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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Care Services in Peril in San Francisco and in California in General.

When ever there are serious BUDGET cuts - those in power that have no COMPASSION love to target the poor and those that cannot defend themselves.

Cuts are being contemplated on the Local, State, and Federal level. We can study the cuts - and speak up - and help those that need help most. We can do it - we have done it before.

This time around the cuts are drastic  and we must really fight for the poor, the disabled, and those that have mental problems - in short all those that really need our help - and there are thousands.

It is then left to the advocates to rally to the aid of the poor, the indigent, those that barely make it to survive daily.

If you institutionalize people it is expensive, they die faster, and it is not fair if they can be given some hope, recover and contribute to Society. We know this can happen - and this hope must spur us to do some good, take our fellow beings to a better - place.

It is shame that during the administration of Gavin Newsom - poor people were even a roof but all the other support services were at a minimum in San Francisco. The result Care not Cash - has been a blatant - and utter, failure.

Those of us that know something about those that receive in house care - those, that have fallen on bad times, the mentally ill, those in bed that cannot move due to some disabling disease - comprehend the many issues and sacrifices that the family has to endure. The sacrifices that have to be made.

If anyone has a family to take care of the sick, the needy, the disabled - they are lucky.

How ever if there is no family - then In House Services - can play a major role and has played a major role.

It is a known fact that thousands of families - have taken care of their family members - using the paid hours given by In House Services - and have provide some decency and livable conditions to thousands - who would have been left suffering in institutions and with less and costing the tax payers - more.

The paradox is - it costs over $300,000 a year - to aid on of those patients that need more than 200 hours a month - these patients are given less in institution and cost more as much as $350,000 a year - in many cases.

We must come to some understanding that those that seriously need help and deserve it and meet all the criteria - get it.

Those that abuse the services are weeded out.

Letters are going out and will be received after December 15, 2011 - informing all of the cuts - there will be forms to filled.

In in critical that the forms be filled.

A Doctor's letter accompany the forms - stating exactly what the needs are - that is if some one really needs the help.

Nothing will be done automatically.

You can get all the information at 77  Otis in San Francisco. Call 311.

If there is anyone that knows more - share the information. Please help those that need help most.

There are hundreds out there that cannot fill forms.

Many cannot read. Many can read but not understand the complicated forms - that have to be filled. They never make it easy.

It is a blessing if some one can read the forms - and volunteer to fill the forms. Many of you know what I am talking about.

They call me all the time - thinking I can do some - and I do some because I have good friends in the right places. None of them ever let me down.

Thank you - you know who you are - and you know I got your back.

Watch out for the latest changes - in the In Care Home Services - that save lives, gives hope to thousands, spreads Compassion.

The Demographics of our Elder population is increasing, the present dire economic conditions have impacted them most - we must speak up and do right by our Elders. They deserve some decency, they need help in their Golden Years.

The cuts are now being proposed - but, that does not mean they will be implemented in a drastic manner.

For now they are talking 20% of the allocated time - they may bring it down to 10%.

Right now those that have the maximum 283 hours or so - to help those that need all the help and are completely disabled - will be spared. That is so far - you never know.

The more we speak up. The more we share our knowledge.  The more we stand united - the more will those that Represent understand and comprehend and are force to do good.

Remember you can contact the folks at 77 Otis and get the required information. Call 311 in San Francisco. Cheer up and give a shout!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

So why are the richer getting richer and the poor very poor - and what is really happening to the Middle Class?

So why are the filthy rich getting richer.

The poor getting very poor.

The so called Middle Class eroding and vanishing before our very eyes.

We must focus on a group of very corrupt and evil people - the ones that control the insurance companies.

The larger financial institutions, the devils that play with hedge funds - and make millions when they get  " the insider tip" and more.

Who are these devils and why are they not lingering in jails - why are they out - enjoying themselves and laughing at the world.

Why do we permit them to make hay while the sun shines?

We think that we have it good with Bernie Maddoff in jail. His wife appearing on 60 Minutes and pretending she did not know a thing about the mischief?

 Well, there are thousands of Bernie Maddoffs working for JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, the other larger insurance companies and banks all over this world and making money.

So far nothing can be done to touch them - their names must be posted everywhere - at the Post Office, the Public Square, the corrupt ones on each Nation - read by the Main Media - and all of them put on notice - the bank accounts and travel - curtailed.

To these vultures money is a god.

The have no morals, no standards, no ethics, no nothing.

These evil people - can and will sell their mothers for a nickel.

That is five cents for those that do not know our American currency.

I was watching watching CNN and one show in particular - Global Positioning Square - the drab comments could not be worse.

How can any educated person - not believe that what is happening in Europe today will not visit us in America tomorrow?

Much of our money is tied to what is happening in the larger economies in Europe. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that.

It is the same with India from where I think the man commenting on GPS on CNN is from.

A few months ago for a dollar you could purchase 40 rupees - today it is fifty five rupees for a dollar.

Why is this happening? It is because of the stupidity of the American economy and the sub-prime loans, the derivatives, the machinations and ploys - including ploys like hedge funds that influence all markets.

India has chosen to devalue its currency - to take part in the competition in major way. India having the advantage - it is simple economics.

Can you believe Walmart will now enter the Indian Market - much like it did in China.

This does not help the Middle Class in America. It helps Walmart who will make the profit and keep it abroad.

Much like General Electric does and CISCO and many other large American Corporations.

At home there are no jobs because Congress, the Senate, the White House the mostly Republican leadership encourage "out sourcing", large manufacturing companies moved away to other countries.

Today, you go shopping - and you cannot find an America Flag made in America.

Look for some shoes and they are made abroad.

Look for anything - all the house hold necessities - are all Made in China.

All made in a manner that is inferior - there is simply no quality and it is all about blood money.

Workers producing these good are paid low jobs, treated like dirt, and made to work like mules. And we  Americans continue to buy such products.

It is just not the American way - the GAP, Walmart, other companies have been called on such production and products before - and changes made at ground zero.

The same holds good for clothes, jackets, pants, you name it.

This is the same when you travel abroad - inferior good are dumped and for those that believe in good and well made goods - this poses as a dilemma.

We must; at least here at home - be educated on issues.

Provide our students with a first class education.

But,we are failing and the empirical data says clearly we are twenty sixth in the world and spiraling down the road of destruction and into the cesspool of our own making. Why?

I talk to College and University students all the time and I see the difference - from years before.

Even those that boast they were educated in private schools. These young people - are not educated.

They have gone through reading a lot - bland information; a lot of it - but, do not have the ability to discern, to filter, to find the best and retain it and utilize the information.

If you can do that you are educated.

If you rattle and retain rubbish - then rubbish takes one no where.

It  will take you down the road of rubbish and you will get drowned in the cesspool of your own making.

Then you have Nations whose students cram a lot - and are not rounded.

 I would give Kudos to American students they are rounded - but again when it comes to Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Algebra, other more scientific subjects they lack in the knowledge of these pertinent - subjects.

I spent my time teaching and I have observed teachers - some bragging they are smart when they are not - learned when they not - they are pushers of some drab information that will not take anyone to a better place.

And so; it is only the critical thinkers that can further the use of Philosophy, Astronomy, Sociology, Anthropology, Theology, Physics, Agriculture, Medicine, History, Mathematics, Algebra, Politics and Public Policy, Law Enforcement - the other sciences like Botany, Land Use Planning, Logistics, Computer Sciences, Environmental Sciences - to bring progress and take our Earth's population to a better - place.

Bio-sciences that are mind boggling - in Russia they have inserted the DNA of a spider into a ovum of sheep to create better wool.

We have many Bio-Sciences hubs in San Francisco - but all these folks want is to make tons of money - big money.

And most of their work in linked to medicines and the ever dreaded Pharmacies that do more harm than good - always selling expensive drugs.

India does well - case in point the drugs need to curtail AIDS - generic, better and cheaper than any of the similar products that America wanted to sell to make big money.

Excuses linked the Federal Drugs Agency (FDA) the many human tests required - are all good - but, there is no sound system to this eternal madness.

Soon China, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, other countries - will have drugs and so will Russia and they will be available and they will be cheap.

Much like we can procure some good drugs in Canada and Mexico - notice I said some.

Life is about good food, clean air, clean water, sound housing, good education, child care, churches and gyms for praying and exercising, parks and so on and so forth.

Time to clean our rivers, our lakes, take care of our forest, keep our air clean, control the waste and stop polluting our watershed, there are so many things we must do well - in the end - it all comes to enforcement and exercising our moral compass.

The rich have access to everything they want and more - private beaches, vacations every single year, fancy restaurants, massages -  the poor can only dream of  such luxuries.

In America - the Middle Class could partake of such luxuries - in a limited manner - no more.

The middle class is eroding and now line up at Food Banks - take what they can get and move away.

Our education system is eroded - the teachers are there and the classes are few and the students far too many.

It is the same in the high schools, in the colleges, and in the universities.

Congress, the Senate, other politicians and policy makers are busy making money, raising money, listening to lobbyists; to divisive organizations such as the Zionists.

America is selling out to the lowest bidder, goods are being dumped on our land. 

The Main Media continues to spew garbage, pure garbage, including half-truths, misinformation, disinformation - bombarding the public with lies.

There are few that will challenge the system.

Thank God for the Internet.

The political thugs and the rich thugs that are also filthy rich - want to control our thoughts. 

hey do not want to make us think.

We must stake our territory and make this world a better place - where the majority can enjoy freely - Quality of Life Issues.

We must protect our First Amendment Rights.

The turmoil in Europe is at our door and it was exported to Europe by American Greedy Financial Institutions.

The turmoil facing Europe and eroding its fiscal stability was exported to Europe by Greedy financial institutions with intent, know they were WRONG - stationed here in the United States of America.

Today, millions of mostly young people are caught in a bind and cannot make progress.

Most affected those that went to college, studied some, and cannot find work. In places like Europe their plight is worse - here in America too - they do not know what to do.

Some of these folks who have graduated - have not worked for years and regret that they wasted their time in college.

Feel strongly that the real world deceived them, and that now they have been reduced to becoming paupers. May be so.

It is simply wrong on the part of any government, any entity; having any standard linked to sound organization, to adversely impact so many millions. All this in the so called developed countries that have fallen prey to GREED and abject callousness.

The International Monetary Fund is trying to avoid this tsunami that has already hit Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Italy, and will soon hit France and Germany.

The plight of those in the so called undeveloped countries is even bleaker.

We see abject the kind of abject poverty and starvation - never ever witnessed
in a long, long time. The area around Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya is one that calls for the world to take notice.

Thousands of children mostly have died and what is so pathetic - a whole generation will be affected.

We, meaning those countries that have the ability to avert such a disaster could have avoided this sad plight - but as usually happens - Europe and America looked the other way. Karma.

The sub-prime loans, the derivatives, the ploys and machinations linked to sub-prime loans that were toxic and floating all over the world in financial institutions - are sitting there worthless and staring at the financial institutions - toxic and eroding the core of those that initiated such sordid actions.

Most of  these Toxic Loans were initiated in the United States of America.

Our American Constitution and our Founding Fathers would not have tolerated such nonsense.

Here lies the crux of the problems - Greed and Toxic Money has eroded our Constitution, our Congress, our Senate, our Judicial system - our morals, our ethics, and we are shallow.

Once know well for our ethics, our moral, our spirituality, our compassion, our kindness - those of the ilk of Bernie Maddoff, the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase - have eroded all that once was wholesome.

Our Federal Reserve Bank has nothing much to do with the United States Government and is a private bank - it all happen in 1913 over the Christmas holidays.

The Europeans do not have a Central Bank - knew this when they created the Euro - and today these vermin of corruption and machinations - do not know how to deal with the present economic situation.

Germany pretends to be strong but is weak at the knees - talks some but has already had several strokes and in on the verge of a major heart attack.

The ploys in a way stem from the world wide corruption that many of these European countries - exercised in the colonies.

