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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Park Merced and the lack of signatures to place a MEASURE on the NOVEMBER - SF ballot.

The proponents of Park Merced - they say failed to collect the required number of signatures to thwart the thousands of "rental housing" - more, affordable housing in the Western Part of San Francisco from being demolished.

The failed they say to collect the required number of signatures to put the cause on the November, Ballot Measure. Do not give up - time is on your side.

Having had experience collecting thousands of signatures - it is NOT easy to overcome the obstacles - that many put before you - most of them from the City and County of San Francisco.

Some years ago we collect 33,000 signatures to expose SF Redevelopment Agency and declaring of thousands of acres - without meaningful dialog with the community.

The area in question was declared a Survey Area and soon a Project Area. We collected as I said 33,000 plus signatures that were certified by the SF Department of Elections. 

When the time came to put our Measure on the Ballot - after the SF Department of Election certified our signatures - the City Attorney, the one that is now running for Mayor - Dennis Herrera - declared our signatures - null and void.

We consulted everyone in the know and provide all the required information.

The City Attorney's position -is that we had to show a map to the constituents - before we collected our signatures. Also, point them to the accompanying document some 4000 pages - that reflected the information linked to the Project Area sites.

Dennis Herrera cited a case in the East Bay - which has since been thrown out - revert.  Such are the devious ploys of our City and County of San Francisco.

I met him (Dennis Herrera) on the steps of City Hall and stated to him that 33,000 constituents of San Francisco could not be wrong. He had nothing to say - and walked away.

Again we collected signatures linked to Proposition F that was put on the ballot.

However, after we collected the required signatures - the SF Department of Elections - insisted that they be counted.

We formed teams to monitor the signatures and we did get the required number of signatures to put on the Ballot - it was Proposition F.

We collect about $5000 to put Proposition F on the Ballot.

Our opposition was led by LENNAR and they expanded $10 million.

Lennar, Gavin Newsom, Diane Feinstein, Sophie Maxwell, Lola Whittle and Aurelius Walker are some of the folks that were the proponents of Proposition G.

Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa were the proponents of Proposition F - and proud to be so.

Lennar spent over $10 million on Proposition G. $10,000 TV ads bombarded the constituents of San Francisco - once the media declared Proposition F was winning. 

Such are the evil doings of the Pacific Heights Mafia, Gavin Newsom and the ones that support them - today.

Today, Lennar is swimming in the CESSPOOL of its own creation.

Nothing is happening on Parcel A worth the salt. The dire economic situation has stopped all major construction. No one in the majority has money to buy new homes. Thousands of homes in the Bay Area are in foreclosure.

Over 30,000 homes in San Francisco are vacant.

10,500 homes were planned on Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - but, the reality is there is no money. The banks will not loan - large sums of money - without sound equity.

A point I want to make is that while we fought Big Developers - the folks on the Northern and Western side of our City - did not join as enthusiastically.

The reason is that they did not encounter - close to home - issues that we encountered. Now, they do and they should know what we all went through - with little or no help from them.

Not even the San Francisco Coalition of Neighborhoods supported us on Proposition F - they supported Lennar - can you imagine that?

The Big Developers are "thugs" not all of them - but, most of them - for sure, LENNAR.

The last frontier must be devoid of high density buildings. The wetlands must be restored on all the land that once was filled in. We have them in large measure in the Southeast Sector.

As to the "thug" Big Developers - they can leave town - and so too - the Pacific Heights Mafia -  until now, they have had it good.

Their time is coming - much like the French Revolution - once the people reach saturation point - there is no - telling.

Now, on to Park Merced - after I have revealed to you the past signature collecting operations linked to two signatures campaigns and Ballot Measures - that I was part of.

I was the Proponent of Proposition F and still am. You can go and check this fact - at the SF Department of Elections. Proposition F was linked to Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. We demanded fifty percent affordable housing after the entire area was cleaned to residential standards.

At that time we had the backing of financial institutions, brokers, and others that could help us had we won the ballot measure. The City and County would be shamed, mostly Diane Feinstein and Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi and the Pacific Heights Mafia.

The Park Merced proponents must contact the State Secretary - much as I did. A personal visit to her office is a must - she is in charge of all that goes on linked to signatures, Ballot Measure, and the ploys and machinations revealed - WILL be investigated.

The signatures can be counted again. And if this does not work - take the matter to court.

A court case and a sound one will delay the project - and months of delay is money that the Developers cannot stand and will eventually - fight, waste money - and then drop dead.

We did this with Lennar - informed all the agencies about their dubious dealings - too.

We were joined by people from all over this Nation that were adversely impacted by Lennar. We created a National Website - and took LENNAR - down.

The developers that took over Park Merced - have done wrong in Canada.

But, no one is revealing this to the public at large.

The Secretary of State must know of all the ploys and machinations - linked to the developer.

Also, the role of the local District Supervisor and the one from District 3 - facts must be produced, as we did in court - and we won several decisions against Lennar.

We, are not shouting these decisions on the top of the roofs - but, those in the know - know about what I am talking about.

Lennar has its tail between its legs - and so do the SF Supervisors that did not support the community. We are coming after them - one at a time.

The SF Planning Department makes light of the SF Grand Jury Report - linked to Park Merced. For sure Ron Miguel feels that the SF Grand Jury - is not worth the salt.

However, three other SF Planners support the constituents of Park Merced. We must stand strong and and take the entities that are putting hurdles in the way to task.

It is a shame that so many rental housing with back yards are slated for demolition. As for the Transportation Document and the hog wash contained in it - nothing much will come to pass.

In the future do not expect the Federal Government to release any money on such project. The local district Supervisor has been quiet on Lake Merced and Laguna Honda - many machinations and ploys behind the scene - but, no one can fool all the people all the time.

Keep declaring the facts every single day - and put the feet of the "thugs" to the fire - do not stand still and give up.

These cowards will flee - once they see there is a force  that stands up to them - and looks them in the eye.

The many humming birds from the many Park Merced gardens will thank you.

The "thugs" will flee and so to the flea infested SF Supervisors that vote for them - Big Developers and their cronies.