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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

World Economy, food and water and a growing world population.


My travels round the world in past years and the the world down under in recent times - have revealed to me personally - the importance of drinking water for our world growing population.

In recent times we have seen the prices of food sky rocket - and even though here in California we boast that we have plenty of food - tons of meat, fruits, and what have you - we still notice the prices of these commodities and others that keep us alive - go up - locally.

There are over ONE BILLION human beings that go to bed hungry.

That is one billion of human beings all over the world. Among them children and that is wrong.

Here is San Francisco - one in three children - go to bed hungry. San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world. Go figure!

Now, a bit of news that is floating around the world - and not too many people are paying too much attention. The recent economic down fall in Greece - has taken a heavy toll of the Euro and even though Germany is taking a key role to prop up the economy of Greece - the story does not end there.

What happened in Greece could easily happen here in the United States. We will come August 2, 2011 raise our debt ceiling - and after that buy may be six months of peace of mind - then, our Bond that are held by the Chinese will make world headlines.

Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) countries are poised to take control. Brazil for example does not want to have anything to do with the FAILED International Monetary Fund (IMF). I doubt China respects the IMF, and the same with India and Russia. Both China and India are doing well with double digit all round improvement in their economies. Brazil has found so much oil off its coast - that China has already given it Super Tankers and more in the pipe line to keep its economy - flourishing.

We all remember the near spiraling and total crash of our Economy in the year 2008.

This fact affected economies all over the world - the mostly hard hit the so called third world countries - that I would prefer to call developing countries. The developing countries have not recovered - from the the economic virus started here in the United States.

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, AIG, other dubious large financial institutions were involved with sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other machinations tied to algorithms - too complicated to comprehend by decent though intelligent human beings.

Many of these algorithms were created using super-computers and designed to cheat, lie, steal, and make billions of dollars in illegal profit - that went to the super big financial institutions that were and are still not regulated in the United States of America.

Linked the the super big financial institutions - were our banks that we all known were bailed out by tax payers and are now sitting on billions of dollars - and hoodwinking the constituents of this Nation - the United States of America.

Senator Levine has unveiled the convoluted manner in which the big financial institution raped our Nation - foremost among them Goldman Sachs. Today, Goldman Sachs is in Greece doing the same - bidding low to sell high. This time they are trying to buy all of Greece's assets - pathetic.

Greece's rating linked to its economy is C but if our Nation continues on this path - with all our resources, we all our talk - our Bond Rating and related measure of rating our economy - could be a D. This is reality looming on the horizon - many know about it - especially those fiscal money mongers - that in the past - did us in and whom - we still permit to deal with money - mongering. Many of these tied to foul, sordid, actions - must be sent to jail; for long periods of time to do hard labor.

All over this Nation - millions of homes are in foreclosure.

Millions of people that were once middle class - are now poor.

Families live in cars, the shelters cannot handle the poor, and the state of the poor in America is - despicable. I get emails from all over the world - and I must speak the - truth.

Three percent of Americans control eighty percent of the total wealth of America. These - we call the filthy rich. They can afford to loose millions - and when it comes tax time - they can take a write off.

Today, on the National Level the debate is weather to give the filthy rich a break as in years before.

To make them; the filthy rich - for the first time in years - to pay their due taxes.

Most American pay over twenty five percent in taxes on an average - some pay more.

The paradox is the filthy rich pay no taxes. The filthy rich and rich corporations pay tax attorneys - who follow the complicated tax laws - all legal - and the clients do not have to pay a cent.

Such are the rampant ploys of GREED and DISHONESTY - and anyone can plainly see - this nonsense cannot go far.

Another ploys is have open an office - with a mail box is some country such as Switzerland or some Island that offer such ploys - and stick it to the tax payers of America. Large and now medium size corporation are availing themselves of such ploys and machinations - without any fear of being caught and not playing - fair.

The world's population is growing - and water for sure will be a precious - commodity.

We cannot afford to waste water - but, we do it all the time in America.

We in American today have large resources, our land mass is large and not densely populated.

The land belongs to the Native American and the Whites stole it - and think nothing of it. Aho.

Here is San Francisco the filthy rich of San Francisco - in the early 1990s - went to Congress and took over the Hetch Hetchy Valley and dammed it.

The water is the most pristine - contained within the granite walls - this water is used by San Francisco hundreds of miles away from the original source.

In most places grey water is used to flush the toilets - here in San Francisco with great pomp and splendor - clean, treated drinking water - flushes our toilets. At City Hall even after warning the inept - today in the year 2011 - thousands of gallons are flushed - No attempt has been made to use less water in this arena.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission brags that it is for green, for a low Carbon Foot Print, that it is not responsible for polluting our Bay and spewing the air with Methane Gas - but all of the above is true.

In some areas in San Francisco - over 200,000 tons of Methane gas spews into the air - every single year - one ton of Methane gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Well, some two hundred and fifty years ago - all of San Francisco was pristine.

We had pristine rivers and streams, tons of sardines and abalone in the bay, birds and other reptiles roamed freely - and there was more - then came the stranger and screwed - everything.

The year 2012 is approaching and I have written something about it before.

It is not that the world will end. However, we just have to reflect and analyse the empirical data - the floods, the drought, the killings and war, the spiraling fall of world economies and there is more to come in this arena.

Today, one sixth of the world's population is going to bed to hungry.

All over the world people are now opting to eat more and seeking all opportunities - but the resources are limited.

In the short run some folks will make money - and California is poised selling our nuts, our meat, our wine, our fruits, and our resources that all belonged to the Native Americans and was stolen from them.

Make no bones about it. Karma is stalking this Nation and more - and it might not be the end of the world - but the signs of the times - are written on the wall and spelled clear across - in the sky.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy