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Saturday, July 9, 2011

How should we address JOBS and Work Force Training in the Southeast Sector..


Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

There is no doubt that this dire economic straits that is hitting the entire Nation has NOT spared one single State - and even though California's Economy can be compared to any leading Country in the world; an economic - said to be the fifth largest in the world - and dealing in the trillions - we in California too are hurting.

Our State's workforce in Sacrament is over a quarter million - San Francisco about twenty eight thousand. Go figure. Many making over $175,000 with benefits.

San Francisco has a budget of over $6.9 Billion and is one of the richest cities in the world.

Yet, if you visited certain parts of the Southeast Sector - it compares to Third World countries or what I call the under developed countries.

You surely see lack of transportation, lack of health facilities, lack of opportunities, Law Enforcement enforcing primitive laws like "gang injunction with the blessing of the City Attorney, Dennis Herrera" - poor representation by the past Supervisor Sophie Maxwell and the present "grinning" Representative Malia Cohen - does not bear well for any - meaningful, progress.

In past year the Water System Improvement Project costing this City and County of San Francisco $2.4 Billion and another $2 Billion contributed by the Regions that San Francisco supplies water to - from our Hetch Hetchy resources up North and by Yosemite.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission supplies water to over 2.4 million customers.
Our population in San Francisco is about 816,00o. The water from Hetch Hetchy was stolen from the Native Americans - the Miwoks, the Piutes, others; too many to mention - but all of them revere the water - as precious and Sacred Waters.

In years past - through crooked means and using the Raker Act - way back in 1913 - by the use of undue influence and powerful Senators and Congress persons - who then wielded - great clout - we enticed Congress to dam the Hetch Hetchy Valley and fill it with water.

This sordid history is not well read by many - if they did they would stand up for what is right.

Water and then hydro-electric was meant to provide San Franciscans with cheap electricity and providing - affordable prices with both water and of course electricity.

The electrical grid was completed and stopped some 50 miles from San Francisco - only for Pacific Electric and Gas (PG&E) Company - to complete the grid and take over control of our hydro-electric resources - and it does it to this day.

Filthy rich folks bought shares in PG&E and raked in millions over all these years. Recently, the San Bruno Fire and other shoddy deals by PG&E have affected their stocks and more their reputation.

The water that comes under the jurisdiction of San Francisco - years before the San Francisco Water Department that controlled these resources - could tap into the General Funds - which it did liberally.

Today - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - which is deemed an Enterprise Department - meaning it bring in money from the sale of clean drinking water, electricity, and of course the sewage costs and operations that it charge the citizens of San Francisco.

SFPUC generates it own revenue and in this case the hydro-electricity and of course water - which soon will be like gold.

SFPUC has control of clean drinking water, the key dams, the key large reservoirs, Crystal Springs, Calaveras Dam - and other pumps and filtering and treatment operations, Sunol Temple and near by sites- and more.

A little know secret that may bite the butt of those in power at the SFPUC. It get money from a Quarry run by the D'Silva Company - raking in millions. The land should have been left pristine - but hungry, greed folks will stoop at anything to many a buck and pollute the environment.

Add to that sewer services that will be increased and have been increasing every so often - and clean water that is tapped to increase - by sixty one percent. Who is fooling whom?

The purpose of the above history - is to give some context - about how Career Job Training could have been implemented by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and how it could have used its know how, understanding of the community, past history - and thinking outside the box to embrace the diversity of San Francisco.

The SFPUC - has on all fronts failed miserably - preferring to dilly dally with the Union and create Project Labor Agreements - that can be likened to deals made by the Mafia. Only, with the Mafia you know most everything - but, with our Labor Union - anything goes.

In years past in the Bayview Hunters Point - we had training centers that were duly certified -to train Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, others so that they could if they worked hard - become Journey Men Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters and have Career Jobs - no more.

Now; we have the pathetic model of "City Build" steeped with corruption.

City Build - churns out candidates most of whom have not passed from any reputable school and less with high school grades, and not challenged to study hard, work hard, less wake up in the morning on time - and have failed themselves.

One cannot generalize but most fit the "go slow - poor attendance, and less hard work" mentality. Most everyone gets a certificate after this training of sorts.

With the mentality " no child should be left behind" - cooking the grades - classes are graduated and folks like Sophie Maxwell, Gavin Newsom, Laura Luster, other all dubious in nature take false pride in such shameless machinations. More continue to pat themselves on the back - this City Build Training Model has FAILED.

It past years those that worked a the Shipyard, at the Presidio of San Francisco, at the Letterman Army Medical Center, at the various industrial complexes, at the many industrial businesses, most in zip code 94107, 94124, and 94134 - all worked for years and had career jobs.

We have over 10,000 businesses in the Southeast Sector right now - the City collects taxes - and all of them could offer career jobs - if those who were in charge of the Stimulus Plan did not waste the money - millions of dollars - pushing people; to take menial jobs who were let go after some weeks and few after some months.

Others - who could not even keep a menial job. Go figure.

Who is really responsible for this madness?

For sure the Mayors of San Francisco, the SF Board of Supervisors, the other local leaders, who have no clue about True Work Force Training and Career Jobs - who think churning out drab training for our young people and others - and throwing them to the wind is the way to go.

One of the worst systems and shame on those that waste their time are the " One Stop Centers" - these centers are a JOKE and all those that are linked with them have BLOOD on their hands.
They know they are doing WRONG and they continue to foster a system that is a JOKE.

The various centers that have propped up where the folks beg for training money and cannot place anyone for a long time. In all the time they have been in operation they cannot point to anyone attaining a job to a position as a Manager, a Journey Man, a position that deems you have a sound Career Job - where you can transfer you skills and get a another job - with FULL BENEFITS.

Young Community Developers, Anders and Anders, other worthless entities who for years have failed and continue to drown in the cesspool of worthless and very poor training. None of them have Federal and State Certification and it is time they are audit and the training money given - fully accounted for. More if they do not live in the community and come from outside to steal and deceive our community.

In these sordid training programs - over fifty percent goes for Administrative Fees and to those that are supposed to train - again as I said before - have NO State and Federal Certification - and have been hood winking the Public at Large - for the longest time ever. Time to shut them down.

I have Work Force Training experience and know what Career Jobs are all about.

Today, we have vultures like RDJ Enterprises led by Dwayne Jones - who does not live in the community - but has made a last minute alliance with AECOM and PARSONS - both Primes or Big Companies - that have NO connection with the Southeast Sector and less with the Bayview Hunters Point Community - to do outreach on the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

Now, do not tell me a person who is connected with Communities of Opportunity, with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, with other dubious ploys - with the worst track record linked to uniting the community - who failed at Young Communities Development, who failed with the Mayor's Office of Community Development, who participated in removing Election Signs and working with "thugs" against then Mayoral Candidate Matt Gonzalez - can now provide our Community with "sound" outreach and quality service - no way.

RDJ Enterprises is a front for rampant - corruption and favoring "thugs" who worked with entities like Lennar - and this time around we are reporting them to "Law Enforcement" early on.

Now, if the SFPUC does not divest from these crooks and wants to take us on. Bring it on - you too will share with the scrutiny that has avoided you - but, now you will be on the front line. Make no bones about this fact.

We all want quality Jobs, Homes, and Parks.

When it comes to Jobs we want to be given an opportunity - to rise up and get the best. Get the best training and education. A drab six or twelve week course - does not give anyone a Career Job.

When it comes to homes and more affordable homes - we want homes that are situated on clean land, and a nice environment - with childcare, good transportation, quality shops that sell fresh food, a good Super Market that caters well - and so on and so forth. Hospitals, Schools, Community Facilities, Recreation Facilities, and the other amenities that make one a
better - human being. Addressing Quality of Life issues.

When it comes to Parks - we want clean Parks - not those that are contaminated more with Radioactive elements. Quality abatement, mitigation, and of course sound certification that all is in order for requirements that meet - Residential Standards.

Finally, we must NOT permit those that do not live in the Community - zip code 94107, 94134, and 94124 to dictate to us what is good for the community - and what is in our back yard.

Now, Bond Money and how it is spent is the responsibility of all tax payers - all San Franciscans.
We do not want outsiders - who have nothing to do with the Bond Measure, have not voted for it - did not help pass it - but now want to mess with our situation and our benefits and aspirations.

When is comes to Port Property and the Public Trust Act - all Californians. You must read the Burton Act. Of course idiots, people that are not educated on issues do not know this - and they can wallow in their ignorance - but, when they join the sell outs - they harm - everyone.

To the many Samoans more Polynesians you must step up and learn the truth - before you are wiped out - by large entities who want the money, want their work to be done - and put people last. More when they are aided by Racist Elements and the SFPUC has a lot of them.

To the Latinos what can I say - time to unite and make a difference - step up and demand for your rights. The very name California, the many names Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Jose - were derived from your roots. Why are you asleep and where are the leaders from your community?

To the Asians that do not want to join any quest - but, stay aloof until something is provide to them on a platter - that want all the amenities - but do not want to participate in the democratic system - well you must step up.

The others; more the Native American you are the minority, raped and killed - your land stolen and your dignity abused - we all who are on your land - stand with you but you must stand up for your rights - too. This in the year 2011.

The other and you are many - and have much to offer - but you must make some attempt to come out and speak out and stand united - with the others.

We have taken on Lennar and we have defeated this BEAST.

We took on SF Redevelopment and the SF Redevelopment is licking their chops - now negotiating to stand alive with Infrastructure Financing Districts (IFD) that will not work - not at Sunnydale with Mercy Housing and for sure not at Visitation Valley at the old Schlage Lock Company - polluted and contaminated. Where is Fran Martin on this one and the other Sophie Maxwell cronies?

Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Angelo King, Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, the Poverty Pimp Pastors (PPP), Sophie Maxwell, Doris Vincent, many others - that keep dividing the community and making deals behind the scenes. Their days are numbered.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy