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Saturday, January 20, 2018


These steps at SF City Hall -
lead to many dens - where the wheeling and dealing 
takes place - no one truly wants to serve and
represent the people - the citizens of San Francisco.

We have yet to see some leaders - vying to become the Mayor of San Francisco - who have a viable and sustainable platform  - that announces their intention to be accountable and transparent.

In short follow the rules - stop breaking the laws of the Nation -  STOP hoodwinking - the public at large.

Two candidates - vying to become the next Mayor of San Francisco - foolish as they have been before - announced that they would have nothing to do - with " slush funds " - receiving large amounts of money - rather than the agreed - $500 per person.

They should be brought before the San Francisco Ethics Commission, sworn and put on the stand. 

Here is more information - where the rascals can be adjudicated and sent to the gallows - daring to hoodwink us all:

This is the right opportunity to take the matter before the State of California - Fair Political Practices Commission.

Added to this -these same individuals - receive behest funds - even those who are running for the seat at the State Level - Board of Equalization - other candidates too - most of these candidates have -  NO morals, no ethics, no standards - and what is amazing they have no manners - less etiquette of course.

One candidate vying for the seat does not comprehend - the value of democracy - fundamentally one cannot be head of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch at the same time.

Our Founding Fathers were clear about this - the current nonsense in a so called World Class City - is an anathema.

Further more we have a candidate who lies - she lied when she said she would not take " slush money " - and she did.

She lied about " so called affordable housing " - again and again - and behind the scene is working with the retired Olson Lee and others - creating ploys and machinations - the likes that have never been seen - before.

This same woman - who some idiots back - did not utter a word when Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holding LLP - poisoned our elders, our children, those with compromised health.

Lennar Urban - bombarding a large area with Asbestos Friables. Such despicable idiots - dysfunctional - not having a good up bring - should not be trying to " represent decent San Franciscans ".

It is amazing to see in the background folks like Cheryl Davis the so called Director of the Human Rights Commission (HRC), Diane Oliva-Aroche who purports to be the Director of the Mayor's Office of Violence Prevent and Services - trying to seek favors - this is simply not going to happen. 

Both the above mentioned women - have failed San Francisco. 
Right now they should be in their offices - doing their work - not pussyfooting around. 

The SF Controller Office should be monitoring such activities - Government Employees - more City Employees should perform their duties - and not meddle with issues - about which they know nothing about.

Cheryl Davis has not learned from the lesson - she witnessed when decent San Franciscans - revealed to the entire Human Rights Commission - at City Hall - in Room 250 the august chambers - exposing HRC's zero participation.

Throwing and slamming the awards given to some organizations - on the floor - an incident that has never, ever happened before,

More stating before all present and the world - the lack of  acknowledging -  so many innocent people - shot and killed by the SF Police Department - more, by some rogue SF Police Officers. Shoot first and ask questions latter.

Recently a SF Police Office - just a few days on the SF Police Department Force - 4 to be exact - had no reason to open fire and kill an unarmed man. 

Further he did not have his " body camera on " - he turned his body camera on - after shooting and killing the Black man. We had a community meeting - and the public was lied to - I spoke and address the Chief Williams Scott - however, this mentality to shoot first and kill - and ask questions after the fact - seems to be taken lightly. Time will tell.

Diane Oliva-Aroche has not taken any responsibility of two deaths - young men working for the Intercept, Predict, and Organize (IPO)  that has failed the youth participating in the program - with Case Managers assigned - not doing their duty - yet receiving huge pays - for their disgraceful performance.

Young women and men - most formerly incarcerated and given a stipend - and there is NO hope for these women and men - No upward mobility. No one gives a dam - when no opportunity are offered in areas - hot spots - where the unemployment is over 40 % in our City and County of San Francisco.

Amere Jackson - shot and killed in front 
on his home - over 26 bullets - and to this 
day there has been no sign of any sound investigation -
going in the right direction - there has been no progress.
How many Blacks must die - and why? 

The death of Emere Jackson that I have been writing about - will NOT be in vain - we will take up the cause - higher up - more to the people.

Chief Williams Scott must step up -
meet the people who know what is happening -
at ground zero - he keeps listen to the 
those that do not have their heart in the right place.
I have met him in person and he knows my position.

We have yet to here from Chief Williams Scott who is busy - appearing here and there - at inordinate Press Events - that are mundane.

People at this drab press conferences  -  talk the talk - there is no walk - while Quality of Life issues are being compromised - every single day.

London Breed vying to be the next Mayor -
at the retirement of Olson Lee -
who screwed up our housing - more affordable housing.

Those vying to be the future Mayor - must address the chronic congestion on our roads.

The increase in dangerous particulates - more PM 2.5 that contribute to respiratory and heart diseases. 

Our infants and children, those with compromised health - are slowly dying - and those vying to be the next Mayor of San Francisco - are NOT taking us the citizens of San Francisco - seriously.

The house break-ins, the car break-ins, the assaults on our streets - on MUNI our public transportation services - are on the increase - our new Chief - is not thinking outside the box.

Chief Williams Scott prefers leaving his desk - and standing by one of the worst candidates - all over the City - while the candidate - who is now the " Acting Mayor " - makes small talk and mostly - lies. 

Many a time lying to the public at large - on issues like immigration -  " affordable housing "  - issue like DACA and dreamers - that she has NO real clue about.

She is ready to go to jail - she should just visit the jails - more the " women jails " in San Francisco - they stink to high heaven. Where incarcerate women have to stay in filthy conditions and more. This woman is all talk and no walk.

The heifer lacks character, is a chronic  liar, who sat with a FBI agency - trying to make a deal - and  had to get help for others - to be spared.

A candidate that failed us all - when she turned her back on our children - who are slowly dying - the result of giving Lennar Urban - a rogue developer - a pass.

San Francisco - is not only a City - it is a City and County of San Francisco. 

The vying candidates for SF Mayor - have not read the City Charter in toto - more the amendments made to the SF Charter by folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. - they fail to do their homework.

Some of them think their can spew diatribe and hot air - and get away with murder. Time will tell.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

San Francisco brags on many levels - that it favors diversity - while daily thousands fallen prey - to the worse discrimination, gentrification of the worst type - and what is truly disturbing - the disdain our City Leaders have for the poor and indigent.

Never mind our Seniors who have fallen on bad times - live in tents - facing inclement weather.

 Joined by those that are not given an opportunity to succeed the mentally and physically challenged.

Here is the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - "  I have a dream speech " - for those who continue to fail him - yet talk with a loud mouth - often barking up the wrong tree :

Well, today January Monday 15, 2018 we will gather to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

Will each one of us truly honor his life - more his deeds - or simply pay " lip service " ?

Those of us that care - why are we NOT taking to task the many Blacks in San Francisco?

Blacks - who simply rubber stamp actions - wheel and deal - pay to play - and think - all is fine. Doing a great disservice to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. More to the movement know as the " Civil Rights Movement ".

Truly speaking we have not a single Black leader - worth the salt - in San Francisco - that genuinely walks in the foot path of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. This is to say the least - pathetic.

Our youth are killed and murdered in broad daylight and no one seems to care. The education in our SF Public Schools - is the worst ever - and no Black leader has a viable and sustainable plan - the parents, the children of Black children, left to fend for themselves. What do you think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have done?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - who lead the way -  laid his life for us all - that we be a better Nation - well educated on issues - but more shed light where there is abject - darkness.

The Civil Right Movement - was about good deeds, fortitude - standing up for what is right.

 March for what is right - going to jail - and defying those that were " evil ".

 Blood was shed, lives were lost, sacrifices were made - by thousands from all walks of life more in unity.

Thousands fought for what was right - they all were color blind -  that shocked the living hell - when Law Enforcement - saw for the first time - the determination - of the Civil Right Movement. The unity that prevailed - those that were laser beam focused - the Civil Right Movement of the 1960s -left a legacy for all time.

On the contrary here in San Francisco - some Blacks who are in power - have failed to represent - choosing to " do wrong "  with intent.

Again and again - brought before the Sunshine Task Force - the SF Ethics Commission - and the Fair Political Practices Committee. These folks are shameless - and more lack morals, for sure ethics, even less standards - despicable  - and a shame to all humanity.

There is a dark cloud hovering on San Francisco today - and those Blacks who purport to be vying to serve San Franciscans - have no clue about " the non-violence movement " - less about Mahatma Gandhi - the Father of Non-Violence. No clue what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for - and this is a crying shame.

I said even less about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - sometimes an old crow from the Fillmore who purports to be a student of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., talks from both sides of his mouth - it is such despicable Blacks - that do more serious harm than good.

In the last fifteen years in our fight to keep " gentrification " at Bay - in and around San Francisco - some of us ardent advocates had to fight the now defunct - SF Redevelopment Agency - other evil policies that defy - decency.

 The many Blacks Fred Blackwell, Tiffany Bohee, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Dwayne Jone, Linda Richardson - others too many to name - who say one thing and do another.

Many of those named above and others too many to name mostly Blacks - who could have represented the citizens - but chose with " intent " - to adverse impact Blacks and other people of color - judging them by their color of their skin, their inability to make over $60,000 income.

Failing to put in place models that encouraged upward mobility - while all the time filling their campaign - coffers.

Further there are large tracts of land - more listed under the Superfund List - very contaminated land, prone to liquefaction and flooding - where brand new housing is planned.

More without the required abatement and mitigation - and these Black sellouts - think nothing of it.

In fact they encourage Blacks to live on land that is landfill, as I said prone to liquefaction, and severe flooding. Polluted and Contaminated - so that they can die a slow - death.

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was alive - he would have detected this great injustice - and questioned the many Blacks who talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Here is something for our children, youth, and young adults to watch and adhere :

Some of the pastors and Black leaders the likes of Archbishop Franzo King, Pastor Jeff Branner, Bishop Burch, Bishop Ernest Jackson, Minister Christopher Muhammad from the NOI - did right - stood by those that most needed help.

These leaders  joined our movement - to bring attention to the " injustice " done to our children, our women, our elders, most Blacks and people of color - who were adversely impacted.

The Movement that fought Lennar Urban - LennarUrban supported by mostly sellout Blacks Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Walton Shaman, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Doris Vincent, London Breed, Amos Brown, the Tabernacle Group, Dr. Churchwell.

Today the circumstance have changed  - the " well " is dry - and those that use to get some - get nothing at all. Famine prevails and these poor souls - are deeper into trouble - more spiritually - bankrupt.

The rogue developer Lennar Urban - aka 5 Point Holding LLP - same snake different head - those that I have mentioned above - failed humanity.

They with " intent "  did wrong - while the other Black sellouts - chose with intent - to keep silent - and sell out the community at large. Time will tell.

On days today - many of them will join some group - and pretend they value the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., - it stops there - daily they wheel and deal - and what is a great shame - folks like Malia Cohen - look down upon the poor.

Malia Cohen - has NO empathy and joining her London Breed - who could have helped a Black women Mrs Canada - over 100 years old - but did not - leading in Mrs Canada - dying of shock - evicted and left to die. 

At one time the Blacks in San Francisco - funded by big corporations on this day would gather and have breakfast - feed themselves with " hog meat ".

At the fake event - attempt to say something to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - again and again falling short of being sincere - one Millard Larkin - collected the money - put on this show -  year after year - this exercise in futility - led to the  slow death of this " fake memorial breakfast in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ".

Racism today is worse than it was when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was alive.

 I am monitoring the situation at hand - let us see how it plays - in the June, 2018 elections - some abject flakes vying to become the next Mayor of San Francisco.

We deserve better - will there arise a leader - who finds solutions.

Will be have a Mayor - whose heart is in the right place - because only with ones heart in the right place - a person that has a sound moral compass - can to take us to a better place.

More to shed light - where today there is abject darkness.

We must rid ourselves of blatant corruption  - we must - unite, respecting humanity - find solutions - that are viable and sustainable. Aho.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


We have seen banners - such as the one above -
wear out - tethered and torn - removed -
the proclamation - shallow and deceiving -
the crooks behind such programs have amassed 
millions - one of them - Dwayne Jones.

San Franciscans are astute - many of them well read - and many who continue to participate as good citizens - attending meetings, sharing sound thoughts.

Trying their best of contribute to our Great City and County of San Francisco. Americans by large measure - want the best for most of us - that contribute to Society.

Our City named after Saint Francis of Assisi. A saint who had much compassion  - his acts of compassion and empathy - says it all. This more than ever - encourages us with fortitude to address Quality of Life issues.

We now have 8 candidates - and all of them are vying for the position of Mayor of San Francisco.

As I said - many times before - we are a City and County of San Francisco - and have a City Charter that needs to be changed.

When we talk about changes - some do not want it - because they are afraid that a can of worms will be opened. Those that are " afraid " - sweating right now - sellouts that I have mentioned again and again.

I hope -  that if someone with decency, morals, ethics - becomes the Mayor in June, 2018 - our City and County of San Francisco - will curtail - the blatant corruption - in San Francisco - that has reached - saturation point.

This situation - when after a Mayor - ceases to be a Mayor in mid-term - as a result of extraordinary circumstances - has happened before.

A former SF President of the Board who led the Legislative process - stepped in as Interim Mayor - and assumed the role of Interim Mayor - and thus was in charge of the Executive privileges. Her name Diane Feinstein who is now a Senator in Washington DC - and represents California.

Our Founding Fathers - were clear on this issue - that I am talking about.

Always reminding us - that these two bodies - the Executive and Legislative Branch - should be separate.

On many other levels we have the Judicial Branch - that keeps the balance. As it is on the Federal Level.

If we have come clue - if we care - to study the key deliberations - at the State and Federal levels - we can learn what works and what does not work. Conflict of interest - is what we want - not at any level - and much more here in San Francisco.

Here in San Francisco - just to remind all - more decent, hard working, tax paying, San Franciscans - we once had the Legislative Branch the SF Board of  Supervisors - and the Executive Branch the Executive Branch.

For those that are in the dark - we one had an Independent Voice - the City Administrator. Few seem to remember this fact - the last one who exercised this right was Bill Lee - who is good friend to mine.

In 1996 - the City Charter was amended by Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., and just like that the Executive Branch now controls the City Administrator.

The City Administrator does the bidding of the Mayor - and as a bonus get a 10 year term - all vetted - a Proposition put out there for all of us to vote.

The citizens of San Francisco voted - but few understood - the under lying factors - that took away the independence of the City Administrator - who is second to the Mayor of San Francisco - if something - does happen - and the sitting Mayor cannot - do her or his duty.

Bill Lee first had to endure that humiliation. When Edwin Mah Lee was chosen by Willie L. Brown Jr. with a ten year term - the " die was cast "- and corruption of the worst order came to be.

When Edwin Mah Lee anointed Noami Kelly - in stepped Willie L. Brown Jr. drawing a contract - a ten year contract for the present City Administrator - Naomi Kelly.

I have nothing against Naomi Kelly - I have something when such drastic changes are made - and I have something against longer terms. 

Much as Willie L. Brown Jr. detested his term in Sacramento - as Speaker of the House - a law was passed - to reduce it terms to two full terms - and after that - whoever was Speaker - had to bid adieu.

Of course Willie L. Brown Jr. detested that fact - but has to live with it - but, always finds a way - to place someone in an important position - to carry on his very nefarious activities.

San Francisco is a very corrupt City - and the pay to play - the wheeling and dealing - has reached saturation point - the corruption of the highest order -  is recognized here at home - by most people in the know and are decent.

Books have been written about the corruption - those that have read the book - " Season of the Witch " by David Talbot - get some sense about Willie L. Brown Jr. and others.

It is amazing how so many feel that just because someone who is NOT educated on issues, has no track record linked to stellar legislation, has failed San Francisco when it comes to solutions on very high rent, the eviction of an over 100 year old Black woman Mrs Canada from her home.

Where she had lived for year - for 40 years - was cheat and lied - ( died because of this shock ). Those in charge at City Hall - more the President of the Board - could have done something - but did nothing at all.

Again and again some who have no idea about our City and County of San Francisco works - asks me - who do I favor as the next mayor - among the 8 who have thrown their hat in the ring.

For starters none of them - have provided us - in a meaningful way - a " PLATFORM " that makes sense and finds solutions.

Addressing our failing infrastructure, the congestion on our roads, the increase in the Carbon Footprint, Sea Level Rise which is reality - that will adverse impact us more - five and for sure ten years - from - now.

Serious issues that impede progress - linked with Transportation - ferry boats, buses, and for sure our high speed train - now declared " dead on arrival " - started with a projected amount of $37 Billion and now has reached closer to $97 Billion and growing.

Many related projects - the TransBay project - is begging the question - from where are we going to get the money - to complete the TransBay project - and why is it costing us so much ?

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is hoodwinking us all - it has put on a bid to the Non-Profits - issuing 4 grants - the entities who will get the grants - have already been chosen - behind the scenes - such are the workings of Juliet Ellis - who keeps - hoodwinking the public at large.

These grants - as I said one million each - have never, ever been vetted by the Public at Large. It is our tax payers money - and non one - NOT Juliet Ellis who has been fined by the SF Ethics Commission and more by the Fair Action Political Practices - for sending in access of $200,000 to Green For All - where she sat on the Board  - and is headquartered in Oakland, California.

 The bid elements favor those that have been already favored and chosen - most wheel and deal - linked  with Workforce Development - for sure we know Young Community Developers (YCD) is  one of them. 

The case mangers working at  at YCD the worst over -  one has just to open the case of Emere Jackson - who was killed in broad daylight - who worked for IPO - and his Case Manager who has yet to be questioned - and worked for YCD.

Girls 2000 will be chosen to get a million - to carry on the program linked to " Pit Stops " - better know and acknowledged as " Shit Stops ".

The programs operated by Girls 2000 - lack upward mobility - and if any line item audit is done - most of those getting the money - will be caught with their hand in the " cookie jar ".

Those in charge - who rake in thousands for themselves - are treating the workers - with disdain.

Offering them minimum wages - while exposing them to hazmat conditions - not caring - to give a second thought. 

Workforce as it pertains - to the Bayview Hunters Point is a Joke - and YCD has received over $8 million in the last 2 years and has nothing much to show.

Young Community Developers (YCD) now is poised to receive the one million dollar grant - the Director who once was at 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

Dion who hails from Fresno - has jumped from 1800 Oakdale  to become the Director of YCD - complete with all his funding in place - lock, stock and barrel.

The four grants - $1 million dollar each - are being fast tracked - in this " Interim Period " - when we do not have a Mayor.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - has calculated - how to disperse the grants - being more an Enterprise Department - and does not have to go before the SF Board of Supervisors - since the sum in below $10 million.

It is $4 million but to be sure - it is also tax payers money.

This money is now used to cater to those - who pay to play - wheel and deal - and there are sellouts most Blacks - and some work for the City and County of San Francisco - participate in FaceBook activities - while on the job - such characters must be charged by the RICO ACT and can be.

A simple investigation - with the right name - the FTE - the Department of the SF City and County of San Francisco - the date and time - can easily reveal - all the facts to land some one in jail. Do not use FB when you are working - dumb fool - while all the time - pontificating - when you are loser.

Some think they are smart - they are fools - much as they have been all their adult life.

So - I have revealed two entities - and could all four - but why should I.

The General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission knows about the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans. He backs Juliet Ellis and does not know - that soon a can of worms will be open. 

Crooks profit from the grants - and advocates who work hard - serve the community - are left to fend for themselves. 

What favors the advocates that are honest - is people power - doing right, abiding by the laws - and fortitude.

I challenge the 8 candidates to look into the on going  blatant corruption - on every level - and nip the nonsense in the bud.

How did the budget - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - reach $10 billion. 

Started at $6 Billion - then $9 billion and now $10 Billion. It ties with the entire City and County of San Francisco Budget - which is also $ 10 Billion.

The 8 candidates now vying to become Mayor this June, 2018  - have their work cut out.

Those who are incumbent - now visiting childcare centers, bragging the can produce so called affordable housing - are missing the point.

Pretending to bring succor to the homeless - our seniors  - more the Mentally and Physically Challenged - others with compromised health - could all have been - helped.

It is too late to make changes and pretend that one is capable of doing - this and that.

No one can change a chameleon - and right now we have one - as the Interim Mayor - she has NO clue - what is truly means to be a Mayor - she is shallow, inept, immoral, lacking ethics, and what is important to note - has NO standards what so ever. Prove me wrong.

This is Ohlone Land - and the only natives are the Ohlone - and those that the Ohlone believe understand their plight - the Ohlone are the true owners of all the land - each and every square inch - in San Francisco.

Once this land was pristine - no more - today the strangers have polluted and contaminated the land - they steal, cheat, rape, and pretend all is well. 

It is a mockery when these strangers - pretend the can deliver when it comes to Quality of Life issues - more so when they DO NOT have their heart in the right place. Time will tell. Aho.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


This is the land of the Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco -
they kept this land - we call San Francisco and beyond -
pristine for over 13, 000 years -
it is surprising how the strangers behave -
talking in circles, and thinking they can get 
away with murder - in broad daylight.

San Franciscans are well informed and did us all proud - when they demanded - that our great City and County of San Francisco - have an Interim Mayor - at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting - held January 9, 2018.

An " interim mayor " - one that is experienced, has fortitude, is dependent.

If this policy is implemented - giving all those who are vying for Mayor of San Francisco - come June 18 - on an equal footing - and one that those who have followed similar situations - in the past - agree.

On another level embedded in our politics - stemming from early on - our Founding Fathers - again and again - did not favor mixing the Legislative duties with the Executive duties - something San Francisco at this late date - must address - but sadly embraces. 

What ensued when Edwin Mah Lee passed away - was just that - a repeat of what happened when George Moscone - was assassinated - and Diane Feinstein who was in SF Board of Supervisor - decided to be the " interim mayor " - established her  - " name recognition " - went to to become Mayor of San Francisco - and on to becoming the Senator for California - for umpteen terms.

In the past we have had another situation - much as we have today - a Mayor vacating his seat - going to take another important position - on that another occasion - the Mayor was Gavin Newsom - the man he anointed - who repeated again and again that he would not take the position of Mayor - Edwin Mah Lee.

We all remember how Mayor Gavin Newsom - played his cards - because he wanted someone to carry on his policies - Edwin Mah Lee at first - vehemently spoke against seeking the position of Mayor - the corruption we have in Room 200 - started with Willie L. Brown Jr, - followed by Gavin Newsom - the Edwin Mah Lee - who saturated SF City Hall - with abject - corruption.

We all were present -  when the SF Board of Supervisors took the matter - Edwin Mah Lee - was chosen as that " interim Mayor ".

Edwin Mah Lee - he himself was in Hong Kong - and the wheelers and dealers - calculated most everything - even the announcement made late at night. We were present at SF City Hall - late at night - where most of us - did not expect Edwin Mah Lee - to accept the offer - he did - and the rest is history. 

Once Edwin Mah Lee -  was infatuated with the position of Mayor - history will reveal the details.

Right now most San Francisco are dealing with other issues - much too important - and all adversely impacting - thousands of innocent San Franciscans.

