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Monday, July 25, 2011

The United States Debt Clock and the Various Ploys and Machinations.

It is about time - we took a long look - at the United States Debt Clock:

We would not tolerate some having one dollar in the pocket and going on a shopping spree - yet our Congresspersons and Senators - have gone out of their way - using, every sleek ploy - to waste tax payers - money.

So here; is an opportunity to take another look at the United States Debt Clock:

Over the years, our Representatives - have not been sincere - putting their own needs - before the needs of the tax payers, the decent constituents, and those that make this country great.

For too long - have we given folks a chance to do what they want - without any accountability and transparency.

Their time has run out now - and if they do not fess up - they will be run out of town.

Again the Republicans - have been pussyfooting with the Debt Ceiling negotiations.

After all; the mess was created by George W. Bush Jr - who took our economy down the cesspool - and into a situation - that has made us the laughing stock of the world.

Imagine, on the conservative side each constituent, each tax payer of the United States - owing over $50,000 towards our National Debt.

Our population is about 311 million - that is 331,000,000. You can add the zeroes and understand and figure out - once and for all - the situation - we are in today.

Here is the United States Debt Clock - take a good look at it one more time.

Check out the various fields - and ask yourselves - how did our Representatives, our Federal Bank which is private, our United States Treasury, that really has no clue what is happening - 
those that bark in the House and in the Senate - why were they asleep.

They all knew what they were doing - but, now are pretending they are NOT part of the real - problem.

Why are the banks sitting on trillions of dollars? Money that we tax payers bailed them out. Why are we favoring the crooked banks and not the people that should be given their money.

Today, for the mess the Representatives have created - the so called Representatives want to target the Elderly, the disabled, our children, and those that need - help.

For the final time take long good look at the United States Debt Clock:

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy