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Thursday, February 28, 2019


A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is San Francisco - the land of the Ohlone -  the very land that was blessed for thousands of years.

Today - more than ever before the   "Muwekma Ohlone" and other California tribes - true to the Great Spirit - will not accept " dark money " and evil ways of those that do NOT respect Mother Earth.

We have had three deaths in recent times the death of Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - who was alive and talking in the ambulance on the way to the hospital - but was declared " dead" at the SF General Hospital.

Some months ago the President of the SF Police Commission - Julius Thurman - who was well a few days before he was found dead - at his residence in the Potrero Hill.

Recently the death of our elected SF Public Defender - has awoken many - as " nefarious ploys are plotted to bring in a process and favors.

Recently - behind the scenes many attempts made to bring to the fore some one woman to take the place of Jeff Adachi.

We have seen this before and put an end to such vicious endeavors - steeped in corruption - and evil of the highest order.

Let me say enough is enough and the present MACHINE is put on notice - we do not RESPECT the present Mayor who name has been played in our Courts - in a current investigation where Clifton Burch has been indicted and will be sentences in a few weeks to over 25 years in prison - and fined $250,000.

Malia Cohen steep in " dark money "
and there is more to come

A Federal Bureau of Investigation - posing as a developer - boldly asking questions - both Malia Cohen and London Breed - agreeing to " pay to play" - machination, ploys and shenanigans.

The many independent voters of good standing - in San Francisco - have notice an inordinate appointment of dubious  " life style " appointments.

Appointments - rubber stamped - while stellar, astute, experienced candidates - are denied appointments to important Commissions and other bodies that matter.

We will never be able to replace our Public Defender - Jeff Adachi.

I  have heard the many cliches - verified some of these nefarious ideas - and there will will be more to come - those that talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

Mayor London Breed is not to be TRUSTED.

The longer she stays in office - the longer the MACHINE - will sow seeds of corruption.

More, the use of " dark money ", and decisions  made that mostly adversely impact - the decent, hardworking, tax paying San Franciscans - citizens of the United States of America.

If Sean Elsbernd thinks he can change London Breed he is dreaming - no one can take the " hood" from London Breed -  who is a  " Hoodlum par excellence "

These political whores and pimps so called Representatives who take an oath - piss on the oath - each and every time - they do not represent - those that need help most.

Those who appoint these vermin - fill their campaign coffers with " dark money ".

These representatives make long winded speeches at SF City Hall and think - they can fool all the people - all the time.

Take a good look at this mug shot
Shamann Walton - working behind the scenes -
to disrupt affairs at the Visitation Valley Elementary
School - no one can fool all the people all
the time - his aides better be aware of this crook.

Those of you that are trying to hoodwink the public at large are put on notice.

At Visitation Valley Elementary School daily for the last three days - there have been fighting among some adults.

Parents involved in serious assaults initiated by one disgruntled parent who has twins -  the twins disrupt the class each and every day - and have for months.

These twins attack and injure innocent children in the class - and some have had serious head injuries. 

What is wrong with this picture?

The SF Unified School District has been side-tracked by Shamann Walton - the District 10 Supervisor - who has NO leadership qualities - he is from Vallejo and I as a seasoned advocate - have NOT seen him in the trenches -  in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

I can smell Sulphur from a mile - the scumbag - is put on notice. Stop playing the community - and please do not say one more time you are from the Bayview Hunters Point area  - you are not and you are an anathema to anything - holistic, decent - and productive.

Instead of helping Principal who has been advised by the doctor to take some leave - Shamann Walton is working with nefarious characters - trying the malign those that work hard at the Visitation Valley Elementary School.

Shamann Walton was earlier approached to do something positive - about the situation at Visitation Valley Elementary School - what he has created on the sidelines - is encouraging some parents to carry out actions that are detrimental to the school. 

The Black woman for some unknown reason - is targeting the Principal - who has been doing a great job - but some unsavory characters - have joined the fray - and are targeting the Principal too - with any reason that makes sense - and this is plain wrong.

I have talked to several volunteers and others at the School and all of them - 100% vouch for the Principal.

What do you think is wrong - with this picture?

Some of us went to the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and sounded the clarion call.

If the present nonsense going on at Visitation Valley Elementary School does not STOP - we will come in droves to City Hall and Shaman Walton will witness the power of the people. 

Shamann Walton is not a leader - he is a panderer  - and one  who is a provocateur -  with this incident - we saw it first hand - how he circumvents the situation at hand - and adds fuel to fire.

The Principal at Visitation Valley Elementary School has been there for one and a half years - has 25 years of experience - and is a decent person.

The principal is a Black woman - who needs help - has gone out of her way to restore law and order - and now has to deal with this nonsense.

Make many positive changes - dipping into her own pockets - the Black woman Principal - is a saint. Why does she have to suffer - while those in charge are pussyfooting around?

I have interviewed many linked to this school - many volunteers - and all of them  agree the Principal of Visitation Valley Elementary School - has been targeted by folks that are hell bent to disrupt and create confusion at the elementary school.

This nonsense has been reported to the SFUSD management - and NO serious action has been taken.

This  until I was forced to go the SFUSD Board meeting and spell out the details - in a measly two minutes.

Adversely impacting the students - parents fight one another -  more the fights - taking place among the children - a few children causing the commotion.

The entire class and the children therein  - have been traumatized for months on end. 

I have met some of the parents -whose children have got injured - and these parents are just gathering their own resources to address the situation at hand.

The SF Police Department Ingleside is now involved in personally interviewing the injured - children and their parents.

The education of our children and their parents too is paramount to all of us.

Health and education comes first - those trying to disrupt the education of our children - must be notified - and if they persists in the disruption - strict measures taken to debar them from coming to the school.

Their wards transferred - for rehabilitation and change - away from the school and restricted to be in the vicinity.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


My very good friend Jeff Adachi -
he left a legacy and we will not forget him - ever.

Jeff was one of a kind
a warrior who stood by those
that needed help most
no case was difficult - no case turned away
he heard you - discerned
 then, just like a spark 
he promised help and delivered.

Jeff was our dear and beloved 
Public Defender - he was elected not selected
 the corrupt " MACHINE" could not bully him
we worked in the trenches for over 35 years
so many cases - some one of a kind -
with Matt Gonzalez and others
he put a team and brought about victories.

Jeff was proud of his Japanese culture and descent
he loved to help those in dire straits 
people of color - more Blacks and Latinos
he created opportunity for Asian artists
in doing so brought all to par - diversity
he understood disparity - but more equity
you had just to send him an email 
he assigned a Public Defender
 just like that - we worked the case
 brought about success - again and again and again

There was a time 
when some did not want him to be the Public Defender
he had to pull some singular resources and fight an election
we stood by him and we won
John Burton had to lick his chops
he never, ever expected the fight we put on
victory was ours - because Jeff's heart  - was in the right place

We celebrated the victory
An armored van arrived at the steps
of City Hall - complete with a trunk of fake dollars
bearing the face of John Burton
the fake dollar bills - strewn on the ground
the hundreds that gathered 
were given a card - a telephone number
 how to reach our one of a kind elected Public Defender
in times of need
on that day we hired a band - that entertained us all
our job knew no bounds -  as we recall those times
we feel good  - even as we journey on this Earth
so many comrades passing - more leaving a legacy

Blue Panel Report

We would like to see a smooth transition
leadership transferred smoothly - 
those that have represented - those that work hard to achieve
one of a kind justice and fair play -  "ricochet"
the rogue SF Police Officers brought to justice
the Bail Bond Mafia Operations 
stalled for deferred maintenance 
no innocent person should be incarcerated
for lack of having the ability to provide some bond
Jeff Adachi saw through the mess - it is catching on
Nationwide - no prolonged stay in dirty quarters
hanging with thugs and extended woes

S t r e n g t h

Jeff Adachi was a  NO nonsense man
he understood pain - trials and tribulations
the "incarceration " of Japanese descent
hard work, dedication, and focus of mind
during World War II - the discrimination his people
We fought for San Francisco and Sanctuary City
we fought hard for rights for the LGBTQ and more
we fought for those falsely charged
the many cases rogue law enforcement
shoot first and ask question latter - pathetic
we questioned " implicit bias " and taser tactics
implementation of sensibilities - for those challenged 
so many cases - he and his team won them all

Majeid Crawford and Jeff Adachi

San Francisco is one the few cities
that has an " elected " Public Defender
Jeff would hold an annual public forum to access the work
of the Public Defender and cases of all kind
on Grove Street - the Main Library -
one of kind experts on crime, restitution, case management
restorative justice - I faithfully attended the few
forums I could attend - and in doing saw first hand
 Jeff representing those in need - better representation
for those that need help - when all forsook them 
Jeff -  dug deep in his pocket to offer succor and solace
he was a saint - he worked hard - and played hard
stellar tenacity and fortitude

His love for youth
knew no bounds - God bless him 
all his loved ones.

He read my blog - and knew my heart
he never ever mentioned my articles in particular
 chose to address the topic in general 
gently suggesting to me - the pros and cons
I kept quiet and listened - sometimes his eyes moistened
the pain was too much to bear
when you speak Truth to Power 
there should be NO - fear
Jeff knew how to get to me - and I always  appreciated 
the way - he got to my heart

Love, peace, harmony

Some of us who knew Jeff Adachi very well 
will miss him - Jeff will be difficult to replace
they do not make such human beings anymore
times have changed - today's justice is just  "his"
money, more "dark money" - all sorts of ploys
we now have to gather our wits 
and figure out - how best to make good things happen
his love for the indigent, speaking forthright
 to gang members  - and those in need of fair play
helping those on parole -  making his philosophy clear
he took me to his office -  from time to time -
to hear first hand - the issue at hand - understand the situation
at ground zero - he was our proven hero
 heard the case brought to him first hand - for adjudication
when I called on him - never once - did he say  "NO"

God calls those early - especially those He loves
we will pray for Jeff - his family more his wife and daughter
for the many whose heart is heavy
they can no longer in with trust fall on
life is for the living - not the living dead
Jeff Adachi led a full life - more a vigorous life
he was content with his work - he did his best to serve all in humility - and took on those that exhibited vanity 
his tenacity and fortitude was exemplary
On issues that mattered - he fought a good fight
when Jeff asked for help - he justified why he needed the help
again and again when City Hall was narrowed minded, petty
City Hall with a proven tunnel vision - could never see light
at the end of the tunnel - got stuck with blind confusion
nothing much has changed - will there ever be a Jeff Adachi?
We need one more today
  with the mess in the White House 
To Jeff Adachi I say -  " Domo Arigato "
You left a legacy - we will remember you forever.