Many have no clue about suffering - the thousands suffering in San Francisco - foremost our Seniors living in tents.

More indigent and poor - more than 12, 000 living on the streets, under bushes, under the freeways, anyway where they can lay their head - facing inclement weather.

 Many of us care - we care more than the politics of opportunity - the pay to play - the disdain shown by those that represent -  breaking so many laws.

The United Nations was formed in San Francisco - and when one reads that Charter - the many laws formulated by the best minds - to protect humanity - addressing property, health issues, decency - human rights - in short Quality of Life issues - all have been thrown into the garbage - by the SF City and County of San Francisco.

Some entities have taken the SF City and County to Court - and yet all our SF Board of Supervisors - will focus on the Navigation Center - that can accommodate small groups of a 100 or more - but what about the 12, 000 plus - who have NO where to go.

We have shelters that cannot offer a bed - they can offer a chair - how can someone sleep in a " chair " all night long. Now once - has can SF Board of Supervisor - spoken about the inhuman way - for decades now - how our Seniors, those with mental and physical challenges - are treat in a inhumane way. All this right here in San Francisco.

They say as California goes and sometimes as San Francisco goes - so does the Nation. Only if the Nation really knew - how we treat our homeless, our mentally and physically challenged.

When the advocates try speak to the issue - we have some SF Board of Supervisors - including the present President of the Board - have side-bar talks - laughing - and what is important to note - an investigative reporting done - reveal many spend their time " surf the internet " - right while the deliberations and going on -  in Room 250 the August Hall - where the SF Board of Supervisors meet.

The disparity and the divide in our City and County of San Francisco - has been compared to that of Rwanda - a Third World Nation in Central Africa.

You would not accept that to be a fact - but it is - challenging many San Franciscans - who have their heart in the right place - who are looking at the many candidates - who are vying to become the Mayor of San Francisco - to represent - but will they.

At this early date most of the candidates vying to become Mayor of San Francisco - have NOT  disclosed to us - their platform -  how they hope to address homelessness, congestion on our streets, the very high rents - thousands of families that contributed so much to San Francisco - have left us - never, ever to come back to San Francisco - again.

Add to that many issues linked to safety, transportation, education, health,  the other issue linked to immigration - linked to the dreamers and DACA and more.

Closer to home our infrastructure is failing us all - the billions set aside to address the Sewer System Improvement Project - is not going anywhere - the construction of the Digesters - supposedly set at $3 Billion - is stalled.

Apparent this proprietary model - by some Scandinavian Nation - will cost us - so much in energy - electricity - that is will be financially a burden to operate the Digesters. No one is stepping up - to reveal what really is happening - and Karen Kubick and Harlan Kelly - are pulling the teeth, hair and god alone know what - to figure out what to do.

We as citizens - want to express ourselves and want those candidates - vying to seek for the position of Mayor - to listen to us -  such a meeting is in the offing and will be held soon.

Hopefully -  the citizens and constituents - will and can have their input - much light will be shed where now there abject - darkness.

There is a slight of hand - innuendoes of a kind - those that purport they know more - be it from their own sordid, unvetted angle - their own point of view - jumping the gun - and not understanding the process.

One armchair threw the word " ally hip " - I know a word - that much has made about " allyship " - each trying to contribute and bring diverse folks and other together. Less talk and more walk. 

Some of us have tried to bring people together - and those who are on the frontline - know who are the ones - that daily think only about themselves - and foster divisiveness.

Some times one has to speak against such folks - then all hell breaks loose - and these " knuckle heads " - start targeting the messenger.

Currently the process at SF City Hall - linked to choosing the " Interim Mayor " is flawed - and invites - " conflict of interest "

We know truly representing and being the President of the SF Board is challenging - and has brought a lot of dissension and hostility. The President of the Board - deals with Legislative issues mostly - but has to work in sync with the Executive Branch - in this case the Mayor and the City Administrator.

The Mayor deals with " Executive Issues " - paradoxically in all the talk - very few are focused on this convoluted situation - where both the Legislative and Executive issues - currently is  addressed by one person - who has to deal with both the Executive side and the Legislative side of things - creating - conflict of issues.

Looking deeper as in today case in San Francisco - District 5 is suffering - the Supervisor now happens to be the " Acting Mayor " - as well as the Supervisor - and daily whoever hold the dual position - has serious issues - adjudicating - and more helping District 5 - at ground zero.

We have 11 seats - 11 Supervisors - when the President of the Board who is a Supervisor - cannot vote - and time comes to vote - more in picking the " Interim Mayor ".

We may have those that favor the left - often called the progressives, the right who are deemed the conservatives, the moderates - who mostly choose sides. Whatever the group aligned in this case - they have to garner 6 votes from the 10 Supervisors.

This entire situation - become perilous - bordering on utter pandemonium - and that is what is happening behind the scene.

Acute and stellar San Franciscans are aghast at the lack of understanding the process. All the candidates should vie for the position of Interim Mayor - and all have equal footing and standing to represent.

Each of the candidates - bring their own baggage - Carmen Chu is the present Assessor - she was anointed to that position by the past Mayor, Edwin Mah Lee - she use to be a Supervisor too of District 4 - once an incumbent - she ran again for Assessor position and won. Now, she is moving ahead - vying to be the Mayor of San Francisco - she may not run for Mayor - but her name has been thrown out there.

Mark Leno use to be Supervisor, was a Senator in Sacramento - and now is vying to be the Mayor of San Francisco. He was never anointed to any position - all the seats he won - the playing field was level - and worked hard to win.

Angela Alioto was a Supervisor - in fact she was the President of the Board - twice she ran for Mayor once narrowly losing - and the other time losing by a wider margin. Every seat she ran for - she had to fight - and she is preparing to do so this time.

Her father was a mayor - Mayor Joe Alioto - and so name recognition helps - and Angela Alioto - wants to represent all San Franciscans - and become our next Mayor.

Jane Kim is the Supervisor of District 6 - and has proved to be a sound challenger - an ardent attorney - she has fought for the poor and more on housing issues. She ran for the sat of Senator - but lost to Scott Wiener - who lied, and tarnished her name. If elected Mayor of San Francisco - she could bring another much needed dimension - smart, quick to find solutions, and what is important to note - has a truly open door policy. 

The point I am making is about leveling the field - not creating - " conflict of interest " situations - and for sure - not aiding and abetting - and that and more takes places - when the situation is made convoluted. Holding two position one that should stay with the Legislative Branch  - and mixing it with the Executive powers - that muddies the water.

Thousands of decent San Franciscans - have left San Francisco - and the candidates that we have vying with each other - think they can address homelessness, the loss of thousands families - that built our many unique neighborhoods - the candidates as of today - are just beginning to understand the situation at hand.

The paradox - we have over 50, 000 homes vacant in San Francisco - over 60, 000 rental units vacant in San Francisco - be they market rate units - condominiums for the filthy rich.

 None of the candidates - have studied this one singular situation - they are looking at some situation - but not at the real situation -  eyeballing the situation - realistically.

Our Carbon Footprint in San Francisco has increased - with all the construction - the millions of aggregate and concrete used in the construction. No one wants to address the situation -  adversely impacting the health of our citizens, our constituents - decent tax paying, hard woking San Franciscans.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - the land was stolen - once it was pristine for over 13, 000 years.

Now pollute and contaminated - in less than 250 years by the strangers - who are NOT paying attention - to what really matters.

We need a Mayor who heart in the right place - who is educated on issues - who relies on empirical data - who can take us to a better place. 

Important to note when we vote in June - is to have a platform submitted by each candidate vying to become our next Mayor - who assures us astute and mostly stellar San Franciscans - that they are represent and for sure respected.

For sure we do not want someone who is brash, talks from both sides of their mouth - thinks the can wheel and deal - and connected to those few leaders - that smell of Sulphur - we will NOT vote for them. Time will tell. Aho.