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Monday, April 30, 2012


It should NOT surprise anyone - that two District 10 Supervisors Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen - back to back - have been the most detrimental to District 10.

Far from representing - these two despicable women - decided early on - to fill their campaign coffers - and make large amounts of money - pushing for projects - with kick backs - that today are an eye sore.

Most of us remember Sophie Maxwell pushing for the Schlage Lock Site for so called affordable housing. Today, the area next to the Caltrans Rail is not only contaminated, noisy, but a truly "blighted area".

Sophie Maxwell the very corrupt former Supervisor still lives in District 10 - and not a word about her failed attempts to building housing on two very contaminated sites - Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the former Schalge Lock site - by Old Bayshore and Arleta in the Southeast Area of San Francisco.

Nothing much will happen at the Schlage Lock site - much to the chagrin of Malia Cohen - who wants something to happen so that she can make some money.

The Taiwanese financing entity that stole million from Taiwan has taken refuge in China. And now the Chinese Consul has suddenly shown some interest in the general vicinity - but not the Schalage Lock Area.

Well, you buddy Sophie Maxwell made all the money - milking any cow she could get - and making hay while the sun was shining.

Malia Cohen is stupid - as stupid as they come - she now wants to have a hearing - as to why there is blight in the Bayview, gather the City Department Heads who cannot stand her - and she wants the SF Police Department to do something about it.

Nothing will happen - nothing what so ever.

The SF Police Department is already under staffed.

In the interim Malia Cohen is busy creating a ruckus at the SF Democratic Central County Committee - mandating that the women - many of them better than her - and vying for the DCCC seats - should fork out - $1000 plus for this, that, and the other.

The smart women vying for the DCCC seats have shunned a snobbish Malia Cohen - and some of the better and more astute women - walked out on Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen is well taken care off by devious entities - such as Platinum Consultants. Also, groups such as Emerge that have a hidden agenda - and while trying to empower women - have produced "corrupt" individuals - such as Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen; much as did Sophie Maxwell fail to understand how a City operates. Less about SF Planning and still less about Infrastructure and other Quality of Life issues.

What they do understand - it how to squeeze people to make a donation to them. Both Malia and Sophie - love to make promises - but once in office - they failed the constituents of District 10.

As to their life styles rumor has it - they go both ways.

There is nothing happening on Parcel A - the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to Parcel A is in continued - default - years ago.

Simply put; the time-lines have NOT been attained - linked to Parcel A; the many adverse impacts - have been detrimental to the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point.

The rental units once were touted by the liars as pertinent and critical - were declared not necessary. Just like that Michael Cohen - the former head of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development - removed that element - using a devious - amendment.

The DDA linked to Parcel A - mandated that all grading and the crushing of "serpentine rock" that emits Asbestos Structures - would be minimum.

The entire area was bombarded - by reckless grading of "serpentine rock" - and that too without the use of large amounts of water - to keep the structures down.

Today, our children and elders suffer from respiratory diseases - and of course Sophie Maxwell is enjoying her retirement - and Malia Cohen grinning like a jackass - both of these evil folks - not having the sense and less the compassion to address the situation at hand.

It does not help that recently the Ethics Commission - censored Malia Cohen and three other SF Board of Supervisors for unethical activities - linked to Park Merced Housing.

That, this unfair City wants to demolish rental housing -  at Park Merced - impacting Seniors and others that will not be able to find - rental homes, in this dire economy times - in all of San Francisco.

Premium rental housing demolished - by those that have no compassion and what is more very - corrupt.

Pretending to represent. The others censored - just to be more than fair - Scott Wiener, Eric Mar, and David Chiu.

Malia Cohen should be ashamed of herself that she has continued to defy the constituents of District 10. At one of the meetings I attended recently - speaking down to the SF Police Officers - as if she has some power - when in fact she is the scum of the earth. Wonder; if she has a real man - that therapy may bring her to her senses?

Today if one goes to Parcel A it is full of weeds and I will address this project - soon.

For now enjoy the blight at the old Schlage Lock site - contaminated and full of weeds. The recent rain - created some puddles - and the sea gulls have taken refuge - exposing the poor birds to the worst type of contamination.

Tons of chrome waste were dumped at the old Schlage Lock that Malia Cohen and folks like Fran Martin and Sophie Maxwell wanted decent people to live - in so called affordable housing - next to the rail lines, where millions of vehicles ply, and where the area is very polluted.

The Watershed contaminated. The area near the Brisbane Petroleum Tanks and not too far from Midway Housing that is a hot spot - for hundreds of cancer victims. When will be ever learn.

Enjoy the photographs of the surrounding area - in and and around the old Schlage Lock Company at old Bayshore and Arleta:

Saturday, April 28, 2012


It is amazing how when the constituents of an area are NOT educated on issues, divided, and constantly fooled - how they can be taken for a ride - promised the world and kept in the dark.

