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Friday, April 29, 2016


Diamond Dave was in the house -
he took time to check into the situation at hand -
I heard him - uttering the lyrics - they come to him - naturally -
and asked him if he would pose for me - he did it - willingly.

I have known Diamond Dave for a very long time - and he is well known and appreciated - by many a San Franciscan.

Diamond Dave -  is a gentle soul - and he did well - by taking his time - be it not from his busy schedule - to check on the 5 - who have been fasting - on this their 9th day - at the SF Mission Station.

Selasse - well known - as a rapper in his red and white cap -
KPOO veteran reporter - in his black beret -
asking Selasse some hard core questions -
and the rapper - known for his wit -
speaks his mind -  today is his 9th day fasting.

The Public Defender's staff came to the scene - 630  Valencia at 17th and Valencia.

A host of Public Defenders - they all seemed enthused - and willing to help.

 They asked their questions and one of them came to me - and introduced himself to me. I told him I was good friends - with Public Defender - Jeff Adachi - and what we needed today - is pro bono - legal assistance - to be of assistance to the 5 fasting.

Five of those fasting - joined the Public Defenders'
staff -  for a group photograph -who spent some time interviewing- asking questions and standing with those fasting 
in solidarity.

So many good people came today - and knowing well tonight would be hectic - I took my share of photographs and came home early - before 5:30 pm.

The people are interested in wanting to know -
a host of things - and the one question -
they want to know is why are these - innocent 
 5 people putting their lives on the line?

Maria who is Equipto - the well known rapper's mother -
she is 65 years old - and dynamite - one of the five fasting -
I always make time to speak to her -
and she is always -so very accommodating and polite.

The news of the 5 fasting - has brought attention to the murders on our street.  Our Nation and the world - are aghast. The fact that those who should protect us -  shooting first and ask question later - will NOT be tolerated.

Today is the 9th day - and I have met so many people - and all of them have been - some very amazing people.

God bless you all for your support. 

Your patience and understanding - this one great fact - that we all must understand and maintain our unity: " we all are in this together ".

 Of course this direct action - putting their lives on the line - it the ultimate, sacrifice - that has sent the Mayor of San Francisco - in hiding.

The Mayor may run - but he cannot hide. His days are numbered and the jack ass - must step down.

My good friend Brother Suleiman has helped me a lot taking me from place to place.

 Many of these reports - would not have the accompanying photographs. What a Brother and who has such a big heart. Aho.

Brother Suleiman in Blue and his daughter
Sumarya with the head scarf -
giving the Movement all the support they can.


Today is the 9th Day of the " Hunger Protest ".
Where is the moral compass ?- Why the deft silence? -
by the City Leaders - who are spiritually - bankrupt?

San Francisco has always been a " compassionate city " - named after Saint Francis Assisi - a Saint that loved all beings - known well for his compassion.

 This gives San Franciscans - an added impetus to embrace all - queer, straight, others - folks from all walks of life - seniors - our infants, children, youth, young adults - the mentally challenged , the physically challenged - everyone.

Every day at the 630 Valencia site - 17th and Valencia - the banners  reflect - the plight of the day.

More,  when folks have some time and come and gather.

Mostly - in the evening - they trickle to the site - with flowers, drinking water, warm clothes, bring their musical instruments  - for sure their compassion and love - and the area around 630 Valencia - is charged with goodness and sound vibes.

The Captain of the Mission Station - has been struck with the tenacity and fortitude - and is a changed person.

His pretending to be stern - is slowly melting - much like some ice block - left to deal with the scorching - sun.

There is a memorial set up to 
Luis Demetrio Gongora -
messages to the many murders committed by
the SF Police Officers - not all - but the few  - " rogue ones".

The recent events - in San Francisco - have travelled world wide - it is not so much the Main Media - that spreads the good word - but the many sound blogs - that have carried the message - far and wide - world wide.

Other media have fallen back to the reports from the many blogs - taken the pertinent and salient point - and high lighted the issue at hand - " the murders on the streets of  San Francisco ".

