has been since the late 1950s.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is fully aware as the former Director of the Human Right Commission, the City Administrator, and now as the Mayor of San Francisco - about the adverse impacts stemming from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  has done nothing about serving and more representing the decent constituents of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee using Juliet Ellis has tapped into the Bayview Benefits - using thousands of dollars - to give stipends to the youth - Summer Jobs - that some look upon - Career Jobs is really what the constituent of San Francisco - look forward to.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - loves cutting ribbons - and having his 2 minutes of fame - at the podium - mostly talking from both sides of his - mouth.

He lives in District 8 and so every day when he flushes his toilet with clean drinking Hetch Hetchy water - he does two things totally uncalled for :

 1. Flushes clean drinking water - after he dumps - and as I said thinks nothing about it - he and his family.

The other policy makers that have no clue that this water is Sacred Water - stolen from the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Piutes - others - the water was stolen and now is disrespected. Every time I go to to the Sacred area - I am offered - some Sacred Water.

The Hetch Hetchy System -
bringing clean drinking water from 1600 miles away -
much of it used to flush our toilets - go figure!

San Francisco 15 years ago - should have had grey water - used to flush toilet - not precious clean drinking Hetch Hetchy water - coming to San Francisco - from 160 miles away.

  2. The Bayview has been suffering from chronic cases of Asthma, chronic heart problems, the sulphur stench and other adversities - daily facing the people the Bayview and an area 3 miles wide.

     When a Proposition was passed in 2002  - a Bond Measure put in place - amount to over $2.4 million -to address the Clean Drinking Water and the Sewage problem - 80% coming to the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant.

Plus some more from Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee from the day he was the Director of the Human Rights Commission, head of the Department of Public Works - City Administrator - and now Mayor of San Francisco - this bastard and those lackeys surround him - all he has been doing is kicking the can down the street.

The Hetch Hetchy System -
clean drinking water - brought some 1600 miles -
all the way from Yosemite to San Francisco -
much of the clean drinking water use to flush our toilets -
and washing - where grey water could have been used.

Racists bastards pay no attention -
that the resources are stolen -
and then abused - those that visit Yosemite -
understand immediately - what the thieves did -
when they damed the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

This Mayor is like Donald Trump - he is quick to put down Trump who is an egoistical maniac.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he should be ashamed of himself - and must remember - even his supposedly good friend Rose Park - gave him a piece of her mind - when she warned him - she would surround SF City Hall - with truck and other vehicles and stopped all traffic going to City Hall.

She has passed away - and so did Dr. Espanola Jackson - who personally told me - what she thought about Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who she had know for a long time - Edwin M. Lee is good for nothing.

Rose Park was pissed off - at the many changes in and around Union Square -  until today - remains the same. The Central Subway started with a price tag - of $600 million and now has reached over $1. 9 Billion. Who is fooling whom?

The evil Senator Diane Feinstein 

Today we have 18 shooting and killings - 18 dead - August 21, 2017.  The Mayor has said nothing about this situation - the increase in crime - also, be it assaults, break ins - our cars and homes in peril. Our Safety on MUNI our transportation system and on the streets - dangerous more at night.

Our young women prone to attacks - while all the while our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is making small talk - walk the streets in broad day light and see things Mr. Edwin M. Lee - study the incident reports - stop listening to those whispering sweet nothing in your ear  - Paul Henderson - Diane Aroche, and the newly appointed good for nothing - advisors one worse than the other.

Here is - the Pork Faced Mayor  - pussyfooting and taking on some White Supremacists - who will do what they do - much as the Mayor and his lackeys - including Senator Diane Feinstein, Congress woman Nancy Pelosi and others - have failed to represent us - decent San Franciscans.

The people United - will NOT - ever - defeated.

Let us not give too much publicity to those that do not respect folks like Senator Diane Feinstein,  Scott Wiener, London Breed, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - these folks are simply fanning the flames - and already have. 

Now we have other groups - planning to go to Crissy Field - Ohlone Land - to stir up more trouble - fanned by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others like London Breed.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a Racist - he has been that when he was the Director of Human Rights Commission - ask him if he knows - Kevin Williams and why he is always - attacking him.

Ask him if he knows Francisco Da  Costa - and he cares to debate me in public on any topic? 

The man is a coward - surrounds himself with an entourage of law enforcement.

He - does not have the guts - to walk the streets " in cognito " - more, to see things for himself.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee will send others to speak to me and see what I have to say - folks like Mr. Lim who I have know for many years.

As things stand today - it is not about talking - it is about walking the walk.

It is about - action - that benefits thousands of constituents of this great City and County of San Francisco - that I genuinely love.

Edwin Lee has set our great City on Fire

This man did not want to be Mayor - when Gavin Newsom created the turmoil - this man was in Hong Kong - and accepted to be Mayor - before that he said again and again he did not want to be Mayor.

As the Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has set our City and County on Fire. 

The Millennium down is sinking 19 inches and titling 9 inches.

As Mayor of San Francisco Quality of Life issues have been compromised - again and again and again.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


This gate by the Bayview Opera House -
costs $5.9 together with the ugly Rock Garden -
in front of the Bayview Opera House build  in 1888.

The Bayview Hunters Point has been on the forefront of changes for good - many of the leading advocates the likes of Lynne Brown, Dr. Espanola Jackson, Claire Rodgers, Shirley Jones, Jamo Muhammad, Mrs Westbrook, Ruth Williams, Kevin Williams, Archbishop Franzo King - others to many to name -having done yeomen - service.

The common denominator being - working and serving the community at large - in humanity - doing more receiving less - without any strings attached.

Kudos to those mentioned above - and others too many to mention.

Recently a Black woman wanted to celebrate her grandmother's 90th Birthday - and chose to hold the event at the SF Bayview Opera House.

With great difficulty she reserved the Bayview Opera House - paid the reservation fee - and was quoted one price - less than $1500 - but had to shell out over $4000 - to hold the event - for some 6 hours in the evening.

The Bayview Opera House built in 1888 - has been there standing for so long and has supported some eventful times - only those who have their heart in the right place - are remembered by the people - not the sell outs.

No one who does not have their heart in the right place - can take anyone to a better - place.

I have  seen the current folks who walk like peacocks - and more talk " like their shit don't stink " - trying to convince the community at large - that they are doing us a favor. They are not.

People in the community are angry - and those who are in charge of the SF Bayview Opera House  - must understand time is of essence - for too long - too many blatant discriminatory events and incident - point to divisiveness coming from the Director who now is at the SF Bayview Opera House.

This nonsense must be put to a STOP - more, with all that is happening in our Nation - Charlottesville  -  Virginia.

Right now after so much has been done to the Bayview Opera House - seismic and other needed improvements - fixing the leaks - the building is being painted at this late date.

The lead abatement has not been done - so this one fact - will tell anyone - no one should be permitted to use the Bayview Opera House - while this lead abatement is going on.

Where are SAFETY concerns that must be in place. This one fact - among many others - point o leadership and management that is lacking. 

The  SF Bayview Opera House - is not  Slave Plantation. 

I worked for the Department of Interior - understand the Department of Interior rules and principles - linked to any Landmark Building.

I know for sure - that those hovering in and around the SF Bayview Opera House - wheeling and dealing - are now ashamed that they have been caught - with their hand in the cookie jar.

The SF Bayview Opera House has cancelled two consecutive meetings - why? Do not shred documents - do not hide anything - the more you hide - the more light will be shed - on the current nonsense and what has transpired for years - trying to hoodwink the community at large.

We have asked the Director the Bayview Opera House - under the Freedom of Information Act to provide the required data - she has the audacity to say that she is a Private Non-Profit and that the FOIA does not apply to her.

Such nonsense is open defiance that we will not tolerate.

The paradox is that House Negros are aiding and abetting this woman - who does not understand the community - and has been placed to do the devil's work.

I have received so many complaints - that I was forced to request Theo Ellington who is the Board President to meet me - gave him by business card -  he has chosen to pussyfoot and his immature behavior is completely uncalled for.

When I met him recently - I had to give him another business cared - which mostly - I do not do. I do not dole my business card.

The community needs to have a hearing - there is too much nonsense going on many fronts - at the SF Bayview Opera House.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor accommodating her relatives to use the Bayview Opera House for free and with perks

The front of the SF Bayview Opera House -
without the ugly Rock Garden in front of it -
further down this article - you can gauge the difference.

The Rock Garden in front of the Bayview Opera House is a health hazard - the birds, the cats, the dogs, raccoons - all defecate on this site - and as you enter the Bayview Opera House it stinks to high heaven.

Aesthetically speaking - and according the Department Of Interior Rules this Rock Garden and some other major changes - do not meet the standards. Who is fooling whom?

The Department of Building Inspection must inspect the Building - I will send this article to the President of Department of Building Inspection Commission - and initiate a Freedom of Information Action (FOIA) - to complete the circle.

The community should be invited to the next SF Bayview Opera Board Meeting - so that there is full accountability and more transparency.

The ugly Rock Garden - next to a Landmark Building
built in 1888 -it is an eye-sore -
and aesthetically - very poor taste. A hydrant sticking
on the side of the Rock Garden - what is happening? 

The inferior work done - the millions spent - the more than $6 million for the Rock Garden and the Iron Gate - that is a barrier - and forces one to go around the SF Bayview Opera House to enter the Main Door.

Who are these forces that are using barriers and more displaying ignorance and arrogance - to created divisiveness - the White woman who is rude and ofter belligerent.

Recently - there was some painting work done  - the Director of the Bayview Opera House - chose to hire all White Painters.

The ABU an organization - stand up for  Blacks workers - opposed this hire. More when the ABU has qualified painters and could have done the job.

The SF Police Department was called - reminiscent of the times - the early 1960s - where blatant discrimination and divisiveness prevailed.

Does Mayor Edwin M. Lee know what is happening at the SF Bayview Opera House ?

Does Nancy Pelosi and others who showed with great fun fare at the opening of the SF Bayview Opera House - know about the daily and blatant discrimination - agains people color - including the Chinese.

These action adversely impact thousands - and slowly but surely - divides the community.

The SF Bayview Opera House - should be made readily available for a decent fee - to those in the community.

More for event like celebrating a Black woman for has lived for 90 years - most of it in our community - the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Her relatives wanted to give her the best the family and community has to offer - only to encounter hurdles - more linked to financial - matters. Time will reveal more.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is busy - addressing things and events - that are NOT within his jurisdiction.

The time has come to adjudicate this matter and other discrimination - exercised defiantly - in the open.

We are asking for a hearing - with the public given sufficient notice - and a meaningful dialog - conduct to address the pertinent and salient issues. More about cultural competency, transparency, accountability - fairness and justice for all.

Dr. Espanola Jackson would not have tolerated this nonsense.

Besides some of us donated chairs, tables,  other necessary furniture - so that all could use the furniture at the SF Bayview Opera House.

While we could at one time not afford to do the rehabilitation - deferred maintenance caused too much damage.

We advocates - putting politics and corruption aside - did what we could possibly do to keep the Bayview Opera House open and in operation.

Conducted meeting, events, and even forums such as the Forum on Violence - in the year 2006.

Participants came from all over California - Senator Mark Leno donated a large banner - City officials as well as Community members - came and spoke - and we brought blatant violence to halt - and took control of the situation at hand. 

Again and again some of us - are forced to go to ground zero and take control of the situation.

Of course we have House Negros who think - they must be praised for doing something - some years ago - when things were different and most everything was in place.

Be it some issues had to be addressed. No one is perfect - and every organization - has its differences.

If you want to be praised for doing something - do not serve the community. If you serve the community - do it from a better place and do it with humility. If you want praise - then you are in the wrong place.

The community will praise you and honor you - if you deserve it.
If you are not acknowledged by me or anyone - there must be something fundamentally wrong with you.

I am sick of House Negros - who think - they know it all - and think that if they did something small - they deserve to be put on some sordid pedestal - and bowed down to.

I will not name - the corrupt and arrogant now - but will - at the appropriate time.

It is a shame how some House Negros think they are beyond criticism - more, when they are selling out the community.

The community wants to know - who created this private Non-Profit - and what is the mission of the SF Bayview Opera House. 

A simple investigation will open a can of worms.

I know this is to be a fact - just from the little I found out on Guide Star.

When is Theo Ellington - who wants to run for District 10 - as a prospective candidate for Supervisor - going to meet me?

What do you have to hide ?

I have nothing to hide - having been in the trenches of over 35 years in the Bayview Hunters Point area -  having too many friends who are sick with  what is happening at the SF Bayview Opera House - and the disdain shown to our community - especially those that need help - most. 

The time has come to being some semblance - and while doing this take those forces creating divisiveness to task.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Josuha Arce 
Director of San Francisco - CityBuild

Way back in the year 2005 - some of us met at the old Library in the Bayview - and created a plan - to address Workforce in our great City - the City and County of San Francisco. 

Maurice Campbell, Lynne Brown, Andrew Bozemen, Michael Boyd, Francisco Da Costa - others.

Some of us use to attend the San Francisco County Transportation Authority meetings - at that time - we fought for some money - to address Career Jobs.

More - having seen the abject failure - how the Third Street Light was built - giving very few opportunities and less accommodating Career Jobs - to those that lived in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

Plenty of jobs carrying and  hand signs - directing people to cross the road - all day long - while Whites from far and wide - were working little and making big bucks.

Millions of dollars were spent on the Third Street Rail  - as much as $700 million - laying the tracks - from 4th and King - to Middle of no where Visitation Valley.

If the tracks where connected to Balboa Bart Station - it could have drawn - thousands - who could catch the Light Rail and reach their destination Downtown San Francisco - and contributed positively to the Carbon Footprint.

One thing led to another - and $180, 000 was set aside - for Workforce - by the SF County Transportation Authority - the Director at that time Luis Moscowich.

We use to meet outside the Bayview - sometimes - had one meeting at Glide Memorial Church - where our plan was high jacked.

At this meeting our plan was stolen and given to Sophie Maxwell - who ran with it.

 What else would one expect  any House Negro would accomplish - she compromised the community and our workforce - plan.

Shortly after this meeting  - I was attending a meeting at City Hall - and was shocked to hear from Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor - who Chaired the meeting - that $150, 000 would be given to one Laura Luster - to act as a consultant - on Workforce - and that she had a plan - which was our stolen plan.

I spoke up - and Laura Luster - was given $50, 000 and with the remaining money - CityBuild was created in the year 2006. The rest is history.

In all these years - we have seen corruption of the worst kind - linked to CityBuild.

One CityBuild worker -
offered kudos - which is right - but there is more -
will that lead to a Career Job.

Three years ago someone from the Carpenters Union headed the operation of CityBuild Academy (CBA)  - things improved - only to fall back to the old days - and we HOPE now - that something positive happens.

The Bayview and other parts of the City once had a model for career jobs.

Modelcities offered many career jobs - and hundreds of San Franciscans rose up the ranks - and did well - after being trained by the Modelcities curricula.

Journey men, Superintendents, Managers - I know some of them - and in the Bayview the training took place in a building by Third and Palou - by Mandell Plaza.

Paradoxically now people sit by a palm tree - doing nothing from 8 am to 9 pm - and nest to Pit Stop - and this picture is a disgrace to the human race. Most of those whiling their time - Blacks who once had jobs - but now have fallen prey to alcohol and drugs - and are very angry.

We once had the Human Rights Commission Office and under them the Compliance Officers - did their job - going to the many job sites and reporting.

The Human Rights Commissioners - the policy branch of the Human Rights Commission - were in charge of polices. It worked.

Then some years ago the Contract Monitoring Division was created with the City Administrator and the Mayor having a bigger say - and organizations like CityBuild playing second fiddle - running about with their head in the sand - like an ostrich.

From 2012 to today - we have had a booming construction industry - thousands of units built - in San Francisco.

San Franciscans must vie for menial jobs - the better jobs going to outsiders - some as far as Nevada, Utah, even Texas. Renting motels in South San Francisco - and doing their business in San Francisco. The so called compliance component missing.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee for sure - wheeling and dealing with Big Developers. The wheeling and dealing must STOP - but more those that have raked in millions - charged under the RICO Act.

California Pacific Medical Center  (CPMC) and HerrroBolt have had umpteen opportunities to help San Franciscans - but any data evaluated will show this is not the case.

I myself have been involved in many cases - when racism of the worst order - ruined the lives of several decent, hard working Blacks - working on the CPMC project .

In cases like this - where workers sent by CityBuild - to work and earn a living and their career cut short by racism and blatant discrimination - CityBuild could have played a role - but they did not.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is all over the place - could have played a role - but the man does not have the fortitude, absolutely has NO leadership qualities.

He loves appointing folks like Michael Barr - who wore a bow tie - and had little if NO clue about San Francisco - and lacked the ability to offer Career Opportunities. He failed at WorkForce - works at the Mayor's Office of WorkForce and Economic Development - has set us back several years.

Another person that comes to mind is Rhonda Simmons - good for nothing - and she is still around - wasting her time - and the City and County of San Francisco paying her a salary - when she should be fired - and sent away.

Workforce and all that it entails - is something  - I specialized in at a Federal Agency.

 We gave the apprentice - several months to learn and rotate - in many fields - carpentry, electrician, warehouse, landscape, water treat plan operator, cement mason, ironworks, housing and engineering - and so on.

After 6 months or 8 months - the apprentice could choose - a career and they did. Many did well for themselves - and even today when they meet me - they have tears of joy.

It is such a job to have a Career Jobs that you love - work hard and keep it - raise a family - and put bread and butter on the table.

Besides we had a huge hospital  were several fields - offered high paying jobs - you started as an  apprentice and applied yourself - and went on to make oneself proud.

The famous Letterman Army Research Center and the Letterman Army Medical Center and there was more.

Over the years - thousands of people - got myself into the system - had Career Jobs - and all that is good happened - and all of us that had something to do with this goods - rejoice in humanity.

Missing in the discussion linked to CityBuild is the discussion of the seed that was planted - that original seed by corrupt folks like Sophie Maxwell - and using our stolen plan.

 Laura Luster  who lives in Marin County - was paid for nothing - a stolen plan that she used.

Laura Luster is no where to be seen - one corrupt individual aiding and abetting another - both House Negros who should be ashamed of themselves.

Karma shows us again and again - the blatant corruption prevailing at the Mayor's Office - past Mayors and the present Mayor office is the worst.

Again and again apprentices are trained and sent to some workplaces - and they do not last long.

Most last a few months - and CityBuild takes credit - for the original placement - but not for the worthiness of the apprentice - for the long run - leading to a Career Job.

I have attended meetings - where CityBuild personnel have to attend - discuss and  review reporting processes - often time these personnel come late - and do not have the ability to adhere to standards.

The Elation Software is defective - but no one wants to overhaul this system - that must be tweaked at best - so that it is friendly to those that input the data - and more the Contractors and others - who often have to hire some outside party - to do the input.

We cannot look at CityBuild as a holistic place for the apprentices - if there is corruption - the UNIONS - must be held accountable - and we do not see this at the moment.

We have just to evaluate the Plumbers Union in San Francisco.
After squandering the Union dues of the plumbers - they borrowed money from other UNIONS - to build a brand new Plumbers Union next the the Bayview Hunters Point Police Station.

We the people want to know - how many Plumbers - people of color are offered Career Jobs. The SF Plumbers Union has operated for the longest time - and is known for its blatant Racism.

It is the same with the SF Electricians Union - the SF Elevators Union - and I could name a few more - you get the picture.

In the Bayview we have hot spots - with over 40% unemployment - recently - I met  Mr. Lim - former contractor who is mentoring some Local Contractors - who shocked me by saying the Mayor Edwin M. Lee had asked him to talk to me. 

Well I am not about talking - I am about action and have offered my wisdom - and helped thousands to get good jobs - more when I worked for the Presidio of San Francisco.

Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - has NOT contributed to the community since 2013 - the bring fake reports before the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - and the Commission rubber stamps the nonsense.

I explained to Mr Kim - the process I want through the many Disposition and Development Agreements (DDA) - the many other meetings where the DDA was amended - the rogue developer that Lennar is - and that Mr. Lim should be careful dealing with the devil.

The nepotism and the favoritism prevailing in the work place today - is disgusting to say the least - makes one puke - our UNIONS are corrupt.

The Unions have been contribution millions to the politicians - that never used to be the case - today it is - and CityBuild and others involved with WorkForce - get caught up in the mix.

I worked with the SF Public Utilities Commission - created the SF Public Utilities Commission Contractors Center - truly speaking the original idea - was to address Workforce. 

The insiders decided otherwise - and chose to call it the Contractors Center and it is under utilized - time will tell.

Signs like this - got tattered and torn -
no opportunities provided -
some one has BLOOD  on their hands.

It took me four years - to bring about the fruition of the Contractors Center - at 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - now 150 Executive Park - with the help of Scott Hanks and Jae Ryu. 

At the Federal Agency - I could put in place any such center - within a month.

It is the same with the Riparian Program that we started - that has trained four or five cohorts - with the head of the Laborers' Union in San Francisco - giving us a difficult time for NO reason - putting hurdles in our way.

Harlan Kelly of the SF Public Utilities Commission - Mitch Salazar who now works for the SF Department of Works - others - had to wait for years for the first cohort to be put in place. Why?

Some of that waiting - went away when a leader - more Management - Vince Courtney from the Laborers' Union - stepped in took our idea - but made it work.

More - because he had the ear of our very corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee. I am NOT going to whisper sweet nothings in the ear of the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he knows me and I know him. We even once played ping pong - right there by the Cable Car Turn Around - 5th and Powell.

Mr Lim who has worked with Contractors - been involved in the formulation of language to better Contracting Opportunities - is looking at providing small Contractors with Opportunities.

He tells me there is no money for such work - millions have been expanded and wasted by those that purport to know about Workforce but know nothing at all - YCD is one of them - Girls 2000 is another - the Western Addition have one to two - none provided opportunities for Career Jobs.

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation - created hubs for small Contractors - got them certified - Local Business Certification - Non-Profit Certification - and got those entities that were certified - jobs - we succeeded. 

The City did not give us one single dollar for this work.

Right now workers are fired on the Hill - that is Bayview Hunters Point - Cahill Brothers who works - for the John Stewart Company - has told the Black workers - there is no more work.

CityBuild is involved in this matter - but there is NO accountability and less transparency.

CityBuild must now be transparent - its role in providing jobs - but also its role - is mediation and bringing about solutions -  at the work site.

More -where the lack of  - cultural competency and implicit bias prevalent.

It  has created situations - where Supervisors to direct the work on the job sites - have been assaulted for discriminating against  the workers - again and again - reminiscent of the Chinese Worker who built our railways and are forgotten.

The mostly Black and Latinos workers are right - why should they be  insulted again and again - by those who are White and order people around but cannot bend down and work - long hours.

At many work sites - the workers are angry - that anger has reached  saturation point -  our City and County sides with the John Stewart Company and Cahill Brother and others - why?

At the Lennar sites - sub contractor are not paid - even large companies Maguire and Hester - others - have refused to work for Lennar Urban - aka 5 Point Holdings LLP.   Who is fooling whom - time for the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee to step in and find out - why the many change orders - why the back and forth on Scope of Work that has been agreed upon.

In order to restore order on many Job Sites linked to the John Stewart Company - our SF Police Department is hired on the Job Sites - and paid - to monitor and address Safety Issues - always side with corrupt forces like the John Stewart Company - this  is NOT the right way to conduct oneself - where is the City and County of this - why allow the workers - more workers of color - to be compromised.

San Francisco Police Chief -

William Scott - it will take him some years -
to figure out those that talk the talk -
and who really can walk the walk - with the Lord.

Let the SF Police Department do their work - which they fail to do again and again - and stay away from sites filled with problems the John Stewart Company, Lennar Urban and Obayashi, and so on.

 I have met the Chief of Police one on one and told him that I will support him - as long as the the community is respected.

Now I see the SF Police Chief - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee announcing Safety Measures - against the White Supremacy Folks.

Now tell me today is August 19, 2017 and already we have had 18 killings in San Francisco - why?

Who is compromising Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Why so many poor people living in tents. Why so many Seniors dying on the streets of San Francisco.

Why is the Carbon Footprint on the rise - adversely impacting the health of the workers - it is about Health and Safety  - when it comes to the workers - and no one is paying attention to both - in a realistic and practical manner - why?

Few remember when Apartment Investment Management Company - in 2004 - created a mess on the Hill - that is Hunters Point. I stoped the killings and shootings.

Workers were pitied one against the other - the Blacks against the Latinos - the Latinos taken advantage off - their checks taken from them and cashed - by a rouge Carpenter Steward - Wong.

 A detail report available - but the City and County of San Francisco looked the other way - the City Attorney the then District Attorney Kamala Harris looked the other way.

I brought in the Pro Bono Lawyers - to take statements from the Latino workers - who told their stories - and all was and is happening in San Francisco.

One particular Chinese Steward Wong - belonging to the  SF Carpenters Union - taking the checks only from the Latino workers - cashing the checks - and giving back to each Latino worker - what is deemed he wanted to give.

When I heard it first - I could not believe what I was hearing - worst than the Mafia - but is was true - and we about about some solutions to the situation - thanks to the lawyers Saucedo, Hillary Ronnen, Robert Salinas - advocates Dr. Espanola Jackson and I.
Blacks were told the Latino were no good - but had the decency to listen to me - when I told them - this nonsense must STOP.

 The Mayor at that time Mayor Gavin Newsom - did not give a hoot - and CityBuild has a representative - Jessie Mason - who has since passed away - who was paid - but failed to do his job.

Josuha Arce has an opportunity to address the " rip tides " that are prevalent in this work of sorts - mixed with the worst politics -  seen in decades - many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - disgusting to say the least.

In the final analysis - the apprentices suffer - I have taken some of them under my wing and given them jobs.

It does not help that organizations like Young Community Developers receive huge amounts of money - pretending to do Workforce - but do nothing at all. 

This sordid legacy started with Dwayne Jones - who has a desk at SF Public Utilities Commission - 550 Golden Gate - getting a fat salary -  selling out the community.

All we have to do - provided the details - that can be got - under the Freedom of Information Act  -  the millions given to  the  corrupt organizations - we want to know - how many Career Jobs have been created - not one.

These short term training - do not lead to true Career Jobs.

The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

Well Joshua Arce has his job cut out for him - we the people must be respected - we want full transparency and accountability - but most of all - we want RESPECT.