This time around the Zionist forces stationed in America - exploited their power and greed and have with "toxic loans" much like a virus - brought down large banks, and in Europe is Euro - and stagnated the world economy.

In American the dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on.

When last I checked with those that know something - it was worth four cents.

Yet, the financial institutions have a way to print dollars - not backed by any security and when Moody's, Fitch and the other rating institutions - down graded the Bonding Status of U.S. Treasury recently - it was the greatest insult to a Super Power - called America.

China today has trillions of dollars and can if it wants with a couple of electronic transactions bring down many financial institutions.

This once paper tiger - is breathing fire - and burning the very entrails of one of the so called richest countries in the world - America.

America - still has the will power and the sound energy of its people and that is the saving grace.

We are a population of about 314 million and slowly growing.

We do not have to deal with a large population as does China and India with its billions in population; some smaller countries with its millions - and a quality of life that is dismal and growing dismal.

America is a vast country and has vast resources that all belong to the Native Americans - who have been incarcerated and kept on Reservations - and this dilemma does not seem to faze the conscience of the White House, the U.S. Congress and the Senate.

As if as - it not enough that the U.S. Government has not stolen millions of dollars owed the Native Americans.

The Department of the Interior - not only stole billions in Trust Funds from the Native American Trust Funds - but, made clear that all the documents where destroyed in some unknown flood of sorts. Unbelievable!

This turmoil that is hitting Europe is about to hit us American smack in the face.

Europe with its false pride it sinking. With higher food prices, and people jobless for years, riots and other such devious actions will be the actions of the day.

America has been blessed with food so far. Lots of good food and clean drinking water - other necessities that the filthy rich waste and flout.

Recently there was one report of the rich indulging in $10,000 Martini Drinks, $1000 Burger complete with flakes of leaf gold and so on.

Disgusting to anyone worth the salt - but to these greed, shallow, spineless morons - who have lost their mind - a fake grandeur - that will bring them to their knees.

America has not yet apologized to the world for the deeds stemming from the like of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, AIG, the bigger banks who initiated sub-prime loans - Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and so on.

What goes around, comes around - it is called Karma.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project Labor Agreements in San Francisco and the Region.

Project Labor Agreements were created to benefit the Union Workers and not some corrupt folks with a hidden agenda.

That is exactly what is happening in San Francisco - Project Labor Agreement (PLA) are becoming a hurdle and far from reaching out to those negotiating the agreement/agreements - serving the workers, they put major hurdles in the way.

For a long time; the Labor Unions fought hard for its members. I belonged to a Union until I retired.

However, since I worked hard for the Unions and helped many Union Workers and still do with paper work - I continued to have access to many Unions and their leadership.

The Project Labor Agreements allow the Union Leaders to be at a table - long before the major projects are started - many costing billions of dollars start work.

This heads up should have helped the Labor Union but far from it - it has given them a nonchalant attitude - to wait for the last minute - to get money to line the pocket of the corrupt and shaft the Union Workers - more those that have spent ten, fifteen, twenty year working hard for the Unions.

We have empirical data and that is why the Union have failed - they let down the leaders who shed their blood and stood for what is right. We must always remember our good Union Leaders and remember more Bloody Thursday and the struggle of the Longshoremen and its history with the authorities.

There have been many Project Labor Agreements linked with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) costing San Franciscans $2.4 billion and another $2 billion region wide. $4.4 plus billion with little benefit to the workers in general and sound benefits to San Francisco Union workers in particular and Regional Union workers - in general.

There is a lot of talk but all that is hogwash.

This PLA did not work and up until today - people wonder why and the reason is simple. Very poor leadership from the Unions - who pretend they know it all and fail to deliver.

Management introduces language - devious in nature and convoluted that baffles the ignorant at the table. Once you sign such language you are at the mercy of the vultures.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority just concluded their Project Labor Agreement - over $6 billion - plus.

Bragging some 28 Union met and fast tracked the Project Labor Agreement,  petting their asses, and saying to themselves what a great job they have done.

The Carpenters' Union and some others are always there - pandering to the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

You really cannot expect these folks to deliver because fundamentally - they do not understand the "base line" dynamics of the workforce.

There is no long range planning, no short and long term goals, no sound objective that can be measured,  they speak in generalities and think they can fool everyone - morons that they are - using strong arm tactics and convoluted ways to negotiate and succeeded with those that do not fully comprehend what they are signing.

Such is the pathetic plight of our Unions - it does not matter who is in charge - I have witnessed the sordid behavior and the Unions must be ashamed of themselves.

Thousands of journey men carpenters have not worked in years.

Among them Black carpenters -all belonging to the Carpenters Union and all of them paying dues - have not been called by the dispatch. No one gives a rat ass about this situation.

It is the same for the other Unions. The Union Leaders have "liquid money" - I leave it to your imagination how they acquire this - to expand on nefarious activities mostly with financing corrupt politicians and making contribution to political campaigns.

You see these vultures who pander and embrace their own hidden agenda - book tables of ten  - paying $500 or $1000 a seat and getting access to projects - after hogging at some breakfast, some luncheon, some dinner where such blood money is collected - mostly Union Dues from workers who have no clue - where their money is going.

I defy the Union Leaders and those that represent the Trade Council to say that they do not engage in such activities.

These scum bags serve an elite few and use Union Dues to foster greed and bring shame to the entire Union system. But, what is more the Union of yester years that laid the foundation, good jobs, safety, over time, health benefits, proper working conditions, and list goes on and on.

Many Union members know little about Bloody Thursday. Others have no history of the Union Movement. And all this is because in recent years - we have NOT had decent, sincere, accountable Union Leaders. These leaders do not know their history - and less do not care about transparency and accountability.

The SF Project Labor Agreements are a JOKE and have come to haunt the agencies that agreed on paper to do some good - but, have engaged in nefarious activities.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority meetings are a farce of the highest order. Recently, one can detect the bickering among the Board Members. One of two including the Chair wants to shove some nonsense down the throats of the sane. 

The only sane person is Ed Reiskin; who asks the right questions - and when it does this - perks the ire of Maria Ayardi Kaplan - who is a Willie L. Brown Jr. side kick and has been for years.

The present Chair of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority is Jane Kim - an American Korean who worked in China Town, has no root in District Six, planted herself there - was backed by Willie L. Brown Jr. to win the District Six Supervisor's seat - and now warms the Chair of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority - she is corrupt in the sense she takes her orders from the corrupt. Time will tell.

The thirteen members of so who formed the operational team of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority - now want to join CALPERS - they want to safeguard their benefits and meet the basic tenure of five years. Good luck.

Billions will be spent on the Transbay Facility a State of the Art building - and they do have some good people, working for the project - one of them Robert Beck - who I will be sending this article to. He can then distribute it to the other minions - who take their orders from very corrupt people.

High hopes in getting billions of dollars for the High Speed Train. The four or so platforms can be built - and Willie L. Brown Jr. can then rent them out for exotic entertainment of sorts.

The Republicans are dead set to teach Nancy Pelosi and her gang of thieves a lesson. Those in the know, know about this, and I reported and made statements about this madness - a long time ago.

The present Dire Economic System does not favor a project that has not been vetted - period.

Now, I understand there are people who can fast track a PLA with 28 drab Union leaders - following orders from corrupt politicians to make something work. 

In this case the Department of Labor will be involved and so with the Nation's Attorney General - all will be provided the empirical data - and may President Barack Hussein Obama not add this debacle to losing his Presidential run for the White House.

However, where is the money going to come from?

And it would be prudent to evaluate and think deep before promising too much to the Unions - who are greedy and have lost their power to think - less discern and still less evaluate.

Half of them are not educated less educated on complicated issues.

Manny Flores - from the Carpenters' Union is one of them. He himself cannot represent and then he will have some ignorant folks stand behind him - to make some type of impression - such Mafia tactics - do not work in today's world.

I know Michael Brown and before he retires he better bring this to the attention of the Carpenters' Union and the few decent ones - left.

I will be sending this article to him directly for his evaluation and immediate - action.

Project Labor Agreements have now been clouded with Local Hire Mandates that defy Federal Regulations.

Region wide we must provide jobs to the Journeymen and women who have worked for years - and today cannot provide for their families - because dispatch has not done right by the Union members who need the job, are decent, and continue to pay their dues. 

Drab entities like CityBuild and other so called workforce training centers - that provide some basic training for ten and twelve weeks - do a disservice to the community they serve and hinder progress in the job market with inferior work.

We have noted this from the inception of CityBuild and the sooner the authorities get rid of Rhonda Simmons the better. Time will tell.

Truly speaking no incentives have been given to Local Business Enterprises.

One can get the certification and one can even get a project - but, if the entity cannot meet payroll, pay for the insurance, the bonding and so on - all costing thousand of dollars - the LBEs are left to die on the vine.

Large businesses make huge contributions to consultants such as Platininum and they get contacts on a platter. This fact has been reported but no one worth the salt - wants to tackle this problems.

Involved with this mess SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF Airport Authority, the SF Port Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Agency, other dubious local agencies that are corrupt.

The SF City Administrator, the SF City Contracting Office, before not now the SF City Attorney all worked together to foster corruption.

Corruption of the worst order. A simple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) action - can reveal a lot and then with a little experience you can connect the dots.

The recent move to have Shop Trade Classes teaching youth in the San Francisco Unified School District is long over due.

 However, no detail explanation less understanding has been detailed as an introduction to the curricula. It is the blind leading the blind.

Much like the apprenticeship programs - there is no connection what so ever between the training and the employer. Resulting in most trained youth falling by the way side and becoming disgruntled.

We all know the ideal situation behooves creating "career jobs" - no one cares to address this situation.

Maria Ayerdi Kaplan knows about this but now that she makes a six figure salary complete with perks and benefits.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority does not care about accountability; accept to project that the project is going some where when it is really stuck - stuck in much and no movement at all on the level that matter - doldrums.

It was fun to watch Nancy Pelosi and the other political figures promise this and that - but all that and more was shot down by the Super Committee, recently.

I met some of the member of this team when I visited Washington DC - very interesting their take on the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party stationed in
San Francisco and those representing San Francisco and the Bay Area in Washington DC.

San Francisco has always looked towards the Pork Barrel Projects to come to its rescue - it did it for years when Willie L. Brown Jr. was Speaker of the House - until they removed the rascal by mandating term limits - on the State Level.

Poor Nancy Pelosi was dethroned and has not recovered since - now, she is a a lost.

Anything she has touched is immersed in the cesspool of destruction. That includes the High Speed Rail that will cost billions and no one has that type of money - now. Pork Barrel projects on the National level tainted with corruption.

We could sell the project to the Chinese as a private enterprise and win hands down.

Perhaps Willie L. Brown Jr. could transfer his assets from the Casinos in Macau - and create a fund that can be build upon?

 Such creative ways must be thought of - rather than wait at the last moment - and ponder, wonder, and fade away.

As to our Labor Project Agreement - most of them - fall by the way side.

There has not been one success story in recent years. That holds true for the Trade Council who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The world has been impacted by GREED and lack of MORALS.

All over the world the poor and those that survive daily; in the so called advanced countries; month to month - pay check to pay check have been adversely impacted by GREED and lack of MORALS by those that can make is easier but have no conscience,no ethics, no standards, no heart.

Of course no one can brooch and openly bring out these two factors greed and morals at any business meeting - there would be a hue and cry. You many think about these words - but, no dare not utter them - I do and I get the heat and I do not give a rat' ass.

"It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."

Most greedy business men are devoid of morals and of course greed in their middle name. Mostly the banksters the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, the other banks Wells Fargo, Bank of America and so on.

It has been years now that much has been made about the derivatives, the sub-prime loans, the many other ploys and machinations - where Big Financial institutions and Big Banks have taken upon themselves to seek opportunities to fleece millions of people all over the world.

We see this in Greece right now, it is happening in Portugal, has happened in Ireland, and will happen very soon in Italy and followed by other countries.

Large Financial Institutions failed to have checks and balances - the bottom line is to make profit - but, today these countries have fallen prey to a devalued monetary currency - not worth anything - this is evident in countries like Greece and Portugal today.

The most affected are the youth - college students who looked forward to a bright future - but now have nothing to look forward in their own countries.

Some have not found a decent job in over ten years - other have not worked for over five years - many just gave up - and when that happen there is climate a fermentation - the small fires that become big - the upcoming, revolution.

Lucky for some - as in the case of Portugal the youth are moving out and to far off places like Mozambique and Angola two former colonies of Portugal in Southern Africa - that could use all the technical and professional help.

The Portuguese language both countries are familiar with can spur these countries to do better and bring a lot of prosperity and progress. Good luck to Angola and Mozambique and soon these folks could move to Brazil closer and seek better opportunities.

Brazil has found a large off shore oil field and China has already provide Brazil with the large oil tankers in advance to ferry that petroleum to China. There are opportunities - but only those can get them that have opportunities.

Likewise the youth in Greece and in Italy are looking to a future that is not as bright as it was in former years.

They will have to seek opportunities and create opportunities - some closer to home and at times venture outside their countries and make it happen.

It Northern Italy some elements want to sever their relations with the Italy and those in the South and join Austria and foster the links of the old countries and great leaders of the past - Andreas Hoffner.

That is if my memory serves me right,on that name - I lived in this region as a young man and heard the stories of a day when the region would enjoy the fame and the sentiments of the days of old and the long past gone era - which some want to revive. To each its own and some can rejoice in the glory of the past - that has always been how human works - and history does repeat itself.

When there is poverty, not enough to go about all sorts of "scape goats" are created - that is just the human way.

It will happen in America - and is already happening with the many Occupy Movements that will rattle and topple those elements that have preyed on the vulnerable and those that need help most.

Of course when the poor and those with little resources protest - the situation is not all organized, dainty,unsanitary, and so on.

Make shift tents, no laundry facilities, lack of sleep and constant noise, sleeping on the ground, facing the elements, have all to be endured - just because of the choices made. Someone has to make them - and these choice and happening are recorded.

No one wants to endure the sufferings, the patience, the victory of trials and tribulations. It happened to the Chinese they suffered a lot in California. It happened to the Blacks, the Irish, and others.

These same choices were made during the Civil War when millions died so that the British could be kicked out of the United States.

People forget that easily - and we you read what the genuine, sound historians write - the scene was not pretty.

Rotten bodies strewn all over the place - and people crying for help and there was no help available.

Soldier ill-prepared bled to death, others took their lives in order to curtail the pain and suffering, still other atrocities were committed that if mentioned in detail - defy decency and tarnish the good name of so called civilization.

It is difficult to take a stand - especially when we still have the filthy rich having a $10,000 martini and thousands of dollars worth of a hamburger sprinkled with gold flakes - right now when one in three children in the United States go to bed hungry.

And according to the latest reports - one in four elderly daily encounter - hunger.

The One Percent Filthy Rich and those minions that purport to support them - are being watched - and when that day arrives the scene will not be pretty.

Yesterday's Black Friday where people slept in tents to be the first to enter stores so that they can buy some material stuff and brag they own it - because they got it for cheap - reveals how idiotic our world has become.

These idiots have lost all judgement and cannot for a moment deal with reality. The malls and the shopping mentality - where instant gratification is called for and some have fallen prey to this nonsense - are the signs of the times.

The values tied to morality and ethics has been trampled - lust and instant gratification put on the pedestal of GREED - and many rejoice in these acts and think that all is fine.

I work with the youth and I work with the elderly. I have been doing this for over forty years - and those that know me - here and worldwide know what  I am talking about.

It is not pretty to be poor, not having stuff, and being helped by strangers. It is a challenge living pay check to pay check - and most people work hard and survive. But, there are always those that have to survive some have reasons and others do not.

It is a sacrilege watching the filthy rich waste - today especially when so many are hungry and suffering. And more have disdain for the poor and think no end to themselves.

The world has been impacted by GREED and lack of MORALS. Aho.