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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Protests in Israel and the eroding of the Middle Class in that Nation in the Middle East..

Thousands of mostly middle class folks are protesting in Israel.

It is not against Democracy which is well established in Israel they say - but the eroding Social Benefits that have been substituted by GREED - by the politicians and their dubious policies.

Those of us that read - remember well; that in the 1960s thru 1980s - Israel embarked on various Social Policies - benefiting those that needed help -  those Middle Class and others.

In recent years - these Social Programs have eroded.

Forcing many Israelis to pay for programs and feeling left out and shunned by the Israeli government.

Many of them are now poor and instead of making progress in their lives - left to fend for themselves in their old age. Poverty in now their middle name.

Remarkably, many Middle Class have joined the ranks of the poor - and are protesting for their social rights.

As usually happens the Government of Israel - started pumping money - thinking the problem would go away. It has not - it is getting - worse.

You cannot remove Social Program and entities that have kept them going for years - and then resort to a band aid type of fix.

The people have rejected this. They are camping outside and protesting. Many of them Seniors and they want their Prime Minister - out.

Many Israelis now are protesting in the thousands - at first glance it looks like they have joined the prevailing fever going on in Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Tunis, or Libya - but, these protests are for democracy and a better understanding linked to Social Programs.

Simply speaking the people have been deprived for too long and have reached saturation point - sound Social Programs were removed for no reason.

If the United States Congress fails to address Social Security, Medicare and other Social Programs - embraced in the United States as a given - the same will happen here in the United States.

It will be a slap on the face of the many shallow, inept  Congresspersons - the Tea Party fanatics - that are making a mockery of our Democracy with the one single process - deciding about the "debt ceiling".

The debt ceiling - a process that has happened many times - without any fun fare. It is the other repercussions that are pertinent and if not in place will adversely impact - millions.

Parties that now possess  Treasury Bonds must be paid as promised, Federal contracts of serious consequences honored, entitlement checks must be paid - because people contributed in this trust, and so on.

All these actions follow only if the dumb Tea Party Republicans in the Congress - could have resolved the "debt ceiling" issue months ago.

Soon there will be protests in the United States and the people will protest against the Tea Party and the nonchalant, shallow, Tea Party Republicans that are out of sync with the real world.

Here is what is happening in Israel:,0,5158684.story