There are many calling me and asking me 
how did he pass away - it does not matter
when our time comes - it is not our purpose to question
it is our time - to ponder deep - and ask the question
how did this woman - this man act on this Earth
for sure Jeff Adachi's actions speak for itself

My friends my heart is heavy - and I must weep and more
go through the motions - you fought a good fight -
you brought about justice - when most others
looked the other way - so many cases - so many unique cases
life is for the living not the living dead

In time - those that did not think deep enough will realize
there comes a person - one of a kind - to serve humankind
that was you Jeff - my good, kind, wise man
but more my very, very good friend.

Francisco Da Costa
February 23, 2019

An earlier article BMagic and Jeff Adachi :

From an earlier time too - we supported Jeff Adachi:

Hear Jeff's voice as he defend a case - calm and recollected -
and even though the case was convoluted - he won the case -
with the help of Matt Gonzales :


Derf Butler has always used crooked methods to make fast money.

He did not hesitate to print money - got caught and was sent to jail.

Hardly had he come out - he got a contact from the SF Redevelopment Agency - he opened a Night Club - on SF Port Property and before you know - he went under.

Could not pay his rent - and was involved in all sorts of nefarious activities at the night Club on 3rd - closer to 20th Street.

Derf did not give up - he became a consultant to Lennar Urban and started recruiting businessmen - who he promised the world - and used them to get fake contracts - " in pay to play schemes ".

Derf the smooth talker in the cockpit as head of a company named Butler Enterprise Group. This company in under and more under deep - investigation

The indictment of Peter McKean of San Mateo - and Butler's good friend and partner in crime Clifton Burch - is just the tip of the iceberg.

Recently in court - tapes were played and mention made of London Breed and Malia Cohen - one worse than the other in " pay to play " - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans. This was before London Breed was elected Mayor of San Francisco - and Malia Cohen - elected to the vacant seat - on the California Board of Equalization.

Both Malia Cohen and London Breed cannot sleep well - and right so - they will have to come before some adjudication - and both are as corrupt as they come.

There are others out there - working as consultants for the San Francisco Public Utilities - doing the same - accept they cannot dole out " Community Benefits ".

One is on the Contractors' Monitoring Division - yet has got a contract at Pier 70 -  goes as a Developer much as Derf did - none worth the salt. 

Both exercising " pay to play schemes " - and both will spend - a lot of time in jail - where they belong - scumbags.

Wiretaps  collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - who were on the trail of Derf Butler for years and others too - aways win - favoring the FBI - that is patience and collects an inordinate amount of information.

Those who fall in the trap are mostly arrogant and ignorant.
In this case Derf Butler and his side-kick  Clifton Burch - both Black and both a disgrace to anything - decent.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory -
dome housing the electron accelerator -
the highest standards are required to perform
such a job - and the idiots fell for the trap.

The FBI  collected  sensitive information where both Clifton Burch and Peter McKean agreed intentionally to submit fraudulent and noncompetitive bids to the U.S. Department of Energy to  renovate a building at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Derf Butler met a developer who was actually an FBI agent July, 2013. 

The same FBI agent then met Clifton Burch and Peter McKean - both agreed to intentionally submit higher bids - higher than the $5.7 - the amount " the developer " requested - in the RFP for the project.

Greed and money is the root of all  " evil " -
in San Francisco millions of " dark money " 
these vermin has failed thousands in our beloved city -
worst the ploys and machination
 in Room 200  at SF City Hall

Clifton Burch and Peter McKean submitted bids of $7.1 million and $6.3 million - one acting as the subcontractor and the other as the constructor manager. What a shame - and what a scheme - shaming themselves and all  decent contractors - many who adhere by the strict rules and laws - and who are my good friends.

Burch and McKean were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit fraud against the Federal Government - also conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

Both - now face a minimum sentence of 25 years - they will be sentenced by the U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer on June 19, 2019. An add fine for each culprit - in the amount of $250,000.

Right now the SF Controllers' Office has information on other scumbags with links to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - I have posted their " mug shots " on this side.

This " play to pay " must STOP - and those who aid and abate - must be sent to jail - never mind if they hold positions as Manager, Assia-General Manager - or head the Contracting Office, or pretend to push for contracts - that wallow in corruption - corruption of the highest order.

This corruption has reached saturation point in the Bayview Hunters Point - where both Derf Butler and Clifton Burch - used as their playground - with tentacles that reached far and wide.

"Dark Money " in the millions flows on Third Street - and the time has come to send these " vermin " many of them outsiders - have a field day in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.