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Thursday, September 28, 2017


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) established in 1996 -  is now spiraling into the " cesspool " - of its own creation.

The leadership at the SFPUC is pathetic. Blatant corruption of the highest order - with crooks like Juliet Ellis, Dwayne Jones, and many consultants - playing havoc with the community at large. This nonsense must STOP - now.

Failing with its Water System Improvement Project - with Mountain Tunnel, Calaveras, Irvington Tunnel - and discrimination against women - more in the Yosemite area - by the KKK. The SFPUC seems to have a non-chalant attitude - working with entities - and favors models linked to " behest " - donations and related ploys, machinations - and shenanigans.

The Sewer System Improvement Project - substitutes for the old name Sewer Project - the Water System Improvement Project - was better known - as the Clean Water Project.

Simple terms - turned to convoluted terms - that say something - but in practical terms - means nothing at all. 

More to those that treasure Accountability and Transparency.

The conceptual plans are just that -
you wake from your dream -
and meet the worse nightmare of your life -
leading the projects - stupid people - dumber than dumb.

The Digesters - so called - state of the art - proprietary technology from some Scandinavian nation - has hit some high voltage cable - short of incineration. 

We would like to see how the newly anointed Chief Strategist -  Juliet Ellis - views this one of many hurdles - that will drown the present SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Digesters started with a high bid of over $2.9 Billion - add to that another $800 million - which will increase to over $1. 5 Billion - add this to the $2.9 Billion - do not fault that on me - I am just an observer.

No one seems to care about the community - the meetings proposed are held without proper outreach.

The community is fed back and technical documents like the one below say much -  leaves the public at large in the dark :

Just yesterday another Manager was hired - at over $ 100, 000 to aide the present Manager of the 1800 Oakdale Facility - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building. 

The first Manager who replaced Toye Moses - who mostly was whiling away his time - has been substituted by a Black from Fresno - as if here - more, in San Francisco - we have no one to fill such a position.

It does not help that Young Community Developers that has shamed the Bayview - for may years - known for corruption of the highest order.

More, with umpteen changes - where Directors have come and gone -  audits done in the past - have revealed a can of worms.

You will hear more about Dwayne Jones -
as our empirical data is presented -
in our pursuit to deal with the crooks -
using the RICO ACT.

YCD is bad news - and what makes YCD evil - is the lurking Dwayne Jones - who behind the scenes - without working hard - wants to steal proprietary curricula, bids that others have put their heart and soul - to abuse the hard work of others - that has been his evil forte.

Dwayne Jones  has been conducting such sordid actions - for ever - he is not from San Francisco - and we yet to see his better half - some say a husband.

This life style shit happening - behind the scenes - where folks that are Black marrying Whites - others who pretend they are straight - yet work against the community - just because they are homosexual - has cause a divisiveness - never ever - seen before.

Complete now with a calendar - where studs will be displayed - and you all who buy the calendar - can salivate.

Imagine - having a " stud " - be it a corrupt son of a gun - for a day or may be a week - if not more - to gaze at and take you far away in Studland.

The Bayview Opera built in 1888 -
the ugly rock garden - together with a fence -
cost over $2.6 million - time will tell -
as we vetted the accounting and more accountability -
we have a more than clear picture - Barbara Cockel.

Corruption of the highest order has been going on at the Bayview Opera House.

Even more at 1800 Oakdale - Brother against Guns, Girls 2000, YCD - all get subsidized rents and harming the community - with programs that are mundane - and do not meet the " smelt tests ".

Millions of dollars - are piped to these organization - Brothers Against Guns - Girls 2000 now known better for the operation of " Pit Stops " - YCD for bluffing and seeking programs like STEM - to take the money -  does little if nothing - when it comes to career jobs.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is put on notice - and this time - we are going for the jugular - I have had patience - and our patience is running out.

Facts sheets as the one posted below - tell some story - but far from reality  - the sordid actions happening in the Bayview Treatment Plant - that has received numerous Notice of Violations. Such notices do not seem to phase those that are in charge and more the Chief Strategist - Juliet Ellis who has been hoodwinking the public at large -  moving thousands of dollars to entities and institutions that are devoid of character - more crooks - all with a hidden agenda :

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - still stinks to high heaven - impacts innocent people around a three miles radius - and will for another 5 years.

Documents are available at the Planning Commission on Mission Street - linked to many projects - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP)  - for free - for those that want to learn more and represent the community - better.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The people united - will never, ever be defeated.
The citizen is always first - we the people pay the 
salaries of these despicable politicians and City employees -
today they behave as if the citizens are their servants -
well, to send a clear message - one of them the RICO Act.

San Francisco by far measure are tolerant - many who call themselves " natives " - who live here in San Francisco - have no connection with the Ohlone who are the First People - they lived here continuously for over 13, 000 years.

Nor do these wannabes deserve " respect " - more,  if all they do is lie, cheat, wheel and deal - more receive behest donations - that are always - suspect.

Three years ago - Willie L. Brown registered himself -
as a lobbyist - before that since the early 1990s -
he amassed large amount of money - 
wheeling, dealing, intimidating - until recently when 
he has slowed down - trying to cover his sordid trail -
but not for long - the TRUTH always - prevails.

Platinum Advisors aka Platinum Consultants - is one hub where for a " fee " - project can be given to the highest bidder - lock, stock and barrel.

The crooked Edwin M. Lee - 
will not give up - when it comes to raking money -
left, right, and center -
his downfall will be " money " - illegal money -
that he will have to account for - he can run -
but he will NOT be able to hide.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee since 2012 has amassed with behest funds over $24 million - this is just the tip of the iceberg - everyday - those that sit down and make these deals - give a damn to ordinary citizens of San Francisco - who work two and three jobs - to survive - put bread and butter on the table.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission keeps going back and forth - dealing with legalese - have so called " meetings " - to arrive at some " viable and sustainable " solution - making the effort - ending up mudding the waters.

The issue of " behest " donations - have plagues San Francisco - for decades - those craft attorney - who found the loop hole - have for a " fee " - allowed the politicians to rake in millions - mostly in bed with big developer - the likes of Lennar Urban a rogue developer - from Miami, Florida.

Our Sunshine Task Force that has to follow the Administrative Code, Chapter 67 - it is also know as the Sunshine Ordinance of 1999.

Some of us advocates have been attending the Sunshine Task Force - and have admired the fortitude and tenacity of those members - who serve on this Task Force.

Scott Wiener - when he was the Supervisor of District 8 -
made it his mission to bring hurdles and not fill the seat
set aside for  the only seat that is filled by a candidate -
who is Physically Challenged - what type of behavior is this?

I have known Mr Wolfe for a long time - always doing his homework, educated on issues - and alway standing for the TRUTH.

I have known Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, London Breed, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - they will sell their mothers for a nickel.

These charlatans - will use behest money - without blinking an eye - and are shameless - more are spiritually - bankrupt.

Especially Malia Cohen - she will go distances - to gather money - and spend it on herself - bleaching her skin, change her hair style - ending up looking like - an ugly  " lemur ".

I was watching the SF Ethics Commission - September 25, 2017 - those advocates - giving testimony - were relating their personal experiences.

 Long time advocates like Larry Welch,  Larry Bush, Cohen - and others do well - to repent the needed concerns of San Franciscans.  They have been at it - for years - and the nonsense seems to be getting from bad to worse. Now, we see shaders of legalese creeping and convoluting the language - and those aged an siting on the SF Ethics Commission  - seem to be kicking the can down the street.

San Francisco City Hall - 
has lost its old charm - complete - 
with lack of astute citizens who refuse to come to
City Hall to give testimony - each time they 
do they see - confusion and madness - exhibited for 
all the world to see - side bar conversations galore -
the peoples business - thrown to the wind.

At the SF Board of Supervisors the many committee meetings held by the SF Supervisors.

The main meeting the SF Board of Supervisors meeting held on Tuesday - in the August Chamber Room 250 - at City -  is becoming a JOKE.

For the last 40 years - I have been fighting for Quality of Life issues - as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy.

More,  linked quality life issues - breathing clean air, avoiding " hot spots " - we have over 4000 of them all over San Francisco.

All - knows to the Environment Department that comes under the jurisdiction of the SF Health Department.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - is a Superfund Site - only the worst contaminated sites are put on the Superfund 
Site - but SF Mayor Edwin M. Lee - keeps on bragging he will build over 20, 000 homes on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candle Point - one site worse than the other.

Our Bay polluted - and the Carbon Footprint increased by over 400% from 10 years ago - one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - and we have over 80, 000 tons plus of Methane spewing  - from 4th and King in San Francisco - to Geneva Avenue on the border of San Francisco and Daly City.

Our congestion on the roads has reached saturation point - and all Mayor Edwin M. Lee does - is talk from both sides of his dirty mouth.

The many developers - think that it is fine to build homes on very contaminated ground - more ground where depleted Uranium was tested - and where high levels of radioactive elements are registered.

Barbara Cockel -
the Director of the Bayview Opera House -
where is the Cultural Competency and who is 
looking into " Implicit Bias ". Pathetic

A transplant from Oakland -
President of the SF Bayview Opera House 
who thinks he can fool the Sisters and Brothers -
and get away with murder -
in broad daylight. Time will tell.

The Sunshine Task Force has not been getting too many complaints from the Southeast Sector - where daily - behest donations - linked with the Bayview Opera House - the very corrupt Director Barbara Cockel and the President of the Bayview Opera House built in 1888 - Theo Ellington - is being invested.

The behest money spread by Lennar Urban - is legend - the SF Ethics Commission - going back and forth - charge the bastards - with the RICO ACT and the cockroaches - will be rid off - left, right and center.

One cockroach sent to jail - will settle all the raging - pandemonium prevailing today in the SF Bayview and all over San Francisco.

I will be attending the SF Sunshine Task Force today at 5:30 pm at City Hall. I invite decent San Franciscans - to attend this meeting on the 4th Floor of City Hall - and check out the fire works. Aho.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Tommy T. Moala -
an American Tongan Brother -
retiring after more than 20 years of service.

Tommy T. Moala - who I have known for many years - the Assistant General Manager - of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is retiring - after more than 20 years of service to the City and County of San Francisco.

Tommy who is well known to me - on many levels - has interacted with me - on many very serious issues. 

He has known me as a straight shooter - if you are wrong and with intent or carelessly have done some wrong - I will not hold back.

Tommy has been in charge of 3 wastewater treatment plants - over 1000 miles of sewer pipes,  a dual sewer system  that takes in the storm runoff as well as the dealing daily with the production of sewage.

Each of the sewage treatment plants be it the one at Ocean Beach by the SF Zoo, the Bay Treatment plant by Pier 39 - or the aging sewage treatment by Phelps Street in the Bayview - each treatment plant is unique - and Tommy T. Moala - has juggled the situation to the best of his ability.

Any treatment plant demands exercising leadership - the many employees who must work as a team, more in the operations of the plant  - adhering to compliance - and maintaining a high standard - when it comes - to standard maintenance.

It has not been easy to juggle the many moving parts - and with the early retirement of Tony Flores and others - in recent years - things are floating in the air.

While the old sewage plants are slowly being brought to standards - in this digital world - the institutional experience and wisdom has been thrown to the wind - by those decision makers - who are busy wheeling and dealing.

SFPUC is the hub of corruption - an Enterprise Department that generates millions and wastes millions more.

Tommy T. Moala has had to deal with issues at the sewage plants - and even though I do not work for the SF Public Utilities Commission - I have been involved to bring about solutions -directly and indirectly.

General Manager Harlan Kelly -
recently had his term extended for another 5 years -
the timing jives with the upgrading
of the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - and innovative models -
that can address the many adverse impact that the citizens
of the Bayview - experience daily.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has a $10 Billion budget - to address the revamping of the digesters that hold the secondary effluents - right now in 6 large tanks - that have been repaired - and the new ones a proprietary design -  of a Scandinavian firm.

With that $10 billion - new weirs, sewage tanks that hold the secondary effluents - and release the millions of secondary effluents slowly into the Bay. 

Right now the treated sewage - has failed on many occasions - more on days when we have had heavy rain - the dual system serve a purpose - but not with the increase in customers that have tasked the system - and we have seen real failures - grow exponentially.

Now all that and more is supposed to change - with the new digesters - and with that brand new technology - that should make a big difference.

Well right now that is a dream - again and again - energy issues linked with the Bio-Solids and other treatment processes - demand too much energy.

 Energy is at a premium and over head costs - are baffling - the buffoon do not know what to make of this situation - that has not been well thought of - before.

Timely scheduled meetings with the public at large - have not be held on the digesters.

Those advocates that have been at the many deliberations - have been NOT told one thing - other things happen.

All the while - money set aside for community benefits - are doled out to some sell outs - who do more harm than good to the community at large.

 Leading that charge the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - who should be fired.

Read this article :

Some of us advocates have attended - who have attend the many meetings - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project and the Water System Improvement Project - it is like pulling your teeth - your hair -  listening to buffoons - testing your patience.

Juliet Ellis the Assistant General Manager -
and added to that title Chief Strategist -
who has created too many adverse impacts -
and continues to contaminate and pollute the situation at hand -
by interfering and messing with others - who are fed up with her.

It does not make it easy with folks like Juliet Ellis who is the Assistant General Manager for External Affair - and recently added another title - Chief Strategist. The audacity of this good for nothing woman to add - such a title - when she is as corrupt and crooked as they come.

Corrupt as she is - who should not be working for any institution  - private or government - who is an anathema.

Juliet Ellis has single handedly - messed with the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - the many structural  improvements - other programs.

More - linked to outreach - community benefits - that she fucks with daily - to the dismay of those that know the community - and more understand the pertinent and salient issues - that have NOT been addressed for decades. 

We advocates are fed up with this woman.

Dwayne Jones - who works as a consultant -
will collect information from bids provided -
other proprietary documents - 
and use it as he deems - necessary to make money.

When some one like Tony Flores retries - a very valued SF Public Utilities Commission employee - who we did not see honored for all his services in public - as he should have had. Something stinks in Denmark!.

We advocates will remember Tony Flores - more as we will remember Tommy T. Moala.

All the shenanigans that are happening - the many programs pushed - to create an illusion - will not fool us advocates who have experience - and can smell a skunk from a mile away. One of them is Dwayne Jones. Another is his side-kick Shamann Walton.

We are monitoring the situation like a HAWK.

Dwayne Jones as does Juliet Ellis - have access to millions of dollars - Community Benefits money - any audit done of these monies - will reveal - umpteen infringements.

Dwayne Jones has an office at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - the headquarters of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - what the fuck is Dwayne Jones doing at the SFPUC. Why does he have his sticky fingers - in every pie.

He has been black listed - do not take my word - read this article :

Tommy T. Moala is retiring -

who do you think has the last laugh -

again and again scum bags like Juliet Ellis 

and Dwayne Jones - have controlled assets and funds -

that they have no right to control - 
more - funds coming under the jurisdiction of Tommy T. Moala -
the upper authorities - corrupt to the core - calling the shots.

Not long ago the San Francisco Controller Office conducted an audit - linked the Phelps Sewage Treatment plant - and revealed the extend of adverse impacts.

 The many Notice of Violations - that Tony Flores and others who retired - tried to ratify - but could not - because of the rampant racism, corruption, and abject disdain for decency, transparency and accountability.

The person in charge at the Phelps Treatment plant ordering parts that could not be used - putting those workers who monitor air samples and required to do other testing - at odds with this Manager - who created situation to rake in thousands. Who is fooling whom?

Again and again when a position is advertised - such as the position of the Wastewater Operation Manager - thousands of dollars are expanded to consultants such as The Hawkins Company - who do not have a " clue " -  about what is truly happening at " ground zero '.

Here is the advertisement for the job of SF Wastewater Operation Manager:

 Shamann Walton running for District 10 Supervisor -
now President of the failed SF Unified School District Board -
upward mobility - up the corrupt political ladder -
good friend of Dwayne Jones who is his side- kick.

Walton Shaman visiting the Phelps Treatment Plant and instead of being interested in Upward Mobility - Career jobs, sound training -  interested in some State of California STEM programs - that could bring him personally - millions of dollars.

He is now running for District 10 Supervisor - have failed as the President on the Board of the SF Unified School District.

Walton Shaman should be ashamed -  backed Lennar Urban - endorsing high-rise building at Candlestick Point - land prone to liquefaction. Lennar bloody money will come to haunt Shamann Walton - sooner not latter.

My investigative reporting has tons of empirical data - I know the corrupt players - and can take my time - to expose them.

I wish Tommy T. Moala all the best - take care of your aged parents.

May be you can spend more time in Tonga - a beautiful place - and the Tongan people - very graceful and full of hospitality of the highest quality. You will have tons of time to reflect on the 3 Sewage Treatment plants - the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Thank you for your service and keep in touch. 

Friday, September 22, 2017


Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind -

he wasted over $1 million on the Alt-Conservative -
fake gatherings that never took place -
having NO clue about logistics and less about issues -
now he wants and dreams Donald Trump to fork our $ 1 million -
to pay for his foolishness - he can go to hell -
with this type of logic and less inept leadership.

San Francisco today is experiencing decision making from Ed Lee and his lap dogs - who are full of " fear" and " paranoia ".

It does not help he is surrounded by " lap dogs " the likes of Cheryl Davis, Paul Henderson, Diane Aroche, London Breed  and of course those that report to SF Chief Williams Scott - and convince him what is right and what is wrong.

The Blue Panel Report, the Grand Jury Report, the many mandates issued by Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - an entity that works with the Department of Justice (DoJ) now defunct - stare at the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and his lackeys the likes of Cheryl Davis anointed as the Director of the Human Right Commission - and knows  - nothing at all.

Others like - Paul Henderson and Diane Aroche - each have promoted themselves - and led San Francisco - down the drain - into a cesspool - created by these two individuals - who whisper sweet nothings into the Mayor' ear - and know SHIT.

San Francisco's Chief of Police -
he hails from Los Angeles -
and is trying his best to comprehend the crafty politics 
of San Francisco. Time will tell.

Community Policing does not exist in San Francisco - even thought we the " citizens " have charted many documents - that can easily be implemented. We have them ready for implementation - but those in power do not want to give it a try.

The Police Relations Board - created are meant to " pacify " -  those that want to do something concrete and positive.

 The many SF Police Chiefs - have failed to implement - sound Community Policing - it does not help - that for many years - the SF Police Department - has been under Court Order - a kind of sordid " Receivership " - that hinders - progress and finding viable and sustainable - progress.

The SF Police Commission - keep rubber stamping. They lack a vision that comes from sound leadership - what can one expect form folks that are the Mayor's appointees - the likes of Joe Marshal a sell out - and a disgrace to the human race. A laughing jackass - watch him talk at the SF Police Commission meetings. 

I have known the last 10 SF Police Chiefs personally - more deeply the last 6 San Francisco Police Chiefs.

My one on one meetings and discussing matters and deliberation facts - empirical data - that is there but not seen less evaluated - that truly - impacts San Franciscans.

These meetings with the SF Police Chiefs - have given me a deep understanding - how our great City and County of San Francisco - ought to work - and what impede their taking a position and more implementing them.

How saturated corruption exists - and prevails - in our great City  and County of San Francisco - comes to neutralize - community policing - and for that matter - sound policing practices.

Our citizens - more mothers - protesting -
the shooting and killings in front of 850 Bryant Street -
where District Attorney George Gascon makes his abode -
he talks a good talk - worked in Los Angeles - then New Mexico -
became SF Police Chief -  wanted to become the 
California State Attorney General - but is licking his chops - today

When the people - the citizens - who pay the salaries -
of the Mayor who makes over $380, 000 plus perks -
the other City Officials - all those making in access of
$250, 00 and have nothing to show - less representation -
something STINKS in Denmark.
The people gather and protest and right so -
the Constitution permits and more encourages protests -
part of the process - to bring about fair play and justice.

There is NO one in San Francisco - when it comes to the people protesting - monitored protest where no one is put in harms way - no anarchist tactics tolerated, all  behaving themselves - with no one getting arrested - because we know how to work - with those that matter.

A team of proven success - of which I am attached to - sharing my experiences - having worked for the Sixth U.S. Army, the Department of Interior, and the U. S. Park Police. 

The Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - speaking at City Hall - but also writing on issues - for all the world to see and hear.

Sound organization - which consists of sound logistics and strategy is NOT for the faint of heart.

As I said the last 10 SF Chief of Police know me - and the last two SF Sherifs - more Michael Hennessy and Ross Mirkarimi - know me very well.

 All the Sherifs that matter know me  at City Hall - know where I come from - I respect them and they respect me. 

Some of us go to City Hall - and are disrespected by those that must permit the " citizens " to express themselves.

Public Comment has been turned into a circus - gone are the days - when those that came to speak - were articulate - and mattered.

The present SF Board of Supervisors - are charlatans.

A disgrace to the Human Race -
Amos Brown - a Black pastor - from the Western Addition -
just celebrated so called 40 years of service -
begging for donations  $100, 000 , $50, 000 - and
so on - what has become of this world - and more of our pastors -
more Poverty, Pimp, Pastors

A gathering was proposed to be held by some organizers - in the Western Addition.

The organizers  had a plan - the permits in hand.

A stage for speech making, music, and other arrangement to express the pressing issues  - that sad state of affairs - prevailing all over San Francisco - more in the Western Addition.
At the last moment the authorities that be - denied the organizers from holding the gathering - more or less comparing their proposed gathering - to what we all saw unfold with the ALT-Conservative group - that led the City and its leadership - forcing them to waste over $1 million - yes - One Million dollars.

The gathering proposed was and is a far cry from a protest or gathering - where violence and mayhem is a concern. San Franciscans are now treated like villains - and that must STOP.

The air-head London Breed -
she opens her mouth and shoves her dirty foot in -
she is behind a lot of the present nonsense we see 
more know about - leading our City into a cesspool.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee made a fool of himself - and more London Breed who purports to be the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - wasting over $ 1 Million - and then having the " Stupidity " to blame Donald Trump for their foolishness.

The Alt-Conservatives were used as a " scape goat " to tarnish the name of Donald Trump - more because the present administration is denying San Francisco - in funds - because we are a Sanctuary City - we claim to be one - but do not have the guts to stick to our convictions - where they is LOVE there is SACRIFICE.

People who are spiritually bankrupt - cannot pretend that they care for the people and more exercise the true caring that goes - while proclaiming we are a Sanctuary City.

 I did not see the present jerks - proclaiming this and that -  when we first fought for San Francisco being a Sanctuary City in the 1980s more with the situation then - in El Salvador and many refugees flood California more Los Angles, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Good leaders show the way, know the way and go the way.

We do not have any leadership - when it comes to Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

Any promoter can review the large footage available - gatherings held at the steps of City Hall - with tax payers money.

You have people - pandering - patting their behinds - and praising themselves.

All the time - missing the point - action that changes peoples' lives matter - not the spewing of hot air - and jumping around  barking up the wrong tree.

While all the time - wasting tax payers money - because the Mayor and his lackeys - are NOT educated on issues. More they are inept, spineless, and of sure have NO leadership qualities worth the salt.

I have met Edwin M. Lee in his office - the man is pathetic.

He has NO clue what is happening in San Francisco - and has learned nothing - from the happenings - at his last inauguration and swearing in as Mayor.

The inauguration was foiled by elements - who  did not agree with the Mayor - right at City Hall - and more video taped for all the world to see - under our famous City Hall - Rotunda - coffee, and other drinks - rained at the Mayor and the dignitaries - who will remember that day for the rest of the lives.

Senator Diane Feinstein, Governor Jerry Brown - and the many dignitaries gathered for the occasion including the Mayor's wife and daughters - saw first hand - the disdain - San Francisco  citizens have for Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a pathetic lap dog.

I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy
and I demand that we citizens in San Francisco
have the " Freedom " to express ourselves -
precaution taken NOT to harm to anyone - 
 respecting all present -
stop treating San Franciscans - in a dictatorial - manner - now.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land -
I represent the First People of San Francisco -
this land each and every inch was stolen -
and now those that live on it are denied their Freedom -
to deliberate and express themselves.
What is next?

San Franciscans are astute and will NOT tolerate - suppressing their " freedom ".

There is Freedom and there is License. 

Abuse of freedom is License.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee a very corrupt person and a lap dog - has chosen to play with FIRE.

The people will teach him a lesson - without touching him - following the LAW - remember the RICO ACT.

To those organizers - who want to organize be very careful who you permit to entire your inner circle.

 Crafty and evil folks who penetrate - and then reveal the details to those that must not be trusted.

Our United States Constitution favor us " citizens ".

More those that served our Nation.

The lap dogs that did not serve our Nation - think they know it all - you make think you know it all - but really - do you?

We citizens - must treasure our First Amendment Rights - be leery of the corrupt - folks like London Breed, Cheryl Davis, Amos Brown.

Ed Lee, Paul Henderson, Diane Aroche, the many other Black Poverty Pimp Pastors - shepherds who do not take care of their - flock.

 To our San Francisco youth and young adults - I say - now is the time to confront those in authority who are " hoodwinking " you all - NOT providing " career jobs ".

Treating our seniors with disdain - many sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

The increased congestion - too much unwanted construction - stressing the public.

 The Mayor's failed polices and many other know adversities -  time is running out - in 17 months the jackass will be out - having left our City - in a worse condition.

The next Mayor - will have a difficult time - bring about the best changes - more, with the impending spiraling of the economy - the next recession the worst one - we will ever see - hitting us within 8 months.

The President of the United States -
talking nonsense - taking on the Dictator from North Korea.

It does not help Donald Trump - creating a mess - nation wide and internationally - making our world unsafe.

The Dictator from North Korea -
going at each other like two little brats 

One false move could trigger the deaths of millions - more South Korea and the neighboring nations.
In San Francisco the home of the United Nations - where the first documents were signed at the War Memorial Building - right by City Hall.

The Presidio of San Francisco was initially chosen to be where the United Nations would have their headquarters. The Rockefeller Foundation saw that it was moved to New York.

In San Francisco we still have the United Nation Plaza - check it out - this is history that must not be forgotten - much like the rich to hold meetings, to express ourselves - with putting anyone in harms way.

One of those lackeys -
Paul Henderson

Another lackey of sorts -
Diane Aroche

Do not be afraid of the corrupt - more Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

Have your heart in the right place. Be educated on issues. Be spiritually strong - then only can you lead and take anyone to a better place. Do not be afraid of the corrupt - fight them all. Aho.