This is what is happening with two large projects one - the Lennar project at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the other at Bayshore and Arleta -  both these projects are going - no where.

Millions of tax payers money spent - and no one is really paying attention to deliberated waste of tax payers money. More during these times of dire economic straits.

With the demise of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and the Successor to the SFRA - is trying to make some sense - but getting no where - everything has come to a STOP.

It does not help when you have some like Lynette Sweet - who instead of helping the community - mostly is concerned that one sell out Willie B. Kennedy - continues to be paid $70,000 plus for doing - nothing at all.

Who is going to looking into this blatant nonsense? Funding some one - an obese bovine - who has failed our community.

Some of us staunch advocates - at great sacrifice - spent months - at the many meetings held with the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - linked to Parcel A - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

After all our sacrifice - more monitoring the Rogue Developer, Lennar - nothing is happening.

Since the year 2000 we hear promises and that is all - mostly very hot air. Willie L. Brown Jr. a "thug mayor" brought in Lennar to the community - and he is responsible for all the current - nonsense - including the poisoning of our children in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

You call remember Proposition F that would give the constituents the power to first abate the area - some 1200 acres - and then build affordable and market value housing. 

Our enemy Lennar wasted $5 million fight the community - putting Proposition G on the Ballot confronting Proposition F.  Senator Diane Feisntein. Mayor Gavin Newsom, Supervisor Sophina Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Lola King, Angelo King, and a host of mostly Black sell outs - vouched and signed the petition favoring Proposition G.

Today - their plan to make something of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is going no where - the entire project - has come to the standstill. The entire area is contaminated. Daily results of the Asbestos taken by AMEC Environment and Infrastructure - telephone: (707) 993-3858 - sent to some of us show high readings of Abestos Structures - that the wind carries all over this City and County of San Francisco. Their website:

Today, Lennar, a Rogue Developer - has bluffed the community and what is more poisoned the community.
Whers is the restitution? Where are the many Federal, State, and Local regulatory agencies on this one?

Where is our City' Leadership on this important factor - linked to Quality of Life issues?

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.
Today, all I hear in all the noise, the ploys and machinations - are very bad leaders - bluffing, lying, cheating - and the ways of the devil.

The greatest paradox is that fools who know nothing - including the Mayor's Office of Housing continue to spew diatribe, make shallow and false promises - and this must STOP - now.

It is very easy for me to expose them these vermin.

With the DDA; a legal document - the time lines that are to be adhered are  all in default.

The mandates made are not kept.

And very important to note - the names of all the sell outs - many in the community and all Black - and those who participated - in the shenanigans all these years - those who worked for the DEAD San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - their names are known and their activities - recorded.

The above and others continue the stench of that failed legacy started by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency; one Tiffany Bohee, another Olson Lee, and yet another the Zionist - Jennifer Matz, and a host of minions - on some devious payroll who have NO clue - continue to adversely impact the community at large - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Can you all imagine what our community is dealing with?

And we have the SF Public Utilities Commission and one Juliet Ellis, the City Administrator and Noami Kelly, Ed Harrington the Manger of SFPUC, the Mayor Edwin Lee - all looking the other way - while daily, slowly, our children and elders are dying. What does the world make of this.

We have Foundations - giving huge checks to some Chinese environmentalist, to others in far off places - but why not address the deep, environmental disparities, the suffering of our children and seniors - right in our own back yard.

Karma is knocking on your door - and those of you who are guilty will suffer - in proportion to your failed - responsibilities. We are watching - each and every one of you.

In the interim - the City and County of San Francisco bears the responsibility to stop promising what they cannot deliver - and address Quality of Life issues with empirical data - that point to contamination, cancer, other respiratory diseases, disrespecting our children and elders - just because they are Black - other minorities - just because they cannot speak up.

The Southeast Sector emits over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas - mostly because it is landfill. One ton of Methane Gas equal 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

So why all the talk about your Carbon Foot print  - when all you do is lie. The City's Department of Environment - is a JOKE.

Add, to above - the after effects of tested Depleted Uranium in the 1950s at Hunters Point in the vicinity, and other very toxic elements Polychlorinated Bihenyls (PCBs), mercury, lead, and over 300 other byproducts of radiological elements and you have what is called a "toxic cesspool" aptly deemed and named a "Superfund Site".

Only the worse of the worst sites are put on a Superfund Site list. Does anyone really know what that truly means?
We have one in our backyard - San Francisco - wake up?

Where are the 10,000 homes promised at Hunters Point? And who wants to live on land that is contaminated.

Who wants to live in the middle of - Chernobyl? Go figure.

It is the same with the Schlage Lock Company site. The main stakeholder stole $800 million from Taiwan and made some promises to work with the City and County of San Francisco. The City fell for the trap.

The SF Redevelopment Agency should not have agreed to do the Environmental Impact Report; but did it and wasted millions.

All this could not have happened over the years - without some entities exchanging some of these laundered money - dirty hands - being blooded.

The world knows about the crook - except the SFRA and Malia Cohen our dumb, inept District 10 Supervisor - famous for her jackass - grin of sorts.

Now; this Taiwanese individual has taken shelter in China - Taiwan's arch enemy - and the City and County of San Francisco is left - holding the empty bag.

The City's excuse Schlage Lock Company was not grandfathered by the SF Redevelopment Agency - eat your chops Fran Martin and the rest of the crooks who make their abode in Visitation Valley.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - inept, ignorant, and arrogant - wants something to happen - at the old Schalge Locks site.

Much like her predecessor Sophina Maxwell - who took every opportunity to get bribes - demanding for Community Benefit Funds to be set aside by Developers - some of it went into - her personal coffers.

This woman Sophina - despicable to the core - went so far; to carve her own home - carved apart from the zone declared a Project Area - leaving others to be at the mercy of SFRA.

All this - while she had the power as a Supervisor - misused it; and kept her house on Jerrold Street of Third Street - safe - but not for too long.

It is the mostly the Black sell outs - who have created this mess in the Bayview Hunters Point area -part of the Southeast Sector that includes Districts 10 and 11 in the Southern most part of the City and County of San Francisco.

Nothing much has changed in recent months - except we see more corruption - and others like Willie B. Kennedy who in Chair of the Southeast Facility Commission at 1800 Oakdale - furthering the cause of the very corrupt.

Willie B. Kennedy, with Malia Cohen, and one Doctor Nadine Burke; now want to operate a " Wellness Center" at Third Street and Cargo.

Third and Cargo is very polluted. Millions of vehicles spew particulates. The near by Sewage Treatment Plant - constantly spews stench into the air - which the wind blowing right stark center - near and over the building - proposed as a Wellness Center.

Dr. Nadine Burke a Jamaican who is arrogant and has made disparaging remarks to the local African Americans - wants to care for our children - just because she got a $4 million grant - California Pacific Medical Center. One of my articles depicts their track record - not too holistic.

Why do we permit such corrupt wannabees to come into our community and treat our children with disdain?

Is not sufficient that we allow the Black sell outs from the community - other strangers and wannabees to treat our children Seniors with disdain and go Scott free?

Where is the leadership?

Here are some photographs from the Schlage Lock area - look at the land - now; over grown with tall grass and weeds, Waiting for Godot:

Thursday, April 26, 2012


For the longest time now in San Francisco - we are looking forward to a sound General Management Plan for the entire city - this document is NOT forth coming.

This City and County of San Francisco - is working on a General Hospital and Health Delivery plan - that is in the works and will ready in a couple of years.

It is always interesting; how, we always have the same San Francisco Planing Commissioners putting their feet in the shoes of the community at large - and speaking the - truth.

On the other hand - the same devious SF Planning Commissioners - going with the flow - betraying the constituents like Judas.

Right now California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) - wants to build a huge hospital where now stands the former Cathedral Hill Hotel - at Van Ness and Geary - heavy traffic corridor - where millions of vehicles - ply.

While - the saner, more astute public has been pointing to the existing heavy traffic, traffic bottle necks when it rains, one minor accident - and there is pandemonium galore.

No one seems to care about the existing heavy traffic.

On many occasions the traffic crawls - at times I have got off the MUNI bus and walked and reached my destination, done my work and on my way back the MUNI bus I got off - is still crawling - away. 

If this is not ridiculous I do not know what is.

The SF County Transportation Authority that messed up Third Street - a $700 million plus project - starting at 4th and King and ending in the Visitation Valley - middle of no where - is now trying to do the same on Van Ness.

If the light rail project goes on the Van Ness corridor - it will be living hell.

Again, some fools dare to tread where no sane person will ever go.

Linked to the rebuild of the Cathedral Hill Hospital is St Luke's Hospital - run by the Episcopalian Church for over 100 years.

Before the devil himself - California Pacific Medical Center bought St Luke and promised to better the - services.

The first thing the lying California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) did - was shut down the section that caters to the mentally challenged.

This is total wrong - since these mental patients are the most vulnerable.

Initially CPMC wanted to shut down St Luke's entirely.

Some of us protested - and we protested vehemently and we won.

In the interim all sorts of delaying tactics were used by CPMS - one of the most devious and uncaring health providers in the Bay Area.

Right now we have nurses, hospital engineers - as well as other workers - who are protesting on the streets - begging, pleading for a contract - to work and feed their families - more in these times of economic - disparity.

