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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the Debt Ceiling President Obama will WIN because he is on the RIGHT side.

The Republicans must be ashamed of themselves for trying to push the button of the President of the United States - simply because they do not have a viable plan - linked to the debt ceiling.

The President of the United States has spent - far too much time - listening to the "hog wash" talk of the many Republicans that do not make any effort to help our Nation - but to take the Economy Down - to make a point - gain some fake attention to the Republicans that have nothing sensible to offer.

This "debt ceiling" is all about Wall Street and some very large financial institutions that were instrumental - in creating our present "financial fiasco". Sub-prime loans, derivatives, other complicated thuggery in broad day light.

History has NOT been kind to the Senior Citizens - and in years past the AARP and the NARFE and other Senior organization have stood up and fought for what is right. This is across party lines.

Now, if some Republican Turks want to destroy the Economic of our Nation - and create an economic tsunami and think for a second that they can count on the "thinking public" for some vain support - they are wrong.

The Republicans have two days to make up their mind.

 In fact their sordid "mind" has already been made up - and those few who tried to challenge the President, including some few Democrats - are now sweating - time is running out and the President can go to bed today - and know for once - the Republicans are on the run. Their tails between their legs - they have NOTHING viable to offer.

America has some decency and many of us do not think how the American Public came to the rescue of Large Institutions and the Banks - who should be ashamed of themselves. Anyway, you look at this block - most of them have Republican connections.
Wallow in GREED and want to tax the Middle Class and give the filthy rich - big breaks. Such nonsense must be curbed.

Now, when it comes to the people and "benefits" that the Seniors have worked for - Social Security and Medicare benefits - no one in their right mind can challenge these rights. Seniors for example have suffered - many have lost their 401 K, other life benefits, and suffered at a time when they should have had the support of the entire Nation.

The Republicans and especially President George W. Bush destroyed our economic.

President Barrack Hussein Obama inherited an enormous debt - and mostly Republican Money Mongers - played the "American Public".

The ten percent filthy rich that control seventy percent of the American wealth.

To hell with the thousands of millionaires and hundreds of billionaires - that should be ashamed of themselves - more with all their off shore bank accounts and failing in many cases to pay their due taxes.

These vermin are the same that fill the campaign coffers, take TAX right offs, and mock those that pay their due taxes.

The Middle Class, the eroding Middle Class pay their taxes over twenty eight percent on an average.

Time for President Barrack Hussein to " call the bluff".

At this time the President can call the shots - for one simple reason - the Republicans have failed - they do not have the better interests of the people of this Great Nation at heart.

The Republicans do not care about our Seniors - and with this one salvo against earned benefits and lack of compassion - have failed the American People.

No one gave President George W. Bush the authority to tap into Social Security, tap into other funds - to wage a War that was not warranted.

The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for taking on a President who has been fair - and on all levels met the Republicans and defeated their machinations and ploys.

In this case - at this late date - it is simply WRONG to hold the Nation - hostage.