Today, Friday - April 29, 2016 at 11 am - the SF Police Chief - will be holding a Press Conference - he is calling for focused orientation and training - to address the discrimination, the biases, the many untoward actions.

The text message scandal - the second one - exposed - has sent chills to the years of cover up - and those who have known about this - and we who have known and heard about it - could not do much - the " Police Bill of Rights " gave impunity to the " rogue Police Officers " in the minority - and bad apples - adversely impact -  the entire apple cart.

Racial hate remarks - stemming  - from the inherent  - age old - discriminatory mentality - that some of the San Francisco Police Officers have - and failing - to refuse to address and change their attitude and mentality.

 The" bad apples " - consider it - business as usual - and this stupid mentality - must STOP - now

The KKK holding their ceremony at SF City Hall - circa 1938 -
at the SF City Hall " Rotunda " for all the world to see -
these seeds - that were planted - is now spread - 
and for all the talk there has been " no walk " -
demanding  drastic and urgent - change for good.

The youth and the indigenous people have spoken -
they have protested - the have marched .
Our  City Leaders - do not get it - they want our " votes " -
why should they get it?

Today is the 9th day of the ' hunger protest ". The world is watching - but most of our SF Board of Supervisors have been quiet - and the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has been pussyfooting around - but all that and more will change.

We have all the conditions for a perfect storm - no need to step one foot at City Hall - the world will see and witness - with clarity and purpose of mind - the " evil doings and policies " of this - City and County of San Francisco.

 Yesterday - Senator Mark Leno - made an appearance at the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition meeting - held every Thursday - at 350 Rhode Island - in the Potrero District in San Francisco.

Senator Mark Leno is introducing - Senate Bill 1286 (Leno) - it calls for fully accountability and transparency - and forbids California Law to keep information about police deadly force or proven misconduct - secret.

As usual the many forces that want business as usual to reign - are opposing this SB 1286. We need to stand united - learn more about the SB 1286.

When the clarion call is sounded - we must be present in large numbers - at  Sacramento - so that those Representatives - that are now silent and in hiding in the shadows -  wake up on these very serious issues

 Stand up - vote - and do what is right. Many of you so called Representatives - including shallow one like David Chiu is taking the easy route - we want to know - where you stand on this one?

What you should know -  Senate Bill 1286 will:

  1. Allow public access to investigations, findings and discipline
      information on serious uses of force by police.

  2. Allow public access to information on police misconduct.

  3. Affirm that you have a right to be able to track your
      misconduct complaints and see what the police department is
      doing about it.

  4.  Give power back to civilian oversight bodies to effectively
       monitor police.

For more information about Senate Bill 1286 - please call:

Charlie Fredrick, Senior Organizer -

Chance Smith, Legislative Advocate -

For the longest time we have put our faith is such agencies as the Department of Justice ( DOJ) - I call them the Department of Jokers.

We the people demand - " pattern and practice investigation" with time lines and goals. Now.

Again and again - we the people are told to hold our " ire " - wait - " waiting for Godot " -  for drab reports that are given to us after 6 months.

Other reports after - one year .

Still others after eighteen months - and you get a drab, shallow and   - " long winded " document - with a lot of generalities.

Permitting and  giving entities like Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - no enforcement - revealing to us - after long periods of waiting - what we already know - who is fooling whom?

Very little about ' Cultural Competency " - very little about rapidly " changing demographics" - very little about practices that matter - " pattern and practice investigation" that have brought about results. One in Oakland - California - in our back yard - linked to gangs - and restrictions that were thrown out -  drab " Gang Injunctions " restrictions that defy - common sense - and have ruined many - families. 

We have sell outs like Supervisors Malia Cohen and London Breed - who have no clue about ' Congressional Hearings " - investigations that matter - as is "Pattern and Practice Investigation" - that bring about dire - results.

Their IQ is so low - their arrogance so full of it - that they make a fool of themselves - sell outs - and House Negros - that make mockery of anything - decent. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
good for nothing - talks from sides of his dirty mouth.

We have a Mayor - Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is a lap dog - has ruined whatever good this City and County of San Francisco has - speaks from both sides of his mouth - and must be brought before the Courts - and charged under the RICO ACT.

Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell receiving large amount of donations - under Political Action Committees - trying to use " developers" and entities like AirB&B - to keep the Middle Class down - and drive thousands of families - from San Francisco.

All items linke to their nefarious actives - on the SFEthics website - of your perusal and personal  inquiry - and investigation. Go to - and scroll to Ethics Commission - learn to do so -and you will be a better person for it.

Edwin M. Lee has set our City on Fire.

This is Ohlone land -
they were here for over 13, 000 years -
 until - the strangers came and contaminated it all.

The great divide - the disparity in San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda in Africa. That should send a signal to those - that are in charge on our policies. 

Who is advising our Mayor - Tony Winnker, Steve Kawa - wake up and smell the air.

Caligula and Nero - set the City of Rome on fire - and San Francisco - is heading in that - direction. Aho.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


On one side her son - Equipto - on the other Lindo -
two of them fasting - the Elder her first
name Maria - we call her " Mama " -
she is fasting,  too - she is a tiger - she speaks her mind -
what a glorious example - she  is a leader but more full of compassion. Again and again she finds the answer.

When the Captain of the San Francisco Mission Police Station - thought he could boss the leaders of those fasting - who want to    curtail - the murders on our street - by SF Police Officer - that is the " rogue ones " that bring a foul name to all SF Police Officers - and more to this City and County of San Francisco.

When the Captain of the SF Mission Police Station thought he was standing tall - " Mama " - pointed out to him and told him to his face - " you think you could come out and order us around and think nothing of it ". 

" Now, we demand that you meet us outside - we want the meeting outside this small room - so that we all can participate." 

With these words - she made the Captain feel small - and brought him to his knees. Such are the deed of our Elders - a woman in her own right - and educationist -  a " Mother " - to all - and representing San Francisco - the best we have to offer. Aho.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - missing in action -
the man has disgraced himself - the lackeys -
that support him - be aware - you all have dug
your own- grave. Time will tell.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - for all his lies - that he has spewed in recent years - the sordid diatribe - shameless to the core.

He lied he put a roof over 2000 folks giving them sound  housing - this LIE - says a lot of this pathetic man - who has lost his mind.

Hundreds are placed in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) - many filthy - noisy, having bed-bugs - and this Mayor thinks he can fool us all.

Just visit the SRO in the Tenderloin - and find out who is making more money - at the cost of giving some mediocre shelter to the very - poor. Many desperate and with poor health.

Even our SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia - the Director and her " Hot Teams " - and caught in this debacle. More money spent in administrating programs, more on salaries and operations - in the millions - and less of Rap Around Services that matter.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee says that he will eradicate - all that we see today - " homelessness " in four years. He will be termed in three years - another lie - that begs the question.

In the Mission in recent years over 20, 000 families have left the Mission.

The bus traffic now - moves traffic - with blood red lanes - that have caused confusion - and our SF Board of Supervisors, the Municipal Transportation Agency - the so called " experts " - have made a " fool " of themselves.

Just imagine the colors of a leading merciless gang - has it colors - painted all over the place - moving traffic.

The  " gang members " are laughing at the City and the City officials - and those making these decision - are unaware how stupid - how " dumb " they are -  more lacking - " Cultural Competency ".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is now consider a " clown ".

The picture aptly describes him - with his mustache - and an expression - that says more - he is fool - but more - " Caligula "

Hundreds have protested in front of 630 Valencia -
the SF Mission Police Station - and the numbers -
are growing - even as the " Movement " is 
stabilizing and becoming a force to reckon with.

Prior to this -
 we had many other protests -
we marched - we spoke - we did all we could -
to bring attention - to the murders on our streets  -
by " rogue SF Police Officers ".  What is it - that
our City Officials and our Mayor cannot - comprehend?

The world is watching us - and this blog itself has brought attention to so many -  I have been receiving calls - asking me what has happened to San Francisco?

Well, San Francisco is well - at least the San Franciscans - who love their City. 