CPMC and the Sutter Hospital care facilities  - do not give a hoot.

CPMC's Hospital Director makes $3 million a year!

Does this say something about CPMC?

Our City and County of San Francisco - loves to pander to these scum bags - who have NO decency, no compassion, and most of all NO - soul.

Hospitals were created to be caring not only to the patients but the care givers.

CPMS and Sutter Care Hospitals - are known to fire the nurses and doctors.

What does this say - about such behavior - that defies decency - and goes against all the standard protocols established by hospitals and fair play - world wide.

Again and again - sells out are brought in and they testify in favor of CPMC and Sutter Hospital Care.

Both entities focus on money and will do all in their power to increase their  income.

Both entities spread the deadly virus - not caring for the very poor patients, more those that are mentally challenged - those that are vulnerable and need urgent - care. What has become of our world - and where is the compassion that Americans are noted for - all over the world.

CPMC and the Sutter Hospitcal Care are always seeking opportunities to leach on those wealthy patients who have better health care insurance - and taking short cuts  to rake in - large amounts of money.

CPMC and Sutter Care are spending about $300 million to build this hospital where once stood the pink Cathedral Hill Hotel.

Where is the money coming from?

In all the drab meetings - from the inception not one meeting has created - a meaningful dialog.

If anyone ask a decent question - the answer given is: " we will get back to you" - this never happens.

Fifteen years ago - this City knew that by 2015 - all our hospitals had to be in good structural condition - seismically retrofitted - to meet a 9.0 Richter Scale Quake.

Past Mayors; starting from Frank Jordon,to Willie Brown, to Gavin Newsom - waited at the last moment to begin the retrofitting of our hospitals.

The lay person is always kept in the dark. The lay person and those that are poor and vulnerable - are made to suffer - again and again.

When a major earth quake strikes - the emergency situation affects all the hospitals and the many other emergency centers that will be activated.

Triage centers, temporary shelters, the better buildings that have a better chance of with standing a big quake - will be intake temporary - centers to care for those - injured.

The SF Fire Department, the SF Police Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the many trained constituents trained to help - in such situations - all this must be coordinated.

Those injured with life threatening injuries must be transported to hopefully the better hospitals - do not count on California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) and the Sutter Hospitals - for quality care.

Our City and County of San Francisco - today, has not one single leader that can lead - and lead with clarity, focused goals, sound bench marks, backed by full transparency and accountability - on matters that I have espoused.

Our City purports to have engaged the devil CPMC - folks that look into your eye and lie. Time will tell.

We all need jobs.

But, please do not tell me that we will cross the UNION lines in San Francisco - and not bother to consider the nurses and hospital engineers on strike - that could be accommodated - but are forced to beg, plead, to get back their jobs.

For God's sake we must at least pay attention to what is evident, visible, the reality of these devious CPMC management.

Constantly - hoodwinking the public at large - behind close doors telling lies and negotiating with others - that have no clue what is really and truly - happening.

This is a UNION city and UNION workers died and shed their blood for better jobs - to address Quality of Life issues.

I cannot trust CPMS and Sutter Hospital Care.

I have watched, observed and negotiated with these vultures that prey  on anyone they can prey on.

Each and every time - they spin lies, deceive  - and for sure do not have the better interests - of the poor, the indigent, and those most vulnerable - our Senior Citizens.

Our City has become immune to suffer and much attracted to the dollar - it is like the financial institutions that brought about our economic downfall.

What makes the hospital so especial to charge $1000 per day for a patient to be in a uncomfortable bed?

Charge over $100,000 for a heart operation?

Charge Medical and Medicare excessive amounts - cheating and hoarding money - and providing inferior care.

Hospitals now carefully plan on the management level - to cheat, steal, and deceive.

Doctors and nurses are pawns - and when you question - the lying management cannot face you - and resort to calling security to guard their - asses.

CPMC and Sutter Health facilities must be ashamed of themselves.

In the Bayview - CPMC has partnered with one Doctor from Jamaica - Dr. Nadine Burke to operated a Wellness Center - near Third Street and Cargo - a toxic cesspool. Go figure.

Putting innocent children in harm way. Parents who are sensible - stay away from such shenanigans - and let that project wither away - surrounded by the worst - contaminants.

These are the types of community benefits - CPMC and Sutter Health brags about - community outreach and community benefits - not worth the salt.

For sure we want the jobs - much as we want good health care - much as we respect our nurses and hospital engineers - for all the right reasons.

We cannot betray our nurses, our hospital engineers - all union members - to pander to the crooks - management such as those that work for CPMC and Sutter Health facilities - no way.

Come on San Francisco wake up - and take notice of the situation at hand.

California Pacific Medical Center is a rogue operation.

Read  about the California Pacific Medical Center and  California Medical Pacific Center Rebuild at Cathedral Hill - on Van Ness and Geary:

Many spoke AGAINST the rebuild of California Pacific Medical Center at the SF Planning Meeting held in Room 400 at City Hall - on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

The whole process lasted more then 8 hours and at the end of it - the SF Planning Commissioner voted in FAVOR of the rebuild of CPMS - go figure:

Another take from the Business Times on the same issue:


Two years ago - hundreds of small contractors led by the Residential Builders Association - gathered in front of City Hall. I was there and have hundreds of photographs of this unique stand-off.

Mayor Gavin Newsom was in his Room 200 - listening to the many speech. Many of them in the strong Irish accent. Passionate and to the point - the economy was in dire straits - and small developers were in the doldrums.

Some small developers - down on their luck - committed suicide. I knew one of them - and I was shocked and this fact - affected me for months - I could not believe some one taking their life.

The economy was so bad - it had come to a point - that for many it was a life and death - issue.

After the strong speeches - on cue - and no one expected the sudden appearance of the  many trucks, rigs, cars - moving in a circle around City Hall and blowing their horns - to the cheers of those that gathered - and the honking of other cars that were passing by.

I had never, ever seen something like that - before. The SF Police Department stood at bay - and I knew it was just a matter of time - that the coward, shallow, inept Gavin Newsom would succumb to this pressure - and yield.

Right and enough there he was at the podium - and he assured the small contractors - that permit fees would be deferred and that certain amendments to the -  SF Planning Rules would help the small contractors.

Soon after - some Memorandum of Understanding was signed - and I got a copy - and I did appreciate the fact - the small contractors were given a chance to survive.

There is no doubt that the 2008 economic crash - impacted everyone.

It impacted mostly - those who wanted to survive, worked very hard, and had to go the banks to borrow money.

As far as I know the banks were slow to lend and loan any money. Even though we tax payers bailed them out. The U.S. Government did nothing for years - until recently to listen to the pleas to the small contractors and those home owners who went under water. Millions of them all over this Nation.

Only those contractors that had some savings, could begin some work, and those that showed they had some qualified equity; were given small loans.

Those small contractors who were mandated to pay permit fees and other fees up front to the City and County of San Francisco - and who now had some reprieve - thanks to the luck of Irish - could make it some; and float their businesses.

To digress a little bit - I have a soft corner for the Irish. In my youth in Nairobi, Kenya - I was educated by the Holy Ghost Fathers; all Irish - all very strict, and all very fatherly after you made your grades.

I interject this fact here - because when I came to San Francisco - some of the Holy Ghost Fathers came to San Francisco to retire - and many of them stayed here in San Francisco until their dying days.

Some years later - I met the Residential Builders Association members and more some of their leaders. All fine Irish men and women - who work hard and do not want anything for free on their platter.

At the last Land Use Meeting - this issue of affordable housing - those affordable units built to fulfill the mandate of affordable housing - on any large project - on an average 12% to 15% - being affordable - has been the norm.

The richer Big Developers prefer paying the City and County of San Francisco millions - just to fulfill these mandate and not building any affordable housing on their project on site or off site - but contributing to a pool where the Mayor's Office of Housing and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development can create affordable housing.

As you might imagine with the demise of SF Redevelopment Agency - behind, whose shadow the Mayor's Office of Housing and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development were hiding - has done a very - POOR - job.

The dream was that a rogue developer like Lennar would build 10,000 homes and about 33% would be affordable - that simply will not happen.

Lennar a Rogue Developer - is swimming in the cesspool of debt - and soon it will sink to the very dept of this cesspool - it is simply called - KARMA.

Any other model - anyone uses to mess with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - will not succeed. The contamination, issues with liquefaction and flooding - cost money. No one has the type of money needed to do a - sound, quality job.

Paradoxically, the small contractors are the only ones that against great odds have contributed to any decent, quality, needed affordable housing.

Building quality homes for San Franciscans by the Residential Builders Association (RBA) has been their forte.
Be it they do it their own way; without the interference of other ill trained workforce - inferior in nature and devious when it comes to standards.

As I said -  I know the Residential Builders Association (RBA) and I am cognizant of their good works and motto.

I also know most of the contractors that fall under the Local Business Enterprise and the other titles - dime a dozen that the Human Rights Commission - can issue for a fee.

Enforcement on projects by the Human Rights Commission (HRC) has been - nil.

Of all the above groups - only the RBA builders have made a significant impact. The reason is very simply -  because they are Catholic which mean united.universal when it comes to standards.

The Luck of the Irish - so far has made a significant dent - helping hundreds of San Franciscans - live in affordable housing.

There are many Local Business Enterprise (LBEs) who also participate in building so called affordable housing - I have monitored these buildings - but, what I have seen does not meet standards. The Department of Building Inspection - talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk.

Simply put short cuts are taken - and when you take short cuts - you mostly land in the cesspool of utter - sordidness.

Big Developers have nothing to lose - they have the backing of the filthy rich - and they have SF Planning Department - and crooks on the outside - one of them being  "Platinum Consultants"- who can bring the permits to any Big Developer - on a platter for a fee - more consultant's fee.

Head of this Mafia Operation - a former Black Mayor - I call him the "thug" mayor - a disgrace to the human race.

Our City and County of San Francisco pretends that it helps those that help themselves - but in reality - those that help themselves have to create a niche to - survive.

Anyway, at the last Land Use meeting three SF Board of Supervisors who are on the Land Use Committee - all three reprimanded by the Ethics Commission - linked to the Park Merced Project. Supervisors Eric Mar the Chair - and his side kicks Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

Read the following:

The above SF Supervisors were pretending to listen to the many RBA supporters; were defend the current ordinance linked to "deferred fees".

Other models to help the small contractors - but these SF Board of Supervisors - vermin of a kind, corrupt to the core; truly do not have the better interest of anyone - but themselves.

The many ploys and machination linked to Infrastructure Financing Development (IFD) - other devious ploys - brought to the fore by the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and the Mayor's Office of Housing - will all fall by the wayside - chaff that not even the hogs with sniff at.

For too long the Land Use Committee, the SF Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection, the SF Board of Supervisors - have relied on big money from the Big Developers. The writing is on the wall - corruption begets corruption - and those that do evil - will perish - never mind - how.

Better a dog with fleas - then a Big Developer with no soul.

Again and again these Big Developers - have shafted the small developers - and have the audacity to challenge the tax payers - the constituents of San Francisco.

Time to unite - meet in front of City Hall - time reenact the scene around the walls of Jericho!

Let the wall come tumbling down - complete with the scum bags that make their abode  - therein.

We count on the luck of the Irish - and don't mind that you contributed well to the Campaign Coffers of some of those in power.

I will not name the long list - nor the wrap sheet I have on them.

We must stand united to do the RIGHT - thing. Time is running out.

Letter from the Ethics Commission:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In San Francisco we must always remember the people make what this great and fair City is always - about.

The constituents come first - and when the constituents speak - so goes most everything. This after all is San Francisco.

Politics is a "dirty" game - and recently; meaning the last sixteen years - all sorts of "very dirty" policies bordering on rampant corruption of the worst order - have come out from the San Francisco City Attorney's office.

First under the administration of Willie L. Brown - a "thug" mayor, then under Gavin Newsom.

We all remember or do we - because I led the charge to collect over 33,000 signatures against San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA).

The SFRA had the audacity  - declaring a large area a Survey Area without any justification and without notice - then did not have a meaningful meeting with the public at large - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Then illegaly decided; declaring the same area a Project Area - lying to the public at large.

That is how the Federal Property - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - became a Project Area. That is how large areas of Visitation Valley came under the San Francisco Redevelopment Area.

We the people collected 33,000 signatures - bought a software that would validated the signatures.

Arranged the petition forms in order - so that the San Francisco Department of Elections - could validate the petition forms and the SF Department of Election did.

We got our certificate validating the petition but when it came to put the measure on the ballot - the SF City Attorney intervened and declared the signatures - null and void.

We the people will never, ever forget - Dennis Herrera the current City Attorney who was involved in these ploys and machinations. The devil - himself.

Our victory came as a pleasant surprise - when Governor Jerry Brown who was fully aware on this sordid incident - and other incidents - by statute declared SF Redevelopment null and void all over California.

SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) was created by statute and its demise came about by statute.

The Successor to the SFRA is reeling and swooning trying to figure out the many devious dealings - its end is eminent - too. Much like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Then came our second chance to exercise the will of the people - we the people felt; we could put a Ballot Measure F - demanding that first the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that we shall call Shipyard - be abated and mitigated to - residential standards.

Also Candlestick Point and beyond - be abated and the land most landfill - prone to severe flooding and liquefaction - be remedied.

In the year 2000 - by way of history - eighty seven percent of the voters in San Francisco MANDATED - the Shipyard be cleaned to residential standards.

If cleaned up - Proposition F of which I was the Proponent with Jim Queen - (who now wants to remain silent) for obvious reasons - do one wants to mess with the corrupt - devils who threaten others who fear.

I am NOT afraid of the corrupt - never was and never will cow down. By support and I have many - will deal ith those that have harmed our children, our elders, and the community at large. 

We the people - collected the necessary signatures and again we were challenged by the SF Department of Elections itself - due to political pressure.

The first time around - we were not challenged by the SF Department of Election but by the City Attorney - Dennis Herrera.

Again, I was involved and contacted the Secretary of State immediately - and we were told that each petition would be counted by manually. We got our count and we were put on the Ballot Measure - F.

We the people spent $5 thousand - our opponents backed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Senator Diane Feinstein, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Supervisor Sophina Maxwell - and other sell outs Aurelious Walker and Lola Whittle.

Backed by Lennar, a Rogue Developer - that spent $10 million to confront and oppose us using the corrupt Main Media and the Zionists.

Initially, we were winning -  more, until the three quarter point - then when the air waves were bombarded by $10,000 a piece media advertisement - we began to reel and finally we lost Proposition F. 

Proposition G that stood for GREED won.

Proposition F that stood for Fortitude - lost.

Our victory came recent when at the end of January 2012 - the State of California declared SF Redevelopment Agency - DEAD.

If God made us wait until this point - we the people, really WON big time!

I am giving you the above history because the SF City Attorney has been known - to go against the people - and lose millions of dollars that belongs to the people and this great City and County of San Francisco.

Paradoxically; the City Attorney Dennis Herrera ran for Mayor with the present Mayor Edwin Lee and the 
present Public Defender Jeff Adachi and some ten plus - others.

Dennis Herrera lost.

Dennis Herrera - he will always be a loser - because NO ONE - trust some one that cannot be trusted - and more has been against the people.

Recently, again the evil head propped up and again against the people. This time our duly elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi.

Ross Mirkarimi a District 5 Supervisor ran for Sheriff and won. He received many votes - more votes then the others who ran for the recent concluded Elections; and more votes then the Mayor - Ed Lee.

Out of the blues - some uncalled, flimsy charges were brought against Ross Mirkarimi and recently I attended in person to watch the deliberations.

Again, the SF City Attorney was there trying to persuade the drab SF Ethics Commission that the SF City Attorney was right. Well, listen to me you are dead - W R O N G .

In previous years - for much serious violations - dereliction of duty by SF Police Officers, by SF Board of Supervisors, by Mayors such as Willie L Brown who father a illegitimate child, Mayor Gavin Newsom who slept with his best friend's wife - and may have even had sexual relations; right in Room 200 ( a camera must be placed to record all the nefarious activities).

Others such incidents involving - the present woman Fire Chief hitting her husband with a drinking glass - twice on the head - in front of her children. Her husband called the Emergency Number 911 - and nothing came of the incident.

On April 23, 2012 at 4.30 pm in Room 400  - you had the SF City Attorney - speaking brashly like a Gestapo - thinking that he had the power to do as he pleases on behalf of the City Attorney - NO.

The City and County of San Francisco will L O S E.

This case brought against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will be lost by the City Attorney and it will be lost  - hands down. Millions will be paid to Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. 

Charges of Domestic Violence and Endangerment have been brought again Ross Mirkarimi - when his wife on numerous occasions - has clearly stated she loves her husband, her son and want the family united.

Now; the City Attorney is pressing for charges against a good, hard working former Supervisor - now, elected Sheriff who got more votes then Dennis Herrera ( a loser) who lost the recent Mayoral Race to Mayor Edwin Lee.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi received more votes than any other candidate in the last Elections - he got the votes from the people. Always, remember the constituents and their voice and votes come - first.

The City Attorney will lose this case - and because blatant haughtiness, nonchalant favoritism, dithering and general clulessness - which is the norm at the SF City Attorney Office - this City will pay for the sordidness of Dennis Herrera and his minions.

As I said the San Francisco City Attorney has a track record acting like a fool - and treading where angels fear to tread.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There is no doubt in the mind of those that follow the shenanigans of this devious San Francisco dirty politics that the Ross Mirkarimi charade before the San Francisco Ethics Commission - was totally politically motivated.

The SF Ethics Commission has always been a cauldron of utter confusion, ineptness - the chamber pot of the City.

One good way to gauge any entity, any body worth its salt - is to follow the Grand Jury and its adjudication on the entities and subjects it adjudicates - the ever failing SF Ethics Commission is one of them and below in one of their comments - from the latest Spring Edition 2012:

" The public must see an Ethics Commission as independent and not a pawn of politicians. Even presumed ties to politicians will engender little trust for either an advisory opinion or an enforcement decision".

The above was one of many statements found in the Grand Jury Report - entitled: " The Sleeping Watchdog: San Francisco's Ethics Commission". Better know as the SF City Chamber Pot.
Spring Edition - 2012. It is still available at:

Civil Grand Jury
Room 008
400 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Telephone: 415.551.3605     Email:

It does not help that recently four San Francisco Supervisors Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Chiu and Eric Mar - broke the Ethics Laws and were reprimanded.

