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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


All over San Francisco our youth are not given opportunities - leading to " career jobs " - by the City and County of San Francisco.

All over San Francisco - there are few  " Safe Havens " - where are youth can learn more in this " digital world " - with Silicon Valley in our back yard - our youth treated with disdain and not given the best opportunities - to contribute to our City and more to our Nation and the world.

Less by the San Francisco Unified School District - that year after year - fails to achieve - superior standards to send those graduating to our colleges and further preparing them to enter our best universities.

Recent empirical data available paints a very poor picture - our students who go to our SF Unified School District - evaluating their grades - perform below many other districts - and in most cases are at the bottom of the list. What has the SF Unified School District have to say about this?

For all the talk at the many long, drab, noisy SF Unified School District Board meetings - most of it is hot air - all talk and no walk at all.

Parents, teachers, constituents - are so fed up - that for all the venting, screaming, pulling their hair, and their teeth - there seem to be no - true response - pathetic Superintendent and with him the President of the Board.

The other Boards members - patting their behinds - bring no progress - what so ever - to San Franciscans and our children who attend Public Schools - going down the drain - into the cesspool - the creating of those managing and directing - this on going - nonsense.

The City and County of San Francisco - Department of Human Resources - has the worst record - known for abject corruption and nepotism. 

Its Director has been known - for hiring the most incompetent employees - never mind if they took some test - there is simply no sound - over sight.

Yearly evaluations are not done - and if you question the sad state of affairs - you are ignored and what is more - those in charge do as they please.

Practically every City Department is a mess - Department does not talk to one another.

Judging from the report - from the San Francisco IT Department - the recent evaluation is pathetic - so many fundamental platforms that could have been in place missing - and those in charge - promising to do something - time will tell.

When employees - who worked for the City and County of San Francisco - are charged by the Fair Action Political Committee in Sacramento - and the SF Ethics Commission - on charges that clearly - mandate - firing such employees.

The Department of Human Resources head - will cow down - and do what is wrong - back corrupt employees - such as Juliet Ellis - who should have been fired a long time ago.

Juliet Ellis - still continues to carry out nefarious activities - wasting millions of dollars - that should go to stellar organization - but are given to corrupt organization such as Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, and other non-profits that pander to Juliet Ellis and her lackeys.

The same person who heads the agency - Director of Human Resources - worked with former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - created over 2000 jobs - under some drab title - Administrative Assistants.

 Hiring many of those who have now cozy jobs - sell outs - using nefarious ploys and machinations - to become permanent - and the rest in history.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
daily wheeling and dealing in Room 200 at City Hall .

The present Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been exposed on PBS and other media - he exercised a policy -  a blanket policy - to freeze jobs - at the City and County of San Francisco.

However,  Mayor Edwin M. Lee has gone ahead and hired thousands of his lackeys - under dubious titles - be that they are temporary - but he can put them here and there - as Full Time Employment (FTEs) who retire - or are fired - to make room for his lackeys.

Aaron Peskin has been making some noise - but no one seems to care - the corruption at SF City Hall - has reached saturation point.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - continues ordering the City and County of San Francisco - the head of the Department of Human Resources - the person who heeds him  - to follow his dubious mandate - hire his lackeys and disgrace San Francisco and neutralize whatever few standards we had flooding now sinking faster than ever.

Again - giving succor to so many corrupt individuals - who work here in San Francisco for the City and County of San Francisco - and the paradox is that most of these jackasses do not live in San Francisco.

Caught in the mix - are our youth - we have more dogs in San Francisco then infants, children, youth and youth adults.

We have a budget of over $10 Billion - yet our youth are not given opportunities - to garner Career Jobs. We must learn to have our heart in the right place. Stop hoodwinking the youth - all the time. Enough is enough.

Less protected with " safe havens " - where they can do their homework, have access to digital services - mentored so that they can be proud of themselves - honor their parents and loved ones - and contribute their best to San Francisco.

Young girl and young boys - are missing out - and this has been going on - for the last 15 years - getting worse as each year goes by.

The fun fare that is created by the Summer Jobs - is just that - after the Summer Jobs - the small stipend given - some very little , passing, fleeting - satisfaction.

Then it is back to the usual. 95% of the youth who we interviewed - feel that they get little from the experience - the mundane Summer Time Jobs - in terms of preparing them - for a good job.

What has Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys to say about this situation ? More, what are they going to do about it?

Even as I wrote before - the more I delve into the Intercept, Predict and Organize (IPO) - the Mayor's own program gone berserk - the more I have unearthed corruption of the highest order.

Millions are totally not accounted for - the youth who are in the program - are treated with disdain.

It does not matter one of the youth - in the program was murdered - Emeere Jackson - that this incident has adversely impacted his team mates - the youth are treated - in a nonchalant manner - and this nonsense - must STOP - now.

Diana - with that grin on her face -
she must step down - never at her office -
always pussyfooting around - check it out.

Diana Oliva - Aroche who makes over $200, 000 and has been hoodwinking the public at large - must be fired.

Diana Oliva - Aroche is competent, lies, bluffs, and has with " intent " put our youth in peril - so far on her watch - two youth from the IPO program have died - been murdered.

What is the Mayor Edwin M. Lee waiting for - one more death?

This situation is made all the more convoluted when Street Violence Intervention Program (SVIP ) - technically has been involved with the IPO Program.

 Receiving money for some type of participation - but the Program itself is doing whatever they do - under the cover of darkness - no accountability and less transparency.

To make things even more convoluted - we have the very corrupt non-profit that receives over $4 million annually - Young Community Developers (YCD) - acting as " case managers " - for some of  the youth.

YCD - is far removed from the very difficult and hazardous  IPO work - the youth are thrown into - and deserve better. 

Emeere Jackson who was murdered recently - had a case manager - who was employed by YCD.

We also learn that Arriba Juntos too is involved - and we want to know - what quality case managing is given to these youth - who in the first place - are disadvantaged.

The  disadvantaged youth - are paid a minimum wage to work under difficult conditions.

Paid for two days - they study the rest of the days in the week - and all this and more - some dubious curricula - does not meet any given proven standards - as mandated by any sound Educational System - preparing disadvantage students for a General Education Diploma (GED) or any like Diploma.

The San Francisco Unified School District has failed San Franciscans - decent hard working tax payers - who hire people from outside San Francisco, more - depriving our youth and others from good jobs - our San Francisco  youth are treated with disdain.

Add fuel to fire - the Probation Departments - raking in millions - money meant to provide quality services - for the youth and young adults - are out sourcing the programs to dubious entities and under the supervision of Diana Oliva - Aroche - who do as they please.

In Sacramento recently a hearing was held to address incarceration and resources offered by non-profits that count and do good work - who are kept out. 

Dubious non-profits such as YCD and Girls 2000 are involved in all sorts of activities - even though they do not have the " capacity building " - and less the expertise to train.

Anyone can stand and check out who visits a " Pit Stop"  - better understood as a stop where people stop to take a  "DUMP"  or urinate.  More thinking should go into the creating of such jobs - and the often fragile situation of the youth and young adults.

 Such jobs - demean a person - more those that come out of incarceration - who have to be challenged to do better and offered better - more uplifting jobs. 

Our youth be they disadvantaged - from the IPO Program and other programs to better themselves  - should be treated with respect.

 The time has come for a hearing - and I request the SF Controller Office - Mr. Ben Rosenfield to take charge of this situation.

Hold a hearing with all those Department Heads who promised to work with the Mayor Office and the entity that manages Violence Prevention Services - once carried out by the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice - deactivated in 2012.

We want a transparent - line item accountability - going 5 years back - on money spent on the youth and youth adults - the turn over - of supervisors - the graduation of the youth - and how many have permanent jobs - linked to the IPO program and other such programs. 

The investigation of the two murders - both Blacks - and both well known in the community - working for the IPO program - more known well - in  Bayview Hunters Point - has adversely impacted the community at large. Enough is enough.

We want to know who were the case managers - linked to the young adults who died -  what did they report - on the demise of the two young adults who worked for the IPO Program.

We want to know - how the teachers from the schools attended - what they have to say  - how they reacted - and how the death have affected those cohorts that were a team and connected to the two individuals - who were murdered and died ? These youth died - and some good must be come - in terms of holistic changes - it cannot be business as usual.

We want to know how many millions were expanded since 2012 by the Violence Prevention Service Department under Diana Oliva - Aroche - who is pathetic.

Diana Oliva - Aroche -  thinks she can fool all the people - all the time - and more lives in Oakland - has failed to represent - San Francisco and decent San Franciscans.

I have been fighting in the trenches for over 35 years - addressing the issues that I am writing about.

 I demand - some accountability - and what I see is a nonchalant attitude - the corrupt and those raking in the millions - thinking they can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

This nonsense of outsourcing to entities that are playing with the lives of our youth - without  qualified Psychiatrists and Psychologists - Doctors and Nurses - on board - must be provided buy Barbara Garcia - Director of the SF Health Department - who is participating - directly and indirectly - with IPO and SVIP - and thinks that we do not know - about the situation at hand.

Who is going to address the many shootings, and killings, the many assaults - our youth put in danger - both women and men young adults.

Our children, youth and those who are vulnerable the mentally and physically challenged - I see it all - and I have been writing about it - in detail - for those that are educated on issues.

Those in charge and those directing these programs are using antiquated programs - have dubious training methods - have refused to listen to reason - they are adversely impacting the community - and more now the community does not " trust them " - more Diane Oliva - Aroche - who is protected by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who will fall flat on his face.

The buffoonery must stop and stop now - Quality of Life issues in the Bayview Hunters Point Area - have been compromised - too much talk and less walk.

Too much hoodwinking - and some of us - have been very patient - more, having the empirical data -  the time has come to put an end and take account of the situation at hand.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - daily has been wheeling and dealing - and he thinks that we are not monitoring him - we are and we will - he must step down - now.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Cambodian dancers

California has a golden opportunity to change things drastically - more, when it comes to communities from the Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Laotian, Hmong, Samoan, Tongan, lu-Mien, Indian, Filipino, other Asian, Multi-racial Southeast Asian Americans - others.

In the early 1980 I was astounded to meet some Vietnamese mostly refugees who had fled from South Vietnam.  The rich culture they brought to the shores of the United States and more to the Bay Area -here on the West Coast.

Many of these Vietnamese very talented - did not have access to Resources - so I worked hard to teach them how to access important people in government.

How to use the Resources - that were available to them - that they could use with ease. They were very quick learners - and many of them have been my good friends  for over 35 years.

Filipino dancers 

Many of my good friends - went on to contribute to Society as teachers, professors, computer specialist, create their own start up companies, some opened they own restaurants - and paradoxically most of them settled in the San Jose area.

Samoan Dancers 

In the late 1980s I worked with the Polynesian Community - we started with the youth mostly from High Schools in the Bay Area - had our monthly meetings - here in San Francisco.

Decided to take our youth to places like Oxnard, California, Santa Cruz, South Lake Tahoe - more to bring the youth together, working with mostly stellar and astute College Students - who inculcated a sense of Cultural Competency - teaching the youth to embrace what their communities inherited and contributed for thousands of years to the Universe.

The Hmong

In the interim I would meet youth from Cambodia, China mostly Mainland China, Taiwanese, those from Hong Kong, Laotian, Hmong mostly at the Farmers Market and would enjoy talking to them.

The plight of the Vietnamese and that of the Cambodian is well known to me - it is one thing reading and watching scenes from the Television - it is another.

More - when over a period of time - you learn first hand - about the atrocities perpetuated on innocent people - this cry - cries to heaven for justice -and this injustice - has drawn me closer to the communities I have mentioned above.

Laotian Dancer

In the 1980s we had refugees from El Salvador - thousands of them flooded San Francisco - and some of us wondered what was happening to the world.

We had to find housing for the refugees. San Francisco declared itself a Sanctuary City - and won the hearts of those it served - and all over the Nation - those States that understood our love and more sacrifice in San Francisco - stood tall by us and do so to this day.

We then applied what we had learned to other ethnic groups - who need help - and understood the underlying factor that mostly comes from experience  - more empathy and compassion for human beings and humanity as a whole.

Dr Richard Pan - who is a California Senator -

who chaired the committee that heard -
intently the plight of Asian American and
Pacific Islander youth and wants to address 
and find solutions to the situation at hand.

When I turned to the television and listened to Dr Richard Pan - he-is initial introductory comments - revealed to me - that this man - truly was committed to the plight of the State of Asian American and Pacific Islander Youth :

I have been on the frontline trying my best to address the complex problems facing Asian Americans and Pacific Islander community - housing, lack of health services, mental issues, anger management, career jobs, drugs and the consequences suffered by family and friends - among other issues and entities.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - more on Quality of Life issues - and have been part of the many Friendship Houses that have brought Native American People together - to save what they have - after years of persecution from the United States Government.

The above  mentioned gamut of issues - call for better services from the City and County of San Francisco - that has a over $10 Billion dollar budget - yes BILLION - but has miserably failed the Polynesian Community - as it has other minority families - belonging to the Asian American families at large.

The demographic linked to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is drastically changing - how are we going to address the impending elections - what do the authorities have in mind - more when it comes to lumping several ethnic groups as one group :

The many minorities in San Francisco - run their business despite the many obstacles, trials and tribulations, lengthy permit processes - the SF City and County in willing to quickly accept the fees, the taxes and have been unfair to offer reliable, more viable and sustainable services - help small businesses - for all its hot air and vague promises - the City and County of San Francisco touts and makes.

We have a China Town and a Vietnamese Town - and have so many ethnic  restaurants - that San Francisco is one of the leading destinations that tourists vie to visit to enjoy one of kind ethnic cuisines - I do.

The paradox is that a few Polynesian leaders instead of putting the Community First - have chosen to divide the community - working with some authorities - linked to the City and County of San Francisco - with an ulterior motive.

The funding City Department - failing to cast a wider net - to embrace more Polynesians in need. Failing to invest in outreach - where a wider selection of leaders an be brought to the table - rather than the same old ones - who talk a lot by fail to accomplish much.

There are organizations ready to step up and serve - but they will not compromise standards and values.

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation - has funded many programs over the years - and time and again - we have learned a lot - our youth need unconditional love - and those leaders that have ulterior motives - who do not have their heart in the right place - must and should stay out of the equation. They impede progress.

On another level - the model the Whites have for grants and community services - are devoid of spirituality, understanding rituals, dance and music, and cultural competency.

The value of serving food for nourishment and more to bring healing, the role of the monks and the temple, singing and dancing as a important part of harmony and order  - supreme reverence for the Elders - and I can go deep into other things but will STOP - here.

Many Polynesian youth will open to me - adults too - and they tell me what they feel and need. For years I have been doing what do best - take them to a better place.

The hurdles and problems of many Polynesian youth and young adults - can be addressed - as a community and by those that are blessed to discern and love them unconditionally. However few these leaders are - at least they have some who are ready to serve - with unconditional love - and sacrifice for the children, youth, young adults, those with compromised health, the seniors - more the mentally and physically challenged.

Many of these Polynesian  who were once incarcerated - are free now - and need guidance, nurturing and qualified support. As I said they have some who can come to their aid - but more funding should be in place to bring about progress - address " capacity building " - more with cultural competency.

lu-Mien dancers

Right now many Cambodian, Hmong, lu-Mien, Vietnamese and others are targeted by the current administration that occupy the White House. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) are out to get the above communities - more to send them home - using flimsy excuses - to put the above mentioned communities - in harms way.

Many of the above have been in the United States for years - legally and have their papers in order - the charges brought on them are frivolous - and without legal help - many are caught in a bind - and sent back to their former home countries - to begin life from scratch.

While the youth and young adults - try to understand the processes of incarceration and rehabilitation - the matter of fact - is that our " incarceration system " - is not about rehabilitation - it is more about exploitation.

The entire system needs to revamped - and the corporations who exploit those incarcerated - using labor as a form of contemporary slavery - these corporations must be debarred and charged for exploitation - under the RICO ACT.

Private jails and guards who use " trained dogs " to demean human beings - are now used as " Standard Operating Procedures " - and this and more must be brought to an end - by we the people - who pay our tax - millions raked in by crooks who run these corporation and leach on the incarcerated.

We have a population of about 330 million in this Nation -  and one in ten - have been incarcerated.

The United States has the largest number of its people incarcerated in the world.

As I said our jails and other institution have failed us all - have NOT created and operated holistic rehabilitation - less used model closer to " Restorative Justice " - they talk the talk - and have failed to walk the walk.

We must create our own models of rehabilitation - spirituality and ancient healing methods - that have been passed from generation to generation - good health food, meditation, acupuncture and pressure, music, dancing, family life - and other holistic ways have long been the succor of families.

We cannot and should not embrace the " McDonald Culture " fast food and other garbage saturated with nitrates, phosphates, sulphates other preservatives and pretend our human bodies will not be harmed by such poisons.

It is same with drugs, more Opioids, Heroin, other drugs and fail to mention these harmful drugs - that are put into our bodies -and then think all will be well. It will NOT.

The sodas that our children, youth and young adults drink that further obesity and bring about diseases leading to  diabetes, heart problems and other chronic diseases.

Now that the data is there - and kudos to the many Non-Profits and others - who had the vision and the guts to address the core issues - Economic Security, School Culture and Climate, Mental Health, Neighborhood and Climate, Interaction with the Criminal Justice System.

Our Sociologists, our Anthropologists, our Theologians and Philosophers, Doctors and Nurses, our teachers and professors - most importantly our grandmothers, and grandfathers, our mother and fathers - must be at the table.

Hmong tending the fields.

When is comes to agriculture the Hmong, the Cambodians, the Laotians, the Vietnamese, the Filipinos, others have contributed a lot. The Filipinos playing a leading role in the Central Valley fighting for and protecting the rights of farmers.

Chief Sitting Bull 

Chief Joseph

Much like the Native Americans who have been played around - by the United States government.

The many groups that come under the umbrella of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander and others related - have not been given an opportunity to " holistically " express themselves at the table. Only the indigenous people - know best what is good for them - much like the Native Americans - who are treated as second class citizens - in the United States - once know best as - Turtle Island.

Many of their stoic accomplishments by many ethnic groups - have gone unnoticed - and the time has come to create committees in Sacramento - to review the accomplishments and more connect the dots.

So called experts - love to talk down to the those that know more about themselves -  these so called experts - who know little and more do not have their heart in the right place - have one place - and that is the garbage can.

Many cannot speak the language of the people they purport to represent, many have NO clue about the deep customs and rituals, and paradoxically many are NOT respected by the Elders.

More,  their respective ethnic community have a role to acknowledge those that speak for them  - speaking English but being far away from the community a large - that they purport to represent - does the ethnic community represented - no justice and less brings no harmony.

Our Representatives in the California Assembly and the Senate have failed the Cambodians, the Vietnamese, Hmong, the lu-Mien, the Polynesian, the Laotian, Indian, Chinese, Other Asian - and more.

This "boiler plate " garbage philosophy. mentality, and presupposing so much - in the grant processes - must be flushed down the commode.

The goodness that Buddhism brings about  - cannot be compared to Christianity and other religions.

Credit must be given - where credit is due - and understanding such deep values - demands - one be educated on issues.

The Ecumenical Movement started to think differently - embracing all human beings - but again wars and turmoils all over the world impacting millions of human beings - have diverted our priorities. 

California is the Sixth largest Economy in the World.

There is no doubt that each of the entities - each of the minority communities has contributed - to California and the Nation.

The harm inflicted by the United States to the Vietnamese is well documented.

The fact that the Vietnamese - be they Chinese Vietnamese  - is well documented - this community has rolled by its selves, pulled up its shoe laces, walked up straight and body faced reality and done well for themselves.

The Chinese are a force to reckon here in California.

The Cambodian, the Laotian, the lu-Mien, the Hmong - have much to reveal and contribute - and need the assistance of the other entities the Chinese, the Indians originally from India, the Vietnamese to contribute to a fund that takes us all to a better  - place.

The paradox that now prevails is that may Representatives - be it on the Local, the State, and the Federal level - linked to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community - do NOT represent the community they purport to represent.

 The representatives are brained washed to think that they are American - or some purporting to be more American -  do not value nor appreciate their origins, the culture and respective - communities.

Frankly speaking this comes from lack of being educated - do not think " politicians " are smart - they may be good at lying, cheating, smart talking - saying one thing and meaning another. 

Most of them must be challenged to better themselves - and if they do wrong - the nonsense must be brought to their attention - more with empirical data.

The change must come from good leaders - our grandmothers 
and grandfathers being at the table - never mind if some one has to interpret what they have to say - the spiritual leaders that matter - that bless all that we have to enjoy and share - as we have as indigenous people.

For thousand of years they did what they do best - they protect and preserve and do so - to day - we know who destroy, waste, pillage, rape, steal, rob land and say that it is theirs - when far from it - they own nothing much.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the First People of San Francisco.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone here in San Francisco and I have how nonchalant our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - as is the City Administrator - other SF City Department heads - they have no clue - about the Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. In fact they do not want to acknowledge them - they will - soon - when they will be dealing with forces they cannot control. The will fall flat on their faces.

In the 1980s I remember encountering people in the Universities - failing to acknowledge the talents of the Vietnamese - one young Vietnamese man - accompanied me to visit a professor at a well known University here in San Francisco - the young man was curious when he heard near by some one playing a piano - in one of the adjacent rooms.

The young man asked me - if he could go and listen to the person who was playing the Piano - I asked the Professor and together we entered the hall - where this young man was practicing at the piano.

Then this young man turned to the Professor and asked him if he could play the Piano - the Professor hesitated - I intervened and approached the young man playing the Piano and requested if my friend from Vietnam could play the Piano. He agreed - and when my Vietnamese friend played - the amazement on the faces on all present - said it all.

We human beings are amazing - all over the world - more here in San Francisco - where each of us - have talents that can bring human being together.

Recently I met a former friend who specializes in creating platforms - where his software interacts and creates platforms - which can be applied to collecting data, using the data to locate spaces in building and elsewhere - zero in on location remotely - added applications - that can address a hundred if not thousands of queries and so on.

My friend was talking to me - and I immediately went to a time and place - where I had connections and still have connection - and as much as my friend was talented he need to connect with some people who could advance his " digital platform " - I can connect people - have access to practically anyone in San Francisco - worth the salt.

Yesterday, Sunday I messaged my friend and told him I had a time and place that we could arrange - and will be joined by a man who my friend admires and is capable of helping us all - in this venture - using our talents - to gather - and created this " inter-active digital platform ".

God is great and showers his blessing in many ways - He has before and he will in the future - I know this - even as He permits me to breathe - I take nothing for granted.

Dr Richard Pan who is in the right place can further follow up on the recommendations of the report - present to him and his committee - perhaps present his recommendation to Governor Jerry Brown who is known to me too - and can act on the recommendations "

 1. Data Disaggregation.

 2. Increasing Culturally Informed K2 Institutions and Implementing Ethnic Studies Curricula.

 3. Cultural Competency and Relevancy.

 4. Invest in Social Safety Nets.

 5. California Asian American Pacific Islander Equity.

A thread that I notice at the many presentations from the various youth and young adults - failing to address " Ethnic Studies "  in the schools and colleges uniformly - that inculcate in the students - core ethnic values - encourages them to understand their roots - and further represent those core values - by contributing their best to this Nation.

In the last 45 years I have done my best - and I am happy at this time in the year 2017 - some seeds are being planted - again our grandmothers and grandfathers, together with those connected to them - must be at the table - to bring about this awareness - more spiritual - linked to language, customs, rituals, food, dance and music, spoken word, caring and loving, meditation and exercises linked to mental and physical processes.

Love for Nature and Mother Earth - indigenous people working with Native American - to create a sold bond to respect Mother Earth - which come naturally to those that already have it in their DNA.

Incarceration is a boon to California Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - often time just because of language barriers - many a time because of lack of opportunities - as generation after generation betters itself - we must share resources - meet and unite with purpose in mind - laser beam focused on a few priorities at a time - set achievable goals that are viable and sustainable. 

To the infants, children, youth, and young adults, our grandmothers and grandfathers, the parents and loved ones of those we love and care - I say we " love you all " - we look to you to shine - to represent - to nurture you and do not hesitate to share your trials and tribulations - we must share to being out the best in us.

We must stand tall and represent - we  must speak up with authority - and to do that - we must hav our heart in the right place and be educated on issues - only then can we shed light - where there is abject darkness.

May the Great Spirit that see it all - guide us all - even as we struggle to keep our families from harms way - and work with those entities that do not understand us - we must stand united as a force of good to neutralize evil and those that do not want to understand. We are in this together - and our time in now. Aho