What is not well - are our leaders - involved with ploys and machinations - " Pay to Play ".

Devious SF Supervisors - the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - who now are displaying their arrogance and ignorance - as they did at the last SF Board of Supervisor meeting that I attended - April 26, 2016.

We have Mark Farrell embroiled in scandal after scandal - figuring out ways to gather money illegal - to fund his future and his sordid campaign coffers.

We have Scott Wiener the worse of them all - pretending he knows about " family values " - when the man itself - is corrupt to the core - and does not have a family - himself.

His involvement with "pay to play ' - knows no bounds - and he wants to run for the Senate seat in Sacramento?

Katy Tang - was caught red handed - shredding her documents - then pretending - she knew nothing about - archiving.

 Less about basic rules - that records of scheduled meetings - must be kept in place - for future - review and auditing.

I stayed for hours - at the last SF Board of Supervisor meeting - just to have two minutes of Public Comment.

 When my time came - London Breed the President from District 5 and Malia Cohen - from District 10 - were having - a side-bar - these " political whores " - are arrogant - and think that their sordid behavior - will not be noticed and reported.

I could have easily called them " political whores " at the SF Board of Supervisors - on April 26, 2016 - but held my cool - and have now - for all the world and more to know what is happening in San Francisco.

Today is the 8th day - and those fasting 
are doing well - thanks be to God - this
time around the " evil ones " - thought this fast -
this powerful message - would be stemmed out -
the people " united " will never, ever - be defeated.

This is San Francisco - named after Saint Francisco of Assisi - the Saint that stands for " compassion ". On our streets - more and more the " homeless " - are treated with disdain.

Thousands of San Francisco families - have left San Francisco - never, ever to return again.

San Francisco is about our neighborhoods.

It is about Ohlone land - land that was taken away from the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I have done due diligence - for over 27 years.

This City has sunk - more those that represent the City - for sure - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - to a all time low - a disgrace to the human race and decency.

The congestion on our roads.

The pollution in the air - the increase in the Carbon Footprint - tons of talk but no - walks.

Openly, now everyone is talking about " pay to play ".

Openly - we see those SF Supervisors - that are oblivious to reality - what is truly happening - the " fast " at the SF Mission Police Station and have NOT - said a word. WOW!

Yet they want to talk about some dubious Black representative - some Committee members - on a Community Development Committee.

Talk about standards when London Breed and Malia Cohen - are the worse - we call them " sell outs " - better known - as House Negros.

Mark Farrell pretending to support the homeless - while daily - raking in million - with untoward deals - devious in nature.

Katy Tang - saying something but meaning nothing.

Better the Chinese whores - in District 4 - who cater to the world's oldest profession - are forced to earn some money to survive. Most of them do it willingly in their homes - they are not controlled by - pimps. Daily in the Chinese newspapers - they sell their wares.

The Supervisor who pretend to be righteous - take the oath to do right - than when the times comes - with " intent " do wrong.

They break the law - and their behavior is mind boggling. 
Scott Wiener the worse of them all - he could have come to the SF  Mission Police Station - to see what is happening - but he a coward and more a hypocrite .

The man has no family values - the man is a Joke - and yet he wants to speak for family values - when daily his deeds speak for themselves. 

Daily he works hard for and with with " corrupt and evil developers " - who do injustice to - San Francisco values.

Power to the People -
the people united - will never, ever - be defeated. Aho.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hundreds gather to support the brave -
fasting to change hearts and more ill vetted norms -
the SF Police Department  practice - they shoot to kill 
and ask questions - afterwards.

April 26, 2016 - even before it was 6 pm - hundreds gathered - a helicopter taking count of those that had gathered.

 I counted 8 news vans - that were parked within sight of the gathering - before the Mission Police Station - 630 Valencia.

So many cameras - the news is a growing - and San Franciscans - are now fully aware - of this  - on going madness of sorts.

On a Tuesday - that is when the Captain of the Mission Station - has a " Town Hall Meeting ".

April 26, 2016 - was a Tuesday.  This Town Hall Meeting - could not be - the normal one held - which accommodated - less than 50 - 47 to be precise.

As soon as the Captain took his seat - he left and then came again - and started his introduction

At this time  - the Captain was told by one of leaders - participating in the fast - that this Town Hall Meeting - needed to address - more the adverse actions - meted out to those fasting.

The Captain had to do it outside - to accommodate us all - and that left the Captain - gasping for breath - astounded and confounded - " outside no way - we do it here " he said.

" This room is small " said the organizer - " we have hundreds outside - who want to participate in the Town Hall Meeting ".

The Captain did not agree - so there were all sorts of chants - and the Captain and his Sergeant left.

We the people - remained for some time in the Conference Room.

Then move to a larger area  -  then in the foyer - waiting for some demands - that the Captain has to adjudicate behind close doors.

Nothing much was forthcoming. Earlier the demands of those fasting - to use the " restroom " was granted. 

We wanted to make sure - the " restroom " permission was on going - and we got it.

The Elder in the photograph is fasting -
she spoke up and told the Captain:  -
" you cannot meet us outside - a larger area to speak to us -
but you can come out and harass us - and mistreat us?"

The media was there to hear it all - and more the loud chants - demanding and making known to all  who was right - and who needed to fight for their rights - without being afraid of anyone.

We the people have our legal rights - our freedom of speech - in this land -  of the Ohlone and more Turtle Island.

Those that stole the land - the strangers - must respect the indigenous people. Make no bones this statement.

 Those that stole the land - are put on notice - do not ever underestimate the people - the people united - will - never, ever be defeated.

The indigenous people are here today - united - and we are not going to be dictated - on this land - Mother Earth - and the thieves - think is theirs - and dictate terms - that make no sense - to put politely. 

The Captain to the left -
Sergeant to the right - did not agree to go out - use a large space -
to conduct business - talk to the people - they chose to walk away- 
we chose to stay and make our demands - for over an hour.

Then when we saw - that the Captain - was not going to budge - we made sure - one demand - was going to be granted - access to the " rest rooms ". 

After an hour that demand was agreed to - be it  - that instead of all the rest room being used at one time - those who needed to use the rest room - could use it one at a time. Far enough for now - there was more to come.

This police officer - seemed to be trained -
how to de-escalate a situation -
group after group - found him interesting -
he listened a lot - and then gave his  frank opinion.

It is not as if - we do not know some San Francisco Police Officers that care and have proven to be of service - it is always - the " rogue police officers " that bring disgrace to San Francisco.

What the " rogue police officers " do not comprehend - is that we the tax payers pay their salary - and that they should work with us - and " respect " the constituents.

Never mind the color of the skin - the Police Officers are dealing with - respect come first - and with it excellent - service. 

There is a major break down now in the SF Police Department  - and something - must give.

DeJenney Davis - doing what he does best -
speaking his mind and winning a fan -
to join the movement - always dressed up - smart.

Many of us - have been making the trip to Mission Street - 17th and Valencia -  630 Valencia to be precise.

It has been windy in the evenings - the chill is something to experience - the rain has come down and wetted us down - too - some.

We look to the sunshine - as we did today April 27, 2016.

I was there yesterday - more towards the evening - and today spent a couple of hours - after my annual physical with the doctor.

Making my rounds - finding out - if all was well - and today some needed gloves and that was taken care of.

 Tomorrow there may be another need - and that will be taken care of - the point is - " we are all in this together. With God on our side - we have no one to fear - and we know who are friends are - and they will NOT say NO - to our requests.

We will not give up - and that is plain to see.

They come from all over San Francisco -
and beyond - the injustice is too much to endure -
murdering a homeless man - Luis Demetrio Gongora - recently -
not far from this Mission Police Station.

The tension in the air in justified -
we want answers and want solutions -
this is not a game - and we are not - pawns.

Seasoned Advocates - have seen it all -
from high rents, to killing and shootings -
to disrespecting the tax payers that matter.

Hundreds will gather - " first they ignore you -
then they fight you - and finally we WIN " -
Mahatma Gandhi - the master of non-violence -
with " fasting " as his core method of success.