Perhaps the only decent thing to happen linked to the Ethics Commission - after the last Grand Jury Report. 

In the past we have had a SF Black Mayor sleep with a woman outside marriage and bear a child through a White woman - who many term one of his many mistresses. 

We have had a woman Chief of the SF Fire Department - hit her husband twice with a glass. Her husband called the police, stated the children were in danger - and nothing happened.

We had another Mayor, Gavin Newsom sleep with his best friend's wife and admit to the public that he did wrong. Nothing was done - no charges brought by the Ethics Commission.

We have had hundred of complaints - brought before the Ethics Commission and not ONCE has the SF Ethics Commission - adjudicated and meted out a fair and equitable decision.

Many cases a hundred times more serious than the allegations that have been brought against Ross Mirkarimi.

The real truth will come out when Ross Mirkarimi wife testifies.

In all these actions - Ross Mirkarimi has been deprived of his salary. No one has mentioned a word about his son - who he cannot see and visit. His wife who is now; with her ailing father - the entire family life has been destroyed.

Is this what this City is all about? Destroying the family lives of decent families - pandering to wannabes - those that have no families and women who are HATERS.

Only perverts and immoral people endorse and perpetrate such actions "with intent" they want to cause harm to others - and they must be brought before the Court of Law.

I could state a litany of sound cases - many involving campaign financing - it would not help. All found in the Spring - Grand Jury report. Seeing is believing!

What did help at the hearing yesterday; was that the majority that testified at the SF Ethics Hearing held in Room 400 at 4:30 pm at City Hall - revealed to the constituents of San Francisco - what really and truly San Franciscans stand for - the TRUTH.

These constituents many of them at great peril to themselves and their loved ones; testified that this City has embarked on a political witch hunt - and this City will FALL on its sordid FACE - linked to this evil action.

No one should be judged by the Main Media -  especially the most corrupt, drab, shallow - Main Media - in San Francisco.

Ross Mirkarimi got the highest number of votes in the Election where he was elected Sheriff.

That empirical fact in itself - says it all.

Ross Mirkarimi was elected, not appointed - and was not in office when the City purports he harmed his wife and child - and has tried this innocent man in public - using the Main Media - in San Francisco that does NOT have a sound track record.

In an Op-Ed article his wife Elena states she loves her husband and that her family must not be adversely impacted. In any analysis that is what matters.

The fanatics who purport to stand against Domestic Violence must go after the real cases of Domestic Violence.

Support and  investigate the thousands of true Domestic Violence in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Where Law Enforcement does little or nothing at all.

Do not jump on this band wagon - staunch haters of real men - perverts who have no families - you have nothing much to do with true families. You are only tolerate because dirty politics permit the few of you - to shout, scream, and vent.

Again; as I stated in my past articles - the Democratic Machine has targeted Ross Mirkarimi because in any debate - he can take on these shallow, spineless, unethical, immoral, very corrupt individuals - who want him out - at any cost - and will do all in their evil power - to attain this goal.

From the inception I have stated categorically that the SF City will lose - the SF Ethics Commission is but the Chamber Pot of the City.

You use it and you dispose of it - a Chamber Pot for the corrupt - politicians.

More then 80% of the SF Board of Supervisors are very corrupt. I will be addressing them at Public Comment in Room 250 at City Hall today.

Now, imagine down the line in May or June - these immoral, corrupt, some perverts - attempting to adjudicate - Ross Mirkarimi - and failing. Evey one that know something - sees the writing on the WALL.

This whole charade must be stopped right now - and Ross Mirkarimi given back his job. We, in this City must not make a fool of ourselves. He got more votes then all the other candidates - the corrupt know that - and fear that. The people voted him in as Sheriff and the majority of the people - will stand by him.

The present San Francisco Ethics Commission has you will see; more, as this charade goes on - will fall on its face in disgrace.

Stop this nonsense right now - and move on for the better - if you do not - the repercussions will be very severe and on many fronts.

We had a Gestapo City Attorney yesterday talking like an idiot - our City Attorneys have been known to waste millions of dollars - fighting cases and losing them most of the time.

Yesterday's City Attorney was illogical, brash, arrogant - and such an attorney only make things worse for this City.

We the tax payer foot the bill. The City Attorney's Office is put on notice. Speak to the TRUTH and to the facts - not fabrication and hear say.

Kudos to the many that sat through the hearings.

Ross Mirkarimi's attorney Attorney Kopp son of the famous independent Judge Quentin Kopp - did well - spot on.

Here are some photographs of the hearing:

The San Jose Mercury News has its own account of the Ross Mirkarimi - Ethics Commission hearing:

Pastor Gavin brings charges against Supervisors David Chiu, Malia Cohen,Eric Mar and Zionist Scott Wiener: