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Friday, February 15, 2019


Dr Vincent Mattew -
he talks a good talk - but has failed 
to walk the walk - it is time he wakes up to reality -
his first statements made to address the many 
concerns facing the SF Unified School District 
have not materialized.

Every single day - some parent - some one that I know - calls me - pleading to help them solve some serious problems - linked to our Public - Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco and all over San Francisco. 

These schools come under the State of California - that has been slow to fund the schools.

Failed to make some much required " needs assessment " - Principals appointed and responsible of these schools are put in harms way.

More - putting the health of the Principals in harms way - and revealing an " eye sore " condition - the must be dealt with on a War Footing.

The harm done trickles down to some class rooms - where pandemonium reigns - complicated - when come children who need " special caring " - disrupt the entire class - each and every day.

We have 8000 students who are homeless - and over 3000 who have serious - mental issues. The plight of the students is well known - the silence is - deafening.

A team of Psychologists and Psychiatrists - must deal with these issues mentioned above.

The many teachers and Principals - of these schools confounded and at their wits end.  The turn over of teachers - is mind boggling - and no one seems to care.

To make matters worse parents who must nurture and train their children - expect the teachers to be " parents " and look after the children.

Many of the children - coming from homes -who live in despicable condition. 20 and even 25 people with children - living in a one and two bed room.

Many of the children from these dysfunctional homes -  have children who are ill-trained, misbehaving for years on end - disrupting classes, abusing the teachers - spouting words Fs and Bs - and I have seen this all - and even more.

I am shocked - to say the least.

The many Safety Officers assigned to the schools - each have a story to tell.

The current situation mostly points to lack of leadership and caring - more the responsibility of the SF Unified School District - the head - Dr Vincent Mattews - and his minions the so called Administrators or Supervisors - spending inordinate hours - wasting their time - talking too much - who are NOT capable of making a quick needs assessment - and resolving problems. 

Missing also viable and sustainable models - that must be implemented - taking into considering the changing demographics.

The dysfunctional families - stress factors that have families begging for help - violence, shooting and killings, children ganged up on - hundreds of cases every single month.

The parents bidding their time - while the children - their welfare - their eduction - is in peril - thrown to the wind. 

The standards prevailing at the Parochial Schools, Charter Schools, Private Schools - make progress - even though many of these favored and privilege schools  face some of the same problems - facing the SF Unified School District.

Somehow, there has been no movement - to share models and concepts - NO interaction - more, to aid and bring about much needed change and adaptation.

One needs to have a vision but more than than a vision - one has to have their heart in the right place.

Those that purport - to be in the education field - lack spirituality - do not have their heart in the right place.

Many pussyfooting - involved with " dark money " and are corrupt.

Not all but a few " bad apples " - tarnish our Public Educational System - and those in charge - are looking the other way.

Others use the SF Unified School District to move up the crooked ladder - one of them Shamann Walton - who was the President of the SFUSD and did a lousy job.

Now as the District 10 Supervisor - he is looked upon as a JOKER - he hails from Vallejo but insists he has worked in the community - never seen him in the trenches - a transplant - who must go back from where in came - some putrid - cesspool.

Parents more single mother and fathers - get NO help from the SF Unified School District.

The many so called " Wellness Centers " can only do so much.

All  the while those on the SF Unified School District Board - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Each time they open their dirty mouth - they go on and on - while the Public is limited to a measly two minutes. Anytime you limit the time during Public Comment - you fail - once the least amount of time one would get was three minutes - and if one was speaking to the point - a question was asked by the Chair - and the dialogue was holistic. 

Now, we are dealing with devils - devils who are EVIL.

One must just watch the long drawn, much winded empty agenda - hot air and diatribe.

The SF Unified School District puts on a display - which can be viewed on SFGOV TV.

The many shameless deliberations - beating round the bush.

The end result - drab decisions - with parents, supporters, others - bad mouthing the SF Unified School Board - out of sheer frustration and more.

One has just to  listen to the complaints - the complaints fall on deaf ears - those sitting as SF Unified School Board members - listen - it goes out from one ear out the other - then these vermin go about their business - in a nonchalant manner.  

Recently - I was forced to insert myself - canceling many important meetings - to find for myself - why was there so much turmoil at the Visitation Valley Elementary School.

I have visited that school many time over 40 years - and have fond memories working with many past Principals. Today, more in the last 15 years the demographics have changed - and recently divisiveness of the worst order has crept in.

Parents protesting -
having no clue what they are protesting about -
many led to protest - by one single Chinese teacher.

More - coming from a few Chinese parents who are listening to one Chinese teacher - who has an attitude and makes disparaging remarks - called the Black Principal, Black students - names N****** and other demeaning names.

In her class she does not one single Black child - which speaks volumes.

How this good be - looking at the demographics and needs of children of color - more Black children.

Some one must zero in on this Chinese teacher at Visitation Valley Elementary school and the teacher sent for some classes - more related to " implicit bias " and more understanding and working with a diverse population - and find out more.

If this teaches finds San Francisco and our American values too much - she can go to some place that will accept her divisiveness that we will NOT tolerate.  She is put on notice - and she is the one who has started the on going nonsense - and think she can get away with MURDER in broad daylight.

Many of the constituents that I have known for over 30 years - others for over 35 years - vouch for the Principal April Scott.

Yet - the SF Unified School District has been listening to some parents of Chinese origin and others who are Latinos - who fail to train, nurture their own children - blame the Principal - for one singular reason - because she is Black.

April Scott has worked as a teacher and in Management at many schools - including being a Vice-Principal - every year being evaluated and passing with flying colors.

At Visitation Valley Elementary School - Principal April Scott has evaluated all the teachers - most of them have met the base-line standards.

A few have not. One of them a Chinese teacher - who has been bossing too many people - including the workers and volunteers and they have expressed their concerns to me - in person. If it was one or two - I would accept the situation at hand - but when we have as many as 50 - it is a problem.

Principal April Scott - has done what is needed to be done - and has gone out of her way - as most Principals do - more, to serve the students - at Visitation Valley Elementary School.

Often dipping into her own pocket - and serving the students - keeping receipts - so that Accountability and Transparency can be maintained. 

She has NOT been reimbursed - and she is not concerned about this fact - her allegiance - comes first to the children that she loves.

Principal April Scott has made too many sacrifices - there can be NO sacrifice unless there is LOVE.

The SF Unified School District - must stop having long unnecessary meetings - forcing many Principals to attend meeting where there is no action - less sound goals - and even for sure - much needed - time-lines.

Principals cannot be forced to do all the heavy lifting - while those at the top the Superintendent who must be ashamed of himself - and his minions - who tap themselves on their own behinds - and have us all - failed decent, hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans.

I will be attending with a large delegation - one of the SF Unified School Board meetings.

We all - will send in our resumes - and the SF Unified School Board - should be ready for the " fire-works ".

For too long you knuckle heads - have been given a pass - but that time is over.

It is disgraceful that you do not have a system where you can adjudicate a case - such as that of April Scott - who has all the qualification, been evaluated and passed for the last many years - she has been in the education field - Principal April Scott - has very deep roots advocating for children - and inherited much from her parents who were stellar - advocates.

Principal April Scott comes  from a good Black family of advocates - and has fallen prey to gossip, innuendoes from some parents more Chinese and Latino.

Wild tales, blame - gaming, ganging - the worse type of behavior - that should not be coming from some parents endorsed by  Management - who are pandering to some dubious and nefarious elements - linked to the SF Unified School District (SFUSD).

The SF Unified School District has chosen to conduct " straw polls " with select groups of Management - wasting their time - as the expense of the tax payers. Straw polls to find out who is fit to be a Principal - whether a contract should be approved or not - and all for the wrong - reasons.

Begging us San Franciscans - for a " rainy day fund " established by Tom Ammiano - who is still alive and watching the circus - going on at the SF Unified School District.

Recently Supervisor Sandra Fewer - who served well at the now dysfunctional  SFUSD - and is now the Chair of the SF Budget - has fought hard to garner - millions of dollars - to help the SFUSD - but, has NO clue about issues such that linked to  Principal April Scott.

She should find out more - and take some interest - and bring some solution to the situation at hand.

The Superintendent has NOT cared to visit the Visitation Valley Middle School - less cared to make a needs assessment  - to address the chronic issues in some of the classrooms - linked to faulty screening and more - at Visitation Valley Middle School.

Dr. Vincent Mattews - brags he is from the Bayview Hunters Point, District 10 - says, he lived in District 11 - is Black and must be ashamed of himself - considering he has done little - and has created a cesspool - since choosing to come to the SF Unified School District for all the wrong - reasons.

I know his mother- who is a good person. 

This Superintendent Vincent Mattews - should review is own initial assessment when he was chosen as Superintendent - SFUSD.

Check out  how much he has attained - linked to his own goals and time- lines - his assuming the position of Superintendent - the SF Unified School District - a bad choice as far as I am concerned.

Read on to find out for yourself :$file/SFUSD%2090%20Day%20report%2017-1114%20v1.docx%20(3).pdf

For too long - some of us advocates - have given House Negros a pass.

Many of the House Negros - more sell outs  - embedded at the San Francisco Unified School District. 

These House Negros must be ashamed of themselves - failing to acknowledge many good teachers and Principals who are Black and have done due diligence and have fallen prey to poor accountability and transparency.

Anyone can talk the talk - but few can walk the walk.

I can say from deep experience - those who do NOT have their heart in the right place - cannot be helpful - that is the case at the SF Unified School Board.

TheSuperintendent Vincent Mattews - acting nonchalant - listening to the parents and others - failing to be deeply concerned about the education of our children in San Francisco - at the SFUSD - he looks the other way.

Black children in San Francisco - more in our SF Unified School District -  so called " special education " - do better than  those in regular classes.

Thousands of children have fallen prey to the SF Unified School District - hundreds of teachers and many Principals - some have chosen not to bring their concerns to the right authorities.

The time has come to - take the culprits to task -  going for the jugular. We must - not waste anytime is courts. Time to protest in front of their homes - and take the on going nonsense - to the digital world and expose the culprits - more House Negros.

This article is one of many to come. We are watching you all like a - H A W K .

Friday, February 8, 2019


It is just a matter of time that another incident takes place - like the one that just took place on Geary Blvd and Parker.

The incident that took  place on 4th and Mission Street some years ago.

The other incident that took place on 3rd Street and Howard - and more - the citizens of San Francisco are treated with disdain.

On one level some brag we have a system - some software - that can monitor and evaluate - plans to tear up our streets and how to avoid putting hurdles in the way of San Franciscans - more Senior and those who are challenged to walk.

Some of our City managers brag they do not like to tear our streets up - again and again - that is what always happens - more talk and less walk.

Again and again I see a few days -after the streets are fixed up - utility companies - more outsiders come and tear the brand new street.

They leave pot holes and inferior work - creating hazardous conditions - putting the vehicles and drivers in harm way. This nonsense has been on going for decades.

Today it is the worse every - because  traffic on our streets and roads in San Francisco has grown by leaps and bounds.

Congestion and back to back traffic have severe consequences - more on the health of innocent San Franciscans.

The SF Board of Supervisors - would not know that - dangerous particulates more 2.5 PM that infants, children, youth, young adults, Elders, those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged - are continuously exposed to - adversely impacting the health of those exposed.

The SF Health Department does not care to have " Health Inspectors " when these large construction companies - open up large area - and impact thousands. There is no check box on the permits - that mandate Health Inspectors to evaluate the projects - where large areas are torn - and the public put in harms way - on many levels.

The increase in all sorts of respiratory diseases, heart problems, ulcers of all kind  - more stomach - bleeding eyes, and irritation of the throat - do not seem to faze those who must do their jobs.

Many of them are fucking around - whiling away their time - doing shopping while on the job - and making a mockery of accountability and transparency. They say they work for the City and County of San Francisco.

There are few of us left - who can go to any site - and after a few minutes - evaluate the situation at hand - and see what the fuck is happening - what is right and what is wrong - when trenches are opened and the norms that must be in place are in place.

This comes with experience and a keen knowledge how construction sites have certain standards. The willy nilly - ragtag construction companies - that get their permit - and abuse their power. 

Often time - treating San Franciscans with disdain. For example forcing passengers to board the MUNI bus in the middle of the road. 

When I told one worker - as to who his supervisor was - so that I could talk to him - he ignored me - pretending he did not understand English.   

On San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco - there was utter pandemonium from Bacon Street to Felton - for the last four days - today is Friday, 8th of February.

As I said I saw some of  the mess - and more when  it began to get out of control.

I could not find one single decent, educated person on the work site.

Some ragtag jackass - using the jackhammer - in very close proximity of many utility lines - without taking precaution - complete ignorance of Safety and other norms that should be in place.

The workers making very loud noise - moving dirt - and installing concrete boxes - all in the name of providing us some utility service - in this case Verizon heading the project.

I could not find one single City Employee - on the site for four days in a row - some one must check on the signs, check that the nuisance laws are NOT infringed - that the public is respected - more our Seniors and those challenged mentally and physically.

I had to resort to send a text to Ed Reskin and Muhammad Nuru, and Jerry from the SF Mapping Department.

Now, I can do this and get a response. 

Most people will call 311 and nothing happens.

Call  another number and nothing happens - but I will NOT give up - until I see results.

San Bruno Avenue merchants and other pay their taxes - millions of dollars. 

What they get in return are stinking, dirty, walk ways. 

Pot holes created by these contractors that are never fixed - after they open the streets and walk away.

Cross walks that have not been painted - I feel bad to ask the head of the department to help me -pained the cross walk ways - some one must monitor such things - more, when they involve safety of the citizens - more, when they pay their taxes. 

I have gone out of my way in the past - after some work is done - by our SF City workers - to give the entire crew commendations. 

All of this and more takes time - but one has to do it to show appreciation.

I also do it because I know - it is not the fault of the SF City workers.

The fault lies at the top  - poor leadership -  on the part of some managers  who do not care to maintain standards.

Some are busy pussyfooting with the Mayor - whiling their time at ribbon cutting ceremonies, parades, other mundane meetings and gatherings - compromising - Quality of Life issues. 

While all the time our citizens, tax paying citizens, decent hard workin San Franciscans - are put in harms way.

The Geary Blvd and Parker Street incident - is an eye opener. 

We must get our act together - and have a " strike force " to assist and quickly put an action plan in place - with the SF City and County in charge.

The present Office of  Emergency Services is a JOKE.

The next time if there is a delay - a large fire or like incident -  thank God this time - Pacific Gas and Electric - went out of their way to do the right thing - and must be commended.

The Mayor London Breed, the District Supervisor Catherine Stephanie, some others from the Department of Building Inspection - have NO clue how complicated it is - keeping the gas - in control - from the Distribution Line.

The Distribution Line - which is a larger pipe - spewing intense heat - at a greater force - seeing is believing.

I bet you they do not comprehend the repercussion - an hour more - besides five buildings impacted - once the raging fire hit the homes - thousands of homes - could have been incinerated. 

There was No representation from the SF Public Utilities Commission - for the simple reason their utilities were in the vicinity. 

There was NO representation from the SF City - did not see the City Engineer at hand.

Putting large amount of water on a large gas fire - more a distribution line - is not the ideal way to address a situation - when a gas line - is spewing large amounts of gas - and is a Distribution Line - a 12 inch pipe.

We can go deep into this situation - suffice to say - our City and County of San Francisco - does not have the needed equipment.

For example have access to fire trucks  - using foam to deal with the situation at hand. 

They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

I know for sure - understanding the " water pressure " in the area - where the fire took place - and other salient and pertinent factors - that if this fire that originated near the Hong Kong Lounge - near Geary Blvd and Parker Street - went on for another hour or so - thousands of homes - could have caught on fire - and this would result in hundreds of millions of dollars  loss to the victims and owner of the buildings and facilities.

We need a hearing on this matter - to review and put in place an " Action Plan " that works - and not have the Mayor London Breed, and other idiots - who talk in circles - pretending to throw arrows in the air.

Pretending to take control of a situation that matters - in reality - our politicians - more political whores - have no experience and less empirical knowledge.

Making public comments - that have NO bearing to the incident at hand - more, making drab statements - misleading the public at large.

In the case of the Geary Blvd and Parker Street - insulting the very entity that really put the large gas fire out - and not permitting them to set the tone and situation at hand.

The First Responders in this case - were forced to do something - the actions of the SF Police Department - had nothing to do with the " gas fire " - directly. As First Responders the SF Police did the minimal they could do.

If the SF Police Department had something to do with directing traffic and blocking the roads - they are duty bound to do this - and such actions - do not put their lives in danger.

The SF Fire Department did what they had to do - not having the right equipment in the case - to fight such a large gas fire - gas emitting with a large force - from a Distribution Gas line.

Pacific Gas and Electric -is the only entity - that put their lives in danger - pinching either end of the large pipe -fighting the actual fire in very close proximity.

A daring exercise that sealed the two ends of the pipe - amidst very, very, intense fire - and did us all proud. These experts - should be commended - for quickly putting an action plan - and executing the plan - flawlessly.

Be it they had to deal with the area saturated with water - millions of clean drinking water - used to douse the raging fire - and flooding the utility corridors - making the situation at hand - ever worse. Time will tell.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


The fire took place on Geary Blvd and Parker St
by the famous Hong Kong Lounge II -
a restaurant famous for its Dim Sum snacks
and other delicious Chinese plates.

Kudos to Pacifica Gas and Electric for putting out the gas line fire - at Geary Street and Parker Street - by the Hong Hong Lounge II - the gas line was broken by a Florida Based company - the Third Party - who has a good record if you visit their website :

The company MasTec has asked for a permit to mark the gas line - but we are NOT yet certain -if they got the permit - and more if the gas line was marked.

As often happens in a case like this - the City and County of San Francisco - must have the Office Emergency Services on alert and have an action plan - as I have been saying before - the Office of Emergency Services - is pathetic.

It took two hours before the gas fire was put out - the first responders - the SF Fired Department - did all they could with the limited tools they had. Putting out large gas fires - are not the forte of the SF Fire Department.

This is an opportune chance to look into special equipment to put out gas fire - such as we experience - instead of using large - very large amount of clean drinking water - a fact that we want to known. 

How much of that water was grey water and how much clean drinking water?

Only when an incident such at this takes place -  we know how  - accountability and transparency -  plays out - and we want to know - how many millions of gallons of clean water was expanded.

At the press conference held in the open - the Pacific Gas and Electricity spokesman Blair Jones - did a good job explaining to the public at large - how complex this particular case was - the many main distribution pipes - larger than the small gas pipes that come into residential homes.

Also with the gas lines - are the other utilities - sewer and clean water pipes - fire optic lines - and other infrastructure conduits - that are required.

Loud mouth was on the scene hours after 
the gas line fire erupted -
she has nothing much to say - 
again revealing - the woman is dumb, inept, and 
lacks experience.

Of course Mayor London Breed was there - displaying once again - that she is NOT prepared for incidents such as this 
" gas fire " and will not be prepared for other such emergency situations - because this comes with experience.

All over the world - people saw an immature person -  more a Mayor - speaking in generalities.

As I mentioned the SF Office of Emergency Services could have done better - but failed - and so did the other City Department - the Department of Building Inspection, the other heads of City Departments - who brag they can do this and that but when the time comes - they are Missing In Action.

As everyone who has come experience in these matters knows - very strict guidelines from the State of California - have to be followed. 

In this case after the Pacific Gas and Electric team came to the rescue of the City and County of San Francisco - they had to put a " strike team " - much like " Special Forces " - and quickly put an action plan into action.

The team did a superb work - pinching the gas line - a large 12 inch distribution pipe - which has very high pressure - and unique techniques have to be used - that come from practice.

These " strike teams " are well known all over the Nation - and in this case PG&E deserve our gratitude - be it that they worked with the SF Fired Department - who were our First Responders.

It is customary for the SF Fire Department and the experts linked to PG&E to work together. 

There is also a large team that meets and work - under some Memoranda of Understanding.

It is here that we did not see the Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Building Inspection, the other SF City Department that purport to support our Utility Infrastructure - take a United Stand.

If we cannot show of united we are in a small case like this - we will NOT be able to rally - when it comes - to a bigger situation.

Had there been a delay -  PG&E not responding so quickly and putting the " gas fire out " - hundreds if not thousands of homes - built back to back - could go in flames - and spread quickly - to a large area. Kudos to PG&E for an excellent job.

The political whore from the 
District in which the fire occurred -
was there - she said something but meant nothing -
we need a reports complete with time-lines 
how her office helped - for all her hot air in Room 250.

Supervisor Catherine Stefani from District 2 - much like her predecessor  Mark Farrell - have NOT contributed much to all of San Francisco. Catherine Stefani for all the time she has been at City Hall - working first for Alioto-Pier, then Mark Farrell, then the Clerk of the Board - and now as Supervisor of her District 2 - has been a joke.

The Red Cross is always called and responds - the Catholic Church and St Mary Cathedral in this case -  volunteered and Mels Drive in too.

In cases like this the Hotel Industry must be incorporated to serve the needs of small amount of people adversely impacted - who may not be able to go back to their homes.

victim in such a case - needs the sympathy and more compassion - that folks like London Breed and Catherine Stefani - have not. 

Catherine Stefani invaded the premises of one her tenant - while he was away - who was shocked at her behavior -much as some of us are shocked how she pretend caring for killings all over the Nation - she talks the talks but has failed to walk the walk.

We want to know - giving time lines - what has she and her office done - to alleviate the suffering of this recent " gas line fire " - how many victims has Catherine Stefani touched - personally?

Kudos to the men and women -
who helped in this gas tragedy -
We need a report to understand more 
and hope a briefing is in the offing -
these stupid Representative more politicians -
their feet must be held to the fire 

Finally Verizon has not been a good partner - Verizon makes billions - but treats its employees with disdain.

We must ask - why do we allow - too many outside vendors - like for example - MasTec - the is headquartered in Florida - do we NOT have companies in California - or here in San Francisco to do the work.

Who the fuck is approving these contracts - and we must find out who in San Francisco is responsible - and if bribes are involved?

On San Bruno Avenue without meaningful dialog - all sorts of construction is going on - some fiber line installed - causing traffic jams - bus stops moved - and innocent folks forced to step into the MUNI bus - in the middle of the street.

Where is Hillary Ronen on this one? She is busy pussyfooting at City Hall - talking too much - trying to win brown points.

Looking at this company doing some fiber work on San Bruno Avenue - they look like a ragtag company.

Who is behind all this nonsense?

I am especially concerned - that this ragtag company - will adversely impact the community at large.

Hopefully - not another FIRE - bring with it some tragedy - or some other major incident -  harming human and other life.

Time the City and County of San Francisco - more London Breed - walk the walk - and stop the hoodwinking in broad daylight.