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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Empty barrels making a lot of NOISE - all talk and NO action.

Today, the Bayview Hunters Point is divided - so divided that it is pathetic.

The sell outs those that received money from Lennar, those that pay lip service and listen to those that are dividing the community every day, mostly Black - should be ashamed of themselves.

It is the same people - mostly "thugs" who will organize a meeting and talk loud, and spew toxic air, and they have nothing to offer in terms of spirituality. Spiritually - they are bankrupt.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors - the many that are in the Bayview will come out - they know when to come out and jump on the band wagon.

They even know when to come out to City Hall and make a fool of themselves. And some will pretend they represent the better interests of the NAACP and all they do it totally to represent - themselves.

The Black on Black violence has been going on for years.

The "snitching" has been going on for years. Moles have been planted in the community - and most of them work for "pea nuts" - selling drugs - making money while continuing to inform on the community. Without exception all of them are Black.

We have no leadership in the Bayview Hunters Point. Absolutely, no leadership.

Not from the one present, grinning, and trying to say something but each time - she opens her mouth - she shoves her - foot inside.

What is going on now is pacification.

And even as a Town Hall meeting is being planned - without an agenda - that the public has to knowledge of.

Others,useless to the core - are purporting to know some - and trying to influence that the re-entry and other such ploys be introduced at the Town Hall meeting. This does not work and more has NO place.

The main point on the agenda is whether it is right to take a life - just because some one did not have a MUNI fare?

What priority do we as a community put on life?

Why are there so many living dead in the community?

Who with "intent" has created this mess?

In answering this question - we must ask ourselves - why is there so much Black on Black shooting and killing?

Why is the community, especially the Black Community immune to the shooting and killing?

Now, this nonsense is spreading to the Portola District and other areas - that were not ridden with such rampant atrocities.

Atrocities - that speak to the human being - and the degradation of human values.

Show case a breed of "thugs" that live for the moment - and do not care to take a "life" - because the "thugs" do not know better. Cowards as they are - they carry a gun - if you meeting them in person - they have no clue - why they are on this earth.

Now, when Law Enforcement does the same with all the training. Some $500,000 over the years - and act "pathetic" - thinking that killing a Black Person is justified - then something - is really -  wrong.

Now, as I have said before - "thugs" bring guns on the Third Street Lightrail, on the MUNI buses, make loud noises, play their music loud, curse, eat and spit on the floor of the bus,  infringe on the rights of others.

This City of San Francisco, MUNI, the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), the SF Police Department, the Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors - have permitted this nonsense - to go on ad nauseaum.

Why is it every time we enter a MUNI bus only a certain segment of  the population - mostly Black on the Third Street Lightrail, Muni Bus 54, Muni Bus 9, 9 L, Muni Bus 29, Muni bus 44 - are the ones causing trouble and get physical? Why?

No manner thought at home. No etiquette. Disgusting to the core to see humans degrade themselves - and not take control of their instincts and behave themselves.

I see it all the time - and there is nothing - as a citizen you can do about it. Gives the entire community a bad name. 

We have the empirical data to prove this fact.

Why do we have disproportionately so many Black with no fathers, single mother rearing children, so many of the children not finishing their education - not even 8 grade?

 Truancy,  long stays at the Juvenile, other infringements that lead to incarceration in State and Federal prisons? Who pays for all this?

Why is not the City and County of San Francisco taking a holistic approach and addressing the situation at hand?

And when it comes to jobs and outreach and money that the SF Public Utilities Commission and others will be spending - vultures such as Dwayne Jones and his consultant firm DJA will the there - receiving millions and doing NOTHING for the community.

Jail birds of the worst order - are now forming Non-Profit organizations to steal, plunder, and make money for themselves.

All of them spiritually - bankrupt. As are the many Poverty Pimp Pastors all Black who took money from Lennar and are still on the pay roll of crooked organizations.

As for genuine leadership and representation - it is non-existent in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Remember 23 candidates ran for District 10 elections - 23 lame duck asses - such is the pathetic state of affairs. Now go figure!